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Analysis of Music Magazine Results

Target Audience Questioned

Gender Spread


Age Range

My first and second question is seen in this

graph, My first question was what gender are
you? My second question is, What is your
age? There were 13 males and 14 females
who answer the survey. As you can see my
age ranges varies from 18 to 45 years old. I
put my survey on survey monkey to get a
wide range of audience like this. This graph is
telling me who will be my readers (audience)
for my magazine. My target audience is
between 18 and 45 years old.

Technology Total

Technology Owned


Type Owned

For this graph, I asked my target

audience what kind of technology
they owned in my survey. The most
popular answer is having a mobile
phone; nearly all of my target
audience have one. The second most
popular owns a computer or an IPod.
As you can see my target audience
has the latest in technology. They
have a range of technology from a
music player to a laptop. There was
some technology that was not
mention in my survey that my
audience have. This helps me also
with my magazine design by learning
what technologies my audience has it
allows me to think about weather my
magazine is not just in paper form
but online as well, from this my
question it shows that my audience
wants it in both formats.

I cannot represent question 3 on a graph, since my audience were left a comment box to comment
on this question. Question 3: What genre of music do you listen to? This is their personal taste of
music that they listen to, but in conclusion my audience like the genre of rock since 75% of people
from my survey said that they listen to rock music. From the responds I did get from my target
audience, I will use the artists and bands that have been mention to create my features and regulars
for my content page. This helps me set my genre of magazine by audience choice out of all the
genre of music. This helps me draw my audience in by researching as well artists / bands that they
like and making sure they appear in my magazine.

The next question is asking the target

audience about how often they get the
chance to go to festivals/ shows/gigs. 18
percent of people go to gigs /
festivals/shows monthly, so these people
are more likely to have a secure job so
they can afford luxuries like this because
the social gratification that they are fit in
which is mainly C or D on the chart. 64
percent of people go yearly to gigs which
means they may or may not have a job
which means they will have to save up to
go to these events. 23 percent (I have
rounded the percentages up) do not go to
gigs /festivals or shows because they are
un-interested in this types of thing.

I cannot represent a graph for question 6 because I asked my audience, what websites do you regularly use?
I left a comment box so they answer the question. My audience give me a lot of different websites that they
use like Facebook, Twitter, Kerrang, Youtube, etc.. I will use this knowledge to create my audience profile
for my magazine. It also shows me the different tastes that my audience has which will he lp to create a
magazine that targets their taste in things as well.

Question 7, is asking the target audience how much do

they spend on buying music. Not all of the respondents
who answered my survey answered this question. 13
people answered they spend 0-15 on music. 3 people
answered they spend 15-20 on buying music. 5 people
spend 20-25 on buying music. 1 person said they
spend 35 to 40 on music. 1 person also said they spend
45 to 50 buying music. Here its showing the range of
money that the target audience has available to them. In
general my target audience spends 0-15 buying music.

Question 8 is asking my target audience how much

they would buy a music magazine for. Not all of the
people who took the survey answered this question. 3
people said they would buy a music magazine for
0.00 to 1.00. 5 people said they would pay 1.00 to
1.50 for a music magazine. 6 people said they would
buy a magazine for 1.50 - 2.00. 3 people said they
would buy a music magazine for 2.00 to 2.50. 3
people said they would pay over 2.50 for a music
magazine. From this I can see how much my target
audience would pay for a music magazine and the
price range that my magazine will be is between 1.50

This question is asking the audience how

often would you like a music magazine to be
published. Some people skipped this
question so not a full 100 percent of my
audience answered the questions which
might have a different outcome for the
results. 1 person said they would like to see a
music magazine published daily. 18 people
would like a music magazine to be published
weekly. 3 people would like the music
magazine to be published monthly. 1 person
said they would like a music magazine
yearly. This suggests that my magazine will
be a weekly magazine on the results that is

The third question I asked my target

audience on my survey is are you
employed in work? 52 percent of my
target audience is employed in work. 48
percent of people are not employed in
work. My graphs show that people are
mostly in work so, they can afford to buy
things they want to buy. The 48 percent
might be struggling to buy items such as
magazines because they havent got the
money to do so.