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Team Positions - January 2015

As we enter our 20th year in the world, were looking for people to join the team, to help
continue the development and promotion of the station. If youre dedicated, motivated
and can think outside the box then we want you!
You dont have to be a student or have experience to apply. We recommend focussing on
a position that excites you, the one you know you can do well. Do your research, have a
think and tell us why youre right for the role on this form.
Applications close at midnight on Wednesday 21 January 2014.

Assistant Manager
Does your life run like clockwork? Always one step ahead of the curve? Were looking for
an Assistant Manager who can help with all the things that make the team tick.
Organising meetings and documenting the outcomes.
Keeping track of progress of teams and projects.
Assisting in the development of strategy for the station.

Comms Team
Positions available: Head of Comms, Press Officer, Social Media Officer, Copywriters.
The Comms team is key to how people identify and interact with the station. We need
people who can think of inventive ways to turn heads and build a following.

Constructing a suitable written identity for the station.

Working to maximise Subcitys online presence through various social media.
Creating effective marketing campaigns to promote the station.
Building relationships with the press to help spread station news.

Archives Team
2015 marks our 20th year in the world, as such weve been digging through and
organising the archives in order to present the history of the station to our current
Managing and preserving the history of Subcity.
Maintaining our archive catalogue so it is easily and readily accessible.

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Events Team
Positions available: Head of Events, Events Team.
Our events have ranged from intimate club affairs to filling out some of the biggest clubs
in the city. They help us maintain physical relationship with our audience. Were looking
for fresh ideas, enthusiasm and coordination to help reach untapped audiences.
Working to develop fresh and exciting ideas & concepts for events.
Coordinating a line-up, venue, budget, etc. for each event.
Ensuring quality programming, promotion and production for each event.

PR Team
Love chatting to people? Join our PR team and help spread the word of the stations
broadcasts and events to the people, engaging directly with our audience. Its a great way
to get involved with the station if youre not sure where else to start.
Engaging directly with the public to promote the station and its events.
Distributing station promotional materials.

Design / Illustration / Visuals

Flyers, posters, t-shirts, live visuals and beyond. Visual material for our events and
broadcasts needs to stand out from the crowd and get the station noticed.
Working with the Comms team to construct a suitable visual identity for Subcity.
Producing print, web & video-ready material to a brief.
Producing effective designs for all visual content, keeping with the stations identity.

Photo Team
Photos help preserve memories of our many events and activities. Looking back through
our archives is great fun and we need to help maintain that for ourselves and future
Document events & activities at the station.
Working with the comms team to help promote the stations output.

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Video Team
The newest team at the station! Were looking to develop a video team to that can
document some of what we do, whether its filming live band sessions or our events. Wed
also love to create engaging content for prospective presenters and fun behind the scenes
footage to show the world what we get up to.
Filming live events and broadcasts.
Creating interesting video content for our followers.

Programmes Team
The Programmes team are in charge of what you hear and when you hear it on the
station. They build the schedule, whilst constantly seeking out new & interesting
programming and content for broadcast. Its one of the most important roles at the
Managing the application process for both new and returning shows.
Sourcing interesting content and approaching potential contributors.
Working with the support team to regularly monitor and review the stations shows.

Live Music & Features

Work to develop station-driven content such as live sessions with bands, radio plays,
documentaries, coverage of local events. If youre a bit too shy to do your own show just
yet or just prefer working as part of a bigger team, then this is the role for you.
Curating unique recording projects. Sessions, plays, documentaries etc.
Foster relationships with the Glasgow creative scene to generate unique content.
Record and produce interesting and unique radio content.

Music Team
As a radio station, music is key part of what we do. The Music Team is responsible for
taking in music from a variety of sources and sharing it with our shows. It also helps find
the best new music for live band sessions on the station.
Reviewing promo music and distributing it amongst contributors for airplay.
Sourcing fresh and exciting new music for sessions and airplay.

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Support Team
Our support team listen to our shows, tell them what theyre doing great, what they can
do better and how they can do it. They are the radio producers of Subcity.
Monitoring, reviewing & developing the stations shows.
Organising regular workshops to identify and solve problems.
Working with the team to provide appropriate training for all contributors, including:
Coordinating workshops on techniques to produce good radio.
Maintaining training manuals in conjunction with other team members.

IT / Web
Subcity has a history of innovation when it comes to our website, we try stay ahead of the
rest. Its time to take the site on a new journey, leading the way once again. Get onboard
and you have the opportunity to influence where thousands of people click their mouse
and how they engage with their favourite shows.
Developing and maintaining the Subcity website.
Administering Subcitys IT systems, including our servers and Listen Again service.
Grounding in HTML, CSS, PHP and relational databases is pretty key. Experience with
streaming audio software & Python would also be helpful. Knowledge of using and
administering Linux as well as revision control software such as Git would be great!

Positions available: Head of Tech, Tech Team.
The tech team keep us alive and broadcasting with all manner of special tricks. If youre
interested in sound and lighting or just taking broken things apart and putting them back
together in a way that makes them work, this is the job for you.
Maintaining equipment that is necessary to the stations operation.
Providing technical and production assistance at station events.
Facilitating the production of content where technical expertise is required, e.g. live
sessions, outside broadcasts.
You dont need experience, but problem solving skills and a desire to learn would be
beneficial. Any experience of soldering, basic electronics, sound engineering etc. is an

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