Villa Manila: A Success Story of Perseverance and Filipino Pride

Riz A. Oades

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Ramiele says goodbye to American Idol
April 11 - 17, 2008


Oakwood mutineers plead guilty
Breakfast at Aristocrat’s
Philippine Visit 2004
By Michael Punongbayan Philstar, April 3, 2008

Priscilla Meirelles (left), 2004 Miss Earth winner from Brazil and a resident of the Philippines, holds a copy of Playboy Philippine edition, together with Filipino ‘playmates’ and a ‘bunny’ during the magazine’s launch recently. Bishops slammed the publication. Photo by AP

Nine of the 31 military officers accused of taking part in the failed 2003 Oakwood mutiny pleaded guilty to the crime of coup d’etat yesterday. As the hearing was about to end, lawyer Roberto San Jose manifested to the Makati Regional Trial Court branch 148 that his clients have decided to change their plea to guilty. The nine military officers are Captains Alvin Ebreo, Gerardo Gambala, Milo Maestrecampo, John Andres, Albert Baloloy and Lawrence Somera; Lt. Christopher Bryan Yasay, and 1st Lieutenants Cleo Dunggahas and
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GMA network and stars win big at the Visionary Awards

Spratlys: The next summer getaway
By James Mananghaya PhilStar, 04/05/08

A Karetela in front of the Aristocrat Restaurant in Manila.

During that particular morning, another type of customers was busy eating at the restaurant: balikbayans like them. One could see entire clans, about twelve to twenty people seated in a long table. At one end would be the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, the children and the driver of the jeepneys used to pick up the new arrivals. At the other end would be the family of the balikbayan, identifiable by their American accent, and the balikbayan herself, the one picking up the tab and telling everyone to order all the food that they want to eat. See story on page 5

Lu’s Japanese Car Specialists receives compliments from satisfied patrons
by Conrad Reloj San Diego Asian Journal Senior Writer

The triumvirate of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon (shown with LU’S Japanese Car Specialtheir partners) was given the Legend Award for Television Hosting.

The outstanding service of

GMA KAPUSO Network and its stars led the honorees at the 1st Annual FilipinoAmerican Visionary Awards held Friday, March 7, 2008 at the prestigious and world famous Kodak Theater, home of Hollywood’s biggest event. The grand star-studded gala event akin to the Oscars® and the Latin Alma was produced by NuVision Worldwide Media, a newlylaunched multi-entertainment company involved in interna-

tional as well as mainstream music, films, soundtracks, videos, live events, concerts, promotions, sales and marketing. This year’s Visionary awards night was envisioned to give new vision and appreciation of Filipinos to the world, particularly in the entertainment industry. “We want to make a difference in this industry and by awarding those who have

ist, an auto repair shop in San Marcos, has been a well-kept secret for the past 20 years. However, it is lately coming to light as evident by the customers’ letters as well as awards and recognitions the repair shop has received that are now proudly displayed in its office. One testimonial
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Mr. Lu in front of his Auto Repair Shop at 755 San Marcos Blvd. in San Marcos, CA

The military has taken the initiative to include the remote Pag-asa island in the disputed Spratly group of islands in the South China Sea among the country’s top tourist destinations this summer. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief Gen. Hermogenes Esperon Jr. said the military is planning to bring local tourists to the island, located some 285 nautical miles off Puerto Princesa City in Palawan, and promote the island as a summer getaway. Esperon said a Navy ship would regularly bring visitors
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Three Filipinos sued for human trafficking in US
gration and Customs Enforcement said Pelayo entices job Human trafficking charges hunters in the Philippines to have been filed against three work in her two elderly care Filipinos in Los Angeles, facilities in Long Beach, CaliCalifornia for illegally bring- fornia. ing job seekers from the PhilHowever, upon their arippines into the United States, rival in the US, the victims are a report on then forced to work nearly 24 said yesterday. hours a day to pay for their Rodolfo Demafeliz, 39; his travel expenses. assistant, Rolleta Riazon, 28, “The charges allege that and Evelyn Pelayo, 51, are these victims were forced into now facing prosecution before debt bondage under threat of the US District Court in Los arrest or deportation, so the Angeles after criminal comdefendants could profit. The plaints were filed against them Human Trafficking Task Force Cadets of Class Baghawi throw their caps during the Philippine by federal agents. Military Academy graduation rites at Fort del Pilar in Baguio City (Continued on page 22) recently. Photo by ERNIE PEÑAREDONDO The report of the US ImmiPhilStar, 04/08/08

Vidal to Erap: Keep your promise to stay out of politics
By Edu Punay, PhilStar

Stick to your promise. Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal offered this advice to his close friend, deposed President Joseph Estrada, as he discouraged the pardoned leader from seeking the presidency anew in 2010. Vidal admitted he was surprised by the reported
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Joseph Estrada

Page 2

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jams! • Transfer Malacañang Palace and Congress outside Metro Manila. If government could sacrifice the Fort Bonifacio military camp in the name of economic progress by giving way to urban renewal in The Fort, with its high-rise offices, commercial and residential projects, why doesn’t government move out of overcrowded Malacañang Palace in Manila’s San Miguel district to a newer, bigger city somewhere near Clark in the north or Laguna in the south? Lease out Malacañang Palace to SM Group or Robinsons as a new museum/mall complex. Also, move the Senate from Pasay and the House of Representatives from Quezon City so that we can create a new government center like Malaysia’s Putrajaya project or Brazil’s Brasilia. This will stimulate megainvestments, massive urban renewal of old parts of the metropolis and decongest Metro Manila. • Invest in vital infrastructure, not waste. Instead of wasting taxpayers’ money, foreign loans or official development assistance on harebrained schemes like a so-called National Broadband Network or Cyber Education, or wasting money on basketball courts, waiting sheds, grand municipal halls, frivolous new government offices or subsidizing beauty contests and fiestas, the government should invest more in new highways, public schools, public libraries, rural health centers, better airports, bigger seaports, dams and other vital infrastructure! • Reallocate billions of rice import funds to support Filipino farmers. Instead of our Philippine government spending so many billions every year subsidizing Vietnamese and Thai farmers by buying their rice at high prices and selling them cheaply to the Philippines, why not use this massive, multi-billion peso budget for importing rice to instead subsidize and support Filipino rice and other farmers to modernize their farms? Also, whatever happened to the government’s so-called fertilizer funds for farmers? Why is the government so stubborn in its non-stop importation of foreign rice —in effect subsidizing Viet/Thai farmers? Then, if there are rice-supply problems like what we might be confronting soon, the politicians blame the usual favorite

April 11 - 17, 2008
scapegoats of rice hoarders. There should be no reason for anyone to hoard rice if there is no shortage or perceived threat of a rice shortage, because if the Philippines is truly overflowing with abundant rice supplies, hoarders would go bankrupt because any oversupply of rice would bring prices crashing down and would impoverish any would-be hoarders! • Privatize NFA, MMFF, and PAGCOR. The government must focus only on upholding peace and order, enforcing laws, collecting taxes and delivering basic social services. The government should not be in the rice-import business through the National Food Authority, or mess up show business through the mismanaged Metro Manila Film Festival. Government should also bid out all casino operations to major investors, similar to the Singapore or Macau systems. The government has no business being in business!

The government has no business being in business
BULL MARKET, BULL SHEET By Wilson Lee Flores Monday, April 7, 2008 Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. — Ronald Reagan We can achieve faster than seven percent economic growth this year. Instead of just cursing the monstrous political corruption, we, the silent majority of decent, optimistic and civic-minded citizens, should be proactive, push reforms to transform our society and save it from our many depraved politicians. I urge the following workable reforms, so that we can ensure faster Philippine economic growth in these times of global uncertainty: • Force open the half-billion-dollar NAIA 3 airport. What in the world is wrong with our imbecile politicians and bureaucrats that they cannot force open immediately and without any more delays that German-built and most modern NAIA 3 airport? I suggest President GMA appoint her foe, Senator Ping Lacson, or Davao City Mayor Duterte, or Senator Dick Gordon, or Metro Manila Development Authority chief Bayani Fernando, to use iron-fist tactics to forcefully kick open and kickstart that new airport immediately — no excuses, no alibis! • Tax-exempt all teachers and overseas Filipino workers. Not only is teaching the noblest profession on earth, teachers in the Philippines are also so unfairly overworked, under-trained and underpaid — one of the reasons why our educational system is a shambles. Let us exempt all teachers from taxes, not only to support them economically, but also to honor them. The millions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who support the Philippine economy should also be exempt from all kinds of income taxes. They should be granted special tax incentives, too, if they remit foreign exchange for new business ventures here. • Enforce the law equally, and give the death penalty to corrupt VIPs and the Abu Sayyaf. We still have the death penalty in our legal system. Let us swiftly put to death all corrupt big-time politicians, generals and the Abu Sayyaf bandits who are insufferable, disgusting pests in Philippine society. Let us enforce the law equally to all or none at all; let us punish the big fish so there will be more order and discipline nationwide! • Dismantle all squatter families and relocate them to rural farms. Government should relocate all urban squatter families from their

wretched, subhuman and unhealthy living conditions, then transport them en masse to the rural provinces so they can till the vast arable lands there. The millions of urban slum dwellers in Metro Manila are an indictment of the disastrous failure of the national government to deliver social justice, decent livelihoods and the promise of democracy. Squatters in our cities cause economic, social, health, moral and other problems. We must boldly solve the squatter crisis! • Lease idle land and use jail convicts as forced labor for farms. With or without land reform, I urge the government and Congress to enact special legislation for the state to forcibly take over idle lands in our provinces, pay leases to their owners, then mobilize all jail convicts to till those lands for rice and other crops (along with the relocated millions of urban squatters)! There is no logical reason why the Philippines cannot feed its people with our vast arable lands nationwide! • Declare martial law on Metro Manila traffic. Impose martial law in the chaotic streets of Metro Manila and enforce draconian discipline, so we can save our economy billions every year in lost productivity and time, and save billions more in imported fuel costs by unclogging our notoriously frustrating traffic

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April 11 - 17, 2008

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No takers for post of Comelec legal chief
By Sheila Crisostomo Philstar, March 29, 2008 No one wants to take the post vacated by two slain legal officials of the Commission on Elections apparently for fear of their life, Comelec Chairman Jose Melo said yesterday. “There’s no taker. I think no one would like to take over,” Melo said, referring to the post left vacant when Comelec Law Department acting head Wynne Asdala was gunned down in broad daylight last Monday near the Comelec main office in Intramuros, Manila. Asdala’s killing came four months after his predecessor, Alioden Dalaig, was also shot dead by armed men near the Hyatt Hotel in Ermita, Manila last November. Both cases are not yet solved. In an interview, Melo said that when he met the poll officials, he joked that even a non-lawyer could assume Asdala’s post just so it will be filled up. A Comelec source revealed that Atty. Josslyn de Mesa, another top official of the Law Department who also served as its acting head following

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protest involving the gubernatorial polls in Shariff Kabunsuan Melo also revealed that National Bureau of Investigation director Nestor Mantaring complained to him in a phone conversation yesterday that Asdala’s wife and his family refused to cooperate with them.

April 11 - 17, 2008

being handled by the department. The Comelec is now conducting an inventory of the cases to determine which of them could have anything to do with the murder of the two officials. One of the controversial cases linked to the killing, according to news reports, is the pending electoral

In Diwalwal, graduation medals made of real gold
By Edith Regalado Philstar, April 1, 2008 It’s another gold medal for Robec June Calunia, 12, valedictorian of the Mt. Diwata Elementary School at the gold-rush site in Mt. Diwalwal, Monkayo, Compostela Valley. B u t i t ’s n o t just any ordinary gold medal; it’s one made of real gold that he received during the school’s recent commencement exercises – made of real gold and not just plated gold. Calunia is one of 10 first honor elementary school pupils of the annex school of the Union National High School in Mt. Diwalwal who received the coveted gold medals. And this is the fifth time that Calunia received a real gold medal as he has been a consistent first honor student, missing the honor only once, when he was in Grade 2. Mt. Diwalwal barangay captain Franco Tito told The STAR that his barangay is now on its 6th year of awarding real gold medals to outstanding students. “It is one way of encouraging our students to study harder,” Tito said. The students are children of the over 50,000 small-scale miners who have made their living since way back in the 1980s when mining operations started in Mt. Diwalwal. The gold medals are said to cost as much as P11,000 each these days with the prevailing prices of gold in the world market. “The gold medals used to cost only P6,000 when we started the program in 2003 but it has now reached P11,000 each,” Tito said. The gold for the medals was said to be sourced from Mt. Diwalwal and made of 70 percent gold and 30 percent silver. He explained that the gold medals were actually made out of donations from ball mill operators as well as other businessmen in the area. “Our priority has always been education. We even allocate as much as P600,000 for education in our barangay,” Tito said. Tito told The STAR that there may have been honor students who could have sold the gold medals, especially during hard times. “They may sell it when they do not have money. But it could also be that when a pupil gets many gold medals, say as many as 10 medals, then these could be used for the pupil’s education later in college,” Tito said. The barangay chief told The STAR that through the award system, they would be able to inculcate in the minds of the young children that education is always better than gold. “We always emphasize to them the importance of education,” Tito added.

Dalaig’s death, has also been getting death threats. The source added that De Mesa has been on leave for the past two days and it was not immediately known when she would be reporting back to work. Earlier, Commissioner Romeo Brawner admitted that some lawyers at the department have requested for security details following Asdala’s killing. According to Melo, he suspects that the killings are connected to the cases

Port workers and personnel of the National Food Authority unload 4,967 sacks of rice from Vietnam at Harbor Center in Tondo, Manila yesterday. Photo By BENING BATUIGAS

Korea to finance $2.2-M seafood processing facility in Dagupan
By Marianne V. Go Philstar, April 8, 2008 The Philippines and the Republic of Korea are finalizing the details of a proposed seafood processing facility in Dagupan City through a $2.2-million grant from the latter’s aid implementing agency. Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap said a survey team from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) visited the country recently to work out the details of the project. During their visit, the KOICA team, led by Kim In, and Dagupan City Mayor Alipio Fern a n d e z J r. discussed the measures to be undertaken to guarantee the successful implementation of the project which will tap Korean technology to improve the facilitation and processing of seafood exports from the Pangasinan port. The project involves the construction of a 1,500-square-meter seafood processing plant that will include packing, heating and smoking equipment; quick-freeze and ice-making facilities; air showers, sterilizers and other sanitary equipment. The project will also include the training of Filipino technical personnel in Korea to equip them with skills to properly operate, manage and maintain the processing plant. Yap said this initiative is in line with President Arroyo’s food program called “Pagkain sa Bawat Mesa, Negosyo sa Sakahan-Laban sa Kahirapan.” Besides the Dagupan seafood processing facility, Yap said Korea has also provided assistance to other development projects in the Philippines and facilitated bilateral trade between the two countries. Last year, Yap said Korea excluded Philippine bananas from the list of products subject to its 10-percent adjustment tariff on imports. The exemption of Philippine bananas from the payment of the new adjustment duties effective Jan.1 last year has effectively lifted the quantitative restrictions imposed by South Korea on Philippine bananas. A consistent top market for the country’s fresh and processed products, South Korea used to impose a 30-percent basic tariff on Philippine bananas. Prior to Jan. 1, 2007, it had also imposed a 10-percent adjustment rate on bananas, the only fruit subject to this kind of tariff, making it a quantitative restriction to discourage imports of this fruit. The adjustment tariff was a distortive trade practice, considering that Korea has no banana industry to protect because the fruit is not grown in “commercially meaningful” quantities in that country.

EARTH HOUR: Vehicle lights are the only illumination seen on Roxas Boulevard after lights were turned off in Pasay as well as other cities participating in Earth Hour starting at 8 p.m. last recently. Photo by AP

April 11 - 17, 2008

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in between cars during mostly stand-still traffic in narrow streets. Along Roxas Blvd., the horse rides are mainly for the enjoyment of the tourists. His daughters enjoyed the ride but pitied the emaciated horses that pulled them. By noon, the family walked into the Harbor View Restaurant at the park, which is an extended structure from the shore to the sea. The pier-like eatery offered a nice view of the sea and beyond as well as the huge cargo and liner ships docked near the International Pier of Manila. The cool sea breeze would blow through the open-air restaurant which had a roof but no walls. The restaurant offered nice seafood and native dishes. That day, the family partook of the kilawin tanigue (raw fish with vinegar), halabos na hipon (steamed shrimp), steamed oysters and the steamy bulalo soup. After lunch, they walked towards the Jose Rizal Monument to check out the ceremonial guards standing at attention along its four corners. From there, they proceeded to the Chinese Garden, which, to him, did not look as beautiful as when it first opened in 1968. It was a project of then Manila Times columnist, Teodoro Valencia, dubbed as the “dean of Manila’s journalists” who raised private funds to have it built. He hired ex-convicts to maintain the place to give them an opportunity to return to work in spite of their criminal records. The Rizal Monument also underwent a transformation. During the late sixties, somebody had a bright idea of replacing its tower with a higher, much more imposing one. Right away, people criticized the innovation and to pacify the critics, the old one was put back and the new tower was placed as a boundary landmark between Manila and Pasay City. It was a quiet afternoon at the park. Some maintenance workers were taking a siesta under the shade of the huge Acacia trees, while lovers were kissing in their own private world in some secluded areas. The family then walked towards Manila Hotel on the northern side of the park. Called “the Grand ‘Ole Dame,” the hotel had its own share of history. It was the headquarters of American General Douglas McArthur during the Commonwealth period in the Philippines before the war. Hollywood celebrities, including legendary movie star Tyrone Power stayed there during their Philippine visits. A hotel wing had been remodeled to keep up with the needs of modern times. But the main building remained, refurbished with its original décor intact. It was a beautiful place to visit especially

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for balikbayans aware of its historic values. The family went inside the beautiful lobby, fascinated by its elegant and enormous chandeliers and its art collection. There were a lot of things to check out inside, certainly worth one’s visit to the place. One memorable room is the Fiesta Pavilion where a lot of historic events had occurred. For one, it was the site of the Nacionalista Party Convention that nominated Ferdinand Marcos as its standard bearer for the 1965 presidential elections. And as they say, the rest is history; sad as it might be since it marked the beginning of the Marcos regime that saw 16 years of plunder and kleptocracy. - AJ

by Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
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Our Life and Times

Breakfast at Aristocrat’s
During that particular morning, another type of customers was busy eating at the restaurant: balikbayans like them. One could see entire clans, about twelve to twenty people seated in a long table. At one end would be the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, the children and the driver of the jeepneys used to pick up the new arrivals. At the other end would be the family of the balikbayan, identifiable by their American accent, and the balikbayan herself, the one picking up the tab and telling everyone to order all the food that they want to eat.

