GEEKS ON ICE Player Registration and Contract

Player Registration Name: ___________________________________________________ Date of Birth: ________________ Team Name: ______________________________ Email Address: _______________________________ Street Address: ___________________________________________________ City: ________________ Province: ____________ Postal Code: ____________ Phone 1: _____________ Phone 2: _____________ Player Contract I understand and agree to the following: The Tournament Committee’s decision shall be final on the adoption, enforcement, and interpretation of all Tournament rules and policies, and all other matters relating to Tournament activities. I agree to abide by all such decisions not withstanding my personal preferences to the contrary. Each team will have a team captain who will be elected from among the team’s players at the beginning of the Tournament. The team captain will be authorized to act as the sole agent of the team for all purposes relating to Tournament activities and events. If I am elected team captain, I will act to ensure that the team strictly complies with all Tournament rules and policies and I commit to attending a Pre-Tournament Briefing to discuss the rules and regulations and related Tournament activities. The Tournament may use for promotional, advertising, or educational purposes, without notice or compensation to me, any audio and/or visual recordings of any Tournament activity in which I may appear. ”Geeks On Ice” and the names of and rights to all Tournament teams, are the exclusive property of the Tournament and shall not be used in any manner in connection with any nonTournament play or any tournaments or multiple games that have not been expressly approved or endorsed by the Geeks On Ice Committee. In conjunction with the Rules & Regulations, these Terms of Registration, and any written notification of playing rules, policies, or conditions, represent the entire agreement between the Tournament and me, and there are no valid or binding representations, inducements, promises, or agreements, oral or otherwise, between the Tournament and me that are not set forth above. This agreement may be amended or modified only by writing signed by me and an authorized officer of the Tournament. To the extent there exists any inconsistency or conflict between these Terms of Registration and any other statement of Tournament policy or rules, these Terms of Registration shall prevail and shall remain fully binding upon me. I agree in and with the positive character and fair play principals of the Geeks On Ice which include (but are not limited to) first and foremost respect of self and others; followed by personal maturity; constant vigilance with respect to safety; personal, team and Tournament character and integrity; and adding to and participating in a positive social interaction while in engaging in an appropriate acknowledgement, pursuit, and participatory competitive manner. I understand that this is a recreational novice to intermediate Tournament and accept personal responsibility for conducting myself accordingly and further agree to both assist and be subject to the Geeks On Ice mission statement “skating to close The Digital Divide” and to provide competitive adult recreational ice hockey for men in a fun and safe environment”. Failure to abide as deemed by the Tournament Committee will result in my possible forfeiture, suspension, and/or expulsion. Signed: _________________________________________________________ Date: ________________

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