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BBC Journalist Alan Johnston still captive

40 Years of Occupation
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Quarterly Issue 33 July 2007


Since the 6 Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbours took place in 1967, Israel has been occupying Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. During these 40 years of occupation, as documented by various human rights groups, Israel has been responsible for committing innumerable war crimes against the civilian Palestinian people. Despite over 60 UN Resolutions and International condemnation of Israel’s actions over the years, the occupation continues and has become more entrenched with each passing year. The Israeli occupation has made normal life for Palestinians impossible. Human rights violations are occurring on a daily basis and many Palestinians now face severe poverty and rely on UN hand outs to survive. According to a report by John Dugard, the Special Rapporteur on the

disrupting the territorial continuity of the West Bank. The presence of the Settlers has resulted in restrictions on Palestinian movement, due to the network of settler only roads built across their land. Many Palestinians have had their land confiscated with no compensation to make way for these settlements. As these settlements are now entrenched, it will be impossible for the Palestinians to regain these lands.

Picture by Anna Baltzer.

situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories, this poverty is the direct result of Israel’s closure policies in the occupied territories, making this a man-made catastrophe.

The Israeli government has also taken other steps to make life for Palestinians unbearable such as checkpoints and indefinite detentions. Israel has built settlements in the occupied territories, even

though this is illegal under international law, in order to entrench the occupation and create new facts on the ground. There are close to half a million Israelis living illegally on Palestinian land,

Death and injury of Palestinians which have occurred as a direct result of the Israeli Occupation Forces fire-power, has affected hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. After 40 years, there is no sight of the end of this occupation, and now more than ever, individuals need to mobilise to bring international condemnation on Israel’s human rights abuses and force the end of this occupation.

The World commemorates the longest known occupation
On June 5th 2007, the world marked the longest known occupation in modern history. Since the 6 Day War began on 5th June 1967, the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have suffered Israeli rule, oppression and subjugation. In London, a week long events culminated in a march organised by the ENOUGH! Coalition, which was attended by 20,000 demonstrators. Speakers from a broad spectrum of political and social organisations were present, including Palestinian Information Minister Mustafa Barghouthi; the Jerusalem-based Anglican Bishop Riah Abu El Assal; Nathaniel Silverman, an Israeli refusenik exsoldier from the group Combatants for Peace; a range of MPs; Dr Daud Abdullah from the Muslim Council of Britain and Ismael Patel from Friends of Al Aqsa. Other rallies took place globally, including within the Palestinian territories, Washington D.C, Sydney, Brussels, Sao Paolo, Toronto, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Dublin, Rome, Osaka, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Geneva, Berlin, Madrid, Graz (Austria), and Wellington (New Zealand) amongst others. There was also a demonstration in Tel-Aviv by Israelis who demanded that their government end the occupation of their Palestinian neighbours’ land. 30 members of the association of international development and humanitarian agencies also issued a joint statement calling on their governments and the United Nations to “renew their efforts to end the occupation and to ensure the respect of international humanitarian law and human rights in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory.” In their statement, the agencies said they “remain seriously concerned by the humanitarian impact of 40 years of occupation .”


BBC Journalist Alan Johnston still captive
journalist based in Gaza, and as such, he provided much needed coverage of the conflict there and the deteriorating human rights situation. His kidnapping has been condemned by the international community, and especially by Palestinians, who have marched and demonstrated calling for his release on a weekly basis since his abduction. Staff at the BBC headquarters in London have held weekly vigils in remembrance of Alan, and an online petition calling for his release has obtained over 100,000 signatures worldwide. On March 12th, BBC journalist Alan Many people have been involved Johnston went missing on his way in trying to free Alan, and it is home from work in Gaza City. Alan widely believed in Gaza that he was was the last remaining international kidnapped by a group of criminals. The Hamas government in particular has openly used numerous methods to try to secure Alan’s release. At the end of May, Alan was still in captivity and his whereabouts remained largely unknown. A video message was released by his captors, the previously unheard of ‘Army of Islam’, on Friday 1 June confirming that he was safe. However by june 25th the situation became critical as he was shown on a video saying his kidnappers would kill him if a rescue attempt was made.

