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Lead Stor,: How'HindUism Fares
In the Faraway Land of Safaris 20
Culture: Dilemmas of Dance and Dress 24
Trinidad: Pundits in the Pulpit 35
Kerala: Of Prophecy and Proselytization 38
Pilgrimage: Big Plans for Sabarirnala 39


Education: South Africa Studies Hinduism25

Cuisine: Spicing Up /the Ethnic Masala 26
Insight: Hal Our Fb'st-Ever Cartoon Fest
:;: • Helps Rindus Lighten Up 28
PQr~.ntlng: When Siblings Fight 4t.
o Women of Vision: The Dance ef Plants 46


j ~ubllsher's Desk: To See and Be Seen:

u The Dynamics of Darshan 10
~ Letters 12
~ My Turn: My Dear Hindu South Africa 13
~ Editorial: India Detonates a Bomb,
; then Explodes with Pride 16
:; Healing: No Simple Cure for Cancer 44
~ Astrology: The Matchmaker's Magic 45
~ Minister's Message: Africa Awaits
; Hinduisms Wisd(!)m Ways 50
'" JJ
~ . : DICES ,a S .
'f Dlaspora 7 News In Brief 49
::l ~ Quotes" Qlllps 1t Digital Dharma 56
~ , Evolutions .: 44

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COVER: President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, is greeted at the Hindu
at the 'University of Durban-Westville during a 1995 Divali celebration; Mahatnia .
Gandhi with his wife, Kasturbai, and colleagues, 1914; Swami Ghanananda of dbaru1 '
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To the Editor Press International, a
Of Inspired Talks
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Seeing within: This devotee has awakened his third eye to the point
PUBLISHER'S DESK of seeing inner light in his head and hearing the holy Aum sound-
ing in his ear: He inwardly sees the satguru, who mdy not be physi-
cally present, and may occasionally glimpse the world of the Gods .

Darshan;' the Grace • Some people nave allergies to gurus, too. The guru's darshan lifts
repressed subconscious patterns that have been out of the flow of

Of Seeing the Divine' the cosmic pattern of regenerative life, brin~g them up before
one's conscious attention. Instead of feeling wonderful, the visitor
to the garden feels terrible, as the fire is brought up from within,
releasing his awareness to view the polluted state of the subcon-
scious mind. .
The spiritual energy shared in the simple act of seeing The conCfpt of darshan also embraces the guru's seeing of the
devotee. When you are in the presence of the guru, his seeing of
and being seen has the power to transform lives you and therefore knowing you and your karmas. is another ~ace.
So, darshan is a two-edged swor@, a two-way str'eet. It is a process
of seeing and being seen. 4'he devotee is seeing and in that instant
BY SATGURU SIVAYA SUBRAMUNIYASWAMI drawing forth the blessings of the satguru, the swami or the sadhu.
In turn, they are seeing the devotee and his divine place in the
N THE ORIENT, WHENEVER THE CLOUD OF In the life of a bud, noth- universe. Both happen within the moment, and that moment, like
j _'J~"'_ covers the soul of 'a devotee, the dar- ing happens until unfold- a vision, grows stronger as the years go by, not like imaginatlon, - I
shan of the Gods is sought. Whenever it be·- ment begins. The same is which fades away. It is an ever-growing spiritual experience. The ' I

comes difficult to meditate, his grace is true for the fme soul. It sense of separation is transcended, so there is a oneness between
hoped for to lift the veil of delusion and re- happens occasionally that seer and seen. This is monistic theism; this is Advaita Ishvaravada.
lease awareness from the darker areas of mind to someone comes along and Each is seeing the other and momentarily being the other.
soar within. If you were to travel through India picks the bud. This means Some people are more sensitive to fragrance than others. Others
on a spiritual pilgrimage, you would undoubtedly the fine soul is in the are so seilless and sensitive they can become he fragrance itself
hear much about the Sanskrit word darshan, wrong company. Now nei- for a time. In such a person, the rose smells sweet through every
meaning "vision, seeing or perception," But in its ther the bud nor the soul pore of his body. He is not in the least aware of any subconscious
mystical usage 'darshan is also the feeling of the can unfold. But when they ,congested area of the mind. He sits in the garden and goes deep
emotions of a holy person; the intellect, the spiri- are protected nicely in a into meditation on the subtle fragrance of the flowers. The same
tual qualities that he has-attained, and most im-- garden or ashram by a principle relates to the unfolded soul. Darshan pours forth from
portantly the shakti, the power, that has changed careful gardener, or guru, within the unfolded soul just as fragrance flows from the rose- . ~
him and is there constantly to change others. Darshan ~ncompass­ the bud and the soul unfold beautifully. seeming stronger at times than at others because some de)lotees
es the entirety of the being of a person of spiritual attainment. In With just their first little opening to are more. in tune than others. For them, the room begins to ring
India, everyone' is involved in darshan. Some at a temple have dar- the world, they begin to see the lig1!t of and vibrate. Soine people are so sensitiye that when a great soul
shan of the Deity. Others at an ashram have darshan of their·swa- the outer and inner sun shining down comes to the same town, they feel his presence. This shows their
mi or on the street enjoy darshan of a sadhu. And most everyone into the core of their being. It is still too inner attunement to the constant flowing power of the darshan.
experiences doordarshan. That's the word for television in India, early, of course, for the rose to have a Everyone has some feelings radiating from withjn, but they are
meaning "seeing from afar." Even this seeing, through movies, noticeable fragrance or the soul a dar- emanations that fluctuate. Because you feel these vibrations com-
news and various prqgrams of mystery, tragedy, humor; the fine shan, We might appreciate them closely, ing from them, you can intuit how they are feeling. They do not
arts and culture, carr-affect our emotions, intellect, pulling us down but we would detect little in this early emanate a constant or a building flow. It is a fluctuating flow of
or lifting us up in consciousness. Se.eing is such a powerful dimen- and delicate stage of unfolding. At this emotional or 'astral energy. The darshan I am explairling is really
sion of life, and it affects us in so many ways, inside and out. time the unfolding soul might say, "I can the energies flowing from the deeper chakras, sahasrara anp ajna,
HiI}dus travel for miles to receive the darshan of an illumined see the light m my head and in my the seventh anctsixth chakras or psychic force centers in the head,
soul "established in his enlightenment. Perhaps he does not speak to body." And the suns-rays keep pouring through the kundalini force within the spine. These energy flows
them. Perhaps he scolds some of them. Perhaps he gives the most into the rose, penetrating into the stem do not fluctuate as the emotional odic-force energies do, They go
inspired of talks to them. In any case, they feel the darshan flood- and as deep as the roots. It is feeling on day and night and night and day througl). the illumined soul.
ing out from hil!l. A great soul is always gi~ darshan. Hindus stronger and unfolding more and more. Those devotees who are in tune with the guru can feel his physicaJ
believe that the darshan coming from a great soul helps them in If no one picks it becaus~ of its unfold- presenge when he enters the:ir town because the darshan gets
their evolution, changes patterns in their life by cleaning up areas ing beauty, the rose continues to unfold stronger. And it feels to them more ethereal when he is farther
of their subconscious mind that they could not possibly have done until it opens into all its glory. Then a away. These energy flows are very important to study, because jt is
for themselves. They further helieve that if his darshan is strong wonderful thing happens. The perfume possible to draw and enjoy a great darshan from an illumined soul
enough, if they are in tune with him.enough, by its power the kun- of th~ rose fills the air day and night. It if you approach him in just the right way. If you can become as a
dalini force can be stimulated en,{mgh that they can really begin to is the da~han of the rose. sponge wher( you approach him, you will draw out beautiful talks
To some people the bouquet of the and other profound feelings from him. The Hindu is conscious that
meditate. This is called the grace of the guru. The ability to medi-
tate comes from this grace. You must have it before you can begin rose is very strong; to others it is rather weak. Is the emanation of ' but he is too negative to feel it. But the darshan permeates him ' he is drawing darshan from his rishi or his satguru, just as you are
to meditate, or you must do severe austerities by yourself instead. the rose stronger at one time than another? No. It is always the just the same. He goes away from the garden not having smelled a conscious of drawing the perfume of the rose into your body.
Darshan and the unfolding 'soul on the path are like the rose. same. It goes on and on and on, maturing all the while into a rose, but carrying the perfume of the rose himself If you stand When approaching a soul who is known to give darshan, be in the
When the rose is a bud, it does not give forth a perfume. Unfold- deeper, richer, more pofent scent. Soon it is filling the entire gar- away from the rose, you smell less of its fragrance. Bring yourself same area of the superconScious mind that you feel he must be in.
me nt is just beginning. We admfre the beauty of the bud, the stem, den. But to the one who comes into the garden with a stuffy nose, really close, and more of its strong and pungent scent will pene- The guru does not have to bedlecessarily functioning in that same
the leaves and the thorns. We are aware that it has the potential of there is only the beauty or the flower to experience. trate your body. area. He could be eJRernalize"tl in consciousness at the time. This is
a great flower.'In the same way, we appreciate a beautiful soul who In the same way, one who is closed on the inside of himself miss- Darshan from a great soul, like the pollen of the flowers, can not important. It does not stop his darshan at all. The guru, feeling
comes along, seeing in him the potential of a spiritual mission in e s the darshan of the awakened soul. He sees in the greater soul stimulate healthy sneezing and cleansing if one's subconscious hap- you draw the darshan, would immediately go within and enjoy it
this life. just another ordinary person like himself The darshan is there, pens to .be congested. Call it, if you like, an allergy to flowers. himself Once darshan is there in him, it is always there.


