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the voice of jewish washington

Team Photogenic
Here’s one way to celebrate Christmas Eve: Bring 450 young Jews to the Triple Door to celebrate Latkepalooza, the annual party sponsored this year by the Jewish Federation of
Greater Seattle’s Young Leadership Division and Hillel at the University of Washington’s Jconnect. This winter’s event brought in record numbers of revelers who might otherwise
have had little else to do aside from finding a table at a local Chinese restaurant.

Where to tax, where to cut? Clinton, lawmakers

Joel Magalnick “Human service advocates generally are going to be pushing for talks
Editor, JTNews spread really thin because there are so many programs
that are [already] eliminated or suspended or cut really Ron Kampeas
When several of the programs that benefit the poor deeply,” Carstensen said. JTA World News Service
and elderly populations set for the chopping block in A second budget released by Gregoire this week calls
last year’s state legislative session received a last-min- for $780 million in new revenue, which counts partially WASHINGTON (JTA) — Calls are mounting in Wash-
ute reprieve, social service advocates breathed a sigh of on one-time federal assistance. Additional specifics were ington for the launch of new Israeli-Palestinian talks.
relief. This year they may not be so lucky. With a $2.6 bil- not available as of press time. After meeting Jan. 8 with Jordanian and Egyptian
lion additional shortfall in the state’s biennial budget, In past sessions, Carstensen has focused mainly on officials in Washington, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary
and a preliminary budget submitted by Gov. Christine serving Jewish organizations themselves. The cuts he Rodham Clinton said she was calling for talks with-
Gregoire that even she said does not reflect her or the hopes to hold at bay this year extend further into the com- out preconditions focused on all the final-status issues,
state’s citizens’ values, something will have to give. munity of people who utilize those services, he said. including not only borders but also Jerusalem, refugees
That’s what had lobbyists like Zach Carstensen, direc- “All of these are going to have impacts on clients that and water rights.
tor of government affairs for the Jewish Federation of come through the social service safety net that the Jewish Clinton’s comments came as George Mitchell, Presi-
Greater Seattle and who represents many of Washington community operates. That’s what the focus is going to dent Obama’s top Middle East negotiator, headed to the
State’s Jewish organizations, nervous as the short session be, and it’s going to have an impact across the board,” Middle East for meetings aimed at accelerating talks.
began on Jan. 11. Carstensen said. The same message was hammered home by members
“With the $2.6 billion deficit, the main priority is going Many of the people who utilize the women’s shelter at of a bipartisan delegation of U.S. Congress members who
to be preventing, as much as possible, deep cuts into Temple De Hirsch Sinai, for example, or who receive hot visited the region at the start of the year.
social service programs,” Carstensen told JTNews. meals at the University District Teen Feed, with which Herzl- “The more time that goes on without those negotia-
When the state faced a $9 billion shortfall in 2009, leg- Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation has a relationship, tions and without progress taking place, the more Hamas
islators cut some programs to the bone and reconfigured are people who rely on some form of state assistance. Cov- is strengthened,” said U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman
many others, which means that, as a starting point for erage for something as simple as an ingrown toenail, if the Schultz (D-Fla.), a deputy whip, in a conference call Jan. 7
2010, they have almost no fat to trim. state’s basic health plan is eliminated, could be denied, toward the end of the group’s Middle East tour.
Claudia Berman, associate director of Jewish Family resulting in amputation, Carstensen said. The Palestinians are resisting returning to talks until
Service of Greater Seattle, said she is pessimistic for what He’ll be keeping a close eye on programs the governor Israel makes total its partial freeze on West Bank settle-
this legislative session might bring after having endured eliminated completely from her initial budget: GA–U and ment and expands it to eastern Jerusalem. Israeli Prime
last year’s cuts. adult dental, vision and podiatry services for low income Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to keep talks to the
“What I can see from this is how substantially it will citizens, among others. The state’s Basic Health Plan, border issue without reference to Jerusalem or refugees,
affect the poorest and the oldest, from suspending health eliminated in Gregoire’s first budget draft, was restored while the Palestinians want to discuss all issues.
care and addiction services and chemical dependency in the second proposal. Clinton also wants all issues on the table.
and [General Assistance–Unemployable],” Berman said. “We’re going to do our best to make the case that those “Resolving borders resolves settlements,” she said.
“The needs that are already great will only be greater.” programs shouldn’t be cut,” Carstensen said, but at the “Resolving Jerusalem resolves settlements.”
The General Assistance–Unemployable program same time said that leaders of the organizations he rep- Wasserman Schultz said that Palestinian Authority
gives unemployed people with temporary disabilities a resents would be open to increasing the state’s revenue, strides in transparent government and security created
monthly stipend to act as a bridge until they can return to
work or receive federal assistance. u Page 18 u Page 10

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Removing the process from the person

The RCA’s GPS conversion system: Proof positive of its importance and value

Rabbi Moshe Kletenik and scrutinized — not just in Israel but in do “outside” conversions. The courts questions will be appropriately answered.
Rabbi Barry Freundel many Orthodox communities to which meet candidates several times during the
Special to JTNews they or their children had moved. It is process to monitor progress and suggest Non-GPS Conversions
significant that because of such inconsis- additional areas of study. While the RCA encourages its mem-
Recent allegations of impropriety on tencies, in the early 1990s the RCA estab- GPS is a not-for-profit system. There bers to use GPS, it recognizes that some
the part of the founder and head of Eternal lished regional conversion courts that are incidental expenses such as tutor- may choose not to in their role as the local
Jewish Family, an organization involved were not organized into a formal net- ing, mikvah, mohel, and operating costs. rabbinic authority. Such rabbis recognize
with potential converts to Judaism, have work. That action alone, however, did not None of the judges profit financially from that other rabbis are similarly free to not
again focused the attention of the Jewish sufficiently address the problems. their many hours of dedicated service. recognize conversions from outside GPS
community on the conversion process. To help solve this growing crisis, in their jurisdiction.
Rather than dwell on the failures of other therefore, the RCA, in partnership with Sponsoring Rabbis
organizations, the Rabbinical Council of the Bet Din of America, took the next step To ensure that each convert is shep- Conclusion
America prefers to use this opportunity and established the GPS network based herded through the process in a per- In less than two years, approximately
to highlight those aspects of the RCA’s on the following principles. sonalized fashion, each candidate is 300 fully accepted GPS conversions have
GPS (Geirus Policies and Standards) con- introduced to the court by a sponsor- taken place under the supervision of
version system established in February Courts and Judges ing rabbi. Because he is not a judge on scores of approved judges across North
2008 that prevent the kinds of problems Qualifying regional courts are estab- that case, that rabbi avoids the conflict of America, with hundreds more candi-
associated with EJF and other conversion lished, or if they already ex ist, are being an advocate who is also an objec- dates in process. For a new system, GPS is
programs in the Orthodox community. included. To ensure equal treatment, the tive judge. The sponsoring rabbi mentors working astonishingly well. There are, of
We would also like to discuss some of the courts follow transparent and published and guides the candidate, working with course, improvements to be made in some
positive aspects of the GPS structure that rules and procedures, fully disclosed to the bet din (rabbinical council). To be a areas, and the RCA is committed to a con-
serve the community beyond any con- every candidate. sponsoring rabbi one does not have to be stant review of all aspects of the program.
cerns about inappropriate activities. These procedures were formulated by a member of the RCA. We believe that GPS will continue to
GPS was established to aid potential the RCA, without being imposed by any help establish the credentials of those
converts to Judaism, while at the same outside rabbinate. Indeed in almost every Administration of GPS who choose, of their own free will, to
time diminishing thorny questions of respect the standards of GPS are consis- GPS has a centralized office at the join the Jewish people, while avoiding
personal status. For years, conversion tent with the voluntary conversion guide- RCA, reporting to a committee repre- problems that sometimes occur, as sadly
had been performed in an ad hoc fash- lines adopted by the RCA in 1989, even as senting the various regional courts. Com- becomes evident from time to time.
ion by local rabbis, but without detailed they allow for greater flexibility. plaints are handled jointly by the GPS GPS does not presume to claim, as
mutually agreed-upon standards and The courts function under the direc- administrator and the GPS committee, in others have, that its conversions will be
procedures. While the vast majority of tion and leadership of local rabbis from consultation with the bet din. “universally recognized,” insofar as we
conversions were handled appropriately, across the Orthodox ideological spec- A GPS Web site facilitates information believe that there can be no such thing
some were not. As a result, in recent years trum. The judges are approved by GPS sharing, education, and communications before the arrival of Mashiach. Yet we do
even those who had fulfilled the hala- leadership. They do not have to be mem- among the courts, candidates, and others. believe that our system goes a long way
chic requirements were finding their bers of the RCA, but to avoid confusion a A confidential database of all GPS con-
conversions unfairly questioned and rabbi who serves as a GPS judge cannot verts is maintained, ensuring that future u Page 3

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rabbi’s turn

Seizing the Mitzvah moment!

What are we doing today to help us reach our goals in the future?
friday, january 15, 2010 n jtnews page

