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Fortk TAe Word Of Lffe

Philllpians 2:16


Chidamoyo Mission


38 -


Rhodesia, Africa

Dear Friends

January 20, 1967

in Christ:

Greetings in His Service.

The now year is now upon us with all it*s
Challenges: _and, we look to God to help us meet each one with v/isdom.



The iron roof crackles this morning as the sun bears down on the Fuleche
Christian Day School.
About 25 men are outside waiting for others to arrive
that we might discuss what to do about classroom space.
Enrollment this year
v/ill double and with each new pupil comes responsibility for instruction in the

of God.

In the Bashungwe School, the same situation awaits to be solved, but the
parents are willing to do what they can, and together with you ~ through us and
the Lord - space will be provided and daily instruction given in the ways of


The third three - classroom unit is now ready for plastering and floors
here at Chidamoyo, thus making us 9 classrooms.
This complotes our school bui
lding here, at least until a high school is approved.
To see the three units
complete gives us a feeling of satisfaction and we pray that the 360 students
in this school will be taught properly and leave with the Word of God instilled
within their hearts.



The medical work is thrilling as more come to Christ each month through
it's ministry.
We are anxious to move into the hospital itself. ^ Tom Courtney

came up last week to figure out. the "^plumbing for us.

Madonna Burget, R.N. has been at liashoko Christian Hospital, which is
500 miles south, for the past 6 years; but, is now being transferred to assume
responsibility for the medical work here at Chidamoyo.
She is a graduate
Johnson Bible College and will be a wonderful addition to Chidamoyo.
Kg l i e




We regret to announce that Charles Kelloy and family loft for the U.S.A.
on the 16th. of January.
Charles had been in the hospital in Salisbury two
different times.
It was
that he be
transferred to the U.S. hosp
ital due to a tumor in the tonsil area of his throat.
Please pray for them,and

for us as we carry on alone.



Christmas in Rhodesia was hot as usual.



Christmas this year

with the John Pemberton family in Hippo Valley, and thoroughly enjoyed the won
derful fellowship we had v/ith them. We especially enjoyed
sing Christmas Carols, and the evening we went caroling.

getting together to

Tommy has had a cough for sometime so we had his chest X-rayed at Mashoko, while we v/ere there for a fev/ days before going to Hippo Valley.
The pic
ture shov/ed an infection, so he was given a T.B. skin test and put on an antibiodic.
The skin test proved negative and another X-ray while we were at Hippo
Valley showed improvement in his condition, due to the antibiodics, so he
tinued on them and the cough subsided.
It was bronchitis.
Karolyn is enjoying having a holiday from school.

on the 24th. of January.

She will begin again

She likes school very much, which really



Mother since she is the. teacher.

Lynda Gayle is seven months old now and continues to be a very good baby
and is a husky twenty pounds.
She got a smallpox vaccination while v/e were at
Hippo Valley, but the peak has passed for it. She has a pretty sore arm.
We are enjoying limeades from our lime tree in the garden.
The fruit
trees have been out for a year now, and we are reaping the first fruit from
them. We appreciate our garden so much. We have cabbage, cucumbers, onions
tomatoes, green peppers, green beans, pumpkins, and carrots now.
The sv/eetcorn

is ten feet tall


doesn't have any ears yet.

We also

have asparagus


melons that are not ready yet.



Many of you have been so kind by sending Christmas greetings, letters,

and gifts. We want to visit with each of you personally in a letter one of
these days, but for nov/, please accept our thanks through the newsletter. When
I sit back and realize v/hat you all are doing in the Rhodesian field, I'm amaz
God is blessing in a v/onderful way - May.He bless you for the part you are
taking in preaching the Gospel to Rhodesia.
Your Friends in Christ,
' - . j

Ziden, Helen, and Family

Livinglink and Service Link Receipts for December

Hospital Receipts for December





Jr. -ttigh Medical Fund Crusade Receipts

From The Forv/arding Agent' s


Looking back over the past year I regret that many times I have not ans
wered your correspondence as promptly as I should have; and, I want to thank
you for your patience and understanding. As wo cast our eyes around us v/e see
so many tasks that should be done for the Lord, and many times physical stren-

gih dees not allow me J:o do-all that-I know shouldbo done. Just this-moming,^ was reminded of the words of the Lord as He said to the Apostle Paul,
grace is suffient for thee." With this thought in mind I enter this New Year
determined to do all I can to serve Him; and am looking forward to hearing
from many of you in the coming months. As we labor together in sending the
Message of Light to thoso who have never heard , may we too v/alk in the Light;
and as v/o walk, may v/e share this Light with those we meet.

Brother John Chase

has said, " The best v/ay to keep our faith is to give it to others."
May we also bear this thought in mind," Christianity that is not worth
Gixporting, is not v/orth keeping at home." ( Copied from " Out of My Treasure"
b y Vi/i Hi e W. Whit e.)
In Christian Love,

Crystal F. Nutt





The picture above was taken from the roofof


Out - Patient Clinic looking toward the.

male ward

(with roof on)




(with rafters on). The hbspital roof was all

completed the"last week in November,



is needed to complete all nhases of

the construction of this 100 bed hosnital,

By the"first of December,

American churches

and-individuals had given over

this nrolect.




Churches in Kansas have given

compared to 6,119,68 from Illinois

and 5,917 from Ohio. The church in Sebring,

Ohio, has given close tp


to 2,160 from Copeland, Kansas,



at $2,000 from Greenviev/, Illinois.


Your contribution, large or small, will help

put this Instrument of medical evangelism in

operation soon. One of the finest nurses ip
Africa will begin working at Ohidamoyo the
first of the year and a doctor is expected
in the middle of 1967,

rnIdamoyo Christian Hospital's



There are many things the Chidamoyo Christian

Hospital in Rhodesia needs that you can give.
Above everything the workers need;



You are about

the site of

10,000 miles or more from

the construction
of the



Chidamoyo Christian Hospital in Rhodesia.

Rven if you were in Rhodesia you _ would
have to go 60 miles back into primitive



town to

find the Chidamoyo mission area.

You, nersonally, know little or nothing




Rhodesia except

V7hat you hear or read, and if you believe

the secular news media you are sure the
missionaries must be crazy to attempt to
build a Hf70,000 hospital in such an un. settled country.

The missionaries need


that they are making

faith in them

the right decisions;

and your' faith in God that He is able and

willing to lead the




what He v/ould have them do, no matter what

the cost.



"So what?" may be your attitude toward the

success or failure of the hospital con

struction and operation,




responsibility." Do you care about

pro.iect and the people it will help

Are you interested

find out about the


it enough



possllDllities of this project? Have you

ever thought ahout writing to the





in their v/ork," and encouraging then?



The stresses and strains

on a missionary

pioneering in a primitive area are hard

to imagine

or believe to we who

a country of

comforts and

live in


These pioneers need to be constantly spir

itually strengthened lest their efforts
fail. ' Your persistent prayers for them
are vitallv



to keep them from

Pray for a particular purpose

not lust in generalities.

Find out what

special needs are involved


pray for


If vou give these three items the successful

construction and operation of the Chid.amoyo
Christian Hospital are assured. These three

gifts will eliminate all

involved in the money
censtruction as v/ell as

the money problems

stilly needed for
the $1,500 needed

each mbnth for operating expenses.

Jhaerican Christians

control enough money to

finance world evangelization,

How, if


had enough faith, enough concern, and prayed



could use


to accomplish

this huge and seemingly impiissible task of

taking the Gospel message to every one of
the three billion people on this planet.










program of world

evangelization your faith, your concern, and

your prayers????????????????????????????????



A baptismal service at Chidamoyo. . A 65 year

old medical assistant accepted Christ and he

is about to be baptized. '



the goal of both the medical and educational

work of the Chidamoyo mission - to bring the



the native people, demonstrating

the love of Christ for them.






^ ^ ^ ^







Dod| ;e




^ ^


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L^i^l 4,,T-

In Rhodesia Construction of Chidamoyo

Christian Nearing Completion ! !!
JAM 13 r^37
Looking down into the male ward,
toward the central medical build

ing, service unit and completed

out-patient clinic (with roof).


t W

From the pediatric ward far down

the passage to the laundry room.

Concrete beams over the Service Unit,

passage ways and courtyard.

These pictures were taken in August. By September 15th the timber trusses were up and
the sheet metal roof was to be put on starting the week of September 19th. Sixty workers are
rushing the hospital to completion. It is expected to be in operation within three months or be
fore the end of this year of 1966.

The Ziden L Nutt Family


R. R. 1, Box 164

U. S. Postage Paid
Loweil, Indiana

Lowell, Indiana 46356

Permit No. 5

Mission Services
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Joliet, 111,




SAe '3<3W 0^SEi^
Philippians 2:16


Forwarding Address:

Field Address:

R. R. 2. Box 164




Dear Friends In Christ:

many are

Greetings in the name of Christ. Experiences come and go, and

forgotten before I sit down each month to write- you a letter;-but

let me share a few with you. It is 5:00 A.M. as I write this to you, for
the rain has kept us awake and I decided I might as well get up. As it beats
down.on our corrugated iron roof, we shall probably add about two inches,
when we check the rain guage, to the 21 inches already.
This is usually the
time of year for snakes.


While working at the hospital, I heard the children call "snake"',

I rushed right over and heard Tommy's story.

He had been to the garden with

Helen, and while passing a post tried to pull a "tv/ig" off when, as he says,

"I touched it and it sticked it's tongue out at me."

It was a Twig Snake;

and gets it's name from it's looks and actions. Anyway, after killing it and
i t ' s poisonous fangs no longer a threat, I was back to work at the hospital.


Things are coming quite well, and even though we have slowed down

considerably due to lack of funds, two of the buildings are finished and
Madonna Burget is going to move in Monday.
The little house presently used
will then become a home for the bookstore mana.ger and evangelist.
The Hos
pital is so designed that the main units, all under one roof, will care for
the most critical 60 patients, and then small buildings just behind for at
least 40 more, giving acconmodations for at least 100. As quickly a.s f-rds
come in we shall finish the main units and then start on the small buildings

the other 40.

