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Note-1: For the purpose of this schedule the term Head of Postal Division includes
Head of a Postal Division in Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ also includes Chief
Postmaster, Senior Postmaster and Superintendant Foreign Post. The
officers will exercise these powers as operational requirements in respect
of offices/establishments under their administrative control.

Note-2: The financial powers contained in this schedule are subject to the
limitations and restrictions laid down in the Delegation of Financial Powers
Rules, 1978 regarding the financial powers of the authorities subordinate
to the President and they can be exercised only in respect of the Officers
and the establishment under the control of the Director General (Posts).

Note-3: The powers mentioned herein shall be exercised subject to the condition
that expenditure involved shall be met from the funds placed at his
disposal by competent authority.

Note-4: No work requiring sanction of higher authorities may be sanctioned by the

Officer in parts as two or more distinct works.

Note-5: These powers shall not be delegated further nor any person shall be
authorized to exercise these powers.

Note-6: Financial Powers contained in this Schedule shall be exercised keeping in

view the conditions and limitations contained in the Delegation of financial
Powers, General Financial Rules, Financial Hand Book Volume-I,
Fundamental Rules & Supplementary Rules, Departmental Code Books,
Manuals and instructions/guidelines issued by the Ministry of Finance from
time to time.
Note-7: All conditions/instructions as contained in column-4 of the schedule shall
be complied with while exercising financial powers so delegated.

Schedule of Financial Powers of Head of Postal Division

Sl. Item of Expenditure Extent of Financial Rules, orders,

No. Powers Delegated authority

1 2 3 4

(a) Overtime allowance: (for As per monthly ceiling Subject to OTA Rules
all eligible categories) prescribed by the and also general orders
concerned issued by the
Circle/Regional Head department from time to
for the divisions under time.

(c) Boat allowance to Up to a limit of MOF (C) endst. No.

Postmen, village postmen and Rs.500/- in a month in F.56-1/ 47 dated 20-10-
such other officials who have any one case 47
to incur expenditure regularly
on boat hire

(d) May sanction house rent As indicated in column DGP&T No. 18/11/58-CI
allowance to holders of (2) dated 28-11-58
permanent and temporary
posts provided that: -
i)The allowance is at the rates
sanctioned by Government,
ii)The holders of the posts are
entitled to rent free
accommodation and no rent
free accommodation is
available at the place

(e) Outstation allowance to May sanction at the Subject to general

village postmen rate and scale fixed by orders issued by the
Directorate department from time to


(a) May sanction non-recurring Up to Rs.5,000/- in Schedule-V read with

contingent expenditure, powers each case. Rule-13 (2) of DFPRs
for which are not provided for

(b) Embedding of cash/mail Up to Rs.5,000/- in Schedule-V read with

chests, purchase of technical each case Rule-13 (2) of DFPRs
books/maps, painting of Letter
boxes, Sign boards, notice
boards etc.

(c) Purchase of equipments Up to Rs.5,000/- in Annexure to Schedule V

and consumables connected each case of DFPRs
with computers and other
(d) May purchase furniture Per annum per Annexure to Schedule V
and fittings for offices, office:- of DFPRs. The power
including tiffin rooms, rest Divisional Office- delegated is subject to
rooms, holiday homes, Rs.30,000/- overall annual ceiling of
inspection rooms/quarters etc. Sub-Divisional Office- Rs. Two Lakh only for
Rs.15,000/- the Division as a whole
Gazetted HO-Rs. and also after framing of
75,000/- necessary norms on the
HSG HO/MDG/HSG SO subject by Directorate
LSG SO-Rs.30,000/-
Time Scale SO-

(a)May sanction all rates and Full Powers Annexure to Schedule V

taxes legally assessed on of DFPRs
buildings and vehicles in their
(b)Water, electricity and Gas Full Powers Annexure to Schedule V
charges of DFPRs
(c) Renting of buildings for Without FRAC:- Rule-13 (2) and
office use A1 & A city-Up to Annexure to Schedule V
Rs.5,000/-per month of DFPRs
B1 & B2 city-Up to This is subject to hiring
Rs.4,000/- per month of building as per SOA,
Other cities-Up to prevailing market rate of
Rs.3,000/- per month rent being paid by
organizations for similar
type of accommodation
and Govt. approved rate
of rent for the locality. A
quarterly report on all
such hiring cases should
be sent to PMG with a
copy to the DAP. These
case should also be seen
at the time of inspection
(d) Fixed Stationary charges Full Powers in Rule 341 of Postal
and fixed contingent allowance accordance with the Manual Vol.-II
scale/norms fixed by
the department from
time to time
(e) Replacing, repairing, Annexure to Schedule V
cleaning, oiling, shifting, Up to Rs.2,000/- in of DFPRs
purchase of spare parts for each case.
repairing, for electrical/light
fittings, fans, air and water
coolers, typewriters,
instruments, minor equipments
& apparatus, including electric
stencil cutters (duplicating
machines) telephone
instruments, photocopiers, fax
machines, franking machines
(f) Repair of boats, bicycles, Up to Rs.500/- in each Annexure to Schedule V
mopeds, motorcycles, 3 case of DFPRs
wheelers, tricycles, handcarts
(g) Maintenance of gardens Up to Rs.1,000/- per Annexure to Schedule V
month in each case of DFPRs

(h) Legal charges, and May incur an amount Annexure to Schedule V

obtaining copies of judgements payable at the rate and of DFPRs
scale fixed by the Govt.
from time to time
(i) Advertisement charges for Up to Rs.5,000/- in Annexure to Schedule V
calling tenders for mail each case through of DFPRs.
contracts, buildings etc, and DAVP Advertisements to be
advertisements of products, released through DAVP
services and initiatives of the only.