ing the possibilities of today? us can sanctify God’s name in the world. many, many years we live in a free soci-
A few days ago, I visited with Alex- In Literature and Dogma, the great ety in which Jews have the opportunity
ander, a 9-year-old patient at Seattle poet and essayist Matthew Arnold writes: to participate in all political, ethical and
Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, Alex- “As long as the world lasts, all who want cultural processes. This is a time when
ander has many medical complications to make progress in righteousness will Judaic virtues are admired by non-Jews.
Rabbi Elazar and is fighting with every fragile part of come to Israel for inspiration, as to the We are praised for our strong community
Bogomilsky his body just to stay alive. I was there to people who have had the sense for righ- life, the warmth of the Jewish family, our
Chai Center of give strength, love and support to him teousness most glowing and strongest.” passion for education, and our commit-
Greater Seattle and to his family. What actually hap- The Talmud tells us the story of how ment to philanthropy. This means that
pened was just the opposite. This amaz- in the study hall there was a custom that we have the chance to be an outstand-
Your list of wishes and hopes for the ing, precious child taught me a lesson of the Talmudic sage would teach in a soft ing voice in the moral conversations of
coming year are probably exactly the life that I will never forget. Watching him tone, after which one of his senior stu- mankind.
same as mine. No doubt high on that fight for every moment of living made me dents would repeat those teachings to God’s name becomes sanctified when
list are the important “big ones:” Peace appreciate the immense gift of life given the study hall in a louder voice. One day those who claim to have a relationship
in Israel and the world at large, finan- by God to each of us. the wife of the translator met the wife with Him use their faith to influence their
cial stability, safety in our communities, One of our great sages was Rabbi of the sage Rabbi Abahu, and said, “My lives. Our great sage Rabbi Abahu, the
and health and happiness in our per- David ben Solomon, known as Radvaz. husband does not need your husband to great Radvaz, and brave little Alexander
sonal lives. He was one of those exiled from Spain prompt him with the discourses, because show us that we too can live that way.
But security and stability are not all in 1492 during the period of the Span- he is just as learned, and for the fact that Our resolution for the coming year
that we wish for. It is only natural that we ish Inquisition. Radvaz was asked the he bends down to hear the whispered dis- should be to utilize every moment avail-
should want to keep growing, advanc- following question: A Jew had been cru- course and then relays it to the audience, able to us to live the fullest life possible,
ing beyond our current position. And so elly imprisoned by the local nobleman, he merely does this for respect.” by acting nobly and ethically, seizing
we also worry about such things as which and after much pleading, the nobleman Rabbi Abahu’s wife complained to every mitzvah moment possible. In this
school to choose for our children’s educa- agreed to release him from jail for one her husband, “You must fire this ingrate, way, we will bring honor to ourselves, to
tion and future possibilities; who should day each year. The Jew was now in a quan- since he is not giving you the honor you the Jewish people, and to God.
we include in our own circle of friends; dary. What day should he choose? Should deserve. One day he will yet claim that all May we all be blessed with health, suc-
are we where we need to be at this point he ask for Yom Kippur, the holiest day of your teachings came from him.” cess and happiness!
and stage in life; when will we have enough the year? Perhaps Passover should be the “What difference does it make?” Rabbi
to retire and finally relax, and so on. day, so that during the holiday of freedom Abahu replied. “Through me and through Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky is host of
For me, the answer to these weighty he could join with his family and commu- him let the One Above be praised!” Shmooze Radio and the Rabbi’s Message
questions is one word: Action. What are nity? Or maybe it should be Hanukkah, You see, the world is about action and on KKNW-AM 1150 and executive
we actually doing today that will enable the festival of lights? about getting the job done. Seldom in the director of The Friendship Circle and the
that growth to happen? Are we maximiz- Radvaz responded that he should past have the opportunities been greater Chai Center of Greater Seattle.
seize the first possible opportunity to or the stakes so high. For the first time in
leave prison and engage in a mitzvah that
could not be performed in jail, because
when one has that opportunit y one
should not put it off. The most important
day of the year is today!
We live for a purpose, and we are truly
The JTNews is the Voice of Jewish alive when we fulfill that purpose. As
Washington. Our mission is to meet Jews, we are summoned by God to be a
the interests of our Jewish community
holy nation, partnering with the Creator
through fair and accurate coverage of local,
national and international news, opinion to perfect the world by doing one more
and information. We seek to expose our mitzvah today than we did yesterday,
readers to diverse viewpoints and vibrant because yesterday’s mitzvah was yester-
debate on many fronts, including the news
day’s mission, but today brings newer and
and events in Israel. We strive to contribute to
the continued growth of our local Jewish greater abilities.
community as we carry out our mission. By conducting ourselves with integ-
rity and with graciousness, by bringing
2041 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
phone 206-441-4553 fax 206-441-2736 sensitivity to our relationships, by radi-
E-mail: ating beauty from our homes, by using words to heal and not to hurt, every one of
JTNews (ISSN0021-678X) is published biweekly by
The Seattle Jewish Transcript, a nonprofit corporation
owned by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle,
2041 3rd Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. Subscriptions are Letters
$42.50 for one year, $62.50 for two years. Periodi-
cals postage paid at Seattle, WA. POSTMASTER: Conversion Practices t Page 2 Conference update Unlisted
Send address changes to JTNews, 2041 Third Ave.,
Seattle, WA 98121.
I would like to correct two errors in As president of the board of Congrega-
toward establishing widely accepted out- Leyna Krow’s otherwise excellent report tion Beth Shalom, I was dismayed to see
Staff on the Iran-Israel conference I organized the recent heading in the JTNews “Meet
Reach us directly at 206-441-4553 + ext.
comes, given that GPS conversions have
Publisher *Karen Chachkes 267 been accepted across the ideological at Town Hall on December 16 (“Iran, the Synagogue” (Special section, Dec. 25).
Editor *Joel Magalnick 233 spectrum of Orthodoxy. from the left,” Dec. 25). First, there were Given the many choices of synagogues in
Assistant Editor Leyna Krow 240
Account Executive Lynn Feldhammer 264 Aside from all of the benefits to the over 100 people in attendance, not 40 as Seattle, I wondered how the synagogues
Account Executive David Stahl 235 converts themselves, GPS thus contrib- Krow reported. Second, she misstated J listed were chosen. I assume that only syn-
Account Executive Stacy Schill 292
Classifieds Manager Rebecca Minsky 238
utes to precious Jewish unity and coop- Street’s position on Iran sanctions. J Street agogues with budgets to pay for advertis-
Art Director Susan Beardsley 239 eration, among rabbis, laymen, and their supported the Berman sanctions bill. But ing were selected. In what way does this
Proofreader Mordecai Goldstein communities. it continues to state that it prefers the represent meeting Seattle’s synagogues?
Obama administration’s policy of diplo- It’s a shame that you missed an opportu-
Rabbi Moshe Kletenik is the president of matic engagement, while holding sanc- nity to introduce your readership to the
Board of Directors
Scott Michelson, Chair*; Robin Boehler; Don the Rabbinical Council of America and tions in abeyance as a last resort. plethora of exciting, vibrant and diverse
Edmond; Lisa Eggers; Cynthia Flash Hemphill*; rabbi of Bikur Cholim-Machzikay Hadath I should state that I personally oppose synagogue communities in our relatively
Allen Israel*; Stan Mark; Daniel Mayer; Cantor
David Serkin-Poole*; Sandy Sidell in Seattle. Rabbi Barry Freundel is the J Street on this matter (while I support small Seattle Jewish community.
Richard Fruchter, CEO and President, chairman of the GPS committee of the many of its other positions). But I wanted Susan Monas,
Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle
Rabbinical Council of America. to make clear just what J Street’s position President, Congregation Beth Shalom
Ron Leibsohn, Federation Board Chair
is regarding sanctions. Seattle
*Member, JTNews Editorial Board
Richard Silverstein

Haq sentenced Thursday

Convicted Federation gunman Naveed Haq was scheduled to be sentenced Thursday, after JTNews went to press. Though the proceed-
ings were likely a formality, Haq is expected to receive a mandatory life sentence. A full report can be found online at
The opinions of our columnists and advertisers do
not necessarily reflect the views of JTNews.

We would love to hear from you! Our guide to writing a letter to the editor can be found on our Web site:
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4 jtnews n friday, january 15, 2010
community news

Peace, one EMT at a time

New program trains Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians in one classroom
Origins: A
partnership in
Joel Magalnick program and solicit funds to keep it since Israel’s founding.
Editor, JTNews going. The Israeli, Jimmy Weinblatt, “It took so much work from 2003 until peacemaking
serves as rector of Ben Gurion University. 2006,” al-Hadid said. “I chaired the interna-
Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty Though the three know each other tional conference in 2006 in Geneva, and in The original Partnerships to
in 1994, but that hasn’t meant relations from their work on Partnerships to Peace, that conference we were able to admit and Peace program was established
between the citizens of the two countries al-Hadid is better known as president of recognize both national societies, the Pal- in 1992 by Prof. James Torczyner,
have, in most cases, been anything more Jordan Red Crescent and, since 2003, as estinian Red Crescent and the Israeli director of the Middle East Program
than lukewarm. Over the past 15 years, chairman of the standing body of the Magen David Adom.” in Civil Society and Peace Building
three men — and the students who have Parallel to those at McGill University. The program,
followed in their path — have been trying efforts, al-Hadid had in conjunction with Ben Gurion
to change that. A program called Partner- been trying since the University’s School of Social Work,
ships to Peace began through McGill Uni- late 1990s to bring which is named for the late Charlotte
versity’s Middle East department; from Israeli and Jordanian B. and Jack J. Spitzer of Seattle, ini-
the fruits of that effort, seeds have been paramedics together tially brought community centers to
planted to start another that has brought to train in the event low-income areas of Beersheva and
together Israelis, Jordanians and Pales- of a natural disaster eventually spread to other areas of
tinians to train together as emergency — somet h i ng not Israel and created a social work pro-
medical technicians at Ben Gurion Uni- u nprecedented i n gram at An Najah National Univer-
versity in Beersheva, Israel. the region, as a 2004 sity in the Palestinian territories.
This past October saw the launch of the earthquake near the Then a new opportunity came
first cohort of students of the Project for Dead Sea cou ld along.
Jordan Israel Collaboration in Emergency attest. “In ’94 it seemed to me that peace
Preparedness and Response, the first of its Joel Magalnick “The area we live was about to happen,” Torczyner
kind, that brought 15 Jordanians to Beer- Dr. Mohammed al-Hadid, left, and Prof. Jim Torczyner, two of i n, Jorda n, Sy r ia, said, “so I asked the president of
sheva to join with Israeli and Palestinian the three cofounders of the Project for Jordan Israel Collabora- L eba non, Tu rke y, McGill to write a letter to introduce
students to study for bachelor’s degrees in tion in Emergency Preparedness and Response. Pa le s t i ne, I s r ae l , me to the president of the University
emergency medical technology. Saudi Arabia, it’s an of Jordan.”
The program, a collaboration between International Red Cross and Red Cres- area that is prone to earthquakes,” he From that introduction, Torc-
Ben Gurion University and the Jordan cent relief organization. He is also a said, “so it’s only natural that we are all zyner made his pitch: “I said I think
Red Crescent, is the brainchild of a trium- member of the Faculty of Medicine at the prepared as a team rather than individu- there will be peace, but I don’t think
virate that descended from the peace pro- University of Jordan. ally, which would be better to face a disas- it will hold unless we deal with issues
gram: An American, an Israeli, and a Al-Hadid’s platform for getting elected ter of this magnitude.” of social inequalities both within the
Jordanian. The Jordanian, Dr. Moham- to the international relief organization During one of his visits to Beersheva, he countries and between them.”
med al-Hadid, and the American, Prof. was to obtain full membership status for visited the medical facilities at Ben Gurion “‘I agree with you, and I’m pro-
James Torczyner, came through Seattle in both Israel and the Palestinian territo-
December to spread the word about the ries, both of which had been excluded u Page 18 u Page 18

stg presents

special guest Mira Awad

April 29 |
B40CC;4C740CA46A>D? C82:4CB0CBC6?A4B4=CB>A6'&&BC6#C8G>A'&&&'##'#( Visit us
0=>=?A>58C0ACB>A60=8I0C8>= 8=?4AB>=0CC74?0A0<>D=CC740CA41>G>558240=3!#7>DA:8>B:B @A4=?2@2;A@<?4
friday, january 15, 2010 n jtnews 5
community news

Growing up in Hitler’s Germany

Holocaust survivor tells Bremerton synagogue her tale of life in the camps and subsequent escape

Dani Hemmat living; all the while new decrees, regu- and made it home, but it was enough to
Special to JTNews lations and laws handed down against make her parents take some action toward
Jews made life more unbearable. Friends self-preservation, even if it was only to
Marga Steinhardt Griesbach was 5-1/2 and playmates began to shun the Stein- secure their valuables with relatives in
when Hitler assumed power in Germany. ha rdt s, w it h Gr iesbach Frankfurt, away from Witzenhausen.
She would spend the next 12 years in once being thrown out of a While Therese Steinhardt traveled to
ghettos, concentration camps and even friend’s apartment by the Frankfurt, the Witzenhausen synagogue
the death marches, helping her injured girl’s angry father. burned to the ground. Marga’s father,
mother escape the executioner’s revolver Her educat ion was Max, the treasurer, was called to the
in the nick of time. derailed at age 10 — the town hall to discuss fire insurance, leav-
Talking about her life in Nazi Germany age that German school- ing Marga, her young brother and elderly
in front of a full house at Congregation Beth children would normally grandmother alone in the apartment. He
Hatikvah in Bremerton on Sun., Jan. 10, advance to high school did not come back. They spent several days
82-year-old Griesbach eschewed the P.A. — when Jewish children alone until her mother returned.
system to deliver her story in a clear, were forbidden to attend. Max returned a month later. An old
strong voice. Instead, she remained in friend who warned him that all Jewish
Standing before the largest crowd of the Volksschule (elemen- men would be arrested had implored Max
adults she’d ever spoken to, Griesbach tary school), studying basic subjects and to flee. Max had warned all the men on
told how her early life in the small town tolerating daily beatings at the hands of the arrest list as well, but only one other
of Witzenhausen was normal for her other students. Despite everything, her man heeded his warning; the rest were
parents, Therese and Max, and her little family struggled to continue their lives taken to Buchenwald.
brother Alfred. Her first memory of the in Witzenhausen, miserable as it was. Courtesy Marga Griesbach/Brian Liepe The Steinhardts were soon deported
outside world, however, was “of political They could not believe that things could Holocaust survivor Marga Griesbach, to Riga, Latvia, where they found streets
marches and demonstrations, often lead- get much worse. Then came November with her little brother in 1935, and in filled with frozen blood and deplorable
ing to bloody fights between the Nazis 8, 1938. Bremerton in 2010. living conditions. While many fami-
and Communists.” Kristallnacht, the November 9, 1938 lies took valuables and possessions from
When Hitler took power, she became pogrom touted as a spontaneous action the homes of the relocated Latvian Jews,
aware of an unusual tension among her against the Jews, would happen one school the next day, however, she encoun- Marga’s family refused.
parents and Jewish neighbors. day early in their town. While word had tered ripped pages of prayer books and “We weren’t too smart,” Griesbach
“People were worried, very nervous,” gotten to most of the Jewish people in unrolled, ripped Torah scrolls in the said. “We maybe could have traded those
Griesbach said. “People were argumen- Witzenhausen ahead of time, there was town square fountain. As she hurried to goods for food later on, but we could not
tative. People who would never fight were little anyone could do to stop it. school, she passed by the synagogue just imagine going through another’s pos-
suddenly fighting with each other.” Griesbach’s family barricaded them- as a piano was being heaved out a window sessions, even if they were never coming
The stress compounded quickly after selves in a bedroom. Although most while people vandalized the building. back. ”
April 1, 1933, with the declaration of a Jewish homes and businesses in the town Someone spied Griesbach and shout– Griesbach watched those who couldn’t
general boycott of Jewish businesses. It suffered greatly that night, they went ed, “Get the damn Jew girl!” she said.
became increasingly difficult to earn a untouched. When Griesbach went to She managed to outrun the angry mob u Page 7