Thank You for Bridging Then you stand up and say, "Hey, look at me! make the CPC a success. Unfortunately, it is a
, ,
AS SOMEONE WHO GREW UP IN THE WEST Don't I look tough, powerful and strong?" ~ occasion where reporters and photogra-
and lived as Western a life as one can live, I
w~t you to know how much f love HIN-
DUISM TODAY. I fell in love with India for In-
No, you've only lost face and hurt your own
precious land. You've invited horrible de-
struction for your own people and all the
phers that wish to report on the Deuki sys-
tem take the appropriate time and care to
represent (or even visit) the community as it
kfinduisms I=uture in
dia, not because of Hinduism. I, in fact,
knew nothing about the religion and culture.
I knew only that I never wanted to leave the
banks of Mother Ganga. I am leathing about
citizens of this planet. In the eyes of the
world you are like .a peaceful old man sud-
denly slipping into the violent throws of se-
nility. Snap out of it! Wake up before its too
is today.
'The New South +Jfrica
it ,slowly, for I am simply letting it seep into late. .
my cells rather than trying 'to memorize DAMARA SHANMUGA Safeguard is Not Guarding HINDUISM TODAY was founded January 5, 1979, Will the flame of our religion continue to
facts. Your magazine is one of the few writ- SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, us HOW CAN THE DIRECTORS OF THE HINDU by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, for the
ten pieces on Hinduism that I simply de- , House profess to be devoted to bridging tlI~ following purposes: 1. To foster Hindu solidarity
as a unity in diversity amoJ;lg all sects and lin-
burn and glow eternally with all the changes?
vour. It contains just the right amount of re- caste divides in Mauritius, as reported in
ligion, spirituality and dogma with a sense ~ New Century's New Year our local press whenl they have been' in- eages; 2. To inform and inspire Hindus world-
of appealing to those of us who may not be YOUR READERS MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN volved in recent years in some of the most wide and people interested in Hinduism; 3. To BY AJITH BRIDGRAJ
already convinced of the facts. Thank you knowing that April 14th this year was the appalling caste lobbying in the history of dispel myths, illusions and misinformation
for being a wonderful bridge between me commencement of the 52nd century of the- this country? Far from uniting Hindus, the about Hinduism; 4. To protect, preserve and gue. Even those who have re-
and this glorious culture in whose midst Hindu calendar-the Kali Yuga. It is the year Hindu House is yet another divisive factor promote the sacred Vedas and the Hindu reli-
culture frrst touched the mained loyal Hindus lament the
5100. This is the solar New Year in t'he Hin- for us. It is encouraging the sectarian win- gion; 5. To nurture and monitor the ongoing
G0d has graciously put me. shores of South Africa al- fact that very few opportunities
spiritual Hindu renaissance. We invite our read-
PHOEBE GARFIELD du calendar and every year it is widely cele- ner-take-all mentality among castes and re- most 140 years ago when exist for the mastering of Hindu
..' brated in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, bambodia gional groups. There is a crying need for
ers to share these purposes with us by WTiting
lette rs, contributing reports and articles on
the frrst load of indentured languages and scriptures. /
and many other South East Asian countries. genuine promotion of cu'ltural activities in Indian laborers from the Indian As for the Hindu youth, the
events, sending news clippings and encouraging
Rewriting Indology NARESHA DURAISWAMY the Hindu community. Hindu youths in othe s to subscribe. motherland were brought to the country's integration process-
YOU HAVE DONE A VALUABLE SERVICE BY COLOMBO, SRI LANKA Mauritius are, from childhood on, discour- province of KwaZulu-Natal in particularly at schools and uni-
bringing it to the attention of your readers , aged from taking part in artistic activities. versities- sees them being
1860 on board the Truro.
through your very fme article [Cracking the Parents fear this may distract them from our Publisher: Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
The harsh, oppressive condi- bombarded by diverse cultural
Admin. Dir.: Paramacharya B0dhinatha
Indus Valley CQde, LANGUAGE, May, '98]. In Hail Vegetarianism! rat race educational courses. The result is
Editor-in-Chiej': Acharya Palaniswami tions under which these early influences. Religious leaders,
nearly two centuries of existence, Indology I DECIDED NOT TO EAT MEAT OR FISH BE- that too many Hindu youth grow up to be- Publisher's Aide: Acharya Ceyonsw1uni arrivals toiled were tantamount to slavery. parents and apathetic youth-some of
has given us: 1) the Aryan invasion; cause I've considered it not to be ethical. come money-minded philistines. Who will Deputy Editor: Acharya Kumarswami But the indomitable spirit of these pioneer- whom openly confess to being "embar-
2) turned the maritime Vedic people into However, my family discovered it, and all I save us from this sad state of affairs? Managing Editor: Sannyasi Arumugaswami ing groups of Indians ensured that the rassed" about lending support to or partici-
Steppe nomads who had never seen the could hear about it was that I was becoming B. GOVINDRAO Graphics Director: Sannyasi Natarajnathaswami seeds of Hinduism were sown and nurtured pating in Hindu arts and cultural
ocean; and 3) Proto-Dravidian as the lan- mentally insane, not a normal person, and I POSTE LAFAYETTE, MAURITIUS Mauritius Editor: Sannyasi Sivamurugaswami over successive generations with· the same festivals-must share responsibility for this
guage of the Harappans! We must go di- was being influenced by someone with Mauritius Staff Writer: Sannyasi Sivadevaswami care as the lush sugarcane fields that began unfortunate state of affairs.
rectly to the public ~th our findings. We strange ideas. I think this is an example about About That Sari Prod.lPromotion Mgr.: Sannyasi Sivakatirswami to thrive in the former British colony. Salutations ~ust, however, be extended to
must develop an independent school of how backward the so-called "rational and hu- Thank you for the wonderful articles, infor- Managing Ed. 's Aide: Tyagi Saravanannathaswami Presently, South Africa is aptly referred to several Hindu bodies which are actively
thought that serves as an alternative to In- manist" West still is. It is funny to see how mation and photo~ of the beautiful saris. Dep. ManagingEd.: Tyagi Karttikeyanatha involved in the upliftment, of some of the
as a "rainbow nation," but among the het-
They are, as you stated, wonderful works of Editor-in-Chiefs Aide: Yogi Yuganatha
dblogy, challenging it on its own ground. mfmy people love their dogs and cats, smile erogeneous cacophony of cultural and reli- most downtrodden of South Africa's people
Advertising Manager: Sadhaka Jothinatha
PROF . NAVARATNA S. 'RAJARAM in front of a monkey or are horrified by; the art which can be worn to express so many gious persuasions that has become rooted who eke out miserable exist nces under
SubSCription Manager: Sadhaka Adinatha
BASAVANAKUDI, BANGALORE, INDIA killing of seals. It is also curious how many thoughts and ideas. I have never worn one, Correspondents: Gowri Shankar & Anandhi Rama- in South African soil, Hinduism still com- conditions of abject poverty. Although at-
people consider abortion as a crime, while but you have inspired me to try. chandran, Chennai; Choodamani Shivaram, Bangalore; mands a proud and substantive folloWing. tendances at informal Hindu art, cultural
Sacred Landscapes happily eating a killed pig or cow, if not PESHALA VARADAN Rajiv Malik, Prabha Prabhakaf Bhardwaj, Mangala The nectar of Hinduism is being quaffed and drama classes continue to dwindle,
IN MY RESEARCH I HAVE COME ACROSS SA- worse. This logic dominates an entire society. ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND, US Prasad Mohanty, Delhi; V S. Gopalakrishnan, Kerala; by whites and ~digenous black South instructors persevere admirably in their
cred plants but have not discovered any in- , Basudeb Dhar, Bangladesh; Archana Dongre, Los An- -quest to spread the cultural richness of
NUNO PESTANA Africans who have come to embrace it.
forr:qption on the design or layout of sacred COPENHAGEN, DENMARK geles; Lavina Melwani, New York; Dr. Hari Bansh Jha, Whilst this triclqe towards Hinduism Hinduism to the religion's future-the
Hindu landscapes [India's Savior of Sacred , Correction Nepal; Parasram Ramoutar, Anil Mahabir, Trinidad; bears good tidings for Hinduism's staunch youth. Entrepreneurs are also playing their
Plants, ETHNOBOTANY, May, '98]. Much has ..IN YOUR APRIL, 98 ISSUE OF HINDUISM Dr. Devananda Tandavan, Chicago; V G. Julie Rajan, role by opening restaurants that serve tra- ,
devotees in South Africa, the torrent of
been written on.the temple architecture, un- Cr'edit Wrongly Favored TODAY [BRIEFLY] y~u stated, "Over 75 Philadelphia; Shikha Malaviya, Minnesota; Rajesh Jan-
tilal, South Africa; Tara Katir, Hawaii. Sanskritist: Dr.
conversions away is of great concern. The ditio~al Indian delicacies-in this way, in-
fortunately the landscape appears to be ne- I LIVED AT THE CHILD PROTECTION CEN- Trustees and Head of Temple gathered in highest rate of conversion is towards Chris- terest in Indian cuisine is being spread to
S. Jayaraman, New York. Artists: A. Manivelu, S. Ra-
glected. I would be delighted to hear from ter (CPC) that you mentioned as the sole pro- Udupi, Kerala." Udupi is not in Kerala, but in jam. Cartoonists: Barry Geller, David Lourie, Mario tianity. Converts complain of a lack of un- all sectors of South Africa's rainbow nation.
anybody who has information on this subject. gram working with the Deuki p6pulation in the state of Karnataka. de Miranda, Manick Sorear, Gary L. Stair, Bob Thaves. derstanding of the basic pillars of Hin- In looking ahead though, a few causes of
TONyTAPAR Nepal [In God's Name, INHUMANITY, DeC., P. VASUDEVA PRABHU Photo Contributors: Thomas L. Kelly, Stephen P. duism. The religion is bound t09 much by concern remai'n. It is up to all whose spiri-
COVENTR~ENGLAND,UK '98]. You recognized Krishna Poon of Snehi JERSEY CITY, NEW JERS,!'Y, US Huyler, D ev Raj Agrawal, Phal S. Girota, ~ny Stone rituals and traditions that may have ~ost tuality is grounded on the bedrock of Hin-
, Women's . Awareness Center (SWAC) in Images, Photobank, Art Wolfe Inc. , Gordon Wiltsie, their relevance in the modern era. Hindu duism-especially parents and religious
Baitadi as the NGO working with Deukis. In Indivar Sivanathan. W eb Masters: Deva Seyon, Sad- religious leaders tend ·to remain too aloof leaders- to ensure that succeeding genera-
Letters with writers name, address and daytime
Dear India... ." fact, Poon has no relationship with the CPC, phone number, should be sent to: hunathan Nadesan. Scanning: Vikram Patel, New and, therefore, inaccessible when their tions have the will, the dedication and an
WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING? I and in the two years that I've lived there, York. Distribution: USA: Ingram PeriOdicals, New unwavering belief in the virtues of Hin-
Letters, HINDUISM ToDAY spiritual counseling is most desperately
am shocked, surprised' and so very disap- Poon has never visited or had any involve- 107 Kaholalele Road Leaf, EBSCO Subscription Services, Indo-US Books,
required. The former apartheid regime duism, to sustain it into the next millenni-
KAPAA, HAWAII, 96746-9304 USA One ource, Ubiquity, Total Circulation-.Services.
pOinted [at your nuclear test] . In my mind ment with the CPC or this commUcity. The paid only lip service to the concept of reli- um and beyond.
or faxed to: (808) 822-4351 Canada: Gordon and Gotch. Europe: SWETS Sub-
India has always been the bastion of peace NGO responsible for the management of the gious freedom, a noble principle enshrined
or e-mailed to: scription Service. Malaysia and Singapore: Sanathana
on this planet. The rest of us just needed to cpe is the Tripura Sundari Village Develop- , Dharma Publications. South Africa: Atlas Printers. In- in the present South African constitution. AJITH BRIDGRAJ, 34, is a school teacher and
catch up withyour enlightened ways in or- merit Association/Nepal (TSVDAIN). TSV- Letters may be edited for space and clarity and may dia: Central News Agency Limited, New Delhi. But the forces of Hinduism have not moved freelance journalist who serves in many of
der to make this a better place. Now, you've DAIN, with UNICEF support, and the com- appear in electronic versions of HINDUISM TODAY. Printer: Banta Publications Group, Kansas City fast enough to capitalize on this, some ar- his country's social upliftment projects.
given yourself two huge, awful black eyes. munity in Melauli, has struggled together to '" INDICATES LEITERS RECEIVED VIA E-MAIL


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EDITORIAL nies. America knows that India is per-
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capability and have started wars in

Is' India's
. 'Nuclear. Threat
the past. America knows that its mili-
tary umbrella (the one that covers
South Korea, Australia, Japan and the
"To do good is noble. To 8.dvise others to do good
is also noble ... 8nd much less trouble."
NATO nations) does not shelter India,

Mere Gorilta' Dust? and that she has a sovereign right to

protect herself America also knows
that India is not a volatile or vicious
American humorist Mark Twain (1835-1910)

state, that she has been, in fact, an ex-

Bharafs bombshell stuns the world, but few emplar of political and military
restraint and reconciliation, unlike the
WesterI?-ers heard the explosion of national pride rogue states of Muammar Khadafy

and Saddham ..Hussein. America also .;
knows that India is informed, in hr:r - '\ ' . .
.! .
BY, THE EDITOR heart, by the gentle ethic of non-
violence, and by spiritual values that ~ NOW J5 --mE TIM ( t1Y
"'0 .

are pervasive and prodigious.

HEN TWO MALE GORILLAS CONFRONT EACH OTHER, Of course, the real worry in the West is not that peace-loving BELOVE.D COUNTRYMEN
they're too canny most of the time to actually fight, so
they resort to the tried-and-true political tactic of intim-
India will actually use the bomb. It is this: If America cant
track the nuclear plans of a friendly democracy, what can we ex- 1i6HTEN YouR6EL.T6~ .. ROLL
Both scurry about in a frenzy, grimacing menac-
beating their chests ,and tossing clouds of dirt into
pect of its ability to monitor enemy states like Libya, Iran and
Iraq? And what about May 27th'S tests in Muslim Pakistan? It
the air. It's a serious encoiinter, full of powerful .and primitive ener- irks that India has become capable of making such devices, for lJPYOUR
gies, a test of testosterone. Soon one b.ecomes convinced that the
other could win the threatened physical engagement, and.retreats.
it implies an enormous sophistication and national will. Sudden-
ly, India is not a shabby, backwater nation worshiping cows and
It's called gorilla dust, and nations stir it up all the time. hawking handicrafts at bargain prices. As of May, 1998, India is
On May 15 and 17, Igg8 a real cloud oflethal dust rose above -dare it be said?-a peer, the nuclear tribe's sixth primate.
the stark plains of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. On those two Call it the sound of one Indian gorilla knapping, or one Yankee
days the world's largest democracy and arguab~y the world's oldest gorilla napping. It's true, the vaunted VIrginia spies blinked and
continuous civilization and home to half of the wOPld's free popula- missed the whole thing. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman
tion, exploded five devices and. announced to a stunn~d world that Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican, deplored what he called
it had joined the prestigious Nuclear Family. While INdians danced "a colossal failure of our intelligence gathering-possibly the great-
for joy in the streets, Bill Clinton shared another view from the est'failure in more than a decade': of the $27-billion-a-year intelli-
parapets of the world's most powerful democ- gence community. I enjoyed the Indian physi-
racy, announcing on TV that "India is a cist's response to all the hand-wringing and
perfectly wonderful country, a great country. finger-pointing at the qIA and in swiftly-
It is not necessary for them to manifest convened what-went-wrong Congressional
national greatness by doing this." That this meetings on US national ~curity. He assured
was the first time ir\' history that the Man had America that it was not their fault: "It's not a
accused India of being a Great Country is ex- failure of the CIA," said Indian nuclear
actly the point, Indians say. Finally, a nation researcher G. Balachandran. "It's, a matter of .
regm;ded spiritually with virtual reverence their intelligence being good, our deception
was 'getting some old-fashioned political adu- being better." Dr. R.R. Subramanian, a
lation. In its May 25th issue, Newsweek ran a nuclear physicist with New Delhi's indepen-
full 11 pages about Bharat's Bomb-the first dent Institute for Defense Studies and Analy- A boy asks God, "How much is a million Our civilization ha~ come under a new A little boy asked his father, "Daddy, how
serious series on India in recent memory- . ses, said hiding preparations for the tests was rupees to you?" God says, «Like one ru- ~sault with the entire globalization of a much does it cost to get married?" His
and New York Time's John Burns wrote, merely a matter of choosing the hours when pee." The boy asks, "How much is a million rotten food culture. The McDonald's expe- • father replied, "I don't know, son. I'm still
"Whatever else the Indian tests may have satellites were looking elsewhere to move {he years to you?" and God answers,"It's like rience is really the experience of eating paying for it."
meant to a world eager to lessen the menace necessary people and chemicals. How did
one second." The boy asks, "Can I have a junk whilst thinking you are in heaven.
of nuclear weapons, the react.i.ons abroad and they find thy times? They are posted daily
on the Internet! rupee?" God answers, «Sure, just'give me a Environmentalist Vandana Shiv,a criticizing My grandfather said that there were two
at home showed the existence of two Indias:
one that occupies a favored spase in the Mid-May's explosions were one part second to fInish what I'm_doing." fast food chains. She is the Director.Qf the kinds of people-those who did the work
world's consciousness, the India of Buddha military, nine parts psychological. In that Research Foundation for Science, Technol- and those who took credit. He said I should ,
and Mohandas K. Gandhi, of ashrams and sa- " atomic tempest Indians won the battle witl~­ Most film workers live in fear of not work- ogy and Natural Resource Policy, a net- always try to be in the first group, because
cred rivers, of huddled mass~s of the poor, yerurning for relief yet in, the war against their own uncertainty and self-deprecation. there was much less competition. Indira
ing again. Voting for a comeback- perfor- work of researchers specializing in sustain-
ever serene; and another India, awakening to the modern world, It is hard for nations jlVho never had to endure centuries of
impatient of old indignities and.)nfrrmities, eager for symbols of humiliating occupation from conquerors to imagine the profound manc!,! is sending out good karma. Top able agriculture and development in India. Gandhi, late Prime Minister of India.
national wealth and power." impact of these exploit~ on the national psyche. Little wonder Hollywood critic Gene Siskel, speaking at
America is perhaps at heart secretly happy about India's aston- they are celebrating their overnight transformation from pitiable the 1998 Oscar awards on the benefit to all However subtle the sundry texts he studies, I asked a bookstore clerk, «Where's the self-
ishing achievement. Mter all, a strong India assures the .safety of to powerful. Who wouldn't? In Delhi's streets common folk- comeback actors and actresses when one of a man is left with his native intelligence. help section?" She said if she told me, it
the above-mentioned half of the free peoples and secures the tired of aping the West and reading all the foreign media would defeat the purpose.
monkey-business-exult, "The chimp's turned champ." them wins an award. Tlrukural, Verse .373
Asian turf for Coca Cola, Boeing and a thousand other Us.,compa-


