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1997 January/February


The Newsletter WesternStar Dancers,584 CastroSt., Suite480, of SanFrancisco 94114-2588. CA E-MailWSDNews@aol.com A Contemporary AmericanSquareDanceClub primarily servingthe San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Community. Subscriptions The to WesternStarare fee to WSD Members,$181oothers.Ads are complementary members, to eommercial advertisers may contact for pricus inginformation.

Plus months - weekend workshops,pre-convention workshops,more or varied social events - you make the call and the BOD will work with you to make the eventhappen. WSD may not be the biggestclub in the Bay Area, but what we lack in quantitywe make up for in Quality. "Don'tStop, Don'tSlow Down." Remember... Yellowrocks

Out withthe old, and in withthe NewYear! By the time you read this, 1996 will be a fleetingmemory. And and stories what memories we can tell. A year when playedhost San Francisco dancingin to Convention, the streetsof the Castro, new Mainstreamstudents doing tipsy tips at the LeatherDai:ce,Baby Nev; Year (see pictureon page 2) puttingin an early app e a r a n c ea t t h e M a i n stream Graduation, wo t guest appearances DeborahParnelland the ever by gift entertaining Christmas exchange.Eachand every momentwas specialbecauseof you - the membersof WSD. Youmightnoticea changein TheWestemSfarasFelix Forninotakes over as Editor of the printedvoice of WSD. Pleasefeel free to speak to Felix about any you mightliketo see or contributions you changes that can make to The WesternSfar. The productionof a newsletter a large undertaking is and I know that he willappreciate any help he can get. ln thisissueyouwillfinda WSD Members SurveyForm (see page 3). Pleasetake time to look over the form and make the appropriate notations what direction on you want your club to take in the new year and what energyyou can expendto see that your suggestions are carriedout. After all, WSD is your club and your input is valuable. You can returnthe form with your 1997Membership duesandthe FormOne at yourearpossibleconvenience.Taketime to let the BOD liest knowwhatyou wouldlikeus to focuson for the next 12


As the new newsletter editor,I wouldliketo solicityour commentson what you would like to see in the newswill letter.The changes comingin the nextfew months ( I only had a week to get this newsletter out). I would like to ask if you have a new name for the newsletter. AlthoughI thinkthat The WestemSfardoes tellwho we are, I am surewith atlthe brightpeoplewe havewe can comeup witha clevertitle. Youcan reach me via the WSD address or e-mail me at felixl@ix. metcom. com. I hope that you will like the changes.

Form One Renewal
renewalforms in your mailLook for the membership box soon. Pleaseverifythe information them. lf on any changes needto be made,makethem on the form and returnthe form alongwith your checkto the WSD address.Formsare due by March 15, 1997to be infor Directory 1997. cludedin the Membership

The Board would like to thank you for your effort at but the Convention we need you help. We will be havinga Beer Bust on February23, 1997 at the SF to Eaglefrom 3 to 6 PM. We need volunteers help pour beer and servefood. Pleasecall Felixif you Thanks. (Justwhenyou can help a|415-826-7526. thoughtit was safe to go intothe wateragain.)

Information otherIAGSDCTM on Clubs in the Bay Area Greater
Capital Citl' Squares Offers Basic thru Plus instruction Mainstream/Plus club dancing Tuesday@ JeffersonSchool 2001 PebblewoodSt.. Sacramento ContactInfo: GeorgeFox (916) 929-8697 or JamesOzanich (916) 925-4212 E-Mail: OzMarlOaol.com Camival Twirlers Advanced Level Dancing Frida"""s Monta Loma School.MountainView @ Contact: Jill Marci (408) 377-6453 E-Mail: jillrnd,netcom.com Diablo Dancers Ofl-ers Basicthru Plus instruction M l i n s t r e a l n / P l u su b d a n c i n g cl l uesdars,/Thursdals Willorv PassRecreational Center @ L,ast C)liveraRoad 6z'Salvio. Concord ContactInfo: Ed Conlel and PaulCahill (415) 558-8467 E-Mail: (c/o Bob Frame):lapalma2communitl.net [:l Camino Reelers Oflers Basicthru Advancedlnstruction Plus/Advanced club dancing Wednesdal's St. Andre\\'sUnited MethodistChurch (i 4 l I I A i m a S t . .P a l oA l t o Mondavs.a Crittenden School.l70l Rock St.. ldountainView ( C o n t a c I n f o :C h u c kF i s h e r 4 0 8 )1 3 5 - 3 0 1 t I E-Mai| : ecr-infoiatmtdiablo.sj.ca.us Foggl Ciq Dancers Oll-ers Basictlrru Plus inslruclion M a i n s t r e a m / P I c l:u b d a n c i r r g u 1-ucsdalsfl.hursdals I-ive Oak School 2t I l 7 D i a m o n d t . .S a n F r a n c i s c t r S Contacllnlb: Sqr-rare DanceI-lott,ine (415) 905-4546 E - M a i l :( c / oJ o h nK o l b ) :t i o c a l l i e @ a o l . c o m Midnight Squares Off'ersAdvance/Chal lenge lnstruction Advanced/Challenge dancing club Sundals@ Live Oak School I l7 DiamondStreet, San Francisco aa: 3rd Wednesdav EVRC Theater,San Francisco C o n t a c I n f o :C l a i r eM e i s e l( 4 1 5 )8 6 1 - 1 9 7 9 r t o R o g e rM i l l e r ( 4 l 5 ) 6 6 , 1 - 0l5 3 E-Mail: (c/o Carl Williamson): carltOhooked.net Prime 8's Off-ers AdvancedInstuctionand club dancing Mondal's @ JeffersonSchool 2001 Pebblewood Sacramento St., ContactInfo: James Ozanich(916)925-4212 E-Mail: OzMardaol.com

Yellow Graduation Class:(l to r) Fabian Alvarez, Mike Stars,Richard Rockwell, NobuYamayi,, Mah,Serge Ed Pluess.Not pictured. TonV Fornito, John Sakowski.

