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Department of Labor and Employment

Employment/Industry Trends (Briefer)
7 January 2015
Interview with Shop Talk, ABS-CBN

1. Many say that the cause of unemployment is the mismatch of job demand vs. job
supply. Given this, we'd like to talk about the following topics related to trends that
you may see in careers and job opportunities for 2015?
Answer: Based on the JobsFit 2013-2016, the following remains to be the top key employment
generators in the country:
a. Agriculture
b. Industry
Power and Utilities I, VII
c. Services
Health and Wellness
Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism
Wholesale & Retail Trade
Banking and Finance
d. Transport and Logistics
Air Transport (Aviation)
Water Transport (Maritime)
Land Transport
e. Ownership, Dwellings, and Real Estate
f. Education
a. Agriculture
b. Industry
Manufacturing (Metals, Canning, Semiconductor)
c. Shipbuilding
d. Power and Utilities
e. Renewable Energy
f. Services
Health and Wellness
Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism
g. Transport and Logistics
h. Ownership, Dwellings, and Real Estate
i. Education
In the October 2014 Labor Force Survey, employment grew the fastest in the industry sector at 5.1%
(+294,000), largely on the back of the robust expansion in construction (12.6% or 285,000).

and other service activities (+69.6% or +77. and air conditioning supply (-16. and compulsory social security (+91. o What are the growing sectors right now that are in demand for employees? What are the skill sets that are required in these sectors? Answer: According to the October 2014 Labor Force Survey.2% or +20.000).000) exceeding the gains in agriculture. *In thousands .000) with the following sub-sectors contributing the most:accommodation and food service activities (+165. hunting and forestry (0. sewerage. public administration and defense. Employment in the services sector grew by 3. steam.000) with expansion in fishing (4.000). more people found full-time employment and wage and salary employment.1% or +56.3% (+675.000) while small losses were reported in electricity. Meanwhile. waste management and remediation activities (-3. wholesale and retail trade (+140. gas. reduction occurred in activities of households as employers.000). Agriculture employment was of little change (0.000). undifferentiated goods and services-producing activities of household for own use (-15. and water supply.Little change occurred in manufacturing (+24.000).000).000).000).000) and mining and quarrying (+3.

o Could you share some statistics on surveys conducted that have shown any specific job trends found in 2014 that could be of use for 2015? Answer: According to the October 2014 Labor Force Survey.896-M 118  20. more people found full-time employment and wage and salary employment. * In thousands o Maybe any of the following. Answer: No data yet.6-M 1. Only the jobsfair and PESO referral and placements.571-M 93  . or if you have other interesting information we can know: Number of current unemployed. of qualified jobseekers referred for placement 1.009-M 18. etc. as to the number of consolidated data of the number of jobs fairs and the number of employed in the jobs fair. *Data based on the DOLE Planning Tool Performance Scorecard PAPs/ Indicators 2014 Target Accomplishment Actual % Signal 2014 Budget Allocation Budget Utilization Utilized Signal % Public Employment Services No. People employed during job fairs.

000 83.3M 350.000 144.000 . National Economic Development Authority o Priority Sectors Tourism IT-BPM Electronics Food Processing Chemicals Employment Impact 2. ESTIMATED EMPLOYMENT OF SELECTED PRIORITY SECTORS: 20132016 o *Source: Department of Trade and Industry.5M 1.*Data based on the DOLE Planning Tool Performance Scorecard o How has the BPO industry been in the last year? How do you see it growing or innovating? Will there be new soft skills that people should learn to get ahead in this industry? Answer: IT-BPM remains to be a competitive industry in terms of employment generation.

gov. f. This Handbook aims to help all those young jobseekers who go for career help. Labor Market Trends . Minute Guide for Young Jobseekers .net.000 2.This special feature on trending issues in the Labor Market (issued as deemed necessary).dole. advice and o for more information.dole. It supplements the data culled from vacancy postings on Phil-JobNet giving a wider picture of both the local and overseas job market. and the labor market in general. g. Visit www. b. h. graduates of maritime courses at NMP. and out-of-school and unemployed youth in their job search. DOLE Events o What are DOLE's plans right now to help boost the job market this 2015? o Are there any incoming DOLE events like job fairs that you would like to promote? Answer: The DOLE conducts jobs fair almost every day across the 16 regions of the country. and graduates of programs offered by This track changes and trends in (a) demand for workers in terms of job vacancies posted on the o Given that the ASEAN Integration is near what are the job opportunities that we should look forward to for 2015 that may open up? Answer: o Do you have any tips for job seekers this 2015? Answer: Jobseekers may want to check out the Minute Guide for young jobseekers and other LMI publications uploaded at the ble.000 11. .A Handbook for those who help young jobseekers.asp) a. a semestral publication of the BLE which aims to provide information on jobs advertised on local newspapers and online job boards. and Jobs db. i. Labor Market Updates – is a publication of the BLE which contains information derived from the Phil-Job. school a quarterly publication of the BLE that features the administrative data from different DOLE agencies. Labor Market Monitor .000 24. Career Guide for High School Students a self-help guide intended to assist young jobseekers. Guiding Youth Careers . Employment Guide for College Students and Job Seekers e. c. List of DOLE-LMI Publication and Career Guidance Materials -all uploaded in the BLE Website (http://www. Job Vacancy Bulletin .net on supply-demand situation and trends in occupations.Garments Automotive Iron and Steel Mineral Processing technicalvocational workers certified at a quarterly publication of the BLE which contains information on the occupations highly-in-demand in the local labor market based on vacancies posted in major job search websites such as Phil-jobnet. especially new graduates.dole. and (b) supply of workers in terms of professional registered at PRC. Job Ads .

.is a series of occupational briefs which aims to provide information on hard to fill and highly-in-demand occupations identified during the 2006 National Manpower Summit and the 2007 National Human Resource Conference.j. Career Guide .