Philippine Visit 2004

t was Saturday, the day of the arrival of his family from the United States. He had been in the Philippines for the past two weeks and had been attending to official business. As planned, his family would follow suit and they would spend the next three weeks on a family vacation.
The Philippine Airlines plane flight 203 would arrive at 5:30 in the morning. However, passengers would be able to get out of the airport about an hour later because of the immigration and customs inspections, not to mention the pick up of their luggage. His sister picked him up at 6 a.m. from the Intercontinental Hotel where he was staying. They were at the airport in 15 minutes. After thirty minutes, his family came out, all looking haggard and exhausted, but very happy to see him. The hotel room for his three daughters would only be available after lunch, which is the check-in time for most hotels in the city. To while away the time, they proceeded to the Aristocrat Restaurant along Roxas Blvd. After being cooped up in their airplane seats for fourteen hours, contending with ready-made airplane meals using plastic forks and skimpy trays, he knew that the new-arrivals were dying to eat honest-to-goodness hot meals from a regular, if not famous restaurant. Institution Aristocrat Restaurant is an institution in the country. It is perhaps the oldest eatery and one of the most prestigious. He remembers eating his first whole fried chicken there as a kid during the late 1950s. Before that, any whole chicken he would eat was shared with others. He was quite surprised to learn that a person could eat one whole chicken by himself. Later, the restaurant enjoyed quite a reputation when it became the favorite early morning breakfast jaunts of hostesses working at nearby nightclubs after they leave work and before they go home at around two o’clock in the morning. Their favorite, hot sotanghon soups, perhaps calmed their stomachs and prepared them for a good sleep in the next few hours ahead to recover much-needed energy in preparation for their hostessing job the following evening. During that particular morning, another type of customers was busy eating at the restaurant: balikbayans (visiting natives) like them. One could see entire clans, about twelve to twenty people seated in a long table. At one end would be the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, the children and the driver of the jeepneys used to pick up the new arrivals. At the other end would be the family of the balikbayan, identifiable by their American accent, and the balikbayan herself, the one picking up the tab and telling everyone to order all the food that they want to eat. Eating at Aristocrat is a luxury reserved for special occasions like this, when balikbayan relatives would arrive and treat every one to a good time around town. His children already knew the drill, for they had been through the same experience before during their previous visits to the country. They ordered their favorite local drink, a must for foreign visitors: green mango shake. The drink was only concocted during the past decade. When he was a kid, it was unheard of. Somehow, somebody got the bright idea of putting green mango with water and ice on a blender, and presto, what came out was a delicious drink, not too sweet, a little bit sour but certainly a novelty and delicious. While canned mango drinks are now available in the


11th in a series of articles

United States, somehow, green mango shakes are not even sold in popular Filipino restaurants. This is despite the fact that the unripe fruit from Mexico, if not from the Philippines, is available in the Oriental markets. Another new drink that a balikbayan must try is the buko pandan, which is now available in the U.S. especially at the Goldilock’s outlets. Late tapsi breakfast At nine in the morning, the family had their late tapsi breakfasts, like tapsilog (tapa, sinangag, itlog [beef jerky, fried rice and fried egg]), dasilog (daeng, which is dried milkfish), or tosilog (tosino, marinated pork), Even with the leftovers, his daughters already knew what to do. They asked the waiter to place them in a box and gave them to the beggars they knew would be waiting

outside. Poverty is a tragic reality in the country. Many people are so poor that they could not help but go around and beg. Seeing an emaciated woman carrying an emaciated baby in front of Aristocrat Restaurant in Manila is reminiscent of similar mother and child scenes in refugee camps in Africa one sees on television. After breakfast, the family checked out the area waiting until the lunch hour to check in to the hotel room. His sister left with the driver, the van and their luggage and promised to pick them up at a designated place before lunch so that they could check in at the hotel. The family crossed Roxas Blvd. and took photos of the baywalk projects of then Manila Mayor Lito Atienza. The mayor allowed the construction of makeshift restaurants and beer joints where people could hang out in the outdoor tables and chairs, especially at sundown to see the beautiful Manila Bay sunset. There were also unusual life-sized statues of former Manila Mayor Arsenio Lacson, martyrs Ninoy Aquino and Evelio Javier sculpted in relaxing poses like sitting on the bench or reading a newspaper. When Mayor Atienza was termed out of office, he had his councilor son Kim run for the post against former Mayor Alfredo Lim. The son lost and the first move Lim did was to dismantle Atienza’s pet baywalk project. Karetela ride The family again crossed the street and took a karetela, a horsedriven, carriage-like ride to the Luneta Park. Before the advent of motorized vehicles, the karetela was the main means of transportation all over the country. It’s cousin, the kalesa, with a back seat that could fit only three people, is mainly for passengers. The karetela has more seats at the back and could accommodate cargos. The kalesa is still being used in transversing Manila’s Chinatown as it could easily weave

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April 11 - 17, 2008

Voices & Images
by Riz A. Oades
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Healthy Eating Campaign

A Success Story of Perseverance & Filipino Pride*

Villa Manila:

At the Old School House.500 East 8th Street National City, CA 91950


ancy Mendoza, the owner of Villa Manila, is a restaurateur endowed with a lot of business sense and is driven by her passion for authentic Philippine cuisine. Such passion is mutually shared by her children: Ria who runs the business when mom is away, and son Joe who works as a part-time chef when not working at Torrey Pines Hilton.

Villa Manila is located in the “Little Manila Shopping Center” more popularly known as the IOld Schoolhouse Square,” at 500 E. 8th Street, National City. Although the success story of Villa Manila began four years ago, its genesis can be traced to the famous and highly successful Max Restaurant - a Manila landmark widely recognized as one of the best restaurants in the homeland for its chicken and lumpia ubod (heart of palm) specialties, and continues to earn national recognition for its pioneering spirit and highly praised food. The majority of Villa Manila’s customers are Filipinos coming from the nearby Naval Bases and myriad businesses within a mile radius. Only a small percentage of

has allowed KCS to analyze some of her traditional recipes (e.g., chicken tinola) to show their healthy contents. “We want the community to know that Filipino food does not have to be greasy,” Joe. said. ìAt Villa Manila, we are able to modify and/ or substitute menu items to suit the customerís needs. “We’re a sit-down restaurant, not a fast food one,” added Ria, “although we welcome take-out orders. We provide courteous service and ,..serve our customers with pride.” Such statements reflect the restaurantís motif of simple décor. Other than a few Philippine paintings and wooden parquet floor, Villa Manilaís décor is minimal. Nancy Mendoza, proprietor, and daugh“People should not have to pay ter Ria. for opulent decorations. They come here for our quality and healthy food mainstream customers patronize and pay a reasonable price - this is the establishment. Nancy shares our focus,” explained Nancy. her sonís dream of expanding the The population and demographics mainstream customer base. of the Old Schoolhouse Square have ìI think we can do it,” says Nancy. remained steady for the last 10 years “I know that the competition is tight and local businesses are increasing. particularly with so many compet- As a matter of fact, another Filipino ing fast foods, [but] with added fast food restaurant just opened up specialties, healthy choices and in the Square. proper exposure that number can However, the idea of a health grow significantly.” consciousness through nutritional She is very much involved with awareness and dietary change has healthy eating and has joined Ka- been slowly building for the last 7 lusugan Community Services’ years in mainstream America and (KCS) “Healthy Eating Campaign” could soon make headway in the (HEC) as an advocate. To prove Asian communities. her sincerity to the campaign and The extensive government studies to dispel a common stereotype that and new Food Guide Pyramid have Filipino foods are unhealthy, she given everyone a new definition

of a balanced, healthy diet. This is not a fad but a true dietary trend backed by the scientific and medical community, the media, the government, and endorsed by the big food manufacturers. This trend will be

hospitality and fine cuisine,” will greet one while navigating through the online menu. Villa Manila offers a menu listing the “best of the Philippine islands and the most common favorites.” According to the website, the restaurant serves ìthe best with emphasis on fresh produce, quality meats and imported authentic herbs, spices and condiments from the Philippines.” “Traditional cooking styles and techniques so typical of Filipino hometown cooking is the way we prepare our dishes,” says Nancy. “However, we have adjusted and adapted to the Western appetite as well. We will delight you with a plateful of mouth-watering goodies,” For many people, restaurant dining is no longer reserved for special occasions. It is a daily event. In fact from experience, our families spend nearly half of all our food dollars on food eaten away from home. That food is one-third of all calories in the average American as well as the Filipino diet. With the current unhealthy trend of obesity among many Filipinos,

Villa Manila currently leads Filipino South Bay restaurants that provide menu options that are intrinsically healthful -- low in fat and cholesterol. Customers need to have dining alternatives available to help them maintain a healthful lifestyle, if they so choose. After four years in business, Villa Manila continues to celebrate its distinctive cuisine, its colorful history, and the transforming influence it has had on the culinary palate of San Diego. -- (This news story was written and contributed by Al Villamora based on Marybeth Bautista’s interviews of the Mendozas). By the Way... Cooking Workshops: Kalusugan’s funded “Healthy Eating Campaign” has launched several dates to assist the Filipino-American community to attend the projectís monthly Cooking Workshops. Project’s goal is to make environmental changes in National City and the North County by working with and encouraging neighborhood (Continued on page 25)

Comments from Manila
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The Korean invasion
even more important by the turn of the century. It’s good to know Senators Loren “Tuloy Po Kayo! VILLA MANILA opens its doors to you, our valued Legarda and Migs Zubiri are looking patrons, that you may experience into the issue of the two Koreanthe pleasure and delight of Filipino owned condominium buildings right in the middle of the rainforest in Subic. There are possible enviage - no big deal. That is unless ronmental violations since the two you’ve been losing it prematurely buildings are located in a watershed (for most guys, prematurely means forest reserve under the governbefore eighty years old). And if ment’s National Integrated Protected you’ve been losing hair, or indeed Areas System (NIPAS) law. Just have lost every last strand of it, when everybody’s concerned about you’ve been thinking about ways to global warming and the dangerous get it back, or at least cover up the effects of climate change, we see an loss. Now it’s time for the creams, example of desecration of a critical the pills, the hairpieces, the wigs. natural resource in the name of forNow of course we have one par- eign investment. With due respect to South Korean ticular medicine, minoxidil. This is the first proven medical treatment Ambassador Hong Jong-ki who is that can work, at least some of the a friend of ours, the fact is quite time, for some of the people. Yes, a number of Koreans are abrasive it’s expensive. But for hair? Many and arrogant, and many of them are individuals will gladly pay the initiating projects that are proving to be harmful to the environment. Last price. But what if the drug won’t work year, some of them tried to pull a fast for you? Ah, there is still the tried one with the attempted construction and true toupee, the hairpiece, the of a high-end resort and spa project wig. You can purchase some hair- near Taal’s crater. Had it not been pieces for as low as twenty dollars for the vigilance of local residents (yes, they look it) and the price can and environmental groups, this abgo to the thousands (you still better surd idea would have been pushed through – with the approval of the not look too closely). Some hairpieces can look fairly Department of Environment and life-like. But it depends on the hair, Natural Resources. I have nothing personal against the designer, the color and how that color matches and blends with your Koreans. I actually have a number own. Here’s a clue men: if you of Korean-American friends and are over forty (and especially over some of my favorite cellphones sixty) add gray to the wig. Natural and electronic gadgets are made by hair on men after their sixties gen- Samsung, LG, etc., but some of them erally has some gray in it. Natural have no respect for the people or the culture in their host country. In the hair is not all one dark color. Here are another couple of things golf course, there have been several about hair. If your eyebrows are complaints because they don’t foldark brown, don’t color your hair low even simple gentlemanly rules platinum blonde. If your hair is that say you should wait for people red, don’t color it platinum blonde. to get out of the green before you Dark brown or red eyebrows un- start to hit the ball. But this Subic condo issue is derneath bright blonde hair looks something that is really serious. absurd. Men, if the color of the hair on People should start looking into your chest, arm, legs and beard is these Korean-initiated projects that gray, or partially gray, don’t have could pose hazards not only to the solid black or brown hair on your environment but the people. Early head. This also looks absurd. Re- this year, some Filipino workers died in two separate accidents at Hanjin’s ally absurd. If you are going to have hair shipyard facilities, and there have transplants, find the best doctor on been some allegations that safety the planet. Nothing looks more issues were involved. It looks like ridiculous than poorly done hair Pandora’s Box has been opened with the revelation about the buildtransplants. Finally, if you’re tired of trying ings since it has triggered the issue everything, and you just want to of discrimination against Filipinos be done with it, go for the bald on housing and other policies, plus look. A number of women have reports that some displaced tribal mentioned that they think it’s sexy communities have not been properly and some men find bald women resettled or compensated. Once again, Tong Payumo and Dick that way as well. But if you do go for that look, please remember to Gordon are at each other’s throats. shave it everyday. Rough, patchy The two former SBMA administragray stubble on the top of the head tors are engaged in a word war about is more than your significant other who was responsible for the approval of the project. Their protégés are also should have to bear. being dragged into the picture with
TAKIN’ CARE OF BUSINESS By Babe Romualdez Philstar, April 8, 2008 Payumo pointing the finger at current SBMA administrator Armand Arreza, a Gordon protégé – while the senator wants SBMA environmental officer Amethya Koval, said to be a Payumo appointee, sacked. Tong and Dick can argue and point the finger at each other all they want – but let’s get to the bottom of this controversy and find out who was responsible for this despicable act against the environment. According to the Department of Tourism, Koreans topped the number of visitors into the country last year with more than 650,000 – twice the number who came in 2003. As a matter of fact, Filipinos are talking about a “Korean invasion” – and they could just be right on the money with Korean presence in so many aspects of Filipino lives including our TV channels. If one could recall, a Korean girl named Sandara Park was the big winner in ABS-CBN’s talent search a few years ago. Today, “Koreanovelas” are raking in ratings in the big networks. Koreans are practically everywhere in the country – putting up schools, banks and other buildings in Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Baguio, Manila. In Boracay, a lot of establishments are being run by Koreans mainly for Koreans. The same is true for Baguio with reports that locals are getting tense over the influx of Koreans who reportedly use dummies to acquire prime property in Baguio. Some of them are said to have started constructing high-end buildings and are driving rental prices up – to the disadvantage of local businessmen. The way things look, animosity is starting to build up against Koreans, with locals beginning to feel that they are being marginalized to accommodate the interest of these foreigners. There’s no question it’s really all about money, but if it’s going to endanger the future of our children – forget it. We have to remember what the Bible says: “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?” Indeed – what would it profit this nation if we get all these foreign investments at the cost of endangering our natural resources? *** By the way, I would like to congratulate Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro’s wife, Congresswoman Nikki Prieto-Teodoro, whose Special Committee on the Welfare of Children and Special Persons was made a Standing Committee by the House of Representatives. Nikki is a staunch advocate of women’s and children’s rights, and she really worked hard to have this committee created to safeguard the rights of children.

At Large...
by Miles Beauchamp
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Hair, simply hair
A billion strands, a billion dollars
hat is it with hair? We spend billions of dollars every year coloring, straightening, perming, weaving, cutting, lengthening, plugging, and on and on.
We have hair transplants, we buy pills to take, lotions to rub on, wigs and hair pieces to wear, and that isn’t the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. For whatever reason, our identity

or his own idea of what a cut should be, well, there you go – seven billion different haircuts (give or take a couple). And that’s just a conservative (or mine anyway) estimate. There may be a gazillion more, but after a while counting becomes a bit tiring. Especially for me who is about as close to being a “math person” as is a gerbil. But anyway, with all those different ways to style hair, how does one choose the right one? As far as I can determine, there are just a few acceptable ways to pick the right “look.” They are: 1. Browse through the hundreds of (mostly) old and (a few) new style magazines in the salon; 2. Take in a picture of your favorite singer or television star (I was going to include athlete here but we all know what their hair generally looks like). I was also going to include authors but even I couldn’t do that with a straight face; 3. Offer a vague description to the stylist of how you want it to look as you stare at him/her in the mirror. Every stylist I’ve spoken with hate this particular method of choosing a style. You often end up not liking it and blaming the stylist even though it was you who described it (badly); 4. Let the stylist choose (sometimes – but only sometimes – a good idea); 5. Go with what you’ve always had. This is the usual fall back position for many customers. That’s unfortunate because then they usually blame the stylist (do they honestly think stylists can read minds?) So after you have the style you want, or have settled for, or given in to, there is still color (if you want to change it, highlight it, or cover the gray). Not everyone does color their hair, of course, but most at least think about it at some point, and enough do to make it a billion dollar industry. The hair is dropping like leaves in fall If you think that you’ve been losing your hair, you have been. If you think that you’re going bald, you are. All people lose hair as they


is somewhat made up from our hair. Sad? Yes, but true for so many individuals. That being the case, it is indeed interesting (perhaps horrendously interesting) the things we do to, for, and because of our hair (or lack thereof). Cut, perm, or both? There are close to seven billion different ways to cut hair. That seven billion number is just a guess of course, but since the world’s population is closing in on that amount, and since almost everyone has her

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April 11 - 17, 2008

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Bill’s Corner
by Bill Labestre, MBA (Tax Practitioner) Tel: (619) 475-1931
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Common Sense
Sometimes I wonder what happened to most of us Filipino immigrants in this country. We seemed to forget where we came from or how we used to exist in the past. We still work hard to pursue our dreams but most of the time we just don’t know when to quit or even to slow down. Even our children who were born and raised here grew up to be school smart but most of them lacked common sense. Your future happiness may depend on how you define success. Individually, life is how you make it. Bad things still happens beyond our control but, mostly it’s you who caused your own stress and misery. This is America and nobody forced you to over indulge in food that caused your high cholesterol, diabetes or high blood pressure. Even if it’s in your genes, then you should have been careful and followed the Doctor’s advice. We seemed to forget how to use the basic necessities in life like food, shelter and clothing. Food is cheap in America but it’s no excuse to be overweight or obese. Why do you need a 3,000 square feet house for a family of three? Why do we have four or more cars when there are only 2 drivers in the household? How much clothes do we need to wear? Do you buy them just to fill your walk in closet or because it’s on sale? Do you really have to own that many designer bags and purses to match those pairs of shoes? Maybe there’s a little “Imelda Marcos” in most of the Filipino women. For guys, how many tools do you need to buy when can’t even fix your car or house right? It’s not hard to justify why we buy and hoard all these excess things in life. Maybe we are just trying to compensate those period in our lives when we can’t afford to own them. Maybe you have so much money to spare that buying and owning them makes you happy and fulfilled. If you buy these unnecessary items on credit, then you have a big problem. Why did you buy an expensive car which cost more than your one year salary? Do you really feel great driving that luxury car from your residence to your first job then second job or even the third job? How does it feel to carry a $500 designer purse with only a few dollar bills inside it? Even some older Filipinos who are close to retirement tend to lose their common sense too. They sold their old house which was almost paid for and purchased a brand new mansion in a new housing development. Now they have to postpone retirement and may even have to find a part time or a second job to cope up with a large monthly mortgage and a hefty property tax bill. Some people still wonder why their life is so stressful when in reality they created their own stress. It’s like going to a Home Depot Store and buying a small rubber mallet then slowly but continuously hitting your head with it. Later, you wonder why you have such a terrible headache. Daaahhhh! Well, if you can just simplify your complicated life and then control the urge to overindulge maybe you can grow old happy and healthy. This is a great country and many people are dying to get in, so take care of yourself and enjoy your life.