Treasurer's Report

As of 12111196. Checking Account: I n s u r a n c A cco u n t: e

$2,010.00. 0 $1,8680

*Doesn't includeNovember/December incomeand expenses

WSD Boardo1Directors
.linr Andcrson Nick ('arlson Lee Gianliancesco Ron N4askcr

Lee G. - Administrator Ron M. - lnstructoriDancc Coordinator Lee G. - ClassArchangel Nick C. - BaordSecretary'/ IAGSDCTM Rep Pat S. - DanglcDiva Lee G. - Attendanccfaker Jinr A. - Databaseil'reasurer/Calendar Fc-lirF. - \{/estern Star Editor

ChrisAnderson- 1 JesseAlvarez- 3 Bert Swerer - 4 ChrisStone- 4 Scott Preble- 8 JamesOzanich 10 - 13 Tom Tripp RobertCavanaugh '17 - 19 Walt Anthony HarryOhira- 21 AngeloProserpi 23 - 25 LeonDuBois

Gara$e Sale
yourvaluables theAnStart saving for nualWestern StarGarage Sale. Date andPlace be announced. to

February Birthdavs
DavidBaker- 18 NobuYamaji 25


{*l-rr," . ., : l-ai '
'..:i: ( t "1,

r:t I ;it



-i ' ;




Frorn Western Board the Star

WESTERN STARDANCERS MEMBERSHIP SURVEY JANUARY 1997 Please takea moment yourvaluable to respond thefollowing of time to items: Whatdanceevents wouldyouliketo seechanged added nextyear: or for (e g , Easter Bonnet Contest Dance) and

what social event(s) wourd rike you wsD to sponsor during nextyear:(e.g., party) WSDClubMembers Birthday

Whatamountof time or talentcan you provide makethis\these to eventshappen:

wouldyoube interested serving the BoD fortheremainder the 1996in on of 97 term?

3A,NFRAN<tsco \ -- tt?6


at the

S.II . lhGLrI
Sundqy Febroqry23, | 997 3 to 6 PM DonqtionSS.OO
Volunteers neededfor BeerPouring and Food Serving. C a l lF e l i xa t 415-826-7526


|srAft:r, TItArts

Capital City Squares

Chase Right into'97

Anne Uebelacker
Saturday, January 25, 1997 7:30 -'l 0:OOp.m.
Mainstream and PIus Jeffenson School 2OO1Pebblewood Dnive Sacnamento [SouthNatomas] $0 penperson Soft soledshoesplease.
Information Geonge 916-929-8697
W fnom Reno:l-BO to Directions NorthqateBlvd.Left [o Northqate. Bioht6n San Juan Poad.Lart"cn Riohton Pebblewood. Az-evedo. Schoolis 2 blocksup on r-ight.

l-8OE to Dinections from BayAr-ea: then FneewavJ, Business fCapital 8O North on l-5. ExitWest El Ca'inino. Riqht Riohtat lioht.Left at Azevedo. up at?ebbleriood. blocks on left. 2

ffi? pr[!lLUlilU!Lqh)

Foundinomember IAGSDC

January 1997
Dancing Monday& Wednesday on Nights7:30- 9:30a1 Eureka Valley Rec C.enter unlessotherwiseannounced. Events the C-alendar subject change. on are to New Year'sDay WSD Dark




I nstructor

6 \,
WSD Plus Class Ron lv{a-sker, @ EVRC Theater 7 : 3 0p m


WSD Club Night Caller TBA @ EVRC'Theater 7:30pm





WSD PlusClass
Ron N{asker, Instructor (r9 EVRC Thearer 7 : 3 0p m 7 : 3 0p m @ Ron M.

WSD Board Mceting

1{ )- -/
Midnight Squares @ EVRC Theater 7:30 pm Advanced & Challenge Dancing





Ttiru AZ" /Phoeaix


ML KingJ;


aa LI
WSD Club Night C:llerTBA
@ E\'RC Theater 7 : 3 0p m





WSD PlusClass
Ron Masker, Instructor @ EVRC Theater 7:30 pm New Orleans






WSD Club Night C-aller TBA Theater @ EVRC 7:30 pm


February L997
Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat



rcing Dancingon Monday& Wednesday Nights7:30- 9:30a1EurekaVallcy Rec Crn unlscss Crnter otherwiscannounced. Events the Calendarare subjcct10change. nts o on


WSD PlusClass
llon N{a^sker, I nstructor ( 4 .F . V R C ' l h c a t c r 7 : 3 0p n r


\&,SI) Dlrk






I \-'l




1J? L

1A 1/1



WSD i)lus Class Ron lvlasker, Instruclor ( a rE V R C T h e a t e r , 7 : 3 0p r n

\\ SI) Cllub ight N
( :rllct l lJ,\ (r l:\/ll(-'l'hc:rter 7 : . 1 0p r r r

rlr::::::::r:ri;::::i:.::::. :



r)each FIyJn'7 LA

: r l dR u s h B e e r B u s t @ the SF Eagle 3:00- 6:00pm

President's Day WSD Dark

WSD tsoard Mecting 7:30 pm I @)BD


.l c)



M i d n i g h tS q u : r r c ' (r L:VIIC'fhcrricr 7:30 pnr
Ad\:lnccd N (ihallenge Daniing

"Dive Thru long



"PinkTrianglcs l)o\\'n Uncler / Australia 2"
STCChost BeerBust@
SF Eagle

,J ,2:









WSD PlusClass
; 3:00 RonIv{asker, 0 I nstructor to 6:00Pm @ E V R C T h e a t e r o
7 : 3 0p n r

\\'SI) Club Night ( allcr'l'11,,\ E\/llC'l'her'Le r G,7:30 prn


2 PinkTriangles Dou n U n d c r " / A u s t n


F TheWe$ern StaT
V o l ume1 4

March/April 1997


The Newsletter WesternStar Dancers,584 CastroSt , Suite480. of SanFrancisco 94114-2588 CA E-MailWSDNews@aot com A Contemporary American SquareDanceClubprimarily the serving San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Community. Subscriptions The to WesternStararefee to WSD Members, 8 to others.Ads are comple. $1 mentary members; to commercial advertisers may contact for prrcus inginformation.