V^e never cease to be amazed at the tremendous effect for

Christ that the clinic is making.




After a busy day on Sunday, including a 5 hour meeting which fol

lowed the two hours of Bible School and Church, we sat down with Madonna to
enjoy a brain tantalizing game of Scrabble. After about 5 minutes a car
pulled in the drive and hooted it's hooter, as they say here. You can appre
ciate that to see a car out here, 62 miles from the nearest little town, is

not a usual experience. As I walked out, who should it be but Dr.Jerry &
Marietta Smith, who had been here a week before and helped me put the roof
Affiliated With "Central African Mission, Churches of Christ'

on the school ( at least Jerry did).

His first words v/ere, " 3Ieet the Jones."

liany of you will know or know of Brother E. Ray Cotton Jones and his wife
They had come to Rhodesia and wanted to see some of the work, and
Jerry brought them here.
We were certainly blessed by their presence in our
home; and after he gave devotions at the clinic the following morning they
were on their way again.
Back to the Church meeting!
This was a wonderful day as Sunday
School was fully organized under Madonna's leadership, for the 300 children
here at Chidamoyo.
Three elders were elected in the Church meeting, and
this has been a day long awaited.
Our hearts rejoiced as the Christians
chose the three men.
Several other items of organization and business v/ere
cared for,and in the young church we could feel that God had certainly help
ed bring it to the maturity it possesses.
This all makes us so thankful for your concern, expressed through
us, for the salvation of the lost. Your prayers and support are making this
ministry possible, and we thank God for you.
I felt real good at one of

Brother Cotton Jones' remarks.

We try to do our best with what you give-,but

we always wonder exactly how you would feel if you were here. Brother Cotton
asked me who our supporting churches and people were, and after I told him

of many of you, he said," Well, they are certainly getting their money's
worth." This made me feel real good for his observation and I pass it out
to you for the tremendous part


play in reaching the people for Christ.

May God use us toge^iher to accon5)lish great things with and for Him.
Yours in His Glorious Service,

Ziden, Helen and Family

Contributors for January, 1967

Lowell Church of Christ, Ind.
Mc Cune Christian Church, Kansas
Grenola Christian^hurch, Kansas
Lakeland Christian Church, Pla.
West Side Christian Church,Springfield First Christian, Crown Point, Ind.

Kouts Christian Church, Ind.

Copeland Christian Church, Kansas
Deep River Church of ^hrist, Ind.

Bucklin Christian Church, Kansas

Sebring Church of Christ, Ohio

East Christian,mc KinheyT'Texas '

Hi^vieW Christian Church, Cinn. 0.

Rinehart Christian, Horton, lip,

Breckenridge Christian Church, Mo.
Wheatland Christian Church, Ind.
Eagle Lake Church of Christ, Minn.

W. Phoenix Church of Christ, Ariz.

Christian Church, Hydro, Okla.
South Haven Christian Church, Ind,
Galesburg Christian Church, Kansas
Hebron Christian Church, Ind.

First Christian, El Centro, Calif.

Truman Church of Christ, Minn.

Madelia Church of Christ, Minn.

North Joplin Christian Church, Mo.

South Valley Chapel, Chanute, Kan. .

Bellevue Christian, Atchison, Kansas

First Christian, Lexington, Ky.

"Wapella Christian Church, Illinois
First Christian Church, La Mar, Mo.
Unipn Ave. S,3. Hoberly, Mo.
Savonburg Ladies Aid, Kansas
Metz Christian S.S., Missouri
South Valley Youth Class, Chanute
Eagle Lake Church of Christ S.3.
Mission Group No.2, Protection, Ks.
Barnsdall Christian Mission, Okla.
Vt/elcome Class, Loami Christian, 111.
Madelia Ladies Aid, Minnesota
Thayer "Chjy.^tian Chur ch, Kansas
moung Adult Class, Roby, Mo.

Union Ave. Christian, lioberly. Mo.

Mt. Pleasant Christian, Plymouth, 111
Blackoak Church of Christ, Gary, Ind.
Church of Christ S S. Truman, Minn.
Friendship Class, First Christian,
Lexington, Kentucky
Master's" Messengers, St. Louis C.C.
Lord's Reapers, Ozark Bible College
Rails Grove Youth, Marion, 111.
La Grange Christian S.S., Mo.
Boyce Foundation, Akron, Ohio.
Builder's Class, Crov/n. Point, Ind.
Drexel Gardens , Indianapolis., IndJ.__ Mr. and Mrs. Perry Larsen

Miss Lillian Easter

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer C. Brewer

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Forkner

Miss Bonita De Pue

Ethel Fryar, Vi/anatah, Ind..

and Mrs. Robert Aaron

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Carr . ;

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Greer

Mr. and Mrs. Millard T. Clark Jr.

Sarah M. Reed
Mr. and Tirs.; David Sims

Mr. Cecil Farley

Miss Marilyn Buche
I/Irs. Floyd Forkner

Margaret Scrutchfield

Doris Sachtleben

Peggy Jennings
Emma S. Rolls

Mrs. Anna Ramsey

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Magner

Mr.and Mrs. Clem Atkinson


Mr. and Mrs. John E.Blair

Mr. Howard Vi/. Nutt

and Mrs. Elmer Koerner

and Mrs. Roy \i/ilburn

Mr. and Mrs.

Ira W. Beerbower

Many others have given through their local churches.

Livinglink and Service Link

t 1,972.58

Hospital Receipts

Jr. High Medical Fund Crusade

$ 51.25

$ 1,074.88

The Zlden L. Nutt Family


R. R. 2, Box 164

U. S. Postage Paid
Lowed, Indiana

Lowell, Indiana 46356

Permit No. 5

Mission Services
Box 368

Joliet, 111.




' Phiiippians 2:16 -


The ZIDEN L. NUH Family

Forwarding Address:

Field Address:

R. R. 2. Box 164


-i '-m




March, 1967
Dear Co-workers,

-Greetings -from- Hhodesia in-the precious Tiame of Christ,

How wonderful

it is when I think of you sending us here to labor for Christ so far from our
land of birth. The bond of fellowship which we have with you is thrilling,
and makes us ever thankful to Christ who has made it possible. We like the
opportunity of writing you each month and keeping you informed of God*s work
ing through us, your co-workers.

Since I last wrote



to you about the organization

of the Bible


under i.iadonna Burget's leadership, the attendance has increased by 30 for two

Lord^s Days. We have started an adult class since and it holds much
as we feast on a study of '' The Life of Christ," by John,

Though we have had to slow down



construction considerably, most of the

equipment has been ordered for the hospital. As I sit here this morning our
five ton truck is loaded with hospital beds, some of which a few of you have
purchased. When day breaks we will unload them into the completed section,
(except for ceilings.)
The first patient to enter the new hospital for treatment came about
1;A,M. on February 13th. Her husband, Michael, carae that night and I dashed
with the car and about 30 minutes after she entered, she gave birth to a
little girl, Beds and food facilities had not been completed, so we took her
home. Since then, actually today, facilities are ready. We regret that we
cannot complete the building immediately, but hope to by August, as funds be




The February Christian Leadership Class, concerning Repentance and Con

fession was
had several

fruitful, and a new time chosen for our meeting

miles to go and wanted to leave by 5: P.M., but

one-half hours they still

wanted to discuss

setting the time for 2:30 until 5.



in March. Some
after one and
This resulted in

We are thankful for this interest and

pray God to use it to His glorification.

Affiliated With "Centred African Mission, Churches of Christ"



interest and concern

spurs us on with encouragement and we give

thanks to you, and praise to God.

Write us when you can.

Love in Christ,

Ziden and Helen

Contributors for February

Truman Church of Christ

First Christian Church, La Mar,Mo.

Galesburg Christian Church, Kansas

Copeland Christian Church, Kansas
Church of Christ, Lowell, Indiana
First Christian, Crown Point, Ind.
Hebron Christian Church, Indiana
Christian Church, Thayer, Kansas
Parkwood Christian, Bridgeton, Mo.
Christian Church, Bucklin, Kansas

Mt. Pleasant Christian, Plymouth, 111

East Christian, Mc Kinney, Texas
First Christian, Bristol. Florida
Kouts Christian Church, Indiana
Deep River Church of Christ,Ind.

Blac^oak Church of Christ, Gary,Ind.

Drexel Garden Christian, Indianapolis

South Valley Chapel, Chanute, Kansas
Vi/apella Christian Church, Illinois
First Christian, Lexington, Kentucky
Union Ave. Christian, Moberly, Mo.
Eagle Lake Church of Christ, Minn.
Rinehart Christian, Horton, Mo.

First Christian, Florissant, Mov

Mc Cime Christian Church, Kansas
Christian Church, Grenola, Kansas
Christian Church, l(i/heatland, Ind.

South Haven Christian Church, Ind.

First Christian, El Centro, Calif.
Highview Christian,Cinncinati,Ohio
Madelia Church of Christ, Minnesota
Sebring Chxirch of Christ, Ohio


Young Adult Class, Roby, Missouri

Savonburg Ladies Aid, Kansas
Friendship Class, Lexington, Ky.
Loyal Workers, Highland, Indiana
Richards Christian S.o. Missouri

Missionary Group #2, Protection, Kan.

Alpha Beta Chi, Manhattan 3,C., Kan.
Ladies Aid, Madelia Church of Christ

C. Y. H. Town /. Country, Dewey, Okla^

Friendship Class, West Milford, Ohio

Beginner's Class, Aztec, New Mexico
Barnsdall Christian Missionary, Okla.
Builders Class, Crown Point, Indiana
Willing Workers Class, Brook, Indiana
Primary C Y.H., Union Ave. Moberly
La Grange Christian S.S., liissouri
Eagle Lake Church of Christ S.S.Minn.
Union Ave. Christian S.S., Moberly

Welcomp Class, Loami, Illinois



and Mrs.