*Some Restrictions apply. Void on holidays and special days like Valentines Day, Christmas Day, Father’s Day etc.


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U.S. media. In December 2007 the FCC gutted the rules that protect local communities from media monopolies. This rule change is a big handout for Big Media and will let giant corporations get even bigger, gobbling up local news outlets in your town. This is bad for journalism, bad for competition, bad for media diversity, and bad for our democracy. However, on March 6 members of the Senate stepped up to overturn the FCC’s dangerous rule changes. Armed with a Congressional veto that would nullify the FCC decision and protect local news around the country. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we only have 60 legislative days to get this bill passed. We need your help to build the momentum and overturn the FCC’s rule changes. In 2003, the FCC tried to do the same thing, but millions of people demanded that Congress reject the FCC’s rules. And they did. It’s time to do it again. We need 100,000 people to get Congress to reverse the FCC’s rules right now.” Petition Overturning Media Ownership Rules Sixty days from March is May 6th. That is less than three weeks away. We can all take part in the petition by writing to members of congress. The petition by reads: “Please act swiftly to overturn the FCC’s Dec. 18 vote to relax media ownership rules. By co-sponsoring the Resolution of Disapproval (SJ Res. 28) introduced by Sen. Byron Dorgan, you will be taking a stand for investigative journalism, local news and competition in our state. Research shows that media consolidation means fewer perspectives and less of the news our communities need. This is especially troubling in an election year when citizens depend on our media for the information they need to make fundamental choices about the future of our country. When the FCC voted this December, it ignored nearly universal public opposition -- just like it did in 2003, when the Senate voted to overturn similar rule changes. The FCC’s decision to let Big Media get even bigger will erode localism, diminish minority ownership and decrease competition. Please support the Resolution of Disapproval and take a stand for better media today.” The Missing Link: Health and Media An opinion piece penned by Steve Boss of The Spectrum, a local news-

April 11 - 17, 2008

In Perspective
by G. Tagudin - Silverio
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as a “dumbing down” of America. The chief omitted one detail, however: media consolidation. The anomaly walked and talked like the monopoly the FCC as a watchdog supposedly opposes. It was the real reason why we and many other groups like us were calling on the chief. FCC was doing the opposite over the years by systematically stripping away the “infrastructure” that protects the public interest. Sea Change While the incident appears as an isolated care, it seems to be part of a larger theme. Two mainstream advocates coming from divergent camps, seem to agree on the broader issue that America is seeing a sea change in its way of life and in its way of thinking. While we see a single act of discrimination in the hands of a network conglomerate, these public figures sense something bigger -- a broader shift of power from the hands of citizens to a few in terms of information and governance. Glenn Beck, the conservative talking head of CNN’s Headline News, speaking of his recovery from alcoholism, presents a radical idea in his blog on “America Needs a 12-Step Program.” He is challenging ordinary Americans to take their power back, in a similar recovery process from our fears. Beck writes, “Through hard work and unwavering principles, America took itself from a far-fetched idea to the greatest, most compassionate, most free country the world has ever known. But as our success has grown, so has our arrogance. We’ve compromised our values, sold out our principles and used our freedoms to justify giving more power to the government. In the first century of America’s life, its government was afraid of its citizens. Now, it’s the other way around.” Moment of Truth The “dumbing down” of America is what irks one the most. Ben Scott of Stop Big Media, takes on the media even as Beck challenges ordinary Americans. Scott warns that the media consolidation running rampant under FCC deregulation puts the necessary dialogue and the access to ideas essential to a democratic process at risk. Scott knows what is at stake. As a community, we have felt its consequence in the form of slurs. Other communities have paid for it – in the case of Minot, North Dakota – with a toll on public health. Scott writes: “This is a moment of truth for the

Sol Poetry
by Soledad O. Bautista
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Beyond Desperate Housewives
Journalists at the Washington Post who exposed the poor quality of care involving injured veterans at the Walter Reed Medical Center bagged the Pulitzer Prize, one of six such prizes for the venerable newspaper in a single year. The number tops its previous record of four Pulitzers. According to the Post, the feat was made possible by the teamwork of fifty Post journalists, in addition to 11 bylined reporters. The breaking news stories served as a reminder of the power of the press. The Washington Post reports ranged from the fearless, a look at the once and still sacrosanct, behind-thescenes clout of Dick Cheney, to the heartbeat-by-heartbeat account about the gripping drama of the Virginia Tech massacre. Not to be left behind, the New York Times came in with two Pulitzer Awards for its expose on the dangers lurking in Chinese products, a national health threat which led to Congressional investigations into the practices and deficiencies at the FDA. While the stories seem to be disparate, the net effect on the rest of us is palpable. It always hits us in the gut, catching all off guard in a decisive route that investigative journalist Anderson Cooper dryly describes as the job of “keeping them honest.” But the Washington Post and New York Times are institutions. They are in a league of their own. For other newspapers, the Holy Grail of journalism remains elusive. Unless the story follows an act of God like the devastating wildfires of Southern California and epic hurricanes that took out New Orleans and are ripping through Texas and Oklahoma as we speak, these stories would have to be painstakingly pieced from facts that are not easily accessed by the less intrepid and less determined. Dumbing Down Talking about the Washington Post and the Pulitzer Prize and then small newspapers in the same vein seems like a reach. But the common theme of what is and in the “public interest” runs through both. As small and powerless we may feel, we have a battle cut out for us. We know it locally by its touchstone issue, the ABC Desperate Housewives slur on healthcare professionals. Other calls it by another name, Big Media. It is an issue we cannot sit out, hoping for better programming. Unfortunately, unless we take charge as a community nothing much will change. During a conference call hosted by Mabuhay Alliance for local minority media, FCC Commissioner Copps ironically called the slur aimed at Filipino MD grads a regrettable result of the “one size fits all approach” in media. In fact, the commissioner called the staple of network programs

Thanks for the eyes that can still see The grandeur of the sky and the sea, The glory of God’s creations His loving gifts to all nations. Thanks for the ears that can still hear Laughter, music and joyous cheers, Chirps of birds and buzz of bees Rustle of leaves made by the breeze. Thanks for the nose that can still smell Lovely flowers we love so well, Whiffs of savoury roasting chicken Suffused in mom’s lovely kitchen. Thanks for the legs that can still walk With some good friends to laugh and talk, Then homeward bound to do our chores And listen to mom’s tales of yore. Thanks for health of body and mind That can still think and with God find, The things that count to make life clean So to heaven we can get in. We ask and thank at every turn, What can we give Him in return? Just love and faith and real good deeds For all our fellowmen in need.
©2008 copyright by Soledad O. Bautista. All rights reserved.

paper in North Dakota supports the Resolution of Disapproval (SJ Res 28). He points out that a local spill of anhydrous ammonia in the small town of Minot, North Dakota went unreported at 2:30 am because the local television station, which was an NBC network affiliate, was not available to broadcast at that time. The local radio station, which should have provided emergency broadcasts, was also acquired by media conglomerate Clear Channel, and was playing tape

loops. The lapse resulted in the death of one man and the hospitalization of 150 residents. No one was there to report it. Neither was there a Pulitzer Prize. Senator Steve Byron of North Dakota, however, was there to witness its effects. He filed SJ Resolution SJ 28 before the U.S. Senate to overturn the damaging results of the spate of FCC rulings and the silencing of local media. And what is the price of silence? The battle is ours to win. -- AJ

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April 11 - 17, 2008

good night for most of the contestants as far as the judges were concerned. Most of the contestants received lukewarm to bad reviews from the judges. Cowell seemed to be in a particularly cranky mood. When Jackson finally complimented one of the contestants (Smithson) by dubbing her number “one of the better performances of the night,” Cowell dissed, not her vocals, but her wardrobe choices. Ramiele is the seventh Fil-Am on American Idol’s seven seasons to make it to the Top 24. The others are Brad Estrin from Season 1, Jordan Segundo from Season 2, Jasmine Trias and Camile Velasco from Season 3, Jose “Sway” Peñala from Season 5 and AJ Tablado from Season 6. Trias went as far as third place, the highest ever for a Fil-Am. Auditioning in Miami for Season 7, Ramiele hoped to at least match Trias’ record. She sang Aretha Franklin’s Natural Woman and wowed the judges. Abdul thought that she was a fine singer and a fine performer and added, “I think you’re phenomenal.” “I was impressed,” Jackson told Ramiele. “You definitely have a big voice for a very cute, smaller girl.” Cowell wasn’t as impressed. He told her, “I think you’re a good singer. I don’t think you’re a contemporary singer. I think you’re more like a hotel singer.” But Ramiele got her golden ticket to Hollywood anyway, thanks to two yes votes coming from Jackson and Abdul. Ramiele, who started singing at 12, has been surprising people with her big voice, despite the diminutive appearance. On the official American Idol website, she mentions Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Lani Misalucha and Regine Velasquez as her musical influences. She is grateful that her parents and her family are supportive of her. “If I ever have a singing gig or whatever in Orlando, in Tampa, or whatever, (Continued on page 22)

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Ramiele says goodbye to American Idol
By JP Mitog Philstar, April 4, 2008 It’s the end of the road for FilipinoAmerican singer Ramiele Malubay’s American Idol (AI) journey. She is the recent AI hopeful to be voted out from the competition. Only eight contestants remain: David Archuleta, Michael Johns, Carly Smithson, David Cook, Jason Castro, Syesha Mercado, Brooke White and Kristy Lee Cook.

Filipino-American singer Ramiele Malubay It was Dolly Parton night and all nine finalists sang their own versions of hits from the country legend’s songbook, as seen on Q-11. Malubay, the petite former sushi bar waitress from Miramar, Florida, sang the Parton-penned song Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? Judge Paula Abdul praised Ramiele and said, “You really had a great minute-and-thirty-seconds and you connected with the audience and you were having fun.” However, Randy Jackson, wasn’t as positive. “I wasn’t jumpin’ up and down but I wasn’t mad at you either, man. It was kinda alright,” he said as he rated the performance a six and a half out of 10. The most biting comments directed towards the 20-year-old’s performance that night came from, of course, Simon Cowell. “Overall I thought it was forgettable, and I think it was very reminiscent of something you would see and hear on a cruise ship.” Actually, although Parton herself was all praises, it wasn’t quite a

A Star’s Time to Shine
By Sarah Feliciano | SAN DIEGO 4/7/08 -- On Sunday April 27, 2008, Sharon Rose Feliciano will reach a milestone in achieving a life-long dream. After years of placing within various contests and singing in shows for artists such as Angela Velez, Jim Brickman, Pops Fernandez, and Martin Nievera, Sharon will finally shine in a spotlight all her own. It is on this twenty-seventh day of April that Sharon Rose Feliciano will perform in her first solo concert entitled “Heart Over Mind” at the Eastlake Performing Arts Center. Born in Long Beach, California, Sharon Rose has been singing since she could remember. Entering her first contest at the age of fourteen, she placed within the first “Filipino Idol” in 2003 and since then has graced many events across San Diego with her beautiful voice. However, it was not until San Diego’s “Search for a Star” did she make her biggest win. In gaining the title of champion of San Diego’s “Search for a Star” in 2006, Sharon Rose was able to release her first album under Soundproof International Production. With an album comprised of original songs and famous covers, the upcoming concert seems only fitting for this deserving talent. And it is due to these achievements and talent that Sharon Rose was recognized by Congressman Bob Filner. The invitation to Filner’s Chula Vista office was relaxed and easy going. Upon receiving a copy of Sharon Rose’s album and poster, a light and laughter-filled conversation took place as pictures were taken. And as unexpected as the whole experience must have been, the most surprising moment was in the mentioning of a future Congressional Award. Sharon Rose Feliciano has come far in reaching a dream she follows so passionately. From singing in diapers to belting in gowns, there is no telling where her powerful voice might take her. Please support and share the night with this young talent at the “Heart Over Mind” experience that takes place on April 27, 2008 at the Eastlake Performing Arts Center. For tickets and information please call: 619-309-5712, 619-623-3982, 858-610-1013, 858-610-5898

Page 10

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April 11 - 17, 2008

Light & Shadows
by Zena Sultana Babao
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Arrogance and Unbelief Sink Lives
Why are we sometimes so full of arrogance and unbelief that we belittle the power of God? Why do we rush headlong into disaster knowing the detrimental outcome of our actions? The sinking of the Titanic ninety-six years ago today gives us cause to pause, ponder and learn the important lessons out of that terrible and unforgettable tragic event. The tragedy of the Titanic on the evening of April 12, 1912 has passed from history into legend. Scores of books and films have recounted its story. To date, the latest one was the blockbuster movie “Titanic,” shown some years ago. That movie was one of the top-grossing films of all time! It even earned an Oscar for its leading man, Leonardo DiCaprio. What is it that fascinates us about this doomed ocean liner? Is it the unthinkable tragedy and the possibility that such tragedy could have been avoided? Or is it the sheer arrogance and stupid belief of people who think that they are better than God? For sure, we can glean some lessons from that colossal catastrophe! The Doomed Ship Titanic At that time, the Titanic was the largest and most luxurious ship ever built. All who could afford the trip, and even those who barely could, wanted to take part in its maiden voyage from Europe to America. What caught everyone’s attention was the circulated belief that the Titanic was unsinkable. In fact, when one of the crew members was asked at the start of the voyage if the Titanic was truly unsinkable, the crewman replied, “God himself could not sink this ship!” The Titanic had everything going for her. She was equipped with the most advanced technological features of her day. That technological edge filled people with awe and wonder. The ship’s captain, Edward J. Smith, was said to be one of the most experienced and respected men at sea. Money was not spared to give it opulence! In fact, the Titanic was so magnificent it was like a floating palace. Even the Liner’s Managing Director made it a point to join her on her maiden voyage. Some of the wealthiest people of the world at that time were on board. Also on board were some poor Europeans who wanted to come to America to build a new life. But it was not to be. Things expected have a way of turning wrong! What went wrong? A series of errors and omissions compounded to create a gigantic catastrophe! The mighty ship ignored increasing signs of danger as it speeded through the night to her rendezvous with disaster. Early in the afternoon of that April day, radio messages about iceberg floating in the area were received from other ships. But the ship’s captain saw no need to slow down. At 10:00 in the evening, another ship, the Californian, frantically warned the Titanic of more icebergs. But the radio operators, busy sending wires from the rich and famous aboard to their friends on land, sharply told the Californian not to interrupt. Then at 10:40 p.m. tragedy struck! A faint shudder was felt aboard the ship and a strange sound was heard. One survivor described the sound like that of a giant fingernail scraping the side of the ship. What happened was that the Titanic had collided with a giant iceberg! The mountain of ice had created a 300-foot gash, a mortal wound on the side of the ship. And to add insult to injury, this magnificent floating palace had only twenty lifeboats. Not enough for the 3,000 passengers and crew! The builders and the owners were so confident of the ship’s indestructibility that they considered additional lifeboats unnecessary. Soon the ship began to tilt. There were no bells, no siren, and no general alarm to warn the passengers of their impending doom. The stewards

simply knocked from cabin to cabin, politely asking passengers to don their life jackets and go up on deck. At first the passengers thought it was all a joke. They responded with amusement and disbelief. Minutes ticked away as the women and the children boarded the few lifeboats. Some wives chose to stay with their husbands aboard the sinking ship. Some men were lucky to get into the lifeboats. At precisely 1:30 a.m., two hours and forty minutes after the ship collided with the iceberg, the mighty Titanic went down into the blackness of the deep! Only 705 of the 3,000 survived. Life is like the Titanic What happened to the ship can also happen in life – if we don’t heed the signs of danger! In some ways, our life, and society in general is like the Titanic: technologically advanced, opulent and arrogant. So advanced, that we have at our fingertips nuclear and biological weapons of destruction that could effectively wipe out civilization in the blink of an eye. So opulent, that we revel on what we have, rather than what we are. And so arrogant, that we think we can get away with almost any despicable act without facing the consequences. In effect, we are proclaiming to the world that: “God himself could not sink this ship!” History will tell us that no society or nation is unsinkable! When a society or a nation is so embroiled in evil and immorality, and arrogance and unbelief – tragedy is not far off. One day we will learn that at a great cost. This generation – with its power and its technology, its opulence and immorality, its lawlessness and its pride – will go the way of the Titanic. Unless we change our course! Unless we adhere to the moral and natural laws of our God! There is a Supreme Being that governs us all. But sad to say, we do not listen. We turn deaf ears to the signs of impending doom – and like the Titanic – we rush headlong into disaster! Look around you. It is happening now. Seeing that all things will come to pass, and they will, the questions we should ask ourselves are these: Are we going to heed the warning signals and adjust our course? Are we going to listen to the voice of reason and do the right thing? Or are we going to let our arrogance and unbelief sink us into oblivion? Let us remember the Titanic, and the lessons it brings!