Join us at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue for the ISTE
Jewish Federation’s annual women’s brunch and... AY! R

with Alina Gerlovin Spaulding

a dynamic, young Soviet
émigré now living the
American dream.
Her story is our story.
Alina, Connections Speaker

Lead Corporate Partner

Sunday, January 31, 2010 @ 10:30am~1pm

CONNEC TOR 2 0 3 1 T h i r d Av e n u e | S e a t t l e , WA | 9 8 1 2 1 - 2 4 1 2 | p : 2 0 6 4 4 3 - 5 4 0 0 | I n f o @ J e w i s h I n S e a t t l e . o r g | w w w. J e w i s h I n S e a t t l e . o r g

State Budget Could Create Greater Hardship

In a short, sixty day session, anything is possible. But erasing the need for drastic In addition, the Jewish Federation will be working to tighten the definition of
cuts to health and human services may very well be a lost cause. “threat” in Washington’s malicious harassment, or hate crimes, statute and to
pass legislation that clamps down on violent gun crimes. We will also monitor other
The 2010 legislative session presents challenges for the Jewish community and our possible issues, such as changes to Washington’s humane slaughter provisions
legislative priorities. To balance Washington’s budget and erase an almost $3 billion affecting kashrut and measures that would roll back gains made this past fall for
deficit, Governor Chris Gregoire’s proposed budget made deep cuts into critical special needs children attending religious school.
programs, which help the temporarily disabled, low-income women with child
care needs, and families and individuals without health coverage. These cuts
were necessitated by our budget system, which protects roughly 70% of the
state’s budget, leaving only 30% available for deep reductions.
Washington State
The solution to this year’s budget crisis will likely involve a combination of program
Jewish Action Center
reforms and new revenues to ease the burden on the vulnerable people who depend
on the affected services. So much is at stake for low-income people and community
agencies like Jewish Family Service and Kline Galland.
The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle works tirelessly to protect the partnership Lend your voice to solutions to keep our Jewish community,
between government, our partner agencies and the clients they serve as an important
component of tzedakah, or justice. This includes legislative advocacy, grassroots
and Washington State, safe and strong. Join the Washington
organizing, community education and coalition building. State Jewish Action Center (
to stay up-to-date and take action on legislative and policy
Because of state budget uncertainties, the Jewish Federation will focus the majority happenings in Olympia, WA and Washington, DC.
of its advocacy energy on preserving the social service safety net that low- and
moderate-income families depend on in Washington.

Alina Gerlovin Spaulding: A Face Among the Refugees

“Every day is a privilege to wake up to have the life I
do,” readily offers Alina Gerlovin Spaulding, this
Come hear Alina’s
year’s speaker at Connections women’s brunch on moving story at Connections on
Sunday, January 31. Sunday, January 31 and...
She knows what it is like to be persecuted, with no
future in sight, unable to practice her Judaism.
Ms. Spaulding also knows, firsthand, the value of the
Jewish Federation.
dare to
Alina was born in the Ukraine in 1979. While her
family was originally privileged,due to her father’s
athletic prowess, an injury threw their family into
the crowded field of persecuted Jews in the former

Israel Unplugged
Alina Gerlovin Spaulding
Soviet Union.

CONNECTIONS It was the US Jewish community that saved them,

BRUNCH and she has never forgotten that. When she was five,
January 31, 2010 her family and thousands like hers were rescued and
A Seattle Jewish community journey to Israel
Register at relocated to the United States and Israel. This was Where Will You Be May 23 - June 1, 2010? only the beginning of Alina’s Jewish journey.
Join more than 100 local Jewish Seattleites for
Connections an “out-of-the-box” experience, filled with unique
“We didn’t know where we were going,” explains Alina
activities at an unbeatable price.
about her family’s around-the-world relocation.
After months as a refugee, Alina and her family
arrived in New Jersey and were connected with a local Jewish adoptive family
through the Jewish Federation. They readily embraced them into their regular
Jewish traditions and helped Alina’s father find work. First-timers to veterans, Orthodox to unaffiliated,
young adults to seniors, married or single…
Her mother didn’t “know how to do Judaism,” so Alina’s involvement in BBYO and this trip is for YOU.
her travels to Poland on the March of the Living were Alina’s seminal Jewish moments.
$1,549 per person double occupancy (land only)
“‘There but for the grace of God go I’ is the only way I can describe the impact of $1,234 airfare from Seattle, connecting at JFK in NY
these Jewish experiences for me,” Alina explains. (Or use miles, fuel surcharge is additional.)

Alina now works in the U.S. at the American Hebrew Academy, the only
pluralistic Jewish boarding school with students from all over the world. “This place Don’t miss out on this
has particular resonance for me,” Alina explains. “When my family and I were amazing Seattle Jewish
being relocated, no one ever asked, ‘What stream of Judaism are you?’ They simply
asked, ‘Are you Jewish? Are you in need?’ That is all they needed to know to help.”
community travel opportunity!
For more information:
Her story is our story. Our Jewish Federation and dozens of others across the
Email or visit
country helped Alina, her family and thousands of other Jews from the former Soviet
Union escape persecution and find homes in the U.S., in Israel and in Judaism.
Chair: Jacquie Bayley
friday, january 15, 2010 n jtnews 7
community news

Is this the final stage?

Hitler’s Germany t Page 5

work get sent away, never to return. Luck

Visiting professor speculates about the future of the Arab-Israeli conflict played a big role in many of her family’s
narrow escapes. She used a red lipstick
Leyna Krow ians emerge as key actors in the conflict. cerning, they don’t necessarily mean the her mother had found to make herself
Assistant Editor, JTNews He stressed that in the first three Israelis and Palestinians are moving farther look older and her mother look younger to
stages, “nationalism, not religion, was the away from the prospect of peace. Although be transferred to a safer work camp.
In Alan Dowty’s mind, there are no dominant force.” he doubts the fourth stage will be the final Luck wasn’t always with them, how-
good guys or bad guys when it comes to Beginning in 2006, the conflict entered stage of the conflict, he pointed to several ever. The Steinhardts were eventually
the Arab-Israeli conflict. a fourth stage, which Dowty said is char- elements of the current conflict that indi- separated, and both Max and Alfred died
“Hegel said, ‘tragedy is right versus acterized by several key changes, includ- cate that change, for the better, is in the air. in the camps.
right.’ I think that fits this situation very ing an increase in outside pressure from Religious radicalism can only remain But the biggest, boldest move was the
well,” Dowty told a crowded classroom countries like the U.S. or Iran, the decline a central feature of the conflict for so long, one that saved her and her mother’s lives.
at the University of Washington on the of state authority, and the rise in power of Dowty insisted. As Germany retreated, they marched pris-
afternoon of Jan. 6. The engagement was non-state actors and changes to the way “Ideological movements tend to lose oners through snow and ice, starving them
presented by the UW’s Stroum Jewish military battles are fought, both in terms steam over time,” he said. and executing at gunpoint anyone who fell
Studies Program. of technology and strategy. He also pointed to a recent survey in behind. Therese had suffered frostbite
Alan Dowty is a professor emeritus of But, according to Dowty, the most which a majority of both Israelis and Pal- and could barely walk. For reasons she
political science at the University of Notre important component of this fourth stage estinians supported not only peace nego- still can’t verbalize, Marga grabbed her
Dame. He is the author of six books and is the shift from nationalist to religious rad- tiations, but also t he prospect of a mother and ducked behind a shed, hiding
more than 130 articles on the Arab-Israel icalism as a key motivator in the conflict. two-state solution. This is something as Nazis and prisoners marched by.
conflict, Israel, and U.S. foreign policy. This is unfortunate, he said, because new, unseen in any of the previous three They escaped, and after weeks of beg-
Dowty’s talk, “The Fourth Stage of the rel ig ious rad ica l ism prov ides “u n– stages of the conflict. ging they made their way west — Marga
Arab-Israel Conflict,” focused on the evo- matched justification for violence and Dowty briefly offered consideration for carrying her mother in a handcart — to
lution of the conflict, the current forces self-sacrifice.” the possibility that Israel and the Pales- finally meet up with Allied forces.
at play, and speculations for the prospect He was quick to point out that religious tinian territories might merge to become For many years Griesbach did not talk
of a peaceful resolution. He began, as the radicalism has emerged as a key force on a single bi-national state. However, he or think about her life during Hitler’s
title of the lecture suggested, by detailing both sides of the conflict, even though the was quick to point out that neither side reign. But after what she called an emo-
what he sees as the four distinct stages extremism of the Palestinians gets more would get a national identity, something tionally cleansing trip back to Germany,
the conflict has gone through thus far. coverage in the international media. that has been a priority for both groups she was ready to recount the horrors of
According to Dowty, the first stage, “The extremists on both sides are in since the beginning of the conflict. her youth. Her story is no different from
which began when the first Zionists fact allies,” he said. “They need each other He also noted that there have only been those of the other 4.5 million that hap-
began arriving in Palestine and lasted to continue to disrupt efforts at peace. two successful instances of bi-national pened during the Holocaust, she said, but
until 1948, was primarily a time of cul- They reaffirm one another’s existence.” states in recent world history: Canada and it is her story and it deserved to be told.
tural tension and sporadic, isolated Dowty picks 2006 as the year in which Belgium. Given the hostility that has
instances of aggression. The second stage, the fourth stage really got underway existed between the Palestinians and Israe- Marga’s 52-page account, Growing Up
from 1948 to the early 1990s, was charac- because Hamas took control of the Pales- lis for so long, Dowty said, a two-state solu- Jewish in Hitler’s Germany, is available
terized by Israel’s conflicts with its neigh- tinian Authority by popular vote. tion seems the most pragmatic solution. to the public through the West Sound
bors. The third stage, from the early 1990s But Dowty noted that although the “In the end, a difficult divorce is better Hadassah branch. Contact
to approximately 2006, saw the Palestin- trends that mark this fourth stage are con- than a miserable marriage,” he said. for information.