Thomas E.


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fogle

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Farley



Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hughes

and Mrs. Granville Marlin

and Mrs. Herbert Porkner
and Mrs. Dan Robinson

Miss Marilyn J. Buche

Margaret Scrutchfield

Mr. . and Mrs. Howard T. Page

Mrs. Anna Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Sharp
Mrs. *^race Claussen

and Mrs. Robert Aaron

Mr. and Mrs. Roy \i(ilburn

and Mrs. Mi Hard T.

Clark Jr.

Miss Bonita De Pue

lip. -and Mrs. Ira W. Beerbower
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Greer


and Mrs.

Clem Atkinson

lip. and Ilrs. Dale Erickson

Mr. Hassel Justice

Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Conley

Miss Lillian Easter

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. ^iesinger

Mr. and Mrs. jct ay He Far land

Total Contributions for February :


2-, 028:. 03

Chidaraoyo Hospital Receipts


Beds for Hospital


Jr. High Medical Fund Receipts


Chidamoyo with Its thousands.

In need of loving care
Depends upon God's people.
To provide in every way.

And so we do say,"Thank You"

For the help that you have given.
That boys and girls and adults
Might know the,way to Heaven.


Nearly 400 precious souls were baptized into Christ during the past

These are," Fruit that may abound unto your account".

prayers that they may grow in the way of the Lord.

They need your

The Ziden L Nutt Family


R. R. 2, Box 164

U. 5. Postage Paid
Lowefl, Indiana

Lowell, Indiana 46356


Permit No. 5



Philippians 2:16

The ZIDEN L NUH Family

Forwarding Address:

Field Address:

R. R. 2. Box 164



June 1, 1967



Our Trip to Rhodesia


and liirs.

(Parents of

Marvin Porkner

Helen Marie Nutt)

One of the great thrills of our three week visit to Rhodesia was the day
we were to go to Chidamoyo, and behold with our own eyes the mission that was
pioneered by Helen and Ziden.

To bring you up to this day we will tell you a little

of things before.

We left on our visit I'lay 8th. at 9:15 A.M. from Joplln, Missouri, and since
this trip was rather a"spur of the moment" thing, the best the Travel Bureau
could do was to get us to New York about 5:30 in the evening. Vi/e arrived in
London the next morning and took a bus tour while waiting for our evening
flight on a South African Airline to Salisbury. We arrived in Salisbury at
about 12:30 on May 10th. and there waiting for us were Ziden, Helen, Karolyn,

Tommy and Lynda (first time we had seen her) and also Dr.and Mrs. Jerry Smith
and Caroline.

Ziden and Helen had already made arrangements to take us to see the Vic

toria Palls and Wankle

Palls with

National Park u-ame


the thundering roar of the rushing

The wonder of the great

water, the clouds of mist and

spray from the water, all made us mindful of our Creator.

we felt fortunate to see many wild animals especially the ijlraffe, Zebra
and the graceful Impala, just to mention a few.

On Sunday we had our first real meeting of the Africans when we attended

Services at a farm school with the Dale Tlarshalls, After our Mother's Day
dinner in the Flame Lily Tea Room in Sinoia, we were on our way to Chidamoyo.
The Marshalls, who had stayed at the mission so that Ziden*s could be away to
meet and shov/ us some of the wonders of Rhodesia went back to the mission too

First to greet us as we arrived at the mission was James, the house boy.
He came running with a big smile and then off to find Madonna to get the key.
Vi/hat a lovely home and the concrete floors are very attractive with the yell
ow ochre mixed


in the concrete



and the nice finish obtained from

A quick look at the house and then for a tour around the mission and

we mean around, literally too.

The homes of the missionaries; the Nutts, the

Affiliated With "Central African Mission, Churches of Christ"

Ammerraans, Madonna Burget, the foundation of the Kelley's who arrived back at
Chidamoyo the day we left, the gardens of all and the little homes for the

African help are in a circular plot surrounded by a road. On the outside of

the circle in an eye catching spot and a higher elevation is the beautiful


Christian Hospital.

The grounds in the front are lovely with two

elevations of lovely green grass, a white board fence and a water fountain in

the center of the walks leading to the front sections of the hospital.
We were amazed at the size of the building too and the way the Africans
using it, faster

than it can

be completed to meet

babies were born the night before we arrived.




The first

Marvin enjoyed so much working

with Ziden and the Africans helping to set the big generator which will


supply electricity for the hospital.

Ev^ery opportunity is used to witness for our Lord.


are devotions

every day at noon for the workers. There are several homes near the hospital
for the African orderlies and nurses and they are very attractive. On around
the drive and we see homes of teachers and a few other Africans. A new road
has been made which completes the cicular drive and also eliminates all of

the main

travel from having

to go completely around

the mission. This will

keep down some of the dust and make it so much better. Next we went up a rise

and came upon the airstrip along the side of the road; an example of much
work when we look all around at the trees and ant heaps. Just beyond is the
school which is taking on a finished look, having a wall completed in front
and walks being made during our stay at Chidamoyo. Much thought and work
have gone into planning for such a lovely site.

I think the thing we missed most was being able to switch on a light at
dusk but the propane lanterns were very effecient and the water system amazed
us. To be able to have the conveniences of running water without any elect
ricity is wonderful. This is accomplished by pumping water from the Bore-hole
with a large deisel motor into a storage tank on the side of the mountain.

Other highlights

of our visit

were the

church services and the


attendance, the ladies meeting and the invitation to give the devotions
it, the gifts brought for me by the women, the invitation by Michael, Zidens
African foreman, to have supper with them and by Higa Chikanda to eat with
them, the opportunity to taste Sadza, the Christian fellowship in the Chikan

da home, going out in the bush to one of the schools and bringing back a pat
ient for the hospital who gave birth to her first child just a few hours and the wonderful way we were received by the Africans.
It was a privilege to have met many other missionaries while there, sev

eral of which were visitors to Chidamoyo,the Van Dykes, the Pennigtons, the
Preemans, Dr. Waters as well as those already mentioned, Marshalls , Smiths
and Kelley's, also Madonna who seemed like one of our family having seen her
every day.


Some one said, that the African can size up; a missionary on their first
meeting with him.and they have certainly accepted Ziden. Before we knew it,
time came for" us to leave if we were to see Kariba, the world.'s largest Dam,
before going to Salisbury to board
treasure the memories of

the plane

those three weeks and

for our return home.

We shall

news from our loved ones and

the others working in Rhodesia will have a deeper meaning for us.

The Ziden L. Nutt Family


R. R. 2. Box 164

U. S. Postage Paid
L/oweM, Indiana

Lowell, Indiana 46356

Permit No. 5

Mission Services
Box 368

Jcliet, 111.




- Phiiippians 2:16 -

The ZIDEN L. NUH Family

Forwarding Address:

Field Address:

R. R. Z. Box 164





June, 1967
Dear Co-vrforkers:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus.

Some time has passed
since we last wrote , but we hope many of you have seen the slides we re
cently sent and have kept informed through them. We never cease to praise

God for the part so many of you are taking in spreading the Gospel.
Ke lie-


four months


in the U.S.A., where Chuck underwent a delicate

and rare surgery, they arrived back in Rhodesia on the 25th. of May.
is doing fine and helping a lot on the hospital.


We look forward to Ammerman's returning also in July. We can then

see much more accomplished in the church leadership and visitation programs.
Visitors From The U.S.A.


parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Porkner

of Horton, Missouri

recently spent 19 days with us. Though there are many historic and fascinat
ing things in Rhodesia, we had to limit our travels to the Victoria Palls
and Kariba Dam.
The remaining days we capitalized on their willingness to
help in the many and varied tasks at the mission.
Since Marvin is an elder in one of our

supporting churches we felt

quite good when he said," there was a lot done for the money received."

The final school unit here is finished and walkways completed. We

are building three more class rooms at the schools in the outlying areas and
this will care for the next two years.
This year we were pleased when the
people decided to have building funds for the schools.
Though they cannot
help much, we are encouraged over their willingness to help.
Lacking cash,
some brought a portion of this years corn crop which is used in the hospital.

The way in which

the hospital finances


many of you have helped in the past few months on

is wonderful,


is tentatively set for the

Affiliated With "Central African Mission, Churches of Christ"


of September, and we'd love to have it

debt free; but this will

concentrated efforts from all. We've started

have it completed by dedication also.

the chapel


now and hope


V/e are happy to announce that the Dr. Dale Erickson family are com
ing to Chidamoyo, the Lord willing, in January of 1968.

and response

continue to amaze


Vi'e are thankful

for the privilege of being here in Rhodesia on your behalf to bring glory and
honor to God among the African people.
Yours for a Christian World,

' Ziden and Helen

Contributors for April and May

Truman Chiarch of Christ, Minnesota

Lowell Church of Christ, Indiana

East Christian, Mc Kinney, Texas
1st. Christian, Florissant, Mo.
Mt. Pleasant Christian, Carthage, 111,
Deep River Church of Christ, Indiana
West Side Christian, Springfield, 111.

Kouts Christian Church, Indiana

Galesburg Christian Church, Kansas

Metz Christian Church, Missouri
Bucklin Christian Church, Kansas
First Christian, El Centre, Calif.
He Cune Christian Church, Kansas

Sebring Church of Chi^ist, Ohio

Christian Church, Clarence, Mo.

South Haven Christian Church, Ind.
Union Ave. Christian, Moberly, Mo.

1st. Christian, Somerset , Pa.

Highview Christian Chvirch, Cinn., Ohio
1st. Christian, Lexington, Kentucky
Hebron Christian Church, Indiana
1st. Christian Chvirch, La Mar, Moc
Grenola Christian Church, Kansas
Blackoak Church of Christ, Gary, Ind.
Onarga Christian Church, Illinois
1st. Christian Church, Grown Point
Thayer Christian Church, Kansas
La Grange Christian Chui'ch, Missouri

Western Hills Christian, Cinn., 0.

