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VETASSESS update on application processes for skills assessments for

general professional occupations

From 1 January 2015, VETASSESS is introducing a revised Skills Assessment process for general
professional occupations. The Skills Assessment will include an assessment of the highest
qualification level and the date deemed skilled based on qualification and employment evidence
provided. This will offer a streamlined application process with one application form, a simpler fee
structure and a reduced turn-around time. Additional information will be provided on our website to
assist with lodging assessment-ready applications.
Whats Changing

Skills Assessment

The Skills Assessment criteria and the occupational groups (A-F) will remain
the same. Applicants will need to hold a qualification which is assessed as
comparable to the required educational level for their nominated occupation in
a highly relevant field and one year of employment that is highly relevant and
at the required skill level.
Additionally, based on the applicants qualification and employment evidence
provided within the last 10 years, VETASSESS will determine the date at
which the applicant is deemed skilled based on closely related employment.

Revised Fee
Structure and
Application Forms

In order to accommodate the changes being made our current fee structure
has been revised to make it simpler and support the comprehensive service
that will be provided for our applicants from 1 January 2015. The revised fee
structure applicable from 1 January 2015 will be made available on our
website on 12 December.

Additional support

VETASSESS is also publishing information sheets on its website for

frequently nominated occupations. These sheets will provide detailed
information on our assessment criteria as well as specific requirements for
these occupations to assist applicants/agents to lodge assessment-ready

Processing time

Applications lodged from 1 January 2015 will be processed within 8-10 weeks
provided that the applications are assessment-ready. Applications requiring
additional documents, external advice or integrity checks may be delayed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What changes are being implemented?
The VETASSESS Skills Assessment process will now also include:
an assessment of your highest qualification level regardless of its relevance to the
nominated occupation
Date Deemed Skilled based on your qualification and employment evidence
A revised and simpler fee structure will also be introduced for the full skills assessment

2. What is Date Deemed Skilled?

It refers to the date that an applicant is considered skilled in their nominated occupation and
therefore eligible for claiming employment points from that date and not earlier.
For example:
An applicant nominating the occupation of Chemist (ANZSCO Code: 234211) completes a
relevant Bachelor degree in 2007 and has four years of relevant work experience from
January 2010 to December 2013.
One year of work experience post the relevant qualification meets the skills assessment
criteria and the date the applicant is deemed skilled will be January 2011. Therefore, all
relevant/closely related employment from January 2011 will be considered skilled
employment and eligible for points test purposes.
3. What changes are being made to the skills assessment criteria?
Our Skills Assessment criteria will remain the same, i.e. applicants will need to hold a
qualification at the required educational level in a highly relevant field to the nominated
occupation and at least one year of highly relevant employment completed at the required
skill level within the last five years. For some occupations, additional years of highly relevant
employment will be considered if the qualifications are not highly relevant to the nominated
4. When will the changes come into effect?
The proposed changes will apply from 1 January 2015.
5. I currently have a pending application with VETASSESS. Will I be affected by the
proposed changes?
If you submit your skills assessment application before 1 January 2015, you will be assessed
against the criteria applicable at the time your application is received by VETASSESS.
Applications will be reviewed under the criteria applicable at the time of the original
application. However, reassessments under a changed occupation lodged from 1 January
2015 will be considered against the new criteria.

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6. I applied for a skills assessment application under the Employer

Nomination Scheme and therefore eligibility for points does not apply to me. Will I be
exempted from these new changes?
The new streamlined application process will be applicable to all full skills assessment
applications. Date deemed skilled will be determined on the basis of employment evidence
supplied by applicants.
7. Are there any transitional arrangements?
Any applications received by or pending on 31 December 2014 will not be affected by these
8. When will I be able to find out more on the new fees?
The revised fee structure will be made available on our website on 12 December 2014.
9. How will the changes affect post-485 skills assessment applications?
All post-485 applications submitted from the 1 January 2015 will be assessed under the new
process that will apply from 1 January 2015. The Skills Assessment will also include
educational level advice on the highest qualification held by the applicant and also the date an
applicant is deemed skilled based on employment within the last ten years.
10. I have already obtained a Skills Assessment from VETASSESS. Can I apply for Points
Test advice?
Yes. Please use the SRG35 paper-based application form available on our website. The
Points Test advice will include advice on the highest qualification held and date applicant is
deemed skilled based on evidence submitted for employment within the last ten years.
11. I received my Skills Assessment from another assessing authority. Can I apply to
VETASSESS for Points Test advice on my qualifications?
Yes. If you have received a skills assessment from another assessing authority and have
been referred to us by your skills assessing authority and/or DIBP for Points Test Advice, you
can apply online or download the SRG34 paper-based application form.
12. When will the information sheets be published? Which occupations will have
information sheets available?
The information sheets will be available from early next year. The first release of occupations
will include Management Consultant, Internal Auditor, Medical Administrator, Program or
Project Administrator, Psychotherapist and University Lecturer.

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