Vidal to Erap: Keep your promise to stay out of politics
(Continued from page 1) declaration of Estrada that he may join the elections upon the will of the people. “Whatever he said – and whatever reason he has for changing that, I don’t know – he should stick to his promise,” the cardinal said in an interview aired over Church–run Radyo Veritas. Vidal recalled, Estrada “promised me he would not join politics anymore.” “He promised me he would no longer engage in politicking. Bakit ganon? He gave me his word even before he was given pardon. He said he was already aging. Now what happened (to his promise), I don’t know.” Estrada was overthrown in the 2001 people power revolt amid corruption charges. He was later tried and found guilty of plunder but was granted conditional pardon by President Arroyo. Mrs. Arroyo issued the executive clemency after Estrada publicly committed that he would no longer seek election to any post in 2010. This declaration by the former leader was emphasized in the pardon letter issued by the Palace. But Estrada earlier hinted the possibility of running again for president if he tops opinion poll surveys in the run-up to the May 2010 presidential election. “I’ll think about it. Right now I have no intention of running but if the people will clamor for it, who am I to refuse?” he said in a forum with foreign correspondents last Thursday. Estrada however admitted he would have to hurdle several legal issues if he decides to run again for president. “The Supreme Court will be the final arbiter,” he said. The cardinal also revealed that he reminded Estrada of the “debt of gratitude” he owes Arroyo for the pardon: “He told me that he is a man of gratitude and that he knows who he should thank for all blessings he has – first is God and second is our leader.” For now, Estrada said he is more focused on uniting the opposition and convince them to support only one presidential candidate to ensure victory in 2010. Vidal, currently the most senior member of the country’s Catholic hierarchy, has urged Estrada to abide by conditions of the pardon, including the forfeiture of the ill-gotten wealth he had amassed during his three-year tenure at the Palace.

Food for thought
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A man was sick and tired of going to work every day while his wife stayed home. He wanted her to see what he went through so he Prayed: “Dear Lord: I go to work every day and put in 8 hours while my wife merely stays at home. I want her to know what I go through, so please allow her body to switch with mine for a day. Amen. God, in his infinite wisdom, granted the man’s wish. The next morning, sure enough, the man awoke as a woman. He arose, cooked breakfast for his mate, awakened the kids, set out their school clothes, fed them breakfast, packed their lunches, drove them to school, came home and picked up the dry cleaning, took it to the cleaners and stopped at the bank to make a deposit, went grocery shopping, then drove home to put away the groceries, paid the bills and balanced the checkbook. He cleaned the cat’s litter box and bathed the dog. Then it was already 1 P.M. and he hurried to make the beds, do the laundry, vacuum, dust, and sweep and mop the kitchen floor. Ran to the school to pick up the kids and got into an argu-

A man’s wish

ment with them on the way home. Set out milk and cookies and got the kids organized to do their homework, then set up the ironing board and watched TV while he did the ironing. At 4:30 he began peeling potatoes and washing vegetables for salad, breaded the pork chops and snapped fresh beans for supper. After supper, he cleaned the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, folded laundry, bathed the kids, and put them to bed. At 9 P.M. he was exhausted and, though his daily chores weren’t finished, he went to bed where he was expected to make love, which he managed to get through without complaint. The next morning, he awoke and immediately knelt by the bed and said: Lord, I don’t know what I was thinking. I was so wrong to envy my wife’s being able to stay home all day. Please, oh please, let us trade back.” The Lord, in his infinite wisdom, replied: “My son, I feel you have learned your lesson and I will be happy to change things back to the way they were. You’ll just have to wait nine months, though. You got pregnant last night.”



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April 11 - 17, 2008

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God’s message to my patient
MIND YOUR BODY By Willie T. Ong, MD Philstar, April 8, 2008 As a doctor, you never know who will come next to your clinic. Each patient has a unique story to tell and I take the time to get to know the person well. And so, when Joaquin came to my office some time ago, I wasn’t quite ready for what I was about to hear. Joaquin said he came for a checkup because his heart had stopped. “Uh, what do you mean ‘stopped’?” I inquired. He explained,“I underwent a routine gallbladder operation and my doctors said that my blood pressure suddenly dropped for unknown reasons. I died and was clinically dead for a few minutes before my doctors revived me.” “Ooohh, another neardeath experience,” I thought to myself as I recalled other patients I’ve seen with near-death experiences or so-called NDEs. Before I became a doctor, I had read voraciously on the subject, starting with the seminal book by Dr. Raymond Moody in the ’70s, to several New Age books in the ’80s, up to the definitive near-death experience by best-selling author Betty J. Eadie in the ’90s. As the first one to popularize NDE, Dr. Moody had interviewed hundreds of patients who died but were revived. Curiously, the events are similar: First, it’s dying and leaving the physical body. Then you may spend some time hovering over your body, watching the doctors frantically work on you. Next, you find yourself being drawn into a long dark tunnel, moving at high speed. You hear a rushing sound and after some time, you see a glimmering light at the end of the tunnel. You move closer to the light, and it becomes brighter and brighter. The light warms you, soothes you, and comforts you unlike anything

being of light in that heavenly place. He could not see the meaning of his apparently meaningless existence. Then, the being of light revealed you’ve ever experienced. And suddenly, you are with a great being to Joaquin his true purpose: Your of light. You are overwhelmed and mission on earth is to take care of then you know you are in the pres- your two children, to raise them, and be a good father to them.” ence of God. Joaquin’s words struck me like a “You know, Doc, it’s very confusing for me,” Joaquin interrupted my bolt of lightning. Here I was, a docthoughts. “I still don’t know what tor, sometimes wondering about my to make of it. You see, during the existence, about my purpose in life. And I was suddenly aware of my own guilt of not giving enough time to the most important persons in my life, my two daughters. Joaquin’s revelation almost made me cry. Here was the Supreme Being not asking for earth-shattering discoveries or sacrifices, but to simply care for your children, like the loving Father that He is. An hour had passed and my other patients were frantic and couldn’t wait. God’s message doesn’t come too often. I told Joaquin that I would like to help him in his mission. And since I knew operation, I knew something was he was hard up, I said I promised wrong. Then I felt I had left my body to treat him and his family for free and went through a dark place, like as long as he needed me. Joaquin smiled, but his mind was a tunnel. And then, I met this being. He was shining..,” Joaquin paused. in another world. He wasn’t listen“So, who was he?” I asked as I ing to me because he asked how much my fee was. “No, no, nothsat at the edge of my seat. “I don’t know who he was. I’m ing,” I stammered, “You have paid not a religious person, but he was a me already. You have paid me more being of light and he was very kind than you can imagine.” Joaquin’s experience echoes the and loving. What I do know is that this person told me that my death messages of inspirational books, was premature. That it was not my both old and new: No matter how time yet to die. He said I had a mis- ordinary your job is, there is a Godgiven purpose for your work and sion to fulfill in this life.” Joaquin’s voice raised a pitch as you must do it well. Spend time to improve family he continued, “So, I asked this being what kind of mission I could pos- relationships, especially with your sibly have. I had been an ordinary parents, children, and relatives. hotel waiter on Roxas Boulevard Loving the family and healing for 20 years. I could barely support broken relationships are part of our my wife and kids. At 46 years old purpose in this life. Have faith. A big kind of faith. No and just a high school graduate, there was no hope I could ever find matter how bad our situation may a better job. My work did not ex- look like, there is always reason to actly qualify as the ‘world-saving’ hope. As Joaquin found out, God is constantly working in ways we type.” From his words, I gathered that can’t see. He’s in control and His Joaquin, like so many others with immense love and compassion will NDE, had wanted to be with this see us through.

Review raises questions over aspartame and brain health | 03/04/2008Excessive intake of aspartame may inhibit the ability of enzymes in the brain to function normally, suggests a new review that could fan the flames of controversy over the sweetener. The review, by scientists from the University of Pretoria and the University of Limpopo and published recently in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, indicated that high consumption of the sweetener may lead to neurodegeneration. Aspartame is made up of phenylalanine (50 per cent), aspartic acid (40 per cent) and methanol (10 per cent). It is commonly used in food products for the diet or low calorie market, including soft drinks and chewing gums. It was approved for use in foods in the US and EU member states in the early 1980s. The sweetener has caused much controversy amid suspicions on whether it is entirely safe, with studies linking the ingredient and cancer in rats. It has also previously been found that aspartame consumption can cause neurological and behavioural disturbances in sensitive individuals. Symptoms that have been reported include headaches, insomnia and seizures. Despite strong concerns being raised from some quarters over the sweetener, both the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have not changed their guidelines regarding the safety of the ingredient or intake advice.

Oakwood mutineers plead guilty
(Continued from page 1) Florentino Somera Jr. After a five-minute recess, Judge Oscar Pimentel called the nine military officers and asked them if they are voluntarily changing their plea and if they understood the consequences of their actions. When the nine answered “yes,” a rearraignment was held wherein each of the accused was again asked to enter a plea to the charge of coup d’etat. At Malacañang. Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Sergio Apostol said the nine military officers might have realized that the evidence against them was strong. “That’s (guilty plea) a welcome development. That’s a vindication on the government’s part and an indication also that the evidence against them is really strong,” he said. The defense of the Magdalo soldiers was apparently weak, Apostol said. Meanwhile, the military said yesterday no compromise deal was made with the nine military officers for them to plead guilty.

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“We were caught by surprise,” said Lt. Col. Bartolome Bacarro, AFP spokesman. “But what is noteworthy is their courage to admit that they have committed something wrong and are ready to face the consequences of their actions.” Bacarro said it would be up to the court where the nine military officers would be detained. “They remained in the custody of the AFP upon the orders of the court, so we will wait for the court’s instructions as to where they would be held in custody,” he said. On the other hand, Army chief Lt. Gen. Alexander Yano said that the guilty plea of the nine military officers is a breakthrough in the coup d’etat case that started five years ago. “We admire the courage of these men,” he said. “What made them decide to plead guilty was definitely a product of their own volition. Personal reasons may be taken into consideration for they have their families and children, too. “It is more of putting an end or closure to their case so that they can move on with their lives and be with their families again and see their kids grow up and hope that with the available legal remedies they can still experience how to be a civilian or soldier again in the near future.” Only 22 Magdalo members are now facing trial for the failed military ® uprising five years ago. One of them, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, has announced that he would no longer participate in the proceedings, which he called “a travesty of justice.”

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April 11 - 17, 2008
primetime Emmy® Award Lighting Designer, Jeff Ravitz. The “Inaugural Filipino-American Visionary Awards” was a production of NuVision Worldwide Media, LLC in association with Creative Concepts International and TDRZ Productions, Inc. 1ST VISIONARYAWARDS: COMPLETE LISTS OF AWARDEES: Dante Basco, Role Model Award Mike Enriquez, Visionary Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Rising Star Award Francis Magalona, Legend Award for Music Vicente “Tito” Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon: Legend Award for Television Hosting Luis Villafuerte, Congressman, Visionary Award for Government Service Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr., Visionary Award for Public Service ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, Legend Award Media Pioneer Charo Santos, Visionary Award for Television Host of the Year Dolphy, Legend Award for Performance in Comedy GMA Network, Visionary Award for Excellence in Television Programming Sunny Garcia, Legend Award for Sports Manny Pacquiao, Athlete of the Year Richard Gutierrez, Image Award for Star Power Nia Peeples, Legend Award for Acting Mark Dacascos, Image Award for Acting, Image Award for Music Ding Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera, Favorite Television Actor and Favorite Television Actress Rudy Fernandez, Visionary Award for Performance in Action Film Martin Nievera, Visionary Award for Entertainer of the Year Sen. Robert Jaworski, Visionary Lifetime Achievement Award The “Inaugural Filipino-American Visionary Awards” was truly a historic star-studded grand gala award show that was simply world-class and should be respected and embraced by the Filipino and Filipino American Community worldwide!

GMA network and stars win big at the Visionary Awards
(Continued from page 1) achieved excellence in their respective fields namely television, film and music, we hope to bring pride and recognition to honor those who have put Filipinos on the map. And not just the Filipino-Americans who have made a difference here in Hollywood, but those from the Philippines whose contributions to promote our talents have uplifted the profile of Filipinos in the arts, entertainment and sports,” NuVision Chairman and CEO Ramil Q. Gonzales said. Mike Enriquez of GMA Kapuso network’s Imbestigador and 24 Oras was handed the first award of the evening for Visionary Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism. “The Visionary Award, the first ever for Filipino Americans, is something that will serve as an inspiration and challenge not only to me but to all other Filipino journalists,” Mike said. He also accepted the GMA Kapuso network’s award for Visionary Award for Excellence in Television Programming. “On behalf of the men and women of GMA network and GMA Pinoy TV, we thank you Filipinos in the United States throughout the world for letting us into your homes,” Mike added. The triumvirate of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon was given the Legend Award for Television Hosting. “Mayroon palang mas higit pa sa Kapuso at higit pa sa Kapamilya, eto ang kapilipinohan sa buong daigdig,” Joey declared. Philippine film and TV actor Richard Gutierrez accepted the awards for Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera for Favorite Television Actor and Favorite Television Actress respectively. Richard was also honored with his own trophy for Image Award for Star Power. “It is such an honor for me to be here, to be accepting an award at the Kodak Theater. I promise to work hard, to strive for excellence for the Filipino audience,” Richard said. The other GMA Kapuso network stars also honored were Francis Magalona for Legend Award for Music, Manny Pacquiao as Athlete of the Year, and Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. for Visionary Award for Public Service. Among the array of Filipino American artists who were recipients of the Visionary Awards, (Alan Pineda) said it best in his acceptance speech for Image Award for Music which captured the essence of this historical star-studded evening. “I will continue to make Filipino music, rap more Tagalog, show everybody our culture, where we came from, I am proud to be Filipino, I am Filipino today, I will be Filipino tomorrow, I will be Filipino in the future,” Alan declared. Nia Peeples shared the same sentiments when she accepted her trophy for Legend Award for Acting. “The most extraordinary thing about tonight is that we the people have come together not just to honor the achievements of various individuals but we the people have come together to honor each other,” Nia said. The grand gala event featured performances by American Idol Season 3 finalist Jasmine Trias, European singing/dancing sensation Billy Crawford, Philippine Pop Diva Kuh Ledesma, Philippine Concert King Martin Nievera, Hannah Montana’s Anna Marie Perez de Tagle, Philippines’ Phenomenal Diva Jessa Zaragoza, Dingdong Avanzado, NONOSINA Polynesia Dance Ensemble, and the Cast of Fever the Musical featuring TV host/actress Ciara Sotto. This historic first-of-its-kind production was emceed by Philippine singer/songwriter Dingdong Avanzado and KSCI’s Kababayan LA producer/host Jannelle So. The production team was headed by Hollywood director/producer Douglas Velasco, five-time Emmy®-award winning writer Craig Heller, Art Director/Set Designer Scott Heinemann (Art Directors Guild Award winner),

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April 11 - 17, 2008

April 11 - 17, 2008

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E-mails from the desert
by Dr. Ed Gamboa
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Poetry (or balak in the native tongue), as we all know, is a very ancient form of human expression. Epic, tragic, comic, dramatic or whimsical --- poems were often recited in public and popular verses passed verbally on from generation to generation. Any aspiring writer would try his or her hand at poetry if only to be subjected to the rigors of iambic or metrical discipline. This century, however, has seen poetry gliding gently off its lofty pedestal. Compilations of poetic verses are still published and faithful readers remain, but the art form, which Edgar Allan Poe equated with the “rhythmical creation of beauty” is,alas, slowly fading. To Percy Shelley poetry is nothing less than “the very image of life expressed in its eternal truth”. “Prose consists of words in their best order”, Samuel Taylor Coleridge noted, but “poetry consists of the best words in the best order”. In celebration of a fading art, hoping for its colorful resurgence, I put in my two cents worth.