Wheat land Chri simian Church, Indiana
Eagle Lake Church of Christ, Minn.
Wapella Christian ^hurch, Illinois
North Joplin Christian Church, Mo.
Heath Chin^ch of Christ, Ohio
t:>avonburg Christian Church, Kansas
Eden Christian Church,St.Louisville
Madelia Church of Christ, Minnesota
South Valley Chapel, Chanute,Ks

Rinehart Christian, Horton, Missouri


Savonburg Ladies Aid, Kansas

Friendship Class, West MiIford, 0.
Welcome Class, Loami Christian, 111.
Barnsdall Christian Mission Socioty
Jr. Girls Class, Greenview Christian

Direct Support Missionary Society ,

Atlanta, Illinois

Friendship Class,First Christian..,

Lexington, Kentucky
Christian Women's,Workers, Ft.Pierce
1/Vanatah Christian Missioiiary Society

Union Ave. Christian S.S. Moberly

"La Grange Christian S.S., Missouri .

Eagle Lake Church of Christ S.S.

Vif. C.F. 1st. Christian, Michigan City

Missionary Group No. 2, Protect ion, Ks,.

Dorcas Circle,W.Owosso Church, Mich.

Builder's Class, Crown Point, Ind.

Pleasant Hill Young Adults & Jr.Class

Memphis Christian Missionary Society

Women's Council, Truman, Minnesota

Madelia Church of Christ Ladies Aid

(In memory of C.S. Stenchfield)

Alpha Beta Chi, Manhattan Bible Col.


Mr. and Pirs, Lawrence Greer


Mr. and Mrs. Millard T.

Miss Bonita De Pue

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Correll

Mr. and lirs. Cecil Farley
Margaret .ScrutichfieId.


Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Magner


and Mrs. Pat O'Donnell


Mr. and Mrs. Gary Squires

and Mrs.

and Iiirs.

Ira W. BeerhQwer

Elmer Koernor

Jttss Marilyn Huche

Mrs. Bertha Konkle

Mr..and Mrs. Clem Atkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Sharp



Mrs. .;inna Ramsey

Florence Block

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gamauf


and Ii/Irs.

and Mrs.

Mr. A.M. Jones

Mr. Frank L. Fowler
Alice L. Dodson

Robert Aaron

Mr. George W. Yeager


Lillian Easter

I4r.and Mrs. John Blair

Mr.and Mrs. Dan Robinson

Thomas E. Carr

Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs, Roy W'ilburn

lb?, and Mrs. H.L. Conley

Violet Hopkins

Emma Rolls

Total Receipts for April and May

Chidainoyo Hospital
Many other

Livinglink and Servicelink

$ 8,218.29 - Jr. High Medical Crusade

groups and individuals

$ 4,245.12


have give through their local

May God be praised for

churches, and therefore are not listed separately.

all the gifts]

The Ziden L. Nutt Family


R. R. 2, Box 164


Lpwell, Indiana 46356



U. S. Postage Paid
Lowefl, Indiana


Permit No. 5




Philippians 2:16-

The ZIDEN L. NUH Family

Forwarding Address:

Field Address:

R. R. 2. Box 164






August 8, 1967
Dear Friends:

Greetings in Christ. Much has taken place since we last wrote, and that
is partly because it has been so long. Things and"activity come and go~so rap
idly that it is hard to capture each one, and share it with you who support the
work of Christ,through us in Rhodesia. A glimpse of a few things follow;

and Good News

The giant jet came gracefully into Salisbury on the 5th. of July carry
ing Bruce, Iiarolyn and family. They had been in the U.S.A. for a year, and it
was a joy to see them again.

While in the U.S.A., Bruce spoke of

the work in Rhodesia and

one need

emphasized was funds for a church building here at the mission. Though some
is still needed for it, he decided to start the foundations. In fact they
were started this morning. I felt honoured that he asked me to help on the
construction, and so I'll assist in that way. This is certainly a wonderful

day; to see the ground being dug for foundations.


Twenty-one gathered twice

Jesus Christ.


in July to discuss briefly the Revelation of

The book of Revelation Is of course too extensive for two three

hour periods, but we concentrated on the conditions of the seven churches; and
the words given them to help. This was particularly helpful to us all as
church leaders, who are constantly involved in dealing with problems, and
guiding the growth of new Christians.




One of the African sleaders of this area-stepped forward "in July to con



Mlga Chikanda was in another area 7 miles away where


others also accepted Christ.

Last Sunday 16 walked forward, and what a thrilling

sent us to be a part of here in Chief

vest is just now beginning.

Dandawa's area.

ministry you have

We feel that the har-

Excitement with a Leopard

We seldom write

of this type of excitement, as the mission

Affiliated With "Central African Mission, Churches of Christ"

work is so

thrilling to talk about; but I thought I'd share with you the following story.
Chuck and I after one of our neighbors came

Bruce cami

to get him to


15 of us, plus a host of Africans took off

which we walked a quarter of a mile.

end of

leopard was gonefliough one of the four dogs ran it up a tree.

been killing

property), we

goats and cattle, so

even though it is royal

are within the law to kill them. My

to my surprize, down it came with

blazed away once and

through the neck.

It had

game (government

yinchegter Magnum
a bullet having gone

Chuck and I skinned it, and Helen also helpe^#'"''3ThbO'"'l;t is government

property we may not get to keep it, but still it was*<^^^^^hriy,,^o be a " great
white hunter" in Africa.

It was the first time I've goHi^^sal^'r big game, but

since it was being destructive it was worth the time and the effort; and, yet
they are such beautiful animals to die.

Well I guees I ' ve rambled on long-enough.Drop us-a line when you can,
May (rod keep you in His care every day. We are praying for you during this
crucial time in the U.S.A., and covet your prayers for the work of our Lord
here in Rhodesia.

Yours in Christ,

'^Ziden and Helen

Contributors for


Lowell Church of Christ,

Thayer Christian Church,
Ivans as
Blackoak Church of Christ, Gary, Ind.
Eagle Lake Church of Christ, Minn.
Kouts Christian Church,
Rinehart Christian Church, Horton,iio.
West Side Christian,Springfield, 111.
Sebring Church of Christ,
Ohio .
Copeland Christian Church,

Deep River Church of Christ,Indiana

lit. Pleasant Christian, Plymouth, 111.
First Christian,Lexington,^ Kentucky

Christian Churclt,^
Gravity, Iowa
Western Hill Church of Christ,Cinn.O.
3outh Haven Christian Church,Indiana

Drexel.Garden,Indianapolis, Indiana-

Medaryville Christian Church,

Madelia Church of Christ, Minnesota

E.Christian Church, Mc Kinney, Texas
Wapella Christian Church,. Illinois
Galesburg Christian Church, Kansas

Truman Church of Christ,Minnesota

First Christian , Crown Point, Ind.
Wheatland Christian Church, Indiana

First Christian Church, Florissant.

Mc Cune Christian Church,
The Christian Church.Greenwood, Ind.
Bucklin Christian Church,
First Christian Church, El Centre
South Valley Chapel, Chanute,I^nsas

Northern Hills Christian,Cinn. Ohio

Hebron Christian Church,




welcome Class, Loami Christian, 111.

Christian Evangelizers, Joplin, Mo.
Eagle Lake Church of Christ S.S.Minn.
Richards Christian S.S.,
Friendship Glass,Lexington, Kentucky
High School Class,Washington Christian
Christian Church S.S., La Grange,Mo.
3rd. Primary, Gering Church of Christ
Christian women's Workers, Ft.Pierce

v^illing worker's Class,. Brook, Ind.

Savonburg Ladies Aid,


Union Ave. Christian S.S., Moberly

Barnsdall Missionary Society, Okla.

Friendship Class,V'^est i:ilford,Ohio
Missionary Group 2,Protection,Kans.
Lion's Club, Schell City, Missouri
Madelia Church of Christ Ladies Aid


Anna Mae Bringer La Grange, .'iio.

ivlr. and Mrs. Harry Correll, Hammond

Miss Bonita De Pue - Kansas City,Mo.


and Mrs.



Margaret Scrutchfield - Richards, Mo.

Frank L. Fowler - Sedalia, Missouri
Frank L. Fisher Harvey, Illinois
Peggy Jennings Cinncinati, Ohio
Mrs. Anna Ramsey Topeka, i ansas




and Mrs.
and Mrs.

Elmer C. Brewer Lav/rence Greer -


and i rs. i.lillard T. Clark- Ind.

and Mrs. Clem L. Atkinson- Ind.

Lillian Easter Clay Clty,Ky.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph i-agner - Kansas



and Mrs.


Thomas E.

Carr -


Miss Marilyn J. Buche Indiana

Cecil Farley - Mc Kinney, Texas
Mr. and Mrs. wm. Griesinger - Mo.

Flora Mae Guernsey Cinn. Ohio

Mr. and Mrs. Gary oquires - Crocker

Others have give through their local

churches and therefore are


listed separately.





Livinglinl and working Fund Receipts for the month of July

Hospital and Equipment
Jr. High Medical Fund Crusade

^ 1,861.90

Volume 7


A New Birth
His body was covered with dew,
and his clothes dripping wet as he
journeyed on the 115-mile bicycle ride.
His age 21; Christian name Michael;

Background African. But before going

on with the thrilling story of his con
version, let us scan the society from
which he comes.

Steeped in spiritualism but starving

for a Savior; confidence in mediums,
but no concept of the Master. How vivid
the picture yet remains of a particular
Chief Chundu walking toward his "tin


by Ziden Nuff

the /African employees in our neighbor

hood. Michael was one of the first to

sought after in an attempt to reach the

world beyond. Jesus provided the an

come the evening we started, and several

swer andhadrevealedinlife His status

other followed. As they sat down on a

log under a small shade tree, my heart
started beating faster and faster as we
got ready to start. A new people, and
a different people faced me.



