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White Noise

a play in three acts


David Steiner

Act I

Scene 1:
[INT, Ron’s Royal Apartments, lobby, early evening]

WHITE NOISE is going towards the reception desk. Her

stilettos make a clapping sound on the old marble floor.
At the reception desk she addresses to the PORTIER.

PORTIER: Ah, miss . . . White Noise Sennheiser! I have

already been waiting for you. You may move into your
apartment immediately – all you have to do is sign here,
here and here [pointing at a contract on his desk].

WHITE NOISE signs three times with a silver pen, which

makes a scratching noise on the contract paper.

Scene 2:
[INT, White Noise’s apartment, third floor, evening]

WHITE NOISE is arranging some books from a packing case on

the floor in the bookshelf in front of her, when suddenly
the doorbell rings.
Surprised, she goes to the door, wondering who that could
be. She looks through the peephole and it seems like there
is nobody there.
A little bit angry, she goes back to her work, but doorbell
rings again. Again, she looks through the peephole; again
nobody seems to be there.

WHITE NOISE [angrily]: Damn Kids!

WHITE NOISE decides to wait a moment at the door – just in
case there is another ring.
She looks at her watch: It's 21:20.
A little bit annoyed, she looks at her watch again: It's
A second later, the doorbell rings again.

WHITE NOISE [opening the door, jumping out, shouting]:

Listen, you little bastards . . .

At all of a sudden, a large hand is pressed on her mouth

whilst a strong arm grabs her around both arms, dragging
her out of the apartment, forcefully.

Act II

Scene 1
[INT, the staircase, evening]

STRANGER [whispering into White Noise's ear]: Don’t fear

me. I’m here to save you from certain death.

WHITE NOISE [shocked, her eyes wide open] mumbles


STRANGER pulls White Noise’s arms behind her back, closes

the door and forces her to go upstairs with him. When they
are one floor above White Noise’s apartment, the WHITE
HUNTING SQUAD enters the building and runs upstairs.

STRANGER [still holding White Noise's arms and mouth,

whispering]: Duck and watch closely!

Both of them look through the bars of the balustrade and,

from above, see the WHITE HUNTING SQUAD breaking through
White Noise’s apartment door.

SQUAD LEADER: What is her exact position?

SQUAD BITTERMAN: The scanners cannot locate her – it seems
like there is a strong disturbing signal on our RFID and
communication bands.



SQUAD LEADER: So can we at least locate the origin of that


SQUAD BITTERMAN: I’m afraid not. At least not with our

equipment . . .

SQUAD LEADER: Shit! So we have to search for her the good

old fashioned way . . . Johnson!


SQUAD LEADER: You will stay here in case she returns.



SQUAD LEADER: You will go down and check the cellar as

there are surely no RFID scanners and I bet she is hiding
in there.
I and Bitterman will check all the observation cameras
manually as we cannot establish a proper connection to them.

All squad members, except for Johnson, leave

STRANGER: I will release you now – but in your own interest

you shouldn’t move or make any noises – else those people
will kill you.

STRANGER releases White Noise, pulls out his weapon [with a

mounted silencer] silently and shoots Johnson in the head,
which immediately bursts into a thousand pieces, leaving
little parts of Johnson's brains on White Noise’s new
apartment door.

WHITE NOISE: [screaming silently] Why . . . What have you

STRANGER: I had no choice. What do you prefer - your death

or his death? Now come on, we haven’t much time.

Scene 2
[INT, back in White Noise’s apartment, evening]

WHITE NOISE is bending in front of Johnson's remains,

crying and puking on the floor

WHITE NOISE: Who . . . are those people, what where they

doing in my dwelling?

STRANGER [grinning]: They have wanted to kill you and cut

out your liver and lungs – that’s their traditional method
of proving that they killed someone . . . sanguinary

WHITE NOISE has to vomit again.

STRANGER: I can tell you everything you want – when we are

in safety – but now we have to hurry up, they will be back
here soon . . .
STRANGER: We have to conceal you . . . do you have some
inconspicuous clothing? Something like a cowl would be
fine. You also need some underwear, of course.

WHITE NOISE [still shocked]: Yeah, I think so . . . wait a


WHITE NOISE goes into another room, and returns with some

STRANGER: Put them into the microwave.


STRANGER: Put them into the microwave as well as all your
other stuff – and I mean all your other stuff – your
passport, your purse, especially your money; then grill it
with 800 Watts for two Minutes – that should be enough.

WHITE NOISE: Enough? What for?

