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92/98/2015 MON 4:59 PAK =++ Public Relattor rer/oez CI COMPLAINT AFFIDAVIT — aie commso PTeBeTvems [P EAT syary SIEGEL REPTILES, 316 HILLSBORO jewmissoxo nen |" ovexzes sss | myn acanensta com RE ME ele a — Tot oe so yay, _ * — potendants | [nas Tone Prot ew Soe eer amie = =aart re Ik | eae cores ‘roots Cae Aan “ cee mi eu sesou epee DERI MARCHA state penance Spe ay aay IM SW MTLESBORO BIVD DEERFIELD tema ee ocho See oa ShpaTaate i Seasgpanen adv Ton ese ee = ‘On vanuasy 2nd, at spprexiaataly 1500 houre, the defendant was taken into custody £4 Chusity ts Animds and tro counts of Battery on asployeas. ‘Tho defendant wae obuarved on video gurveriiance as well aa stated by vietine, plaaing @ Boarded Dragon Cargo Gisard) an hie south, ae well £9 piaking up tho ani ‘tha air and swinging the anil a eho air noltipl aersking tha vioting with the animal @ultiple tin 7 a oR Ad MANCELEA (1599 —— aT APrEARANCEAARES! 104 © ty COURT COPY 54 cas|2alsu- 25%, e320 01/08/2015 NON $59 PAK sa Public ReLattons ons IE 7 GComPLamvr AFFIDAVIT a A] cero risa Eg eae a 2 aa aermalg |S parte Troi Came Nae etry ea sony atons, DYES MARCA (19 wera Joman on BUTS 384 WMILLSEORO AL Dai ‘oan Soares om eng pes bbs seem en rmhe defendant dict unnecessarily torment the ansnal, handling the animal in = orcel Sni/or inhurene naner and intentionally commsteed an act to the aninal which sentale in cxcocaive and repaated infliction of winecassary pain of eoffaring to the animal. the defendant did actually and intentionally touched and atzike the victine multiple aes with the Boardad Dragon (iitting the viotina with the animal) and threw Ceterade fon the vista. Prk mance ase, DecistBach som enpreino0, ‘COURT COPY fo. tecgaann

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