(j) Hiring of accommodation Up to Rs. 5000/- in Annexure to Schedule V

for holding examinations and each case of DFPRs
for other purposes e.g. holding
customer meet etc.
(k) Hiring of generators, Up to Rs.5,000/- in The power should be
water/air coolers, heaters, air- each case. utilized only after issue
conditioner, other equipment of norms/guidelines on
like franking machines etc. the subject by Postal
(l) Hot and cold weather Up to Rs.5,000/- only Annexure to Schedule V
charges in each case of DFPRs

(m) Emergent purchase of Up to Rs.50,000/- per Rule 13 (2) read with

articles of stock & stationery annum after obtaining Annexure to Schedule V
not ordinarily available in the Non-Availability of DFPRs.
stock Certificate from PSD
4 Repairs of Buildings

(a) May sanction petty works - Up to Rs. 10000/- Annexure to Schedule V

per annum per departmental of DFPRs

(b) May sanction annual or Up to Rs.15,000/- Annexure to Schedule V

special repairs/maintenance of DFPRs
expenses to Departmental
buildings - per annum per
(c) May sanction petty Up to Rs.2,500/- only Annexure to Schedule V
works/special repairs/ per rented building per of DFPRs and subject to
maintenance expenses in annum in each case the following
rented building conditions:-
(i) Such expenditure
may be incurred only if
the landlord refuses to
meet the expenditure.
(ii) The expenditure
should be deducted from
the rent payable to
landlord and other
conditions stipulated in
Rule 391 of FHB Vol I
should be fulfilled.

5 (i) May sanction expenditure Up to Rs.1,000/- per Rule 13 (2) of DFPRs

on carriage of mails by modes month in each case
other than rail and air

(ii) May sanction temporary Up to Rs.5,000/- in Rule 13 (2) of DFPRs

arrangements for conveyance each case for a period
of mails without calling of three months only

(iii) May sanction payment for Full Powers in respect Annexure to Schedule V
provision of escorts for carriage of escorts from State of DFPRs
of cash Police Force

6 Write-Off

(i) May write off value of Up to Rs. 1000/- in OM No. 6-14/87-Fin.Co-

spoiled/damaged each case, not ord dated 26-3-2001
postage/recruitment fee exceeding Rs.50,000/-
stamps per annum

(ii) May write off articles of In all cases where OM No. 6-14/87-Fin.Co-
dead stock, used up equipment original price of stock ord dated 26-3-2001
was not more than
Rs.1,000/- subject to
an overall limit of
Rs.50,000/- per annum
7 Refunds

(i) Refund of postage on Full Powers OM No. 6-14/87-Fin.Co-

articles which have been ord dated 26-3-2001
maliciously sent unpaid for the
purpose of annoying the

(ii) Refund of coins, currency Full Powers OM No. 6-14/87-Fin.Co-

notes, unused loose postage ord dated 26-3-2001
stamps, unused postcards,
empty unused embossed
envelopes or stamp booklets
found in the letter boxes or at
post office counters and
credited in the accounts of the

(iii) Refund of amounts over Full Powers OM No. 6-14/87-Fin.Co-

paid by or short paid to a ord dated 26-3-2001
member of the public and
found excess in the accounts of
an office

(iv) Refund of earnest money Full Powers in respect OM No. 6-14/87-Fin.Co-

received from tenderers with of tenders within the ord dated 26-3-2001
their tenders in respect of competency of
contracts divisional head

(v) Refund of air surcharge or Full Powers OM No. 6-14/87-Fin.Co-

the difference between the air ord dated 26-3-2001
mail fee-cum-postage, in case
of surcharged air mail articles
which are subjected to delay
beyond the time ordinarily
taken for the delivery thereof
consequent on such articles
being sent by the surface route
due to fault of service

8 Miscellaneous

(a) Printing of rate charts, Up to Rs.10,000/-per Rule 13 (2) of DFPRs

mailers, brochures and other annum for all activities
material required for taken together
publicizing the products,
services and initiatives of the
Department – and distribution
to post offices, marketing
executives and customers
(b) Holding of customer Up to Rs.5,000/- for Rule 13 (2) of DFPRs
meets: preparation folders, each meet with a
hiring/transport of ceiling of Rs.1,000/- on
equipment/staff, hiring, Rs.100/- per
tea/coffee/other soft drinks & head on tea, snacks
snacks, and other activities etc. and Rs.50/- per
necessary for conducting head on stationery and
customer meets ancillaries

(c) May provide to members of Per annum per Rule 13 (2) of DFPRs
staff undertaking any activity person:-
that facilitates marketing of i)Visiting Cards-Up to
products/services or initiatives Rs.500/-
of the Department: ii)Reimbursement of
cell phone charges-Up
to Rs.4,000/-
A maximum of ten
persons in a Class-I
division and six persons
in Class-II division

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