r ,

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HlI1du 111 er alchemy 111 the traditIOn of Paramahamsa Satyananda Sarasvatl
18 19
By AJITH BRIDGRAJ, DURBAN With such a tapestr-y as a backdrop, it's lit- Notwithstanding these civic SUGcesses, a
VERY MAJOR WORLD CITY HAS A tle wonder thtJ-t the city has such a rich cul- thriving Indian community does not a vi-
"Little India" district. But the conti- tural and artistic life. Cultural enthusiasts brant Hindu religion make, and there are
nent of Africa, apparently accus- will be greeted by a kaleidoscope of Indian, mixeq. views regarding the vitality 0f Hin-
tomed to being grandiose,l' has an Colonial and African traditions that have duism' in South Africa. Many well-estab-
entire "Little India" nation-that is" prospered in the city and given rise to a lis!lj:'!d Hindu organizations prosper here, to
South Africa. Of all thl( countries wide variety of food, restaurants, arts and be sure, and the religion has a long history,
Indians have adopted-once transcending crafts, and ethnic dance forms." which gives a certain stability. But there ex-
the "imported indentured laborers" stigma- It would be difficult to overstress how ists a high conversion rate away from Hin- "-
South Africa is by far the most endeared to deeply the traditions of Hindu culture- duism, primarily to Christianity, and a state
the Indians who live here. It is S'unilarly dance, dress, philosophy, food, etc.--="are ap- of spiritual dormancy seems to prevail.
reve~ by Indians in India, as the heroic Ma- preciated by the South African populace To be, or not-to be ... Hlndu: While speaking
• hatma Candhi had his beginnings here. His and how graciously these contributions are with HINDUISM TODAY, Linda Covender, a
first-hand experiences of apartheid in South received. school teacher in Durban, divulged why she
Africa were critical in forming his satyagra- Another page on this website recounts the, turned away from Hinduism. "I was plagued .,.
ha strategies and ~ssion. And, there is per- history of Indians in Durban, and virtually by a prolonged period of illness, which doc-
haps no other non-Asian country that feels the same tale can be told for each major city tors were unable to curet. But I noticed 11
that Indians-and their reli- slight improvement in my condi-
gion-are such an important and tion after the pastor from the 10-
integral-part of the nation. Indi- cal church began to pray for me.
ans are counted as one of the The dynamic youth movement
"Big Three" ethnic majorities. at the church also pro~ided a
The Durban Experience web- spiritual and social outlet for my
site ( ex- son, something we did not have
emplifies this spirit. A page on as Hindus. In fac!; I did not even
the city's ethnic makeup reads, know who the local Hindu priest
"If cultural diversity were the was when I reilly needed some-
criterion for choosing the capital one to minister to my needs."
of tIfe new South Africa, then Other youth corroborate the
Durban would be.the only city essence of Covender's story. Ur-
in the running. In a country isha Brijlall, a pupil at the A.D.
dubbed the Rainbow Nation, Lazarus Secondary scHool, Dur-
this port city is blessed with the ban, warns, "Hindus need to be
most vibrant ml.x of the ethnic enlightened on the immense
and cultural paint brush. The depth of their religion and her-
metropolis is hom~ to ~ee ma- itage. Unfortunately, many Hin-
jor social groupings, each -with dus are exploring new canals of
its own rich history and tradi- thought and are converting to
tions It was the labor of the no- other religip ns." Cassandra Sub-
ble ; descendants of Shaka's ramony, a 15-year-olq classmate
mighty Zulu Nation which made of Brijlall complains, "Hinduism
the city the commercial and in- is to me the most intriguing, an-
dustrial hub of the province. cient religion, which provides
Now with the demise of deep insights through its philoso-
apartheid, they have become . ~ phies. But, sadly, I think that
the major political force in the ~ many Hindus in South Africa are
region, ....with members of both ~ not practicing these majestic
the two biggest parties, the AN.C ;- teachings. Many of the youth do
and IFP, proud to be called Zu- ~ not show tolerance and respect •
Ius. The quirks and mannerisms ~ for other reljgions. Many, more
of the British settlers in Natal Salute: Hindu youth dancers at the World Hindu. Conference, 1995 are unable to speak their mother
earned the province its nick- tongue. Also, if Hindu elders
name of Last Outpost of the British Empire. in the nation. "From 1849 to 18'51, over cannot teach their children the basic princi-
Now the great-great-grandchildren of those 4,000 British settlers came to Natal under a pIes of Hinduism, then many souls will be
hardy pioneers consider themselves as scheme which was devised by Joseph Byrne. lost in the world, for where there is no un-
South African as their Zulu neighbors. were
There many businessmen among derstanding, there incorrect action.
"The forerunners of Durban's thriving In- them, and from this time onwards the small We are currently witnessing this as teen-
dian community arrived in :r5.urban as pen- . village Durban began to progress. Short- agers turn to dangerQus past-times like alco-
niless indentured laborers last century. ly after this event it was found that sugar hoI and drug abuse."
Since-then they have built'themselves into a was a suitable and prefitable crop to,.grow, Saraspathi Naidu, age 35, of Phoenix, also
force to be reckoned with, in the fields of and the development was rapid. It was this converted to Christianity. Her grievances are
commerce, culture and politics. Apart from development which prompted the \,rovince a clarion call to Hindu leaders: 'J\s a Hindu,
the big three, D1¥ban is also home to people to imp(Jrt laborers from India, and these, in I found myself bogged d0Wl:l with ritualistic
of Dutch, Portuguese and Chinese descent turn, were followed by traders. Today their worship. Most of the time I did not under-
to name only a few. And many Gf them are descendents form a very important part of stand why I was doing the things I did.
second or third ' generation Durbanites. the Durban citizenry." When I inquired, I had to be content with

AUGUST , 1998 H r NDUlsM TODAY 21

cult, as they had to reside in communal the Sangam a uriiversal mission available to
barracks and survive on food rations," all of humanity, it has not yet made inroads
says the Pandita. ' into non-Indian communities.
The Arya Prathinidhi Sabha (APS) is Temple tour: The oldest temples in South
the parent body of the Arya Samaj Move- Africa are located in and around Durban.
ment in South Africa. The Durban Isthri Prominent are the Siva Soobramaniar Alay-
Samaj and the Arya Stree Samaj are am, the Vishnu Temple of Newlands and the
women's adjurfcts. Nanackchand belongs Sathie Sanmarga Sungam, Asherville. Even
to all three, stressing that she emerged from the tourism-based Durban Experience web-
a deeply religious and strong Puranic back- site promotes visits to Hindu temples. The
ground and was well schooled in Hindi be- site states, "The Umgeni Road TempI Com-
fore she married at the age of 18. In plex provides for all forms of traditional
1971-72, she and five others responded to a Hinduism. It is one of the oldest and largest
call for women to join the priesthood: "In in South Africa, dating back to 1883. Its ar-
1975, following the successful com.pletion of Protest: Hindus react boldly to denigration chitecture and central shrine are reminis-
examinations, I was given the gown and cent of shrines found throughout South In-
,have been practicing as a priest ever since." headed the Center"until his death in 1994. ella. The Durban Hindu Temple in Somtseu
Nanackchand boasts that the movement was Currently, the Center is headed by Swami Road was built in 1901 and recalls the ele-
the forerunner in granting women priests Saradananda." gance of the Nort}} Indian architecture, al-
privileges equal to those enjoyed by men. Since.•,singh's 'induction into the Center, though there are Victorian and Islamic in-
"Currently there are almost 30 female seven ashrams, including one for nuns, have fluences. The eight temples of Cato Manor
priests in the country," she reports. . been •constructed throughout the country. in Bellair Road survived a rocky hiS'tory
The APS propagates the teachings of the Singh has also seen a feeding scheme ex- when apartheid laws evicted the Indian
Vedas, and its Vedic temples are popular. But pand massively since its launching in the community from the area. Today regUlar re-
Synod: Swami Saradananda (third from left) and guests of the Ramakrishna Centre, Dur-ban the APS also engages significantly in social 1950s. "We feed abouf 7,500 underprivi- ligious acHvities ' include an annual fire-
service. Founded in 1921, the 'Aryan Benev- leged Indian and African schoolchildren on walking ceremony."
the explanation that those were the way our fiber. Swami Sahajananda, present head of olent Home, essentially an ashram for the a daily basis. Approximately 1,200 destitute "Encouraging for me is the high turn-out
ancestors had done things. Now, as a Christ- the DLS, devotes a great deal of energy and homeless on the outskirts of Chatsworth, has welfare families receive grocery hampers of the youth to temples on auspicious days," RIlSolution: Gandhi in South Africa in 1913
ian, I have a holy book, the Bible, which I can attention to children. Yoga camps are a DLS become a major cornerstone of the APS. The fromtthe Center," details Singh. punctuates twenty-year-old Niren Maharaj, at the outset of his life'S mission
read and understand and which is constant- specialty. Apart from ministering to the reli- APS also provides much-needed counseling Regular youth cqrnps are held to minister a student at the University ofD~ban- West-
ly discussed and analyzed in church. Hindu gious and spiritual needs of devotees, the and support to victims of wife abuse, rape to the needs of the Center's young devotees, ville. Undaunted about the future, he says, SATYAGRAHA
leaders, however, do not place a high premi- DLS is deeply committed to community and impending divorce. "We have estab- while bi-annual yoga intensives draw atten- "There is no doubt that Hinduism is des-
um on acquainting Hindus with their scrip-
tural works."
welfare work, including building schools for
underprivileged (usually black) communi-
lished an ashram just outside of Durban to
house abused women from all religious and
dances of up to 250 per camp. "The Center's
work is definitely contributing to the
tined to. prosper and grow. It offers great
hope for the future." Revealing a little mis- Fount of Change
The Hindu chieftains: Conversion con- ties. Their well-known high-tech printing racial backgrounds who otherwise would process of nation-building and is also expos- sionary spirit of his own, he challenges, "I
cerns are real, but they are not felt to be a press facility makes possible in the dissemi- have no plac~ to turn to," says Nanackchand. ing Hinduism to all sectors of South African would like to urge all Hindus to become veg-
dire threat, for the dominant Hindu organi- nation of popular religious literature. Also immersed in community upliftment society," Singh testifies. I etarians and to practice yoga and medita- The crusade that
zations in South Africa do minister actively
to a large number of steadfast devotees.
The Arya Samaj, too, has firmly nurtured
Hindus in South Africa since its inception in
is the 56-year-old Ramakrishna Center. S.P.
Singh, a retired schoo] principal who has
Ever since its humble origins in the shan-
ty town settlement of Magazine Barracks in
tion. Only then will we experience the mag-
ic of inner peace and serenity that Hinduism
transformed two nations
Most encouraging to all is the fact that youth 1906. Staunch devotee Pandita Nanackc- been with the Center for three decades, re- 1931, the Saiva Siddhanta Sangam (SSS) has can b'ring." ..
figure prominently-through attendance as hand, 74, one of the first females inducted lates, "The Center was founded in 1942 by made tremendous strides ana continues to By AJITH BRIDGRAJ, DURBAN
well as in conception and organization-in into the South African priesthood, became a Swami Nischalananda, who passed away in profoundly impact the lives of hundreds of • IGHTY-FIVE YEARS H AVE ELAPSED
temple functions and the popular yoga
camps held by several institutions.
follower after marriage. "My paternal grand-
father came to South Africa with the first
1965 and was succeeded by his only monas-
tic disciple, Swami Shivapadananda. He
Hindu families. The founding head of the
SSS was Brahma Sri Siva Soobramonia Guru Picture Perfect .t. since Mohandas K. Gandhi sailed out
of South Africa to change the course of
Strict disciplines of meditation and vege- indentured Pldians in 1860," she recalls. SWamigal. "Following his demise in 1953, he I India. But South Africa was trans-
tarianism are emphasized by the Divine Her grandfather had become embroiled in 11- Prayer power: Pandita Nanackchand of the was succeeded by my father, Sri Karuna- The photos formed, too. "Gandhi's twenty-y~ar stay
Life Society (DLS), as well as a ban on family dispute over property in Benares, Arya Samaj performs a Hindu w edding; ianandl;a Swamigal," says deputy spiritual for this spe- here, from 1893 to 1913 was a turning point
watching television. In this way the DLS and that motivated him to go to South ;rhe Saiva Siddhanta Sangam's Guru head Guru Ravananthar. "In all, we have cial feature in the history of South Africa," ventures
aims to produce devotees of strong moral Africa. "Their early life was extremely diffi- Ravananthar with his family at home launched 23 branches nationally," he . re- were taken Ravi Govender, curator of the Durban Cul-
ports. His son, Ravi Pillay; 35, explains that by Rajesh tural and Documentation Centre. He notes
the initial growth of the SSS was due to the Jantilal, 34, that "President Nelso;;' Mandela " often
initiative of the founding master and his dis- a primary quotes the Gandhian ideals of satyagraha
ciples. "They used to go to the Durban city school (passive resistance) and ahimsa, noninjury"
center at night and preach and sing divine teacher, Gandhi's presence dwells in the hearts of
hymns under the lampposts. Soobramonia award-win- South Africans and lingers through several
Guru also meditated nights in a cemetery in ningself- memorials. The Phoenix settlement-erect-
the city." taughtpho- ed during Gandhi's staY-still stands, albeit
The Sangam concentrates.....on conducting tographer in a dilapidated copdition. Talk abounds
venacular classes, some tutored by Guru Ra- and freelance journalist. Locally, he about renovating and preserving it for his-
vanathar. Sunday prayer services spread the covers news, sports, documentaries and toric and tourism considerations. In Pieter-
Sangam's messages of vegetarianism and fashion. Internationally, he records maritzburg, a plaque marks the spot where
service to mankind, but the height of its so- elections and national leaders for Asso- he was ejected from a train, the crucial
cial service is a feeding program that pro- ciated Press, Agence France Press, event that catalyzed his political struggles.
vides meals to '" indigent pupils in fifty Reuters and HINDUISM TODAY. An impressive statue of him' adorns Gandhi
schools in Chatsworth and surrounding ar- RAJE SH JANTILAL, 35 OGWNI, 9 RUSSELLE STREET,
Memorial Hall in the KwaZulu-Natal town
eas. Although its founding master declared of Ladysmith. ..


