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Jan. 29th
Feb. 9th
Job Hunters; Feb.
Feb. 11th
Feb. 13th
5K; Sat.
April 25th

Autism in Motion
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Happy New Year! Welcome to
the second volume of The Arc
Carroll Countys adult autism
newsletter, Autism in Motion.
Last month Social Club all
gathered around a conference
table, after a holiday gift
exchange, to discuss the next
series of classes theyd like to
see implemented at The Arc
Carroll County. After drawing
up a list of over a dozen
ideas, voting occurred and it
was narrowed down to three
new classes: Creative Writing,
Game Group, and Barrier-Free
Theatre. Job Hunters, where
adults on the spectrum are
aided in entering the workforce, is also making a remount totaling four classes in
Taking each members opinions and ideas into consideration, the cost of each of these

classes are now $50 lower

than before ($200/class).
Furthermore, more promotions are now being offered to
make these classes affordable. If you sign up before
January 30th, you will receive
25% off of a class of your
choice. If you choose to take
two classes, you get the third
FREE! We strongly recommend signing up for two
classes before January 30th to
receive BOTH promotions of
25% off and a free class. More
bang for your buck! In addition, apart from Job Hunters,
all the classes will now be

offered in the evenings. This

should decrease work conflicts for those that are employed and increase accessibility to transportation for
those that rely on rides from
family and friends. The final
date for registration is Monday, February 2nd. Classes
will begin the following week
on Monday, February 9th.
We are very excited to be
offering a new string of
classes that were specifically
picked out by our folks on the
spectrum. They asked, we
delivered, now you sign up!
For more information, email
Britt Burr, Assistant Director
of Autism Services, at or call
(410) 848-4124 ext. 139.


Social Club

Chris & Ryan at

Social Club

On the last Thursday of

every month, adults with
autism participate in a social activity of their choosing. This is an opportunity
for individuals on the spectrum to develop a rapport
with one another and to
strengthen bonds between
the classes in which they
are involved.

holiday gift exchange party!

Past outings include ice

cream, bowling, mini golf,
ghost tours & pizza, a
Thanksgiving Potluck, and a

PLEASE NOTE: This is a different time than when we

typically meet. Meet at The
Arc Carroll County promptly

AND...our next Social Club

is already planned and
booked for Thurs, Jan. 29th
from 5-8pm at Ski Liberty
Mountain Resort in
Fairfield, PA for some snow
tubing fun! The cost is $20
and this includes snow tubing for one hour and transportation.

at 5pm, cash in hand! We

will be back at The Arc at
RSVP by Jan. 22nd to Britt
Burr, Assistant Director of
Autism Services, at (410)
848-4124 ext. 139 or email
her at
Limited spaces available for
this one so RSVP ASAP!
Happy New Year!

Creative Writing

Britt! I am

Come explore your imagination through the use of fictional and non-fictional
works! We will learn how to
write biographies, short
stories, plays, & poetry!
This class was in high demand among our group! We
will get a chance to share
our creations with one another and have our BarrierFree Theatre class bring

SUPER excited
for these classes.
It means we get
to see each other
more often and
hone our skills at
the same time!

some of these stories to

life! By working in conjunction with other classes, we
can build even bigger and
better ties with one another. Creative Writing will
be Monday evenings at The
Arc Carroll County from
6:30-8pm starting February
9th. To register for this
class contact Britt Burr,
Assistant Director of Autism

Services, at or
call at (410) 848-4124 ext.
The cost of this class includes: writing materials,
computer usage, venue,
books, marketing materials,
guest speakers, etc.

Game Group
The Game Group is a new
class that focuses on socialization and communication through the use of
computers and gaming
techniques. Participants in
this group will learn different media skills as well as
engaging in Live Action
Role Play (LARPing). This
role play allows people to
get up from the screen and
physically and safely portray gaming scenarios in a



controlled environment.
Although always fun, this
class is not all games. We
will be taking breaks from
our gaming sessions to learn
necessary computer skills
such as Microsoft Word,
PowerPoint, and Excel as
well as becoming competent in other presentational
computer programs and
editing software. This class
will be offered on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8pm

starting on February 11th.

To register for this class
contact Britt Burr, Assistant
Director of Autism Services,
at or
call at (410) 848-4124 ext.
The cost of this class includes: gaming equipment,
computers, venues, LARPing
pieces/sets, etc.




