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o Urgethe Governor
to issuepromptincometax refunds.

oversightfor the spendingof federalstimulusdollars.

Verifythat anyonereceivingunemploynnent
benefitsis not receiving
unemploymentbenefitsfrom anyother states.

Reducefrauda n d abusein t h e Me d ic a ids y s t e m.

o Reviewlicenseofficebiddingprocessto ensureit is fair.


o Pledgethat there will be absolutelyno tax increases

on Missourians.

o Makecertainthat statutespertainingto cleanwater are implementedto ensure

publicsafetyof our citizens.

o Requirecreditagencies
to withholdreportingnegativeinformationif it is caused
by identitytheft.


o Ensuregreatertransparency
in government.

o Strengthenethicsenforcement.

. OpposingBigGovernment

. Opposethe federalgovernmenttakeoverof our healthcaresystem.

Callupon Congress
to opposecap-and-trade

not to passcardchecklegislation.
MrssouRr Ron Richard
Charlie Shields
SenatePresidentPro Tem GpNERALAsssMBLY Speakerof the House


Houseand SenateLeadersAnnounceSharedPriorities
Solutionsfor Missouri's Future
OIkr Common-Sense
IEFFERSONCITY - With a focus on Missouri's future,Houseand Senateleaders,joined by Lt.
GovernorPeterKinder, today announcedtheir sharedpriorities they plan to accomplishearly in the
legislativesession.Thosepriorities include protectingMissouri taxpayersand families, ethics
reformsand urging Congressto act in the bestinterestof Missourians.

"In 2010,we will move with greatfortitude in facing our state'sfinancial crisis headon," said
Kinder. "I am encouragedby our legislativeleadersand their commitmentto find common-sense
solutionsfor Missouri families. As politicians in Washingtonpromotemore governmentto fix our
problems,we will remaincommittedto our coreprinciplesof life and liberty for all Missouri

Speakerof the HouseRon fuchard, R-Joplin, saidtogethertheywill take every stepthey can to keep
hard-workingMissourians'pay in their own pockets.Richardalsoplacedan emphasison economic
developmentandjob creationin Missouri.

"The GeneralAssemblyservesthe peopleof Missouri, andwe will work to producemeaningful

legislationthat directly improvesthe lives of our citizens,"saidRichard."Creatingjobs, retainingthe
jobs alreadyin place and making Missouri an athactivebusinessclimate is the key to the successof
our stateand the heartbeatof Missouri citizens- this hasbeen,and will continueto be a primary

SenateLeaderCharlie Shields,R- St. Joseph,reinforcedthe call to protecttaxpayers.He addedthat

Missouri's best economicdevelopmenttool is an educatedwork force.

"We must not raisetaxesand we must continueour commitrnentof making educationour top budget
priority," Shieldssaid."We are facing an on-goingbudgetcrisis and to succeed,we must havea
governorwho will do his job andpresenta balancedbudgetthat is not short-sighted."

SenateMajority Floor LeaderKevin Engler, R-Farmington,and HouseMajority Floor LeaderSteven

Tilly, R-Perryville,saidthe Senateand Housewould continueto build a partnershipthat will get
things donefor the peopleof Missouri.

Engler addedthat the Houseand Senatewill call on the govemorto issueprompt incometax refunds.

"Every Missourianowed an incometax refund shouldget that moneyback as soonaspossible,"

Engler said."When the governorholds onto rightfully owed refundslike he did last year,he's
essentiallytaking an interest-freeloan on the backs' of taxpayerswithout their permission."

Farrah Fite, SenateMajority Caucus- (573) 751-1562-

Kristen Blanchard, House Majority Caucus-(573)522-2589-

"Unlike Washington D.C., we want to make it very clear in Missouri that we are listening to our
citizens and committed to taking a common senseapproachto solving our problems," said
Tilley. "Because I believe, despitea tough environment and issueswith the federal government,
that we are going to be successfulin Missouri becauseour state legislaturewill work together for
our citizens. Whether it's greateraccountability, more transparency,or prudent fiscal spending
we will deliver for Missouri."

The leaderssaid other early priorities would includerequiringmore oversightof federalstimulus

dollars spentin Missouri, preventingdouble-dippinginto stateunemploymentbenefits,and stopping

The SecondRegularSessionof the 95s Missouri GeneralAssemblybeganJan.6. The leaders

outlined their sharedpriorities one week beforethe Governoris anticipatedto unveil his budgetin
the Stateof the State.

Fanah Fite, SenateMajority Caucus- (573')751-1562-

Kristen Blanchard, House Majority Caucus-(573)522-2589-
WhutSenatorsund Representatives
Are Saying
About GettingThingsDonefor Missouri Families

"Missourianscannotafford the $250 - $800 million unfundedmandateprescribedin Congress'

government-runhealthcarebill. We will standup for Missouriansand in a broadersense,our state's
rights by examiningwherethe federalgovernmentoverstepsits boundsand putting it back in its
place."* Sen.GaryNodler

"Its imperativewe try not to solveour revenueshortfallsby imposingany tax increasesor feeson
Missouri families." - Sen.Norma Champion

"We will work to stop federalgovernmentmandatesfrom bankruptingour state.Missouri taxpayers

shouldnot be left holding the bag for out-of-controlfederalspendingtied to govemmenttakeoversof
our healthcareand energyresources."- Sen.JackGoodman

"This sessionthe Missouri legislatureis continuingour cornmitmentto putting the interestsof

Missouri taxpayersfirst throughour efforts to ensureproper accountabilityand oversightover the
useof stimulusfundsand requiring greatertransparencyin our stategovernment."-Sen. ScottT.