. rural areas. They brought with them simple
musical instruments, which they preserved

Traditions and developed over the years." Still, Goven-

der, concedes, Hindu arts have undergone
transformations recently to suit th~ masses

Tend Toward and the youth. "However," he says, "the ba-

sic elements of song, music and ~ance have
been retained."
Govender proudly reports that annual
Transition Government funding to linguistic and cul-
tural organisations by the Department of
Arts and Culture has greatly aided the pro-
motion of Hindu art forms in South Africa.
As divergent cultures Recipients include the Hindi Shiksha Sangh,
the Natal Tamil Vedic Society, the Andhra
commingle, will any Maha Sabha and the Gujarati Parishad.
remain the same? Awards range from US$lOo-$2,000.
Marveling at the large numbers of Hindus,
especially youth, who pack temples on aus-
By AJITH BRIDGRAJ, DURBAN picious festivals 'such as Sivaratri, Govender
INDUS IN SOUTH AFRICA FACE THE points to an art and culture rejuvenation
same cultural conundrums as those among Indians. He cites the enthusiastic ob-
in other countries. While Eastern servation of festivals such as Holi and' Pon-
traditions of art, music, dance, dra- gal, and he boasts that the observance ofDi- HlUnw<rand sustainer of the Hindu Studies department
ma and storytelling thrive among Indian as wali has never waned in the more than 138
well as Colonial and African communities, years of Indian presence here.
the core question remains: How much Fashion foibles: With no apparent regrets,
should we assimilate, integrate, adapt and
transform our traditional arts in order to
better fit into our locale, or in response to •I
South African Indian women no longer lim-
it themselves to any specific mode of dress.
Often their clothes-be they trendy West-
Enrolling in Hind __ ism
creative fervor? Debates -along these lines ern attire, ethnic African fashions or elegant
rage within ~ocial circles, and the answers Eastern wear-are dictated by the decorum A SUGden silence in once full classrooms does
remain largely inconclusive, seeming to be of the occasion. This was not always so. Sev-
more a matter of individual choice and enty-four-year-old Pandita Nanackchand, not drive Durban's C<dean of dharma" to dismay
opinion than a cultural ethic. grandmother of Heeranju and Netra, says
Even close sisters disagree. Heeranju and that during her youth, dresses worn by girls
Netra Prabdial are young tutors of Indian had to extend beyond th'e knees, preferably By AJITH BRIDGRAJ, DURBAN portunities. The changing racial composi-
classical dance. They were enrolled for down to -the ankles. The wearing of saris HE UNIVERSITY OF DURBAN-WEST- tion of the campus, where an increasing
training as children, and both have fur- was virtually obligatory once girls had en- ville was established in 1960 as an ex- number of African stJ}dents are now being
thered their talents out of genuine interest tered their early teens, while wearing jeans clusively "Indian" university under the admitted, may also account for the sharp
and determination to develop artistically. and pants was altogether taboo. country's apartheid race laws. But it drop in student interest.
But they differ somewhat on the issue of cul- Dance trance: (~bove) Popular The Pandita's daughter, Ishara Prabdial, would be another twenty-one years be- The core curriculum of Hindu Studies
tural fusion. Heeranju, the younger, ex- dances in Durban are ballet, rrwd- mother of Netra and Heeranju, believes In- fore the Department of Hindu Studies was ranges from elementary to detailed aspects
pressed disquiet that many teenagers, espe- em tribal and Indian. Bhamt- dian women are generally loyal to their tra- launched by Guru H.G. Dewa in Ig81. The of Hindu theology and philosophy, including
cially those in secondary schools, are natyam star Suria Gov~nder is at ditional attire and take pride in wearing department commenced with less than undergraduate courses as part of a Bachelor
ashamed of their culture and traditions. right. The Prabdial family (left to Eastern outfits, but that circumstances do twelve students, with Dewa being the only of Arts degree, and post-graduate courses
"They are becoming too Westernized," she right): Pandita Nanackchand, not alw,ays allow them to do so. "Socio-eco- staff meJIlber for the first five years. During towards a Doctorate in Hindu Studies. The
admonishes, arguing that, "The promotion Isham, Heeranju and Netra. nomic considerations demand that women its peak, the department saw two additional Department is research-oriented as well.
of Hindu culture is crucial in a multicultur- .........................................................;...... . have to find employment, and they often staff -\llembers appointed to teach 135 stu- "W:e investigate many aspects of Indian cul-
al country like ours in the midst of the pre- tury, all ragas are played on violin, dress in what is comfortable or prescribed dents. Enrollment has since shrunk drasti- ture and the direction itj s taking todw We
sent circumstances of transition. I would not harmonium, flute, clarinet, guitar by the employer," she says. Heeranju states cally, and presently there are only 15 stu- have also conducted extensive research on
like us to lose any aspect of Indian art and saxophone." All of th~se, ex- that if she is attending a prayer or wedding dents. This phenomenon is not unique to human rights issues that affect the develop-
through assimilation. We need to preserve cept the flute (if it's bamboo), are service, she would definitely dress in Indian Hindu Studies, but is mirrored in other lan- ment of Hinduism," reports Dewa. Publica-
th'e Indian identity rather than submerge as- ot Western origin. They also spec- attire, but feels that there is nothing inde- guage and religious departments. tions regularly manifest from such efforts.
pects of it in the interests of a br~ader South ulated that "In the 21ST century, cent about wearing shorts if she has to visit While Hindu studies have attracted pre- To date, the department has submitted two
African identity." Netra, on the other hand, all ragas will be played on key- the beach. Netra concurs, "The wearing of dominantly Hindu students, over the years articles to government..recognized journals,
is not so convinced. "I am not totally opposed With these issues at the fore, in April, boards as well as adopted by other forms of'" jeans, T-shirts and takkies are the norm, but there have been a few Christian, Moslem Human Rights and Hinduism and Derrwc-
to amalgamation," she counters. "In sacrific- Igg8, the Dr. Salem Jayalakshmi Interna- music." They urged an exploration of "har- on religious occasions, the Hifidu female stu- and black students. "Judging from their re- ratic'Ideals and Hinduism in South Africa.
ing some aspects of Indian art, we would be tional Centre for Performing Arts, Durban, mony in ragas." dents generally dress in traditional garb." marks," 'professes Dewa, "these students Various pamphlets and bulletins are also
enriching ourselves by drawing from anoth- in conjunction with the University of Dur- • Raj Govender, the Regional Head of Arts, Netta has noticed a significant interest by have found the courses extremely in~rest­ produced regularly, as well as the monthly
er"'o f South Africa's cultural groups." ban-Westville, staged the International Car- Culture and Youth Affairs for the govern- non-Indian students in traditional Indian ing and innovative." Yet the number of non- newsletter, Nidan.
Heeranju also blames a lack of under- natic Music Conference, focusing on the ment of KwaZulu Natal, one of South dress and adornments, including nose rings. Hindu enrollees remains small. D~wa, 60, South African by birth, Dewa has been
standing of Indian languages as fostering theme of "Carnatic music into the 21ST cen- Africa's nine regions, feels no threat to the So if Indians are diluting their dress to some who possesses a Masters in Indian Philoso- steeped in religion since chitdhood. He tells,
youth uninterested in Eastern songs. "Many tury." The' assembly sought to envision the Indian identity. "Indians have kept their cul- degree, there is -;'ome small compensation phy as well as a doctorate in Hinduism, be- "I learned about many aspects of Hinduism
are unable to understand the rich and pro- direction that Carnatic music in particular ture alive through the observance of reli- provided by the fond embrace of their eth- lieves the decline is simply because Hindu on the knees of my mother." He is closely af-
found Indian lyrics," she laments. was headed, noting that, "In the 20TH cen- gious and cultural festivals, especially in the nic neighbors. " ~ Studies does not lead to lucrative career op- filiated with the Vedanta Mission. ..


The Jewel of India, which opened in 1996,
is located on the ground floor of the Holiday
Inn Crown Plaza, ane ; of Durban's pash
beachfront hotels. Delectable Eastern aro-
mas greet all who enter this exclusive restau-
rant, while mellifluous Indian melodies set
the aural setting and, to top the ambiance,
Indian dancers perform on a strategically lo-
cated stage. For those who. require the ulti:
mate in Indian nostalgia, the Palace Roam
allows guests to enjoy their royal rations
while seated in a circle on the floor.
Mr. Ajit Kanakia, an Indian national from
Mumbai and proud awner of the Jewel, ex-
plains that his clientele cuts across the racial
spectrum of South Africa, and includes nu-
merous overseas tourists. The Jewel's foill'
chefs hail from India, and Kanakia relies on
his North Indian menu to keep customers
hungry for more. "These foods are extreme- Surrounding Iraivan Temple is an
ly versatile and popular all over the world," Not ready for 2000: Danish citizens in national costume gathered in Copenhagen in alpha-
he asserts. "The meals that we serve enable betic order to protest the proposed adoption of English as the national language of Europe extraordinary botanical garden
South African Indians to recannect with In-
dia by putting them in touch with part af TALL TALES paradise, providing an area of
their traditions. At the same time, visiting
Maharaja.s menu: Shareeii Khan welcomes guests at Durban's Jewel of India restaurant
Indian nationals can feel right 'at home while
traveling afar." Kanakia owns a second Indi-
an restaurant in the Cape.
:Meet."Eilro-English" contemplative, natural beauty.

Pilgrims enjoy groves of plumeria,

Echoing Kanakia, Mr. Rajen Frank, man-

Appetite for Asian Spice ager of GuIzar restaurant which opened in

Durban two years ago, notes, "Eastern cui-
sine is spreading rapidly amangst all South
Five-year plan to inaugurate uniform language
calls for incremental speling revisions
konrai, hibiscus, heliconia, native

Hawaiian plant species and more.

Africans, and there is a ready market for
South Africans relish their Inc;lian dining options Eastern food throughout the world. Wher- At the entrance to the 51-acre
ever you go, traditional Indian UROPEAN UNION (EU) COMMISSIONERS ben a deterent to. akurate speling. Also, al
fapd will always stand aut from have annaunced that agreement has fi- wil agre the horible mes of silent "e"s in the sanctuary is Americas only forest of
By AJITH BRIDGRAJ, DURBAN every other cuisine." The GuIzar nally been reached to adopt English as languaj is disgrasful, and they wauld go. By
RANSCENDING ANY OTHER CULTUR- serves North and South Indian the preferred language for Eurapean the forth yer, peopl wil be reseptiv to adi- healing rudraksha trees. Send US$ 12
AL considerations, the allure of Asian food, enjoys ,a racially Inixed pa- communications, rather than German, the tional steps such as replasing "th" by "z" and
food wins Indians a welcome seat with- tronage and hosts Eastern cultur- other passibility. As part of the final negoti- "w"by v. to purchase a single-bead necklace
in diverse cOIllIll,unities worldwide, and al events. "La~ year we hosted ations, hawever, Her M/fjesty's Government During ze fifz yer, ze unesesary "0" kan be
South Africa is ho exception. Tradition- one segment of the Miss India conceded that English spel- dropd from vords kontaining of a sacred rudraksha, and receive as
al Indian food is easily obtainable here, in ei- South Africa pageant," Frank ling had some roam for im- "ou," and similar changes vud
ther elegant or workaday eateries. In fact, boasts. provement and has accepted af kors be aplid to. ozer kom- our gift another bead to plant at
new ;-estaurants serving Indian cuisine and Another virtual victual monu- a five-year phased plan far binations of leters. After zis
othe culinary delights from the East con- ment is central Durban's Victory what wID be known as "Euro- flfz yer, ve viI hav a reli sensi- home to grow your own tree,
tinue to spring up all aver the country. Lounge, owned by Mr. Billy English"-or Eura for shart. bl riten styl. Zer viI be no
Undeniably, relished traditions af cooking Maodley. Perhaps the Lounge's In the first year, "s" will be mor trubls or difikultis and
and consuming are aspects of the Eastern greatest victory has been rern,ain- used instead of the soft "c." evrivun viI fmd it ezi .t u un- 1-808-822-3012, ext. 23 7
lifestyle that have been deemed worthy to ing in existence for 52 years. Once Sertainly, siviI servants will re- derstand ech ozer. Ze drem E-mail: books@hindu .org
preserve, but the ethic of vegetarianism has heavily patronized, the restaurCU!t sieve this news with joy. Also, viI fmali kum tru.
been given lesser priority. Thaugh the ma- is still as famous for its mouth-wa- This whole propasal may http://www. HinduismToday
the hard "c" will be replaced
jority of Indian restaurants !;tere are non- Floored: The Jewel of India's luxurious Palace Room tering sweets as it is for its ~ye-wa­ with "k." Not anly will this sound preposterous to. you,
vegetarian, most do offer vegetarian. meals. tE~ring curries. "I am here because klear up konfusion, but type- and, of course, it js-all a joke
The Patel's Vegetarian Restauratit is one af rapidly declining. And while th~Jew vege- I love spicy foad," patron Malose Manaka, an writers kan have ane less key. played up an you, aw loyal
the few exclusively vegetarian outlets. In tarian restaurants that already exist are pop- African from Johannesburg, in the Gauteng There will be growing publik readers. There is no such pro-
fact, it's virtually a landmark, being over 80 ular, there appears to. be little interest in es- province, told HINDUISM TODAY. He adds(
years old. Business is profitable for Patel, tablishing more. "There are also several Indian restaurants in
enthusiasm in the sekond
year, when the troublesome
pasal to reform the speling-
er, spelling-of English. How-
though he has reported a recent decline due Apart from the meals served at Patel's Johannesburg that I visit regularly." "ph" will be replaced by "£" Western Europe: All ever, it did seem a gaad way
to. an increase in crime in the area. But he is preInises, a huge slice af his sales are gener- • You need not pound the pavement to fmd This will make words like fo- ac0Pting Euro-English to. introduce HINDUISM To- FOREST
used to ebb and flow and thearizes that as ated by his renowned sweetshop, which at- a feast. Simply log-on the Web and visit A tograf 20 per sent shorter. DAY'S first-ever special car-
mare devotees join Hindu movements that tracts customers from all parts of KwaZulu Touch of Spice restaurant at its award-win- In the third year, publik akseptanse of the toon section on the following seven pages, SAN MARGA IRA/VAN TEMPLE
prescribe vegetarianism, his outlet will prof- Natal. The sweetshop's proprietor, sixty-six- ning site. It's worth a visit, even if you're not new spelling kan be expekted to reach the which showcases our cartaonists and cele-
it. Despite senior Patel's hopeful scenario, year-old Prem Ratanjee, says, "African pa- hungry. You may even like to join the faod stage where more komplikated changes are brates the lighter side af Hinduism. So, to the
KAPAA. HI 96746-9304 USA
the .number of vegetarians among South tronage of m.,y store has increased as more fanatic's on-line Curry Club. ....' passible. Gavernment will enkorage the re- kOInikaly-khalenged, we say, "Lite))' up and
Africa's Indian population appears to be Africans have adopted Hinduism." WWW.SQUTHAFRICA.CO.ZAlSPICE/
moval of double letters, which have always laf along vit us." Auf Wiedersehen. ....' A TE MP LE BUILT T O LAST 1. 0 00 YEARS