I Love the Philippines!
explore our country discover our country travel our country love our country! We @ are proud of our country ... our heritage! Aren’t you? Only here in the Philippines can you find over 7,107 islands comprising one country, panoramic landscapes that take your breath away, exceptional beaches with fine and powdery sand, amazing sanctuaries, and centuries-old historical spots. This combined with superb local delicacies and native crafts, rich festivities and traditions, and the welcoming hospitality of our everwarm Filipino people --- yes, with all its glory, this is our home! This is the Philippines! And we LOVE THE PHILIPPINES! You were born here, grew up here even. But now you reside in a foreign country and refer to the Philippines - perhaps with a tinge of longing or nostalgia, depending on your age - as “back home”. Or, maybe, your parents lived here when they were still children and soon migrated abroad. They tell you stories of their childhood - often repeatedly like a favorite record - spent carefree somewhere in this archipelago of 7,000-plus islands. Maybe, yet, you haven’t left and opted to stay behind... Then again, you could be an Overseas Filipino Worker, touted as “Bagong Bayani”, helping to improve your family’s way of life and, eventually, contribute to the improvement of the Philippine economy - tall order it may seem. While abroad as immigrant or migrant worker, you count the ways in which you love this country of your birth, this country which your parents calls home. You recall how much you frolicked in your hometown’s beach or river just as fervently as your parents recollect their childhood on the farm. Or a smile creeps to your lips when you watch videos of your honeymoon in a resort up North or your adventure in your youth down South. Maybe not. Maybe you grew up in the city, near the madding crowd, and have stories of how much you enjoyed frolicking in flooded streets or wading in it on your way to school or to work. You are no foreigner in your own country although sometimes you have been a local tourist. Just the same, you love this country. How could you not? Its people, you, could beat others elsewhere at merry(Continued on page 22)

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With Branches All Over The U.S. & Phils. 24/7 Internet Branch: Main Office: 9815 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92131 • Tel (858) 271-6122 National City: 2409 E. Plaza Blvd, National City, CA 91950 • (619) 475-3262
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April 11 - 17, 2008

April 11 - 17, 2008

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enrollment. These services will be coordinated by program manager, Brian Hayes. Computer Giveaways Open Community IT, the technology division of Operation Samahan Inc., will share technical expertise during the EXPO on: Medical Practice Management System (PMS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Accounting Systems, Groupware, HR Systems - Time Keeping, Telephone System, Website Development, Technical Training, Consulting Services. In keeping with it’s philosophy of offering low cost, open source solutions to bridge the “digital divide”, Open Community-IT will be giving away four complete Linux based computer systems, each consisting of a computer, monitor, mouse and keyboard! Eric Bringas and Jay Ampolo can be reached at (619) 477-4451 or and Radio stations and Opera Stars “Karim at Jasmin” Stars from the spectacular Filipino opera “Karim at Jasmin” will render song snippets from the opera at about 1:30. The opera will be playing that same evening at the Spreckels Theater. Written by Dr. Ramon Sison Geluz, the opera touches the heart of the modern audience with its exotic setting in a Southern Philippine village and is about love, family, honor, (Continued on page 27)

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Naturalization Lawyers, Consul Services at April 26 Fil-Am EXPO
On April 26, a panel of immigration attorneys and a representation from INS will discuss the laws and process when applying for U. S. citizenship and the problems to avoid so the application is not rejected. This free workshop, “NATURALIZATION CLINIC - Applying For U. S. Citizenship”, will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Fil-Am Trade and Cultural EXPO. The workshop is sponsored by the Southwest Center For Asian Pacific American Law (SCAPAL), a nonprofit law center The EXPO, sponsored by One Vision One Voice, will be held on April 26, Saturday, at the Golden Hall San Diego Concourse, 202 C St. The EXPO is FREE and open to the public from 10-6. Transportation services will be provided at designated locations from Mira Mesa and National City. A ribbon-cutting opening ceremony with local elected officials is planned for 10:00 a.m. Consul Services A consular outreach program will be held by the Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles. Consul General Mary Jo Bernardo Aragon announced that Vice Consul Jim B. San Agustin will lead a team that would provide the following consular services: processing of applications for Philippine passports and renewals, notarization of documents, and processing of Philippine citizenship reacquisition. Sam Samson, a local business entrepreneur and EXPO sponsor will be assisting the consulate team. Corporate sponsors Corporate sponsors include: Viejas Enterprises, Samson PCS, AT&T, RCBC Remittance Services, Open Community IT, Operation Samahan Community Health Centers, San Diego Center for the Blind, American Cancer Society, Conching’s Café (8th St National City) and Jochi’s Restaurant (1340 3rd Ave. Chula Vista inside Seafood City), Alpha Phi Omega (APOAASD). Transportation Services Transportation vans will be available at the Mira Mesa Senior Center on 8460 Mira Mesa Blvd and Kimball Towers on 1450 D Ave. National City. Pickup times are scheduled for 9:00, 11:00 and 2:00. The last return trip is scheduled for 4:00. Chef Larry on stage at noon Famous local Filipino Chef Larry will share his culinary expertise on stage at noon. Home Foreclosures Help Workshop A workshop on 995 HOPE- help on home foreclosures and mortgage loans will be given by Noel Bigay of Auritron Solutions. “REDISTRICTING--WHAT IS THIS AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO YOUR VOTING RIGHTS”, also sponsored by SCALPAL will be held from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. A panel of attorneys, professors and other professionals will educate the public about redistricting and voting rights and how to improve political empowerment in San Diego County’s API community. This is free and open to the public. Seating is limited. Pre-registration is recommended by emailing SCAPAL at info@scapal. org or or by calling SCAPAL at 858 571 9070 no later than April 23rd. For workshop information contact Demy Din at or Dr. Ceferina Ruiz at DrRuiz@ Health Services Operation Samahan Community Health Centers will be offering the following services during the EXPO: Blood Pressure Tests, Asthma Screenings, Blood Sugar Screening, Pediatric BMI assessments, Smoking Cessation Consultations, Rapid Oral HIV Testing (results in 20 minutes), Cancer Detection Program info, Screening/ Assessments for Samahan Programs & Services, Set appointments with our Doctors right at the Expo, Reproductive Health insurance eligibility & 6.4375” x 10.5 / Asian Journal / Run Date: 3-1-08 / BlackWhite

OLMC Health Fair and Wellness Expo 2008
Our Lady of Mount Carmel (OLMC) in rancho Penasquitos in collaboration with the Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego (PNASD) will be holding its third Health Fair & wellness Expo on Saturday, April 26, 2008, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish Church Grounds, 13541 Stoney Creek Road, San Diego, CA 92126 The fair is open to the public and admission is FREE! The event will include: • Health education lectures, topics include: diabetes update, MRSA “super bug” immunization for the family, cancer, hypertension and heart disease and many more provided by doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers. • Health screenings for both adults and children (vision and hearing tests, immunization screening, blood pressure, measurements, scoliosis screening, blood sugar testing, glaucoma and cataract screening and many more) • Health information will be available on topics including hypertension, stroke prevention, self-breast examinations, prostate cancer detection, lead poisoning, cancer and nutrition and many more. • Fun activities for the children (Continued on page 27)

Play, grab and win!

February 29 – May 1
Earn stamps for every qualifying hand at your favorite table game. Ten stamps put you in the semi-final drawings. Plus every semi-finalist will be entered in the final drawing for a chance to win a lucky bag of cash. The more you play, the more entries you get!

Plus earn double stamps weekdays from 2-6am and 2- 6pm
SEMI-FINAL DRAWINGS Every Tuesday & Thursday March 4 - April 29
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6 pm .......... Seven $100 Winners! 7 pm .......... 3 winners sharing $4,000! 8 pm .......... 3 winners sharing $6,000! 9 pm .......... 3 winners sharing $7,000! 10 pm........ 3 winners sharing $15,000!

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A complete list of games and the Official Rules are available from any Table Games representative.



5 4 6 9 C a s i n o Wa y, E l C a j o n , C A


Must be 18 years of age or older to be in Casino, restaurants and theatre. Please play responsibly.

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ing and exercise habits so they can lead healthier lives,” said School Board President Pearl Quiñones. The district is taking a comprehensive approach to fitness. Soft drinks have been removed from all school vending machines and more nutritious foods were added to the school lunch menus. To give students healthier food choices, Sweetwater’s nutrition policies and practices were revised and now meet or exceed state and federal guidelines. HEAC funding provided healthy lifestyle training for physical education and health teachers and gave them opportunities to develop new nutrition and fitness lessons. New supplies—blood pressure cuffs, body fat analyzers, test tubes that reveal the fat, sugar and salt content of specific foods—were purchased for classrooms and spur discussions among students on ways to improve wellness. “Sweetwater is proud to participate in this community collaborative and we’re especially pleased to be making a difference in improving children’s health,” Quiñones said. The California Endowment, a statewide health foundation, selected six communities—including Chula Vista—to participate in its $26 million, four-year initiative

April 11 - 17, 2008
to prevent childhood obesity. The foundation estimates that if current trends in childhood obesity continue, 32.8% of boys and 38.5% of girls born in 2000 will develop diabetes sometime in their lives. The California Endowment has been so pleased with Sweetwater’s performance in these efforts that funding has been extended to 2010.

by Conrad I. Reloj Jr.
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Around Town

Lu’s Japanese Car Specialists receives compliments from satisfied patrons
(Continued from page 1) says “thank you for your outstanding performance regarding the repair of my Nissan Sport Car. Jonathan, you always take the time required to examine even the smallest part to ensure not just the perfect operation of my vehicle but also in compliance with the strictest safety standards.” Another satisfied customer, Michael Alas wrote, “Thanks for your honest diagnose and fair pricing not to mention your great warranties. Thanks a lot for a job well done! Your ability to diagnose my car is truly fantastic and you can be assured of my return business whenever my car needs an inspection or repair.” Customer Paul A. Cevolani, on the other hand wrote: “Thanks again for the great service you provided and for looking out for my car and my family’s safety. You really are a Japanese Car Specialist!” Lu’s Japanese Car Specialist is located at 755 San Marcos Blvd., #107, San Marcos, CA 92060, with telephone no. (760) 736-9984.

In partnership with Chula Vista Elementary School District and the City of Chula Vista, Sweetwater adopted a community-wide healthy lifestyles project now in its third year. Today, health professionals and city officials, Sweetwater teachers, parents and students are taking part in the Healthy Eating Active Communities (HEAC) project. The initiative, which promotes better nutrition and an active lifestyle, is funded by The California Endowment. “Childhood obesity and diabetes are on the rise and Sweetwater wants to curb these dangerous trends. Our goal is to mobilize and inspire students to improve their eat-

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” - Arthur Schopenhauer

Efforts to Curb Childhood Obesity win National Award
Sweetwater District’s healthy lifestyles project
The healthy living effort initiated by the Sweetwater Union High School District is succeeding in mobilizing school children toward better fitness. That’s according to the Childhood Obesity Action Network, which gave the program a “National Recognition Award for Health Care Programs Addressing Childhood Obesity.”

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Rev. Cornelio Evangelista working on celebrity, Dancing with the Stars, actor Mario Lopez

Rev. Cornelio Evangelista HHP, MT
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April 11 - 17, 2008

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Consequently, we are second- class in the eyes of men and unfaithful in the eyes of God. Love of country is the heart and soul of UP, the fiery rhetoric of countless campus speeches, the burning passion of street parliamentarians, the dying breath of martyrs, and the mantra of the Iskolars ng Bayan who have become world-class professionals and talents. Through excellence and hard-work, many UP graduates now call Ayala Alabang home. Many others have bloomed and prospered in many corners of the globe. However, despite the sacrifice and heroism of its patriots and the affluence and influence of its successful graduates, UP today, after 100 years of existence, joins other top universities who have nurtured the brightest and the best in the country, in wondering why the Philippines remains third-world, poor and corrupt, where 3 million Filipino families live in extreme poverty-landless, homeless, and oftentimes, hungry. Why haven’t we changed for the better? What happened to our collective genius? It is not from a lack of concern, or caring, or effort. The streets of our cities are mute witnesses to numerous collective outrage for change; I was in two of them, EDSA 1 and EDSA 2. The soil in the countryside is soaked with the blood of our warriors, both soldiers and rebels alike, ferociously fighting each other yet not understanding why Filipinos have to be enemies to one another. Our slums drip with the sweat and tears of countless everyday heroes from NGOs, peoples organizations and government agencies who care for the needy, despite the fact that many of them are also in need. Yes, many do care for our country, many want change. Despite countless false starts and dead-ends and untold frustrations, our compatriots will continue the struggle for redemption until we get it right. There are numerous laudable paths and noteworthy means in building this country. The buzz word in business is CSR, for Corporate Social Responsibility; schools have immersions, civic clubs and churches have outreaches. There are also those who run for public office or take political actions on the streets. These are conventional paths of good citizens. My chosen path is a disruption to convention. It is called Gawad Kalinga. Our dream is clear to us, crazy as it may seem to others: to build a First- World Philippines and to raise a First- Class Filipino in this country in this generation. Ambitious? Yes! But why not? “Bakit ka pa magtitipid

Page 19
kung nangangarap ka para sa iyong Bayan?” (Why scrimp when you dream for your country?) Many have ridiculed our dreams but have not succeeded in discouraging us or stopping others from believing and taking the journey with us- bringing with them better technology, greater expertise, and more resources- and contaminating others with their passion. If we succeed because of our faith in God and in the Filipino, the country will rejoice and we will gain our place in heaven. If we fail, we lose nothing. Trying is everything. The journey is the victory. There is no failure for those who believe. The first phase of the journey is to address social injustice by raising 700,000 home lots and start -up 7,000 communities by the end of 2010. The goal of the campaign called GK 777 is to “unsquat” the poorest of the poor, heal their woundedness, regain their trust, build their confidence, and make them think and act as a community. Then we move in the next 7 years to the stewardship phase: strengthening governance; developing communitybased programs for health, education, environment, and productivity; building a village culture that honors Filipino values and heritage. The (Continued on page 21)

Gawad Kalinga Updates
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The Best For The Least
A Speech By Tony Meloto Quezon City, Philippines - March 11, 2008 - Last March 11, 2008, Tony Meloto delivered this speech at the University of the Philippines National College of Public Administration and Governance (UP-NCPAG) as part of the GK Public lecture Series. The GK Public Lecture Series is a quarterly multi-sectoral gathering open to all who are concerned about poverty eradication and nation-building. It is organized by the GK Builders Institute and hosted by partner schools all over the country. It will feature conversations and discourses on nation-building drawing from the experience of Gawad Kalinga here and abroad. “What can we do for our country?” is the question in the hearts of many Filipinos today. It is a genuine quest for a personal response after tiring of repeatedly asking others the old question “what’s happening to our country?” and not getting any satisfactory answer or seeing any meaningful change once the disturbing issues of the day are out of the headlines and emotions die down. We are here this afternoon at UP NCPAG to discover and discuss fresh and radical responses to this question since this is the best environment for out- of- the- box ideas. And Dean Alex Brillantes is just as crazy and adventurous as we all are in Gawad Kalinga in exploring uncharted territories. Before responding to this question, let me show you first a short video. What you just saw is a moving documentary depicting the lives of former street children in Quezon City captured vividly on canvas by patriotic artist Joey Velasco in his now famous painting Hapag ng Pag-asa. Three of the subjects were scavengers from Payatas, one girl lived in an empty tomb in La Loma cemetery, the others were squatters under the bridge in North Fairview. Born in extreme poverty to parents who were landless tenants or fishermen in Visayas and Bicol before squatting in the city, they were children without hope, part of the dispossessed population that our society calls hampaslupa (dirt poor) and patay-gutom (starved to death). They are the faces of the real Filipino that many of our political and business decision-makers who live in gated villages do not know. Any meaningful effort to develop the country must first consider the need for respect and restoration of those at the bottom of the heap. Joey Velasco used his art not only to depict the plight of the neglected but more importantly, to inspire supporters to help educate them, provide livelihood for their parents, and relocate them to a Gawad Kalinga village in Amparo, Caloocan City where they can live in dignity and look forward to a future full of hope. This is a case of art giving life and the portrait of an artist as a Filipino. Many of us are concerned over what is happening now although our reactions and responses may vary. The establishment is threatened, the students are restless, the rich are disturbed, and the poor are waiting for the next meal and for genuine change to happen on a scale that is massive and heroic at the ground level for their lives to improve. The silence of many is not a tolerance of wrongdoing or falsehood. Our people simply want concrete action that goes beyond rhetoric, partisanship, and conflict. Our passion is waiting to be unleashed on a great vision for a new nation anchored on truth and justice that inspires hope, heals wounds, and builds peace. Last February 28, as some people took to the streets once again to vent societal frustrations, I was in Ayala Alabang for the GK forum on nation building with concerned village leaders and residents. Many of them are active GK partners and volunteers and others wanted to find out how they could help. One of them, world-class architect Bobby Manosa, commented after the session that the best response that we can give to the present situation is to simply love our country despite the pessimism and the ugliness that we see or hear around us. I agree with Bobby, but let me add another fundamental response: we must love the poor in our country as we love our family. It is unfair to leave to our children a legacy that is in a state of disarray. They deserve to inherit from us a

country that they can be proud of, a strong economy that will provide them career and business opportunities, and a home environment that will guarantee them security. This is not possible if we neglect the poor. Nation-building is about peoplebuilding; it is about raising the weak to become strong. Nation-building is about developing our social capital, converting our human liabilities to assets, and cultivating a culture of productivity and hard-work to achieve food sufficiency, trigger entrepreneurship, promote trade, raise standards of excellence, and improve quality of life for all. This is the view from the bottom that many cannot see because they do not know the poor. Sadly, it is true that we do not speak enough about our love for the Philippines and for the poor in our country. It is simply not in our system; it is not embedded in our soul. We do not drill it in the hearts of our children because it was not drilled in ours. We talk about love of God all the time because we are a religious people but seldom do we profess our love for God and country as if the two do not go together. As a Christian, I see poverty as fundamentally a failure in discipleship. We are a poor nation because we have failed to love the poor.



