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Senior Management team

Vicky Cookson, HR Director

Gaetano Capozzolo, HR Business Partner Director
Roxana Brinzi - partener, Assistant Manager/ Officer Personnel Administration
Reward and Recognition team
Zoe Dumitru, Manager Reward
Geanina Rindasu, Analyst, Reward - Senior
Carmen Petrescu, Analyst Reward
Andreea Mihai, Analyst Reward
Ana Maria Gheorghe, Administrator Reward
Talent and Resourcing team
Delia Sofonea, Manager Talent and Resourcing
Alina Spatareanu, Consultant Resourcing - Finance & Support functions
Ionela Sulugiuc, Consultant Resourcing - Finance, EBU and CBU Sales functions
Veronica Ciobanescu, Consultant Resourcing - Marketing functions
Alexandra Ciobanu - partener, Consultant Resourcing - Retail
Anca Kalambayi - Consultant Resourcing - IT, Engineering
Alina Manole - Consultant Resourcing - IT, Engineering
Andreea Grigore - partener, Consultant Resourcing
Alexandra Burlan, Consultant Talent Development
Stefan Firta, Consultant Performance Management
Learning and Capability Development team
Diana Badea, Consultant, Learning & Capability Development Senior - Sales Consumer (CBU),
Marketing and HR
Cristian Nicoara, Consultant, Learning & Capability Development Senior - Customer Operations,
Finance and small functions
Anca Lazaroiu, Manager, Learning and Development Solutions
Alina Tirlea, Trainer
Mirela Botorogeanu, Trainer
Ciprian Ungureanu, Trainer
Doru Luchian, Trainer
Iulia Nechita, Trainer - Iasi
Diana Prefac, Trainer - Cluj-Napoca
Mara Voicu, Trainer Senior - Timisoara
Georgiana Cristea, Trainer
Alina Vesca, Trainer
Gentiana Sima, Trainer
Laurentiu Horubet, Trainer
Cristina Ghioca, Designer, Leadership skills development - Senior
Camelia Dumitru, Designer, Soft Skills Development
Lucian Balazs, Designer, Learning and Development
Eugen Nan, Designer, Learning and Development
Ovidiu Aron, Administrator, Training Platforms
Alexandru Ignat, Administrator, Training Platforms
Gina Prioteasa, Analyst, Training Programs
Raluca Olteanu, Project Manager HR Systems and Processes
Cristina Militoiu, HR SAP Consultant
Maria Sultan, Analyst Reporting and Budgeting
Aurora Enache, Analyst Reporting and Budgeting
Internal Communication team
Madalina Nacu, Manager, Internal Communication
Carmen Boureanu, Consultant, Internal Communication
Crina Nita, Consultant Communication and Engagement

Nicoleta Radescu (Vartic), Consultant, Internal Communication

Business Partners team
Gaetano Capozzolo, HR Business Partner Director
Marina Dimitriu, HR Business Partner Senior - Marketing and EBU
Pia Simionescu, HR Business Partner Finance and Corporate Functions (Regulatory, Legal &
Corporate Affairs, Fraud Prevention & Security and Corporate Communication)
Veronica Brejan, HR Business Partner Technology
Ingrid Bercea, HR Business Partner - Customer Operations
Roxana Tanase, Manager HR Business Partner - CBU
Corina Dragoi, HR Business Partner - Vodafone Stores
Anca Comaneanu, Consultant, Organisation Effectiveness and Change
HR Services team
Daniela Sarbu, Manager Human Resources Services
Simona Berbec, partener, HR Consultant
Florina Radu, Human Resources Advisor
Georgiana Ciobanu, Human Resources Advisor - Senior
Camelia Maria, Team Leader, Personnel Administration
Victoria Stancu, HR Officer Personnel Administration - Senior
Cristina Stanciu - partener, Officer Personnel Administration
Irina Maria Parvu- partener, Officer, Personnel Administration
Roxana Alecsa - partener, Officer, Personnel Administration
Florentina Ghica - partener, Administrator Beneficii
Raluca Stoicanel - partener, Assistant, Training
Mirela Rasnoveanu - partener, Officer, Resourcing Administration
Health and Safety team
Mirela Dragan, Manager Health and Safety