LIG P! .~

Spicas In the Malting Pot

Manick Sorcar
Electrical engineer of Denver, Colorado, and son of the
late P.e. Sorcar, India's legendary magician, Manick Sorcar
is undoubtedly a top expresser of the US Indian immigrant
.•.T.AJ!.E A 6MAL'- cAN ~r ~ICOT-rA experience. His illustrations, touching the heart of cultural

integration challenges, are compiled in two volumes-The
, CH.eeSE MO MIX ~I"H A PIS'TFLJ 1-1- Melting Pot, Indians in America, and Spices in the Melting
Pot, both available via his website at www.manicksorcar.
OF F!"ou~ ••• A~.P iWO FIN~eR-PIP com. But Sorcar doesn't stop here. What began as an effort
to teach his two daughters their heritage, led him to create
t)F' &1Hee. lo-J11H. ONe. PINCH OF SAI-i.... • an award-winning series of one-man animated videos for
children, mixing his hand-drawn art with computer-gener-
r:~T LlNil L.. ~o l..t' f<. IS ~ U1'T'''(... iHE=N ated art and animation, along with original music, to show-
case Indian culture.
SOp...f'... INit) A S1~IN(b..1+11CI< OF S·O~t.1p. ••

«Fir~t time I've driven around under

the Influence.... under the influence
of spiritual company that isr'
Austral~ un~versity student Manthakumar Satgunaaln
expressmg h'lS rare pleasure of hostin a .. gam
occasion of a 1998 temple foundationgg~ouswnad-mb~ m Pk~rlh, on the
rea mg ceremony

Despite the
Frank" Ernest cost of living,
have you
noticed how
it remains so

Bill Watterson

\~u.. eXI$TE:NCS
Calvin " Hobbes Bill is the creator of Calvin &
Hobbes, an engaging chronicle
of a six-year-old's psyche, which
IS A JOJcEI.? ,. appeared in more than 2,400
newspapers when it ceased pub-
Bob Thaves you CAN'T ie lication January 1, 1996. In an-
nouncing his retirement, Bill
Frank & Ernest are the stars of Bob ~t>:V~~ ._ >~IOUS! said he was eager to work at a
Thaves' innovative single-panel comic more thoughtful pace. with few-
strip. Celebrating their 25th anniver- yY er artistic compromises.
sary this year and read by 25 million
people daily. Frank & Ernest are as It's all right
comfortable offering whimsical com-
ments on the creation of the universe to hold a
as they are about taxes or software.
Drawing since boyhood, Bob's formal conversation,
art training consisted of studying vari-
ous cartoonists and their work. As a but you should
boy, he could identify cartoons by dif-
ferent cartoonists without being able to
let go of it
see their signatures. More than 2,000 now and then.
episodes of Frank & Ernest may be
found at

jJ./..L ,(E.>, J: Gf~IEVE J: HAP PlfVlOIIS
waR/<, SO lJVf~, ANI):r~J,./~Vf IN
(AN /tAVt'
:r DON'T ifL/fvr If Karma Kat RAJAS Barry Geller
Barry Geller, 64. is the creator of Kar-
rna Kat and a devotee of Swami
Prakashanand Saraswati. He raised a
CtllfVi IN ACCOUNTS. family of three children and became a
orHE! LiVES', graphic designer and illustrator. His
ffNlf? work was published in well known
consumer magazines including For-
tune. Time. Cosmopolitan. Esqu.ire and
others. His awards include citations of
merit from the New York Society of il-
lustrators and publication of his work
in the Swiss graphic arts annual,
Graphis. Barry and his wife, Nan, now
live at Barsana Dham in Austin. Texas.


Mario de Miranda
One of India's fmest cartoonists, Mario was born at
Daman in 1936, grew up in Goa and was educated
at Bangalore and Mumbai. After working many
years for The Times of India, he now freelances,
drawing for The Economic Times and a strip for
The Afternoon in Mumbai. He is married, has two
sons and lives in Goa. Check out his three gatefold
toons and the Mumbai scene on the right.

"Thank you for calling The Yoga Studio. 1

ore about the benefits of yoga, press"
To learn m d hold it for 20 minutes.
with your pinky toe an

Randy Glasbergen ~ 1998 Randy Glasbergen.

Randy lives with his family in New York. He began his

cartooning career in high school. Besides one year as a
staff writer at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, he has
been a full-time freelance cartoonist since 1972. More
than 20,000 of his cartoons and comic illustrations have
been published around the world. More of his cartoons
may be found at www.norwich.netl-randygltoon.html

"My Horoscope doe'~siin~Fsa:Yi~mrlnlg

ha . h- about
V1ng a eart attack today, so bring me
a cheeseburger, fries and a milkshak "


The Best of Laxman R. K. Laxman
Laxman was born in 1924 in
Karnataka. Graduating from
Mysore University, he drew
cartoons for Free Press Journal
in Mumbai and later joined The
Times of India, where he's been
a staff cartoonist for 45 years.
Often referred to as "Mr. Times
of India," he appears daily on
page one. He is married, has a
son and lives in Mumbai.

Port of Spain: The royal cannon of Fort George---hu,ilt by the British in 1805-now Silently overlook Trinidad's capital city
d Ie belongs to the sixth centu-
...this exquisitely ca~e temPI Right now the police are
ry and has great anttque va u e.
lookingforit ...

"You can observe so

:Trinidad Pundit Power
Keepers of a different kind of canon law
much by just watching." maintain the faith for multitudes of Hindus
Yogi Berra, baseball playar & comic

By ANIL MAHABIR, TRINIDAD in 1838, the fre~d African slaves left the sug-
, Y AMBITION IS TO BE A GOOD PUN- ar cane estates for higher paying jobs in the
dit like my great-grandfather, my towns. Workers were then, brought from In-
grandfather and my father," 19-year- dia. The very first group of 197 Hindus ar-
_ old Umesh Persad told me. '1 want to rived in Trinidad on May 30, 1845, on the
attain liberation and Self-Realization. I want ship Fatal Razack after a months-long, op-
to communicate with God. I want to be con- pressively crowded and hazardous journey
fident and assist my Hindu community from India around Cape Horn, Africa. Ten
whenever I can. These are different times. brahmin pundits were among them, accord-
The world is no~ a global village, and there .ing to Sat Maharaj, president of the Sanatan
is a need for the pundits to keep abreast Dharma Maha Sabha, Trinidad's largest
with what is happening." Umesh received a pundit organization. Ultimately 143,000
national scholarship from the Government persons, about 60 percent men, came undef
of Trinidad after excelling in the Advanced the indentured servitude scheme. They
Level Cambridge exams-straight AS in' originated mostly in the Uttar Pradesh and
math, physics and chemistry-and is now an Bihar regions of North India, with sgme
engineering student at the University of the from Calcutta and Chennai.
West Indies. Like the other 259 pundits in About 10 percent were brahmins, even
Trinidad, of which he is the youngest, he though, according to Dr. Kusha Harracks-
will pursue his religious duties of teaching, ingh of the University of the West Indies,
counseling and worship in addition to fol- "Recruitment in India was designed to by-
lowing a secular profession. If Umesh is a pass brahmins. The stated opinion of the
This Village must be pretty advanced-they have folk dances here for barometer, then the pundit community British colonial masters was that brahmins
entertainment just as w e have in the city! which has guided Trinidad for 150 years is were not suited for hard work." More practi-
I developed an interest in these things in America
well prepared to enter the 21st century. cally, the policy kept the educated brahmins
Upon the abolition of slavery in Trinidad from providing a focus for dissent, as well as
when I went there recently for the festival.
Fourth generation: Pundit Umesh Persad, Secretly, brahmins did join the five-year
45207 USA; ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CARTOONING TECHNIQUES AND BLITZ CARTOONING KIT, RUN- 19, a national scholarship winner, contin- schemes of labor by concealing their caste
ues his family tradition identity to the recruiters. For example, those


Far from ·home: T1iough high-caste brahmi~, the first
pundits arnved as indentured laborers. It t.ook them but a short
time to assume religious leaa;rship of the islands' Hindus.

Lifting the spirit: (above) Maha Sabhapundits gatherfora 12-hour, non-

stop yagna (prafjer) for the nation's peace in March, 1998. (below) Pun-
dit Sinanan peryorming puja for the Ramhit family in preparation for
the final exams of brother Kevin (at far right) in June, 1998.

Early pundits: (upper left) Pundit

Athriving tradition: Passing their
Lakshmi Persad of Aranjuez; knowledge from father to son, the pundit
(above) Gajraj Maharaj, one of the families have maintained their dutie and
first to come from India; (left) responsibilities to the islands to this day
Sumasar Maharaj of San Fernando

with . the brahmin caste name Agnihotri Initially thl=! brahmins kept their id'entities sun-the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, school teacher-my son Umesh would not nity is what ke.eps the religions alive, not tion than scholarship and ritual ~orship,
changed it to.the lower caste name Maharaj, concealed, lived in poverty like the rest of ethics and values, the young Hindu and the have been well educated." Pundit Tewarie those from India." Pundit Narendra Ragoo- and hence is prepared to meet the chal-
which remains today a common name in the immigrants and worked very hard in the modern world, fashion, drugs, etc." Umesh's works, too, as the Commercial OffIcer for nanan, educated in, Vedic rituals and scrip- lenges of the 21st century. In America, most
Trinidad. Some came because other emi- fIelds. It was only around 1870, after a sig- .father, Pundit Hardeo Persad, says he gives the Canadian High Commission. tures at Banaras Hindu University dis- priests have no trai!).ing beyond ritual wor-
grants pleaded .with them to provide reli- . . . nifIcant number of Hindus had settled per- a Sunday morning sendce, with lecture Jilld The community's biggest problem, said a$l"ees. "Great swamis from India are,doing ship, and cannot, for example, address th~
gious guidance in their new home. Life was manently on the island, villages formed and cl:i.scussion. "I also provide counseling to Persad, "is that American life is glamorized good work here, and some are establishing urge!).t concerns of the youths attending
very hard in India at the time-a famine conditions improved, that they took up their those who have problems." This pattern 's and made to look superior, while the lifestyle permanent centers [such as Chinmaya Mis-• their temples, nor even explain the meaning
lasting fIfty years was in progress. The First religious training duties. Technically speak- close to that of the Christian minister whose of Hindus is made to look backward and in- sion]." Narendra and his wife Aswinee con- of the rituals to them in English.
Indian Revolution, also calle;d the Sepoy ing, these brahmins had incurred demerit, responsibilities extend to all aspects of fol- ferior. Youngsters want to enjoy t;he best of duct a full-time ministry of worship, coun- Pundit Umesh Persad is hopefully a sign
Mutiny, occurred in 1857 and brought re- even loss of caste, by crossing the ocean, but lower's lives, not just religious practice. Such both w orlds- the wild liberty of the West- seling, astrology and charitable ~orks. of this reawake'ning, for here is a young Hin-
pressive measures from the practically speaking, the Hindu ~mmunity a ministerial system commonly arises in the ern world, and when the energy r~s out, A signifIcant change has occurred ~th the du who could pursue many options, includ-
cially in the areas of India most emigrants desperately needed their services and was religious life of immigrant communities of they seek spirituality and Self Realization." 1995 election of the fIrst Hindu Prime Minis- ing emigration to America in pursuit of a
came from. It is not surprising then that a disinclined to quibble. When they came for- all faiths. Pundit Ramesh Tewarie, the influJ Tewarie observes, "The vast portion of those ter, the Honorable Basdeo Panday. "It has more lucrative job. Instead, he has decided
group of young, single brahmin men would ward to lead, they were accepted. ential head of Edinburgh Hindu Temple, at the temple are young people. It is amazing caused a kind of reawakening of Hindus be- to not only continue, but to remold and ad-
seek better circumstances elsewhere. At the outset, the pundits were engaged in said, "We counsel the youth and those suf- how they stick to Hinduism. The evangelical cause the PM publically practices his faith just his obligations to the needs of
Initially, all came under a fIve-year pro- traditional ritual worship. But that evolved fering from drug abuse, domestic violence brigade which has attempted to slaughter without fear and shame," states Tewarie. 'i\Jso, the 'times. And it is good news that many
gram and intended to return to liidia. When out of necessity into a more comprehensive and other family matters." HindUism has had a reversal effect~ laws are now coming to protect Hinduism and other youth are taking an interest in their
the term expired, few did because the con- role. Sat Maharaj explains that today, '''The 1\11 of Trinidad's traditional pundits prac- There is one complaint. Ashram B. Ma- give it an equal place with other faiths." ancient faith.
ditions which had caused them to leave In- pundits are doing much more than puja. We tice on a part-time basis. "One 'can live off haraj shares it: "PUndits who come directly In one sense, the Hindus in Trinidad are
dia in the fIrst place had not changed and in the Malla Sabha have been holding semi- religious work in India," said Hardeo Persad, from India on a temporary basis often create ahead of those in other Western countries, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO CONTACTS:
because the Trinidad colonial rulers provid- nars on topical issues such as cloning and ''but in Trinidad it is different. If I did not division. by criticizing the practices of the for the brahmin community already has AUGUSTINE. PUNDrr RAlCEBH TEWARIB. EDINBURGH
ed those who stayed with land to develop. suicide and virtually everything under the have a formal nonreligious job-I am a local pundits. But the local pundit commu- evolved into a group serving a broader func- PANDIT NARENDRA RAGOONANAN. CORNER RICKSON &: BACK