Pleasenote that the volumenumberhas changed. lt was pointedout that the newsletter startedone year afterWSD was formed. Somewhere volumenumthe insteadof the issuenumber. ber increased

Form One Renewal
Look for the membership renewalforms in your mailbox soon. Pleaseverifythe information them. lf on any changes needto be made,makethem on the form and returnthe form alongwith your checkto the WSD address. Forms are due by April 30, 1997 to be inDirectory 1997. for cludedin the Membership

Administrator's Corner
"MarchMadness here for all you basketball is fans what there are two of you! But, March Madnessis here for those of vou who enjoytwirling well. WSD as c e l e b r a t e si t ' s F i f t e e n t h Anniversary month, this the clubwillalso graduating be it's currentPlus Class on M o n d a y e v e n i n go f t h e seventeenth. This year it won'tbe "thewearing the of green" but the wearingof Yellowto salute the new graduates.

The Boardof STCC would like to thank you for your 23 enortat the BeerBuston February at the SF Eagle. With your help we raisedover $2,000to help pay the debtsof the convention.

Gold Rush

Gold Rushwouldliketo thankthe membersof WSD for your help at their Beer Bust on February16 at the The BOD has decidedto advertise the upcoming for SF Eagle. newclassfor 1997-98.Lookfor our ads in B.A.R., the newsmagazine. We Correction BAYTimesand SF FRONTIERS to are attempting reachout to more of the community danc- The pictureon page 2 in the last issue of the Yellow to letthemknowthatwe are hereandthatsquare ing isn'treally"square".lf you knowanyoneinterested Classwas incorrectly shouldhave labeled.The caption in the new classpleaselet them know of the free pre- read FabianAlvardonot FabianAlverez. Mea culpa, view nightsand follow -up with a phone reminderto mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. you fellwouldbe interested. anyone -

BoardMinutes Januarv1997

I trustthat we will see manyof you at the danceon the fifteenthand maybe even again at the Graduation faces, We Danceon the seventeenth. missyou smiling youwarmconversations yourfellowship. Rememand ber to wear your name badges to these events,we haven'tseen some of you dancingin so longwe have your name! Just kidding. Both of these forgotten promisee be greatfun and full of surprises events to Yellowrocks Lee

1. Plusclassdoingwell.RickGranthas beensinging is specialtips.Graduation March17. Danceat TempleUnited.Jim will be 2. Anniversary doingflyers. PattiWhite will be askedto do Anniversary Ribbonsas she has done in the past. Cost is $8 3. PrideDanceto be June 28 [MayorBrownasked the Paradeto be movedso he could attend.-ed.l Lee sooketo Paul Cahillto have DiabloDancers the coordinate PrideParadefor the localsquare dance community.

4. The new directory and newsletter were declared to Information otherIAGSDCTM on Clubsin the be fabulous Thanksto JimAnderson the Directory GreaterBay Area for and FelrxForninofor the Newsletter. 5. Should therebe a newclassor a "convention-chalOffer: Basicthru Plus insrruclion lenge"class? An alternative MS/Plusreviewclasses Mainstream/Plus dancing club for the dancershere in the area who haven'tdanced Tuesdal @ JeffersonSchool recently. This wouldbe a seriesof classesoriented to 2001 PebblewoodSt.. Sacramento thosewho wouldliketo brushup or develop theirAPD. Contactlnfo: GeorgeFox (916) 929-8697or (916) The pace wouldbe fasterthan traditional classesand JamesOzanich(d, 925-4242 E-Mail : OzMar aol.conr wouldbe offeredMondayand Wednesday nights.The cost would be $45 for the entirereviewclass. Carnival Twirlers 6. The garage salehas beenpostponed. 7. EVRC has approached WSD to being a "coveted program" EVRCwhich for wouldexpand "gaycomour munity" options EVRC. at 8. Leather Danceon September 27. Ron is planning on askingRogerLooney SantaRosato call. of
Advanced Level Dancing Fridals @ Monta LonraSchool,MountainVierl Contact: Jill Marci (108) 377-6453 E-Mai| : j i Ilmfa'rnetcom.com Diablo Dancers Otll'rs Basiethru Plu: instruction M a i n > t r e a r n / P lc l : h d a n c i n g uu \I'i Tuesdavslfhursda,r trr-' I lou PassRecreational Center s EastOliveraRoadra Salvio.Concord C o n t a c ltn l b : E d C o n l e ra n d P a u lC a h i l l( 4 1 5 )5 5 8 - 8 4 6 7 E-Mail: (c/o Bob Franre): lapalmatiiconrnrunitl.nel EI ('amino Reelers OfJersBasicthru Advancedlnstruction P l u s / A d v a n c e du b d a n c i n g cl \\'ednesdars Sl. Andre\\s LlnitedMethodistChurch !i: - 1 I I A l m a S t . .P a l oA l t t r I V M o n d a r st a ' C r i t t c - n d e n h o o l . 7 0 l R o c k 5 1 . .N l o u n t a i n r e u l Sc C'onlact Info: Chuck Fisher(-108) 435-301 I F--Ma| : ecr-i i nfor'ri,mtdiablo. us s.i.ca. Foggl Citl Danccrs Oll'ersBasicthrr-r Plus instruction N l a i r r s l r e aPnu : e l u h d a n c i n g rl 1-uesdalsr'l hursdays Live Oak School ?i I l " D i a m o n d t . .S a n F r a n c i s c o S ('ontactlntb: Square Dancellot Line (4 I 5 ) 905-45.16 F.- I : ( cio .lohnKol b ): tiocall ie/ilaol.com Mai Midnight Squares Ofl'ersAdvance/Chal lenge Instruction Advanced/Challenge dancing club SundarslO Live Oak School I l7 DiamondStreet. San Francisco -lrd W'ednesdar EVRC Theater San Francisco A ) C o n l a c t n f o : C l a i r el v t e i s e(l4 1 - 58 6 1 - 1 9 7 9 r l o I RogerMiller (.11 ) 661-05 3 5 carl@hooked.net E-Mail: (c/o Carl Williamson): Prime 8's and club dancing Otlbrs Advancedlnstuction Mondavs@ Jeil'erson School 2001 Pebble*oodSt.. Sacramento ( O C o n t a c I n f o :J a m e s z a n i c h 9 1 6 )9 2 5 - 1 2 4 2 t E-Mail: OzMar'?aol.conr CapitalCity Squares

