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Gurdjieff advice to his daughter


Focus your attention on yourself.
Be aware of every moment of what you are thinking, feeling, desiring
or doing.
Complete always what you have begun.
Do what you are doing as best as possible.
Don’t be attached to anything that could finally destroy you.
Develop your generosity without witnesses.
Treat every person such as it is your next of kin.
Clear up what you have mess up.
Learn to receive, and be thankful for every gift.
Stop yourself defending behaviours.
Don’t lie, don’t steal, if you do it so, then you lie and steal to yourself.
Help who’s close to you without making it dependent from yourself.
Don’t take up too much space.
Don’t make noise nor unnecessary gestures.
If you don’t have it yet, then imitate the faith.
Don’t be easly impressed from the strong personalities.
Don’t seize anything nor anyone.
Distribute equally.
Don’t seduce.
Eat and sleep the strictly necessary.
Don’t speak about your personal problems.

Win your fears. Keep your promises. Don’t complain yourself. Speak only about what is necessary. Transform your anger in creativity. Don’t think about the benefits that your action could bring to you. Don’t praise nor insult yourself. Win your feelings of disliking and be close to those you wish to refuse. . put yourself always in the others skin. During a debate. Transform your envy in admiration for the others values. Don’t follow the trends. Admit when someone exceeds you. Help the others to be able to help themselves. Respect the agreements you have signed. Don’t sell yourself. Take care of what does not belong to you. Transform your greed in respect for the beauty. Transform you hate in charity. Don’t threaten.Don’t judge nor discriminate until you don’t know the most part of the facts. Don’t make useless friendships. such as is yours. Don’t envy the others assets nor results. Transform your pride in dignity. Be punctual.

Don’t propagandize your work and ideas. If you meditate and the Devil comes. Never define yourself in according with what you possess. Don’t try to awaken in the others feelings towards youself such as: pity. don’t insist in such error for pride and desist immediately from your purposes. Don’t defend old ideas for the mere reason you have enunciated them. simpathy. Don’t photograph yourself with famous persons. Don’t try to stand out for your appearances. If you have offended publicly. If you notice you have said something wrong. Don’t decorate yourself with others ideas. complicity. make the Devil meditate. ”Spiritual Testament” Dushka Howarth . admiration. just be silent. apologize publicly. Don’t preserve useless objects. Never contradict. Be your judge. buy and pay immediately. Don’t run up debts.Develop your imagination. Be aware that anything is yours. Pay for the services the others make to you. Don’t share orders for the mere pleasure of being obeyed.

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