Residence Join us!
with for the Annual
Rabbi Steven Seattle Hebrew Academy

Gala Dinner and Auction
Rabbi Greenberg is an
Orthodox rabbi, gay
activist and passionate January 27 - 30, 2010
A fellow at the pluralis-
tic think tank, CLAL, he
Fag, Gay and Other The Creation Story
is the author of an
Three Letter Words on Steroids: Sex and
Wednesday, January 27, Planetary Consciousness
7-8pm, for teens Friday, January 29,
following Friday night
Including GLBT services and a
Jews: Policy, Tu B’shevat Dinner,
Pedagogy, Theology open to all,
Thursday, January 28, $20 per person
10am-12pm, for rabbis
Gayness and God
The Dignity of Difference: Saturday, January 30,
Constructing a at approx. 12:30pm
Welcoming Tent
Thursday, January 28, V’ahavta:
award-winning book 4:30-7pm, for Jewish Film & Reception
entitled, Wrestling with educators and teachers Saturday, January 30, Honoring Connie Kanter
God and Men: 7pm, open to all, and Chuck Broches
Homosexuality in Burnt Feet, A Snake geared toward the
Charm and Satanic GLBT community
the Jewish Tradition. Sunday, January 24, 2010
Lessons: Three
Join Rabbi Greenberg
Rabbinic Stories about 4:30 to 9:00 p.m.
during Tu B’shvat Tzedakah and its
for a variety of Transformative Powers
programs for our local Thursday, January 28, Fairmont Olympic Hotel
Jewish community. 7:30pm, open to all 411 University Street
Seattle, Washington

More information at: For more information, contact Rosemary Sixbey at
206-323-5750, ext. 301, or
Alfred & Tillie Shemanski Fund
8 jtnews n friday, january 15, 2010
m.o.t.: member of the tribe

Bugler honors Tahoma burials

All ages are welcome, but most funerals with my girlfriend after school each day,”
are on weekdays, which limits the partici- and made all the desserts for her Bat
pation of school-age kids. If you’re willing Mitzvah celebration.
Also: Making fine — no, Divine — chocolates and able, call Bernie at 206-772-6285. “I get a lot of joy out of making things
••• really pretty…I like the detail in dessert,”
After Bernie helped create a service It’s all about she says.
that allowed multiple remains to be the weddings. Her grandmother, Pearl Benezra, ran
buried respectfully, “I guess I segued At least that’s a food stall in the Pike Place Market for
myself into becoming chief bugler.” what led Seattle many years and “was always cooking. You
He’s also a Civil War reenactment native Leta Gold- grow up around that, it’s contagious.”
Diana bugler, sounding orders at mock battles. berg to her new My Divine Chocolates are now avail-
Brement He often wears his Civil War uniform business venture, able through Fresh gift shop in Seattle’s
JTNews when he plays at Tahoma, and when he My Divine Choc- Wedgwood neighborhood (JTNews, Sept.
Columnist marches in the Auburn veterans’ parade olates, fine con- 21, 2007), where owners Wendy Schwartz
alongside the fife and drum. fections she Diana Brement and Julia Marconi have “been instrumen-
It wasn’t too hard to track down Bernie Brooklyn born, Bernie moved to Seat- makes by hand Chocolate maker tal” in encouraging her, says Leta. The
Moskowitz. The Tahoma National Ceme- tle as a young boy when his father got a job for special events Leta Goldberg. chocolates are also at Black Bird in Bal-
tery gladly gave me the number of their at the Bremerton shipyards. The family and now for lard. You’ll find her there in person on Val-
Chief Bugler and Bernie was home when I lived first on 26th Avenue where “there retail. entine’s Day, at this weekend’s wedding
called. was a little shul to our left,” (Machzikay Leta used to be a wedding pianist, show, and other local events. She still does
After a discussion about getting a Hadath) and then on Beacon Hill before something she started doing when her son, custom orders for weddings and events.
decent bagel in the Seattle area (he’s even moving to Renton, where Bernie still lives. Alex, was young. Because she was known Leta is passionate about the 15 flavors
made his own), we turned to bugling. He played football for Cleveland High in her family for her desserts, her mother, of filled chocolates and truffles she makes
Bernie started bugling as a Boy Scout, School and graduated in 1957. Violette Bienn, came up with the idea of herself from what she says are “absolutely
and did it for a few years before being Originally planning to become a offering music and dessert to clients. the freshest, highest quality ingredients.”
“lured away around 15-and-a-half by school counselor, he started teaching “I quickly went away from dessert and She described for me in scrumptious
girls and cars.” auto shop to fulfill teaching requirements decided to work on chocolates,” she says. detail a reduced blackberry filling hand-
After running a gas station for a while at the time. “I went from handing out samples to spe- pumped into a white chocolate mold.
and then a long career teaching automo- “With 90 percent of the kids I was cial orders,” and with last month’s holi- “It tastes like blackberries and cream,
tive arts, he was asked to bugle at a scout doing more counseling hanging over a day orders, “it grew just like that,” she something I would eat myself,” she tells me.
reunion at Camp Parsons on Hood Canal. fender than I would have” in an office, he snaps her fingers. Food continues to be important in
“I started practicing again,” he says. says. He taught at Renton High School for Leta grew up in Seward Park and Leta’s family today. She describes her
A few months later he read that the almost 30 years and laments the trend attended Herzl (now Congregation Herzl- husband David, and her now-grown son
newly opened Tahoma National Ceme- away from vocat ional educat ion in Ner Tamid). “My whole life was there,” as serious “foodies…I think all three of us
tery needed buglers. He sounded TAPS schools. she says. “That’s where my roots are.” have a great passion for food.”
there for the first time around March of And then there’s his horn. Despite Her grandfather, Jacob Bienn, was You can order from the Web site,
1999. Naïvely estimating he’d be there recruiting efforts, he only has a handful of very active in the synagogue, as were her, or call or
one or two days a month, he found “there musicians to call upon for funerals and father and brother. Pictures of the family e-mail Leta directly at 206-453-3888 or
were many times in those early days that would like 20 or more buglers, trumpet- still hang on the walls of the Mercer 206-769-5114 or leta@mydivinechoco-
I was out there every day.” A backlog of ers and coronet players. Island shul.
4,000 veterans’ remains was waiting to be “I need buglers out there desperately,” Interested in cooking and baking from
interred, reburied with military honors. he says. an early age, she “started making candy

QFC associates launch ‘Operation

Teddy Bear Challenge’ and donate
more than 400 bears
By Kristin Maas, QFC Public Affairs Director
Hi LeeAnn,
We here at Richmond Beach took your
On New Year’s Eve a wonderful e-mail was sent challenge! Our bears will also go to Children’s
to all QFC stores from LeeAnn, our Bookkeeper at Hospital. We are now out of bears, too!
Thanks for this great idea!
Totem Lake QFC:
Store Manager
Richmond Beach QFC

Mission accepted and mission completed! We collected Mission accomplished!

enough money to buy our remaining 100 bears. They are Our Store Manager, Al, purchased all the bears and
AT I O N T EDDY BE ready to take to Children’s. What a great cause!! they found a new home at our local fire station here
OPER GE in Port Orchard. The fire station said they will share
Jill the bears with the police department. They were very
ile Store Manager thankful for the donation of new bears of this quality!
tting a sm
We’re pu d’s face!
Bothell QFC
a sick chil d our
e we We took the Challenge at Broadway Market QFC and Merchandising Manager
otem Lak maining
Today at T p u rc h ase the re ren’s
sold 82 Bears. Let me know and I’ll be happy to help South Park QFC
employe e s to d to Child with pick-up and delivery from other stores in the area.
b e a rs to be donate o n e ! N ow we Operation Teddy Bear Challenge Accepted and Completed!
u r b e a rs are all g th e same. Bryce Our Corporate Office associates and Bellevue store associates
ll e n g e yo u to do Merchandising Manager
e to cha r vicinity,
teamed up to buy the rest of Bellevue’s bears. All 60
would lik l is n’t in you Broadway Market QFC were purchased and packed up for the trip to Children’s
it a
n’s H o sp partment
(If Childre al police or fire de Hospital!
lo c
then your reat choice!)
Hi LeeAnn,
o u ld b e ag Everett Claremont QFC will meet you at Children’s with Steve
w 57 more bears!! Store Manager
Within the hour, Bellevue Village QFC
the replies began to fly in… Store Manager
Everett Claremont QFC On Thursday, January 7th, QFC Associates, led by
LeeAnn, Kathy, and Ron from Totem Lake QFC,
Hi LeeAnn, Hi LeeAnn, delivered 419 bears to Children’s Hospital. Great job
We accept the challenge!!! Our store had about This was a great idea! We are located in Port to LeeAnn, Kathy, Ron and the entire team at Totem
40 bears left over and now they have all been Townsend, so we bought our remaining 20 bears and Lake QFC for leading the Challenge! And thank you to
purchased by our employees for donation! donated them to Jefferson County Hospital. everyone else who stepped up to help out. Whether
the bears went to Children’s Hospital or to a local fire
Roger Laura or police department, we feel great knowing that these
Store Manager Store Manager bears will bring a little ray of hope into the life of a child
Redmond QFC Port Townsend QFC facing adversity.

Kristin Maas is the Director of Public Affairs for QFC. She can be reached at or 425-990-6182.
friday, january 15, 2010 n jtnews 9
jewish on earth The Jerusalem Post
Crossword Puzzle
Mustering our resources Find the Hidden Letters
How to evolve ourselves out of environmental crisis By David Benkof
alism, theocracy, dictatorship, hierarchy
and patriarchy. We base our economies on
resource exploitation, market expansion,
and concentration and movement of capi-
tal. And even though most everything we
Martin value is not monetized, i.e., family, health,
Westerman community, faith, education, clean air,
JTNews water and soil — we use monetary mea-
Columnist sures, such as unemployment figures, stock
market indexes, and the Gross National
In my caricature view of humans, we Product, to express our general well-being.
run into the future facing backwards, We know this must change. The bad
focused on the past. Naturally, we crash news is, we’ve taken about 1.8 billion
into things we “didn’t see,” or whose signs years to evolve so far, from hunter-gath-
we ignored or denied along the way. We call erer homo ergaster into today’s planet-
these collisions “crises” — heart attacks, endangering homo sapiens. We spent our
job losses, divorces, economic meltdowns, most recent 25,000 years getting from
wars, climate change. Facing them now, we cave painting to written language; 5,000
muster all the resources we can to survive. years from Bronze Age to Space Age; and
Then we celebrate wildly, turn around, and 2,300 years from Greek democracy to
resume running back into the future. As American and French Revolutions. We’re
existentialist Soren Kierkegaard observed, still working on women’s equality.
“Life can only be understood backwards; The good news is it looks as if we’re get-
but it must be lived forward.” ting smarter, faster. We have also devel-
The future looks unknown, unsettling oped the ability to radically change our
and exciting; the past known, lived, and behavior and direction, through catalytic
reassuring. Curiously, Torah and Talmud events and flashes of insight — ranging
stories give us some indirect advice about from epiphany, falling in love and partici-
how to live on this warming planet, pres- pating in childbirth, to scientific discovery Across Down
sured by billions of people and global and catastrophe. In Stumbling on Happi- 1 Sephardi society to help the poor 1 He defended the Jews on
commerce: Don’t generate poisonous ness, Daniel Gilbert writes that humans 6 ___ Yar (site of a Holocaust economic grounds
wastes, create localized economies, and are distinguished from other species by massacre) 2 Reed in a pit
conduct your affairs ethically. imagination — their ability “to experience 10 South Park animator Stone 3 Physical characteristic requested
It looks easy — but it’s a long haul to the world as it isn’t and has never been, but 14 U.S. President with many Jewish by a woman on JDate
achieve. We still organize most of our reli- as it might be.” But human memories can advisers 4 Friend of Cardinal Lustiger
gions, political systems, corporations and 15 Speak lashon hara 5 16th-century chief rabbi of Egypt
crime syndicates around pyramids of trib- u Page 15 16 One of the oldest continuously 6 Popular youth grp.
inhabited cities in the world 7 “Are you calling me ___?”
17 “White Christmas” setting 8 African language group

Happy New Year!
19 Act like a wandering Jew, 9 Solomon ___ Gabirol
perhaps 10 With 32-Across, “I and Thou”
20 Blanc Bugs Bunny voice theologian
21 Puff up 11 Future oak
22 Adelson’s Venetian location 12 Tay-Sachs gene, e.g.
A Variety of Financial 23 It means “like” at the start of a
13 Speed, to Isaac Stern
18 Sports car, briefly

