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Learning Assessment task 1: Wiederholung!


Your task in pairs is to:

• Research a grammar topic and specific vocabulary theme (these will be given to you)
• Create a PowerPoint presentation on your topic/theme and present it to the class
• Create 2 worksheets (and answer sheets) to accompany your PowerPoint presentation
using the grammar and vocabulary you have researched. The rest of the class will
complete these worksheets at the conclusion of your presentation.
• Upload your information to our “Klasse 10 Deutsch Wikispace”
Criteria of task:

• You must work in your allocated group – if differences arise, work them out!
• Your presentation (PowerPoint plus worksheets) must go for 45 minutes exactly
• Your worksheets should assess AT LEAST two LOTE areas, i.e. reading & writing, reading,
speaking & writing, listening & speaking etc.
• Meet assignment deadlines

Suggested timeline for this assignment:

Lesson overview

• Read through assignment sheet

• Discuss initial ideas with partner
• Request photocopies of certain pages of Miss Flint’s grammar books
• Allocate homework task, i.e. both research topic online/in textbook

• Discuss homework findings and compare information gathered

• Create draft of PowerPoint, i.e. which major points will you cover
• Continue researching in grammar books, request photocopies
• Begin good copy of PowerPoint presentation
• Discuss ideas of worksheets to accompany presentation
• Allocate homework duties

• Work on good copy of PowerPoint presentation

3 • Continue working on worksheets/answer sheets
• Allocate homework duties

• Proofread presentation/worksheets
4 • Ask for proofreading help if unsure
• Finalise good copies of presentation/sheets

• Practise your lesson! Know exactly how long it will run for and adjust activities
if it is too long/short
• Ensure your group’s work is submitted before 9am Tuesday 3rd March to the
Learning Assessment office
• Upload PowerPoint file & worksheets (not answers!) to your Wikispace page –
this MUST be done by Tuesday 3rd March, 5pm
• Photocopy enough worksheets/handouts for each class member (16 copies) to
give out when you conduct your lesson

Elements to hand in to the Learning Assessment office:

1. Coversheet with individual reflection filled out (on the back of the coversheet)
2. Rubric for assignment
3. Print out of your PowerPoint presentation**
4. Copy of both worksheets plus your answer sheets**
5. Group reflection sheet completed together**

**Note: only one group member must submit these items but please state on both cover sheets
which group you are in!