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Product Information

Elastomeric Polyurethane


Desmocoll 540 is a predominantly linear hydroxyl


Desmocoll 540 is a flexible polyurethane with an

extremely high crystallization rate and very low
thermoplasticity. It is characterized by its high green
strength and the high heat resistance of the bonds.
Desmocoll 540 has outstanding adhesion on PVC
substrates and high resistance to the most commonly
used PVC plasticizers. Desmocoll 540 is suitable for
the formulation of adhesives for use on various
materials, e.g. leather, rubber, textiles, wood, many
plastics (including PU elastomers), plastic films and
aluminum foils.
Product Specifications
Desmocoll 540/4: Solution viscosity
@ 73F/23C (cps/mPas)
Desmocoll 540/5: Solution viscosity @
73F/23C (cps/mPas)
15% by weight in 2-butanone (MEK)
(Haake RV 12/20 MV-DIN, step 64 or Brookfield
LVF, spindle no. 3, 60 rpm) (ISO 3219)

1800 300
2850 750

Typical Properties*
Form supplied
Hydroxyl content (DIN 53 240)
Density (DIN 53 479)
Crystallization (DIN 53 505)
Minimum activation temperature
(Bayer method PV 066)
Hot tack life (Bayer method PV 067)
Heat resistance (ASTM D 816)


1. Solvents
Suitable solvents for Desmocoll 540 polyurethane
are acetone and methyl ethyl ketone. It swells in
mixtures of acetone/toluene (2:1) and MEK/ethyl
acetate (1:1) and is insoluble in ethyl acetate. The
solutions will have a slightly cloudy appearance.
Desmocoll solutions may yellow over time, depending on storage time, storage conditions and formulation. The polymer is insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohols. The water or alcohol content of
the solvents chosen should be less than 0.1%.
2. Dissolving
Desmocoll polyurethanes can be dissolved without
preliminary mastication in an ordinary closed vessel
with a low speed stirrer or more rapidly in a highspeed dissolver.
3. Crosslinking
The bond strength and heat and solvent resistance
of Desmocoll 540 polyurethane adhesives can be
enhanced by the addition of 8% by weight of
Desmodur RE or Desmodur RFE, (based on a 20%
Desmocoll solution). Desmodur RE and RFE
polyisocyanates have the best crosslinking efficiency and also help to improve the adhesion to
most substrates. Desmodur RE imparts a dark
color. Crosslinking proceeds at room temperature
and the pot life is approximately one day after
addition of polyisocyanate crosslinking agents.

approx. 1.2 g/cm
approx. 10 min
approx. 60C
approx. 4 min.
approx. 80C

* These items are provided as general information only. They are approximate values and are not part of the product specifications.

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Desmocoll 540 polyurethane is stable for six months

after receipt of material by customer when stored in
closed containers under cool (59F/15C - 77F/
25C) and dry conditions. It must be protected from
exposure to humidity and direct sunlight to prevent
premature degradation.

Desmocoll 540 is supplied in 25 kg (55 lb) paper

sacks with 30 sacks per pallet to give a total weight
of 750 kg (1650 lb).

Health and Safety Information

Appropriate literature has been assembled which

provides information pertaining to the health and
safety concerns that must be observed when
handling Desmocoll 540 polyurethane. For materials
mentioned that are not Bayer products, appropriate
industrial hygiene and other safety precautions
recommended by their manufacturer should be
followed. Before working with any product mentioned in this publication, you must read and become
familiar with available information concerning its
hazards, proper use, and handling. This cannot be
overemphasized. Information is available in several
forms such as material safety data sheets and
product labels. For further information contact your
Bayer MaterialScience representative or the Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs Department in
Pittsburgh, PAat (412)-777-2835.

Note: The information contained in this bulletin is current as of February 2008. Please contact Bayer
MaterialScience to determine whether this publication has been revised.
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