Israeli coffee shop ‘Aroma’ opens in Canada
While the drive to boycott Israel intensifies, Israeli coffee house chain Aroma is expanding across North America. A store was opened in Canada which will operate in partnership with Canadian businessman Earl Goldman, who received the franchise for all of Aroma’s future branches in the country. Aroma is also set to begin operations in Europe soon, and is planning the launching of its first European branch in Romania in the near future. Last year, Aroma opened its first overseas branch in Manhattan.

Israel’s Road Map to peace is ‘a lie’
Shlomo Gazit is the Israeli general who was put in charge of the West Bank and Gaza Strip immediately after the 6 Day War. At that time he issued a memorandum sent to Israel’s top government officials recommending that they establish an independent Palestinian state (without military forces) in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. He also recommended that the old city of Jerusalem should become an “open city” with an independent status resembling the Vatican. His ideas were ignored. 40 years later, in an interview with Donald Macintyre, Mr Gazit reconfirmed his belief in the Palestinian state, is in favour of talks with Hamas, describes the road map as a “pretext” for Israel not to negotiate with the Palestinians, and thinks the idea that the US can or should veto a peace process between Jerusalem and Damascus is a “nonsense”. to bear the blame for failed peace initiatives, Mr Gazit said he has never been more convinced than now that the only answer to the conflict is for Israel to withdraw from most of the West Bank Jewish settlements. Many international observers agree with this position, yet Israel’s answer has been to entrench the settlements by building the Separation wall between them and the rest of the occupied Palestinian territories.

Palestinian student used as human shield
In a testimony recorded by Electronic Intifada, 20 year old student Majd Ghanem told how he was used as a human shield by the Israeli occupation forces in the Jenin refugee camp in May 2007, and suffered a gun shot wound as a result. After being shot, he was not given adequate medical attention until some time later. The bullet wound was superficial and as a result Majd did not suffer serious injury. However, reports of this nature are common and each time the Israeli army uses a Palestinian as a human shield, it commits a war crime.

Opposing the ‘Architects’ of the occupation

1 in 3 Lebanese want to leave
Israel’s wars against Lebanon have left lasting impacts and a recent study revealed that 1 in 3 Lebanese want to leave the country. Most of those leaving are the young and educated and as a result, Lebanon is expecting to suffer a ‘brain drain’ which will affect the economic and social future of the state.

The latest profession to put pressure on Israelis to end their occupation of the Palestinian territories is Britain’s architects. The lobby group Architects & Planners for Justice in Palestine (APJP) organised a petition against Israeli ‘development’ projects in the Silwan district of Jerusalem, which has been signed by leading architects such as RIBA president Jack Pringle and President-elect Sunand Prasad. ARJP accuses Israeli professionals working on three separate Israeli developments of “social, political and economic oppression”. These developments involve the expansion of illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian soil. While this condemnation is growing in momentum, some British architects oppose it calling it foolish.

call for professional responsibility for Israel’s occupation policies from its citizens, following similar calls made on the educational and medical sectors.

In 2006, APJP took the unprecedented step of condemning the wall being built by Israel, stating that the architects, planners and engineers involved were violating their “professional code if ethics”. Despite Israel’s stubborn refusal Other groups who have campaigned against the building of the wall include Amnesty International who targeted the Irish cement company CRH, which it claims held a large shareholding in a company supplying cement to build the separation barrier.

Palestinian villages recycle water
Acute water shortages in the occupied territories are nothing new, especially due to Israel’s well documented appropriation of Palestinian water sources. However, the Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem (ARIJ) has begun waste water treatment projects in isolated villages to provide villagers with a new source of water for irrigation. The first project was in the village of Nahhalin, isolated by Israeli’s separation wall. This project will now be duplicated in other Palestinian villages.

