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TJB #3&4



Work Instruction



Operation (Firman)


22 July 2012

Operation for Failure of House Load Operation (Black Out)

House Load Operation (HLO) Occurrence

If, Boiler (MFT) or Turbine Trip

Balck Out (No Power)

1. AC Lightening off, DC Lightening on

2. 10kV Bus Under-Voltage Trip
3. Gen. GMCB, Field Breaker Open, BLR & TBN Trip
EDG Start

4. Safety valves popping and Water hammering happened

5. Auxiliary Power loss and Auxiliary equipment stop

Shift Leader
1. Immediately report to P3B & confirm with TJB#1,2 CCR
2. Make emergency calls to all staffs for immediate

Check Items

Step 1 (5sec)

1. Checked all breakers conditions

Main Oil tank Vapor A start

( 3TJ4, 3TJ14, 3TJ8, 4TJ4, 4TJ14, 4TJ8, and

BFPT(A) TK Vapor start

#3,4 GMCB) are Open

2. Check whether UPS and battery is supplied
with power, and fuctioning correctly

BFPT(B) TK Vapor start

MSOP start : ESOP & MSOP parallel run
MBFP AOP start

Unit Controller

Turbine Side :

Step 2(5 sec)

1. Check the Alarm, SOE, Fault recorder

3. EOP Start and Lube oil Press. is normal

Main Oil tank Vapor B start

2. Announce the Black Out situation to all Operators

4. ESOP start and Oil press. is normal

Gland steam exhauster A start

3. Confirm the auto-start of each EOP and EGD

5. BFP-T(A & B) EOP start and Press. is normal

6. MSV, CV & CRV fully close

Step 3(5sec)

Assist. Controller

7. BFP-T(A & B) MSV fully close

Main Turning gear "Auto"

1. Check the power supply of UPS and Battery

8. HP & LP TBV Fully Close

BFPT A Turning gear "Auto"

2. Check the EDG condition. (If auto-start failure, manually

9. Drain Valves (To Cond.) "Close"

BFPT B Turning gear "Auto"

Check the equipment condition on DCS (TBN supervisory)

start. If manual start is failure, UPS power check)

* BFP-T(A & B) MSV Before/After seat Vv

Gland steam exhauster B start

Local Operator
1. Condensor vacuum breaker manually Open to prevent
the Rupture Disk from breaking
2. Check Turbine, BFP, H2 Gas sys, RAPH, LP Hood temp.

Boiler Side (in case of Unit3) :

Check & Operation, if need

10.TV Camera/Flame detector Clg Fan(DC) Start

< Main TB & BFP-T>

* Suction(from atmosphere) check damper open

Check the brg feed oil temp

11. RAPH Air Motor Start

In case of temp > 40 C, Don't start turning gear

12. Close MS drain Valves to keep MS pr if necessary

Temp. 40 C, Start the Turning operation


< RAPH & Boiler side>

RAPH start and Air Motor stop
RAPH LOP is in Auto and controlling LO

Operation for Power Receiving (in case of Unit 3)

1. Prepare 500 kV sub station to be energized from
Ungaran (GITET) or from IBT 150 kV
2. Prepare 500 kV sub station,IBT 150 kV, Gen. transformer,
Unit Transformer and Excitation Transformer to be energized.


FDF and PAF LOP start

1. Vacuum Breaker V(3CAE-W001) "Open"

When CCCWP Stop, BCP CCCW return Shut Off Valve

*Condenser Vacuum Break

"Close", And BCP casing temp reach to 90 degC,

*After Con. Vacuum Break is completed,

BCP Emer. CCCW Supply Shut Off valve and

Steal Seal feed isolation valve

(3GSS-W001) "Close" (Don't forget)

BCP CCCW Emer. Blow Shut Off Valve "Open"

<FGD System>

3. Confirm (10 kV 3A3B Incoming) OPEN

FGD Booster Fan A & B LOP start

4. Confirm the Romote position on LCP

ID Fan A Distribution Panel has power, then check

5. 500 kV S/S CB 3TJ4 & 3TJ14 select switch, are

Operation, if need

* Bearing & RG Cooling Fan, Lube Oil Pump

1. Dea Ext stm valve (3ES-W005) "Close"

Absorber Agitator A, C, & E start inservice

6. Prepare CB (1IBTCB & DS3TJ2) if energize from IBT 150 kV

2. LP3 Htr Ext. stm V(3ES-W006) "Close"

Limestone Slurry storage Tank Agitator start

7. Energize the Generator transformer, Unit Transformer

3. HP5 Htr Ext. stm V(3ES-W004) "Close"

Limestone Feed Tank Agitator start

and Excitation Transformer by closing CB 3TJ4 and or

4. HP6 Htr Ext. stm V(CRH-W002) "Close"

Mill A & B LOP start

3TJ14 from syncro panel.