STRANGER [lowering his voice]: To kill the RFIDs.


STRANGER [slightly annoyed]: Stop asking silly questions;

Put your damn stuff into the microwave, grill it and I'll
tell you.

WHITE NOISE does as she is told.

STRANGER: RFIDs are little integrated circuits, built into

almost everything. Their main purpose is to hold product-
related data but they are also used to trace people.
Today's RFIDs can be read from a distance of five meters –
and there is an RFID scanner in almost every place,
everywhere in the world. These are interconnected via a
global service called IRFIN. Therefore it’s pretty easy to,
for example, do an SQL query to, at once, globally locate
every single person who is female, 17 years old, has black
hair, white skin and likes Chinese food. Of course it’s
much easier to find you via your unique RFID hash code. It
is given you at birth and stored in your passport. It's
calculated out of your genetic code with a CRC64 Algorithm.
Therefore it never changes.

WHITE NOISE [shocked again]: Ah . . . aha.

[three seconds of silence]

WHITE NOISE: You are wrong in at least one point, I think.

STRANGER: Which point?

WHITE NOISE: I don't like Chinese food.

STRANGER has to smile slightly.

[The microwave makes a "bing" sound. Both of them look

towards it]

STRANGER: Now put on your freshly baked clothing, we have

to leave.

WHITE NOISE: . . . But those white guys are still in the

house . . .

STRANGER [smiling again]: I know them. They never take the

elevator – unlike we will do. Furthermore, they won't
recognize you from a distance, I think. At least not
without an RFID scan, which is of course impossible now.

Scene 3
[EXT, the streets, evening]
The air is cold and a bit foggy, few people are wandering

WHITE NOISE and STRANGER are walking down the sidewalk


WHITE NOISE: Do you mind if I ask you some questions now?

STRANGER: No, go ahead.

WHITE NOISE: Who were those people?

STRANGER: The White Hunting Squad . . . minions of her

majesty who seek out and kill people for her.

WHITE NOISE: Why do they want to kill me?

STRANGER: I can't answer that question right now.

WHITE NOISE [angry]: Why not?

STRANGER [raising his voice]: I can't answer that question

right now.

WHITE NOISE [even angrier]: Who are you?

STRANGER: Someone who wants to help you.

WHITE NOISE: Come on, stop this "someone who wants to help
you" crap. Who are you?

STRANGER: I'm a sentinel at the palace of her majesty.

Right after my birth they allocated me to her majesty’s
0xFADE elite sentinel squad because of my genetic
disposition – at least they told me so.

WHITE NOISE: What's your name?

STRANGER: Sentinels don't have names, we're just called by

our hash codes. Actually nobody bothers to read them out
loud; they're just on top of our instruction headers. I'm
0xB14E9F95DA1AFF57, for example. Therefore if people
actually have to talk to me they usually call me Stranger –
that's my squad-internal code name, which is, of course,
globally not unique.

WHITE NOISE: Strange . . . so you have no family and stuff?

STRANGER: No. Since the day I was born I have been legal
property of her majesty, Queen of the Industrial Milk
Corporation and she does not abide her servants having

WHITE NOISE: So . . . don't you even have sex?

STRANGER [smiling]: That's the kind of question I expected

from a child. Not to have a family doesn't mean to have no
sex. The Royal hookers serve us quite well.

WHITE NOISE: Why are you helping me?

STRANGER: Because I promised to care of you . . . and as I

received the White Hunting Squad's instruction to kill you
I just had to quickly come to your apartment in order to
save your life.

WHITE NOISE: Whom did you promise this?

STRANGER: It's not important for you to know the answer to
that question now. Now it's far more important for you to
leave this city as fast as possible, my dear.
Follow this road in northeast direction. After three miles
you'll reach the outer forest. Cross the bridge over the
river Odin and you'll come to a path which leads into the
woods. Follow it until you reach a small village, the
village of the outcasts. A guy named Vector will wait for
you there. He will give you further information.

WHITE NOISE: Won't you come with me?

STRANGER: I'm afraid I can't come with you. My mistress

surely is distrustful about my unapproved absence . . .
I'll have to answer lots of questions.

WHITE NOISE: Doesn't the Queen already know where you are?

STRANGER: No. I'm currently using a device which

temporarily jams my RFID signals

WHITE NOISE: Won't the Queen recycle you if she finds out?

STRANGER: well . . . let's hope she won't find out.

So . . . I really have to go now or else I'll get in
serious trouble . . .
Good luck, I hope we meet again someday . . .