The driving force behind these Leading architect Will Alsop defended boycotts is to embarrass Israel into APJP and clarified that their actions halting its destructive building were not intended to be ‘against’ activities which are destroying West Israel, but rather they were simply Bank cities. acting for Palestine. This is the latest


Success as BBC admits Jerusalem not capital of Israel
The BBC was inundated with complaints following news coverage in which a reporter cited Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is divided between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, and Israel’s unilateral declarations of the entire city as its capital have been rejected by the international community. In response to the complaints, the BBC agreed to make a statement clarifying the status of Jerusalem and correcting its error.

U n i v e r s i t y a n d C o l lege Union supports Boycott
In May, Palestinian supporters across Britain celebrated the historic decision by the University and College Union (UCU) Congress to support motions that endorse the logic of academic boycott against Israel. This motion was passed in response to the perceived complicity of the Israeli academy in perpetuating Israel’s illegal military occupation and apartheid system. This move was welcomed by Palestinians while being condemned by Israeli academics, and many UK politicians who feel this is misconceived and counterproductive. However, academic boycotts have been advocated historically as an effective tool in resisting injustice and South Africa was a prime example of its use and success. In the 1950s, the African National Congress (ANC) called for a comprehensive boycott of the entire South African academy, as a means to further isolate the apartheid regime. British academics were among the very first to adopt the latter boycott. Israel has been accused of apartheid by a number of international figures including Jimmy carter, UN Special Rapporteur on human rights Prof. John Dugard, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and South African government minister Ronnie Kasrils, among many others. During the ongoing occupation of Palestinian land, Israel’s policies have included house demolitions; Jews-

Christian pro-Zionists train to defend Israel

In the United States, Christian proZionist students in California are training to defend Israel when it is criticized on campuses. This is the first in a move to create more pro-Israeli Christian student groups in the US, under the banner of ‘Christians United for Israel’. This movement is intended to counter the anti-Israeli views that are materialising on some US campuses Internationally renowned in light of Israel’s human rights academic and author, Norman Finkelstein abuses. has been denied tenure at DePaul University Palestinians mark in Chicago , following ‘Nakba’ day suspected lobbying by th academics. On May 15 , the Palestinians pro-Israeli th marked the 59 anniversary of Evidence suggests that Nakba day, by converging together Harvard law professor on the streets of Ramallah. Speeches Alan Dershowitz, whose Finkelstein were given where the Palestinians scholarship once again refused to relinquish criticizes in his latest book, their right of return to their was one of those who homeland. This popular display of lobbied DePaul to deny determination was to remind the Finkelstein tenure. Palestinian and Arab leadership and This led to wide-scale the international community that the protests from students at Palestinian people are still unbroken, demanding and struggling for their rights.

No Academic freedom for Palestine supporters in the U.S.
all the requirements for tenureship. Finkelstein’s teaching is regarded by all as excellent. His scholarship far exceeded the demands of any scholarly institution, and he had completed service through his faculty governance responsibilities and his role as a public intellectual, speaking out across the country. His fellow faculty members in the Political Science Department agreed, and voted 9-3 to approve tenure. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LA&S) tenure review board voted unanimously, 5-0 to approve him for tenure. Despite all this, the university failed to grant this to him. The result of the denial of tenure was the united efforts of student and staff alike to support Finkelstein, and organise a move whereby the DePaul University Faculty Council could pass a vote of no confidence in the president of the school.