Price effect due to Dollar to Peso convertion rate

38 $ 43 $ 48 $ 53

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Spiritual Life
ered that the driver had given him a quarter too much change. As he considered what to do, he thought to himself: “You’d better give the quarter back. It would be wrong to keep it.” Then he thought: “Oh, forget it! It’s only 25 cents. Who would worry about this little amount?. . . . Anyway, the bus company gets too much fare. They will never miss it. Accept it is a gift from God and keep quiet!” When his stop came, he paused for a moment at the door. Then he handed the quarter to the driver and said: “Here. . . . . .You gave me too much change.” The driver smiled and said: “Aren’t you the new priest at Sacred Heart Parish?. . . . I have been away from the Sacraments for a long time. . . . But I have been thinking a lot lately about going back to God. . . I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you too much change. . . . I’ll see you at Mass on Sunday.” When the priest stepped off the bus, he literally grabbed the nearest light pole, held on, and said: “Oh God, I almost sold your Son for a quarter!” Our lives are the only Bible some people will ever read. This is an example of how much people watch us as Christians, and put us to the test. You carry the name of Christ on your shoulders when you call yourself “Christian”. Then I received a remarkable letter from Miguel Sangalang in San Jacinto, Pangasinan. It contained a sizeable donation “for the children of the poorest of the poor, in your charity hospital of Our Lady of Peace — especially for those who are sick with cancer.” Here are a few excerpts from that letter: All people have their ups and downs. Many pass along the shallow cutting edge of a hacksaw blade, but I had to walk along the deeper, sharper, more painful edge of a ripsaw. My finances were shot through and through when my baby died at Naga City. She was the tenth of my children. I had to buy lumber to make her coffin, and I pasted some bond paper for lining. I couldn’t afford to buy a beautiful ready made coffin for a beloved baby daughter. “God,” I said. “What have I done to deserve this?” My self esteem was crushed. I was a father with nine children looking up at me with trust and hope and innocence. And I was failing them! Somehow, I found myself at mid morning in the near empty Cathedral at Naga. I prayed so hard for help from the Virgin of Peñafrancia, as only a despairing man can pray. From then on it was a steady climb. I was awarded by UNDP a scholarship grant in fishing gear technology for seven months. . . .Then the Confederation of Fishing Associations covering Iloilo, Bacolod and Cebu requested the Minister of Agriculture to detail me to them. They have been generous and kind, through the years. I was sitting with my wife on the embankment of the River Gave, facing the Grotto at Lourdes, waiting for the candle light procession. Then it came quietly ‑ a feeling of ineffable peace. I had no fear, no worry, no cares whatsoever. It was my brief moment of heaven on earth. I have not yet escaped the biting teeth of the ripsaw blade. It is still sharp and painful. But I want to share the blessings that God has given me with the poorest of the poor. Yours in Christ, MIGUEL. When you do things right, for one brief shining moment heaven shines through. . . . . and you can feel that God is with you.

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April 11 - 17, 2008

AT 3 A.M. By James B. Reuter Philstar, March 29, 2008

They did it right!

This came to me from Enid Sevilla. She worked in my office for five years, then went to the United States, where she became the right hand of Father Bud Kieser, CSP, the producer

of Paulist Productions in Hollywood. Bud died recently, and now Enid is the director of Paulist Productions. This is the story that she sent to me: Several years ago, a priest from outof-state accepted an assignment to a church in Houston, Texas. Soon after he arrived he had an occasion to ride the bus to the downtown area. When he sat down, he discov-

Lower Your Nets
by Msgr. Fernando G. Gutierrez
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All about Shepherd, Sheep, and Sheepfold
Joke of the week: Two church mice died and made their way to heaven. Hearing their squeak, St. Peter opened the gate and asked, “What can I do for you?” “Well,” they explained, “we worked in the church all our lives. We’re church mice.” At first, St. Peter hesitated but he finally told them to come in. The eyes of the little fellows bulged at the size and grandeur of everything. How would they ever get around in such a big place? They decided to ask St. Peter for two pairs of skates. The genial saint agreed and in a short time the two were off to see the sights. Meanwhile a cat died and meowed at heaven’s gate. He told St. Peter, “I am a rectory cat. I’ve been faithful to my pastor all my life.” So the keeper of the pearly gates let him in. The cat said he was hungry so St. Peter told him, “There’s plenty of food around. Just help yourself.” In no time at all the cat was back, licking his lips. “Well,” asked St. Peter, “what did you have to eat?” With a grin the cat replied, “Two meals on wheels.” Scripture: First Reading: Acts 2: 14a, 36-41. Peter addresses a large crowd in Jerusalem on Pentecost. He confronts his listeners that the One they crucified is truly the Anointed. Not knowing what they had done, the listeners wanted to find out what they are supposed to do now. Peter’s unequivocal answer is, “Repent and believe.” Second Reading: 1 Peter 2: 20-25. Unjustly accused of any wrongdoing, the early Christians identify themselves with the One who also suffered for the wrongdoings of others. The author also reminds the new converts to Christianity: that having been gone astray like lost sheep, they are now under the care and protection of the Good Shepherd. Gospel: John 10: 1-10. New Testament scholars consider that the two parables: the prowler and the shepherd on the one hand, the relationship of the shepherd the sheep, and the stranger on the other, are originally authentic parables of Jesus but fused together as one in oral transmission. Jesus as the risen Lord is both gate and shepherd who protects and nourishes his followers. Reflections: In the Middle East, there is a personal bond that binds shepherd and sheep. Sheep were carefully secured at night close to the family’s sleeping quarters so that the relationship between shepherd and sheep is personal. At times, after the shepherd had counted his sheep, secured them, and inspected each for any possible injury, he would sleep at the entrance to the sheepfold. In this way, the shepherd prevents any predator from entering the sheepfold and harming the sheep. Sheep in general are weak; hence they are easy targets to predators. Sheep are poor in recognizing familiar surroundings, they easily go astray. Being lost, the sheep gets panicky; all it can do is bleat loudly to call the shepherd’s attention. Sheep do what the shepherd tells them to do; sheep are followers, not leaders. In fact sheep dog helps the shepherd keep the sheep together. The word sheep connotes meekness and submission. There is no doubt that the Scripture gives so much emphasis to the image of God as the true shepherd and we his sheep. The shepherd was a popular Christ figure in early Christian art and literature. For the great importance that Christian history and New Testament give to Christ as the Good Shepherd, how come that this image does not move Christians the way other Christian symbols do? One probable explanation is that symbols do relate with culture. It is believe that in Australia there are 8½ sheep for every person; in New Zealand there are 20.7 sheep for every person. Shepherd and sheep are not vivid symbols in the Western culture. However, the image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd should not be dismissed so easily as unimportant, because it reminds us what his death and resurrection have earned for us: eternal and abundant life. In today’s Gospel Jesus says, “Whoever enters through me will be saved, and will come in and go out and find pasture.” This Good Shepherd gives his life to show us his unending love. Quotation of the week: “The resurrection became the confirmation of his victory, the victory of the love of the Good shepherd who says, ‘They follow me.’” John Paul II.

Thomas, disciple for our times
GOD’S WORD TODAY By Roberto C. Yap, S.J. Philstar, March 30, 2008 At the center of today’s account of the apparition of our Risen Lord is the skeptical Thomas, the quintessential gospel doubter. When the cross happened, Thomas like all the other apostles became broken-hearted. True, Jesus had earlier told them that he would rise from the dead. But how could they have anticipated this wonder? How could they have comprehended Jesus’ incredible promise? After the violent death of Jesus at Calvary, Thomas was depressed, withdrawn and shattered. He was so miserable that he had to be alone with his grief. So it happened that when Jesus appeared to the disciples the evening of the resurrection itself, Thomas was not there. And the news that Jesus was alive seemed to Thomas far too good to be true and he refused to believe it. Adamant with his natural pessimism, he said that he would never believe that Jesus had risen from the dead until he had probed the nail-prints in Jesus’ hands and had thrust his hand into the wound the spear had made in Jesus’ side. A week later, Jesus appeared once again to his disciples and this time (Continued on page 27)

April 11 - 17, 2008

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Celebration on May 24, 2008 with a target crowd of at least 20,000 at the National City Park organized by the top Fil-Am leaders of San Diego. This will usher in the GK Builders Summit at Marriott Hotel in the next two days with volunteers from across North America converging to swap dreams and fuel love for the motherland. One thing is clearly evident in this surge of patriotic fervor: the Filipinos in North America are awake. They are no longer content in simply pursuing the American dream and enjoying the good life once they achieve success. There is a growing consciousness to outgrow a colonial mentality and to overcome an identity crisis, to come out of the closet and celebrate the gift and the pride of being a Filipino in America. There is outrage when this emerging collective identity is insulted like the recent racial slur on TV by one desperate housewife against our medical profession. They know however that the insult will continue if their country of origin remains the way it is. They want to see change in the Philippines and they will help to make it happen; and they have the resources to do it. After all, the Filipinos today have the second highest average household income of all ethnic groups in America. Their total disposable annual income exceeds USD 50 billion, not counting their accumulated wealth and expertise after long years and long hours of hard work. American intervention in the future will no longer come in the way it did before, but through the Fil-Ams who will interfere in local politics and business and other affairs of our nation, now that they have the time and the resources to do it. Some of them helped a priest become governor of a province in the last election: they will be a major factor in 2010. The global mood is for hope and change. People want to build a better world especially after September 11, with the threat of global warming, massive poverty, terrorism, and pandemic diseases and plagues hanging over our heads. A stream of foreigners, mostly from universities, is coming to build their customized communities that we call GK Designer Villages. Twenty Yale students, the fourth batch to come, are here to volunteer in an existing GK site in Taguig and to search for their first Yale Designer Village. The team from the Lone Star College of Texas is also here to upgrade and expand their adopted community in Lipa city. Just build and they will come. The Philippines will become the field of dreams even for foreigners who want to see an end to poverty with this exciting model called Gawad Kalinga started by ordinary Filipinos in their country who simply did not give up. The yearning for a better life and better times in this country must be matched with a clear, sincere, and grand vision that will inspire its citizens to work together for the greater good. The good news is that many want to help. The next good news is that we have the resources to do it. 1. There is enough land to “unsquat” the informal settlers in this

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educate our people to produce more food rather than buy, to plant rather than import rice, and to mitigate the risk of scarcity of supply, high prices, and hunger. The UP NCPAG and the Ateneo School of Government are also here to help enable LGU partners for township development. I am confident that the next generation will be less corrupt because we chose to work with our political leaders rather than judge them, getting them to observe greater transparency and accountability when they work with us. Excellence will restore our pride, integrity will bring back our honor. The Gawad Kalinga brand is starting to attract the best medical practitioners to help build healthy communities, the best in media to spread the good news, the best in business to promote and market the best product in the world- the excellent and beautiful Filipino. In closing, I want to leave you with this radical challenge if we want the Philippines to rise soon: we must all fall madly in love with our countrylavish her with affection, delight in her beauty, and take pride in her achievements. If we see her through the eyes of love and help convert her faults into virtues, we will turn her ugly slums into beautiful communities, bring her street-children out of begging back into the classroom, turn her barren hills into lush forests, and her idle men into productive citizens. Like Rizal, we must liberate her from the matapobre mentality of Dona Victorina and the hypocrisy of Father Damaso to build an egalitarian society and a caring culture where rich and poor live together peacefully in

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inclusive communities. Like Ninoy, whose 25th death anniversary we are celebrating this year, we must show our country that she is “worth dying for.” She is worth dying to oneself so that others may live. Let us make nation building our greatest romance and loving the poor our greatest passion. Let us prove to ourselves and to everyone that Filipinos indeed are the best lovers in the world. May God, in His amazing grace, continue to reveal to us that we are not a mistake of creation but a people designed for perfection. May we always cherish the gift of being Filipino and pass this gift on to our children. Mahalin ang Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

The Best For The Least
(Continued from page 19) goal is to empower the powerless for self-governance, self- reliance, and self- sufficiency. The final phase in the last 7 years is achieving scale and sustainability by developing the grassroots economy and expanding the reach and influence of GK to 5 million families with support from key sectors of society in the Philippines and partners abroad. We will make the Filipino poor “unpoor” by unleashing his potential for productivity and hard-work in the right environment. The timeframe is 21 years starting October 4, 2003 until October 4, 2024. This represents one generation of Filipinos who will journey from poverty to prosperity, from neglect to respect, from shame to honor, from third-world to first-world, from second-class to first-class citizen of the world. The term first-world is not a statement that everything in the West or in a developed country is superior or desirable; it simply refers to greater opportunities, higher standards, and better quality of life available to more of its citizens. Some quarters concerned about the present situation are wondering why we have been quiet during this time of public outrage and noise. No, we have not been silent, just busy building the dream on the ground-getting more land for the landless, building more homes for the homeless, mentoring more children, planting more trees, producing more food for the hungry in 1,700 GK sites in 362 towns and cities to date. And we want these numbers to double this year. Last weekend, 1400 students of the College of Immaculate Concepcion, led by their president Msgr. Mike Veneracion, were noisy and busy working to support ongoing GK programs in 9 towns in Nueva Ecija. This is happening in many parts of the country on a regular basis and increasingly on a massive scale. Yes, we are on the ground yet fervently praying for what will happen at the top. Whenever the rich and the powerful fight it is the poor who suffer the most. We want to be at their side to assure them that they are not alone and abandoned, and that we will continue to raise them up until changes in political systems and economic policies from the top will finally reach them on the ground. We are not only making noise on the ground in the Philippines, but also abroad. As I speak this afternoon my sonin-law, Dylan Wilk, with his wife and two babies and a couple of volunteers, is cutting across the American continent in an epic drive to 68 cities in 81 days to honor the achievement of Filipino Americans and to rally them to share their success with the poor in the towns and provinces where they come from. Dubbed the “GK Highway of HOPE 2008,” the caravan will culminate in a huge Pinoy Pride

country. Mayors and governors, with the support from DILG and HUDCC and its shelter agencies, are doing massive land banking with us because they are starting to see that doing good is good politics. 2. There is enough money from government and the private sector to build 3 million homes for the poorest Filipinos living in shanties. We don’t have to beg foreign governments and international funding institutions to help us. The problem is not lack of money, it is equitable distribution and effective utilization of wealth. 3. We have the brains and the talent to do it. If we offer our collective excellence to uplift the poor, this will be a beautiful country where no one is in need and every Filipino will be proud. Now let’s go back to the opening question. “What can we do for our country?” First, as we discussed at the start of the session, is to give the poor in our country the gift of respect, not just pity and dole-out. In the process, the poor will learn to trust us and teach us how to love, especially during times when they are most difficult or ungrateful; when our expectations for their own good are not easily understood or appreciated because they have been left behind for so long. This is when we will discover true love as written in the Good Book where it says “Love is patient, love is kind... and real love does not easily give up.” The second is to give them the gift of dreams; real hope that they can see, aspirations that they can reach, homes that they can build, and food that they can produce with our help. This is possible if those among us with the resources, the technology, and the patience will dream with those who have lost their capacity to dream. Finally, we must share with the poor the gift of excellence. A nation will prosper if its brightest and most successful citizens will generously share their talent and resources with majority of its population who are underdeveloped because of poverty and historical neglect. Our slogan and strategy of development in Gawad Kalinga is the “best for the least”... to raise the least to become the best. To design the homes, gardens, and furniture for Gawad Kalinga, the best talents in the country like Bobby Manosa, Bong Recio, Jun Palafox, Edith Oliveros, and Budji Layug have offered their help. Other top architects and designers in the provinces, many of them members of the United Architects of the Philippines, are helping us build first-class communities for the poorest Filipinos. This will rock the world of architecture and design. Two of the best agricultural schools, Central Luzon State University and UP Los Banos, are here today to help end hunger and malnutrition in all GK sites. Our goal this year is to set-up GK farm institutes all over the country- with the support of the Department of Agriculture and corporate partners like Globe, Shell, Selecta, AIG/ Phil-am, and others- to help

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hectares, among the disputed Spratly Islands, all or parts of which are also claimed by China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei. The island serves as the town proper of the Municipality of Kalayaan, one of the remotest towns of Palawan and of the country. Pag-asa is also the name of the only barangay of Kalayaan, making it the only town or city in the Philippines to be composed of only one barangay.

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of those warm welcomes; share your memories in tales and in photographs, and tell the Pinoy global community just as you tell yourself: “I love the Philippines!” Join us this month of April and for the rest of Summer 2008 as we, in partnership with WOW! magic sing, the No. 1 magic sing and the only videoke microphone proud to promote Philippine tourism, and in cooperation with Department Of Trade and Industry, work together with YOU to help promote YOUR favorite vacation spots in the Philippines! All you need to do is to send us your picture giving it your best shot in your mostloved destination in the Philippines along with a story of what you experienced there, why it is your favorite place in the Philippines and why you love it so. You can also include some of your anecdotes with your family and friends enjoying your grandeur vacation in paradise. Your stories will be posted in our I LOVE THE PHILIPPINES web special and will give our kababayans a chance to read first hand what it is YOU love about the Philippines. The more you have to share with your kababayans the better so that maybe they too will go and visit your favorite destination! So come and help us promote our one and only country! Send in your stories to and tell the world what it is you love about the Philippines!

April 11 - 17, 2008

Spratlys: The next summer getaway
(Continued from page 1) to Pag-asa, which is part of the Kalayaan Group of Islands (KIG) known for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. He said the lack of amenities such as hotels would give tourists a chance to commune with nature, especially those seeking an outdoor adventure. Pag-asa Island, home to more than 245 residents and about 30 soldiers guarding the country’s claim on the Spratlys, boasts of a long stretch of white sand beach, where tourists could just bask in the sun or take a dip in its clear waters. Several officials and journalists recently visited Pag-asa Island. “It’s not everyday that you get the chance to swim in the Spratlys. Even millionaires in Manila have not yet experienced what we did,” remarked one of the visiting journalists. Some members of the AFP Ladies’ Club became the first civilian tourists to visit the island. Kalayaan town Mayor Rosendo Mantes said Pag-asa also boasts of good diving sites in the western portion of the island, which remains unexplored by diving enthusiasts. Mantes said they are hoping transportation facilities in the island would be developed to attract more tourists. Pag-asa, the largest among the eight islands occupied by the country in the contested Spratlys, is only accessible by military vessels and aircraft. It is the second largest, at 32.7

anything, and be like, ‘I’m never gonna sing again.’ I mean of course it’s a big experience. You learn from all these... You just take what you learned and grow from it.” Parton said it best when she said this of Ramiele, “The fact that she’s little ain’t gonna stop her from doing big things,” Parton said. Catch American Idol’s earliest regional feed Wednesdays and Thursdays, 6 p.m. on Q-11. Same day replays are at 8:30 p.m.

by Virginia H. Ferrer
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Isang Batong Bilog (Part-3)
May mga tambay na sa aki’y sumisipol kung nagdadaan sa maliit na kalyehon huwag luluko-luko’t baka magkabukol batong bilog nakahanda akong ipukol. Sadyang iniingatan ko’ng bilog kong bato nang ito ay mahulog sa kalan ni Inso at pagkaitim-itim ang nangyari dito natabunan ng uling nang ito’y kunin ko. Sa kapirasong papel aking ipinahid uling n’yang taglay nais ko sanang maalis pagkat gusto ko makita siyang malinis napamahal na sa akin bato maliit.