115 miles

away and he had come to work as a

"houseboy" in a nearby home. Though

he was 21 he'd had but a few years of

god." Few have ever seen his "god,"

or respect the deep implanted meaning

education, and spoke a little English,

As the weeks passed by, Michael was
baptized and a change could easily be

with which "he" is entrusted. Not more

than a hundred feet from the Chief's

seen in his life.

house is a little pole hut with a grass

roof. Inside there is a straw mat upon

The Spirit of the living God had

now become his Guide and replaced
die deceased human spirits whom were


stands some

thin sticks. Bal

to be the Mediator for mankind. Then

something happened! Michael disap

peared and no one seemed to know his
whereabouts. In checking with his em
ployer we learned that he had gone
from his job, which seemed very odd.
Michael was well liked by his employer
and was well paid for his services. A
few more days went by, it was time for
us to travel north and preach in the
Sinoia area on a regular visit. The
morningwas rather chilly as we started
out, and the dew sparkled in the head

lights. Daybreak was approaching when

we spotted a man on a bicycle coming
toward us. He was a strange looking
sight, foras he rode, the dew gathered

anced on one is a piece of metal. This

metal was left to represent the spirit
of a great chief Chimombe. His body
had never been buried, but left in a
hut. A flood came and washed it away,
but in it's place was the metal. "He"
is approached by Chief Chundu for
every decision made. His answer is
never direct, but received through spirit

mediums, who after a detailed ceremony

reveals the decision. Throughout the

"spirit world" of Rhodesia, many inter

esting and varied events take place.
These vary in different sections of this
country. The reality of it all is not
easily overcome, but the Spirit of God
has power to intercede unto eternal
life, and for this we give our thanks to
God. From out of this type of society
came Michael, whom 1 first met in the

of Gwelo. Since we were there

temporarily, I started a class for all of

Front entrance to Chidarooyo flospilal.

(Continued on page 2)


by Dale Marshall
you be doing anything to have a church
for the white people in Sinoia?" My
answer went something like this, "We
hope some day we will be able to, but
probably not for the first three or four
years." We have been in Sinoia now for
about seven months and we have had a

church for the white people in Sinoia

for four months, so it was three or four

months instead of years. Our thoughts

and plans for the future are not always
accurate. Many times we say we will
do a certain thing if it is the will of
God, and many times when we say this
there is little doubt as to what the will

of God is, but there may be room for

doubt as to what our will is. There is

no doubt about the will of God in this

matter of taking the gospel of Christ to

"every creature," and seeing lives
changed by the power of God through
preaching the Word.

amoyo to get supplies, I stopped in at

one of the places where missionaries
can purchase items wholesale. Mr.
Nelson, the owner, suggested that we
consider holding a Sunday school and
having a church for the Europeans in
Sinoia. He said he knew a building we

could rent for only 20 pounds ($60) a

month. At the time he made it very clear
that he himself would not be interested,
but that he felt there was a real need

in Sinoia for something other than the

cold, formal religion being offered to
the people. This started us thinking
but we did not see how anything could
be done for a few years. After we moved
to Sinoia we began immediately to see
the need for something to be done to






beingaskedby Christians in the United

It all started before we actually

Sinoia there was one Coloured family

that was strong in the Church of Christ
whohad moved here just before we did.
They were from the non-instrumental
church in Salisbury. They worshiped

States when we were getting ready to

come to Rhodesia, one was this, "Will

moved to Sinoia to make our home here.

with the African brethren, but found it

One day on a trip to Sinoia from Chid-

impossible to do anything to evangelize

among their own people with nothing

Dale Marshall bapli/ing.

Of the many questions I remember

but the African service to which to in

vite them. They were not in Sinoia long


(continued from page 1)

upon his hair, eyelashes, and forearms.

To our surprise, he was Michael.

"Where have you been, Michael?" I


"I was at home telling my parents

about Christ," he replied.

ancestral spirits, and superstitions,

that God can bring life in Jesus Christ.
As the scripture saith, "Death is swal
lowed up in victory . . . thanks be unto
God who giveth us the victory through
our Lord Jesus Christ."

His quick reply came, "My boss

wouldn't give me time off, but I had to
tell my mother and father about Christ
and my baptism. I also told everybody
along the path to my village. They are
all very happy and want me to come

that even if it were only for the benefit

of this family and ourselves that it


town where Indians, Coloureds, and

Europeans would all feel welcome and

at home. Bro. Crewe felt that through

work he would be able to invite

many people to study the Bible. I went

to see Mr. Nelson about the building he
had suggested to see what could be
done. He was still very anxious for
something to be done, and he thought
we should contact the person in charge
of the building and offer ten pounds for


Over five years have now passed.

We were getting ready to move to the
Urungwe area and start Chidamoyo Mis
sion, and knew that we would need
much help. Michael has preached many
a sermon in churches and villages, and
is instrumental in bringing several of
the hospital and construction workers

the building and see what happened.

The building itself was built as a lodge
building and does have the looks of a

to Christ.

Page 2

being held here in Sinoia. After brother

Crewe (the Coloured family) expressed
their spiritual needs, we began to think

might be good to have a Bible

Sunday morning and Wednesday
ing. After talking we decided it
be best to try to rent a building

"Butwhatabout your job?" I asked.

How thrilling it is to know that from

out of the depths of witchcraft, trust in

till they began to feel a great need in

theirown lives for something more than
what they got from the African services

Michael pre.siding at a bap

tismal service.

church building and sits on a very large

lot right downtown in Sinoia. It is one
of the oldest buildings in Sinoia and
had been empty for some time, so the
man in charge of the building decided

Cen/fo/ Africa Story





Cynlhia, Douglas, Vernon, Kalhryn and Cheri Oakley
The Vernon Oakleys are thrilled to
announce their plans to preach Christ
in northern Zambia, Africa, beginning
in January, 1968. Their decision, made
late last year, was approved by the
Central African Mission on January 5Vernon and Kathryn, with their three

Kathryn, has been active in the work of

the church all of her life. Her father is

a Christianminister.(HerbertW. Baynes
serves the congregation in Worthington,

Indiana.) Her music and teaching abili

ties are an asset wherever they labor.
Interest in

African mission work

at Georgetown, Indiana for the past

three-and-one-half years.
Mr. Oakley received his ministerial
training at Kentucky Christian College,
Grayson, Ky., graduating with the A. B.
degree in May, 1962. Former ministries

was born in the Oakleys while they

were studying at K. C. C. They were
personally acquainted with the John
Pembertons, and followed their reports
closely. Missionaries Bill and Jackie
Brant, as well as Dave and Wilma Millard, were classmates. Other friends
serving in Africa are Tom Thurman and

include Carter, Garrison, and Lawrence-

family. Through the inspiration and en

burg (Corinth), Kentucky. The elders

of First Christian Church in Winslow,
Arizona, ordained him to the Christian

couragement of these fellow-servants,

especially the Brants, interest became
enthusiasm, and challenge resulted in

ministry in August, I960. His wife.


children: Cheri, 9; Cindy, 7; and Doug

las, 2, have served the Christian Church

The Oakleys will be joining Bill and

Jackie Brant in the Copperbelt area of
Zambia, to establish a new missionary




Chief en

deavors will be basic evangelism in the

cities, and the training of African
preachers. Mrs, Oakley will spend some
time instructing the African women, but
her primary responsibility will be sec
retarial work for both her husband and
Mr. Brant.

Efforts to raise support have al

ready begun. Lininglink for the family
of five will be $450 per month. Mr.
Oakley will be available for speaking
engagements until late 1967 at the tem
porary address: 24North Edward Street,
Worthington, Indiana 47471.

Thelma Walts

to be Agent for Oakleys

Mrs. Charles Walts has announced

that she will serve as forwarding agent

for the Vernon Oakley family, mission
ary recruits to Zambia, Africa. Mrs.
Walts, a bookkeeper for the Georgetown
Telephone Company and private piano
instructor, is well qualified for her new
work. She has been an active member
of the local Christian church for over

20 years, and has served the church in

various capacities.
Her duties as forwarding agent for
the Oakleys will involve handling all
mail to and from the mission field. Her

husband, Charles, local postmaster,

will ably assist with this work. There

Grass" hul.

al the

will also be records to keep of funds

(Continued on page 8)

Dr. and Mrs. Jon Durr. (They relumed

to the U.S. in August.)
Central Africa Story

Our First Experiences at Kapyanga, Zambia

Starting September 1 we will have
lived here in the Kapyanga for six

our clothes they were hanging on the

by Don Mechem
Africans retire at an early hour. This
has been one of the greatest adjust

months. A small wash house was con

line todry. Becauseof the "dry season"

cattle easily smell the water, and of

ments and one that all missionaries ex

structed during the time we lived and


are the

perience, especially those who live in

worked at the Mumbwa Mission with the

main attraction. Before any of us dis

covered the happening, several things
had already been eaten and other articles
of clothing badly chewed and soiled.
Shelley had an experience all her
own with a caterpillar that pricks. She

the bush. However, loneliness has been

Pandalls. This practically "out of

doors" living has brought us many new
experiences no electricity, no run
ning water, and no bathroom facilities
except for a pole and grass hut located
a few yards from the dwelling. There
was very little storage space so a grass
and pole "lean-to" was built to house
the shipping barrels and clothing trunk.
Just recentlya bush fire threatened the
structure and contents. If the fire had

gone unattended, the whole wash house

would have been destroyed. All three

of us threw water, beat with brooms,




was playing outside one afternoon and

decided to reach in her cupboard for
another toy but was suddenly met with
a painful surprise. This certain type
of "critter" released his sharp, sticky,
fur-like pricklers into her fingers, and
the immediate response from Shelley
was, "Help! Help!"
The most solemn of all experiences

and hoped the fire would stop.

was when I witnessed the remains of

Other experiences include an in

vasion of ants (biting kind); stink bugs
(bugs that stink); a bush baby (small
furry animal with big eyes and bushy
tail) sitting in a tree outside our win
dow in the middle of the night crying
so loud we couldn't sleep; Frosting
and Dewey (our two pet cats) frolick
ing on our corrugated iron roof at 3:00
or 4:00 in the morning after bugs, liz
ards, and the such. The first night we
were sure elephants were coming or had
come but it was just the cats! Sam, our
pet baby bunny, came to live with us

one of the school boys who had been

for twu weeks and froze to death one

night sleeping beside the refrigerator.