which they enjoy. While there is an absence of Israeli academics who specifically advocate the occupation, their silence only colonies and roads; in the view of many uprooting hundreds amounts to complicity. of thousands of trees; indiscriminate killings Throughout forty years of of Palestinian civilians, Israeli military occupation particularly children; of the Gaza Strip and the relentless theft of land West Bank (including and water resources; and East Jerusalem), Israeli denying millions their academics have continued freedom of movement by to serve in the occupation slicing up the occupied army, thereby participating Palestinian territory into in, or at least witnessing, Bantustans, some entirely crimes committed on a daily caged by walls, fences and basis against the civilian population of Palestine. No hundreds of roadblocks. Israeli academic institution, Palestinian students have association, or union has been routinely denied the ever publicly opposed right to education and a Israel’s occupation and quarter of the Palestinians colonization. On some killed during the Al-Aqsa fronts, the Israeli academy intifada were children under has been in direct or the age of 18. This is the indirect collusion with primary reason for the call the military-intelligence to boycott Israeli academic establishment, providing it institutions, as Israel is with “academic” research denying Palestinians the services to sustain its same academic freedoms oppression.

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The Jewish National Fund (JNF) in the United States applied to the United Nations for consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in May, and was rejected by a vote of 8-7 with 3 abstentions. The JNF is known for fundraising in support of illegal settlements across the occupied Palestinian territories, which it calls land development. These lands are confiscated by the Israeli occupation forces from

The UN rejects JNF application
Palestinians owners without any compensation being paid. The JNF-USA lobbied hard to gain ECOSOC status and provided letters of support for its application from powerful members of the US Congress, such as Senator Hillary Clinton. However, country representatives and the Palestine Observer Mission to the UN expressed concern about the affiliation between the JNF-USA and the JNF-KKL (Keren Kayameth LeIsrael), which carries out land development and settlement activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). The JNF-USA told the Committee that it was independent and involved in water, environmental and development projects in the Middle East. However, representatives from other countries stated that they were unable to distinguish

the university in midJune, who began a sit-in to demand that tenure be granted to Finkelstein and another of his colleagues who was similarly treated, despite both meeting

between the activities of the JNF-USA and JNF-KKL. Another main reason cited for why the application should be rejected was that the JNF’s work violated the principles of the UN Charter, which emphasizes respect for human rights and equality. Human rights organisations consider this to be a victory against pro-Zionists and their powerful political allies.


Buzzing drones swarm in the skies of Gaza

of the Gaza Strip. The people of Gaza call the unmanned drone in Arabic, “Zannanah” which means buzzing. They make a noise so loud you cannot forget it. Their buzzing engines warn Palestinian missile squads and projectile launchers that Big Brother has you in his sights, while also intimidating and maddening an entire population.

out of “legitimate” targets - this is according to what an Israeli army general who said his army really did not know what else to strike!”

Residents of Gaza have got used to hearing the fearsome roar of Israeli F-16 fighter jets, Apache helicopters and the unmanned drones, officially called “unmanned aerial vehicles”. The drones are used for reconnaissance and to attack

targets with missiles. These drones are heard but hardly seen; they usually fly overhead too high to be spotted in great numbers, patrolling the ghostly skies of Gaza. These drones are considered to be the Israeli Army’s eyes in the skies

Um Hamed, 46, said: “We live in misery; the Israelis use all their arsenal weapons including F-16s, Apaches, tanks, and drones against us. We the Palestinians are still living under the mercy of the Israeli 36 year old Gaza resident, Atef, said, occupation. We want to live in “When we hear F-16 fighter jets or peace but we also want to feel that Apache choppers, we hold our breath we are being treated as humans.” and our hearts start to beat quickly and we say, God knows what is the “Drones don’t leave the skies of target that they are going to bomb!” Gaza,” Fayez, 29, said. “They give out a noisy sound, and you can hear Basma, who lives to the east of Gaza it clearly at night. If you don’t hear City and is a mother of 4 children, said, it and you want to check if there are “My children get scared whenever drones in the sky, then switch on the they hear the F-16 or Apache satellite and you will notice disruption helicopters and when they hear the when using digital receivers.” explosions they cry and shiver.” Her husband Khalil said: “Last night Crows are nesting in the skies they hit 10 locations belonging to of Gaza, and for sure they are the Executive Force across the Gaza hungry and looking for prey. Strip. The night before they bombed several money changer shops, a By Yousef Alhelou; a freelance food storeroom, a brick factory and Palestinian journalist based in Gaza empty containers! They have run