5. HP7 Htr Ext. stm V(3ES-W001) "Close"

Mill A & B Outlet Tank Agitator start

changed over from P/S to mimic side

Process Water Pump A (U3) & B (U4) start

*Gen. Tr & Unit Tr will be re-energized.

ME Wash Water Pump A (U3) & Pump C (U4) start

8. Unit Board A energized

a) Confirm (SB A Bus Tie 10 kV 3A Incoming CB) OPEN
b) Confirm (3 kV UB3A, ESP UB3A, FGD UB3A) OPEN

Power Source is Normal

Stop EDG

c) Confirm (380V BUB3A, TUB3A, FA3A) OPEN

d) Confirm all equipment (Fans, Pump, Mills, etc)
e) Close CB (10 kV 3A Incoming)

Operation for restoration :

1. Check Air comp. operation (if only Unit Blackout)

f) Close CB (SB A Bus Tie 10 kV 3A Incoming)

g) Close CB (3 kV UB3A, FGD UB3A)

2. Start the CEP (A)

h) Close CB (380V BUB3A, TUB3A, FA3A, ESP UB3A)

*U3 10 KV MV A will be re-energized

3. Start the CCCWP-A and CWP-A, B and SWBP-A

9. Unit Board B energized

a) Confirm (10 kV 3B Incoming) OPEN

4. Start Air comp. (if Plant Blackout)

b) Confirm (10 kV 3A3B Bus Tie CB) OPEN

c) Confirm (10 kV FGD Board A) OPEN
d) Confirm (3 kV UB3B) OPEN


5. Start the MOP (A) (Main Tb) * Stop the EOP

* Verify the Oil Tank Vapor (A) operation "Normal"

e) Confirm (380V BUB3A, TUB3A, ESP UB3B) OPEN

6. Stop the ESOP

f) Confirm all equipment (Fans, Pump, Mills, etc)

7. Start the MOP (A) (BFP-T A/B) * Stop the EOP

g) Close CB (10 kV 3B Incoming)

8. Start the EHC Oil Pump (A)

h) Close CB (10 kV FGD Board A)

9. Start the EHC Oil Unit Cooling Fan

i) Close CB (3 kV UB3B)

10. Start the HP-TBV Oil unit (pump & fan)

j) Close CB (SB A Bus Tie 10 kV 3A Incoming)

k) Close CB (380V BUB3A, TUB3A, ESP UB3B)
*U3 10 KV MV B will be re-energized

11. Start the Gen stator cooling pump (A)

12. Check the position of all equipment
"AUTO or Manual"

TJB #3&4



Work Instruction


Runback Operation Failed

(In the case of Draft Fan Trip)


Operation (Firman)


31 December 2014

1. Cause
Some of Runback Permit Conditions are not fulfilled
Runback Permit Condition [&]:
FCB/MFT not active
Furnace Draft Control Auto active
TM Not Control Auto not active
Coal Master Not Control Auto not active
Air Flow Control Auto active
Drum Level Not Control Auto not active
Runback Target (Boiler Master)
Air & gas Sys. Runback : 278.3MW
2 Pulv. Runback : 187.5MW
4 Pulv. Runback : 556.6MW
BCP Runback : 243.5MW
3 Pulv. Runback : 382.6MW
BFP Runback : 208.7MW

2. Phenomenon
FCB/Runback Operate on DCS Unit Coordinate Control Panel, is not active
Coal Burners in-service are not changed
Boiler Master MV / MS pr. SV are not immediately decreased to Runback target

3. Consequences
Possible Explosion due to Unbalancing of Air & Fuel
- IDF Blade / FDF IGV opening are going to maximum
- CEMS CO value is so much increased
Possible Fire due to the Accumulation of Unburned coal
- Unburned Coal on Air Heater element, Flue gas Duct, Ash hopper and Absorber ME, etc.
Gypsum get the dark or gray color

4. Action to be taken
Check the No indication of FCB/Runback on DCS Unit Coordinate Control

Check the Operating condition (BM, Fuel and Air demand, Furnace Pr, etc.)

Decrease Immediately, Boiler Master by Emergency stop of One or Two (1 ~2) Coal Burners
(to remain the operating Three (3) Pulverizers)

Adjust manually Boiler Master MV to the Runback Target, If necessary

Ensure that MS Pr(Fuel), Gen. Load, Air and Draft system follow as Boiler Master

TJB 3&4 Work Instruction.

KPJB-0954-02-WI-14_Runback Operation Failed