Barrier-Free Theatre
Barrier-Free Theatre
Autism Intern, Lindsay Bullock,
portraying a pirate
Photo Credit: Dylan Slaglestaff

BarrierFree Theatre is an allinclusive theatre program for

adults on the spectrum that

come together to create original one act plays. Through the

use of improvisational exercises, participants develop
themes, plots, characters, settings, conflicts, and solutions to
formulate a short story. From
this short story, the group
translates that story to script. It
is then cast, rehearsed, and
performed for their friends and
families at the end of the 11
weeks. These performances not
only incorporate acting, but
also singing, dancing, life les-

sons, and a whole lot of fun!

Barrier-Free Theatre will be on
Friday evenings from 6:30-8pm
starting on February 13th. To
register for this class contact
Britt Burr, Assistant Director of
Autism Services, at or call at
(410) 848-4124 ext. 139.
The cost of this class includes:
venues, costumes, playwriting
materials, props, marketing,

Job Hunters
Last year we successfully helped
Conner develop his skills in acquiring a job at the Westminster
HomeGoods for the holiday season. Now, Conner is currently
residing in Japan looking for
work teaching English to Japanese students. Job Hunters is a
course specifically designed to
develop job skills, job research,
cover letter and resume writing,
dressing for success, and other

informative exercises in aiding

adults on the spectrum in entering the workforce. This class
does not end at the 10-week
mark. We continue to work with
you until you are successfully
placed into a job past the 10
weeks! We can do this if youre
ready to commit! Job Hunters
will be offered Tuesday and
Thursday mornings at The Arc
Carroll County from 10-11:30am

starting Tuesday, Feb. 10th.

The Division of Rehabilitation
Services (DORS) has approved
this for their fee schedule. If
you or someone you know has
DORS funding, check with them
to see if you qualify! Contact
Britt Burr, Assistant Director of
Autism Services, at, for more
information. Dont pass up this

Conner just
moved to Japan
to look for work
teaching English
to Japanese

On the horizon...
Not only are we reintroducing
classes this spring, but were
simultaneously planning autism
summer sessions for June , July,
& August of 2015.
To keep our autism program
growing and funded we are
starting what we hope to be an
annual Autism 5K. On Saturday,
April 25th of this year we will
be meeting at The Arc Carroll
County in the morning to run
3.1 miles together. All proceeds

will benefit the adult autism

program. More details are underway, but mark your calendars for the date now!
And finally, let us know what
YOU need! To schedule a meeting or to speak to someone directly, contact us at (410) 8484124 ext. 139 or email Britt
Burr, Assistant Director of Autism Services, at

The most important

thing people did for
me was to expose me
to new things.
-Temple Grandin

Autism 5K at The Arc Carroll

County Saturday, April 25,

The Arc Carroll County's Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission
To support people in their individual pursuit of a fulfilling life.
Our Vision
We are a leading organization that champions for and supports people with developmental disabilities, while
cultivating relationships that enrich our community.
Our Values
Our founders pioneered the opportunities that exist today for people with developmental disabilities. We build on
their courageous tradition of innovation and creativity in the design and delivery of our services.
We operate with integrity in all that we do as a service provider, as an employer, and as members of our
We treat everyone with respect. Dignity, choice, ability, privacy and opinion are fundamental principles of who we
We embrace the highest standards in all that we do. Quality in service and character drives our actions and
We act with a genuine spirit of caring. A sincere interest and concern for the complete well-being of all people
define our actions.

The Arc Carroll County

180 Kriders Church Road

Westminster, MD 21158
Phone: 410.848.4124
Fax: 410.876.5317

Achieve with us.

The Arc Carroll County was founded in 1955 by a

small group of parents of children with
developmental disabilities. At that time, these
children were excluded from public education and
there were no structured social, recreational or
educational activities.
This group of parents was committed to forming a
community-based system to provide necessary
services for their children. That first year special
education programs were established in the
basement of the Davis Library on Main Street in
Westminster and in the Mount Airy American Legion.
Since that time, The Arc has advocated for and
worked to provide support to people with
developmental disabilities and their families. Today
The Arc is one of Carroll Countys largest non-profit
organizations serving nearly 700 adults and children
with intellectual and developmental disabilities.