WHITE NOISE: I assume now it's my turn to thank you for all
your help. Thank you . . . thank you so much . . .

WHITE NOISE hugs the Stranger and then slowly goes away.
After some time she almost disappears in the fog.

Scene 4
[EXT, village of the outcasts, late night]

WHITE NOISE finally arrives at the Village of the Outcasts.

She slowly wanders along a small road which leads into the
village. The she knocks on a random door. A grim old man
opens the door and looks at her angrily.

OLD MAN [grouchy]: What do you want?

WHITE NOISE: I come from the city and have traveled a long
way to see a man called Vector. Can you tell me where he

OLD MAN: He owns the last house on the right side of this
street. Now leave me alone.

Making some grumbling noises, the OLD MAN slams the door.

WHITE NOISE walks to Vector's house and knocks at his door.

VECTOR opens it.

VECTOR [surprised]: Who are you? What do you want?

WHITE NOISE: Stranger told me to seek you out.

VECTOR [puzzled]: Stranger . . .

VECTOR [his face gets pale]: So I assume . . . you are

White Noise . . .

WHITE NOISE: That's right, sir . . .

VECTOR: So . . . come in and take a seat . . .

VECTOR closes the door.


Scene 1:
[INT, Vector's house, late night]

WHITE NOISE sits down on a couch.

VECTOR: May I offer you something to drink?

WHITE NOISE: No, thanks. I'm rather thirsty for answers.

VECTOR: I understand . . . so I think it's best for me to

just start telling this story outright . . .
Make yourself comfortable because this will take some time
At the beginning of the neofeudalistic age, a few centuries
ago, the mighty Emperor of the Monsanto Corporation
announced that all his people (which included the whole
world at the time) should be genetically improved.
Therefore the imperial genetic architects created a new
human race: Homo Sapiens Sapiens Monsantonis – HSSM for
short. Furthermore he ordered that people of the old race
(now called Homo Sapiens Sapiens Elutus, or HSSE for short)
have had to buy a genetic upgrade for their unborn
children. The imperial order also demanded that people who
refuse to apply an upgrade become outcast, which
technically means that no one of the new kind is allowed to
give them work (except for slavery) or have sexual contact
with them.
Especially in the second case imperial law is very strict –
everyone who has sex with an outcast gets recycled
I'm an outcast, my dear. I have been one my entire life. My
Father is an outcast and my Grandfather was an outcast.
[Smiling] The irony behind this is that the only thing that
cursorily distinguishes us from the new kind is that we are
slightly smaller than them.
[Takes a deep breath]
It happened that I once was her majesty’s wardrobe slave.

VECTOR: As a slave I wasn’t allowed to get money but at
least I got a bed and some food. I always had to bring her
clothes, assist her in dressing, etc. She is – or at least
was – a very beautiful woman and as I could see her naked
my job was quite a duck soup . . . and one day . . . she
asked me to fuck her.


VECTOR [smiling]: These were exactly the words she used. I

think she enjoyed the thrill – and so did I. After some
time our little liaisons became a serious secret
relationship until one day she she realized that she had
become pregnant from me. Therefore she simply declared her
husband the father of the child and gave birth to it
secretly. Of course we considered aborting it but that
would have perplexed her husband and somehow we set our
hearts on this little fetus – so my mistress gave birth to
it secretly and commanded the royal medical attendant to
certify its death. He had to claim that the Queen had a
hypertonia during nativy which, in combination with a
malfunction of medical apparatuses led to the child's death.
Then I had the duty to bring it to her majesty's most loyal
servant – 0xB14E9F95DA1AFF57 – or Stranger, as some people
call him. His mission was to find a mother for the little
girl . . . and before he left I pleaded him to have an eye
on my daughter as long as possible – and he agreed . . .

WHITE NOISE'S face gets pale.

VECTOR: Then I ran away from my Mistress . . . to never

come back. It surely is the best for both of us . . .
[three seconds of silence]
. . . What do you know about your mother, White Noise?

WHITE NOISE'S face gets even paler, her eyes are wide open.

WHITE NOISE: What do you mean? My mother is a crazy SNORT

addicted bitch. She even synthesizes the crap herself – and
that's the only thing she's still capable of. That's the
reason for my name and it's also the reason why I left her
recently . . .

VECTOR [lowering his voice]: You already anticipate what
I'm trying to tell you, don't you?

WHITE NOISE [puzzled]: . . . That you are my father and my

real mother is the Queen of the Industrial Milk Corporation?


WHITE NOISE: . . . And you really expect me to believe this?