A puff-adder (poisonous snake) came
within two or three feet of Shelley, but
did not strike. Upon hearing her trying
to say something. I saw what was hap
pening and told her to go in the house
quickly. The first thing that came to my
mind was to get the gun and shoot it
before it wiggled away. I grabbed the

burned to death.

While he and three

other family children were sleeping by

the fire (a fire is commonly set in the
middle of their round mud and grass
houses to provide warmth during the
cold winter nights), a strong wind blew
the grass door over and it landed on
the fire. Immediately it burst into flames,
and soon the grass roof was ignited.
The children readily awoke and at
tempted to flee all of them escaped
except the boy who slept opposite the

A topic all it's own is that of lone

liness. We would not be honest to say
we have not experienced this feeling.
Because we do not as yet have electric
lights, the evening hours seem long
and often boring. We are unable to read
or occupy our minds with various pro
jects becauseof this. Calling is nearly
impossible because of the language

to us a blessing in disquise, because

we have more fully learned to trust in
God. 1 truly have a deep respect for
those who have labored so many years
under more remote conditions than our

The greatest and most rewarding

experience is that of proclaiming the
Gospel in this country of Zambia. The
opportunity' is exciting, and the results
are wonderful. Day by day new doors
open to the Gospel of Christ. Both
Leroy Randall and myself have been
carrying on an extensive village-byvillage evangelism program which has
born fruit beyond our fondest imagina
tion. We have literally seen hundreds
saved by the power of God just this
year. Along with this comes the respon
sibility of training leaders whom the



selected. New

churches are now beginning to spring

up as evangelism continues. The Chris
tian people here in Zambia express
their sincere thanks to those of you in



loved and cared

enough to send someone with the mes

sage of salvation. We, too, are grate
ful thatyou have sent us with the "good
news" of Jesus Christ.

barrier and the fact that most of the

Winchester 348 and loaded it ready for

kill. By this time the snake had moved
close to a tree I shot, but missed. It
moved again, but I didn't want to shoot
until it stopped, otherwise 1 would miss

for sure. The snake swung over by the

car and gently curled up beside the left
front wheel. Taking advantage of the
opportunity I pulled the gun to my

Woman grinding, Kapyanga

The Central Africa Story is published
monthly for the Central Africa Mission,
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shoulder, aimed, and fired. After the

cloud of dust cleared, 1 witnessed the
result a badly mangled tire and a flat

A new experience happened just

today. A herd of cattle came quietly
through the bush and ate nearly all of
Page 4

Jackson Stenge, Kapyanga church iciulcr

Volume 7

Sept. 1967

Number 9

Contra! Africa Story



to letushaveit for ten pounds a month.

After several days of cutting down fourfoot high weeds, patching cracks big
enough to stick your finger through,
and painting, the building was ready
for use. U'e had our first meeting be

where we should spend our time and

effort. PLEASE pray that we will live
our lives in a way that will permit God

to do a great work in this area among

all the people.

fore the work was finished, and we sat

on the tool box and a bench made from

a board and paint cans to talk about

the work we could do for Christ in Sinoia
and to make some decisions as to how
this work would be carried on. After a

time of prayer our first meeting was

over, and we were on our way.


We held Bible study Sunday morning

and Wednesday evening with a special
class for the children on Sunday morn
ing. Brother Crewe's six children and

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bell,

a daughter during the month of

:. '


our three made a nice little class to

start with, and Linda taught them while

1 taught the adults on Sunday morning
from 9:00 to 10:00. We did not have the

Lord's Supper at first as we were getting

it at the location with the African breth

ren. We had a few visitors, and then

there was one European family that

seemed to be very interested. They

came to services faithfully, and we had
several studies in their home on Friday
evenings. Soon we felt the need of
having the Lord's Supper to teach by
example for those who did not go to





months we were thrilled one Sunday

morning when the family we had been
working with came to church, and as
soon as they came in the door expressed

a desire to be baptized that very day.

We had our lesson which was about the

Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian,

and it fitted as perfectly as anything

could possibly fit the need for that day.
After the lesson we went to the river

and baptized the mother and father (they



small girls), and Brother

Crewe's oldest boy wanted to be bap

tized also. Then we returned to the

building and enjoyed the fellowship

around the Lord's Table very much.
Mr. Nelson has expressed a desire
to study the Bible. He, his wife, and
some of their children were baptized
into Christ for the remission of sins a

few years ago, but have not attended

services. They have very strong con
victions about many things, and they
have neglected some important things.
I was in their home for the first time

last night. We sang hymns for a while

and talked about spiritual things the
rest of the evening.

Nelsons have some young people

who are out of school, and there is the
September 1967

Sinoia Church of Christ


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith,

possibility of reaching other young

people of Sinoia through them as they y
are not ashamed to talk about Christ n
and the Bible. Mr. Nelson is going to
invite his neighbors (he lives six miles
out of Sinoia) to his home and try to get

a son, Evan, on August 1. The boy

weighed in at seven pounds, two

a Bible study started in his home with

their neighbors and friends. He has
asked me to lead this study group. None
of the Nelsons have attended our ser

vices yet, but we are much encouraged

with these people and the desires they


also ^


You can see from this why we are

happy about the work of the new church
in Sinoia. Along with all the good
things we have mentioned, we have our
share of problems and would not want
anyone to think that everything was
perfect with no problems at all. But
with help and wisdom from above there
are no problems we cannot overcome.
We now have three Christian families

who attend every service, and we hope

and pray that we will be able to see
this changed to four families. One of
the problems is the one you hear about
so much from those working on the
foreign field, and that is this matter of
how to do everything you see that needs
to be done. Right now to properly handle
the new work along with the African

workis more than we can do ourselves,

and it is not hard to see how that it

might not be long till the new work will

demand the full-time effort of someone.

We are very limited in what we can do

on Sunday because of the necessity of
going out to work with the African
churches of the area. We covet your
prayers that we might not neglect any
opportunity and that we might with
wisdom make decisions as to how and

James Gumbo, Bible Collcgt? Student

Page 3



Uf w tip, (Kriough
R - Rretaii pre par tug to come to fUfd

Vpp lAn S


+* r.-l V^,,

Mr. Benjamin teaching Philippians.

Twenty-six African preachers met
in FortVictoria for a church leadership
conference on July 13 and 14. There
were eight student preachers, nine un
trained preachers, and nine preachers
trained by the Bible College. All of
the preachers in Rhodesia had been in
vites, butduetodistanceand time some
were unable to come.


who came

truly enjoyed

brother Benjamin's lectures on Church

Leadership as he addressed himself to

a study of the book of Philippians.
Such topics as dedication, qualifi
cations of the leaders, stewardship,
solving church problems and fights,
etc., were discussed. With sessions
each morning and afternoon and an
evangelistic program each night, Mr.
Benjamin was kept busy.
The men are looking forward to
another such meeting.

Preacher who attended the Ft. Victoria leadership conference.

September 1967

Page 7


The Central Africa Story

published monthly for the


Central Africa Mission

Churches of Christ

by Mission Services Press

Box 368, Joliet, Illinois 60534
Edited by Richard Smith

Mr. Fred E. Dunn

32 West Bellisle Drive

Akron, Ohio 44319

Chairman Board of Directors

Mr. David J. Williams

It has been determined to change

the name of the Mashoko Bible College

churches in Central Africa will be able


expand the Kingdom further.



COLLEGE. In the process of up-grading

the school, we feel it wise to change
the name of the school at this time. No

longer is the school located at Mashoko,

and this has caused some problem with
mail, bills, etc.

Box 747

to support themselves; then they can

A constitution is being drawn up
for the school in order for Central Africa

Christian College to become incorpo

rated, When this is done, a board of



church in Central

Africa will help administer the school.

The purpose of the school is to

At the time when the building conditions

train men to lead the church in Central

are met, the city of Fort Victoria will

Africa these may or may not become

preachers for the church. We want the

give the title deed to the school. Strong

emphasis has been given in a challenge

educational standard to be on a high

level and yet not lose touch with the
many unfortunate people who have not
had the opportunity for an aducation.
However, today with the emphasis on
education and the many schools, more
and more African people are being edu
cated. It is not our intention to dupli

to the congregations in Central Africa.

Much prayer and planning must be done
for this to become reality.

Grayson, Kentucky 41143

Jack Penningtons


cate training they can receive in secular

schools, but we do want the student to
have a good background and be academ

ically able to do good work.

In the month of July the first money

given by an African Christian was re
ceived by the College. We thank God for
this, and pray that many others will
also assist this program soon.
The address of the school is CEN


Box 240, Fort Victoria, Rhodesia.

With the increase in education and

the influx of great numbers of people

into an urban society, we are adjusting
our program to make the best use of time

and money to prepare for the future of


church in Central Africa, At the

present time the closest schools doing

this kind of work are in Accra, Ghana,
and Port Shepstone, South Africa. If the
church is to extend herself in Central

Africa, she must grow to the point where

she is able to train her ministers. With

in the next ten years several of the


(continued from page 6)

for the Oakleys' support and letters of
receipt to send to the churches and in
dividual supporters.
The Oakleys, having ministered to
the Christian church in Georgetown for
three-and-one-half years, plan to leave
for Zambia in January, 1968.