March Birthdays R u s sK i n g- ' 1 CarlosMosca- 2 D o n a l d CS c h u m a c h e r - 3 LarryQueen- 16 BillRcberts 17 - 25 Ed Mah Ron Hirsch 25 JimPellman 29 April Birthdays M i c h a eH e a l y 6 l - 13 Dennis urner T '13 Don GrecoKeithHenderson 19 PattyWhite - '19

WSD Boardo1'Directors
.linr Anderson
N cl ('.ylqp11 l-ee (lianlianccsco Ron Nlasker

I . c c( i . - A t i r r r i n i s t r a t o r Ron \1. - lnstruclor/Dancc Cloordinator l-ec (i. - ( lass.Arcl.rangcl Rep Nick ( . - IlatrrtlSecrctarr l:\CiSDC'TM P a tS . - I ) a n g l c ) i r a [ Lee (i. - .{ttcndance Taker .lirn A. - Database'Treasurer,'( alendar Felix I-. - \\'cslcrr Star Editor

Fe aturingl

I nviter You to H e t2 c e le brate AnniversorY Their ,fth
gaturdal, March 15, 1997 #8-OO 7:3O - tO:3O lm T em! le lJnited M ethoditt Church
|era E< lgth Avenwe Junilero Blvt'

FGne'&; A,wd,y
of Lat Velal, Nevada
f^.@ (+ts) d2t.2619, ,t.0,
.For norc infornction, call.

^_1,,:.A; or E-Lleil at

@{+ts1 tz6.z2rr,

ct t{spttcpt@aol.con



584 Castro Street, Suite 48O San Francisco. CA 94114-2588

24 March 1997

Dear Western Star Dancer:
The first trimester meeting of WSD is scheduled for Wednesday April 9th at 7: 15 PM. This meeting will focus on the elimination of the biweekly Club night dance schedule.

At the March Board of Directors meeting it was decided that there was not enough interest by club members to continue this tradition. Board members are in favor of eliminating the regularly scheduled club nights and feel that there might be better response to planed dance events on a six to eight week schedule. This trimester meeting will be your only opportunity to express your concerns regarding the BOD's decision to move in this direction. Please plan to attend this meeting or take the opportunity to express your views in writing prior to the final vote on this action. Respectfully,



n (

Lt:c (iianfranc()sc)o.Adrnlnis tratrlr


Thelile$em StaT
Vo lu me1 4

May/June 1997


The Newsletter WesternStar Dancers,584 CastroSt.. Suite480. of San Francisco A 94114-2588.E-Mail WSDNews@aol.com C A Contemporary AmericanSquareDanceClub primarily servingthe San FranciscoGay and LesbianCommuntty.Subscriptions The to Westem Starare fee to WSD Members. 18 to others. Ads are comple$ mentaryto members;commercialadvertrsers may contactus for pricing information.

Admi nistrator'sCorner
WSD held it's first Trimester meeting for 1997on April9, 1997. Membershad been invitedto attendand disc u s s t h e v i a b i l i t yo f Club Nightdancing. W i t h 1 1 m e m b e r si n
?aa--)--^^ Atr\iltLrOrrUg ra-_._ Il\/Ul ^( trl

lizingthe EVRC space for squaredancingat the Advancedand ChallengeLevels. This is being done in a spiritof cooperation betweenclubsand to maintain affordable an dancespacein the community. WSD membersare encouraged conto tinuedancingas angelsfor the new Basic/Mainstream Class. Being an angel is a great way to improve your own dance skills without anyone beingthe wiser! With a throw of the dice, maybe WSD will be an early entry in the Grand March at this years IAGSDCTM Convention Wheel andDealthisJuly in Las Vegas. Look for more information and a registration form inside.Remember keepdancto ing...."Don'tStop...Don't Slow Down." Yellowrocks Lee

whom were Board Memberslthe topic seemed to be one which has been the subjectof similarconversations too often in all the past. The groupcouldnot pinpoint any specific reasonwhy dancersno longerwanted to danceon a weeklybasis,that movingClub Night to Mondayswould not draw a greaternumberof dancers,that the "energy"was not there within the BOD to make Club Nightsuccessful, it was so decided that Club Nightwouldend as of April30, 1997. The discussionturned to the upcomingBasic Class. Some interest has been shownby guests however was feltthatwe would on "lntroNights", it need at least 16 dancersto have a successful class. Furtherdiscussion this issueleadto the of membersto agreeto subsidize the class even if there were not 8 dancersenrolledin the class. This was decidedbecausethe main focus of the club is to promotethe squaredance experience.

This month we are going to try somethinga little different. Usuallywe have a Calendarthat is monthlyand lookslike a calendar. Howeverwith the adventof no Club Nightsit was thoughtthat a calendarthat listedeventsin order would be just as viable.This will reducesome of the newsletter costs.

Also,the newsletter listsall the Bay Area Square Danceclubsand their schedules.I am goingto cut that down by listingthe clubsand a telephone number and/or e-mail address. I am doing this is for variousreasons.The most important space reasonis that otherclubsdon't and the secondary do it. Dancersherein the BayArea are more likely to be membersof more than one club that they dance to and receive their newsletterswith the information.Also WSD receivesthe newsletters of the otherclubsand you can alwayscome on a May 1997,Midnight Effective Squareswill be uti- Mondayeveningand check their schedule.

Birthdavs May Birthdays Agnes Smith- 4 DemianQuesnel- 5 BudBudlong 13 - '1 5 S . Bo b L e h r Curt Vantine 16 June Birthdays



-r,'lr.iir -'


M ay 5, 12, 19 - ClubNight,7:30.EVRC May 26 - Memorial Day - WSD Dark J u n e2 , 9 , 1 6 , 2 3 , 3 0 C l u bN i g h t7 : 3 0 , V R C , E - WSD's Annual Pride Day Dance June 28 For Info see flyer. July 4 - WSD's Annual Fouth of July Picnic on Angel lsland I How about thatll We are actuallyhavingit on July 4th!!!lSee flyer for info. July11- 13 W heel& Deal97IAGSDCT14th M AnnualConvention Las Vegas in July 14 - WSD Dark.[We are cominghome from the LasVegasConvention. Althoughthis may change.l ALL IAGSDCTM CLUB EVENTSHAVE FLYERS THAT MAY BE PICKEDUP ON MONDAYS.
Informationon other IAGSDCfr Clubs in the Greater Bav Area Capital City Squares



Fred Papapietro 10 R o n J a b l o n s ki 1 6 Scott Carey - 27 Room Needed John and Chip will becoming from Chicago on the ThursdaybeforePrideWeekendand leavingMonday. lf you have roomfor them contactthem at bearfuz@aol.com or tourcuh@aol com or 760-3734448.