VECTOR: Why should I lie?

WHITE NOISE [confused, lowering her voice]: I don't know.

VECTOR: However, you know what the IMC supervisory board

would do with their Queen if they found out about the
genetic crime she committed?

WHITE NOISE: I guess they would recycle her.

VECTOR: Right. The board would send her to the dreadworks

in order to recycle her. There they would esterify her
adipose to produce fuel for the imperial fleet - as they do
with most criminals - and the rest of her would be
metabolized into fertilizer for Monsanto's imperial crops.
Now you surely understand why the Queen has to constantly
live in fear . . .
As far as Stranger informed me she observed each of your
steps very closely until now;

VECTOR: She has a mighty oracle in her bedroom, an oracle

server, to be precisely. She operates it via a terminal on
her wall and uses it to mine data about all her people via
IRFIN. Each day, before she goes to bed, she queries its
huge database about what you have done all day long and
where you have been . . . fearing, loving and hating you as
. . . Although you are a constant threat to her life she
never intended to kill you . . . but now she has no choice.


VECTOR: . . . Because the supervisory board got suspicious.
There are rumors of the Queen having sex with outcast
slaves and so they started to investigate. Sooner or later
they will find out what she has done . . . [lowering his
voice] so she has to annihilate the evidence . . .

WHITE NOISE [whispering a bit whiningly]: Me, her own


VECTOR: Yes . . . but fortunately, you are relatively safe

here; although the townspeople hate us they at least leave
us alone here in the woods . . . mostly. You may live in my
house, if you like.

WHITE NOISE: Yes . . . ok. At least until nobody wants to

kill me anymore . . .

Both of them smile slightly.

Scene 2
[INT, Vector's house, next morning]

WHITE NOISE wakes up in her room, the sun shines through

the window. She stands up, puts her clothes on and goes
down into the kitchen where VECTOR is sitting, smoking a
pipe and drinking black coffee.

VECTOR [smiling]: Good morning, sunshine.

WHITE NOISE [dozy]: Good morning.

VECTOR: You want some coffee?

WHITE NOISE: Yes, please.

WHITE NOISE sits down in front of the kitchen table. Vector

pours her some hot coffee.


VECTOR: . . . By the way . . . I just want you to know that
I have to go to work in a few minutes which means that you
have to stay at my house alone all day long . . . at least
until 19:00.
Feel free to do what you want – but I'm afraid that the
only thing I can offer you for entertainment is my library.

WHITE NOISE: Which kind of work?

VECTOR: I work at our local milk factory as a supervising


WHITE NOISE: You guys have a milk factory out there?

VECTOR [smiling]: Though we're outcasts, we have to eat

something, don't we?

WHITE NOISE: Right . . . but how do you produce milk?

VECTOR: Like most food, like the Industrial Milk

Corporation does, like everybody does: Biotechnologically.
We do it on a significantly smaller scale, though.

WHITE NOISE: . . . but . . . how?

VECTOR: Well, it's pretty easy, my dear. We just take a

bunch of Coli bacteria, implant certain genes and put them
into a bio reactor – together with a special nutrient
solution, of course. They then instantly produce a compound
we call milk. Fortunately we were once able to steal a
culture from the Industrial Milk Corporation, so we didn't
have to create the bacteria ourselves. The only problem is
that these only produce strawberry flavoured milk – that's
the reason why I never put milk into my coffee [laughing].
I'm sure we'll solve this problem soon . . . but until then
you should be careful to never eat our cheese [laughing

WHITE NOISE: I always thought that milk is produced by

animals called . . . cows.

VECTOR: No, sweetheart, milk is produced by bacteria.
Printing all those cute animals on milk cartons was just a
clever promotion gag . . . [looking at the kitchen clock]
I'm sorry, but, I really have to go now . . . [shouting as
he leaves through the door] make yourself at home!

Scene 3
[INT, Vector's house, morning]

WHITE NOISE is sitting in Vector's huge library, on a sofa,

reading "On the Genealogy of Morals" by Friedrich
Suddenly a shot resounds. A small projectile penetrates the
kitchen window and strikes a little hole into the kitchen
wall; little glass splinters fly around.
Startled, she lays down the book, stands up and runs
towards the kitchen, as she suddenly has to cough and throw
up. Screaming out in pain loudly, she falls down on the
floor where she starts to cramp and twitch intensely while
she screams even louder.
The door opens; three people in white protective clothing,
wearing black gas masks come in.