DIVINE ARTS - consulting together can unravel complex HOLY S t T E S
problems. In the past, says Surendran, all the

Telling -the Rebuilding Sab~rimala

problems of a family, such as illness, wealth,
and life expectancy, were revealed by this
meth,9d in sessions that could last for days.
However, with the advent of modernism"

Future by such a thorough guidance from the shells is

today almost nonexistent, he said~
'1\t least 70 percent of my visitors, num-
Hindus propose a comprehensive plan to
modernize the popular pilgrimage destination ,
Shells bering around 15 daily except on Saturday,
are Christians," Surendran said. "
Ever;t; parish priests come with Gq,n e under the ambitious plan
problems faced by the church- ' by the group of 52 local religious
Kerala's unique form of es-following the example of organizations will be the ran-
Hindu temple managers who dom collection of metal-roofed '
astrological predicti?n consult Surendran and fellow as- concrete buildings which pre-
trologers for advice. Ten percent sently nearly obscure the centrai
of his clients are Muslims. Hin- sanctuni. An area of 230 hec-
VRIliI DAVANAM S. GOPALAKRISHNAN dus, who are supposed to be the tares (2.3 square kilometers)
KERALA, INDIA believe:tS in this Vedic system, surrounding the small central
YOTISH SURENDRAN IS IN THE 19TH are by and large moving away temple will be completely re-
generation of a family of astrologers who The Christians, who do built, allowing an outer wall for
ltrace their origins to 1237cE and the ar- not openly admit its accuracy the temple complex to be 600
rival of Guru Bhattathiri in the small and brand it as superstj.tion, pri- meters in circumference, with
town of Pazhoor Padipura, Kerala. Suren- vately embrace it. One' famous towers built in each of the four
dran is a practitioner of aspecialized form astrologer in Chengarmur, Mo- directions, all according to tradi-
o astrology, apparently founded by Bhat- n;\,in,~tilnn' Astrologer Surendmn explaining what the shells and pbsitions indicate hanan Namboothiri, said, 'J\s tional Kerala 'temple architec-
tathiri and unique to this area of Kerala, the Christians become rich, they ture.
which uses 108 shells to give advice and pre- Ashta1lWngalay Prasnam, which uses 108 position of the planets at the moment the are more and more becoming the Outside the wall, pilgrim fa-
dict the future. Each morning Surendran small conch shells specially selected, cleaned person arrives (which, used alone, is the sys- . ardent believers of astrology. It cilities are plarmed on a scale
does three hours of puja· worship to Lord and sanctified. Mter reciting 1lWntras, the tem of divination caJled hom). Other supple- has been proved that when they sufficient for the huge crowds.
Ganesha aJ;ld to Guru 'Bhattathiri, whose shells are mixed and the first part, ganitha, mentary methods, he says, include reading of commenced their ventures at the For the ordinary pilgrim, the
sa1lWdhi shrine (burial tomb) is within the or calculations, begins. Some are picked up betel leaves, observation of an oil lamp and time as suggested by me, their biggest change will be a redue-
compound. "Only after invoking his bless- and kept separately. They are divided into the drawing of the astrological chart's outline business flourished." G.A.. Tho- tion in the time required to
ings will I begin my practice," Surendran ex- differeBt parts of four each, and the balance (rasichakm) by the client. The birth chart of mas, a Christian now workfug in stand in queue to reach the
plained to HINDUISM TODAY. "There are over determines the zodiacal position o£ the visi- the person is not required. the Gulf States said, "My mar- sanctum sanctorum from the
4 000 books on astrology," he said, 'out one tor. According to P.R. Krishnakumar of The astrologer begins his reading. As the riage, securing an over~eas job present twelve hours to just two
may not become a complete astrologer with- Coimbatore, a prominent businessman and . person confirms the information divined, and otheF important events were and a half Another major
out support from the divine power." ardent follower of the system, the selection the phalabagm, predi~tions and remedies, predicted by Surendran with 99 change wiY be the simple avail-
./ "
He follows the divination system called of the shells is used in conjunction with the are recommended. A group of astrologers percent accuracy. ability of water. Presently pil-
Remedies to overcome bad grims buy bottled water even to
times usually require worship of Grand plans: Swami Sathyananda wants Sabari1lWla area rebuilt bathe, as there is no other use-
Christians Encroach on Ancient Shrine tinue to visit the holy site and
offer prayers. From the top of
Lord Siva. Thomas explained
that since it would be difficult for the Chris- By VRINDAVANAM S. GOPALAKRISHNAN
able supply. Viewing galleries
are plarmed such that on January 14, 2.5
this hill the sacred lamp of tians to do so, they were advised to worship ILLIONS OF HINDUS COME TO WOR- million people could Simultaneously' witness
ANCHALI HILL IS the road up to the hill- Sabarimala can be seen. St. George (patron saint of England, slayer

ship Lord Ayappan at His temple in the "Divine Jyothi," or light-the culmina-
named after Draupadi, top where the God- As a result of Ohristian ef- of the gragon), keeping in mind Lord Siva. Sabarimala in a remote area of Kerala tion of the year's worship. The plan also calls
, wife of the five Pan- dess was once en- forts, several important local Alternatively, reports Surendran, the Chris- State, South India, during the No- for nearby deforested areas to be replanted.
davas of the Mahabham- shrined landmarks have been renamed tians will have a Hindu friend' do the o{fer- vember-to-January pilgrimage season. The £wami Sathyananda believes the project
taoUpon this hill in Keralas According to after Christian saints. ings on their behalf in a Hindu temple. crowds have totally overwhelmed the mea- could be easily funded,.Jrom the temple's
Idukki district stood the very Bhaskaran, an old man The cross construction is the Even a little-known astrologer can earn gre facilities. A group of environmentalists yearly income of $7.5 mi'llion and frO'm the
old remains of temple stones who had looked after work of Christian nongovern- an income of several thousand rupees a reported, '1\ post-seasonal visit to Sabari- tens of millions in taxes which result from
and deities. Local Hindu resi- the small sanctum in mental organizations (NGOs) month, while those of some renown can mala is a nauseating experience. TIle whole the temple's presence. Swami complains,
dents, mostly illiterate tribal the past, the entire operating in the area in pro- earn that in a day. The new residential area looks like the garbage dump of a huge however, that, as with other temples in Ker-
people, told HINDUISM TODAY nearby land of several jects of organic farming, house of Mr. Surendran which I toured is city such as Calcutta or Mumbai. The air is ala, management is overseen by various
that Christian encroachers re- hundred acres was in herbal and medicinal plant certainly a clear indication of his earnings. filled with fue stench of decaying flesh from boards whose executiv> committees are po-
moved the image of Goddess the possession of a cultivation and other social His old house, which has been the center of donkeys who died after hauling in supplies litical appointees and not necessarily devo-
Shakti from the summit of Hindu family for many welfare programs using funds astrology for several centuri~ is going to be ·and from 3,000 overflowing latrines. The tees of the temple, OJ,; even Hindus. Muslims
Panchali Hill and broke into years. They had rented from the government, accord- transformed into a museum. entire area surrounding the central shrine is and Christians in Kerala run their institu-
pieces footprints in stone be- it for cultivation from a Move In, take over: 15 crosses up the hill ing to Mr. Aravindakshan, . Among the various methods of astrologi- covered with tons of solid and liquid waste- tions without government oversight. In the
lieved to be those of the Pan- Christian family. Then president of the temple pro- cal analysis, Surendran believes the conch a fertile breeding ground for flies and-mos- early 1990s, then Chief Minister of Kerala
davas. Now only large granite under the land reforms of the Recently Christians even tection committee. .... shell divination to be the best, be it to ascer- quitoes." A.K. Antony favored the reconstruction, but
slabs of the original shrine re-
main, and fifteen concrete
1950s, Christians took peFma-
nent possession of all but ten
gained possession of half that
area Hindus living in the
tain a family problem, a temple problem or
even that of a ch&ch. ..
Swami Sathyananda Saraswati, chairman subsequent administrations shelved it. _
of the Hindu Dnity Forum, has armounced a
crosses have been placed from acres, including the temple. area- about 60 families-con- DISII'R1 CT, KERAU CONTACT: SURENDRAN, P IRAEVOM , PAZHOOR PADIPURA,
master plan to rebuild the area's entire infra- CONTACT: SRI llAMA D ASA ASHRAM, CHENXOTl'UKONAM,
• structure at a total cost of uS$l25,ooO,000 .

HINDUISM TOD A,Y AUGUST , 1998 A UG U S T , 1 998 H I N D U ISM T 0 DAY 39
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Big mistake: Hitting one of the children, as this father is doing, does nothing to stop rivalry cal siddhi of clairvoyance, Satguru
Sivaya Subramuniyaswami has
SHOULD I DO WHEN MY CHIL- leave. Believe it or not, say these experi-
dren fight with each other?" This enced parents and counselors, a major rea- transcribed ancient akashic records
Geeta Conference, Stanford University qwesI:lon opens the discussion on sib- son kids fight is to get you involved, to get
rivalry in the outstanding book you to take their side and blame and punish which preserve the story of our
The 12th International Positive Discipline A-Z, by Jane Nelsen, the other child. Real danger, of course, such
Geeta Conference Lynn Lott and H. Stephen Glenn. They're as a "rock about to be launched," requires evolution from spiritual bodies of
August 7-9, 1998 well qualified to answer-Nelsen raised sev- immediate intervention-but not spanking.
Stanford University en children, Lott and Glenn four apiece. You can send both to a room and tell them light into human form and guide Sibling rivalry is normal. Parental overre- to come out only when they have solved our race through reincarnation
The theme, "Reconnecting action is also normal, but actually lea,ds to their problem. Or you can interrupt t1J.e fight
Spirituality and Technology increased fighting. Children fight, the au- and ask if they are willing to put the matter toward our divine potential.
through the Geeta," focuses thors explain, out of jealousy, perceived hurt, on the agenda fqr a family meeting. Then, in
on the value of spirituality lack of place in the family or to get even. To the calm atmosphere of the meeting, ask Available August 1998. $29 .85 .
and peace within oneself, in reduce fighting, parents must instill a special each to share his oJ her ideas on why kids
families, society and the sense of significance and belonging for each fight and alternatives to fighting. Discuss all
world, and the relevance of child and teach them alternatives to fighting. these ideas, and ask which alternatives 1-800-890-1008 or
the Geeta to all people and Surprisingly, the 'authors state if you per- tliey'd like to use next time they are fighting. 1-808-822-3152 (ext. 238)
especially the youth. ceive one child to be the underdog and try Avoid creating a competitive atmosphere"
Hosts are the GEETA to protect him, it usually makes the situation in the home, for that is a root cause of sibling Fax: 1-808-822-4351
ASHRAMS OF THE AMERICAS, worse. Treat children the same. Say, "You can battles. Never compare children. You will E-mail:
blessed and inspired by His Holiness Swami 108 Shri both go to separate rooms until you are encourage unhealthy competition, not im-
Hariharji Maharaj. Co-sponsors include the VIVEKANANDA ready to stop fighting." Do this even 'f one is provement, by saying, "I know you c!l;!l do as
VEDANTA SOCIETY and the CHINMAYA MISSION. a baby. It may seem ridiculous to put an in- well as your sister!" Let the kids know how
nocent baby in his room. But if you don't much you appreciate the special qualities lEMURIAN
I- The Conference has gathered tremendous momentum and is treat them equally, you will train one to be a that set them apart from other kids. Don't
looking for more volunteers, including hosts for international
and out-of-town guests. About 2,500 people are expected.
victim and the other to be a bully. Don't tell
one, "You should know better! You're older!"
pick favorites. At family meetings and other
activities, stress how great it is that we are
The keynote speaker is Dr. Karan Singh, former Union Sometimes you don't have to do anything. all different and we each bring different
Minister of India and noted Bhagawata Geeta scholar. Hard as it may be, you can just let them skills and ideas to the family. A loving at- HIMAlAYAN ACADEMY PUBLICATIONS

To volunteer and for more information, please call: fight until they work it out. You can say, "You mosphere of acceptance and cooperation is 107 KAHOlALELE ROAD
can stop fighting, or else go outside to fight. the best hope' for a fight-free family. . . KAPAA. HI 96746- 9304 USA

Pradeep Joshi If you choose to fight, I don't want to listen to POSITIVE DISCg:ii..INE A-Z: PRIMA PUBLISHING, P.O . BOX
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42 , L---------------------------------~ 43
HEALING ASTROLOGY resolved karma must be faced at ,a future
EVOLUTIONS time, often magnetizing them together again

Marriage Arran'ging in another life in a new relationship. Thus

6uyet:'s Beware of
ENDED: A year-long fast by Sah~ Muniji, the w!J,eel of life goes on and on.
65, on May 1. The Jain monk lived on How does one know if it is "true love" that
just warm water since May of 1997. He will last a lifetime? The future compatibili-
broke the fast with a glass of diluted How the horoscop,e can provide sensible ty ~f two people can be accurately deter-