IAGSDCTM Club Events Calendar

June 7 - SummerSashaywith SteveMinkin. ContactInfo:GeorgeFox (916)929-8697or James Ozanich (916) 925-4242 D i a b l oD a n c e rs. :3 0 ,$ 7 . P l e a sa nHillAdult E-Mail OzMar@aol.com 7 t C e n t e r 3 1 0 0Oa k P a rkB l vd ,P l e a stant , Hill. J u n e 1 4 - F og g y C i ty's B a si c/Ma instr eamCarnivalTwirlers (408)377-6453 Contact: Marci Jill G r a d u a t i o n n ce .7 :3 0 . H a rve yMilk Civil E - M a i l .. l i l l m @ n e t c o m . c o m Da RightsAcademy, 1gth& Collingwood WSD Board of Directors
Jim Anderson Nick Carlson Lee Giantiancesco Ilon Mrukcr

DiabloDancers ContactInfo:Ed Conleyand Paul Cahill(415) 55&8467 E-Mail:(c/o Bob Frame):lapalma@community.net El CaminoReelers ContactInfo:Chuck Fisher(408)435-30'll E-Mail:ecr-info@mtdiablo.sj.ca.us Foggy City Dancers Contact Info: Square Dance Hot Line (415) 905-4546 E-Mail:(c/o John Kolb):tiocallie@aol.com MidnightSquares ContactInfo:ClaireMeisel(415)861-1979or RogerMiller(415)664-0513 carl@hooked.net E-Mail:(c/o Carl Williamson): Prime8's Contact Info: James Ozanrcn l€16\ 925-4242 E-Mail:OzMar@aol.com

Lee (i. - Administrator ('oitrdinator Ron M. - Instructor/Dance - Class Archangel Rick G. Nick C. - Baord Secretary/ IAGSDCTM l{ep Pat S. - Dangle Diva
I .',' t'l \ 111-n6lnp1';. t''1. .'

Jim A. - Database/'frcasurer/Calcndiu Fciix I". - WestemStar L,ditor

WesterR Dan@ers Star
yot e.t,erutS

with PromenadePride
& they You Join fortheir wani to them Pre-Parade Dance Annual
featuring at

Wlll[ams Donna
of Phoenix, Az

Hamey Oivil Milk Rights Aoademv
lyDouglas Efementary School) lformaf

0alllng Mainetreem & P]us

ilgth 4235 st.
(betueen Collingwood & Diamond)

28,1997 June
s 7:30pml0:30pm


fonthein onnrol 4+h.f Jrlv Angnll,
E*.r r"s ion

#ft WnrtnnnSton D"nceps 3ffi*



J'1,, ,1997 +th
lQon Morkno .olling Moinstreo.onJ Dlu,

*m-*\ I




th" lQ"J& Wf,it"F"nn,1

li.k"t offi." Dieo43Vz no lotnn
tl-'nn 9t3O om. (Fi.h"n-on', Whonf in 5o' Fnon.i,.") lletunning ooounJ 5r3O pm ("onli." J"po"lr"..po..itl").

Ti.Lnt, th" frong $8.5O fon
(poeotl" of lh" J", Bning fo"J & ","n1).

JninLfoo gorornlf, lo9"n"J .lolhing,
onJ runr.o"rn.

Conlo.t llon MorLt, @

(+ts)zsz -rs2J fon othnn f,

Vorn .hon.n lo


fun Jonqlnr!

Nn* Clo* M"-t"", oo" to ott"nJ! "n.oroognJ

Thelilesteln r StaT n
V o l u me1 4

July/August 1997


Newsletter WesternStar Dancers,584 CastroSt., Suite480, of Francisco 94114-2588. CA E-Mail: WSDNews@aol.com Contemporary AmericanSquareDanceClub primarily servingthe FranciscoGay and LesbianCommunity, Subscriptions The to Starare fee to WSD Members, $18to others. Ads arecompleto members;commercialadvertisersmay contactus for pricinformation

salutation all of our club members. to We couldnot possibly continue existwere it not to for the splendid financial support of our members,many of which continue to maintain their memberships even though they no longer dance often or are physicallydistant from us. Others have danced for so many years and so go often that their feet automatically in the right place when the words leave the caller's mouth and maybeeven earlier! Othershave done their lessonsand then taken a brief hiatuswhile they tend to otherthingsin their lives. But folks,there aren't many left who don't fit in the above categories and if they don't come every week there aren'tenoughdancersto make a squareat club night! So this is a plea to everyonewho reads this: lf you are in town on Monday nights won't you pleasejoin us occasionally?We love you, we miss you, we need vou as well as your money!

Less than a monthand convention be in full will swing in Las Vegas. A number of people I have spoken with are eschewing one due this to the heat. I guess it will be pretty hot there but the square dance venues will be air conditionedand i, for one, am looking forward to seeing old faces and getting some good square dance exercisewith the callers we all love. Hope to see a lot of you therewhen it comestime to form up for the Grand Electionsfor a new Board of Directors will be March. comingsoon. Nominations closetowardsthe will of August with electionsin mid-September. end At our last trimestermeetingwe agreedthat we Please considerofferingyour time to shepherd wouldabandonclub nightson Wednesday due to our organization the comingyear. for poor attendanceand in turn sublet that time period at EVRC to our brothers and sisters of Upcomingevents includethe pre-paradedance MidnightSquares. lt has been a boon to them with DonnaWilliamsto celebratePride Month in we San Francisco, annual Fourthof July trek to and attendancehas been good. Additionally the for agreedthat we wouldfinishadvertising a new Angel lsland (actuallyon the Fourth this year), classand conductthat classon Mondaynightsas and a dance in September honor those of us to we have done for some time in the past. lf that who like to wear leather. Each has a special class did not come together,then we would go touch and each is always fun as well. Jim back to having club nights on Monday. Anderson made some neat flyers for the first two Unfortunately after several attempts we were eventsand l'm sure will have a great one for the unable to sustain a sufficientnumber of class leatherdance as well. members to go forward with a new class. Ron Maskerhas been callingon Mondaynightssince Hopeto see you all soon. "Don'tstop,don't slow and to down!" then to help peoplerefreshfor convention provide some stabilityuntil we could arrangea scheduleof callersfor the monthsto come. We Yellowrocks, hope to be able to start another class in September.This bringsme to the essenceof my Nick

