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So how does it go now, now that Amerika has given up all the hard-won wisdom accumulated

from its previous defeat in south-eastern Asia, and returned, once again to built an empire of
sand in the Asia quagmire? Well as all those innocent civilians get wiped, there is a kind of
reverb effect. Not only is it costing millions of dollars a day to kill those people and protect the
opium crops, the fact that Amerika no longer has those millions of dollars to its credit to be
spent anyway means that the nonexistent capital used to kill real people is going to come from
somewhere else thats correct from Amerikans themselves. Their intellectual capital, their
moral capital, dwindled already so low as to elect a War President dedicated to maintaining
Guantanamo Bay until such time as conditions are ripe to export it right into the Homeland is
now the intravenous tube being used to prop up the unwinnable unwar against terror that has
now been given a final push towards domestication and the ultimate false flag terror event that
will signal the necessary conditions for martial law to begin. Those drone attacks youve seen on
the TV will be visible to the naked eye in the sky right above you heading towards those of
your neighbor who have been identified as domestic terrorists. Or maybe right towards you, if
your isp has recorded your excessive attendance to sites on the internet identified as suspect by
the ever vigilant National Security Task Force. But will those events exist if they are not
reported, even though visible to the naked eye? No, they will not. The precession will be
When all is said and done, it is perfectly clear that Amerika has indulged itself in an orgy of
international gangsterism as its collective response to the event we call 9-11. It has also
effectively bankrupted itself, economically and morally in so doing. Now, if 9-11 was a staged
event,[it was] in which the media was complicit in simulating an attack on Amerika by outside
forces[they were], are Amerikans as individuals free of blame for the subsequent bloodbath
unleashed upon the world? I make no judgment here. I come only to observe and report: on the
possibility that Amerikans have judged themselves.
Captain May has always maintained that the torture at Guantanamo was really not ultimately
directed at Arab terrorists; its real objective was to condition the U.S. military to accept torture
and coercion to later use to intimidate regular U.S. citizens, especially during a martial law
clamp down. It was part of a disturbing pattern to condition the American public to curtail
dissent and submit to more authoritarian direction that included rubber bullets freely used against
anti-Iraq war demonstrators, humiliating searches conducted at air ports, and confinement of
demonstrators into free speech zones at national political conventions.
Capt. Mays second important point is that the ultimate goal of the Bush cabal was not only to
negate the Constitution, but also to reverse the American Revolution. If permitted to fulfill its
dream sheet agenda without any local opposition, the Bush cabal would convert American into
a nation of needy, mind-controlled, peasant masses.

This deep insight into the situation faced by Amerika at the end of 43s second term is fatally
flawed by one thing. The Bush cabal was not that at all any more than a Punch and Judy
show can be called the Punch show. That this is entirely lost upon Amerikans is the reason that
they are unable to tether themselves, collectively, to any solid object that will stop the slid into
oblivion. The faceless mask of terror all around them in the comforting form of the State is no
longer being hidden from view, but through direct implication via media injection, has
subsumed the individual identities of Amerikans. It has made then not only seem complicit in the
crimes that their soldiers and/or paid mercenaries commit in far off places, but to feel complicit,
and to act out their guilt by agreeing to turn themselves into sacrificial victims of a forthcoming
domestic holocaust. Every day millions and millions of supposedly progressive Amerikans get
exposed with their own eyes and ears to the fact that they are funding[and therefore supporting] a
killing machine which is ultimately nothing more than a tool for some hegemonist monopolist
maniacs to profit from yet the voice of protest against this extraordinarily mis -utilization of
their national assets is almost completely absent. For years, that was explained away as
consequent on the fact that a Bush cabal that controlled the White House, the Senate, and
Congress stood firmly in the way of progressive Amerikans reworking the agenda. Who could
argue that now?
The beauty of imposing a controlled opposition candidate onto an electorate able to see with
their own eyes that the guvernment is corrupt and dangerously adrift is that the assumption
will always be that this candidate will be and act fundamentally in opposition to the excesses of
the exposed corrupt powers. So skillfully is this fiction stoked and abetted that it matters not a
whit when, once in power, the new guvernment is, and acts in complete accord with the agenda
of the old one. No one sees the Emperors new clothes! Why? Because in Amerika, if the
media chooses not to announce a fact, that fact in fact does not exist as fact, irregardless
whether it is plainly visible or not! How can this be?
Everywhere socialization is measured by the exposure to media messages. Whoever is
underexposed to the media is desocialized or virtually asocial. Everywhere information is
thought to produce an accelerated circulation of meaning, a plus value of meaning homologous
to the economic one that results from the accelerated rotation of capital. Information is thought to
create communication, and even if the waste is enormous, a general consensus would have it that
nevertheless, as a whole, there be an excess of meaning, which is redistributed in all the
interstices of the social just as consensus would have it that material production, despite its
dysfunctions and irrationalities, opens onto an excess of wealth and social purpose. We are all
complicitous in this myth. It is the alpha and omega of our modernity, without which the
credibility of our social organization would collapse. Well, the fact is that it is collapsing, and for
this very reason: because where we think that information produces meaning, the opposite
occurs. pg 55 Simulacra and Simulation

