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Chapter 1


mother tried(with no avail ) to get me back in the house. I was sick of it! She
wanted to chain me down and never let me out! My long black hair whipped
around in the crisp summer wind. I was dressed in a beautiful black and red
mini dress with long sleeves.My eyeliner was dark under my midnight blue
eyes and i had on my customary black boots. I was a goth through and
through. And here in Idanha Oregon,with our small population of 232
people,it was hard to be the ONLY goth!Not to mention all of the stares
from the prissy upscale ladies. My mother was always complaining
"Destiny, try to be a good girl at school today,I dont want another phone call
from Mr. Bullhorn about how you decimated another window." "Des,Why did
you put the water bottle in Ms. Langley's seat?You know she already has
bladder control problems.""Destiny Mae, I know you're not trying to sneak
out again." and so on. But when she told me today that I wasn't going to be
allowed out for even school, okay yeah that was
the final straw.
"So you can lock me up like I'm some deranged criminal? Come on
Mom, are you that distrustful of me?"
"Don't Des, me mom! Did I mention I finally found Dad last night? Yeah!
And I am leaving to live with him! So SCREW YOU!"
I tore off into the woods surrounding our home.
Now I have done this several times before so my mom wouldn't think
anything of it. She wouldn't think I was traveling halfway cross the country
to New York, New York! She'd go up to my room in 2 days to find all my
stuff gone and then she'd flip out,or not. Either way I didn't care. I picked up
my pack a few feet into the woods and started for Main Street. Right in
front of me, there was a beautiful black Cadillac calling "Hijack me Destiny.
You know you wanna." And how is a 14 year old rebel supposed to resist
I smiled and easily picked the lock. The keys were still in the ignition, and
it looked like someone was going on a trip. Food, soda and gas cans were
all packed safely into the backseat of the car.
"Jackpot!!" I exclaimed and turned the keys forward to a whole new life.

Inside my soul...

Myoa could feel Destiny moving father and farther from her home. She
could feel her pure glee as she inched toward New York with no cops
stopping her. But Myoa could feel something that Destiny could not. A great
danger was approaching her. Her first real danger. But that was okay.
Because as she had no sense of direction, Destiny was really heading to
Texas, where Hope was in wait. And the time was nearly at hand to truly

3 days later...
"SON OF A!" I stood at a little sign that said,
Longview, Texas
Population 77,000
5 Miles
Ya'll come back now!

This just proved my no sense of direction theory. It was the middle of the
night and VERY windy outside, and now I was 5 miles away from another
stupid city. A string of curses flew from my tounge as I stomped back to the
"Hey toots. What are you doin gettin back in that car when there is a
warm spot on my lap for you?" A deep male voice came out of darkness.
I rolled my eyes and turned to see 4 bikers surronding me.
The biggest one got off and walked over to me.
"Uh... get the hell away from me now, before I whup your fat texan ass."
I pulled a knife from my boot and flashed it meanicingly.
My mistake. Big biker pulled out a 9 millimeter and advanced with a sick
grin .
I uttered a few curses and backed away to where the car was.
But before I could get inside the door 2 shots were fired at me and hit
me in my arm and leg. As I screamed, a ghostly figure crossed the road.
"I would suggest that you step away from that girl right now." He said.
with an absolute certainty that scared the crap outta me.
"And what are you gonna do about. it shortie?" Big biker dude said
putting me in a sleeper hold and pointing the gun at my chin.
The man came around and hit them with a series of roundhouse kicks.
Then he looked at big biker dude, knocked the gun out of his hand and
delivered a punch to the face. Upon releasing me he slapped me across the
face.(which actually hurt ALOT)With a grunt he was knocked out. Then
another of the bikers grabbed my arms to try and keep me from going and
take me with him.
"Dammit." He put his pointer fingers together and closed his eyes.
"Firia." A circle of flame came from his fingers and encircled the biker
and he was burned a little. My savior grabbed his shirt and looked into his
"Memir. You and your buddy here remember nothing that happened
tonight. You will go be employed at the McDonalds in Missouri, stop
molesting little girls, and change your names to Mack Brown, and Joe
Smith." The stranger dropped him and Mack (or Joe) walked sleepily to his
motorcycle. The other biker followed in tune and soon they were speeding
away. He offered a hand to me. I took it and stood up shakily. My leg hurt
like hell.
"No prob."
I looked up and finally got a look at him..
He was a tall brunette with light skin and a slim jawline. His eyes were a
deep green that nearly drained my will to stand. He was buff but not too
much. He had a gaunlet strapped to his hand and was wearing a dark
green muscle shirt with black pants.
" Are you alright?" He said with a husky and sexy tone.
"Yeah, I think, OW!." His leg brushed my slightly and it sent a searing
pain throughout.
" My name is Triagon Orja Underhill. Destiny, I need you to come with
" How do you know my name?"
" You're famous.In more ways than one."
"But how do I Kn-"
"If I was a cop I would already called the station for backup. If I was a
citezen I would be calling the cops so I could claim my 10,000 dollar
reward. Listen your car is totalled and my bike is not fit to carry 2 people
after what those guys did to it. If you want to make it to somewhere safe
then we'd best get moving."
Triagon began walking away and I stood with my mouth hanging open. I
considered my options. I was injured, nearly out of supplies, and very cold.
Out here I could be spotted and taken home. If I went with him, I took a
chance of running right into the cops. But something within told me to trust
him. I took one step to him and fell. Stood up and cried out in pain. Tried to
walk, got a few steps in, and fell, twisting my ankle in the process. I
screamed and tried not to cry.
" Are you okay?" I looked up and saw genuine concern in his eyes.
" No."
" Here I'll carry you.Gith" He took my arms and put me up on his back
with a gentle ease. As we trekked on my eyelids began to droop and soon,
for the first time in days, I fell asleep easily.

When I slipped into my dreams I was in a litlle library. A pretty girl in a

red dress and purple hair was at a table staring at me. She beckoned me
over to her. I stepped forward as she walked to me.
" So I finally meet the soul I was sealed with. Destiny." Her voice
sounded alot like mine only, with a lighter tone
" Um...... who are you?"
" Oh sorry, I am Myoa. Essence of Destiny, Ruler of the twilight, the
night, and the souls who roam this earth and the Altier Demension."
" O-kay then, I'm leaving now."
" No! please don't. I need you to do something, please."
" Okay dream person what do I do?" I said sarcastically. This was way
out of dream leauges.
" Tomorrow, Azmov w-"
" Azmov?"
" Oh, you call him Triagon. But he will take you to the city. A girl your age
will be there. I can sense that she will be in trouble. Her name will be Hope.
Help her and take her on your journey to NYC. When you reach there I will
be able to contact Suki and she will guide Love to you. Oh I feel as though I
am rushing you. Please, this is all I can do, Forgive me. But there is a force
coming to harm you girls, and I need you 6 to-
" 6?"
"You, Love, Hope, And your Gaurdians."
"Who are?"
"You are with yours at this moment, Triagon. Hope's will be with her, and
Love will need to go get hers from Manhattan."
" Okay?"
" Listen, I know that this is all so confusing, but here in a week, just one
week, that will all change. I need you trust the little voice in you head
because I will guide you. Destiny, our time tonight is nearly at it's end, but i
need you to tell me you trust and believe me, and mean it. " The look in her
eyes was something of desperation.
" I do." And I was suprised by the truth of my words. For some reason, I
did believe her.
She smiled
" Good. Now I must leave you. Peace to you." She touched my forehead
and I was spirialing back to a black sleep.

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