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On the Journey with your Mid-Atlantic come, too often they don't experience the quality of
welcome and hospitality that would connect them
District Executive Minister . . . with us and the Lord. Or have we bought into the
Dear Friends, idea that the Church of the Brethren is bound to die
and so we might as well just hunker down and hold
on for as long as we can? I don't accept that. We
I'm getting around the district now, learning know the Lord, and people need the Lord. I believe
where our 62 churches are, being able to visualize every church should be growing spiritually and nu-
their settings. While some are in rural settings, sur- merically; it seems to me the two must go hand-in-
rounded by farm or woodlands and few houses, more hand, that we can't be growing spiritually, going
than I realized are in the midst of neighborhoods, a deeper in the Lord, without being moved to reach out
town, more densely populated areas. And the truth of to people around us who don't know the Lord.
the matter is, in our time, in our district areas, no
place is that rural anymore, population is growing
everywhere. I visualize the hundreds and thousands Church extension and evangelism are central
of families and people around our in our district mission and values. We
churches, people who are struggling February 10 have two upcoming opportunities to
with the effects of the recession, de- work on connecting with our neighbors
pression and illness, family problems, who need the Lord. This coming Sat-
the search for meaning . . . I remember
the haunting refrain of a song I once
TRAINING urday, January 16 from 8:00 a.m. -
12:30 p.m. our church extension and
heard, People Need the Lord. They do. Mid-Atlantic evangelism ministry team has invited
I see our churches set in the midst of former Brethren in Christ Bishop, now
these growing, sometimes burgeoning District Office Executive Director of the Center for
communities, and I wonder why our 10am-12noon Leadership Impact, Craig Sider, to
churches aren't connecting with these meet with the leaders of our northern
scores of people who need the Lord, For those who Virginia area churches -- the pastors
connecting people with the Lord. missed it in 2009 and five leaders from each congrega-
Membership and average worship at- tion, and district leadership to facilitate
tendance are trending down in most of our churches - conversation about and planning for
- not all, but many, while all around there are people church extension and evangelism in those congrega-
who need the Lord. tions and area. That's a place to begin, and then the
idea is to extend that conversation and planning
across the district in the months ahead.
I know it's not that our pastors aren't dedi-
cated, hard working and caring, because they are, and
if anything they work too hard and care too much for Then, on March 6 at Manassas, March 13 at Denton,
others and too little for themselves. I know it's not and March 20 at Bush Creek, from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.,
that the members of our churches are hardhearted or Fred Bernhard will be holding regional trainings on
insensitive to people's needs, my heart is humbled by Biblical Hospitality and Outreach. The Oakland con-
the loving, devoted members of our churches that I gregation in rural west central Ohio which Fred pas-
meet most every day. I know one problem is that we tored until his retirement increased its average wor-
wait for people to come to church rather than reach ship attendance by 19% and Sunday school atten-
out to them. Another problem is that when people do dance by 36% in the first three months they began
Continued from Page 1...applying the principles Fred will breakfast and light lunch.
be sharing, growth that has continued at a comparable
rate. Considering our attendance trends and all the
people around us who need the Lord, I'll be disap- People need the Lord; we know the Lord. It
pointed if every pastor and a good representation from seems to me a situation pregnant with promise. Please
every congregation doesn't attend one of these work- pray for these events, for their fruitfulness, and further
shops. It just may be the help and encouragement support them with your presence and by encouraging
your congregation needs. The workshop brochure is the participation of others.
available on the district website, and all you need to See you there!
do to register is phone the district office at least a
week before the workshop you plan to attend to give
us the count coming from your congregation so we
can have adequate food available for a continental

I have an important request: Please check on the forms listed in the box below and assure that any
outstanding reports are promptly submitted. These reports really are important and are used in
making contacts and in planning district and denominational ministry, mission, program and budg-
ets. It would be helpful for district office staff to have your current information so needed information
does not have to be tracked down.
Thank you in advance for your assistance! ~Gene


FORM A and FORM B from each congregation
were due on December 31, 2009. Please be
sure these are completed and returned to Elgin.

STATISTICAL FORMS are due back to Elgin by

February 1, 2010.


2009/2010 were due on December 7, 2009.
To date, 42 forms have been returned out of the
62 Mid-Atlantic District congregations.