Baudrillard was absolutely correct. Information devours its own content. It devours
communication and the social. Rather than creating communication, it exhausts itself in the act
of staging communication. Rather than producing meaning, it exhausts itself in the staging of
meaning. In the age of advanced communications meaning evacuates to be replaced by a
simulation of reality directed by whomever is pulling the strings. And since everyones
socialized identity is entirely contingent upon their ability to stay abreast of the latest vehicles of
communication, the twitterings, the social networks etc, the absorption of meaning by content
is in direct proportion to ones media hipness and that hipness in turn in directly inverse ratio to
actual lived reality one is aware, exclusively, of their awareness, which is content provider and
information fused together into the perfect simulation of meaning aka meaninglessness. The
real abolished.
At first glance, it might seem possible for a society, for individuals within a society, to continue
to exist within this meaningless irreality. Why not? Isnt that what cyberspace is all about?
Maybe. But irruptions of the real will continue irregardless of cyber reality. If a society
witlessly abandons all ties to tools of actual production, and to responsibility for acts which have
meaning in real life context as they effect others, there is a limited time in which their actual
existence will be able to continue.[blue squirrels' 1st axiom of the cost of abandoning the
Potential acknowlegement of this all too real fact is avoided due to the apparent abundance of
information in circulation in Amerika in an intensity and via a diversity of means never
before seen. Information however, being counter to knowledgethat is to say, meaning, is not
properly understood for what it is the corrosive mechanism by which all are swept into
complicity with the worst crimes of the madmen. Since all are informed, none now can claim
innocence; or redemption from the fires of retributive counter terror[to be clear, counter terror
does not imply terror from outside Amerika, contrary to the now embedded default assumption]
that will sweep into the void left by the retreat of meaning like a California canyon brush fire.
How can several hundred thousand children go missing every year, or turn up as victims of snuff
film rings, organized child prostitution, or satanic ritual abuse without people saying anything
about it??? Its out there, that information, whether or not easily available from the controlled
media. Which brings us to another critical problem, and the mechanism by which the alternative
channels of communication are used and using themselves to create an illusion of action, of
activism, in an Amerika already stripped of the will and authority to actually[eg. not virtually]
Thus the media are producers not of socialization, but of exactly the opposite, of the implosion
of the social in the masses. And this is only the macroscopic extension of the implosion of
meaning at the microscopic level of the sign. pg 56 S&S