PERSON1 [speaking to Person2]: Take her legs . . . and be

careful she doesn't tear a hole in your clothing.

PERSON2 does so, PERSON1 takes her hands;

PERSON1 [speaking to Person3]: Give her a dose, quickly!

PERSON3 takes out a small black device and uses it to

inject something into White Noise's neck;
Then PERSON1 and PERSON2 drag her out of Vector's house.

Scene 4
[INT, Village of the Outcasts, quarantine station,
decontamination chamber, morning]

PERSON1, PERSON2, PERSON3 and WHITE NOISE are standing in a

small room, made out of bulletproof glass. Behind it there
is a console visible. RADIX, a young blond woman, operates
PERSON2 and PERSON3 are both supporting WHITE NOISE who is
unconscious while PERSON1 is standing in front of them.

PERSON1 [speaking to Radix]: Hi, Radix. We're back. I guess

now you'll have to give us a nice shower of hypochlorite,
so we can go on.

RADIX [smiling]: coming immediately!

RADIX pushes a button, causing a plethora of a colorless

liquid to gush down on the four people.

Scene 5
[INT, Village of the Outcasts, quarantine station, ward]

WHITE NOISE is completely naked and lying on an operating

table; she slowly opens her eyes and can only see blurrily
for about 30 seconds. DENDRITE wearing a white coat, stands

DENDRITE [speaking to a nearby Assistant]: Inject her some

more hyoscyamine.

THE ASSISTANT nods, goes away and comes back with a syringe
containing a colorless liquid which she injects into White
Noise's left arm.


DENDRITE: You are awake, as I see. Don't worry, you are
safe now. You also won't carry away any permanent
neurologic damages – I injected you some nanobots which are
already repairing the damage that the toxin has done to
your synapses.

WHITE NOISE: Toxin? Which Toxin? . . . Why am I naked?

. . . And who are you?

DENDRITE: First things first. You have been intoxicated by

one the Queens minions using a deadly chemical called
ActiveX. I most likely was a sniper, shooting a projectile
containing the dreadful substance into the kitchen of
Vector's house from a great distance . . . but you were
lucky because since the Queen tried to kill our mayor last
year we are prepared for such a situation.
What the Queen doesn't know is that most of us have ActiveX
detectors in our houses which automatically alarm our
executive forces.

DENDRITE: In case you do not know it: ActiveX is the most

deadly of all common chemical weapons. One milligram of
this substance can kill you.
In times immemorial ActiveX was called VX and developed by
the military . . . but as the mighty Microsoft Corporation,
market leader in chemical warfare, absorbed the military
they renamed VX into ActiVeX, or shorter: AVX which stands
for ActiVe Xtermination, passing it off as their own
After this they began to produce ActiveX on a huge scale –
millions of litres every year. [lowering his voice] They
also used it in a lot of wars - which brought them clearly
nearer to their vision of bringing their dreadful products
to every home in the world . . .

WHITE NOISE: That's really interesting . . . but I didn't

ask you for a history lession. I'd rather like to know why
I'm naked.

DENDRITE: Oh, I'm sorry. I guess It's a little bit coolish

in here [looking at White Noise's nipples, grinning] . . .


DENDRITE [smiling]: I'm sorry we had to remove your

clothing – it became completely wet during the
decontamination process . . . and after all [looking into
White Noise's eyes deeply] you shouldn't think you have to
hide anything – you are a beautiful young woman [smiling] –
seen from an aesthetic, rational point of view, of course.

WHITE NOISE [rolling her eyes]: . . . of course.

DENDRITE: No, I'm serious; Your proportions seem to be

almost perfect, your complexion seems to fulfill Imperial
Standard Order ISO 9969 and you also have no pubic hair –
not even rudimentary
. . . it almost seems like you are someone of . . .

WHITE NOISE: . . . the new kind? I'm sorry to dissapoint

you – but I'm just a half-breed, I guess . . .

DENDRITE: That doesn't matter because most of the purified

alleles in your genotype are always dominant.
So, technically you could be taken for a member of the new
kind. You even, like other half-breeds (if they exist),
meet the imperial genetic specifications. So according to
emperial law, you paradoxically have the full right to


THE ASSISTANT brings in White Noise's clothes.

DENDRITE [smiling]: As you can see they come right from the

WHITE NOISE [taking her clothing, surprised]: They smell of

chlorine . . .

DENDRITE [smiling even more]: That was inevitable . . .

WHITE NOISE [while she puts her clothes on, grinning,
looking at DENDRITE]: My last question is still
unacknowledged . . .