Easton  Pastor  Flower Hill  Pastor 

 Friendship Pastor  Sharpsburg  Pastor 

Westminster Pastor Woodbridge   Pastor

The Music Matrix: Basics for Pastors

Leader: Jonathan Shively
January 31-February 1, 2010

The Winter Retreat for Pastors, Licensed Ministers and Persons in

Training for Ministry will be held at Shepherd’s Spring in
Sharpsburg, MD.
If you have not yet registered, please contact the
Mid-Atlantic District Office at 410.635.8790.

The Annual Winter Retreat is sponsored by the

Continuing Education Task Team
Mid-Atlantic District

Mid‐Atlantic District Jr. High
“A Slave to Chocolate”
January 22‐23, 2010  
Union Bridge COB 

Ever wonder where the chocolate of your favorite candy bar comes from?  How it is made and 
produced?  Come to this FREE, fun and exciting Lock‐In to find out more and to sample delicious 
fair trade chocolate.   This event will be led by Barb Dickason. 

The event begins at 7:30 pm Friday and ends at 10:00 am Saturday

RSVP or questions: Jan Fischer Bachman

703-574-2544 or


OUTREACH If you have not yet heard about this wonderful
opportunity to learn how your congregation can
grow in Biblical Hospitality, please call the district
Leader office for details (410.635.8790).
Fred Bernhard
This workshop, led by Fred Bernhard, will be pre-
Mid-Atlantic District sented on three consecutive Saturdays in the Mid-
Church of the Brethren Atlantic District. Admission is free and a light
lunch will be provided. Responses are requested
one week prior to the workshop date you will be
attending. A love offering will be received to de-
2010 fray the cost of the food.

March 6 – Manassas This workshop is being sponsored by the Church

Extension & Evangelism Ministry Team of the
13 - Denton Mid-Atlantic District.
20 - Bush Creek

For Pastors and Congregations

interested in spreading the
Gospel of Jesus Christ

Mid-Atlantic District Office


Thanks for your support! Thank you to all the individuals and congregations that made contributions to
Shepherd's Spring during 2009 – and especially during December! We reduced our deficit greatly through your

Pastor/Advocate Meeting - The annual gathering of pastors and advocates will take place on Saturday, Febru-
ary 20 from 10am – 1pm. We will have lots of information to share and finish our time together at the annual
volunteer appreciation luncheon at 1pm. If your congregation’s advocate has changed, please let us know so we
can pass information to the appropriate person.

Volunteer Appreciation - February 20, 2010 from 1-3pm. We will have lunch and some entertainment to
thank you for your generous support through donation of time and talent at Shepherd's Spring. Please let us know
if you are attending so we’ll have plenty of food available.

Mid-Atlantic District Disaster Coordinator News
"To Everything There Is a Season..." Yes, it's a frequently referenced verse, if not overused, but
it succinctly captures the essence of a decision which I have made after much consideration and

Effective January 1, 2010, I resigned my position as District Disaster Response Coordinator for
the Mid-Atlantic District. I've enjoyed my years and appreciate the opportunity to have served
the Lord in this very special way. I am proud of the work we've accomplished together and
grateful for the friendships I've made throughout the District, indeed throughout the wider Dis-
aster Response family. It has been my privilege to serve.

Please know that the Disaster Response Ministry has been a blessing to me and my intention is
to continue to work on project sites.

As I came to this decision, it was important to me to not leave a void but to find a person who
would be willing to accept the responsibility and carry the program forward. I must tell you
that the Lord provided that person almost effortlessly. Janey Giles has agreed to become the
new District Disaster Coordinator (DDC).

Many of you know Janey, but for those of you who don't, she is a longtime servant of the disas-
ter response program. Together with her husband Bob, she has served, in some years, upwards
of 5 or 6 weeks a year. She is very passionate about disaster response and obedient to the word
of God. She is a highly attentive and detailed person and remarkably open and personable. She
will be a great DDC.

Thank you all for your kindness and cooperation these many years. May God continue to bless
His children.