Although already effectively isolated, desocialized in fact, Amerikans continue, through their
computers and peripheral devices to feel connected to a wider community, and therefore to a
potential for social action. Great plans are hatched and discussed online for effective counter
thrusts against the fascist powers. Reams of blogs, sites, portals and papers stuff the inboxes of
Amerikans every day with a plethora of reportage and activist pleadings. How could there not be
a means of effecting resistance?
all contents of meaning are absorbed in the only dominant form of the medium. Only the
medium can make an event whatever the contents, whether they are conformist or subversive.
A serious problem for all counterinformation, pirate radios, antimedia, etc. pg 56-57 S&S
That the paradigm has already shifted, the fact that only the dominant form of the medium can
make events happen is lost upon all those who continue to treasure the myth of their potential
to act upon events. Therefore they will continue to happily scribble away, voicing their protests
in cyber reality while freely entering a bleak virtual prison not yet visible for what it is. Until the
day that their plugs are pulled by the benevolent guardians of the social good/Ministry of Fear.
Amerika has entered its apotheosis a fearfully maintained utopia which is nonetheless viewed,
consensually, as the only acceptable option open[ing] a dangerous door: to the spilling of blood
to save blood; to the creation of disorder and destruction in order to maintain order and avoid
destruction, as Stephen Jones puts it. As the common consensus(that current of consensus
which lurks underneath the topside ripples of discontent, the objective presence of dissent
necessary to maintain the appearance of an opposition) of all Amerkicans has gradually been
suborned through the campaign of domestic terror to support this projection of its own evil onto
the innocents of the imperial periphery, all Amerikans have been successfully
implicated/innoculated with the viral dependence on the spilling of blood for the maintenance of
homeland security. Note that this spilling of the blood of others takes place in special zones
which have been successfully redefined by media so that instead of being war zones, they are
special zones of police action controlled by carefully defined &benign consensus
organizations like NATO, in which the violence which takes places is contextualized as the
administrative maintenance of the sacrifices necessary for the continued security of the
homeland. In a situation in which political processes proceed like administrative tasks, the
dead become mere collateral damage a discounted by-product that is no longer part of the
minimal utopia to which the global world clings(Jones-On leaving and being left)
Amerika, in its apotheosis has transformed itself into a virtual Tenochititlan: capital of the
new/old Aztec/Ameriktech Empire and epicenter of the culture of blood sacrifice, an economy
driven by the need for a continual search for new victims to be sacrificed for the maintenance of
the favor of the gods/economic forces.

And when the Empires military might dwindles further, when it is no longer possible for it to
maintain the foreign administrative outposts which process death and manage the drug pipelines,
inevitably the circle of sacrifice will close in on itself, inside the empire, the consensus of shared
guilt added on to the previous consensus of necessity for blood, so that it is acceptable for the
new victims to be found from amongst its own citizens each challenge, each voice differing
from the consensus even if it is only symbolic and without military muscle becoming an
insufferable threat to the dimly held hope that it might yet, even in the face of impossible odds,
be possible to expunge lifes calamities. In this scenario hope dwindles but fear persists like
a man who has ceased to believe in God but who still fastidiously observes every religious ritual
for fear of being condemned to Hell.(On Leaving and Being Left Stephen H. Jones)
-But when everything is repressed, nothing is anymore. We are not far from this absolute point
of repression where the stockpiles are themselves undone, where the stockpiles of phantasms
collapse. The whole imaginary of the stockpile, of energy, and of what remains of it, comes to us
from repression. When repression reaches a point of critical saturation where its presence is put
in question, then energy will no longer be available to be liberated, spent, economized, produced:
it is the concept of energy itself that will be volatilized of its own accord. pg 96 S&S
There you have it. A completely coherent prediction of the manner in which Amerika would fall
prey to the erosion of its reality and ability to save itself from becoming a hollowed out
simulation of itself, its citizens victims of a vast self imposed loss of innocence and subsequent
purgatory in an orgy of blood sacrifice and self destruction. Need it have happened? Hard to say.
Has it already happened? You be the judge!
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