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Middle School Madness

Chapter 1

Today was the first day of 6th grade. I

expected middle school to be serious, and
harsh. When I walked though the doors,
everyone was rushing from their lockers to
there class. I tried to get out of everyone’s
way, but it was almost impossible. People were
laughing, and throwing pieces of paper. One
hit my head and I picked it up. It was a
“Hey! That’s mine!” said a voice.
Then someone snatched the schedule out
of my hand. I turned around and a boy was
looking at me right in the eye.
“Umm… sorry I didn’t mean to…” I said.
“No don’t be sorry, it was all my fault.” He
said back to me.
And at that moment, I felt that feeling.
That feeling that made you fly off your feet and
into the sky. Like when you have butterflies in
your stomach. And from that moment on, I
knew that maybe 6th grade won’t be so bad.
“Uh… I’m Lucy” I said as I shook his hand.
“I’m Jason.” He said.
And we stood there. Looking into each
others eyes, smiling. But then he took his hand
away to look at his watch.
“Umm… sorry, I need to go. I’ve got gym in
like 2 minutes. Sorry, but ill see you later Lucy!
“Uh… ok. See you later Jason.” I said
And I stood there shocked. Wanting to
spend all my time with him. But sadly the bell
rang. Time for algebra.

Chapter 2

Next period just started. As soon as

Lucy walked in her teacher greeted her.
“Students, we have a new member for
our class! She came all the way from
Manhattan! And her name is… wait, sweetie
what is your name?” My teacher asked.
“Oh, my name is Lucy.”
“What a wonderful name! Lucy, do you
know your way around school?” My teacher
“No. No, not really.”
“Well that’s ok! We can have one of my
students show you around! Anyone want to
Half of the students in the class shot
their hands up. Then Mrs. Johnson called on a
hand in the back
“Oh… yes Mr. Smith can you escort
Lucy around the school?”
The hand in the back stood up. It
turned out it was Jason! I felt like dancing! So I
did! I took Mrs. Johnson and started to dance
with her!
“Lucy! Lucy, dear what are you
doing?!” She nearly shouted.
Lucy stopped dancing. Mrs. Johnson
was so dizzy that she was wobbly the first time
she stopped dancing! In the background I could
hear Jason laughing. I blushed, and then the
bell rang.

Chapter 3

Jason guided me around the school

while telling me where all the class rooms
were. After about 2 hallways into the tour,
I drained out of the conversation. I started
thinking about me and him together. But I
started to daydream also. So I wasn’t
looking where I was going, so I walked into
a object. It was very big and hard. Almost
like a brick wall. Then I heard a deep voice
yelling at me!
“You stupid twit! Watch where
you’re going!” Yelled the voice.
I turned around a this huge girl
with a backpack pushed me. When I ran up
to catch up with Jason he told me all about
the huge girl.
“She’s monster Macy! She’s the
biggest, and the only girl in the football
team. She was know to break a guys neck
and wrist just by throwing him at a
window!” He said.
“Really?! What did he do to piss
her off?” I asked?
“He said her real name. Berga
Witson! What a name huh?!” He told me.
“Yeah totally!” I said back.
As we continued the tour, I kept
thinking about that girl. Why was she so
mean? And will I be safe the rest of the
school year?

