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World History Final

- 1. Which one of these is not a sect of Islam?

A. Sufi C. Sunni
B. Shi’ite D. Talmud

- 2. What two countries did President George W. Bush refer to as the “axis of evil” in 2002?

A. Syria and Lebanon C. Iraq and Iran

B. Russia and China D. Israel and Palestine

- 3. What year did the Iranian Hostage Crisis begin?

A. 1981 C. 2007
B. 1979 D. 1980

- 4. In the film “Persepolis”, what historical events did she live through and witness while in Iran?

A. Partition of Palestine, Balfour C. Iran-Iraq War, Cultural Revolution, Exile of the

Doctrine, Yom Kippur War Shah
B. Fall of the Ottoman Empire, Yom D. Operation Desert Storm, The Six-day War,
Kippur War, 8 year war Capture of Saddam Hussein

- 5. Roughly, which year is closest to the founding of Buddhism?

A. 400 BCE C. 2000 BCE

B. 5th century CE D. 1st century

- 6. What militant Palestinian group is localized north of Israel in Lebanon?

A. Shiites C. Hamas
B. Hezbollah D. PLO

- 7. What year was the Balfour Declaration?

A. 2005 CE C. 1947 CE
B. 1917 CE D. 1250 BCE

- 8. Who officially partitioned off Israel and Palestine?

A. The United States C. Great Britain

B. The United Nations D. Israel

- 9. Of the major religions we studied, which is the youngest?

A. Christianity C. Buddhism
B. Islam D. Judiaism

- 10. What type of government does Iran currently have?

A. Islamic Monarchy C. Democratic Republic

B. Islamic Republic D. Sharia

- 11. How many hostages were held in the Iranian Hostage crisis

A. 44 C. 52
B. 444 D. 81

- 12. What US President was in office when the Iranian Hostage crisis began?

A. Harry Truman C. Jimmy Carter

B. Ronald Reagan D. George Bush
****extra credit if you name who was the Vice President when they were released


- 13. Who was the former leader of Israel?

A. Yasser Arafat C. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

B. Ariel Sharon D. Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullāh

Connect the current leader to the country they represent. A country will be used more than once.
Answer Leader Country

14 ______ Emir Al Sabah A. Iran

15 ______ President Ahmadinejad B. Israel
16 ______ Ayatollah Khamenei C. Yemen
17 ______ King Abdallah D. Iraq
18 ______ President Saleh E. Pakistan
19 ______ President Suleiman F. Afghanistan
20 ______ President Zardari G. Kuwait
21 ______ President Netanyahu H. Lebanon
22 ______ Prime Minister Al-Maliki I. Saudi Arabia

23 ______ President Karzai

Choose one answer from the right that fits the description best on the left. Each word will only
be used once

24. _______ Britain’s official statement to push and seek an Israeli A. Hajj
state in Palestine B . Hamas
C. Iran
25. _______ Only Middle Eastern Country who tends to side with D. Sharia
Israel E. Lebanon
F. Hezbollah
26. _______ Islamic commitment to make a pilgrimage to Mecca G. Turkey
H. Balfour
27. _______ Militant Palestinian group who does not recognize the Declaration
state of Israel and located primarily in Gaza I. Gaza
28. _______ Only Middle East country with a large Christian population

29. _______ Area along the Southern West coast of Israel that is
frequently disputed over

30. _______ Predominately Shiite Muslim population

31. _______ Considered the legitimate representation for the


32. _______ Rule of law established in Iran

33. _______ Militant group who formed in response to Israel’s

invasion into Lebanon

Shah Ayatollah President
Titles will be used more than once

34. _______________ Elected to serve for four years

35. _______________ The Persian Monarch in control of Iran

36. _______________ Is a religious figure rather than a secular leader

37. _______________ Was pushed into exile and never returned to power in Iran

38. _______________ Holds the most power in Iran

39. _______________ Is primarily a diplomatic figure

40 _______________ Is the highest level of Islamic cleric

Write the letter of the country from the map with the correct country name below

41. Israel ________ 49. Turkey ________

42. Iran ________ 50. Saudi Arabia ________
43. Iraq ________ 51. Kuwait ________
44. Syria ________ 52. Jordan ________
45. Lebanon ________ 53. Pakistan ________
46. Afghanistan ________ 54. Yemen ________
47. Unite Arab ________

- 55. What group was responsible for the hostages in Iran

A. Hezbollah C. Hamas
B. Students D. Al’qaeda

- 56. What role did North Korea, the US, France and China play in the Iran- Iraq war?

A. Supplied weapons C. Supplied ground troops

B. Supplied naval assistance D. All allied with Iran

- 57. Why was Saddam Hussein sentenced to death?

A. Acts of genocide in 1982 C. Invading Kuwait in 1990

B. Weapons of mass destruction in D. Terrorist plots in 2001

- 58. What was Iran called before they renamed it to Iran?

A. Palestine C. Judea
B. Persia D. Arabia

Christianity Islam Judaism

Buddhism Hinduism
Terms will be used more than once

59. _____________________ Oldest major religion

60. _____________________ Occasionally argued to be more of a philosophy than a religion

61. _____________________ Second largest religion

62. _____________________ Of the major religions, it is the smallest

63. _____________________ First of the Abrahamic religions to be established

64. _____________________ World’s largest religion

65. _____________________ Only major religion that is polytheistic or henotheistic

66. _____________________ Major religion that was began by Siddhartha Guatama, who
became its namesake

67. _____________________ Has an estimated 780 million followers today

68. _____________________ Cannot be linked to a specific founder

69. _____________________ Shares its sacred text with Christianity

Eight Year War Cultural Revolution Sharia

Ayatollah Shah Emir

70. Under __________________________ Law, women are required to wear a head

scarf while in public in Iran

71. Many schools and Universities in Iran were closed during

_________________________________ in the 1980’s

72. Iran and Iraq went to war over territory disputes in what was called

73. The Persian Monarch, or _________________________ left Iran in 1978.

74. The ______________________ in Islam is a high ranking religious figure who in

Iran holds political power in the country

75. List or describe the 5 Pillars of Islam (no particular order necessary)





76. List 3 reasons or official decrees that support the Israeli state in Palestine.



Answer each of the following questions with a full paragraph.

77. Why does Palestine currently not have a homeland of their own?

78. Explain how the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan.

79. Explain the roles of the two leaders in Iran.

80. How did the Taliban come to power in Afghanistan?

81. Explain three factors that hinder Afghanistan economically.

82. Compare and contrast the cultural revolution in Iran to the cultural revolution that
occurred during Chairman Mao’s control over China.