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David – The History of the Baptists – Vol. Peter – The Ecclesiastical History of the Ancient Churches of the Piedmont and the Albigenses Arnaud. S.BIBLES King James – New Testament • Old Testament American Standard – New Testament • Old Testament REFERENCES Wetzel.1 • Vol. W.7 • Vol.8 History of the 16th Century Reformation • The Protector • Geddes – History of the Church of Ethiopia .5 • Vol. R. J.2 Bliss.4 • Vol. John – Institutes of the Christian Religion (Vols. Henri – The Glorious Recovery by the Vaudois of their Valleys Benedict.3 • Vol.6 • Vol. Merle – History of the Reformation in the Time of Calvin Vol.2 • Vol.1 • Vol. – Chronology of Biblical Christianity Calvin. 1-4) Whiston. H. C. – Sacred Chronology d’Aubigne. – The Life and Writings of Flavius Josephus REFORMATION CHURCH HISTORY Allix.

1 • Vol. John – The Reformation in Scotland M’Crie. 2 Jones. Gideon & Hilda – Heroes of the Reformation Hefele. C.7 Thomson.2 • Vol. 2 Knox.  History of the Council of the Church – Vol.6 • Vol. J. 1 • Vol. George – The History of the Ancient Vallenses and Albigenses Hagstotz.5 Heylyn.1 • Vol. Andrew – Miller’s Church History Perrin. Thomas – The Life of John Knox • The Reformation in Spain • Miller.2 • Vol.Faber. John Henderson – Cloud of Witnesses Wilkinson. 3 History of the Scottish Nation . Benjamin George – Truth Triumphant Wylie. Peter – Ecclesia Restaurata – Vol.3 • Vol. John – Annals of the Reformation Vol.4 • Vol. Jean Paul – History of the Ancient Christians Poggius The Papist – Hus the Heretic Smiles.3 • Vol.4 • Vol. – History of Protestantism – Vol.5 • Vol. 1 • Vol. Samuel – Huguenots in England and Ireland Strype. 2 • Vol.A. William – History of the Christian Church – Vol.1 • Vol.

et al Volume 7 – Fathers of the Third and Fourth Centuries Lactantius. Mathetes. Polycarp. Ignatius. Athenagoras. Ethical. Origen. Teaching of the Apostles. Volume 3 – Latin Christianity. etc [Volume 9 – Index to the printed edition. now part of search feature] Volume 10 – Original Supplement to the American Edition . Julius Africanus. Volume 4 – Fathers of the Third Century Tertullian. Minucius Felix. Barnabas. Volume 2 – Fathers of the Second Century Hermas.THE ANTE-NICENE FATHERS Volume 1 – The Apostolic Fathers Clement. Apologetic. Apocrypha of the New Testament. Theophilus. Early Liturgies Volume 8 – Fathers of the Third and Fourth Centuries Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs. Papias. Its Founder Tertullian I. Anti-Marcion. III. with Appendices Volume 6 – Fathers of the Third Century Gregory Thaumaturgus. Clement of Alexandria. Cyprian. Tatian. Caius. Justin Martyr. Dionysius of Rome. II. Volume 5 – Fathers of the Third Century Hippolytus. Novatian. Dionysius the Great. Commodianus.

Martin Luther Propechies of Luther . 1556AD . 64AD .THE JOHN FOXE COLLECTION Foxe. Volume 8 – Acts and Monuments. 1377AD .1581AD THE MARTIN LUTHER COLLECTION 95 Theses The Life and Times of Martin Luther A Commentary on St. Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians Luther’s Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount The Letters of Martin Luther Watchwords for the Warfare of Life from Dr. 1549AD .1555AD Volume 7 – Acts and Monuments. 1555AD cont. John – Acts and Monuments Volume 1 – Life of Foxe. 1533AD .1483AD Volume 4 – Acts and Monuments. & The Church.449AD Volume 2 – Acts and Monuments. 450AD . 1485AD .1376AD Volume 3 – Acts and Monuments.1548AD Volume 6 – Acts and Monuments.1532AD Volume 5 – Acts and Monuments.

Patrick. M. John – The Writings of John Bradford. and Coverdale. Bale. The Apostle of Ireland – Selected Writings Tyndale.Sermons of Martin Luther – Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 5 Volume 6 Works of Martin Luther – Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 3 Volume 7 Volume 4 Volume 8 Volume 3 Volume 6 COLLECTED WRITINGS Bradford. Latimer. Coverdale. Alonzo – Lessons From The Reformation • Ecclesiastical Empire The Great Empires of Prophecy • The Two Republics Knox.A. Bishop – Writings and Translations Fox. Jones. John – Writings of John Fox. Hugh – Sermons and Remains St. William – Doctrinal Treaties and Introductions to Different Portions of The Holy Scriptures . John – Select Practical Writings.

– Christ and Anti-Christ Edwardson. – Christ and His Righteousness White. J. Sir Isaac – Observations of the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. Peter – History of the Sabbath Hoare.N. – History of the Sabbath Cassels.ISSUES Anderson. Uriah – Daniel and the Revelation Standish. John Smith. Dr. Grattan – Romanism and the Reformation Heylyn. – Evolution of the English Bible Howell. W. H. D. Christopher – Annals of the English Bible Andrews. – The Voice of the Church Waggoner. Robert Boyte C. H. — Modern Bible Translations Taylor. Russell R. Christian  Facts of Faith Guiness. E. Fr. – Treatise of The Sabbath Day Wilkinson. J. T. Benjamin – Our Authorized Bible Vindicated .THEOLOGY . Samuel J. – The Evils of Infant Baptism Newton.

A.REFORMATION ILLUSTRATION COLLECTION The Henri Arnaud Gallery – Volume 1 • Volume 2 The John Foxe Gallery – Volume 1 The John Knox Gallery – Volume 1 The John Thomson Gallery – Volume 1 The J. OR USA • Version 2. AGES Software • Albany. VA USA .0 © 1998 Hartland Publications • Rapidan. Wylie Gallery – Volume 1A • Volume 1B • Volume 1C • Volume 2A • Volume 2B •Volume 3A • Volume 3B Making the Words of the Wise Available to All — Inexpensively.