"As we move into the new year,budgetissueswill continueto be a high priority item, With hard
earnedtax dollars,we needto make surethat fraud and abuse- not only in Medicaid, but acrossstate
government- are found and that the taxpayers'dollars areput to high investmentusessuchas
educationandjob opporfunities." - Sen.ChuckPurgason

"We will continueour commitmentto educationboth in funding and with innovativeideasto make
life-long learningopportunitiesaffordableto asmany studentsas possible."-Sen. David Pearce

"We must fight back when it comesto our state'ssovereignty.One way to do that is by shielding
Missouriansfrom federalhealthcaremandatesby protectingour rights to make our own medicaland
insurancechoices."- Sen.JaneCunninsham

"'We are committedto making fuflr*orrri""Ieaderin recapturingprecioustax dollars that are defrauded
by enactingone of the toughestMedicaid fraud laws in the country." -Sen. Eric Schmitt

"We will hold statedeparfmentsaccountable,especiallywhenit comesto making surethat public

safetyinformation is releasedwithout delay concerningMissouri's waters."-Sen. Kurt Schaefer

"It is imperativethat the Departmentof Revenuemust return Missouri taxpayers'incometax refunds

promptly. The refundsbelong to the taxpayers,not the state."- Rep.Denny Hoskins

"The peopleof Missouri must be given a reasonto trust their electedofficials and have faith in their
work. This meanswe requirea more open,transparentand accountablegovernment.Oversightof
stimulusfundswould createjust that rvhile alsoensuringthat the billions of stimulusdollarsMissouri
receivesarenot subjectto waste,fraud, or abuse.Missouriansof this greatstatedeserveno less."
- Rep.JasonSmith

"As an electedpublic servantof the Stateof Missouri, I believeit is importantto put the taxpaying
citizensof our statefirst. I fully supportthe ideaof sendingback Missouri incometax refundsin a
timelymanner as a mandate,not simply a wishful goal. Missouri families have eamedthis money
and deserveto havetheir money returnedquickly." - Rep.Darrell Pollock
Farrah Fite, SenateMajority Caucus- {513) 751-1562 - ffite@senate,mo.s.ov
Kristen Blanchard, House Majority Caucus-(573)522-2589-
"I will not raisetaxeson the citizensof Missouri. I also fully supportefforts by many ofmy
colleaguesto ensurethat our taxpayerrefundsare returnedto them in a timely manner."
- Rep. Billy Pat Wright

"One of our priorities will be to protectMissouriansfrom the excessesof the FederalGovernment

that havedisturbedmany of us over the past few months.That is why we will be seekingto passthe
Health CareFreedomAct and the otherbills that will firmly assertthe constitutionalrights of the
commonsenseMissouri citizenswho are massivelyopposedto the Governmenttakeovers,mandates
and excessivetaxation." - Rep. Timothy W. Jones

"If the men and womenprotectingour nation are subjectto drug testing,why shouldn't thosewho
are receivingassistancefrom Missouri taxpayersbe?" - Rep. David Day

"Missouriansare not happyto seetheir hard earnedtax dollarsusedto subsidizedrug use.Also, we

must get a handleon drug usein Missouri. Babiesborn to mothersusing crack and meth frequently
have irreversiblebrain damage.They have major behavioraldisordersthat requirepsychiatricdrugs
the rest of their lives." - Rep. Ellen Brandom

"The only way to stop a bully is to standup to him. In this casethe national governmenthasclearly
steppedover the line and is presumingthe stateswill roll over and play dead.We must call their
bluff. They can play "rock, paper,scissors"all they want, but now it is time for us to teachthem a
lessonon the constitution.This nationalhealthcareproposalis an offenseto the principlesof liberfy.
Our highestloyalty will alwaysrest with protectingour citizensfrom fur&er encroachments by the
big bloated gove_rnment." - Rep. Cynthia Davis
"It is well pasttime for propertytax reform in the Stateof Missouri. HouseBill 1350will level the
spiralingincreasesin propertytax." - Rep. Marilyn Ruestman

"I do not supportthe Cap and Tradelegislationand I think this is a terrible initiative for our state.
There is no doubt that it will drive up the cost of utilities on Missouri families andbusinessesin a
very shorttime span."- Rep.Mike Parson
"The citizensof Missouri are over-taxedat all levels. We cannotraisetaxeson hard-working
Missourians."- Rep.Gary Dusenberg

"Welfare is a short-term,temporaryfix, not a long-terrnsolution or escapefrom responsibility. A

clear drug test is required for most employment opportunities; therefore the standardshouldbe no
lessfor welfare from the Stateof Missouri." - Rep.Kenny Jones

"The most importantactionwe will make to stabilizeour environmentfor job growth is balancethe
budget. Washingtonshould follow our lead,becauseMissouriansknow what it meansto balancea
budget."- Rep.Eric Burlison

"ln thesetough economictimes, when families and individuals are strugglingto make endsmeet,the
stateneedsto tighten its belt and cut taxesto help Missourians-"- Rep Will Kraus


Farrah Fite, SenateMajority Caucus - (573) 751-1562 -

Kristen Blanchard, House Majority Caucus- (573)522:2589 -

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