Options to Fit Your Needs. 24 Enter hastily

26 Winter holiday with a
22 Singer-golfer Dinah
23 Speed unit
Are you 62 or older with limited candlelighting ceremony 25 Prophet
30 Forever and a day 26 Rhein port
options? Finding it hard to 31 Home state of former 27 One of the five W’s
keep up your home? Looking to Congressman Eric Fingerhut 28 ___ HaTorah (outreach
enhance your lifestyle? 32 See 10-Down organization)
35 Comics outburst 29 Multiple choice choices
Merrill Gardens at the University 38 Peter Bogdanovich film of 1971, 33 Versatile vehicle
can help seniors find a lifestyle with “The” 34 They may be Kaisers
42 Utmost degree 35 Mock words of understanding
that fits their financial situation. 43 City of northern Utah where Jews 36 St. of the Intermountain Jewish
If your income is less than are gentiles News
$29,500 single or $33,700 couple 44 Norse port 37 Tae ___ do
annually you may be eligible for 45 Andy Samberg’s NBC show 39 Obstacle to draining the swamps
46 Millionnaire who once lived in a 40 Ice house (var.)
our Income Qualified Program. Jewish orphanage 41 Answer to “How was the rabbi’s
49 One serving out a term sermon”
Merrill Gardens provides a 54 17th Greek letter 45 Passover highlights
beautiful studio or one bedroom 55 Gentile “Oy vey!” 47 Historian Mayer
apartment, all utilities (except telephone), 56 Bridge bid, briefly 48 “___, so good” (hornblower’s
Anytime Dining,SM housekeeping, 58 Served in the Knesset, perhaps motto?)
61 Shore breaker 49 Comedian Black
scheduled transportation, a wide variety Apartm 62 “Casino Royale” song, with “The” 50 Type size
of social activities and exercise programs. from $1 ents 64 Body passageway 51 Expert
,695 65 Suffix with differ 52 Davy Crockett hat sources
Just two blocks from University Village, 66 He spoke for Moses 53 What one must do before giving
we are located close to medical services, 67 Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Ted out Shalach Manot
shopping, outdoor walking paths and parks. Kaufman (D-Del.) 57 Just manages, with “out”
68 Solicits tzedakah 58 Arrange logically
Call Today and Find 69 Photographer Herb 59 Pirkei ___
Out if You Qualify! 60 Perfect marks
62 ___ Beyers Rapp, author of
“The Complete Book of Jewish
(206) 523-8400 Weddings”
at the university 5300 24th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105
63 Lyric repeated over and over in
A one of a kind retirement community Debbie Friedman’s Havdalah
Answers on page 18

Retirement & Assisted Living

10 jtnews n friday, january 15, 2010
first baby

Welcome to the world

New Talks t Page 1 much to end corruption, but suggested
First Jewish baby of 2010 arrives that appropriators should still threaten to
the basis for immediate peacemaking. withhold aid to the Palestinian Authority
Leyna Krow “Da niel is a “I was really incredibly impressed if it did not agree to enter talks on terms
Assistant Editor, JTNews traditional first w ith the progress when we went to set by Netanyahu.
na me for men Ramallah that has occurred within the “There’s no doubt that under Fayyad
On the morning of Jan. 12, Shaina on my husband’s Palestinian Authority,” she said. “The there’s less corruption,” Weiner said, “but
Christman-Hancuff reported that her son, side of the economic and security progress that has if the Netanyahu administration says it
Daniel Seamus Hancuff, was doing well. family,” Shaina gone on there has made it a lot more likely wants to have talks our position as an ally
“Although he might not be so happy explained. and puts the Palestinian Authority in a of Israel should be not to provide” the Pal-
this afternoon,” she said. “In fact, I think To avoid con- position where they are a more prepared estinian Authority with funds.
he’s going to be pretty upset.” fusion, the family negotiating partner.” Wasserman Schultz said her impres-
A fair assumption, given that Dan- refers to the baby Shaina Christman- Wasserman Schultz’s assessment was sion was that the Palestinians were ready
iel’s bris was just a few hours away. As his b y h i s m idd le Hancuff with her new echoed by others in the group, which to resume talks without preconditions, as
mother discussed the family’s plans for name, Seamus. son, Seamus. included Reps. Robert Aderholt (R-Ala.), long as it was done quietly.
the first step in his life as a Jew, Daniel M a r t i n a nd Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), Jim Matheson “The conversations we had on both
burbled contentedly in the background. Shaina, who reside in Bothell, have been (D-Utah), Adrian Smith (R-Neb.), Chris- sides left me with the impression that
“I’m sure he’ll do just fine,” Shaina said. married for less than a year. But Shaina topher Murphy (D-Conn.), Gerry Con- there are ways to begin negotiations and
Daniel is the first child of Shaina and said her young family is up for the chal- nolly (D-Va.) and Rep. Cynthia Lummis to prepare for more significant negotia-
her husband Martin Hancuff. He is also lenge of adding a third member. (R-Wyo.). tions without those lines in the sand,”
the first Jewish baby born in Washington So far, she said, she and Martin are PA Prime Minister Salam Fay yad she said.
State in the New Year. He arrived on Sun., absolutely thrilled with life with their “really has made consistent and clear Wasserman Schultz also said that her
Jan. 3 at 12:17 a.m. at Evergreen Hospital in new son. strides cleaning up the government and Palestinian interlocutors discounted
Kirkland, weighing 7 pounds, 14 ounces. “Every day is a new surprise and a new introducing infrastructure that will help the prospect of a unity government with
His grandparents are Susan and David learning experience. Those nine months the West Bank be a successful state,” Hamas, although as recently as last
Huntley of Seattle, Lenora Hancuff of Both- were definitely worth the wait,” she said. Lummis said. Friday, State Department spokesman P.J.
ell, and Dan Christman of Bothell. His great Martin works in Woodinville doing The sole note of dissent came from Crowley expressed backing for such a
grandmother is Estelle Schecter of Seattle. proper t y maintenance. Shaina was Weiner, who in a separate call with government as long as it abided by inter-
Daniel is named for his paternal rela- employed as a secretary, but said now reporters immediately after the group’s national conditions ending terrorism and
tives; in fact, he’s only the most recent in a that Daniel’s here, she’s going to take call ended agreed that Fayyad had done recognizing Israel.
long line of Daniel Hancuffs. some time to be a stay-at-home mom.

baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby

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some extra $.
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has assisted thousands of local homeowners in E-mail me at or
securing quality and guaranteed home
services! To join or for more information call… call me (Karen) at 206-774-2267.
(206) 622-3500
Call 877.888.6002 or visit
friday, january 15, 2010 n jtnews 11
arts & entertainment

Sunday, January 17, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, January 30, 2 p.m.

Carmona Flamenco Jacob Needleman
Dance Author reading
Carmona Flamenco will perform at Congregation Ezra San Francisco-based religious studies scholar and phi-
Bessaroth for a female-only audience. This performance losopher Jacob Needleman will read from his newest
will include song, music, percussion and dance solos book, What is God?, in which he builds the case for a
ranging from the light and humorous to the dark and new way of understanding the “higher power.” Needle-
melancholy. Cost for tickets in advance is $20 for man’s previous books include Lost Christianity and Why
adults/$15 for students and seniors/$25 for everyone at Can’t We Be Good? At the Elliott Bay Book Company,
the door. For more information, contact Susan Jensen at 101 S Main St., Seattle.
206-722-5500 or At
Congregation Ezra Bessaroth, 5217 S Brandon St.,

the arts january 17–30, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 6:30 p.m.
The Jewish Touch Temple B’nai Torah Invites You To
The Stroum JCC’s lecture series The Jewish Touch continues with a talk on Yiddish cinema
led by Barbara Henry, University of Washington professor of Russian Literature and
Julie Mirel in Concert
Jewish Studies. This event will include a screening of the film Mirele Efros, which re- Julie Mirel Sings 15 of the Most
imagines Shakespeare’s King Lear as a 20th century Jewish domestic drama that pivots
on the power struggles of a mother with her grown children. Cost is $10 for general Beautiful Jewish Songs Ever Written
admission, $5 for seniors. Contact Roni Antebi at or at 206-232-7115, Accompanied by a Multimedia Presentation by
ext. 269 to RSVP. At the Stroum JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.
Shana and David Aucsmith

Sunday, January 24, 7:00 pm

January 25 & 26, 6 - 9 p.m.
Fiddler on the Roof auditions
Free and open to all
Studio East is holding open auditions for their upcoming production of Fiddler on the Rabbi James Mirel 15727 Northeast 4th
Roof. There are more than 30 parts available for people ages 8 to adult. The play will
run March 13-29. For more information, contact Lauren Formicola at 206-853-5556. Cantor David Serkin-Poole Bellevue, WA 98008
At Studio East, 402 6th St. S, Kirkland. Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg 425.603.9677
12 jtnews n friday, january 15, 2010
arts & entertainment

Small voices grown large

camps New performance of child Holocaust victims to be brought to wider community

B’nai B’Rith Camp offers a wide variety of Joel Magalnick end of the Holocaust, but nearly two
activities, including arts and crafts, Jewish enrichment, Editor, JTNews decades after, at the capture and sub- If you go:
athletics, waterskiing, sailing, canoeing, hydro-tubing, sequent execution of Adolf Eichmann.
swimming in an outdoor heated pool, dancing, nature, The Stroum Jewish Community Cen- Alpern ended the performance there Auditions for Voices of Hope take
singing, high- and low-ropes challenge courses, ter’s Center Stage theater program has because he said it shows that despite the place through Jan. 23 for kids ages
leadership, community service, drama, creative writing, recently been revived within its halls. Now devastation to the Jewish people, Hitler 8–18. Contact Daniel Alpern at
Shabbat celebrations, overnights and trips. Licensed by its director wants to take his next show out did not succeed. 206-232-7115, ext. 221 to set up a
the state of Oregon and accredited by the American of the building. The gravity of the newest “The theme is, ‘There’s hope, we sur- time. Institutions interested in having
Camp Association (ACA). upcoming production, Voices of Hope, vived,’” he said. Still, Alpern said, the per- the play performed may also contact
503-452-3444 • an adaptation by Center Stage director formance brings the issue of genocide to Alpern.
Daniel Alpern on writings from preteens today, and notes that it is still going on.
JWest campership Program provides and teens who lived through the Holo- “This is not something that can never
up to $2,500 over two or three years for first-time caust, is one that should be available to the happen again,” he said, “it is happening Center Stage production to synagogues
campers entering 6–8th grades to attend one of more greater community wherever they gather, right now, too.” and Jewish schools between late March
than 20 nonprofit Jewish overnight camps throughout he believes. So that’s where it’s going. He titled the play Voices of Hope and into April. Ultimately, he feels this
Western North America. Local camps include Camp Private auditions are still taking place because hope was what got the children message should reach the greater com-
Solomon Schechter, Sephardic Adventure Camp and URJ for what Alpern calls “an unusual new- through those terrible years. munity and hopes it could be taken to
Camp Kalsman. JWest is an initiative through the form play,” in which the actors, all of “How did they survive emotionally public schools and churches to teach
Foundation for Jewish Camp. whom will be kids between the ages of 8 while incarcerated? They did it by writing them lessons that can be learned from
Visit to learn more. their feelings,” Alpern said. “Their hearts the Holocaust.
and 18, read actual passages from such
works as I Never Saw Another Butterfly removed themselves from where they were Voices of Hope is funded by a $5,000
URJ Camp KaLsman
and The Diary of Anne Frank. and put themselves outside the fences, Small and Simple Grant provided by the
Situated on 300 acres, our state-of-the-art facility is
“This material is performed by actors emotionally. That’s just amazing to me.” Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. Amy
just over an hour north of downtown Seattle in the
as if they had actually written it, per- Alpern did a similar piece with Youth Wasser-Simpson, vice president of Plan-
foothills of the Cascades. Sessions range in length from
formed in costumes of concentration Theater Northwest, and found rehearsals ning and Community Services, said the
one to three weeks and are staffed by mature college
camps,” Alpern said. to be emotionally draining for many of Federation’s special initiatives commit-
students under the guidance of experienced senior staff
members and faculty from across the country. Camp Between the readings will be creative the kids acting in the play. To lighten tee funded the play because it fit the crite-
Kalsman is proud of its commitment to providing performances set to music with small, lit- things up, they would end each rehearsal ria of being new, creative and innovative.
campers with strong and encouraging Jewish role tle-known factoids about the Holocaust to with a few minutes of improvisational “To take something and to craft it into
models. With activities that include archery, climbing be presented chronologically. One factoid, comedy so the kids could return home a play that would be able to be seen by a
tower, giant swing, arts and crafts, hiking, mountain taken author Edwin Black’s 2001 book IBM energized. He’ll likely do something sim- broad community with a Jewish theme,
biking, a heated swimming pool, camp outs, singing, and the Holocaust, explains how the com- ilar with this version. [and] the fact that the [JCC] is trying to
dancing and so much more, it will definitely be the pany supplied the statistical equipment One performance is scheduled to take bring back its arts and culture program, I
adventure of a lifetime for your child! the Nazis used to compile the data on all place at the Stroum JCC on April 11, Holo- think the committee felt it would be a good
Financial aid is available. the people that died at their hands. caust Remembrance Day. Beyond that, use of its dollars,” Wasser-Simpson said.
206-443-8340 • The performance will end not at the Alpern is actively seeking to take the

for camp at

Give your rising 6th-8th grader the summer of a lifetime at Jewish summer camp,
and save yourself up to $2500 over the next few summers! Jewish summer camp
offers sports, music, nature and dozens of fun activities in a beautiful outdoor
environment. More importantly, campers become part of a thriving community,
develop self-confidence and make lifelong friends. If your child has never been
to Jewish summer camp, they may qualify. Local camps include:

Camp Solomon Schechter • Sephardic Adventure Camp • URJ Camp Kalsman

Apply for your grant at or call 888-888-4819.