Oxford Saturday Club helps build water well in Gaza
A group of 5-14 year old girls in Oxford have successfully helped build a much needed water well in Rafah in the Gaza Strip and planted 50 olive trees. The Muslim Saturday Club has over 60 girls on its register, and each year, they undertake a fundraising activity to help causes around the world. Following a presentation by Friends of Al-Aqsa, the girls were inspired to raise money for Palestinians and aimed to raise £2,500 for the water well and to plant the trees. The fundraising activities, prepared in conjunction with Muslim Hands, included performances, nasheeds, poetry recitals, power-point presentations, a craft fair, cake sales and non-uniform days at school. The Club raised a staggering £4,516.14, well above their target figure. This enabled the building of a much larger well than anticipated. The Oxford Saturday Club is hoping to inspire others to undertake similar ventures, and can be contacted for support and ideas. Contact

Yvonne Ridley, Salma Ravat (FoA) and others

Remember Palestine
Sunday 12 August 2007 Venue: Jamia Zakariya Masjid, Peace Street, Bolton BL3 A conference for women

For further details, contact


Message from Friends of Al-Aqsa
In the week that marked the 40th anniversary of Israel’ occupation of the Palestinian territories, we witnessed something spectacular. People all over the world came together in a show of force against the most unjust occupation of our lifetime. There were no barriers between us, whether racial, religious, or skin colour; and we all stood together because we share a common value which is a sense of justice. This solidarity spanned from Washington and London, to TelAviv and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. This was remarkable for many reasons, but primarily because it spoke out against oppression and extremism. We are living at a time where extremism is in fashion, whether by state officials or sponsored by individual organisations. It is imperative that we do not remain silent when faced with extremist views; as such silence will only serve to embolden those propagating such ideas. Extremism can emanate from a variety of individuals, including politicians, journalists, and religious extremists.
remembrance vigils in Trafalgar square; and television and radio appeals. Walsall workshop for Ulema (FoA Walsall branch) – training on discussing the issue of Palestine in Masjid congregations. Loughborough University - 3 week course looking at political Islam and other issues. Sheffield: National rally for Palestine in the North. London School of Economics – A Panel debate on 40 years of occupation, televised on Islam channel. London – Enough! Coalition rally marking 40 years of occupation. FOSIS – workshop on student engagement on the issue of Palestine. FoA Volunteers (branches) Friends of Al-Aqsa branches now operate in Leicester (head office), London, Walsall and Bradford. All branches welcome new volunteers to participate in the campaign work. We are particularly looking for people to take part in research work, selling merchandise and distributing information leaflets. Please contact if you wish to participate. FoA talks and workshops If you think people in your locality, school, university or other place can benefit from lectures or workshops on Palestine, contact FoA to make arrangements for a speaker to attend. Workshops aimed at school children between the ages of 5-16 are also an option, in order to educate them on the basic issues of the conflict. If you would like a workshop at your school, please contact us.


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There are different responses to extremism depending on the source. Those who took to the streets protesting 40 years of occupation were responding to the extremism which has facilitated this man-made catastrophe. Some of these people represent revivalists who are deeply involved in trying to bring Olive Oil about change, and we need to join this FoA has a large stock of Palestinian olive group, irrespective of colour or creed. oil for sale, purchased from the Zaytoun Such people stand to challenge those that are responsible for creating miserable situations around the globe. Where children are separated from their parents; where ‘home’ is a tin shack; where water is a luxury and where being of a certain faith means you are an underclass. It is time to join hands with those who have the interest of humanity above personal power and financial gain, and help make this sad world a better place whether for the Palestinians, or any other people in the world.
organisation. Zaytoun is an ethical business established to support farming communities in Palestine. Palestine is the historic home of the olive tree and olive groves make up 80% of the arable land. The olive harvest represents 25-50% of the average farming family’s annual income.