Your friend,
Bill Caputo

New Mid-Atlantic District Disaster Coordinator

Janey Giles

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2010, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) is: 

♦ 50 cents per mile for business miles driven 
♦ 16.5 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes 
♦ 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations 
MadMen The Mid-Atlantic District Men’s
Service and Ministry

Our mission: to grow through the teaching of the Word, to clarify what it is to live the life of
a man of God, to build courage in the face of a culture that seeks to corrupt our children, to
foster fellowship among the men of the wider church family and to share the Good News
through service.

Meeting Agenda MARCH 20, 2010

Meet &Eat 8AM
Morning Teaching 8:35
The next MadMen meeting will take place on Saturday
Entertainment 9:00 Reservations are required and requested by
Guest Speaker 9:20
Contact David McDevitt at
Conclusion 9:45 or at 410-848.9205

Admission: $10.
Future meetings
will be held
Fathers…Bring your
Union Bridge young adult sons!
June 14, 2010.

Mid-Atlantic District JR High

“30 Hour Famine”
April 23-25, 2010
@ Oakton COB
Join World Vision and youth from all over the nation to help raise money and awareness about
world hunger and poverty. As we fast for 30 hours, we will also volunteer time
at a local food bank and learn more about what it means to go hungry.
This event will be led by Jan Fischer Bachman.

The New Delmarva Youth Ministry

The New Delmarva Youth Ministry was started by a group of young adults who saw a need to reach out to the
Junior and Senior High youth on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware. We kicked off our program with a
Youth Rally at Camp Mardela in September 2009. Weekend events are being planned for each month. The last Youth
Weekend was at Community of Joy in November. There were 22 kids in attendance! The next Youth Weekend will be
held in Easton in December, and we are expecting 30 kids.
As of January 2010, beginning with our January Youth Weekend at Denton COB, the New Delmarva Youth
Ministry will be for youth ages 13 and above. In addition, those youth in their first year of college are welcome to at-
tend events.
We hope to see you all at the next youth weekend: January 16-17 in Denton. (Please note the date change) It is
going to be GREAT! There is no cost for the weekend; each youth just needs to bring 2 boxes of thin spaghetti and a
drink item to share with the youth group (NO soda!). We will be having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser on Saturday night
to help raise money for events, such as Roundtable and NYC!
We are hopeful that our efforts will benefit Camp attendance next summer and that our youth will become more
involved in the MAD youth events as well. At the same time, we'd like to extend an invitation to kids outside of the
shore for the Delmarva Youth Ministry events. All of this is to spread the word of Christ and to help build that relation-
ship for these kids. If anyone is interested in learning more about our youth ministry and/or events, please send an email
Future events include:
February: Jr. High and Sr. High Winter Retreats at Camp Mardela
(Sr. High 12-14; Jr. High 19-21)
*Winter Retreats are Separate from Youth Ministry

POSITION OPENING Frederick Church of the Brethren

Frederick, MD 21701
The Frederick Church of the Brethren seeks a full-time (40 hours
301-662-1819 (voice)
a week) Director of Children’s Ministry. This individual will
function as a member of the FCOB staff team, leading/ 301-694-9698 (fax)
coordinating all phases of the congregation’s ministry to children
and their families.

Major Responsibilities:
Overall vision, leadership and administration of the children’s ministry.
Supervision of Preschool and Elementary Ministry Coordinators.
Serves as part of the Family Ministry Team to provide a collaborative family ministry.
The ideal candidate will exhibit the following qualifications and qualities:
Committed to their own personal spiritual growth, intentionally developing their journey with Christ.
A heart for children and their families with a desire to build a strong partnership with parents as the primary
influence in their child’s spiritual formation.
Prior experience in working with children’s ministry in a local church setting.
Ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-task environment; work under pressure with multiple deadlines.
Strong administration/managerial/organizational skills.
High energy and motivation for excellence.
Ability to be flexible -- working effectively with a multiple staff and building lay ministry teams.
Commitment to the vision, values, and mission of the Frederick Church of the Brethren.

Creation Care: Stewards of the Earth
February 12-14, 2010
Sponsored by: Stewardship Offices, Church of the Brethren, 
Mennonite Mutual Aid & Laurelville Mennonite Church 
Keynote speakers are Rev. David Radcliff, director of New 
Community Project and Luke Gascho, EdD, executive direc‐
tor of Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center of Goshen 
College.  The five workshops will be led by David, Luke, 
Chris Meyer and Carol Bowman.  
For information and brochure view Stewardship pages at or call District Office at 410‐635‐8790. 

