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The Founding of a Nation Project

Monica Agrawal, Emily Davis, Kailah Snelgrove

1. Name: Nerdfighteria Island

2. Government: Constitutional Monarchy

3. Power passed through the Green family, starting with John Green, to Baby
Yeti, to the oldest child in the next generation, and so on. If no Green
children are born for the next generation, an election is held. The Greens (or
other elected officials following in their footsteps) have supreme power and
the final word in all decisions, with the digression of Parliament. Parliament
sees necessary changes, inform the Greens, and the Greens approve or deny
said changes. The Greens may, of course, also enforce any laws or changes
they deem necessary that have not been suggested by Parliament. Many
similar governments (such as the United Kingdom) have been successful,
and this ensures power will most likely be in the right hands for the duration
of Nerdfighteria Island’s existence.

4. Values: DFTBA, decreasing world suck, discovery, acceptance, curiosity

5. Education: All citizens must complete elementary schooling at Yates

Academy, then moving onto Hogwarts for middle school and high school.
After completing their seventh year at Hogwarts, students attend the
University of Pigfarts. Classes include:

a. Potions/Chemistry

b. Quidditch/Physical Education

c. Transfiguration/Art

d. Apparition/Drivers Ed

e. Defense Against the Dark Arts/Self Defense

f. History of Magic/History

g. Herbology/Botany

h. Astronomy/Astronomy

i. Divination/Psychology

j. Care of Magical Creatures/Biology

k. Arithmancy/Math
l. Charms/English

m. Ancient Runes/Foreign Language

n. Muggle Studies/Civics

6. Religion: freedom of religion—acceptance being one of our values, we don’t

judge beliefs

7. Economy: free market economy

8. Laws:

a. Citizens are prohibited from:

i. Hunting

ii. Smoking

iii. Possessing non-pharmaceutical drugs

iv. Possessing weapons or firearms

1. Excluding nerf guns, wands, light sabers, water guns,

blasters, phasers, and battleaxes

v. Possessing alcohol

1. Excluding butterbeer and firewhisky

b. For every tree killed, two must be planted by the tree-murderer(s)

c. Law breakers’ punishments will be decided by the general public based

on popular vote. The Department of Punishments will present options
that are considered acceptable forms of punishment. These
punishments may include (but are not limited to):

i. Eating a blenderized meal

ii. Eating an excessive quantity of Peeps

iii. Chin or leg waxing

iv. Eating a Fat Sandwich

v. Strolling alone through the Forbidden Forest for at least one hour

vi. Cleaning all the trophies in the Trophy Room

vii. Hanging from the dungeon ceiling by your thumbs

9. Flag Description: the background contains four sections of colored stripes:
red and gold; blue and bronze; green and silver; and red and yellow. These
symbolize the four Houses (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff),
which all school students are sorted into. In front of this is the Nerdfighter
logo—NOT a gang sign.

10. Anthem: “I pledge allegiance to Nerdfighteria, an island totally awesome.

Where learning is triumphant and discovery is hey, we aspire to decrease
world suck. From Yates to Hogwarts, to Pigfarts U, we never FTBA. We will
open our curious minds and achieve great things, accepting eclectic beliefs.
Nerdfighteria, our Nerdfighteria, we love you our awesome Island.”

11. Departments:

a. Parliament

i. Prime Minister—Emily Davis

ii. Deputy Prime Minister—Monica Agrawal

b. Sanitation Engineering

i. Director of Sanitation—Kailah Snelgrove

c. Department of Punishment

i. Director—Argus Filch

d. Army/Auror Department

i. Head Auror—Kingsley Shacklebolt

e. Department of Foreign Affairs

i. Directors—Rolli und Rita

f. Fashion Department

i. Director—Dobby

g. Department of Finances

i. Gred and Forge Wazlib