Some restrictions may apply, so visit the Web site for full details.

Know someone who wants to be a happy camper? Tell them to visit!
The Foundation for Jewish Camp’s JWest Campership Program is funded by the Jim Joseph Foundation.
friday, january 15, 2010 n jtnews 13
arts & entertainment

The long vacation

Jewish Iranian refugee and celebrated poet writes memoir of her displacement

Janis Siegel imprisoned and was called a Zionist spy Due to the per- been raised in Iran studying English and
JTNews Correspondent because of his high-ranking position secution of Jews Farsi in a secular bilingual school, most
during the Shah’s reign,” Nazarian said. by t he Isla m ic of her schoolmates were Muslim, Baha’i,
When Jewish Iranian Angella Nazar- “Thankfully he was fully acquitted. Most reg ime, Nazar- or Zoroastrian. First and foremost, she
ian fled the violent revolutionary upris- Iranian Jews fled because of the danger- ian would not see considers herself a Jew.
ing of 1979 in her country and arrived in ous political situation and left behind her mother again “I keep a kosher home,” said Nazarian.
a predominately Jewish neighborhood in most of their assets, as we did.” for more than five “My husband is Jewish and both my kids
Beverly Hills at the age of 11, her father In Life as a Visitor, Nazarian recalls years. have had their Bar Mitzvahs in Israel,
assured her it would only be a two-week what would be her last memories of her I n stead, for which is our spiritual home….I took
vacation, long enough to let the political birth country. Iranian immigrant her, it w as a n Hebrew and Judaic classes as an adult
chaos subside. “It was 5:30 in the morning, at the first and author Angella unexpected and gave myself the gift that I always
But after the overthrow of the Shah in light of dawn, when we left home for the Nazarian. and melancholy wanted to give myself — a Bat Mitzvah.”
Iran and the installment of the Ayatol- forty-minute drive to the airport,” she t ra nsfor mat ion Nazarian became an adult Bat Mitz-
lah Khomeini’s Islamic government, the writes in a chapter titled “The Crossing.” from a simpler life as a family-centered, vah at the age of 37, which she called
political strife did not end as quickly as “As I sat in the back seat of my father’s sheltered youth in Iran into a fashion- “such a profound experience.”
they had had hoped. Nazarian could not car, I watched the shifting colors that focused, roller-skating, ’80s-era teen. For her, being Jewish is really about
have imagined that she would not return played in the sky before the rising of the “While my American friends would being a good human being, and that is
to Iran. sun. By six, the sun’s rays peered from think about walking down Beverly Drive what a global citizen should be.
In her latest book and memoir, Life as behind the rim of the Alborz Mountains on weekends, or roller skating to the Bee “I realized one interesting thing about
a Visitor (Assouline, 2009), the award- and glimmered through the mist ahead. Gee’s ‘Staying Alive,’ I worried if my par- myself while writing the book,” she said.
winning poet uses prose, poetry, and per- As we passed through the fog, I felt myself ents were actually alive,” Nazarian wrote “I am incredibly proud of my roots and
sonal narrative to form an account of her moving through a luminous halo. A good in a profile. feel even more blessed and lucky that I
displaced but redeemed life. She mingles omen, I thought.” Nazarian has come a long way since ended up living in the U.S.”
pictures of provocative exotic art and his- Once in the U.S., she stayed with her then. She earned her master’s degree in Nazarian is a member of the Los Ange-
torical photographs of Iran with family brothers, who were students in Los Ange- Industrial and Organizational Psychol- les Writers Collective and the Ameri-
photographs from her former life in Iran les at the time, and vividly recalls her ogy. She is a former psychology professor can Iranian Writers Association, where
and current images of her life today. astonishment at their heated, kidney- who now offers workshops and seminars she reads the work of other Iranians who
While in Seattle recently, Nazarian shaped swimming pool and the stun- on personal development. have moved to the U.S. and shares her
read to a packed room of young and the old ning, panoramic, floor–to-ceiling views She is also the mother of two boys and own writing.
from ages 12 to 82 at Elliott Bay Books. of the Pacific Ocean that were unlike any- wife of Sam Nazarian, a real estate devel- Although there are no definite plans
Nazarian writes that her family decided thing she could have imagined as a child oper in Los Angeles. Their family is one of for another book, Nazarian is looking for
to leave Iran when it was apparent to them in Iran. the most affluent and prominent Iranian her next great idea.
that there was no future for Jews in an Although her mother and sister came families in America today. “I will continue to write because the
extremist Islamic government. with her to the U.S., her mother would Nazarian considers herself a global act of writing fills me up with life and
“My uncle, during the revolution, was return to Iran to help her husband. citizen and a “permanent tourist.” Having enthusiasm,” she said.

14 jtnews n friday, january 15, 2010
community calendar

The JTNews calendar presents a selection of Lunch and a discussion led by Rabbi Jacob or
ongoing events in the Jewish community. For Fine. RSVP requested. At Microsoft, Building This shiur will look at some examples and $7 per person includes the movie and
a complete listing of events, or to add your 9, Room 2569, Redmond. sources of Jewish courage and the nobility of homemade lunch. This month’s film is The
event to the JTNews calendar, visit www. ■■7 p.m. – University Lecture Series with the human endeavor. Free. At the Seattle Counterfeiters. At Herzl-Ner Tamid Conserva- Calendar events must be Scott Noegel Kollel, 5305 52nd Ave. S, Seattle. tive Congregation, 3700 E Mercer Way, Mercer
submitted no later than 10 days before pub- Alysa Rosen at 206-525-0915 or ■■11 a.m. – Blood Drive Island.
lication. or Robert Isgur at or
Looking for the ongoing section? Find ■■7 p.m. – Fag, Gay and Other Three Letter
recurring events online at Professor Scott B. Noegel will conduct a series Make an appointment to donate blood. Vol- Words
of lectures on the topic “From Slavery to Sinai: unteers needed to hand out refreshments for Blair Feehan at 206-774-2251 or
New Findings from Ancient Egypt and the hour-long shifts. At Congregation Beth Shalom,
Candle Lighting Times
Story of our Exodus.” Cost is $35 for the series. 6800 35th Ave. NE, Seattle. Interactive program with Rabbi Steve
1/15/10 4:26 p.m. At Temple Beth Am, 2632 NE 80th St., ■■1 p.m. – Mock Jewish Wedding Greenberg and teens exploring Judaism and
1/22/10 4:36 p.m. Seattle. Josh at homosexuality. All students in grades 9-12
1/29/10 4:47 p.m. This event will demonstrate what a traditional are invited whether or not they are currently
2/5/10 4:58 p.m. Thursday 21 Jewish wedding is all about. At UW Hillel, enrolled in Hebrew High. At the Stroum JCC,
■■5 p.m. – Birthright Info Session 4745 17th Ave. NE, Seattle. 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.
January Lauren at ■■4 p.m. – Gala Dinner and Auction 2010 ■■7 p.m. – University Lecture Series with
Information about how to apply for a free Sasha Mail at 206-323-5750 or Scott Noegel
Friday 15 summer trip with Taglit-Birthright Israel. At Alysa Rosen at 206-525-0915 or
■■5:30 p.m. – Synaplex Shabbat with Noam Hillel UW, 4745 17th Ave. NE, Seattle. Silent and live auction to benefit the Seattle or
Katz ■■6 - 8 p.m. – Downtowners Happy Hour Hebrew Academy. At the Fairmont Olympic
Petra Masellas at 253-564-7101 or Josh at Hotel, 411 University St., Seattle. “From Slavery to Sinai: New Findings from Join fellow Jewish professionals for happy hour. Ancient Egypt and the Story of our Exodus”
Temple Beth El will host Jewish musician At the Columbia Tower Club, 701 5th Ave., Monday 25 with Professor Scott B. Noegel. Cost is $35
Noam Katz for its Synaplex Shabbat program. Seattle. ■■10 a.m. – SJCC Early Childhood School for the series. At Temple Beth Am, 2632 NE
This event will also include a wine and cheese ■■7:15 p.m. – Passion Party Open House 80th St., Seattle.
reception, catered dinner, musical meditation Diana Brement at 206-412-9132 or Peter Blair at 206-388-1994 or
service, an art-through-music session, and Thursday 28
song rewriting for kids. Cost is $18 for adults, A party for women looking to spice up their The SJCC invites families interested in enrolling ■■10 a.m. – Including GLBT Jews: Policy,
$10 for kids 10 and under. At Temple Beth love lives. Hosted by Hadassah. At a private in its early childhood education programs to Pedagogy, Theology
El, 5975 S 12th St., Tacoma. home, address provided upon RSVP. meet staff members and visit classrooms. At Hannah Zommick at 206-774-2243 or
the Stroum JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer
Saturday 16 Friday 22 Island. An interactive discussion with Rabbi Steve
■■10:30 a.m. – Learner’s Minyan with Ron ■■10 a.m. – SJCC Early Childhood School ■■6:30 p.m. – BBYO Annual New Member/ Greenberg and the community’s rabbis. All
Schneeweiss Open House Parent Night are welcome. At Herzl-Ner Tamid Conserva-
Carol Benedick at 206-524-0075 or Peter Blair at 206-388-1994 or tive Congregation, 3700 E Mercer Way, Mercer or An opportunity for parents and new or Island. The Stroum Jewish Community Center invites returning members to come and learn about ■■10 a.m. – SJCC Early Childhood School
Ron Schneeweiss provides an in-depth look families interested in enrolling in its early the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization. At the Open House
at part of the Shabbat morning service. Free. childhood education programs to meet staff Stroum JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Peter Blair at 206-388-1994 or
At Congregation Beth Shalom, 6800 35th Ave. members and visit classrooms. At the Stroum Island.
NE, Seattle. JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island. The SJCC invites families interested in enrolling
Wednesday 27 in its early childhood education programs to
Wednesday 20 Sunday 24 ■■11:30 a.m. – Daytimers Lunch & Film meet staff members and visit classrooms. At
■■12 - 1 p.m. – Eastside Lox ‘n’ Learn ■■10:30 a.m. –Inspirational Shiur Series the Stroum JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer
Jacob at Marilyn Leibert at 206-722-8289 or Leslie Reibman at 206-232-8555, ext. 207 Island.