Ramiele says goodbye to American Idol
(Continued from page 9) they’ll take the day off from work or the weekend off,” Ramiele said in the introduction video posted at the official AI website. “Then, they’ll drive me there. It’s a lot of money, you know, gas isn’t cheap anymore. They’ll just drive me anywhere and take me shopping for clothes.” Over the course of the AI competition, Ramiele slowly gained popularity. When she sang Dusty Springfield’s You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me, she received raves across the board. Jackson dubbed the performance “classy, almost like a pro.” Abdul told Malubay that she was “a force to be reckoned with,” and Cowell told her, “Tonight, you out-sang every single person.” “It’s not like I wanna be famous,” Ramiele, who took a break from her nursing course, mused on the AI intro video. “But I wanna represent Asian people and I wanna just live my dream.” She added, “If I don’t become the next American Idol, I really don’t think I’m gonna get discouraged or

Three Filipinos sued for human trafficking in US
(Continued from page 1) in Los Angeles will continue its efforts to dismantle trafficking organizations,” said Salvador Hernandez, a federal officer based in Los Angeles. Demafeliz, a taekwondo instructor, was used by Pelayo to bring the recruits to the US by helping them pretend to be students competing in taekwondo tournaments. US authorities said the six Filipino victims were rescued at the two elderly care facilities owned by Pelayo during the serving of the warrants. The victims claimed that Pelayo confiscated their passports and threatened to contact police and immigration officials if they tried to escape. They added that Pelayo also told them to lie about their working hours when asked by social services personnel who supervise the elderly care facilities. When reached for comment, Esteban Conejos, Department of Foreign Affairs undersecretary for migrant workers’ affairs, said the agency has yet to receive an official report on the human trafficking charges filed against the three Filipinos. Conejos said the DFA still has to check with US authorities regarding the report. – Reinir Padua

I Love Philippines!
(Continued from page 15) making during festivals of flowers or of saints; you try to beat other peoples in world records - the longest grill, the most number of couples kissing, or the most number of mothers breastfeeding, at one time. How could you not love your people’s sense of humor, of their ability to poke fun at themselves? This denial of taking one too seriously has enabled you to survive through the worst of times as it has made the best of times doubly memorable and fun. Alone, or with family, time spent in the islands - especially when you’re no longer a local here - is always worth remembering. This remembering, this recollection of the fun times most certainly is affirmed by those snapshots of your smile. Share now your pictures and your stories of that homecoming, of those visits to the countless scenic spots,

Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit thou make me see everything and show me the way to reach my ideal. You who give me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and who are in all instances of my life with me. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires may be. I want to be with you and my love ones in your perpetual glory, Amen. Person must pray this 3 consecutive days without stating one’s wish will be granted no matter how difficult may be. Promise to publish this soon as your favor has been granted.
Maria & Nigel, BO


Novena to Saint Jude
Oh Holy St. Jude, Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue, rich in miracles, near Kingsman of Jesus Christ and faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in time of need. To you I have recoursed from the depth of my heart and humbly beg, to whom God has given special great power, to come to my assistance in my present, in return I promised to make your name known and cause to be invoke. ( Say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys and 3 Glorys for nine consecutive days, publication must be promised.) St. Jude, pray for us all who invoke your aid. ( This novena has never been known to fail.
Maria & Nigel, BO

April 11 - 17, 2008

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tax advice as to whether they face certain tax consequences for the difference between the value of the home and the amount owed. Short Payoff. Some Borrowers may choose to sell their home short, pay the difference to the Lender from out of their pockets and move on with their life. Their philosophy is that a loss is just part of the cost of doing business. Taking the financial loss avoids foreclosure dings on their credit score. Assumption. This is perhaps the most slippery road and a terribly confusing choice because although genuine cases of mortgage loan assumption do occur, many scams appear under the guise of helping Borrower by giving some money to Borrower and “taking over payments.” Freddie Mac has posted a YouTube titled “Foreclosure Scams 101.” Visit http://www. to view this short video. Tax and legal consequences should always be considered. Additionally, the IRS have been known to provide tax relief in certain situations but Borrower must consult with a competent Certified Accountant or tax adviser before choosing an option. Be sure to also talk to a lawyer or legal aid organization. If you do not know where to find a lawyer, go to either the American Bar Association Lawyer Referral Directory, http:// directory/ or the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), http://www.

Tawa at Tula
ni Joe Cabrera
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Home Sweet Home
e-PRO REALTOR® and Risk Management Specialist

by Elena Yu, SRES, Ph.D.,

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The Drunk with the Duck Pre-foreclosure Options Mayrong isang tao, sa bar ay pumunta
Sobra’ng tangkad kamo, medyo mataba pa Kung dos cientos kilos, puedeng tumimbang sya Makipag-inuman, ito’ng pakay niya Ngunit mayron siyang, dala dalang pato Dun sa isang brazo, kip-kip kip-kip kamo Tao’y nagtinginan, pang-bihira ito Ngunit wala silang, pakialam dito Pasok na ang bida, sa bar ay umupo At humilera na, dun sa mga lango Inom na ginawa, hindi biro-biro Pero di malasing, ito pong si Inggo Nakatabi niya’y, ma-usisang tao Malakas uminom, tunay na lasenggo Ano’t napuna nya, kikip-kipkip nito At di naiwasang, mag-usisa kamo Walang tingin tingin, nagtanong kapag-kwan Sa’n mo ba nakuha, ang baboy na iyan Ito pong si Inggo, nagulumihanan Ang tanong sa kanya, ay di ma-watasan Hindi baboy ito, Hoy, Mr. Lasenggo, Ito’y isang pato, ikaw ba ay bobo Alam kong ‘ya’y pato, sagot naman nito Eh iyan ngang pato, ang tinatanong ko
Homeowners who are struggling each month to make good on their mortgage payments should communicate directly with their Lender as soon as possible, or have someone represent them to contact the Lender. Borrowers or their representative can contact the Lender after the 1st (when payment is due) and before the 15th of the month (the grace period for payment without penalty) that they are likely to miss their mortgage payment. When calling in, Borrowers should ask for “the Loss-Mitigation Department” and NOT the Default Department since they are not yet in default. But homeowners should be aware that all conversations are likely to be recorded and entered into a permanent computer record. In addition, they should be aware of certain options available to them before they contact the Lender and they should have a “Plan of Attack” to the financial challenge they are facing. The Borrower’s options include but are not limited to the following: Forbearance. Borrower makes a partial payment, or skip payments temporarily (for say, 6 months) if Lender is convinced that Borrower can make repayment and has a strong evidence of ability to catch up with the payment. Such evidence may include an expected tax refund, a bonus pay, a new job with a better pay or an inheritance soon to be disbursed. Forbearance is often combined with reinstatement. Reinstatement. Reinstatement refers to making a payment, usually a lump sum, that covers all the previous late payments, by a specified date or at the end of a forbearance period. There may be late fees or other costs associated with this option. Repayment Plan. If Borrower cannot afford reinstatement, but can start making payments to catch up, Lender may let Borrower add a portion of the past-due payment to the regular monthly mortgage each month until all payments are caught up. Loan Modification. For Borrowers who want to keep their home long term, are experiencing temporary financial setbacks and appear to have the ability to pay eventually, Lender may agree to permanently change certain mortgage terms to help Borrower avoid foreclosure. The options include: o Adding all the missed payments to the loan amount and increasing the monthly payment to cover the larger loan. o Giving Borrower more years to pay off the loan, lowering the interest rate, and/or forgiving part of the loan, to lower Borrower’s monthly payment. o Switching from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage or some other loan type to minimize unpredictability of the amount due monthly. o Requiring amounts for taxes and insurance to be included (i.e., impounded) with Borrower’s monthly mortgage payment. Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. The Borrower signs over the property

to the Lender in exchange for debt forgiveness. This option is usually feasible if title is clear, no other mortgages and no tax liens exist and there is equity in the property. A deed in lieu of foreclosure may or may not hurt the Borrower’s credit, depending on the circumstances, credit history, and negotiation skills. There may be tax consequences. Borrower should consult with their legal and tax advisers before making the choice. Short Sale. If Borrower is truly not in a financial position to keep the home, selling before foreclosure occurs should be considered. Where the value of the property is less than the mortgage amount, REALTORS® can help explain to the lender why it makes sense to let Borrower sell the property for the best price and “take a loss” and “forgive the Borrower” on the remainder of the debt. Bear in mind that in this market, it usually takes 3 to 12 months to sell homes, depending on the neighborhood. Other things equal, the lower the price compared to other similar homes, the quicker the property sells. Note that not all realtors are the same. Those who are REALTORS® (in capital letters) are licensed realtors who pay membership dues to the San Diego Association of Realtors and who receive instructions on Real Estate Ethics. They are disciplined by the association if they violate The Code of Ethics. In the case of certain types of loans (such as a HELOC or HomeEquity-Line-Of-Credit loan), Borrower may still be responsible for the difference in the sale price and the mortgage balance, either at the time of the sale or at some future time. Many borrowers may have a HELOC loans as second or third mortgage without understanding the full consequences of being delinquent on such type of loan. Borrowers should seek legal and

\“The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.” - General George Patton (1885-1945)

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April 11 - 17, 2008

Laughing Matter
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Top Morons Part 2
(Continued from last issue) 5. DID I SAY THAT??? Police in Los Angeles had good luck with a robbery suspect who just couldn’t control himself during a lineup. When detectives asked each man in the lineup to repeat the words: “Give me all your money or I’ll shoot”, the man shouted, “that’s not what I said!” . 6. ARE WE COMMUNICATING??? A man spoke frantically into the phone: “My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart”. “Is this her first child?” the doctor asked. “No!” the man shouted, “This is her husband!” 7. NOT THE SHARPEST TOOL IN THE SHED! In Modesto, CA, Steven Richard King was arrested for trying to hold up a Bank of America branch without a weapon. King used a thumb and a finger to simulate a gun. Unfortunately, he failed to keep his hand in his pocket. (hellooooooo)! 8. THE GRAND FINALE!!! Last

summer, down on Lake Isabella, located in the high desert, an hour east of Bakersfield, CA, some folks, new to boating, were having a problem. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t get their brand new 22 foot boat, going. It was very sluggish in almost every maneuver, no matter how much power they applied. After about an hour of trying to make it go, they putted into a nearby marina, thinking someone there may be able to tell them what was wrong. A thorough topside check revealed everything in perfect working condition The engine ran fine, the out-drive went up and down, and the propeller was the correct size and pitch. So, one of the marina guys jumped in the water to check underneath He came up choking on water, he was laughing so hard. NOW REMEMBER .... THIS IS TRUE. Under the boat, still strapped securely in place, was the trailer!

Come came from Oahu, Hawaii. Mr. Roberto Marquez and his wife, Cecilia Perena Marquez traveled from Seattle, Washington. Mr. Fred Catoner and his wife, Lolita Sevilla Catoner are residents of Reno, Nevada, while Mr. Gene Estepa and his wife, Madeleine live in San Diego, California. The activities of the day included showing of their pictures during their teen age years and exchanging fond memories of their high school days. These former classmates also spent the day relating pleasantries of their experiences and life in the United States. Others culminated the event, by trying their luck in the big jackpot at the casino. The group has tentatively planned their second class reunion sometime in January 2009 and it will be held in Manila, Philippines. Anyone who is interested to attend this event please contact the following: Gene at (619) 477-3782; / 665-2563; Geminiano Arre.Jr. at (808)680-0451 / 520-1450 and Cecilia Marquez (main organizer)at (206) 285-5719 / 992-1131.

Photo shows, from left: Fred and Lolita Sevilla Catoner, Cecila Perena Marquez, Roberto Marquez, Gene Estepa, Madeleine Estepa, Come Arre and GeminianoArre, Jr.

Francisco Law High School Reunion
The Francisco Law High School Class of 1952 had inaugurated their first reunion on February 17, 2008 with a special lunch at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino Buffet Restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. The celebrants and their families have traveled from the different pans of the United States. Mr. Geminiano Arre, Jr. and his wife,

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April 11 - 17, 2008

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Mila Rodriguez is Mrs. FNA, USA 2008-2010.
The Filipino National Association, USA Inc. announces the winners of Mrs. FNA contest held last Sunday April 6, 2008 in National City. Mrs. Aurora Abalos and Ms. Mindanao is Jennie Maschmeier. All winners will be crowned on Sunday, April 19, 2008 at the Anchors Grand Pacific Ball Room, #3210 Navybase, San Diego, California. The FNA is a nonprofit organization registered with the Secretary of State since 1993. Aside from the Scholarship program of the association, it has an on-going project Photo from left to right. Aurora Abalos, Mrs. Visayas; benefiting the growMila Rodriguez, Mrs. FNA, USA.; Lozanta Calvin, Mrs. ing number of senior members of the asLuzon and Jennie Maschmeier, Ms. Mindanao. sociation. If you are interested Mila Rodriguez garnered the high- to attend the FNA event, call Santi est vote and declared Mrs. FNA for Silverio, President of the association the year 2008 –2010. Mrs. Luzon at (619) 474-1878 or Fe Rivero, at is Lozanta Calvin, Mrs. Visayas is (619) 395-4158.

A Success Story of Perseverance & Filipino Pride*
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restaurants and grocery stores to provide customers with healthy food options. The intent is to reduce obesity and overweight among Filipino Americans. The next workshop will be held on Saturday, May.10, 2008 at 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. For further information, please call (619) 477-3392 The workshop includes the HEC Advocates who demonstrate and prepare their favorite entrées or desserts. In the recent workshop, Al Villamora cooked a delicious Sinigang na Hito. Dr. Ofelia Dirige prepared a colorful and tasty Citrus Salad. Demy Din from the American Cancer Society whipped up a beautiful and healthy Leche Flan that consisted of low sugar, egg whites and placed in a heart baking pan. Ms. Aster Santellisis cooked a vegetable salad dish, Green Beans with Walnut Vinaigrette Dressing. After the cooking demonstrations, Advocates and guests sampled each entree and dessert. “Overwhelming”, “most appeasing”, “delicious and fresh”, and “well prepared” were comments of the patrons who attended the event. Individual evaluations were all positive. Next KCS Meeting is scheduled on Saturday, April 19 th at 9:00—12:30pm. Symptoms of a Stroke: Read and Learn! Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke. Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions: 1. *Ask the individual to SMILE. 2. *Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS. 3. *Ask the person to SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE. If he or she has trouble with any of these tasks, call 9-1-1 immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher. Widespread use of this test could result in prompt diagnosis and treatment of the stroke and prevent brain damage. Emailed by Bea. -- Riz

KITCHEN REMODELING Starts from $6,999 & UP (includes wood cabinets and Granite countertops)

We Welcome You to

Adult Day Health Care Center
Services We Provide:
Skilled Nursing Services Therapeutic Services Nutritional Services Podiatry Services Rehabilitation Services Psychological Services



WE BEAT ANY PRICE LOWEST PRICE EVER !!! For Free Estimate: (619) 990-7212 ask for Wally
(858) 610-3981 ask for Kelly

Social & Recreational Services Transportation to & from the center Adaptive Physical Education Respite Care for Families

Registered Nurses & Physical Therapists
Location California, Excellent Salary and Benefits


Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Team Evaluation
We provide you a peaceful atmosphere… where you can connect with friends where you can be healthy & safe where you can be independent

236 E. Foothill Blvd. Suite B Arcadia, CA 91006

Give us a call & we can arrange a FREE consultation visit! FREE for those who qualify!
Open Arms Adult Day Health Care Center 540 National City Blvd. National City, CA 91950 Phone: (619) 474-2026 Fax: (619) 474-2773

Up is EASY!


