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Competencies for 360 Degree Appraisal

1. Communication skills (oral & written)

The ability displayed by the candidate in effectively communicating/conveying information to all other
parties concerned so that it is clearly received and understood, both orally and written
2. Team work
Is the candidate an effective team player who adds complementary skills and contributes valuable ideas,
opinions and feedback? Communicates in an open and candid manner and can be counted upon to fulfill
any commitments made to others on the team.
3. Interpersonal skills and willingness to help
General manner in which the candidate communicates with others while getting the job done.
Willingness to adhere to the needs of others and provide unconditional help.
4. Creativity and innovation
The candidate is on the lookout for new and innovative approaches that will improve efficiency and has
the ability to recognize and capitalize new business opportunities.
5. Steadiness under pressure
Ability to address and overcome work related stress and withstand pressure in a composed, effective
6. Problem solving and decision making
The ability to quickly identify a problem and select the most logical choice from the prevailing options
that will benefit all parties involved
7. Adaptability and flexibility
Ability to alter oneself in response to the changing work environment and make effective use of the
8. Delegation (Empowerment)
Ability to effectively subdivide/allocate powers to subordinates in order to develop them and to achieve
the most effective results
9. Leadership and motivational skills
Ability to motivate a group of people to act towards achieving organizational goals by eliciting positive
behavior from oneself and others
10. Personal health and appearance
How well the candidate presents himself/herself and the degree to which he/she maintains health
11. Discipline & punctuality
Punctuality in all sphere of work and punctuality of time and well disciplined confines himself to rules
and regulation, norms of the organization and expected behavior

12. Learning and development

Has the potential to learn and always remain in a learning mode. Stands to be a good listener and ready
to learn from others. Takes initiatives to teach, mentor & coach others towards the achievement or
organizational goals.
13. Planning, organizing & executing capability
Ability to effectively plan, organize well and execute the work in time towards the achievement of
organizational objectives. Ensures people to be a part of the process and takes them along a common
14. Leading change
Turns the vision into change projects and drives implementation. Adaptability to change environment
and contribute personally to the change effect and create a new congenial working culture. Takes
personal accountability for the achievement of results.
15. Integrity
Positive attitude towards work culture and the people in the organization and the organization itself, its
policies and procedures and his initiatives and involvement in organizational activities and honesty and
loyalty toward-s his work and to all.