SJCS Gala 2010

In the spirit of Purim,
Celebrating with Joy & Generosity

February 28th
6:15 p.m.
12351 8th Avenue NE, Seattle

Moss Patashnik &
Dr. Peg Hall
for their extensive and
Sessions are filling
continuing support of SJCS
Don’t miss
your chance for the
summer of a N
lifetime! K
Presenting the
S 2010 SJCS Kaplan Award to
Carl & Joann Bianco

For registration and tribute inquiries, contact 206.522.5212
friday, january 15, 2010 n jtnews 15

■■3 p.m. – Exile Reconsidered: Anti-Semitism legal responses offered by the Conservative
Send submissions to: JTNews — Lifecycles, 2041 Third Ave., Seattle, WA 98121
in 1940s movement’s law committee. Free. All are
Jennifer Cohen at 206-543-0138 or welcome. At Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Phone: 206-441-4553 Submissions for the January 29, 2010 Congregation, 3700 E Mercer Way, Mercer issue are due by January 19.
Dr. Eva-Maria Ziege, DAAD acting associate Island. Download forms or submit online at
professor of Jewish Studies at the University ■■7 p.m. –Havdalah and Israeli Movie
of Washington, presents a talk about Jewish Melanie Berman at
refugees who fled from Europe before World Havdalah followed by an Israeli film and Mara. Her grandparents are Martin and
War II, only to face anti-Semitism in the U.S. discussion. This program is geared to the GLBT Joan Brashem of Gig Harbor, Grace Zweig
Contact the organizers for room at the UW community. Free. At Herzl-Ner Tamid Con- of Phoenix, Ariz. and the late David
campus. servative Congregation, 3700 E Mercer Way,
■■4:30 p.m. – The Dignity of Difference Mercer Island.
Blair Feehan at 206-774-2251 or ■■8 - 11:30 p.m. – Kibbutz Benefit Party
Sari is in the 7th grade at Beaver Lake A dance party fundraiser for the Ravenna Middle School. Her hobbies include
Interactive workshop on the laws of welcoming Kibbutz. Food and drinks provided. Donations spending summers at Camp Solomon
guests using case studies to explore how to accepted at the door. At Ravenna Kibbutz Schechter, dancing, traveling, shopping,
respond to racial or homophobic bullying. At House Gimmel, 6211 23rd Ave. NE, Bat Mitzvah watching movies and spending time with
Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation, Seattle. Sari Gwynne Brashem her family and friends. For her mitzvah
3700 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.
project, Sari worked with Teen Feed,
■■7:30 p.m. – Three Stories about the Powers Sunday 31
of Tzedakah
Sari will celebrate her Bat Mitzvah cooking and serving meals to homeless
■■10 a.m. - 2 p.m. – Habitat Restoration
Melanie Berman at Jacob at January 16, 2010 at Herzl-Ner Tamid Con- teens at Seattle’s University Street Ministry.
Using three Talmudic legends, participants Jconnect, Kavana, and the Ravenna Kibbutz servative Congregation on Mercer Island. Also, in honor of her Grandma Grace, Sari
will discover the roots of their moral thinking. will partner with EarthCorps for a habitat Sari is the daughter of Marvin and Lisa will make a donation to the Alzheimer’s
All are welcome. At Herzl-Ner Tamid Con- restoration project at the Northeast Queen Brashem of Sammamish and the sister of Association.
servative Congregation, 3700 E Mercer Way, Anne Greenbelt in honor of Tu B’Shevat. RSVP
Mercer Island. for exact location.
■■10:30 a.m. – Dare to Dream: Connections
Friday 29 2010
■■6 p.m. – Community Tu B’Shevat Seder Rebecca at 206-774-2272
Kristine Ganes at 206-528-1944 or The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle will host its annual Connections brunch fundrais-
Our family would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude
Celebrate Tu B’Shevat with the Secular Jewish ing event for women. $60. At Hyatt Regency for the prayers, love, and support we received from
Circle of Puget Sound. Location TBA. Bellevue, 900 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue.
■■7 p.m. – The Creation Story on Steroids ■■11 a.m. – Parenting Mindfully the Jewish community of Seattle during our son Sam’s
Melanie Berman at Marjorie Schnyder at 206-861-3146 or
Exploration of the Creation narratives with an illness and after he passed away.
eye toward sexuality and the use and care of Jewish Family Service presents a four-session
the planet. The event will begin following class aimed at exploring how parents can
Friday night services and a Tu B’Shevat dinner. express their emotions and beliefs in balanced The many donations made in his honor and in his
Services are free. Tu B’Shevat seder and dinner: and healthy ways. At Temple B’nai Torah,
$20 per person, maximum of $50 per family. 15727 NE 4th St., Bellevue. memory are so meaningful to us. We feel blessed to
At Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congrega- ■■5 p.m. – Temple Beth Am Fundraiser
tion, 3700 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island. Alysa Rosen at 206-525-0915 or
live in such a warm and gracious community. or
Saturday 30
■■11 a.m. – Gayness and God Temple Beth Am’s Annual Congregational With Love and Gratitude,
Melanie Berman at Fundraiser. Theme: “The Black and White
Rabbi Greenberg will share his solutions to Ball.” At Temple Beth Am, 2632 NE 80th St., Rabbi Benjy, Jodilyn, Julia, and Jeffrey Owen
the conflict between traditional Judaism and Seattle.
homosexuality and touch upon the recent

Jewish on Earth t Page 9 That’s an ironic question. For nearly analysis, and whole systems design. • Olam habah (the world to come),
2,000 years, Christianity and Islam have But changing what we do also changes where body and soul will be fully inte-
also misrepresent the past — by empha- made the imaginary Hell and Paradise so who we are. Our actions often cause us to grated, and physical needs, materialism
sizing the most recent and positive tangible that their adherents change their shift our attitudes in support. Individuals, and desire will no longer affect us.
moments — and thereby “misimagine the behaviors to avoid one and achieve the businesses, and governments are building The closer humans grow to resemble
future.” This bit of “human nature” sets up other. And environmentalists appear to be momentum with their climate change evi- beings of olam habah, the less we’ll rec-
the endless arguments between scientists doing the same — selling the paradise of dence, warnings and corrective actions. ognize them, as Cro-Magnons would
and deniers of climate change. living “green” against the “hell” of dying We’re also being moved by events and hardly recognize us. But, the more likely
Today, Americans are suffering from on an overheated planet. Today, millions insights: Who hasn’t instantly grasped they’ll be to create a healthy planet where
“Apocalypse Fatigue,” write Ted Nordhaus of people worldwide are feverishly work- Earth’s finite nature after seeing photos of their children can live. And yihiyeh tov —
and Michael Shellenberger. We’re so weary ing to change how we use resources, how our planet taken from space? it will be for the best.
of catastrophic environmental scenarios we make policy, how we do business. Most The Torah and Talmud divide our
that don’t appear to come true, we’ve con- of their “fixes” are technical, based on world into two parts: Author and teacher Martin Westerman
cluded that the problem is with the science, bibles of procedure and policy like ISO • Olam hazeh (this world), where we cur- writes and consults on sustainable living.
not our lifestyles. That’s human nature: If we 14000, Six Sigma, The Natural Step, carbon rently live and work, and where, if we all do good He can be contacted with questions at
can’t see it, then how do we know it exists? and ecological footprinting, life cycle deeds, repent, and live holy lives, we’ll enter .

Please Submit Death Notices

S erving the community with dignity & respect.
for Print and Online
Publication “Get Well Soon”
Please use our simple online form to
submit death notices directly to JTNews
for publication.
When you let JFS “Tribute Cards”
To submit a death notice, please visit, log in, click on the
do the talking, you send your best
lifecycles tab, and complete the simple form. wishes and say you care about
If you would assistance completing the form, funding vital JFS programs here at
please contact 206-441-4553.
home. Call Irene at (206) 861-3150
Burial  Cremation Once you have completed the form, a JTNews or, on the web, click on “Donations”
representative will contact you within
Columbarium  Receptions 24 hours to finalize and confirm details.
at Use Visa or
Your Death Announcement is not complete MasterCard. It’s the most gratifying
On Queen Anne until we have contacted you and confirmed 2-for-1 in town.
at 520 W. Raye St., the details. Call 206-441-4553 for more
(In front of Hills of Eternity Cemetery) . 206-441-4553
Barbara Cannon

PleAse cAll 206-622-0949 or 206-282-5500

16 jtnews n friday, january 15, 2010
community news

Yiddish volunteers balanced and healthy ways. The class Jewish in Vancouver t Page 20
Volunteers with fluency in Yid- will draw from Mussar, traditional Jewish Dare to Dream:
dish are needed to facilitate a writings focused on improving one’s Connections 2010 program for children aged 2–7. For some-
group of elders at The Summit at cha racter, a nd f rom contempora r y The Jewish Federation of Greater thing different, visit Beit Hamidrash, the
First Hill, 1200 University St., Seattle. Par- research and literature. Facilitated by Seattle will host its annual Con- Orthodox Sephardic synagogue of Van-
ticipants have varying levels of Yiddish Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg and Marjorie nections brunch fundraising couver, to hear Sephardic melodies and
knowledge. Group meets weekly, but a Schnyder, M.S.W. Suitable for parents of event for women. This year’s speaker, prayers on Shabbat. Beit Hamidrash has
once-a-month commitment is all that’s children up to 12 years old. Free. For more Alina Gerlovin Spaulding, will share her a children’s Shabbat class after Shacharit,
asked of volunteers. Those interested information, or to register, contact Mar- tale of triumph as a young Soviet émigré as well as adult classes during the week
should contact Charlene Kahn at 206-652- jor ie Sch nyder at 206 -861-3146 or now living in the U.S. The cost to attend such as Meisilat Yesharim and parshat
4444 or Class meets Connections is $60. RSVP to Rebecca at hashavuah for women.
Sundays from Jan. 31–May 16 at 11 a.m. 206-774-2272. Sun., Jan. 31 at 10:30 a.m. At Va ncouver’s Refor m s y nagog ue,
Scholar in Residence At Temple B’nai Torah, 15727 NE 4th St., the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, 900 Bellevue Temple Shalom, has a program where
Rabbi Steven Greenberg is the Bellevue. Way NE Bellevue. families learn about Shabbat traditions
2010 Alfred and Tillie Shemanski from around the world while enjoying a
Scholar in Residence for Herzl- Habitat restoration Portraits in Leadership catered Shabbat dinner. Also unique to
Ner Tamid. He will offer a series of lectures Jcon nec t, K av a na, a nd t he This February, the Rohr Jewish Temple Shalom is their Men’s Club, where
from Jan. 27–30 on Jewish perspective of Ravenna Kibbutz will partner Learning Institute will launch its men get together and learn, schmooze,
morality, gender, and gay rights. Rabbi with EarthCorps for a habitat res- winter course, “Portraits in Lead- volunteer, race go karts, and participate
Greenberg is an Orthodox rabbi, environ- toration project at the Northeast Queen ership: Timeless Tales for Inspired in other exciting activities.
mentalist, gay rights activist, and the Anne Greenbelt in honor of Tu B’Shevat. Living.” Portraits in Leadership is a study If you’re looking for some Olympics-
author of the book Wrestling with God and Participants will learn a brief history of of the life story of six figures whose cour- inspired affairs, come to Vancouver’s
Men. For times and costs of lectures, visit the Northeast Queen Anne Greenbelt and age and determination helped Judaism Conservative synagogue, Beth Israel, At Herzl-Ner Tamid Con- an overview of Seattle’s urban forests. weather its darkest hours. Lessons will for two events in particular. The first is a
servative Congregation, 3700 E Mercer Restoration tasks may include removing examine a range of classic Jewish sources, Shabbat dinner, on February 19, in honor
Way, Mercer Island. English ivy and other invasive plants as drawing extensively from the stories of of the Olympics, which will be a welcome
well as slope stabilization and planting the Talmud and modern commentaries. dinner to anyone in town for the Olym-
Parenting Mindfully site preparation. Sun., Jan. 31 from 10 Led by Rabbi Sholom Ber Elishevitz of the pics. The Olympic Purim Extravaganza
Jewish Family Service presents a a.m.–2 p.m. Contact Rabbi Jacob Fine at Eastside Torah Center. Class begins Feb. 2. on February 27 is an all-ages Purim event
fou r-session class a i med at for more Call 425-957-7860 for more information where Rabbi Jonathan Infeld and Cantor
ex plor i ng how pa rent s c a n information or to sign up. Meeting loca- or to register. At the Eastside Torah Michael Zoosman will dress up as Olym-
express their emotions and beliefs in tion provided upon RSVP. Center, 1837 156th Ave. NE, Bellevue. pic athletes, something that the con-
gregants are quite excited to see.