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Blood in the Ibrahimi Mosque The Return Jerusalem - The Promise of Heaven £3.00 each inc P&P



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Palestinian farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to produce olive oil due to the occupation policies. Their fields are being destroyed or made increasingly inaccessible by the violent Israeli settlers and the location of the settlements, and the illegal wall. By importing olive oil, Zaytoun offers rural communities access to the British market. The venture is nonprofit making so every penny helps the FoA Activities FoA has been involved in a number of farmers and pays for import costs. events over the past 3 months, including: South Africa Tour – workshops were held To support the Palestinian farmers in Johannesburg and Cape Town on issues and purchase this oil, contact FoA on The cost of a case of 6 about Palestine and campaigning. Free Alan Johnston – FoA has been bottles of 750ml oil is £30 plus postage. involved in campaigning for the release Discounts are given to wholesale of Alan and has been involved in buyers.

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We Deserve the British Academic Boycott!
Benny Tziper There she saw close up what many Israelis don’t want to It’s easiest to cry over see. She saw together with the occupation from afar, me and with my daughter the without ever seeing a brute force with which the Palestinian close up. I Israeli soldiers - whom I have believe that there may not be nothing against personally, a solution to the Palestinian of course, my complaints lie issue, but that’s nothing to at the door of those who sent do with the fact that one them - dispersed the tiny and can act like a human being non-violent demonstration and to show Palestinians, that proceeded, as it does who are imprisoned behind every Friday, from the fences and walls only a few kilometres from us, that we share their pain and sadness. Bil’in is the village that has turned into a symbol of the struggle against the Apartheid Wall and against the confiscation of Palestinian land by fraudulent Jewish real-estate sharks who hide behind fake patriotism. I went to Bil’in with my daughter Talila, whose idealism and love of others never stops amazing me and that is expressed in so many different ways. I am so very lucky that none of my children are among those vile conformists who attempt to show how interesting they are by travelling to India and South America! mosque in Bil’in to the Apartheid Wall. My mother’s cousin Lillian I should emphasize who also joined us. She came the participants in this from Paris for her first visit demonstration were. There in Israel after many years of is the elderly Palestinian doubts. Lillian was afraid with Parkinson’s, who was to come to Israel. She was close to Arafat and looks scared that if she comes, like a shade of a human she’ll have to undergo an being. Next to him there is invasive interrogation in a guy in a wheelchair, who the airport. This indeed was paralyzed in the lower happened in the El Al section half of his body after being of De Gaulle airport in Paris. shot with live ammunition Despite all this, Lillian fell by soldiers while tending his in love with Israel, was sheep. There are a few elderly astounded by everything Israelis, demonstration she encountered and praised veterans, innocent Israeli the openness of Israelis, the and international youngsters, beauty of the vistas in the and Palestinians from the Galilee and Jerusalem. But village, who really couldn’t her most powerful experience hurt a fly and for whom the she had here - in my opinion demonstration has become a - was our visit to Bil’in. fixed ritual. And there was me. Me, who certainly didn’t pose a threat to the well-being of Israeli soldiers. Despite this, the soldiers attacked the non-violent demonstration aggressively and entirely disproportionately. Tear gas canisters landed on us one after another. This is the army’s way of defending those real estate sharks who are scared that if someone Their house is the furthest one in the village, the closest to the Apartheid Wall. Last week soldiers shot at it and threw tear gas canisters at it, knowing full well that there were children and defenceless elderly people in it. No one will let him in there even to visit the library. And I never heard of a single Professor from the Hebrew University who objected to this policy, that under their very noses, they have colleagues who suffer terrible discrimination just because they are Palestinians.