Birthdavs July Birthdays Freeman Stamper 7 AnnaDamiani 11 Richard Rockwell 13 RonMasker 17 AugustBirthdays JohnConley 5 Ramona Michaels 5 Don Breer- 6 HaroldLittle- 10 Art Bradley 11 Robert Atria- 15 Ron Douglass 23 FelixFornino 27 June28 - WSD'sAnnualPrideDay Dance, See backpagefor moreinformation. June30 -ClubNight TBA,7'.30, EVRC July4 - WSD'sAnnualFouthof July Picnic on Angel lslandI How aboutthat!!We are actually having on July4th!!!l it Seebackpage for moreinformation. July7 - ClubNight Ed Conley, 7:30EVRC 11-13 Wheel& Deal97 IAGSDC@ July 14th AnnualConvention LasVegas in July14 - WSD Dark. 21- ClubNight RonHirsch, July 7:30EVRC - ClubNight-RonMasker, July28 7:30EVRC - ClubNight EdConley, August4 7:30EVRC August11 - Club Night- Rick Grant,7:30 EVRC August18 - Club Night- Ron Masker, 7:30 EVRC 7:30 August25 - Club Night- Ron Hirsch, EVRC 1 September - LaborDay- WSD Dark EVRC 8 September - ClubNight- TBA- 7:3C - ClubNight TBA- 7:30EVRC 15 September 20 Dance, September - FoggyCity'sHarvest and 7:30 PM, Unitarian Church,Franklin Galina, caller.$8.00 Geary Darren - ClubNight- TBA- 7:30EVRC 22 September 29 September - ClubNight TBA-7:30 EVRC WSD Board of Directors
JimAnderson Nick Carlson Lee Gianfrancesco Ron Masker

WSD needsyour help. lrlowis the tinne for you to cometo the aid of yoursquaredance club. we Everyyear aroundSeptember haveelections. And everyyear we scramble find to people run. I am surethatthis yearwon't to be anydifferent.I guessyou cansaythatthis is a WSDtradition.I thinkthatthis is a tradifrom tionwe can do without.Whensomeone asksyou if youwould the Election Committee why notsayyes. ls liketo runfor the Board, WSD worthabout20 hoursa month? Obviouslyyou think so, becauseyou remaina giving somemember the club. Howabout of thingbackto the club? Run for the Board. WhenI am asked year,I willsayyes. Will this you? HAVEFLYALL IAGSDC@ CLUBEVENTS UP ERSTHATMAYBE PICKED ON MON. DAYS.


Lee G. - Administrator Ron M. - Instructor/DanceCoordinator Rick G. - Class Archangel Nick C. - Baord Secretary/IAGSDCru Rep Pat S. - Dangle Diva All eventsat EVRCare at the EurekaValley Lee G. - AttendanceTaker (behind Jim A. - Database/Treasurer/Calendar 100 Center, Collingwood Recreation Felix F. - WesternStar Editor Cala),San Francisco.

into ciously drunken oblivion, nearly 500 parin ticipated the beerbust(at $8.00a gulping Starc,Thars& CableCars Fundie gullet).I'm no Einstein, thatsounds but like Wadsworth by Thomas Kelly to me. Afterdeducting priceof the the $4,000 foodandsupplies, beer, ST&CC netted about [Reprintedfrom the Foggy City Ihe Foghoml $2,300. One morebeer bustand we could Thars& Cable drownthe deficit! But, oh dear,what of my ord hadit thatStars, C a r s ( S T & C C ) , l a s t y e a r ' s rep? IAGSDC@ convenilnterlnational this tion hostedby the BayAreaclubs,cameout I reprinted articlefor a few reasons.One is that I was (am?)the Fundraising Chairfor almost$5,000in the red. So a fund raising Iliketothinkof myself rather as"was" beerbustwas heldat the Eagleon the glori- ST&CC. of 23rd.The than "am." The Beer Bustwas a functionI ousSunday afternoon February proudto have a part in. That aside,I with Week- was eventcoincided BearRendezvous wanted WSDers knowwhathappened to up. end,so manya hairybruteshowed (Hey, also at the BeerBustandthisseemed be a good to Yogi,checkout thosepicnicbaskets!) vehiclesinceit had all the essentials the of yeah,it was humorous). (oh resolved drink only one BeerBust Self-righteously to water, entered already I the crowded Calistoga visiblewere the ST&CConly netted$2,035. We still have a back patio. lmmediately go (As this RandyClark and Andy waysto to raisethe other$3,800. ST&CCorganizers goesto pressSTCCis planning dancein a Felix Shore,Tom Tripp,Alan Berenstein, to Freeman Fornino, Stamper, JamesOzanich October raisethe rest of the money.)We onlyhad463 participants, I was told that but RonGoodman square and RussMarsh, and frommanyBayAreaClubsincluding that is high number. I think he told me we dancers Foggy CityDancers, vivacious Camino wereabout2Oofi the record.As to drowning the El BeerBust,BeerBusts another WesternStar the deficitwith Reelers,MidnightSquares, that dependon lots of Dancers, Capital Squares, City GoldRushand are risky businesses €.g.,weather(that Sundaywas conditions, rarelyseen friendsfrom Ess Effs lascivious warm)- if it rainsthere goes the Beer Bust, and lustleather community. you theweekend get (wegot luckywe got Bear Weekend) youcanget a weekaskedif I wasgoingto "dothe beer Rendeanous Someone is is busf' and I realizedthat to refusewould be endwhereeveryone out of townor there leather andlastly, get more I big event to danc- another an insult my cluband all the square one. helpin planning not ingclubsin America, to mention world! the pointby My arm was bent untothe breaking the peoplethat did this pressure, I sprinted the salesbooth I wouldlike to thankall so to yellowrock for (hmmm)beerfor help out that weekend. A big and purchased bottomless haveto thankmy brothers in the help. I also the nextthreeor so hours. Francisco Group,Defenders/San the Leather I I to in I limitmy attendanre thesebacchanalia forcoming myaidwhen thoughtthatonly at had2 peoplefor the beerbust. Theyworked will the hopesthat management forgetmy inhelping out. I guess all perhapssomewhat tiredlessly afternoon evitablyrowdyand even what brothers for. are illegalbehavior.Suchwas againthe case. that's a Oh well,whafs the pointin having reputa- Tom,by the way,don'tworryaboutyour betion if you can'truinit everyoncein a while? haviorat the Eagle. From what I have obgoes. Thanks servedat the Eagleanythinq slowly and delisinking LastI heard, before for the article.



