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What is the main objectives on the establishment of IEM & BEM (100 words) /
State the differences between the two establishments (100 words) / 10marks
Give examples of establishment from other countries (Minimum 3 Countries)


1. IEM is a society established to promote and advance the science and profession of
engineering in any or all its disciplines and to facilitate the exchange of information and
ideas related the engineering.

Raise the character and status and advance the interests of the profession;
Increase the confidence of the community in the employment of recognised
engineers by admitting to the Institution only such persons who have adequate
knowledge of both the theory and practice of engineering.
Promote honest practice, prevent malpractice and settle disputed points of
practice and ethics;
Arrange lectures, exhibitions and conferences, seminars, courses;
Collect and disseminate engineering information;
Encourage the study of engineering and improve the general and technical
knowledge of persons engaged in the profession;
Originate and promote improvements in legislation ar and its administration by
deputations, submissions and representations

The primary objective of Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) is to regulate the

professional conduct and practice of registered engineers in order to safeguard the safety
and interest of the public.
The objectives of Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) are:

To enforce the implementation of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

To add more functions and advise the Government & Public.
To strengthen the penalty in the REA 1967.
To strengthen the suspension period.
Introduction of new Part that deals with the establishment, powers & conduct of
proceedings of a Disciplinary Committee.
Action on submitting engineer related to CCC or others.
Impose additional conditions to ensure engineers follow latest developments.


BEM is a regulatory body for engineering practices in Malaysia set up under the
Registration of Engineers Act 1967 to ensure all practicing engineer in compliance to
Malaysia's law in engineering related. IEM is a professional body or learned
institution for practicing engineers in Malaysia; networking, technical learning and
socializing group.
Practicing engineers must register with BEM to acknowledge their experience before
becoming professional engineers. The number or years acknowledged by BEM is the
year started from the date registered with them. At least 3 years experience is needed
for certifying an engineer as a professional engineer
For IEM, an engineer need to register to be a member first and there are a lot of
membership types being offered. Engineers need to register to be graduate member
to start getting privileges in term of trainings, industry exposure, etc. Differ from
BEM, IEM recognize experience from the graduation date.


The Institution of Engineers (India)

Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE)
Saudi Council of Engineers
Institution of Engineers of Ireland
Canadian Council of Professional Engineers (CCPE)