DENDRITE: Who I am? Well, my name is Dendrite . . .

WHITE NOISE: . . . why don't you introduce yourself while

having lunch with me? At least I owe you something for
saving my life [looking into Dendrite's eyes deeply] . . .
So I invite you for lunch at Vector's house.

DENDRITE: . . . At Vector's house? Vector's house is being

decontaminated right now . . .

WHITE NOISE: Right . . . how could I possibly forget this?

Must be the neurotoxine [laughing] . . .

DENDRITE: Why don't you come over to my house to have

lunch? If you still want to clear your debts you still can
cook and serve the meal [smiling].

WHITE NOISE [looking at DENDRITE]: Sounds great . . .

Scene 6
[INT, Dendrite's house, dining room, noon]

DENDRITE and WHITE NOISE are at Dendrite's opulent dining

table, eating soup.

DENDRITE: Your mother is the Queen of the Industrial Milk

Corporation and she tries to kill you? Weird . . . but
since you mention it – you really bear resemblance
to her . . .

WHITE NOISE: I, for myself, have to get used to it.

DENDRITE: I don't know my mother – but my father also works
for the IMC. He is the head of the supervisory board. So
you can imagine that I was born with a silver spoon in my
mouth . . . That's one of the reasons why some of the
outcasts call me "The Prince", in joke, of course. The
other reason might be that my genotypus is superior to
theirs [smiling] . . .

WHITE NOISE: So you are no . . . outcast? . . . I already

suspected it somehow . . .


WHITE NOISE [laughing]: . . . You somehow stand out from

the crowd . . .

DENDRITE has to laugh again and WHITE NOISE looks into his
face in magnetized way.

WHITE NOISE: Then why do you live out here in the woods?

DENDRITE: . . . As much as I embrace our genetic

improvements I hate the laws associated with them. It's
plain wrong to outcast people just because they refuse to
upgrade their genotypus.
Being a medic I once decided that it's my duty to help them.
I also support them with goods and equipment which I
finance with profits from my share transactions – [smiling]
which work out, currently.

WHITE NOISE [impressed, but also a little bit sneeringly]:

How noble . . .

DENDRITE smiles again.

DENDRITE: The meal was marvellous.

WHITE NOISE: It was . . . [looking deeply into Dendrite's
eyes again, giggling silently] . . . What's about . . .
some . . . medical follow-up examinations . . . ?
[whispering into Dendrite's ear] That would be marvellous
too [giggling again] . . .

DENDRITE [grinning, dragging a latex glove out of his

pocket, theatrically coating his right hand with it]:
Right! OK, [smiling] Follow me and
I'll serve the dessert . . .

Scene 7
[INT, Dendrite's house, bathroom, late afternoon]

WHITE NOISE and DENDRITE are having a shower.

WHITE NOISE: It has been marvellous, my dear . . .

DENDRITE [smiling]: Thank you [kissing her neck] . . .

WHITE NOISE giggles silently.

Both of them leave the shower and rub themselves down.

DENDRITE: Now for something completely different . . .


DENDRITE: What do you want to do with your mother? I mean

she is trying to kill you all the time . . .

WHITE NOISE [lowering her voice]: I really don't know . . .

DENDRITE: I thought about it; I just could send a sample of

your blood to my father as it is a clear proof that your
mother had sex with an outcast; the supervisory board of
the IMC would immediately recycle her.

WHITE NOISE [curious]: I thought all of the purified

alleles are always dominant?

DENDRITE: Well, not all of them. They will recognize that
you are the daughter of an outcast, believe me.

WHITE NOISE: Sounds interesting . . .

DENDRITE: It comes even better: As a half blood you

technically have the full right to exist and you are also
the legal heir to the throne of the Industrial Milk
Corporation which means that you will become the new Queen.

WHITE NOISE: I will live in a huge palace, reign a country

with millions of people and live in wealth for the rest of
my life?


WHITE NOISE [looking into Dendrite's eyes, whispering]:

Will you come with me?

DENDRITE [emotional, laughing]: Oh, my dear! Of course I

will come with you [hugging her] . . .

Scene 8
[INT, hall of the IMC supervisory board, night]

A MESSENGER comes into the hall and runs to the head of the
board, an old man.

HEAD OF THE BOARD [angrily]: I advised you to not disturb

me when I am in a meeting!

MESSENGER: . . . But sir! The tests are completed . . .


The MESSENGER whispers something into the ear of the old


HEAD OF THE BOARD [upset, sharply]: Send her . . . to the


- fin -