Edgewood Church of the Brethren has a rental home in the beautiful,

country setting of New Windsor. Features are: 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath, 2-
story with attic & basement, detached garage. The home has newly refur-
bished kitchen, bath, appliances and flooring. No pets/no smoking. Cost is
$1200 plus utilities per month. Background check required. If you are in-
terested, please call 410-635-2506.

Meadow Branch Church of the Brethren is in need of anyone who can play an organ and/or pi-
ano, keyboard, guitar, or other musical instrument. If you know of someone who might be
interested or are interested yourself, we would love to have you join us. Our goal is to ex-
pand our current music ministry and if you would like to be part of this growing ministry,
please give our Music & Worship Chairperson, Dot Bryant a call at 410-876-7832 or our
church office at 410-848-7478. We would love to have you join us as we offer our praises
to our Lord and Savior through our worship service and other ministry opportunities.

Frederick Church of the Brethren -Chancel Choir Director is selling a MIXER, excellent for the needs of a small church
praise band. It is portable and can be closed up as a unit and transported easily.

Mackie CR-1604
A 16-channel Mixer Furman PL-8 Power
Conditioner and Light Module
Comes with a carpeted road rack, mounted on
heavy-duty wheels
Measures 18 1/2 inches deep, 21" wide, 30" high Please contact Gail Slezak, Chan-
Excellent buy for a beginning band. cel Choir Director
Original price was approx. $900
Selling for $400 or best offer Frederick Church of the Brethren
Home phone: 301-662-8320

The Open Roof Award is given annually to recognize a congregation or district in the
Church of the Brethren that has made great strides in becoming accessible to people
with disabilities, so that they are better able to participate in the life of the church.

Congregations working on inclusion for people with disabilities will be recognized for their efforts
through the “Open Roof” Award from the Caring Ministries of the Church of the Brethren, part of
Congregational Life Ministries. Created in 2003, this award recognizes congregations or districts
that are working to ensure that all may worship, serve, be served, learn and grow in the presence of
God as valued members of the Christian community.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2010 award, and are due on February 1. The Dis-
abilities Ministry of the Church of the Brethren has created a form to gather information about the
type of inclusion work being conducted. We ask that you encourage the congregations in your dis-
trict to participate, nominating a sister church or even themselves! More information is available at

Travel with ‘TOGETHER TOURS’ for Tulip Time in Holland...Holland Michigan, that is!
May 3-8, 2010
This Special Tour designed for Sr. Citizens will depart from New Oxford, Pennsylvania on Monday, May 3rd and arrive in Dear-
born, Michigan for dinner that evening. Travel over the next few days to Grand Rapids, Holland, Detroit/Dearborn will include
stops at famous gardens, a three-hour guided tour of downtown Holland, historic places and the tulip festival. For those who enjoy
flowers and history, this is the ideal tour. There will also be a time for shopping to be sure you can take special mementos back
home. Windmill Gardens, home of America’s one and only 200 year old working Dutch Windmill is another highlight you will
enjoy. There is more information available for all who are interested. Just contact Glenn Kinsel at 727-544-2877 or email hgkin- for the rest of the details.

Hold the Date: Brian McLaren Coming to the Ecumenical Institute of Theology
Dear Ecumenical Church Leaders:
Emergent-church leader, prolific author, chair of the board of Sojourners, and former pastor Brian McLaren
will be speaking at the Ecumenical Institute of Theology of St. Mary’s Seminary & University on Monday,
March 15, 2010. He will present a day-long retreat/workshop for pastors and other church leaders, and then
give a free public lecture that evening.
We will be sending more details and a registration form in the very near future. We ask your assistance in pub-
licizing these events among clergy and lay leaders.
Workshop 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
“Public Worship as Spiritual Formation and Preparation for Mission”
Lecture 7:30 p.m.
“The Gospel, the Postmodern Conversation, and the Church that is Emerging”
For more information about Brian McLaren and “emergent” go to or

Michael J. Gorman, Ph.D.