The rnlmoxifen b1ype dal. His attending physician proclaimed

him weak but alert after losing 65
pounds during the year. Muniji ex-
plained that
guidance to creating a lasting relationship Inined through astrology, though few take
advantage of it. There is a basic method
from Vedic times of comparing the birth
stars of a couple, in which ten different
his unprece- aVE MARRIAGE VERSUS ARRANGED lem with '10ve marriage" is tliat only one agreements are considered. Some deal with
The newest breast-cancer treatment .c omes dented fast marriage. Both work; both fuil. In the factor is paramount-the initial emotional a single factor, e.g., physical compatibility,
was undertak- , West the concept of falling in love with attraction of the couple. The genius of the others with complex interactions of karma.
with a distressing
. . array of side effects en for person- that special person, usually through a
chance meeting, is strongly progranImed
arranged marriage system is the inclusion of Each agreement is weighted in importance ...
al purification dozens of other factors, many based on the by giving it a certain number of points pos-
___ _ _ _ __ -',. a record. not to set into the mind from early life. In the East, the astrology of the potential couple, that count sible. Attraction, for example, is given two
BY DEVANANDA TAND1\VAN, M.D. girl's father traditionally seeks out a suitable far more in the ultimate success of the mar- points, while ganam, which relates to agree-
husband, and if both girl and boy agree, the riage than superficial fIrst impressions. ment of temperament, is given six. If the
N MAY 14, 1998, THE MED- column. There is a predilection DOUBLY HON- marriage is made, often within a matter of couple receives at least half of

I ical journal Lancet pulr

lished a glowing report of
the 15-year study of the
use of tamoxifen (sold as Nolva-
dex). The media quickly took
of this drug to produce cancer
of the uterus lining and fatal
blood clots in the lung. Tamox-
ifen is known to produce liver
cancer in rats, 43% of whom
ORED: Swami Maheshwaranada, with
the title of Sarvabhaum Jagadguru-
"Spiritual Master of the Universe"-
and as Mahamandaleswar (leader) of
the Maha Nirvani
days. New Agers are searching for their
"soul .mate," someone they are destined to
join with and with whom they will enjoy
love eternal. While from a Western philo-
sophic point of view, the choice of a hus-
the total 36 points, the mar-
riage may be approved.
The system of ten measures
is limited, because it consid-
ers only the ....nakshatra, or
advantage 0f this study and an- developed the disease after just Akhara [monastic band or wife is essentially a matter of indi- moon's placement. A far bet-
nounced that 20,000 lives a year six months. order1in April at vidual free will, from the Eastern point of ter prediction is possible
could .be saved from breast can- . The National Cancer Preven- the Kumbha Mela view, it is a matter of complex interconnect- when the entire horoscope is
cer by five years of treatment tion trial of tamoxifen involved in Haridwar, In- ~ ed social karmas. studied. We have seen mar-
("protocol use") with tamoxifen. 13,000 women, half of whom dia. Swami heads ~ For example, a troubled young man under riages fail that were based
The statistic was derived from 55 random- received an inert placebo. The study was to ashrams in Vien- < therapy recalled a past life in Egypt mar- only on the star matching sys-
ized trials involving-over 37,000 women go on for five years; however, it was cut na, Austria, and ried to a beautiful woman. They were deeply tem, even though they re-
during the fIfteen-year study. Unfortunately, short by the researchers as they "claimed Rajasthan, India. in love, living an ideal marriage until she ceived a high number of
the clainIs and projections are not warrant- there WJis enough evidence already" of suddenly died, leaving him so devastated points, because there were
ed by the statistical analysis of the data. negative side effects. The most prominent APPOINTED: Vldya Maheshwarananda that he eventually committed suicide. In his many difficult combinations
The study did show that for those taking are hot flashes, headaches, depression, Dehejla as chief present life he had deprived himself of close among the other planets in
tamoxifen after surgery for a period of five vagina discharge and fatigue. Other com- curator of the Asian Art Museums of attachments to any woman, subconsciously their horoscopes. The full
years there was substantial reduction in plications are the development of leukemia, the Smithsonian Institution, Washing- telling himself, "I never want to love again if horoscope will reveal whether
recurrence of breast cancer and an im- bowel cancer, lethal blood clots and the ton, D. C. She has led a stellar career in I am only to eventually lose it." He was also real love will develop in the
provement in the ten-year survival rate. It possibility of going blind. the art of India since earning a doctor- • not able to communicate love or affection to marriage, or even if it will be
was calculated that qne in six women could Dr. Sherry Roger's M.D., author of the ate at Cambridge University in 1968. his mother, until he realized that he had ac- there "at fIrst sight"
be eliminated from relapse and one in newsletter Total Health, has said: "Every She is now re- tually been reborn to the same woman he Here is one way to think
twelve from dying. Even young, premeno- woman (or every man who has a woman sponsible for the once loved so much. His previous experi- about astrological compatibil-
pausal women and those over fifty showed he loves) should never, NEVER fall for galleries' South ence of loss, loneliness and suicide had ity. It is siInilar to creating
substfUltial benefit from the five years of tamoxifen as. a boost for cancer prevention. and Southeast etched a deep samskara, or impression, in music. Each planet has a
treaNuents. Remarkably, there was benefit The public is being had." She has shown Asia collection of his mind that molded his reactions in this unique sound that changes as
to those who had metastatic (cancerous) that the statistics that are usually quoted 4,000 paintings, life, tot1}lly changing how he felt about the it moves around the Sun. The
nodes. There was also evidence that the are inaccurate because the women who manuscripts, same soul. When he saw that his ancient Greek philosopher Plato inti-
protocol use of tamoxifen not only reduced • had uterine cancer and/or serious.blood sculptures and love could be recaptured in the present life mated this when he declared
the recurrent tumors (by 42%) but also the clots were not included in the cancer ~ metalware. on a different level, he began to make a re- that mais rhythm and
risk of new breast cancers (by 47%). group. If they were included, then there ~ newed connection with his mother. melody imitate the move-
The public is not aware that many of the would not be the 45% prevention that is Vidya Dehejia ARRESTED: A Chi- In most marriages, two souls have come ments of heavenly bodies,
doctors who participated in tl}e report are touted in the press. I hope that this brief nese Immigrant together because of a close relationship in a thus delineating the music of
very active in the promotion of tamoxifen. message will clarify the situg.tion. No one couple in Chicago, USA, for slapping previous life, drawn together again by divine the spheres and reflecting
There are those in the media as well as should consider attempting this their 8-year-old daughter. Angered by forces of karma. This can happen both Prince Charming: The man of your dreams could become the moral order of the uni-
practicing-physicians who are making treatment without understanding all of the the girls lying about the loss of a uS$26 tlrrough arranged marriages or chance your worst llightmare if your stars don't match verse. A~trology teaches that
glowing claims and suggesting that this is a possible adverse conditions that may result. ring, they slapped her once in the face meetings. A couple may not have been hus- every person is a conglomer-
simple and effective therapy that cannot There must be a thorough study of the and several times on the arms and legs. band and wife before, but 'rather brother Many couples nowadays end up in mar- ate of sounds, vibratipns or colors according
only prevent recurrence but arso prevent benefits versus the risks. When they went to a nearby park and sister, son and mother or simply friends, riage from simple animal magnetism. And to the planetary positions at birth. A new-
new tumor growth. They suggest that it where the ring may have been lost, the any close relationship that tleveloped into an after a few years they get divorced because born captures the positions and melodies of
sHould be accorded the "treatment of DR. TANDAVAN, 78, retired nuclear physi- parents were arrested for "domestic intense attachment or created unresolved is- the magnetism wears out. In these e ases, the heavenly bodies, becoIning an embodi-
choice" label. cian and hospital staff preSident, lives in battery" by a police officer who ob- sues between them. Inherent in the system there is only a harmonious blend between a ment of its sounds throughout his lifetime.
There has been very little, if any, discus- Chicago, where he specializes in alternative served the childs red cheek and of arranged marriage is the concept that few aspects of their natures, creatirig a sur- How two people relate and get along de-
sion of tamoxifens side effects and carcino- healing arts. Visit his World Wide Web streaming eyes. The parents face depor- there are several' suitable matches for a girl face attraction, but at the deeper levels of pends on how the sounds ~f their planets
genicity. That is the reason for this month's home page at;: www.hindu.orgldrtl tation if convicted. or boy. There are also numerous unsuitable their psyche the sum total is incompatible. If blend, creating either an irritating noise or a
but karmically possible matches. The prob- the couple separates with ill feelings, an un- wonderful symphony of music. _


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uals which were related to each fruit, plant PRAGYA YUG LITERATURE CTR. Veda to India Today.
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erect a structure, the tree spirit had to be 60659-2128 USA. Tel: 773-465-2533 Dr. Frawleys latest books:
given an alternate residence. The move had • Ayurveda and the Mind
to be sanctified with r-ituals. Even if flowers • Oracle of Bama
were plucked for worship, they had to be • Awaken Bharata:
..taken in a certain way, and never after dusk, A Callfor India's Rebirth
when the plants are thought to be sleeping. DHARMAWARE: Gallery of Sacred Arts
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"<z Rao has given several slide lectures in the supplies to the growing Dharma • Vedic Astrology Correspondence Course:
:E university, which include narrating the story community. Deity statues, South six hundred pages of in-depth material.
Edifying: Manju Prasad Bao in a dance demonstration of the making of sandalwood paste of plants through dance, visuals and music. Indian bronzes, Shiva Lingams,
She has given presentations at the Aurobindo Arati lamps, incense and malas. • Vedic yoga and the new view of ancient India.
WOMEN OF VISION Ashram, the Museum of Natural History, the Send US$3 for 36-page color catalog
Bayard Arboretum and the Tibetan Muse- specializing in Tibetan Buddhist American Institute of Vedic Studies

Flora'$ Friend um. For several performances she formed a

troupe with Melinda Levokove and Lonnie
McGuire, whom she also trained for a year.
items. 54E Tinker St., Woodstock,
NY 12498-1200 USA. 914-679-4900
Orders from USA: 888-679-4900
PO Box 8357
Santa Fe, NM 87504-8357 USA
Tel: 505-983-9385 • Fax: 505-982-5807
Email: Web:
Rao married a chemical engineer and has
A New York-based academician re-choreographs one young son. They live in the Long Island
suburbs where she grows hibiscus and jas-
the global dance to save the pl9llts mine, both tropical plants. She would be the
fITst to admit that her newfound organic
awareness hilS only just germinated. She re-
early morning, "I saw the way we unite with
the frees and plants through the elements,
flects, "We are made of the same substance
as they, and I often wonder at what level
The Sixth
siastic spokesperson for nature would
be hard to find. Manju Prasad Rao, a
and the way even the Deities unite with the
plants. I remembered the way my mother,
they exist in terms of t~eir feelings. I'm cer-
tainly more aware of them now, knowing
Island-based educator, has made
it her life's mission to spread the word
who belonged to the Arya Samaj, did yag-
nas, fire ceremony, every day. We as chil-
that we have this onenes~, and that we are
molded by the same creator." ..,./
about India's ancient and rich trellsury of
plants and flowers. She stresses how they re-
main relevant even as we head toward the
dren used to have fun adding the samagri (a
specific mixture of herbs) to the fITe.·Or she
would put II!e in charge of adding ghee to
J.N. Sharma, C.S. Patel and Niranjan Babu
Astrology was developed by the ancient sages of India over
next..inillennium. By delving into literature, the flames. She would do this every day, me- 5,000 years ago. Called )yotisha. the Science of Light. it is renowned
art and myth, Rao-Director of the Instruc- thodically. It w~s the most special part of for its spiritual depth and accuracy in predicting future events.
James Braha Dr. David Frawley William R. Levacy
tional Media Center at the C.W Post Cam- her day. It gave her peace and sanctity." Howard Beckman GaI)'Gomes Pt. Benu Mukhopadhyay
Goals of the Vedic Astrology Symposium are:
pus of the Long Island University and. the co-
ordinator for ·exhibits in the library-
Sensing the history of India's rich multi-
plicity of plants triggered a rare response in * To promote the development of the
American College of Vedic Astrology as
Christina Collins-Hill
Nalinikanta Das
Dennis M . Harness. PhD
Edith Hathaway
Ann Muldoon
Barl)' Rosen
orchestrates music and dance along with Rao. "Suddenly, everything started to jelI:By Yves Decarie Richard Houck Dr. Dinesh Sharma
magical tales of the vibrant role plants and
flowers have played through t:4e centuries.
tradition, I'm also a dancer. So I saw how
these plants and trees are associated with
* a non-profit educational organization
To establish professional standards in the
training and practice of Vedic Astrology
Narendra Desai
Ronnie Gale Dreyer
Kenneth Johnson
James Kelleher
Prince Hirindra Singh , PhD
Atreya Smith
Rao's inspiration for her presentations ac-
tually came from an article she r~ad in HIN-
themes in literature, art and dance. I'm not a
botanist, so the plants appealed tQ me more
* To promote the free exchange ideas among
practitioners and students of various schools
Brendan Feeley
Dennis Flaherty
Sat Siri Khalsa
Robert Koch
Steven Stuckey
Dr. Bangalore Sureshwara
DUISM TODAY. The Sacred Plants Resort
[April, 1996] is about 200 miles from Ban-
in a theatrical way. I was interested in the
performing angle, ·in capturing it and pre- * of astrology
To provide accredited classes and workshops
for certification in Vedic Astrology
Andrew Foss