Among the people who sat in the living room was a lecturer However, there is a storm of political science from brewing in Israel about the ‘anti-Semitism’ of British universities who are threatening to boycott Israeli academics. And what about the boycott we impose on Palestinian academics? I think that the boycott the British declared on us is a wonderful thing, because finally some of our arrogant professors will start to feel a tiny drop of the feelings of Palestinian professors, whose academic freedom is routinely crushed under the force of Israeli occupation. Once there were academics like Leibovich, like Plosser, who protested the occupation with harsh words. Where are they today? The vast majority of the Israeli academy today cooperates with the evil. Al Quds University in East Jerusalem. His name was Issa Ibn Zuhairia. He told me of the torturous journey he has to undertake every day and every evening on his way from his house outside Jerusalem to the university that is in the municipal area of the city. He has been trying to get a certificate allowing him to stay in Jerusalem and that will spare him the wait at the checkpoints, but that takes time. Dr. Issa is not a violent person. He is an intellectual who wants to lead a normal life. But that is impossible for him, because that’s the way it is. He’s a Palestinian. As such, he cannot even step into the campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. England, cradle of civilization, I salute those civilized people amongst you, who finally found the courage to say to Israeli academics that they can’t just worry about their own academic freedom, and that true civilization means fighting for the academic freedoms and for the rights of those who do not have them. Translated by Rann BarOn - original and complete article in Hebrew at http: // spages/866785.html

will open their mouth too loudly, their plans to build their ugly buildings on land confiscated from Palestinians idealistically called ‘settlements’ - will be spoiled. In the newspapers, including my own, it was reported that two soldiers were injured in Bil’in that day. Maybe they were injured while running after seventy and eighty year-old demonstrators and after children and teenagers. What I know is that among the demonstrators there were some who required medical attention after being chased by the soldiers, but nobody wrote about them. We found shelter in the house of Zahara and Hashem.


Fun & Games
Musa (peace be on him) was a very knowledgeable man. One day, he told his congregation that there was no one on earth more knowledgeable than he was.

The Story of Musa and Khedr
boy. Again, Khedr reminded him of his promise to be patient. Musa apologised and promised not to question him again. They then travelled to a town where the people were not welcoming and they gave them no food. There was a wall in this town that was about to collapse. Khedr rebuilt this wall so that it was standing straight again but accepted no wages for doing this. Musa was angered by this. At this point Khedr told Musa he could no longer travel with him, but that he would explain his actions before leaving. Khedr told Musa he put a hole in the ship as it belonged to poor people and the king was evil and was taking every good ship he found. The hole made the ship defective so the king would not take it. About the boy he killed, Khedr told Musa that his parents were god-fearing and the boy would lead them to disbelief when he was older, so he killed him and Allah swt would bless them with another more pious child. Lastly, Khedr rebuilt the wall as beneath it was the treasure that a father had buried for his 2 sons before he died. If the wall collapsed the people of the village would find the treasure and keep it. This way, the treasure would remain safe until the boys grew up. The Prophet (saw) told his companions of this story of Musa and it is also told in the Qur’an. LAST EDITIONS WINNING POEM By Naila Hussain, 14, Bradford The babies and children of Palestine, Cry in much pain and sorrow. Their days are dull and never shine, Who knows what grief they will face tomorrow? They all long for the one and only perfect day, When they can go to school safely and happily play, But unfortunately this cannot yet happen, As the deadly war is still going on. Many fear each and every coming day, When one’s hurt, another cannot stop their grief from showing, And the door to freedom still seems a long long way. If only all this misery could stop, Then the world would come to peace, The amount of murders and kidnaps would drop, The door to freedom would finally open, The frowns on faces would turn to smiles, The cage they feel trapped in would be broken.

