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Sex Move

Playing the Alarune

When you get intimate with someone

you gain the Elated condition. If you
were already Elated, both you and
your partner may remove 1 Condition.

The Alraune is a plant like creature with a

humanoid appearance and blood instead of sap
in its veins. It thrives on passion and love,
sometimes being known as a mandrake.
Somewhat supernatural and voyeuristic the
Alraune relies heavily on Dark and gazing into
the abyss. They also show their romantic sides
and ability to feel emotions well beyond that of
normal people with the common Condition
Elated. Note that whenever you take advantage
of the Elated Condition with a move, you lose it.
So try and become Elated as often as possible.

Darkest Self
Your roots are meant to be watered
with blood. Humans destroy your
kind every day and it's time to repay
that life for life. For every twig
broken you break one bone, for every
insult you take your flesh.
You will not stop until you make
Elizabeth Bathory look like an
amateur. You come out of your
Darkest Self when you see a scene of
true natural beauty or are confronted
by a flesh being who has never
harmed you.

Take another Alarune move
Take another Alarune move
Take a move from another Skin
Take a move from another Skin
Join a Guerrilla Garden
Add 1 to Hot (Max 3)
Add 1 to Cold (Max 3)
Add 1 to Volatile (Max 3)
Add 1 to Dark (Max 3)

The Single Blossom Roots move keeps the

character relatively healthy to down right
perfect condition. This healing requires some
weird and rather unexplainable activity of
burying themselves into the ground up to their
hair. Some people are drawn to the hair flowers
and pluck mandrakes, making this move useless
for the 24 hours.
The Alraune is not flesh and this is truly shown
with the Mandrake Scream and Thorn Whips
powers. Using these powers is typically in the
name of whatever target last made them Elated
or a loved one. Alraune are vicious in combat
because they feel more strongly than others.
Acting akin to the preternatural the senses of a
plant, they feel things that aren't truly
understood by other beings. Hallucinogenic
Pollen and THC Haze makes the Alraune akin
to a diviner who can watch over the person
who has gathered their attention. Often they
devote specific times of the day to watch over
friends and family.
Being Elated makes life so much sweeter.
Everything is more vibrant, everything is
better, treat every emotion as if it is so much
more intense. When you feel happy nothing
can bring you down. When enraged they target
of your fury will pray for death. Touch My
Thorns and Petal Plucker offer ways to gain
the Condition, seeing to a fun and productive

Choose a Name:

Aria, Beatrice, Desmond,

Geraldine, Marron, Raphael,
A beautiful name, a colorful
name, a seductive name, a strong


Circle one on each list:

Hale, Hearty, Beautiful, Exotic,
Violet eyes, heterochromatic eyes,
bright eyes, enrapturing eyes

Circle one:
Uplifted Plant, Ancient Nordic
Hideaway, Forest Lord, Flesh-Being
Researcher, Carved Bonsai.


Carry Forward

Chosen Moves
Take Single Blossom Roots and two more

Add 1 to one of these
Hot 1, Cold -1, Volatile -1, Dark 1



Single Blossom Roots

The Alraune can dig her body into
the ground at the end of the night
and sleep until dawn, awakening
healed. They remove one condition
with sleep and raise from the ground.
If Elated they also heal 1 Harm. While
inside the ground her hair turns into
a flower that may be pulled out,
disturbing her sleep.
Mandrake Scream
You can loose and ear piercing scream
directed at a target. When lashing out
roll with Dark and on 10 up inflict 1
Harm and the concussed Condition.
On a 7-9 deal one harm. If used after
you have been yanked out of the
ground deal on a 10 up deal 2 harm
and give the deafened condition, and
a 7-9 grants the normal 10 up effect.
Petal Plucker
You gain the ability to spend a String
on a character to gain a general
knowledge of how they feel for you. If
they love you gain the condition

Your Backstory
You have been tended to by a gardener
while you sleep. They gain 1 String against
You have a crush and this makes you
happy. Gain 2 Strings on them.
You are the guardian symbol of an entire
family. Gain one String on each of them
and they gain one on you.


Other Moves

Hallucinogenic Pollen
You exude delicious pollen that puts
you into a trance. When rolling gaze
into the abyss, add 1 to your Dark roll.
If you get a 10 up you can choose all
three options. If you are Elated and
roll 7-9 you choose one of the 10 up
options instead.
Thorn Whips
The Alraune can shift her arms into
long, sinuous whips with barbed
thorns. You may lash out at a distance
of 10 feet and on a 10 up your
opponent gains the entangled
condition. If you are Elated on a 10 up
give the Condition pierced and on a
7-9 give entangled.
Touch My Thorns
If you succeed on a 10 up on a
manipulate NPC or turn someone on
you gain the condition Elated. She
may automatically gains a forward 1
to this power against anyone who
plucks her from slumber.
THC Haze
On a 10 up on a gaze into the abyss
you can gain a String on the subject
you saw. On a 7-9 you may carry 1
forward on the subject for the scene.
If Elated you gain a String and then
remove 1 Condition. On a 7-9 you gain
the benefit of a normal 10.

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