The Annual ofJuly 4th Angel Island Excursion

Masker Ron
Meet theRed VfhiteFerryTicketoffrce at and on Pier43LlZnolaterthau9:30 (Fisherman's AM Wharf, SF).Returning around 5:30PM. Tickets forthe ferry$8.50(payable the dayof the ou went).Bringfood drinkforyouself, and Iayered ciothing sunscreen. more callRou and info For Masker 415-252-1522. al



PRE'ENT' A D E B TR E D U C I N G A N C E D 6 - 8 P MA D V A N C E D C H A I I E N G E & 8-loPlvl lvlA|NSTRAMAND P[Ut

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1997 July/August


he Newsletterof Western Star Dancers,584 Castro St,, Suite 4B0, FranciscoCA 94.114-2588. E-Mail:WSDNews@aol.com servingthe Contemporary AmericanSquareDanceClub primarily to Francisco Gay and LesbianCommunity. Subscriptions The Stararefee to WSD Members, 1Bto others. Ads arecomple $ to members,commercialadvertisersmay contactus for pricinformation

year 2000. Vancouver has done a lot Millennium of work for 2001 and will probablybe selected next year. Both Torontoand San Diego have expressedinterest in hosting for 2OO2and New York is lookinginto 2003. It's qite amazingwhwn one listensto the various work. New York has already clubs' preliminary selected likelyhoteland dancevenuefor 2003 the if they shouldget the nod. This broughtinto focus one of the issues before the delegates this year, that being the formationof a Convention Committee.Althougham admendment Advisory the was proposed, approvedposito the by-laws Committee. Among tion was to form a Standing wouldact as an inforotherthingsthis committee Comfor mationresource the actualConvention mittees. tdeallythe StandingCommitteewould assist the variousConventionCommitteeswith would keep activities, adn suggested information Board advisedon all matters of the IAGSDCTM and the Convention, helppromotethe qualityand The wording of tradition the AnnualConvention. of the functionsof the Committeewas carefully reducedfrom the originalsuggestionsto elimiwouldattempt nateany notionthatthiscommittee Coventions. lt was recogthe to micro-manage nized that each ConventionCommittee has to work within its own limitationsand with its own neededand goalsbut there is a lot of information availablewhich will keep each new convention the from reinventing wheel. This mat Committee for beensimmering some years; ter has probably to this board for gettingit on the table for kudos action. Backto the localscene,it's time for a new class. September9 will be the first of three successive new people tot Mondaysdevotedto introducing he joys of square dancing. Pleasetry to come at out and supportthe buddingbeginners EVRC at 7:30. The currentboard has electedto temporarilydefor fer elections a newboardpendingdiscussions of the futureof the club. Pleasefeel free to call

The Secretary'sCorner
i D W h e e l a n d e a l ' 9 7s history. I hope those of you who attended had a great time. Despitethe concerns about the heat and what the halls would be like,the distances to the hotels,and the directionstherein,the atwas just aboutwhat it was in San Frantendance cisco a year ago. lt was hot, the hotelswere a long walk for tired legs, and seemed to be twice whenit was 105+.The dancmidday thedistance made or was great as usual,the friendships ing get badges renewed, therewerethe usuallinesto and other goodiesfrom the Fials and other vendors, and VirginiaHamm finallygot her Honky Tonk Queen'scrown. The banquetwas full of the interesting events including very specialand final performace Gold Rush and of very touching of the announcement the Golden Boot Award to the Wilde Bunch's Kris Jensen, Freeman generousawarding ten'yearmedalof Stamper's has of lions,and a fun presentation what Portland for us in 1998. in store to of Speaking conventions come,the meetingof alwaysincludesselecDelegates the IAGSDCTM (readthat the festivities tion of who willbehosting as workingtheir asses off). To gice committees the conventionsites time to put things together, chosen three years in advance with candiare their intentions datesfor futureyearsannouncing and offeringtheir currentplans. 1998 was fixed some time ago for Portlandand; last year Los Angles was selected for 1999, and this year

Birthdavs SeptemberBirthdays SergePluess- 1 Rick Grant- 5 PeggyOsterkamp 19 - 22 Thad Trela Veronica Marlinez - 22 KaoriJujitani 23 PatriciaSmith- 25 OctoberBirthdays RhondaSwerer- 5 Lee Chandler 9 DarrylRaszl-10 Jim Mavrikios '11 - 14 R i c kM a y Mike Stars- 22 Rod Odgers- 29 Don Queen- 30 September1 - Labor Day - WSD Dark September8 -1st Free Nightfor new Class September15 - 2nd Free Nightfor new Class September20 - FoggyCity'sHarvestDance, 7 : 3 0 P M , U n i t a r i a n h u r c h ,F r a n k l i na n d C Geary,DarrenGalina,caller. $8.00 September22 - 3rd Free Nightfor new Class September27 - Leather Dance with Roger Loney,7:30 PM , Har vey Milk Civil Ri ghts Academy, 4235 19th Street (between Collingwood and Diamond), San Francisco, $8.00 29 September - 1st Nightof Class October6-ClassNight October11- StarsTharsand CableCarsDebt ReductionDance,info cominglater October13 - Columbus Day - WSD Dark October20 - ClassNight October27 - ClassNight All events at the EurekaValley Recreation (behindCala),San Center,100 Collingwood Fr ancisco.