There's a monkey on my back.

Central Africa Story

The Ziden L Nutt Family


R. R. 2, Box 164

Lowell, Indiana 46356

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Loweit, Indiana

ocT i ?

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PhiJippians 2:16 -

^\ J

The ZIDEN L. NUH Family

Forwarding Address:

Field Address:

R. R. 2, Box 164




September 28, 1967


Dear Co-Workers:

Greetings in the name oX Christ..

This afternoon seems like


perfect opportunity to write to you. I'm sitting near a deep well from
which we are taking water, as our own well caved in and we are waiting for
a rig to c-ome clean it out. At the same time we have about 40 lepers and
three doctors on the mission. The lepers have come in from the remote Zam
bezi Valley just about fifty miles from here and the doctors from Salisbury,
our nations Capitol city. As the hot weather bears down on us, we are thank
ful for the cool refreshing water.
In about two weeks all should be back to
normal. It's good to again be made to realize how much God has done for us,
"Fruit, Vegietables, et cetral"

The other day we were all gathered around the dinner table. We had

been talking about the fruits and vegetables we now enjoy from our garden.
Helen made some comment about " beans, beets, peas, et cetra
" Karolyn
immediately spoke up and said, " Urh, I don't like that." To which Tommy

replied,"well,I like it."

The next comment came from Karolyn, " What is et-

cetra?" iieanwhile, L.'^Tida ( now 16 months old ) couldn't

care what



just so it was food,


Ola Now here

While the AmiTierman's were in the U.S.A. Brother Bruce came in con

tact with i-iss Ola Marion who had graduated from Cincinati Bible College and
also the

University of Cincinnati with the


in education.

She had

been working in New York-with one of the new churches, and was still wanting
to go to a foriegn field as she had wanted to do for several years, she was
challenged by brother Bruce with the work here at Chidamoyo.
A few months

have passed since

here one week, and school begins tomorrow.

to the work

that time and i.iiss Ola has

This will

be a great

here, and an answer to our childrens' education.



Miss Ola will

also work a.ctively in the womens' work, and other evangelism.

How Could They Fail


Preaching in different areas has many experiences, and thrilling

A group about 11 miles from the mission meets each Lord's Bay.

They have no one to lead in the services, so one of us go each Lord's Day to
assist in the service. They prepare the Lord's Supper, and are now build ing their church building. This is a young group.
Affiliated With "Central African Mission, Churches of Christ"

i'he other Sunday, they started asking questions about the Bible
and its' meaning and use for mankind.
When it was all over, and the drums

of a beer party echoed in the distance, one lady said, " How could the vill
ages fail to come, when there is such good news to hear?"
Other Areas

In another week I am going to an area where a Christian moved some

years ago. There was no Church of our Lord there for hundreds of miles.
had known Brother Jonn Pemberton, and so wrote to him. Brother Pemberton
sent the letter on to me since it was closer to us, and he was going to
America about that time. Already the Christians made there by the one, have
built their church building, and are carrying on in Christ.
Next week we will go and encourage them in the G-ospel, and spend a
couple of days,
we may never go again, as they probably can carry on by
themselves; but, how thrilling it is to see the African Christians spreading
themselves throughout the country and carrying Christ with them.
There are several

the near fut'ure.

that God may

We will

new ventures

keep you

like this

informed, but

which we will visit in

continue to pray

for us"

use us to exhort them to carry on and through the power of the

Gospel win Rhodesia to Christ.

Your part in all this is so important, and we thank God for your
willingness to keep behind us. Please continue that we may preach in every
area until the whole world knows of Jesus.

Yours in His Service,

Ziden and Helen

Contributors For September, 1967

Hebron Christian Church -


First Christian, Florissant,Missouri

Bucklin Christian Church -


Beep River Church of Christ- Indiana

Lowell Church of Christ i5c Cune Christian Church -


Sebring Ghurch ~of C^hrist Ohio

R'inehart Christian Hortbn,i:issouri

hast Christian -

he Rinney, Texas

Morrison Christian Church -


Blackoak Church of Christ,Gary,

South Valley Chapel- Chanute, Kansas
Routs Christian Church wheatland Christian Church -


First Christian, fI Centro^-


^outh Haven Christian Church -Indiana

Arcadia Christian Church -

Thayer Christian Church -


EAgle-Lake Church of Christ -

hinn. i.iadelia Church of Christ - uinnesota

i'it. Pleasant Christian - Carthage ,111. First Christian Church - La Bar, Uo.

Brexal Garden Christian- Indianapolis

First Christian - Lexington, lientucky
First Christian - Crown Point, Ind.
Highview Christian Church - Cinn. 0.

Horth Joplin Christian Truman Church of Christ-


Medaryville Christian Church -



Jr. Girls Class - Greenview Christian

Friendship Class - w. i'.ilford,Ohio
Barnsdall i-xissionary Society - Okla.

Savonburg Ladies Aid Kansas

Friendship Class,- Lexington/Kentucky
Elizabeth Circle - Truman, Minnesota

Welcome Class - Loami Christian, 111.

Mission Group-Ho.2 - Protection,Ran.
x.iadelia Church of ^hrist Ladies Aid
2nd. Primary Glass - Hampton, Iowa
Rails Grove Youth Class, Marion, 111.

Childrens Kept. Truman, i^innesota

iLagle Lake uhurch of Christ 3.o.Minn,
Union Ave. Christian S.S.- k6berly,Mo,
La Grange Christian 3.S. Missouri
Richard's Christian 3.S. Missouri


Mr. and iirs. H.L. Conley


Mr., and iirs. Mi liar d T.

Mr. and x-rs. Leroy Johnson


J.F. rlc Bonald

GoIdle Brooks


Peggy Jennings
Mrs. Anna Ramsey

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Sharp

Mr. Frank L. Fowler
Miss Marilyn J. Buche


and Mrs.

Lawrence Greer

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Correll



Clem Atkinson .

Margaret Scrutchfield
Timothy Forkner

Miss Pat Brewer

Sherrie Forkner
Mrs. J. D. Arnold


Hr. and Mrs. Gary Squires

and mrs. Llmer C. Brewer

I'ir. and Mrs. Cecil i^'arley

Cithel Fryar

Catherine Heiland

Miss Lillian -"^aster

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E.
Mrs. Bertha Ronkle

Mr.and Mrs. Roy wiIburn

Mr. and Mrs . -wm. Gr i e s i nge r

Livinglink and working funds for the itontli of September

Hospital receipts
Jr. Hi h Medical Fund




The Ziden L Nutt Family


R. R. 2, Box 164

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Lowell, Indiana 46356

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Philippians 2:16

The ZIDEN L. NUH Family

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Field Address:

R. R. 2. Box 164




October 28,1967
Dear Friends


in Christ 5

Greetings from

the "Nutt Plouse" in Rhodesia.

Many times we've been

told we were nuts" for coming to South Central "Africa; and; also for venturing"
out in the opening of a new area wherein we knew we would have to establish
schools and a major hospital.
As we began a few years ago we could have
turned away; and, out of the great challenge that was present a denomination
al group would be here today.
We would admit, that a few times we almost
agreed with those who said we were nuts; and, in one sense of the word I

guess we are "Nutts."

However you look at it, our cups are running over v/ith thanksgiving.
As we review how God has led you and us in the work here in Rhodesia v/e can
only give thanks and praise to Him. Seeing the unfolding of the work, and
the Gospel revealed to thousands is challenging. During the years, you have
prayed with us, and you have entrusted to us your gifts and offerings to be
used in spreading the precious Seed of Life.
During some of the

dreds come into Life

critical times we had doubts, but after seeing hun

through Jesus Christ, w^e are thankful that God leads us

and that we have followed.

We are so thankful
be used of God in upholding the labors.

Only in the recent months

born Christians.

Most of


that you have been willing to

have we seen a maturity in some of the newly

churches we minister

to in this

area do not

have the blessings and augmentation of the Christian Day bchool. This means
that sometimes no one in the vHiole congregation can read the Bible for the
Sunday worship service, and that there is no background which helps one to
grasp the Gospel story.
However, v;e are thankful to the power of God that
has brought new life to the people.

Love through medicine is opening up hearts that were never opened be

fore, and the Gospel story of Jesus is going into parts unknown.

The Lord willing, hundreds will gather on the 20th. of January, 1968 to
dedicate the use of the hospital here which you folk have helped to build, w'e
are ready for an appeal to be made that v/ill be the last for the construction,
and throut^h i t to raise the needed
15,000,which will finish debts and build
ing as well,
vtfe hope to soon complete the film and story of the entire pro
ject, and will send it just after the dedication.
Affiliated With "Central African Mission, Churches of Christ"


Dale Marshall and I went along with Michael George to a new area where
we had not gone in previous yearsi The plea had come from a farmer to John
Pemberton. Since it was up north, John sent the plea to us. The plea was

simply "help" and time was urgent.

A certain

preached and

few crops were

Mr. Sithole had moved to Mt. Darwin, and leased a



baptized many people, and the farm work was getting far behind,

being harvested.

But more

important was that the Gospel v/as

spreading rapidly, and the distances becoming greater.

Brother Sithole could

not keep the fold safe from those that would snare the weak Christians* The
plea was for someone to come and nurture the new borns,and feed them the milk
of the Vi/ord of God. Mr. Sithole's background in Christianity was simple, but
thank God for that. All he got was in a Christian Day School.

Brother Sithole said, "We don't worry

about schools.


we have."

The exploratory method of evangelism is not needed in this area. It is only

to go and-preach, and-teach. The most thrilling thing was when I madethe-

comment, "Brother Sithole, you have certainly done a wonderful work,"

his immediate reply was, "No Brothers, hot I, but God has done it."


We are even made thankful for God and you who make the work here poss
ible. What you have accomplished through our feeble hands could only be done
because you have prayed to God and He has granted wisdom, strength, and re

During this special

Thanksgiving time, how can we help but say to you,

"Thanks for all you are doing;" and, to praise

ings toward

each of us.

