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News from ISKCON London’s
Radha Krishna Temple
The August Edition

August Highlights
• Janmastami, Vyasa Puja & Radhastami
• Rathayatra in Crawley
• Krishna, the Heart of London
• New Temple Members
and much more!

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In the month of August we were fortunate to be visited by the following VIPs:

HH Kesava Bharati dasa Goswami

HH Bhakti Visrambhara Madhava Swami
HG Satyarupa devi dasi
HG Sankarshan dasa
HG Kripamoya dasa
HG Praghosa dasa
HG Bhagavat Ashraya

Upcoming VIPs
HH Prabhavishnu Swami
Sunday 4th October
Sunday Feast talk - 4.30pm to 5.30pm

HH Devamrta Swami
Sunday 18th October
Govardhan Puja Festival - Special morning class

Welcoming New Temple Members

One half patron member and one supporting member.

Krishna’s Community Shop

In the month of August the total collected was: £7, 841.18

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Words of Appreciation
Here is an extract of an email from Shyamasundara dasa (Srila Prabhupada disciple who is an astrologer)
after his stay at ISKCON-London:

“Please convey to all the devotees in Soho my thanks for hosting me at the temple and giving me the op-
portunity to purify myself by preaching and giving some classes.”

Total for August 2009: £46,901.22

Catering: £150.00
Books: £138.00,
Govinda’s Restaurant: £46,613.22

Govinda’s restaurant made £291.69 less compared to August 2008.


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Festival Report
Janmastami Radhastami
On the 14th August we celebrated Janmastami As is tradition all Our Deities were treated to a
in great pomp and style. Many many devotees flower outfit. The team of ladies who created
worked weeks in advance to ensure this was the this wonderful spectacle was headed up by
best ever Janmastami ! Archana devi dasi and Sarva Mangala devi dasi.
Festivities continued throughout the day and
culminated in the final arati of the day at 9pm
where we were treated to darshan of Srimati
Radharani’s lotus feet.

Festival Report
Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasa Puja
This year was the second year that we celebrated the appearance day of Srila Prabhupada at our Temple.
We would normally join the celebrations at Bhaktivedanta Manor. The day was packed with guests and
filled with offerings for Srila Prabhupada. We were very fortunate to be joined by Bhagavat Ashraya dasa
and Sarva Mangala devi dasi.

This year’s offering from ISKCON-London was written by Bhava Bhakti devi dasi and is below:

Dear Srila Prabhupada,

Please accept our humble obeisances.

All glories to you!

All glories to Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara.

We feel most fortunate to be serving at ISKCON-London this year as it marks the 40th anniversary of the
Hare Krishna’s in London and the 30th anniversary of Govinda’s restaurant.

How grateful we are to you dear Srila Prabhupada for fanning the spark of devotion in the hearts of the
devotees who took so many risks to come to London and establish the Bury Place temple.

How we delight in the pastime of how you met your beloved Deities – Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara. While
learned yogis take many lifetimes to capture the Lord in the heart you took just minutes! And 40 years on
we are given the priceless service of performing some insignificant service for Them.

How many fortunate souls have traversed the steps of our Temple?

How many devotees have occupied the post of Temple President, Temple Commander, Head Pujari, sankir-
tana leader and so forth?

So many spirit souls have come and gone and now we stand on the eve of the 40th anniversary celebrations
feeling both humbled and grateful to have also received your mercy and compassion under the umbrella of

We pray that you always remain prominent in our lives through your instructions.

We also pray that we may somehow imbibe the urgency you always preached about to become Krsna Con-
scious NOW.

We remain your surrendered servants and hope that we can somehow please you and your beloved Deities
– Sri Sri Radha Londonisvara in this special year marking the most special moment when you came to save
the conditioned souls of London.

Your aspiring servants at ISKCON-London.


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Festival Report
Crawley Rathayatra
On the 30th August a group of 35 devotees (residents and congregation members) went to Crawley
Rathayatra in a big red double decker bus kindly sponsored by the devotees in Crawley.

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40th Anniversary Special

commemorative Album Launch

On the 9th we held an album launch party for the release of the special 40th anniversary commemora-
tive album produced by Jagannath Suta dasa. We had live performances on the day by Kripamoya dasa,
Jayadev dasa, Sakshi Gopal dasa, Gopi Bhava devi dasi, & Bhaktin Jak amongst others.

Favorable reviews for the CD so far include:

Dominic List from Ch4’s “The Secret Millionaire” plays the CD each morning finding this “a truly peaceful,
meditative and relaxing experience.”

“Hari Kirtan is absolutely awesome. Brilliant, amazing.”

Adi Guru

“Kripamoya’s track is a hairs on-end, tears welling-up experience.”


The evening also saw the launch of Radha Krishna Records, a creative enterprise headed up by Jagannatha
Suta dasa. The record label plans to record and produce music by local devotee musicians. Purchase the
CD online at and experience the bliss!

news 8

Book Distribution in August

Books Amount distributed
Bhakti 202

Great Cakes 2

Higher Taste 527

Krishna (volume 1) 31

Krishna (volume 2) 17

Bhagavad Gita (hard bound) 170

Sri Isopanisad 77

Bhagavad Gita (pocket size) 1

Perfection of Yoga 854

Science of Self Realization 583

Perfect Answers & Perfect Questions 343

SB Volume 1 28

SB Volumes 1-10 1

SB stories 1

Total BBT £3,102.00

Total Lakshmi £7,235.00

Total Book Points 1,716


news 9

Outreach Preaching
During the month of August the following activities were carried out by Jai Nitai dasa:

1st – Attended the Vyasa Puja ceremony of HH Kesava Bharati dasa Goswami at the home of Bhaktin Jak.
This was attended by approximately 15 devotees.

4th – Visited the Brighton Centre

7th – Attended the 21st birthday party of Gopal Patel – there were approximately 15 devotees in atten-

8th – Attended the Patrons Dinner at Bhaktivedanta Manor with 8 devotees from ISKCON-London TLC
and the Festivals Team

9th – Hosted the 40th Anniversary Compilation Commemorative album ‘Krishna the heart of
London’ release and launch party with Kripamoya dasa, Sakshi Gopal dasa, Jayadev dasa,
Gopi Bhava devi dasi & Radha Londonisvara dasa. This was from 3:00pm to 9:30pm

23rd – Gave the Sunday Feast Lecture in South Norwood - Krishna Conscious Cultural
Centre. There were 45 devotees in attendance.

25th – attended a home programme at the home of Nimesh and Ashika Patel in Canary Wharf with
Svarna Radhika devi dasi and Rsi Singh. There were a total of 15 devotees in attendance with many new

29th – Facilitated the Radhanath Swami disciples picnic at Sanjiv Agarwal’s home.

30th – Attended Crawley Ratha Yatra.

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