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community news

Olympia Session t Page 1 could make that a possibility. Magen David Adom t Page 4 Torczyner agrees.
“Fortunately, we have been able to work “If you work from a position of shared
whether in the form of taxation or the the revenue side and increase our reliance and decided he would like to see aspiring values and commonalities, you discover
elimination of what he called “tax prefer- on short-term [rehabilitation], where there paramedics from his country train at the that people prefer to work together than
ences” that may once have benefited busi- have not been cuts,” Cohen said. university’s advanced facilities. apart, and they develop all kinds of rela-
nesses but are no longer relevant today. Carstensen and Cohen said they both “Magen David Adom, they are the best tionships,” he said. “And that’s what hap-
While recognizing the harshness of have heard rumblings of a reintroduction in the region when it comes to first aid pened here.”
hitting people up for more money while of a bed tax, which could be disastrous for and paramedics,” al-Hadid said. “They Al-Hadid in particular has received
the economy is still reeling, Carstensen Kline Galland’s budget. Nothing yet has have been involved in so many incidents criticism from the Arab media for visiting
said, “I don’t see how I’d be fulfilling my happened on that front, however. [and] emergencies, so I thought it would Israel to accept an honorary doctorate
duty and my obligation to the Jewish com- Carstensen is also working with the be good to get some of this experience from Ben Gurion for his humanitarian
munity and its organizations if we weren’t Anti-Defamation League to amend two and give it to our Jordanian students.” work. A member of the Muslim Brother-
at least talking about and participating in words, “immediate or,” to the state’s mali- Al-Hadid joined with Torczyner and hood said on TV that doing so brought
conversations about additional revenue.” cious harassment statute. Weinblatt to get the program started, and shame upon his family,
Compounding the shortfall problem is “The law, as it’s written now, doesn’t included Palestinian students as well. “Fine. So what? I went, I accepted it, I
that fully 70 percent of the state’s $31 bil- cover the fact that many times — most “Never before has a cohort from an Arab got back. If you’re going to be discouraged
lion budget is constitutionally protected, of the time — the threats are immedi- country enrolled in a program at an Israeli by every person, you might as well just
meaning that the remaining 30 percent, ate,” said Hilary Bernstein, director of university. That’s a real first, and…their stay at home,” al-Hadid said. “We have a
more than half of which is in the form of the ADL’s Pacific Northwest region. “We degrees will be recognized,” Torczyner said. treaty with Israelis, so what’s the differ-
human services, is the only place where learned from prosecutors that this was a But they don’t want to stop at just ence with working with them?”
cuts or program elimination can be made. problem for them. They’d want to prose- Jordan and the Palestinians.
Responsibility for covering the costs cute a case, and because it was an imme- “The next step in our ambition is to For more information about the McGill
of axed government programs falls onto diate threat and not a future threat, they make it an international program where University Partnerships to Peace
social service organizations like Jewish couldn’t prosecute it.” other Arab countries could also be join- program, visit For
Family Service, which at the same time Bernstein said the ADL supports the ing the program and send their students,” more information about the joint
has seen precipitous drops in donations bill because it gives prosecutors the tools al-Hadid said. emergency training program, contact
even as need for its services goes up. to prosecute hate crimes that occur in the Torczyner said Morocco and Tunisia
“When you have GA-U clients that rely heat of a moment. have already expressed interest.
on Jewish Family Service for assistance “Most of the time when these kinds What makes Ben Gurion’s EMS pro-
and you eliminate the program that these of threats…happen, they’re between gram unique in general is that Israel is one Partnership t Page 4
clients depend on, that extra burden falls people that don’t know each other, so it’s of only three countries to offer a bachelor’s
on Jewish Family Service, it falls on the more likely it’s going to be an immediate degree in emergency medical technology. peace, but after 50 years of, how can
nonprofits,” Carstensen said. “Who’s threat,” Bernstein said. The U.S. and Australia are the two others. we call it, tension, hatred, fear, anger,
going to bridge the gap between what the The ADL is split on a bill introduced by While Jordan offers EMS certificates, pain, we can’ t just jump into this,’”
government is able to provide and what is Rep. Scott White (D–N. Seattle) to provide fewer training hours are required to Torczyner recalled of the university
provided by the private sector?” additional penalties to anyone convicted obtain the certification and the graduates president’s response. “‘You’re doing
JFS’s Berman said her agency is wait- of a crime against a person who is home- are not qualified to perform intubations, something for Israel? Do something
ing to see what happens during the ses- less or appears to be homeless. injections or defibrillation. The addi- for us in the same field and then we’ll
sion, but she expects it to be painful. “We support the part about creat- tional training could save more lives, al- come together.’”
“After that level of cut [last year], cut- ing additional sentence enhancements Hadid said. Since then, Torczyner has made
ting again is catastrophic,” she said. because we think crimes against the While training is classroom-based, al- more than 150 visits to Jordan, and
Jeff Cohen, CEO of the Caroline Kline homeless are very serious crimes and we Hadid said, much of it is based upon real- with the start of his program through
Galland Home and Affiliates, said his nurs- feel they should be prosecuted to the full- world simulations, “like in a war zone.” McGill, brought Jordanian students
ing care facility is playing defense for this est extent of the law,” Bernstein said. The program’s organizers hope that back to Montreal to train in recon-
legislative session. A lawsuit against the However, ADL will not get behind the bringing the three nationalities of students ciliation. An early incident in which
governor last year left a 7.5 percent long- section of the bill that would add home- together will provide more than an educa- one of the Jordanian students expe-
term-care funding cut in a holding pattern. lessness as a protected class in the mali- tion in emergency medicine, however. Like rienced double kidney failure led to
“We certainly don’t believe that we’re cious harassment statute. the program from which it descended, the coordination between Jordan, Israel
going to get any increases, but we cer- “We don’t support the idea of adding trainees spend many hours together and and Canada, in which the man’s
tainly don’t want to withstand, either as homelessness as a category because the most commit to sharing the same values as brother crossed the border into Israel
an entity or an industry, any more sig- other characteristics — race, religion, the McGill program. to give a blood sample that was then
nificant cuts because that would affect sexual orientation, disability, gender — “In the program that we have at McGill flown directly from Israel to Mon-
patient care,” Cohen said. those things are immutable,” Bernstein University, there [are] very good relations treal to check the match.
The status of the suit could change at said. between the Palestinians and the Israelis That event led to further interest
any moment, Cohen said, putting those Bernstein said protections should be working together, even in the West Bank,” in medical training, which turned
cuts into effect right away. Up to this set under a different section of the penal al-Hadid said, even in the aftermath of into a new board that included Ben
point, Kline Galland has not had to lay off code that protects vulnerable classes last year’s Gaza war. “You don’t find this Gurion University and Jordan’s Red
staff, though any more hits to its budget such as children and the elderly. anywhere because we were like a family.” Crescent, of which Dr. Mohammed
al-Hadid was a leader.
It took several years, but this past
October saw the results of al-Hadid’s

dream, the launch of the Project for
Jordan Israel Collaboration in Emer-
gency Preparedness and Response.

— Joel Magalnick

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knowledge of content management systems. 206-715-8796
Candidate may work varied hours from home. Cantor Marina Belenky
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cemetery gan shalom
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Zero interest payments available. a succesful match
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college Placement services
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206/323-8902 • Great Selection
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Construction, plumbing, electrical 206-356-2245 or 206-391-9792
Remodels & additions welcome. 206-527-1411
Traditional Jewish funeral services provided by the
Licensed • Insured • Bonded Seattle Jewish Chapel. For further information, please
call 206-725-3067.
Excellent references • Free estimates next issue: januaRy 29 ad deadline: januaRy 20
Burial plots are available for purchase at Bikur Cholim
call rick Petersen and Machzikay Hadath cemeteries. For further call becky: 206-774-2238
425-736-3433 information, please call 206-721-0970.

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n friday, january 15, 2010

Jewish life in Vancouver

A primer on our neighbor to the north just before the Olympic Games arrive

Elizabeth Nider Nava Creative Kosher Cuisine is a founded in 1910 by Louis Omnitsky in only one bridge away from Vancouver.
Special to JTNews dairy café located inside the Vancouver Manitoba, but in 1997 it reopened in Van- The Young Israel of Richmond is an
Jewish Community Centre. The major- couver and has since been the only kosher Orthodox synagogue that started out
It’s perpetually an essential consider- ity of the menu items are more lunch-ori- deli restaurant in the area. Omnitsky quite small, but is now working on plans
ation for the Jewish traveler: Where can I ented, such as sushi, pizza, soups, salads, Kosher is known for its homemade deli for a larger building in the near future
travel without neglecting my Jewish life- sandwiches and wraps; but the restau- meats, which are made into enormous to accommodate the growing number of
style? Fortunately, for those considering the families who attend services. Rabbi Yer-
short trip north to Vancouver, British achmiel Strausberg, who recently moved
Columbia for the 2010 Olympic Games, to Richmond from Japan, has been offer-
there is plenty of Jewish life north of the ing many classes on topics including
border. There are secular and religious kashrut, medical ethics and parshat
Jewish high schools, Jewish day schools, hashavuah, the weekly Torah portion.
two mikvot, an eruv, a diverse selection of The Conservative synagogue in Rich-
synagogues that each attracts different mond, Beth Tikvah, has been around
streams of Jewish practice, even a kosher since 1972. There is something for all ages
bed and breakfast in central Vancouver. at Beth Tikvah: Rabbi Claudio Kaiser-
Vancouver has in recent years become an Blueth currently gives a Book of Psalms
appealing place for families to settle down. class for adults and offers many children’s
Usually the first question travelers ask programs, the most popular being the
is, where can I eat? When visiting Van- child-friendly Shabbat evening services,
couver, there is an assortment of kosher which is geared toward toddlers, with a
restaurants to choose from, depending Shabbat dinner following the service. The
on your mood. child-friendly Shabbat service closest to
Sabra Restaurant and Bakery offers the Elizabeth Nider the Olympics is on Feb. 19.
community a place to sit and order any- Pini’s Pizzeria serves kosher fare in Vancouver and sells a selection of kosher Israeli While in Richmond, stop in at the
thing from breakfast, salads, dips, falafel, grocery items as well. Garden City Bakery before heading into
shawarma, sandwiches and soups, to fish Vancouver. The parve bakery’s best seller
and meat entrees. Feel free to stay for des- rant also has pasta and salmon dinners deli sandwiches. Not in the mood for is their poppy-seed roll, and they also
sert, as Sabra has a bakery section, which available. Nava offers Shabbat meals and a sandwich? Omnitsky serves salads, have a diverse selection of challahs.
makes desserts and challah. The restau- delivery. soups, hot dogs and roasted chicken. The Schara Tzedeck Synagogue is the
rant also provides takeout, delivery and For those into natural and organic There is a seating area in the front and the oldest and largest Orthodox synagogue
catering services. foods, Falafel Plus offers falafel made from whole back section is devoted to kosher in Vancouver and gives classes about phi-
Hungry for pizza? Pini’s Pizzeria makes organic chickpeas, herbs and onions. They groceries, cheeses and fresh meats. losophy, halachah, Kabbalah, Talmud
cholov Yisrael pizzas and lasagnas, boure- also serve Israeli salads, knishes, soups For the traveler looking to save on and parshat hashavuah. Schara Tzedeck
kas, soups, Israeli salads, and other Israeli- and breakfast options. This is a dairy res- accommodation expenses, staying in has a Tykes and Tefillah Shabbat morning
inspired foods. Pini’s carries a few grocery taurant that also provides catering. Richmond (where the airport is located) is
items as well, mostly imported from Israel. The original Omnitsky Kosher was a pleasant alternative, especially since it’s u Page 16

A beautiful
starts at $2,850
a month.
The Bellettini — An Extraordinary Retirement Community
in Downtown Bellevue

When you consider things like housework, transportation, fun

social and group activities, fitness programs, fine restaurant meals
and more are all included in the monthly rent, you will see what an
outstanding value The Bellettini provides. And did we mention the
beautiful building and apartments? You won’t believe your eyes.
Stop in today and see how you can begin living a beautiful lifestyle
starting at $2,850! Assisted living services are also available.

1115 - 108th Avenue NE | Bellevue | (425) 450-0800