Chapter 4

I was walking to class when I saw a

girl crying. She looked like a 6th grader and
had bright blonde hair. While I was walking
I was thinking why she was so sad. But
then I slipped in something slimy, and
“Ewww!” I yelled.
“I’m so sorry! I dropped my science
project on the floor.” said a weary voice.
I turned around and the girl crying
was looking straight at me. Suddenly she
came to help me.
“Let me give you a hand.” She said
as she helped me up. But then she slipped
and we both fell into the slime! And we
laughed, and threw slime at each other.
Until I reached out my slimy hand and
introduced myself.
“Hi! I’m Lucy!” I said with a laugh.
“I’m Stacie!” she said back.
That moment I had a true friend
(except for Jason.) So that day we were
true friends.
“Which class are you heading to
now?” she asked me.
“Gym. Hate it, but it’s now
optional.” I replied back.
“Me too!” she said excitedly.
When we got to gym, we had track.
So me and Stacie talked while we had
track. I asked her about Jason, so she told
me all about him.
“Jason has been living here since
1 grade. He’s keeper of the soccer team, and
he’s soooo hot! I would date him if I could, but
it’s almost impossible to. So I’ll have to live for
now.” Stacie told me.
“Oh well.” I said with a sigh.

Chapter 5

School was just getting better! I

had a friend, crush, and a bully on my back.
Not bad for only 4 weeks of 6th grade. Then all
the sudden I got instantly popular. People
were high-fiving me randomly, and talking to
me more often. At first I thought it was
strange, but I started to like it. Even Jason
started walking around with me and holding
my hand!
“Hey Lucy! Wait up!” Called Jason.
I stopped and turned around. Jason
was running and weaving though people. Then
he walked next to me and held my hand!
“Hi Jason” I said.
But then I heard a voice calling me.
Almost like Jason was.
“Hey, Lucy wait up!” said the
It was Stacie rushing down the
hallway. Me and Jason stopped walking a just
stared at her.
“So, what did I miss?” asked
I gave her that look that said STOP
“Oh… I’ll just go. Well catcha later
Lucy!” Stacie said in a slow exited voice.
When she left, I just looked at
Jason in an embarrassed look. He said that its
all right and that he kind of likes Stacie too.
“Really? Oh I didn’t know I’m…”
But then I was interrupted by Jason.
“Were just friends… I think.” Jason
“Good.” I said back accidentally.
“Huh? How would that be a
problem?” He wondered.
“Nothing.” I said quickly.
“Oh, well see you tomorrow! Bye
“Bye Jason.” I said sadly.
And that was the end, of one of my
favorite days.
Chapter 6

As I walked home I wondered those

few words Jason said. Those words made me
feel suspicious. The words echoed in my head,
“were just friends. I think.” I THINK! HOW
COULD HE SAY I THINK!? What if he really likes
Stacie and not me?! I felt really jealous, as if a
knife had been punched though my heart. So
instead of doing my homework, I just lay in
bed. Thinking if he did like her. At first I
thought no way! But then I thought about the
look on his face as she looked him in the eye.
He looked as if the most beautiful thing in the
world had said I love you. I was mad, but not
only mad… I felt as if I hated my best friend. So
I went to sleep.
The next morning in school I was
pissed. I walked though the halls with anger on
my face. Then I saw Stacie across the hall. So I
ran up to her and started to yell.
“Oh hey Lucy!” said Stacie.
“I don’t! I have a boyfriend! It’s
Jeremy from science class! Geez Lucy get a grip
of yourself!” Stacie said.
“Look I’m sorry. I just want him all
to myself.” I said to Stacie.
“I will forgive you this once. Only
because its love your confused about. And I
understand. Friends?” She asked.
“Friends for ever!” I corrected.
And that was the end of that good
day. More and more people were talking to me
and high-fiving me. Even a couple people said I
was really cool. Then when I was getting my
geometry books out of my locker, when
someone slammed the locker shut. Behind the
locker was a girl.
“You little devil! You think that
YOU can just skip around stealing my
popularity, DON’T YOU?!” screamed the girl.
“Uh, I don’t know what your talking
about and who you are so I’m confused.” I said
“I’m Molly. The most popular girl in
school. The only girl who was the looks,
money, AND fashion taste that CANT be
replaced.” She yelled back at me.
“Umm… well nice to meet you
Molly!” I said back.
“You better watch out, or ELSE!”
She said as she walked away.
From then on I was NEVER a friend
to that girl.

Chapter 7

To Be Continued!

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