Dean, The Ecumenical Institute of Theology
Professor of Sacred Scripture
St. Mary’s Seminary & University
5400 Roland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21210


“Transforming Conflict Through Biblical Lenses”
Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Elizabethtown college: Myer Hall, Susquehanna Room
8:15 am Registration
8:45 am- 4:00 pm Program

Guest Speaker: Michelle Armster

Director, Mennonite conciliation Service, Akron, PA
Michelle is also a co-pastor of a church in Lancaster
In this seminar, Pastors and Church Leaders will learn biblical principles for addressing conflict by exploring biblical stories. We
will explore the practical applications of these principles in our church families through case studies, discussions, and interactive

♦ .6 CEU will be offered

♦ Registration includes lunch prepared and served by the college

♦ Scholarship assistance is available; please contact david Young at 717-738-1887 or

Registration fee $40 per person/CEU fee $10. Deadline is April 21, 2010
Contact Kay Weaver at or Linda Williams at 717-367-4730 for further information.

Springs of Living Water  
Christ‐Centered Church Renewal 
In response to the felt need for new life in the church, the Springs of Living Water initiative in 
church renewal was prayerfully discerned for the Church of the Brethren.  It began with John 
4: 14b “The water that I will give will become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal 
life.”  What life giving words for renewal of persons and churches!  The Springs initiative 
builds on years of training, experience and leading church renewal. 
What is the Springs of Living Water renewal process? 
Springs of Living Water follows the way of Jesus with the woman at the well.  In it we see dy‐
namics of renewal: thirst, encounter, transformation and mission.   Eager for spiritual 
growth, churches enter a path with everyone being involved.   New energy and unity develop.   
People sense that something very positive and exciting is happening. 
Churches enter a path 
Thirst:  Renewal begins when a church feels a thirst for more.  In considering Springs of Living 
Water they prayerfully ask, “Where is God leading our church?”  They pray and discern 
whether to be part this renewal initiative that is spiritually aligned and servant led, where the 
outcome will be life patterns for continual renewal and growth. 
Encounter:  The entire congregation enters spiritual disciplines such as daily reading of scrip‐
ture, prayer, and weekly study and worship.  Persons take up spiritual practices to encounter 
Jesus daily so He can transform us.   A bulletin like folder lists option for daily use.  A renewal 
team implements the folders and congregational events.  All this means spiritual growth as 
persons are intentional about their Christian faith. 
Transformation:  In the first year, the renewal team facilitates five congregational gatherings 
which build up the church.   Rather than find out what is wrong and fix it, the church finds out what is right and builds 
upon it.  Often held after worship and a meal, the gatherings are where people share about strengths, spiritual appreciation, 
core values and identity, originating mission, and a scripture to guide the church’s life. 
Mission: Even as the church goes deeper spiritually, new people often start coming or resident members become more ac‐
tive.   The church discovers one or two areas they discern focus on renewing an existing ministry or starting a new one.  A 
thorough plan is laid out to call and train leadership, launch a ministry, and carefully follow through.  Often churches 
strengthen their youth ministry and reach out to new people. 
What are the outcomes? 
Rod O’ Donnell from the Green Tree Church reports: “The result was an obvious reawakening of God’s presence in our lives. 
We had people praying who had never taken prayer seriously. Others went into detailed study of the other disciplines. In 
other words, it gave our congregation a spiritual dimension that it never had before.” 
Other examples:  The Lima, Ohio Church, a small inner city church, has people’s lives literally turning around.  The East 
Chippewa Church with multiple staff sees young adults getting involved, an adult Sunday School class coming to life, and a 
Springs community event for new people and members.   Churches report a renewed spirit and a willingness of people to 
participate.   Churches say they move from fear to hope. 
Creativity abounds and Christ is felt as present  Often youth ministries are strengthened; worship takes on new vitality; 
churches reach out to new comers and may have some exploration of faith with newcomers and old timers in a Wednesday 
evening family night setting.   Churches sense that Christ is very present, that a new love and unity abound, that the church is 
headed in a direction all feel a part of.   They are excited. 
What Kind of Church Should Get Involved?
Where there is a thirst for new life and a sense of God’s leading
Where they are not looking for a quick fix but for life patterns of vitality
Where there is a pastor or pastors desiring new life
Where there are four to eight people interested in being a renewal team
Where a congregation wants to go the next step spiritually and in its mission
Springs of Living Water has an advisory team of nine persons, a prayer group of eighty, and a web site
The third book Springs of Living Water, Christ-Centered Church Renewal, with foreword by Richard Foster, has near 400 pages that
describe the renewal work with examples and testimonials. Copies available at SERRV International Gift Shop in New Windsor, Brethren
Press and 