me at 415-206-1692 you have any questions^ if Let us continue focuson developing new danc- WSD Boardof Directors to ers and strengthening squaredancecommuour nity in San Francisco and the Bay Area. That is Jim Anderson future. Nick Carlson the basisof our plansfor the immediate Lee Gianfiancesco Yellowrocks, Ron Masker Nick



SEPTEMBER FREEIN. Ron M. - Insffuctor/Dance 29. Coordinator - ClassArchangel TRODUCTORYCLASSES Rick G. IAGSDCTM Rep Nick C. Board Secretary/ ON SEPTEMBER 15,AND PatS. - DangleDiva B, 22. PLEASEBRING NEW Lee G. -- AttendanceTaker Database/Treasurer/Calendar Jim A. DANCERS Felix F. - WesternStarEditor PERSPECTIVE TO THOSE NIGHTS.

l,ee G. - Adrninistrator



SEPTEMBER 15,22 8,

7:30 PM



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From5F:take Bo to the East oay rhen5Bo towardgtockton,then... FromEasIb : take 24 ro 6 OON. ay Exil at WiIlow?assRA.Tur Iefr,at stopliqht and n contrinue abouIl/Z mileloConIraCosf,aOlvd.Turn on ConIra right Costa Olvd. Turnlefl at next lighf, onlo Viking College Dr. ?arkHigh )choolparkinglot,is jusl afLerlhestrop onthelefL siqnandbridge. FromOacramenlo:trake 6BO9.Exit OOto atWillow ?assKd.Turn rightaxlhelighf. Conxinue aboull/Z mile and turn righv ConNra aT, CosIaDlvd.Turn at lefD ne>& lighlonT,o Viking College AighSchool Dr. Tark parking lot just after the slop signandbridge, is onthe lefX


ThelilestemStaT r n

November/Decembe r 1997

. lssue6

I have not had an opportunity see the new to class in actionsinceit enlarged. However, I understand thereis at leasta squareand that A Contemporary AmericanSquareDanceClub primarily servingthe San FranciscoGay and LesbianCommunity.Subscriptions The to a half of new dancersunder Ron'stutelage WesternStarare fee to WSD Members, to cdhers.Ads are comple. $18 actingas archangel. lwish mentary members, to commercial advertisers maycontaclus for pric- with FelixFornino information. them much successand hopethat not only l, but many of you will havean opportunity soon The Secretary's Corner to come out on Mondayeveningat EVRCand play angel for an eveningor two. I know the E n co mi umis what new class would like to meet you and we comes to mind for would like to meet them. this little epistle. T h i n g s have been Jim Pellmanhas kindlyconsented orgato rather quiet lately. nize the upcomingelectionsfor the new As mostofyou know Board. lf he contactsyou to ask for support, t h e W S D B o a r d please think positively about it. lf you are c o n s i s t s o f o n l y unableto servethis time, pleasevcte tirnely three peopleat this time. Jim Anderson has and let's give the new Board a big vote of been chasingsome health problemsand I confidence. have beenout of the country otherwise or traveling a bit,whichleavesonly Ron Maskerat Don't Stopl Don't Slow Down! the helm.And whata helmsrnan hasbeen! he Organizing, meeting, teaching, dancing, talk- Nick p i n g , s h a r i n g , s k i n g , h a l l e n g i n g ,u s h i n g , c a whateveris neededto keepthingson an even FORMONE COMING keel duringthis usuallyunstableperiodafter convention. I know exactlywhat motivates Jim Anderson has asked me to includethis him, and that is the love of squaredancing announcement. ln the January/February isand the desireto see it continueto bear fruit sue of the Wesfern Star,a form one will be here in San Francisco. There are a lot of for renewal. people in Western Star Dancerswho have included membership done a hugeamountof workin pastyearsand who continueto contribute any way they can part of Triva Question: to make squaredancingan interesting gay life in this area. There are others who are trying to pick up the reigns and enlarge What is the originof the SquareDance on those past efforts. But today, I choose to Term Dosado? praise Ron for his hard work, for extending his talents,and for sharinghis love of this Answeron page 2. endeavor.To Ron,Thankyou! (Hint:thinkof actualdefinition the term.) of
The Newsletler WesternStar Dancers,584 CastroSt., Suite480, of San Francisco 94114-2588. CA E-Mail. WSDNews@aol.com

Birthdavs NovemberBirthdays Dan Goldes- 6 Bob Lelise- B Ja c k D a n i e - 1 0 l StinerLichty- 14 KarenWright- 1B Ed Zeigler- 23 Clea Thorland 26 Lee Gianfrancesco 29 DecemberBirthdays FabianAlvarado 7 JamesAnderson 7 J o u k eL a n n i n g 7 RichardReel- 12 Mark Carey- 14 Dwayne Treat - 24 Nick Lewis- 25 N i c kC a r l s o n 3 1 November3-ClassNight November10 -ClassNight Novermber - FoggyCityAnniversary 8 Dance with Mike Desisto. First Unitarian Chuch at Franklin and Geary. $8.00 Novem ber - ClassNight 17 November - ClassNight 24 September - Thanksgiving 27 Day Decemberl-ClassNight DecemberS-ClassNight December - ClassNight 15 December - ClassNight 22 December - ChanukahBegins 24 December - Christmas 25 Day December - ClassNight 29 January1 - New YearsDay January5-ClassNight All events at the Eureka Valley Recreation Center,100 Collingwood (behindCala),San Francisco. WSD Board of Directors JimAnderson Nick Carlson
Lee Gianfrancesco Ron Masker

GaryGray t

On behalfof the Boardand Staffof Western Star,we wish you

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Lee G. - Administrator Ron M. - Instructor/Dance Coordinator Felix F. - ClassArchangel Nick C. - Board Secretary/ IAGSDCru Rep Pat S. - Dangle Diva Lee G. - AttendanceTaker Jim A. - Database/Treasurer/Calendar Felix F. - WesternStar Editor

Trivia Answer: The Frenchphrasedos-a-dos which means back to back.

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