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Electrical Engineering Services

Digital / Analog PCB Design Design Programmable Logic (FPGA) ASIC Design Signal Integrity Analysis Mechanical Engineering Schematic Entry Library Management PCB Layout Mechanical Engineering



New Hampshire Headquarters Pennsylvania Maryland


Texas N. Carolina Alabama Kentucky


High-Performance, Complex Printed Circuit Board Design

-Telecom -Datacom -Compute & Storage -Medical, Mil/Aero -Industrial -Consumer

Schematic Capture Layout DFM

Concept, DX Designer, OrCAD Cadence Allegro, Mentor Expedition & PADS, Altium Mentor vSure (Formerly Valor Enterprise 3000) Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, AutoCAD
Ansoft HFSS (3D modeling), Mentor Hyperlynx

Mechanical Engineering Signal Integrity

One of the largest, service providers in North America!

35 Designers, Nearly 1000 Years Experience! Full-time Employees Operate with 2 Shifts Daily 24 x 7 Support is Available

Our scale enables us to handle a multitude of customers & projects simultaneously

Design Example
42 layers, 0.205 thick 20.0 x 14.4 19,709 parts/78,341 pins 61,956 vias 18,874 nets 1.57 miles of traces

Design Example
24 layers, 0.122" thickness 18" x 24" 18,300 parts / 88,000 pins 61,000 vias (all PTH vias) 16, 500 nets (80% of nets were length constrained) 100% of all non_one_pin_nets got ICT testpoints 84% of all nets got ICT testpoints. 0.9 miles of traces

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Services Provided: Electrical Engineering Layout Debug Prototypes

SoBi Social Bicycles

SoBi has built a GPS-enabled bike that you can find and unlock using your mobile phone. These bikes will be used to create an affordable and scalable bike share system that makes cycling more accessible and interactive. Services Provided: Electrical Engineering Layout Prototypes

14 Board Project FCS Provided:

Design Engineering Support PCB Layout Support Signal Integrity Analysis

Main Board: System Management: Spartan 6 FPGA, BCM56846 10GbE switch that routed data from 4 backchannels (miniSAS connectors), PEX 8636 36 lane 24 port PCIe switch. Midplane: Routed PCIe lanes and 12V power from main board to 2 option cards.

Adapter Modules: Contained All Common Circuits for Design Reuse in System Option Cards.

Option Cards: for Various Output Data Formats, Such as SFP, QSFP, FCoE, & others (9 variations). Fan Control & Power Management Cards: Hot Plug Capability (2 assemblies).

Layout Requirements:

Design10G diff pairs, Backdrilling, Ground voids under DC blocking caps & transition vias, Length Matching.

Product Development

OC48 SFP to G.709 Fiber Channel with FEC - 8 to 1 MUX 16 Layer 17 by 13 PCB, 5745 components DDR2 Memory 10G & 667 MHZ differential pair bus signal routing MPC860 CPU 624 pin CBGA, 300pin MSA connector

Optical Network Option Card

Super Computer

FCS Provided:
Design Engineering Support PCB Layout Support Signal Integrity Analysis Debug Support

Kontron ETXexpress CPU module

PCIe lane 10/100/1000 ENET port USB ports I2C

6 1945 pin BGA IB switch chips 36 IB ports each PCIe port SPI interface RMII interface LED control I2C 676-pin Xilinx Spartan3 FPGA Fan control for 5 fans Voltage monitoring Gigabit Ethernet switching interface 2 720W, 12V, 60A power supplies

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Electrical Design & PCB Layout of Midplane, and 2 interface assemblies. Mechanical Layout Top/Bottom Down Design. Mechanical design of 3 assemblies with PCB validation. Completely Documented. DFM/DFA for reduced mfg cost. Fully Managed Materials procurement, DVT (onsite), Assembly, and shipment to customer.

Cadence & Pro-E

30 Years Experience in Mechanical Engineering & Full Product Lifecycle DFM & DFA, and General Use of Several Leading CAD platforms:

AutoCAD; Inventor SolidWorks Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire

Electro/Mechanical Design

Mechanical conversion of ECAD Data Mechanical Checks of : Mother / Daughter Cards; Components; Faceplates; Labels; Gaskets; Cable Management; Heat Sinks Documentation

What Makes Freedom CAD Different From Other Design Service Bureaus?

Our Experience:
35 Designers
Nearly 1000 years of Design Experience Beta Partner with Cadence Complex, High Performance Design Specialist Digital, Analog, RF, Power, Backplane Leverage Design Experiences

Our Capacity:
Scalable; 70,000 man hours / year 24 X 7 Support Upgraded Hardware / Software

Strategically Located

Our Skill:
Unparalleled Experience Proven Program Management Familiarity with EDA Tools Leverage Design Experiences

Our Communications:
Keeps you informed of: Hours Issues Actions

Detailed Time Card Report

Collaborative Product Development Environment Flexible Business Model

Product Concept to NPI A La Carte services Multiple Entry Points

Demographically Aligned Reduce Time to Market Leading Edge Tools Optimization of Customer Resources