R.G. Krishnan Chakrapani Ullal

Please register me for attendance at the International Symposium

galore, Rao's hometown, and she couldn't re- senting it intelligently." on Vedic Astrology. November 12-17. 1998. at the Poco Diablo Resort.
sist a visit. "I saw wonderfUl plants and Rao has since gathered countless anec- ISllb!!italllti'id Savings for Early Registration! Sedona. Al.. Enclosed is payment of $_ _ for _ Registration fee(s)
trees, all labeled with names of. rishis and
Dllities from the Hindu tradition." It was as
dotes and fables from the Jataka and Pan-
chantantra tales, as well as Buddhist para-
IR,egl:str'lti()O fees for main symposium (Nov. 13-15):
$195 for ACVA Members (by 8/1/98) ....P-Ie-as-e -ma-il-thi-sr-eg-is-tra-tio-n-for-m-wi-th-pa-ym-e~nt * Send more information on the Symposium and hotel accommodations
Optional pre-conference introductory classes and post-conference
intensives will also be offered.
if she had stumbled into a magic garden, full bles. She has been studying Carnatic music $220 for non-members (by 8/1/98) r~;~~~ie:~;r,:d~~~rs~;:;!~nr;~alg~e~~:~iii
of promise and possibility. Childhood mem- for the last ten years, and found that plants $245 after (8/1/98) card may also be faxed or phoned in.
ories rushed in-temple flower stalls brim- are mentioned in all the ashtapadas (the INSmUn OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _State_ Zip _ __
ming with offerings for the Gods and her "songs in eight stanzas" of the Gita Govin- P.O. BOX 2149· SEDONA, AZ 86339
mother worshiping tulsi, sacred basil, in the day. "I saw now much importance nature Symbiosis: Rao's troupe in the "Tree Dance" Phone (520) 282-6595 • FAX (520) 282-6097 ·_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ Ex p.Date --.l _
Website \ \ • e-mail
46 HI~DUISM TODAtY A~GUST , 1998 47
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp Natarcij Books-5,OOO Titles
Established by The Major Distributor of
Swami Vishnu- books from India.
devananda in 1962
and located amidst
250 acres of peace-
A sampling from our catalog: THE CJNTER FOR SCIENCE AND Environment
in Delhi reports that traditional co£Serva-
'" after an oracle told him the Deity was a
malevolent spirit harmful to the leader's
cause~lassmates did not believe she could
do a headstand. Yoga is credited with re-
ful forest in the • Shiva: An Introduction. tion methods have long met people's water well-being. The protesters consider it an is- ver;ing the effects of the American seden-
Laurentian moun- Pattanaik. US$19.95 needs in India, but "modern" soltitions are sue of freedom of religion, even though, as tary life-style on the aged, improving flexi-
tains, 1 hour north • Srimad Bhagavata Maha- floundering. Each part of India used to the spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism, bility, vigor and general health.
of Montreal. Year- purana: With Sanskrit text have its own storage method in line with the Dalai Lama has the authority to make
round program and English translation, regional topography and local need . Dis- such a decision. .. BIOLOGY OF SPIRITUALITY is the latest field
includes morning 2 vols. set. $55.00 ruption of the ancient water works began for medical re~earch. Scientists are attempt-
and evening • Understanding Your Puja when the British laid roads blocking estab- PIERCE THAT NOSE and you could be under ing to correlate religious experience with
meditations and two yoga classes. Better. B. Dwarka. $4.95 lished waterways. arrest, young lady! Especially if you live in specific activity in the brain. In one experi-
• Devatma Shakti: Kundalini New York or California, where laws are be- ment, they injected Buddhist monks with a ;
• June 27-July 25: Childrens' Summer Yoga Camp Divine Power. Swami THE GOVERNMENT OF TAMIL NADU announced ing considered or in effect malting it a faintly radioactive tracer chemical that
• June 28-July 4: Vedic Architecture, with Dr. V Ganapati Vishnu Tirtha. $8.95 a 30% pay hike for"the state's 50,000 temple Crime to pierce any part of a minor's body quickly infuses int@ the brain cells, allowing
Sthapati, founder and research director of the Vastu Vedic • Mantrapushpam (in Sanskrit). Swami Dev Rupanand. employees. Depending upon the temple in- (except the ears) without parental consent. changes in activity fo be detected. During
Research Foundation, Madras, India $15.00 come, monthly salaries will range from a The possibility of transmitting disease is prolonged meditation, specific changes
• July 5-Aug. 2: Yoga Teacher's Training course • Shri Rudram De-Coded: Mystery of Vedas Revealed, low of l!.s$25.50·to a high of $247.50. Tra- the reason given for the law-even though -were detected in the brain section responsi-
• Aug. 2-9: Bhagavata Saptaham wi Sant Venu Gopal Mantras and Medicines for Healing. Shubhakaran. $35.00 ditional bduvar.s (singers) and nagasvaram there have been' no cases of such transmis- ble for generating a sense of three-dimen-
Goswami • Aadi Shankara's Bhajagovindam. Krishnamani. $18.00 (hom) players will be hired for 120 tem- sion by body piercing, and even though" sional orientation in space-perhaps: the
• August 17-23: Vandana Shiva, director of Research • Handbook ofVastu. B. Niranjan Babu. $9.95 ples, and $8,000 was earmarked to create a ears pose the experiementers thought, corresponding to
Foundation for Science, Technology & Ecology , Dehradun, • Kundalini Tantra. Satyananda Saraswati. $16.95 Saiva Agama and Vaishpava Divya Prab- same threat. an experience of going beyond time and
India and Andrew Kimbrell, founder National Center for • Rabindranath Tagore: A Biography. Kripalani. $25.00 handam training center. The Hindu Reli- Legislators ap- space. The more cynical rese-archers hope
Technological Assessment, Washington, DC gious and Charitable Endowments minister, pear to be more to reduce all religious experience to chemi-
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp • 673 8th Avenue Nataraj Books Mr. Tamizhkudimagan, announced more concerned with cal reactions in the brain. bthers aren't pre-
Val Morin, PQ, JOT 2RO Canada. • Tel: 800-263-9642 7073 Brookfield Plaza • Springfield, VA 22150-2915 USA than $30,000 worth of properties had been stopping the p~ed to say that will ever happen.
(from Canada), 800-783-9642 (from USA), 819-322-3226 Tel: 1-703-455-4996. Fax: 1-703-912-9052 retUFIled to their temple owners. anti-establish-
Fax 819-312-5876 • E-mail: email: mentrage of "THE CURE CAN KILL YOU" we know, but until
www.sivananda.orglcamp.htm Please ask for our free catalog • VisalMC accepted. ANYONE YOU RECOGNIZE in the top photo? body pieroing- recently we didn't quite understand just
Probably not, for this nose, lips, how frequently. A new study by the Univer-
is the famous "face on tongues. navels, sity of Toronto published in the Journal of
Mars" photographed etc-that has the American Medical Association found
by the Viking I orbiter gripped West- bad reactions to prescription drugs to be
in 1976. It's been the ern youth. An unlawful nose the fourth leading cause of death in the US,
darling of UFO enthu- after heart disease, cancer and strokes.
siasts ever since, as NEW YORKERS LOVED THE BHARATA Natyam That's 106,000
evidence that ad- and Flamenco duet dance performance of people a year-
vanc'e d life once exist- Rajil&J. Puri and La Conja held early this two-and-a-half
Our wide range of products include: ed on Mars. NASA year at the famed Guggenheim Museum. , times than from
·MEMORENTM agreed to take a sec- Flamenco is the dance of the Gypsies, or AIDS. And this
Nutritional Support for the ond look and in April Roma people, who left India a thousand is from ap-
brain. The herbs in this had the newly arrived years ago and are now spread all over the proved drugs,
formula are known for their Mars Global Surveyor world. The performance- with sitar, guitar, professionally
nutritional support for the take a new photo violin and tabla-clearly showcased'the administered.
brain and intellect. Helps (bottoIIl). The resolu- continued similarities in dance and music lmothertwo
with fatigue and forget- tion is much higher, the two ~ultures share. million suffered
fullness. the lighting different, seI>ious side ef-
and it doesn't look • THE ALL-AFRICA HINDU CONFERENCE is fects. Unex-
much like a face Above: 1976 image, planned for AUlSV-st 7 to 9 in Nairobi, Kenya, pected inter- Unexpectedly hazafdous
• ALMA KALpTM: anymore. UFOers "the face on Mar.s." to assess the problems faced by Hindus in actions when
Antioxidant formula, are sure it's another Below: The 1998 Africa and discuss solutions.· The Hindu patients are given several drugs at once is a
known in Ayurveda NASA coverup. high-resolution shot. Council of Kenya and its 127-member insti- major killer.
for thousands of years tutions are organizing the event. Contact
as the "jam of youth." MANY OF THE DALAI LAMA'S WESTERN devo- HCK, P.o. Box 44831, Nairobi, Kenya. SKANDA- MURUGAN Conterence is planned
AMLA (the main tees have joined with some Tibetan Buo- for December 28 to 30, '1998, in Chennai,
ingredient), known dhists who are protesting th€(high lama's . WANT TO GET YOUNG AGAIN? Get yoga! So India. Organized by ,the Institute of Asian
to have one of the ban of the worship of Dorje Shugden, a thousands of aging Americans are discover- Studies, the meeting is intended to bring to-
highest concentrations . popular Deity of Tibetan Buddhism. A ing. An April 28 article-in the Washington gether scholars with an interest in the pop-
of vitamin C, 30 times large group of devotees demonstrated out- Post reports, "A growing number of olCler ular God. Visit the web site at
that of an orange. side a meeting he attended in New York re- adults credit yoga with helping them stay xlweb.comlheritage/murukan. The non-
cently, and presented a petition bearilig . healthy as they age." One yoga-pra~ticing wired may write: lAS, Chemmancheri,
15,000 signatureS'objecting to the ban. The grandmother was brought to her grandson's Sholinganallur, Chennai 600' 119, India.
Dalai Lama stopped the worship in 1976 kindergarten "show and tell" session be-
"Belt oIlDdu1Vy" (product eueIIence),"21st Century" Iliad
48 ~ ________________ ~ ________ ~ __________________________________
~ I'rtde for 1997" (presented by the President oIlDd1a) ~ CLOCKWISE ~OM TOP: COREL , PHOTODISK, NASA, NASA

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Adi Alahan $350.48 Kriya Haran $182.00 Total $150.00
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Nathan Palani $300.00 Selvanathan Jothiswarar $206.39
MISSION STATEMENT Satya Palani $115.00 Gunasekaran Kandasamy $486.88
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and distribution of HINDUISM TODAY in Mal,aysia. She teaches the Jatinder Bhan $92.00 Yatrika Shivam $200.00 Total $25.00
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children 5, to 15 years of age, stressing tradItional Hindu philosophy SatyavatilGeogia Ann D'Antoni $138.00 Total $533.34 Total $50.00
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Gowri reports: "Parents have seen posifive changes in their children Ravindra Doorgiat $55.74 Gunasekaran Kandasamy $113.42 Dan Mackay $50.00
and they are very impressed." Of her donations to Hindu Heritage Wenhua Huang
Rama Dev Jager
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Endowment, she notes, "Giving for a good' cause is a gift to God. I enjoy giving because I want to Amravaddee Kownden $51.12 Small Gifts to Fund $198.33 Small Gifts to Fund $224.00
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years ago, the Malaysian Ijindu Youth Educational Func! was created by I<:uala 'CumpU!' attorney Omkar Tiku $52.00 Total $80.00
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Iraivan Temple Endowment Total Endowments at Market Value
first grant~ recently purchased 700 cop~es.of P N Ekambaram $63.62 Math.vasi Travel Fund As of April 30, 1998 $2,447,175.24
Books One and Two of the children's course
Saivite Hindu Religion. At a ceremony in the
rural yillage of Senta, Dr. Subramaniam distrib- INVESTMENT MANAGERS AND CONSULTANTS: Franklin Management Inc.; First Hawaiian'Bank,
uted' books to children who CQuld not afford Trust & Investment Division; Brandes Investment Partners, Inc.; Pacific Century Trust (Bank of
them (right). Ail are happy that the recent Hawaii); Alvin G. Buchignani, Esq., attorney; and Nathan palani, CPA. HrIE is a member of the
crash of Malaysia's economy had nb affect on ' Council on Foundations, an association of 1,500 foundations which interprets relevant law, inte:r-
this important endowment, realizing this trust national and domestic, and qccounting, management and investment principles.
would have dimInished by 32% had it been
inv~sted in a Malaysia fund an~ nO.t HHE. -I WANT TO PAlITICIPATE. WHERE SHOULD I SEND MY DONATION? You can send your gift to
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A'PROFESSIONAL'S PERSPECTIVE. Life insuranc~ proceeds are subject to estate tax if the insUFed Credit card gifts may be made directly by E-mail. Or., use the' HHE tear-out card in this magazine.
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and all policy rights are transferred to an irrevocable trust, a:J.:ld the ex-owner survives for the next
three years, t~e policy proceeds can escape estate tax in"the surviviRg spouse's HINDu HERITAGE ENDOWMENT

estate as well as the insured's. A trust also provides flexible settlement 0pt,iOns KAUAI'S HINDU MONASTERY
such aS,professional management of funds, protecting beneficiaries from 107 Kaholalele Road
financial inexperience. The trustee can then be given discretion to distribut~ Kapaa, Hawaji, 96746-9304 USA
funds to beneficiaries depending upon their needs and tax situations. Nitai M.
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. As. public·ser.vice, HHE',,:,ill offer the opinio,ns of various finanGiai planners. However, it ~nd~rs«:s neither these advisor~ nor their
counsel, and recommends that all lllQivlduals seek I?rofesslOnai adVIce from several sources before making Important long-term deCISions.

~ndYour Youthful
Hormones Swami
reaches for the stars
with its Chakra Discov-
L..ten don't comprehend
what Hindu youth face
ery program. Touted on growing up in the US,
its website (www.chakra but Swami Shuddhanan-
star. com) as "virtual ex- da Brahmachari of eal-
ercises enhancing the cutta is different. He .
endocrine system'by knows their minds and
combining ancient dis- is quite popular with
coveries and recent sci- youth. You can learn
entific research," we about his Lokenath Di-
vine Mission at www.
flash.netl-jemirtil. A
disciple of Baba Loke-
nath (1730-1890), Swa-

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this as a substitute guru, connection drop every businessmen and a few kids who can
but the on-line "chakra three minutes can be frustrating. barely afford the steep log-on price
analysis" is a fun, inter- Well, slip downtown and check out of Rs. 80 per half hour. Clerks say
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