May we ever

God for His bountiful bless

live in thankfulness

to God who cares

for us.

Yours in His Service,

Ziden and Helen


South Haven Christian Church, Indiana

Mc Cune Christian Church,
Deep River Church of Christ, Indiana

Highview Christian Church, Cinn. Chip

Blackoak Church- of '^hrist,

Gary, Ind.

Hebron Christian Church,

Church of C^ist,_
Lowell, Indiana: ^South Valley Ch^,el,
-Chanutej._ Kansas
1st. Christian, Florissant, Missouri
Christian Church,
' Bucklin, Kanisas
1st. Christian Church,ElCentro; Calif Ist. Christian Church, CrQ^ i?oint,rnd.
Grenola Christian Church
Rinehart Christian, Horton, Missouri
Church of Christ,
Sebring, Ohio
Galesburg Christian Church,
Western Hills Christian, Cinn.,Ohio
1st. Christian,Lexington, Kentucky
i^agle Lake Church of Christ, Minn. Drexel Garden Christian, Indianapolis
West Side Christian,Springfield, 111. Mt. Pleasant Christian, Carthage, 111;
Christian Church,
Gravity, Iowa
Wheatland Christian Church,
Mc Kinney Christian Church, Texas
Vi/ildwood Church of Christ, Gary, Ind.
'Truman Church of, Qhrist, Minnesota
jftfest Milford Church of ^hrist,
Kout Christian Church,
Indiana .
Thayer Christian Church,
Christian Evangelizers, Joplin, Mo.
Savonburg Christian Ladies Aid, Kansas.
C.Y.K., Towne
Country, Dewey, Okla. Richards Christian Bible School, . Mo.
Elizabeth Circle, Trviman, Minnesota
Friendship Class, *i/est Milford, Ohio
Master's Messengers, St. Louis C.C.
Eagle Lake Church of Christ S.S. Minn.
Mission Group No.2,, Protection, Ks.
Welcome Class, Loami Christian, 111.
Jr. Class, Mt. Pleasant Christian, .
fiarnsdail Christian Missionary, Okla.
La Grange Christian Bible School, Mo. Friendship Class,1st. Christian,Lex.Ky.
Madelia Church of Christ, Minnesota
Madelia Ladies Aid,
Mr. and Mrs. Millard T. Clark, Ind.. Miss Bonita De Pue, Kansas City, Mo.
Carol!^ushong, CoIdwater, Michigan .
Mr. and Iflrs. John 'Koerner,
Mr. f'rahkTj7 F6wTer, ~ SedA1i a,' Mi s s buri
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Correll, Indiana
Mr. and Mrs/ Ira W. Beerbower ,
Ohio ..
Mr. and Mrs. Clem Atkinson, Indiana
Miss Marilyn' J. Buche, Crown Point,Ind.
Mr. George white, Lafayette, Ind.
Mrs. Anna Ramsey,
Margaret Scrutchfield, Richards, Mo.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Squires, Crocker,Mo..
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Greer,Milo,Mo.
Mr. and Mrs.Ralph Magner, Galesburg,Ks.
Mr. and iMrs. Elmer Brewer,Lancaster
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fisher, Harvey, 111.
Cecil Sisson, Lowell, Indiana
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aarp.n, Crown Point
Mr. and Mrs. -^avid Sims,Centralia,Mo.
Miss Lillian Easter, Clay City,Kentucky
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Carr, Hammond
Miss Ida C. Meyer, Lowell, Indiana
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Parley, Mc Kinney

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Haberlin,Lowell,Ind.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilburn, Archie, Ho.

Livinglink and working funds for October

Chidamoyo Hospital Receits
Jr. High.Medical Fund Crusade

^ 1,804.61

The Ziden L Nutt Family


R. R. 2, Box 164

U. S. Postage Paid
Lowefl, Indiana

Lowell, Indiana 46356

Permit No. 5

Mission Services
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Joliet, 111. 60434




- PhiJIppians 2:16 -

The ZIDEN L NUH Family

v.. ^
' I

Forwarding Address'.

Field Address:

R. R. 2. Box 164





December 10,1967
Dear Friends

in Christ?




hJ )

Greet i ng s i nthe -name efJesuseur-Ler^d-i ^Hew-gcro-ditts- to-once again

sit down and drop you a few lines. Your faithfulness in prayers and support
keep us ever mindful of the task we've been sent forth to do.

victory that shall overcome the world,"

"Faith Is the

and truly your faith, along


ours, is making strides throughout the world.

Thanks be unto G-od that
has made the way for our faith in Jesus Christ.


Victory in Jesus

Souls are being' added and dally we see progress in the church being
Established. Nine-were baptized from the -hospital ministry and already
ome that have been dismissed from the hospital are calling others around
;heir homes to worship. There will be no limit in reaching out into new

^villages through this way, whereas before they were not being reached.
History of methods of evangelism and consequences such as of


Bible Colleges, hospitals, orphanages, etc. cause us to be fearful of how

these things are used today, and kept under His guidance.
Among the methods today of Christian Day Schools, Summer c.

Colleges, Christian Medical Work, Old folk

are thrilled that

you and

us have the

Homes, Nursing, ilofi^aya^c. , v/e

opportunities I n - D o l l a r

for dollar, and hour for hour, the hospital

ministr.y^'"is cheaper than many

church buildings even, when compared "with" daily usa^e-..:dr?rii6urV^^^


the Gospel alone, to say nothing of the demonstration of'ld-ve among a back
ward people to gain their confidence.
ion Date

The time v/ill be

120 miles ' away is

on the 30th of January 19^8. jOne buisness

clasing ior^^^-the^




also. Many government officials v/ill be "preseht'''~as""~well. we are thrilled

that the Doctor Dale Erickson family will arrive on the 17th of January,
Lord willing and can take part in the dedication.'

We covet your prayers for this day, and also for the recent appeal to
dedicate the Christian Hospital debt free.
This would be a wonderful
accomplishment and point in History if this project could be debt free at

Affiliated With "Central African Mission, Churches of Christ'

"witnessing To Rhodesia"

Page 2

Dec. 10, 1967

Looking Forward

If God permit, we'll be doing a lot of finishing work on several filmstrips, and charts after the dedication. We have started making our own
series on baptism, the Church, and others. With the hospital about finish
ed we will be able to complete these and also use them in the hospital min
istry. These vi/ill be with African characters in their language. Wo are al
ready photographing much of the Shona scriptures.

Pray for this ministry. How wonderful it is to work with you and to
push forward, knowing that each push comes from you and God's Grace

Power. We pray for a wonderful Christmas season for you, and that
it the name of Jesus as ^^aviour of the World will be proclaimed.


Yours in His Service,

Ziden, Helen, and family

Contributors for November.

La Grange Christian Church, Mo.

Truman Church of Christ, Minn.
Rinehart Christian, Horton, Mo.
Church of Christ, Lowell, Ind.
First Christian, Crown Point, Ind.
E-outs Christian Church, Indiana
Lakeland Christian ^hurch, Florida
Bucklin Christian Church, Ransas
South Haven Christian, Indiana
Eden Church of Chpist, Ohio
Hebron Christian Church, Indiana
Northern Hills Christian, Cinn., 0.
Arcadia Christian Church, Indiana

East Christian, Mc Kinney, Texas

NorthJp-1in ChrietIan "Church, Mo
Mt. Victory Church of Christ, Ohio
Wapella Christian Church, Illinois


First Christian Church, La Mar, Mo,

West Phoenix Church of Christ, Ariz.

Blackoak Church of Christ, Gary, Ind.

Mc Cune Christian Church, Kansas
First Christian, Florissant, Missouri
Thayer Christian Church,

South Valley Chapel, Chanute, Kansas

First Christian, El Centro, Calif.
Galesburg Christian Church, Kansas
Sebring Church of Christ , Ohio
Drexel Garden Christian, Indianapolis
First Christian, Lexington, Kentucky
Medaryville Christian Church, Indiana
Wheatland Christian Church, Indiana
Madelia Church of Christ, Minnesota. ^

Mt. Pleasant Christiap, Carthage, 111.


Union Ave. Christian Church S.S.

Deep River Church of Christ S.S.

Friendship Class, First Christian,

Lexington, Kentucky
A.B.X.Manhattan- Bible Coliege,Kan.
Ladies Aid, Onarga Christian, 111.

V/eicome Class, Loami Christian,111.

Madelia Church of Christ Ladies Aid

Savonburg Ladies Aid, Kansas

Barnsdall Christian Missionary, Okla.
Builder's Class, First Christian
. Crown Point, Indiana

Friendship Class, W. Milford, Ohio

Richards Christian S.S., Missouri

Mission Uroup No.2, Pro-tection, Kan.


Mr, and Mrs. John E. Blair

Miss Bonita De Pue
Miss Patricia Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Clem Atkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Correll

Mr. Frank L.
Mr. and Mrs,
Miss Lillian
Mr. and Mrs.

Lav/rence Greer
Thomas E. Carr

Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Conley

Mrs. Margaret Davies

Mr. And Mrs. Roy F. Wilson


Wanda Garlock

Margaret Scrutchfield

and Mrs. Vtfilbert Nesta

Miss Marilyn J. Buche

Mr. and Mrs. Millard T. Clark

-Mrs .ViolelHopkins

and Mrs. A1 Minix

Mrs. Anna Ramsey

Miss Flora Mae Guernsey
Mr. and Mrs. 4llen Sharp

and Mrs. Cecil Sisson


and Mrs.


Chaffin Jr.

Miss Lillian Apple

Mr. and.Mrs. Roy Wilburn

Many other groups and individuals have given through their local
churches, and therefore, are not listed separately.
Total receipts for Livinglink and Bervicelink in Nov.


Total receipts for Chidamoyo Christian Hospital


Total receipts for Jr. High Medical Fund Crusade