Khedr if he could follow him and learn from him. Khedr responded that Musa would not have the patience to travel with Khedr. Musa promised he would be patient and promised to Khedr Allah (swt) then revealed to that he would not question Musa that he did not have all anything he did unless Khedr the knowledge, and that there told him voluntarily. was another man with more knowledge than him. Musa On the journey, they went on asked who this man was as a ship with some kind people. he wanted to learn from him. Khedr made a hole in the ship Allah (swt) told Musa to take so that water was coming in. a fish in a vessel, and travel. Musa was angry and accused When the fist left the vessel, Khedr of doing something he would find the man he was evil. Khedr reminded him looking for. of his promise to be patient with him, so Musa did not say Musa did as he was instructed anything more. and when he reached a place where the 2 seas met, the Further on their journey, they fish wriggled out of the vessel passed a young boy and and swam away. Here, Musa Khedr killed him. Musa was found Al-Khedr who was a angry at him and accused saintly man. Musa asked him of murdering an innocent


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Land Prophet Treasure Travel Evil Question Patience
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Israeli Occupation Forces shoot 72 year old man in head
serious condition of several of the wounded, the Israeli soldiers refused to allow the ambulances to leave the area for a further 15 minutes. When the soldiers searched the home, they found no weapons and arrested no one. The soldiers then said they were looking for 17 year old child Salih al-Jabari who was not present. Finally, at 2.30am the soldiers left. Incursions such as these are almost daily occurrences for Palestinians, and hundreds of families have been left devastated by the callous actions of the Israeli army. This incident left Yehia Al-Jabari dead, his wife critically injured, and his son in an extremely serious condition. The actions of the army showed a complete indifference to the sanctity of life as is all too evident in the way the occupation forces regularly deal with Palestinians. The Al-Haq organisation concluded that the nonderogable right to life, the most basic of human rights from which all others stem, was brazenly disregarded by the Israeli soldiers involved in this incident. Under international humanitarian law, the Israeli army is obliged to distinguish at all times between civilians and combatants, and to in all circumstances refrain from directing attacks against civilians. The use of force in a situation such as this, whereby the Israeli soldiers were met with no resistance, cannot be justified on the grounds of military necessity and is therefore clearly unlawful.

Palestinian human rights organisation ‘Al-Haq’ reported the sadistic and cold blooded killing of a 72 year old Palestinian civilian by Israeli forces in Hebron on Wednesday 6th June. During a military incursion involving approximately 50 Israeli soldiers, the al-Jabari family were targeted.

house and was immediate viciously attacked by soldiers who continuously hit his head against the outside wall of the house. Rajih’s 72 year old father Yehia came out and when he tried to intervene to save his son, he was shot in the forehead by an Israeli soldier and died immediately. Yehia’s elderly wife witnessed this and After midnight, the soldiers when she tried to reach her attacked the family home, husband’s body, screaming at demanding that everyone the soldiers, she was herself vacate the property. 26 year shot 6 times including her old Rajih al-Jabari left the head and chest. Yehia’s

remaining 2 sons tried desperately to get some attention for their injured mother and brother, but were beaten by the soldier and one of them was again subjected to gun-fire and shot on the foot. Other family members and neighbours were prevented from intervening by the Israeli soldiers who forced them back violently using the butts of their guns in some cases. Once ambulances arrived at the scene, despite the

Friends of Al-Aqsa calls on everyone to contact their MP’s and use examples such as this to put pressure on them to take a more objective position on the conflict, uphold international law and put pressure on The fact that the killing and Israel to end the illegal injuries were committed by occupation of Palestinian soldiers looking for a 17 year territories which it has been old child makes the assault engaged in for forty years. all the more grotesque.

Palestinians are under siege. In the last month or so more than 200 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip alone. All the residents of the Nahr Al-Barid Camp which houses 15,000 Palestinian refugees have been forced to seek shelter and refuge in the AlBadawi Camp nearby.

There is great suffering, and an acute shortage of water, food, milk for infants and power supply. Aid agencies are struggling to cope with the dire humanitarian situation. Help us provide emergency relief to those in urgent need of assistance. Your donation might save a life.

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