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Fact Sheet

KlarAid PC1195
Cationic, Polymeric Coagulant

Reduces sludge volume

Efficient and economical

Forms faster settling floc

Little or no need for pH adjustment

Performs in prechlorinated systems

Forms a dense, easily dewatered sludge

KlarAid PC1195 in dewatering many different types

of industrial sludges, including paper industry
sludges, results in cleaner filtrate and improved solids capture.

Improves heat transfer by decreasing metal


Treatment and Feeding Requirements

duced sludge volume, easily dewatered sludge, and

decreased consumption of chemicals used for pH

Description and Use

KlarAid PC1195 is a strongly cationic, medium
molecular weight, liquid coagulant. It is designed to
function in a total GE treatment program for the
removal of colloidal material from industrial waste
and surface waters. This product is unique because
it combines high charge density with a higher molecular weight, producing a large, faster settling
floc. KlarAid PC1195 is ideal for use in a wide range
of coagulation applications requiring this type of
settling floc.
KlarAid PC1195 is proven in oil/water separations,
promoting clean breaks in various types of separation equipment, including dissolved air flotation
units, induced air flotation units, and API separators.
Oily wastewaters from the steel, automotive, and
hydrocarbon processing industries respond well to
treatment with this product.
Latex emulsion destabilization and fines coagulation are readily accomplished with KlarAid PC1195,
providing cleaner effluents from these systems.

KlarAid PC1195 is miscible with water in all dilutions

and may be diluted with good quality water to any
ratio to meet the chemical feed pump capacity. For
optimal product distribution, it should be diluted to
10% or less with clean water. The product may also
be applied neat (undiluted) to an area of high turbulence. For best results, KlarAid PC1195 should be
applied at a point vigorous agitation is ensured,
such as the suction side of a water/wastewater
Avoid using unlined mild steel in selecting tanks and
piping, and for wetted surfaces of pumps to feed
the product. Corrosion-resistant materials of construction, such as aluminum and PVC, are recommended. Consult GE representative for more
information in the selection of tanks, piping, and

General Properties
Physical properties of KlarAid PC1195 are shown on
the Material Safety Data Sheet, a copy of which is
available on request.

KlarAid PC1195 produces excellent quality water in

raw water clarification systems and lime softening
programs. The need for commodity inorganic coagulants is reduced or eliminated, resulting in reVisit us online at
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Packaging Information
KlarAid PC1195 is a liquid product, available in a
variety of containers. Consult your GErepresentative for delivery and packaging alternatives.

Storage and Handling

Store KlarAid PC1195 at moderate temperatures of
40 to 90F (4 to 32C), and protect from freezing. If
frozen, thaw and mix thoroughly prior to use. To
ensure maximum coagulation activity, this product
should be used within six months; however, it is
generally stable for one year.

Safety Precautions
A Material Safety Data Sheet containing detailed
information about this product is available on request

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KlarAid PC1195 Fact Sheet