Our theme for the weekend is “Come to the Mountain” where we will explore the many different mountains
of God. The main scripture is Micah 4:1-5. We are very pleased to have the leadership of Joel and Linetta
Ballew, husband and wife team from the Shenandoah District. Friday night entertainment is BAM magi-
cian Brett A. Myers. Brett was recently featured in “ Messenger” and has been touring many different con-
gregations across the U.S. The worship band for the weekend will be Bridgewater College’s Chapel band
called “Outspoken” with the addition of a few friends for the weekend. This year’s Roundtable is going to
be awesome and we hope that you are as excited as IYC! We hope to see you on the Mountain!
Contact with any questions or visit

National Youth Conference
July 17-22, 2010
NYC team has put together a 5-
minute Promotional DVD that is
available for loan from the Mid-
Atlantic District Office. Please
contact 410.635.8790 if you are
interested in viewing it.
Online registration continues for NYC
Already in the first two days of online registration for National Youth Conference, more than 300 youth and
adult advisors have signed up for the conference on July 17-22 in Fort Collins, Colo., sponsored by the Church
of the Brethren’s Youth and Young Adult Ministry. Registration opened Tuesday evening at and continues through April 5. Participants create a personal log-in to register, and
must have their congregation’s code (go to Cost is $425—increasing to $450
after Feb. 15. A deposit of $200 is due within two weeks of registration.

Young Adult HAITI


Junior High ELGIN, IL


Brethren Revival Fellowship


Intergenerational NEW WINDSOR, MD


2010 District Calendar
January KEY:
CCMT Calling & Credentialing Ministry
12 Area 3 Pastors Meeting, 9-11am, University Park CoB
12 FPMT, 5:30pm, District Office MITT Ministry Interview Task Team
13 CCMT, 6:00pm, District Office (snow date 1/20) CEEMT Church Extension & Evangelism
14 Area 6 Pastors Meeting, 9-11am, Harmony CoB Ministry Team
14 Search Committee Meeting, 6pm
16 PJTT, 1:00pm, Oakton CoB FPMT Finance & Property Ministry
17 Licensing Service, Thurmont Team
18 LCT-6pm;P&A-7:30pm, District Office OSMT Outreach & Service Ministry
19 Area 4 Pastors Meeting, 9-11am, Nokesville CoB Team
19 OSMT, 6:30pm, District Office
21 Area 7 Pastors Meeting, 9-11am, Downsville CoB SCLMT Spirituality & Congregational
23-28 CODE Retreat Life Ministry Team
30 Area 2 Pastors Meeting, 9-11am, Baltimore First CoB LT Leadership Team
31 Gene preaches at Union Bridge CoB
LCT Leadership Calling Team
February P&A Program & Arrangements
PJTT Peace & Justice Task Team
6 LT, 9am, District Office
7 Gene preaches at Grossnickle CoB CODE Council of District Executives
10 ETHICS Training, District Office
13 MITT, 9 am, District Office
14 Gene preaches at Sharpsburg CoB
17 CEEMT, 10 am, District Office
22 P&A-6pm; LCT-7:30pm, District Office
6 Biblical Hospitality Workshop, Fred Bernhard, Manassas CoB
13 Biblical Hospitality Workshop, Fred Bernhard, Denton CoB
13 MITT, 9am, District Office
15 P&A-6pm; LCT-7:30pm, District Office
16 OSMT, 6:30pm, District Office
20 Biblical Hospitality Workshop, Fred Bernhard, Bush Creek CoB

Mid-Atlantic District Office

District Executive
Information Mid-Atlantic District
Gene Hagenberger Church of the Brethren
Permission is granted by the Mid- PO Box 480 Atlantic District
New Windsor, MD
Administrative to reproduce and distribute items of in-
formation from this Newsletter. 21776-0480
Phone: 410-635-8790
Terri Meushaw 17