(626) 471-9101 (480) 247-4116

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April 11 - 17, 2008

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ATTORNEYS Abano Ashley 225 Broadway #2100 San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 702-4444 Alejo Law Office 240 Woodlawn Avenue Ste. 14 Chula Vista CA 91910 (619) 203-5782 Bautista Law Office 550 East 8th Street, Suite 11 National City, CA 91950 (619) 474-7755 Dulay, Atty. Gail 110 West C Street Ste. 1700 San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 237-5032 Global Paralegal Services 1215 E. Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89104 (702) 369-6560 Korenberg, Abramowitz & Feldun 964 Fifth Avenue # 406 San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 699-5949 Torres Atty. Moby 4640 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92116 (619) 299-0999 III Tritt, Atty. Earl 222 Ash Street San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 239-9695 Vega Law 1901 First Avenue, Suite 142 San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 955-6277 Lawyer Referral & Info Service 1333 Seventh Avenue San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 231-8585 (800) 464-1529 AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR T.N.H. Auto Repair 25 E. 17th St. National City, CA 91950 (619) 477-0060 Escondido Smog Auto Repair 151 N. Rose Street # A101 Escondido, CA 92027 (760) 871-3020 BAKERIES Bread Deluxe 1420 E. Plaza Blvd., Suite D1 National City, CA 91950 (619) 474-2624 Lisa’s Dessert & Bakery 2720 E. Plaza Blvd. National City, CA 91950 (619) 472-8718 Tropical Hut Lechon & Bakery 9766 Campo Road Spring Valley, CA 91977 (619) 315-0045 BEAUTY SALONS Shiatsu Beauty Salon 909 E. 8th Street National City, CA 91950 (619) 477-8802 CAR DEALER Ball Auto Center 2001 National City Blvd. National City, CA 91950 (619) 474-6431 CAREGIVERS Horizons Adult Care 1415 e. 8TH ST. # 5 National City, CA 91950 (610) 474-1822 Open Arms 540 National City Blvd. National City, CA 91950 (619) 474-2026 CHURCH DENTISTS Alfonso, Rossana 2340 E. 8th St., Suite H National City, Ca 91950 (619) 470-2558 Antioquia Belle D.D.S. 1727 Sweetwater Road # Q National City. CA91950 CARGO FORWARDERS (619) 477-0045 A.C.E. Cargo 4515 Eagle Rock Blvd., Ste. 133 Dr. Evelyn Salazar Dentistry 1339 3rd Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90041 Chula Vista, CA 91911 (877) 327-8900 (619) 426-2040 Alas Cargo Khazian Dental Office 3126 East Plaza Blvd. 3969 Fourth Avenue #205 National City, CA 91950 San diego, CA (619) 470-1023 (619) 437-1700 Atlas Cargo Largoza Dentistry 550 East 8th Street 1040 Tierra Del Rey # 207 National City, CA 91950 Chula Vista, CA 91910 (619) 477-8891 (619) 482-1992 Champion Cargo Lazaga Myrna E. DMD 9531 Jamacha Blvd. 914 E. 8th Street Ste. 208 Spring Valley, CA 91977 National City, CA 91950 (800) 400-0822 (619) 477-0570 Library Plaza Dental Center CAREGIVERS Open Arms Adult Health Care 13132 Poway Rd. Ste. B Poway, CA 92064 Center (858) 486-2925 540 National City Blvd. Maria Dulce Vargas-Loo National City, CA 91950 7878 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. # E (619) 474-2026 Encinitas Nursing & Rehab San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 467-1223 Center New Image Dentistry 900 Santa Fe Drive 2340 E. 8th St., Suite H Encinitas, CA 92024 National City, CA 91950 (760) 753-6423 (619) 470-2558 Horizons Adult Care Palm Plaza Dental 1415 e. 8TH ST. #5 1415 E. 8th St., Ste #2 National City, CA 91950 National City. CA 91950 (619) 474-1822 (619) 474-2280 Saldana, Ronaldo CASINOS 665 H St., Ste. E Golden Acorn Casino Chula Vista, CA 91910 1800 Golden Accorn Way (619) 422-7252 Campo, CA 91906 T & S Dental Lab (619) 938-6000 7125 El Cajon #7 Sycuan Casino San Diego, CA 92115 5469 Dehesa Rd. (619) 464-1874 El Cajon, CA 92019 (800) 272-4646 DOCTORS CHECK CASHING SERVICES San Diego Pain And Rehab 3200 Highland Avenue Cash Bee National City, CA 91950 University Avenue (619) 477-1700 San Diego, CA 92115 (619) 583-0200 PHYSICIANS Tiangco, Ireneo 2720 East Plaza Blvd., Ste F CHIROPRACTORS National City, CA 91950 Personalized Chiropractic (619) 479-0320 4747 Mission Blvd. # 1 Vendiola Medical Clinic San Diego, CA 92109 655 Saturn Blvd., Suite J 858-866-3345 San Diego. CA 92154 (619) 575-4442 CHURCHES Jesus is Lord Church DRIVING SCHOOLS 3541 Ocean View Blvd. Aguilar Driving School San Diego, CA 92113 2371 Forest Meadow Court (619) 264-0634 Chula Vista, CA 91915 Jesus is Lord Church (619) 482-1488 10340 San Ramon Drive Perez Gerry San Diego, CA 92126 6985 Westleigh Place (858) 663-8423 San Diego, CA92126 (858) 689-8985 CONSTRUCTION Lee Construction Services HOME DEVELOPERS (858) 717-5778 (SAN DIEGO) Concordia/Tremont Courts DANCE STUDIO 3655 Nobel Dr. Suite 330 Tony Salamat Body Arts Center Dance & San Diego, CA 92122 (858)875-7373 Music Pacific Scene Homes 259 Broadway St. 2505 Congress Street Chula Vista, CA 91910 San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 426-9423 (619) 299-5112 Phil’s Dance Studio 1305 Imperial Beach Blvd. HOME DEVELOPERS Imperial Beach, CA 91932 International Christian Center 1236 Third Avenue Chula Vista, CA 91911 (619) 585-8717 Jesus Is Lord Church 3541 Ocean View Blvd. San Diego, CA 92113 (619) 264-0634 (619) 429-1457 (PHILIPPINES) Federal Land Inc. Eliza Cruz, Marketing Manager 16th Floor, GT Tower Int’l Ayala Avenue cor. Dela Costa Streets Makati, Metro Manila, Phils. 1230 FOOD MARTS Seafood City Supermarket 1420 E. Plaza Blvd. National City, CA 91950 (619) 477-6080 FURNITURES Decor Furniture 816 Paseo Del Rey Chula Vista, CA 91910 MDJ Hardwood/Flooring Kitched & Bath Remodeling 1-800-503-9688 1-866-503-9688 1-866-586-6608 Oriental Furniture Expo 241 National City Blvd. National City, CA 91950 (619) 336-0188 INSURANCE Tactay, Ernie All State Insurance 3106 E. Plaza Blvd. National City, CA 91950 (619) 472-0422 MONEY REMITTANCE RCBC Remittance 8955-A Mira Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA (858) 653-3818 OPTOMETRIST San Diego Liesh Institue 2020 Camino Del Rio North Suite 808 San Diego, CA 92108 (619) 248-2733 SUPERMARKETS REALTORS Catuira Elvie - C-2000 Realty 29810 Gardenia Circle Murrietta, CA 92563 (619) 336 1200 Dycor 12396 World Trade Dr. Suite 118 San Diego, CA 92128 (858) 592-9798 Elite Escrow (858) 560-4781 RESTAURANTS Asian Noodles 1430 E. Plaza Blvd. Suite #E-12 National City, CA 91950 (619) 477-5390 Fredcel Lumpia & Catering 3876 38th St. San Diego, CA 92105 (619) 282-2305 Jade House 569 H. Street Chula Vista, CA (619) 426-5951 Jochi’s Fastfood, Inc. 1340 3rd Ave. Ste. B Chula Vista, CA 91911 (619) 426-7804 Pho Vien Dong 2260 Otay Lakes #108 Chula Vista, CA 91915 (619) 216-4388 Pho Hiep & Grill 539 Telegraph Canyon Road Chula Vista, CA 91910 (619) 482-8883 Manila Fastfood 11257 Camino Ruiz San Diego, CA 92126 (858) 578-0968 Sunrise Super Buffet 3860 Convoy Street, # 121 San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 715-1608 SPA MedAesthetics 2060 Otay Lakes Road, Suite 120 Chula Vista, CA 91915 (619) 656-4SPA STAFFING AGENCIES Bay Staffing & Home Care Services, Inc. 550 E. 8th St., National City, CA 91950 (619) 474-9300 Best Care Health Systems, Inc. 9590 Cehsapeake Dr. Ste. 6 San Diego, CA 92123 (858) 626-8172 Juno Health Care Califronia, LLC 3636 Camino Del Rio North Suite 120 San Diego, CA 92108 (619)262-3888 MSTAR Caregivers and Staffing Services 10801 Walker St. Suite 230 Cypress, CA 90360 (562) 799-2388 TAX SERVICES General Tax & Financial Services 550 E. 8th St. Ste.11 National City, CA 91950 (619) 474-77-55 Tulao Income Tax Service 240 Woodlawn Ave. Ste. 3 Chula Vista, CA 91910 (619) 420-5823 Vita/Eitc 7459 Kamwood Street San Diego, CA 92126 (616) 665-0878 TELEPHONES Samson PCS Store 2220 E. Plaza Blvd., Suite A National City, CA 91950 (619) 479-9999 TRAFFIC SCHOOL FALVEY TRAFFIC SCHOOL 1748 E. VALLEY PARKWAY ESCONDIDO, CA 92027 (760) 741-3900 TRAVEL AGENCIES Cheap Air Travel 520 Carson Plaza Dr. Ste. 111 Carson, CA 90746 (310) 523-1573 Global Travel 1631 E. 8th Street National city, CA 91950 (619) 756-0120 Happy Sun Travel & Tours 310 W. Carson St. #202 Carson, CA 90745 (619) 477-3998 S & S Travel Agency 9128 Danube Lane San Diego, CA 92126 JPJ Travel Agency 810 Los Vallecitos Blvd., Ste. 211 San Marcos, CA 92069 (760) 591-9684 Samson Travel 2220 E. Plaza Blvd. Ste.A2 National City, CA 91950 (619) 267-2222

Long March: The True History of Communist China’s Founding Myth
by Sun Shuyun, Shuyun Sun
Publisher: Doubleday Publishing Pub. Date: June 2007 ISBN-13: 9780385520249 Sales Rank: 256,690 270pp Other Formats: Paperback - Reprint Compact Disc - Library Edition MP3 on CD - Unabridged Synopsis: The Long March is Communist Chinas founding myth, the heroic tale that every Chinese child learns in school. Seventy years after the historical march took place, Shuyun set out to retrace the marchers steps and unexpectedly discovered the true history behind the legend.

Rossetti Letter
by Christi Phillips
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group Pub. Date: February 2008 ISBN-13: 9781416527381 Sales Rank: 25,503 480pp Other Formats: Hardcover Synopsis: In this captivating debut, Christi Phillips blends fact and fiction, suspense and sensuality into a vibrant, richly imagined novel in which a modern historian uncovers a courtesan’s secret role in a shocking conspiracy of seventeenth-century Venice. Claire Donovan always dreamed of visiting Venice, though not as a chaperone for a surly teenager. But she can’t pass up this chance to complete her Ph.D. thesis on Alessandra Rossetti, a mysterious courtesan who wrote a secret letter to the Venetian Council warning of a Spanish plot to overthrow the Venetian Republic in 1618. Claire views Alessandra as a heroine and harbors a secret hope that her findings will elevate Alessandra to a more prominent place in history. But an arrogant Cambridge professor is set to present a paper at a prestigious Venetian university denouncing Alessandra as a co-conspirator -- a move that could destroy Claire’s paper and career.

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April 11 - 17, 2008

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Chesapeak Dr. peake 9590 Chesapeake Dr. Suite 121 Dieg San Diego, CA 92123
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Looking for compassionate and dedicated CNAs, CHHAs & Caregivers to join our team and make a difference. er@yahoo
Homecare Homecare

Become a guardian angel to someone who needs you!
Competitive pay & flexible hours.


Working for the elderly, with experience. Own car, flexible hours or live-in. Excellent Pay!

Immediate opening LVN, CNA, CHHA & Caregivers

San Diego Office (858) 277-1992

Helping you help others. Call (858) 578-6700 9225 Dowdy Drive, Ste 103 San Diego, CA 92126
Independently Owned & Operated

CALL (619) 851-9546
Thomas, disciple for our times
(Continued from page 20) Thomas was present. Jesus knew Thomas’ heart. Jesus invited him to make the test that Thomas demanded. Thomas’ heart ran out in love and devotion. He cried out “My Lord and my God!” — the highest confession of Jesus’ identity in the New Testament. The character of Thomas stands out clear before us. His flaws and his virtues can be easily seen. His biggest mistake was that he withdrew from the Christian community. He sought loneliness rather than togetherness. Because he was not there with his fellow disciples he missed the appearance of the Risen Christ during the evening of Easter Sunday. When Thomas was off by himself, his doubts got the better of him. Only when he rejoined the community was he able to say, “My Lord and My God.” We miss a great deal when we separate ourselves from the fellowship of the Christian community and try to deal with our desolation alone. Things can happen to us within the companionship of the Christian community which will not happen when we are alone. When sorrow comes and sadness envelops us, we often tend to shut ourselves up and refuse to meet people. That is the very time when, in spite of our sorrow, we should seek the fellowship of faith-filled people, for it is with them that we are likeliest to gain strength and draw hope. But Thomas had a great virtue. He was persistent and never gave up. Although he was in a period of serious doubt, he continued his painful search for the truth. He stuck it out with the Christian community to continue the search in order to be there the next time Christ reappears. The gospel makes a point that Thomas was a twin. It is not farfetched for Filipinos concerned about the national political crisis to consider themselves as Thomas’ twins. Many Filipinos are filled with discouragement and desolation about what is happening to our country. The ZTE-NBN controversy has once again raised questions about abuse of power and systemic corruption. This crisis is just the most recent in a series of events (e.g. Hello Garci, fertilizer scam, extrajudicial killings, Sumilao farmers’ plight) that indicates a worrisome pattern of behavior in government, particularly of anomaly and cover-up, leading to the weakening of our democratic institutions. Our bishops have rightly stressed that the darkness of our situation is rooted in the subordination of the common good to private interests. Many of us are outraged by this situation, because of what appears to be a deliberate suppression of truth, and the refusal of the government to be made accountable. Many Filipinos also feel confused and powerless before this situation, leading to a sense of hopelessness and deepening distrust of political leaders and institutions. Thomas would have certainly empathized with our despair. When we feel shattered and depressed, we must do what Thomas did: first, go back to the community and second, remain persistent in the painful search for the truth. Like Thomas, we must stay with our community. Our bishops are right in saying that we cannot respond to the national crisis as individuals. We have to gather in “circles of discernment” to “pray together, reason together, de-

Medical Breakthrough
A U.S. Nano-Technology company is expanding to the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan and Singapore. If you have contacts in these countries, you could benefit greatly and could turn into a high upper income opportunity for you. Roy A. Surjono 1-951-522-3567

cide together, act together.” We need a “desert experience” of personal and communal repentance and conversion as a people. Our communities need to witness to engaged citizenship and to the use of power for service toward the common good. Like Thomas, we must be persistent and ready to suffer for the sake of truth and justice. To withdraw from involvement in national politics constitutes a betrayal of responsibility, especially at moments of crises. At all times, participation in the social and political realms, either as individuals or as member of organizations, is a duty to be fulfilled with responsibility and with a view to the common good (Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, 189). All citizens must work towards the eradication of the evils of patronage politics and national political corruption, in order to promote the common good. No doubt about it, Thomas is a hero for us Filipinos during these trying times.

Naturalization Lawyers, Consul Services at April 26 FilAM EXPO
(Continued from page 17) war and the pursuit of peace. Radio Z90 and KFMB Magic 92.5 will have booths. Many genres of entertainment are planned, to include talents Marlon Dane, local R&B singer, From Rising Starz of RC Delmor Intl: young singers Carolyne Bantug and Emily Talampas, AB Samahan SDSU, group folk dance from local, cultural, pop, band to modern dance. For more program information and inclusion, contact J.R. Melchor at or Virgil Yalong at Exhibitors A partial list of confirmed vendors and exhibitors include: AIG Insurance Company, Alpha Phi Omega (APOAASD),, Arlie Ricasa for State Assembly, 78th District, AT&T, Auriton Solutions/ HOPE NOW, Barbizon, City of San Diego City Council Members Best Care Health Systems, BSV Productions/ Clicktone Pictures, Consul General of the Philippines, Filipino American Chamber of Commerce (FACC), Filipino American National Historical Society, First Christian Church of National City, Heavy Rotation, Hellocom Inc,, Kalusugan Community Services, KAMP (Kuya Ate Mentorship Program), Kent Karras Chiropractic, Leave Your Legacy Ent. Inc, Niederfranks, Office of Mayor Jerry Sanders, Open Community IT, Operation Samahan, Pacific Home Remodeling, Philippine Tourism and Philippine Trade, RCBC Remittance Services, Robert Strong & Associates, Sam Samson PCS, San Diego Center for the Blind, San Diego Police Department, San Diego Registrar of Voters, San Diego Republican Party, Southwest Center For Asian Pacific American Law (SCAPAL), Share Network of San Diego, Teresita L. Paje - Financial Adviser ICM, Viejas Enterprises, Zija. Food concessions will be provided by Conching’s Café

(8th St National City) and Jochi’s to join. Leading the volunteer team Restaurant (1340 3rd Ave. Chula are Michael Nguyen (Michael@filVista inside Seafood City). Security and Michelle Mendoza Kimley-Horn is looking for a business develo services will once again be provided ( by APOAASD. Press release by to work in Environmental Practice Leader OVOV, San Diego, our S Media Sponsors CA Media sponsors include: ASIA, office. The candidate will market proposals Asian Journal, ASIANReader, Filipino clients in their respective area of expertise Times, National City News, Philippines & Asian Report, Philippresentations, write the scope of work, est pine Village Voice and San Diego budgets, County Times. and manage the deliverables and exe Booths Sponsorships Advertising work. They will also manage the client contac Any FilAm organization can have a as free provided they and integrity of the work perform booth the qualitydo not sell goods. Vendors, those selling any type successful candidate will be given a great d of goods or services, will be charged a autonomy to organizations fee of $225. Nonprofit lead, direct, and grow his/her bus that are non-Filipino consideration, please submit your r immediate will be charged (Continued from page 17) a $125 fee. For vendor booth informa(finger printing, finger casting and eeo/aae m tion contact Joseph Roley Arzaga at face paintings) For more • FREE GIFTS for lucky particiinformation on sponsorship levels pants and guests and advertising rates, please check TREAT YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY out TO GOOD HEALTH! Next Group Meeting For details call: Angie Sandoval at The next meeting of the organiz- (858) 653-4858m, Vickie Berbano At ing group will be on: April 16 at (858) 413-6611, Cece Echon at (858) Villa Manila Restaurant on 8th St. 484-2868 and OLMC Parish office at National City. Volunteers are invited (858)484-1070.

OLMC Health Fair and Wellness Expo 2008

Kimley-Horn is looking for energetic individuals to join us and become an integral part of for our San Diego office. We are seeking top level candidates with the proven skills, knowledge and creative processes necessary to assist us in conceptualization, development, and implementation of design solutions for our clients current and future needs. Candidates should have a B.S. or M.S. degree in Civil Engineering or related field. For immediate consideration, please submit your resume to eeo/aae m/f/d/v

If you are a compassionate, patient with others with positive outlook on life, self motivated and who likes to help others you will be interested in working for ILC.
We currently have 2 positions available. 1. Part time weekend position Saturday and Sunday ($ 150.00 per weekend) The consumer has seizures that are control well by medications approximately 6 seizures a year. The consumer is very outgoing likes sports and social/recreational activities. 2. Full time positions ($1600.00) per month, rental benefit up to $ 500.00 per month, benefit package after 90 days of successful employment. This position requires to live with the consumer as a paid roommate the consumer has a seizures that are controlled by medications approximately 6 seizures per year. The consumer is very outgoing and needs assistance with learning how to prepare meals, clean his apartment, schedule and follow up with medical appointments, and take medications as prescribed by his doctor.
Boths positions require knowledge of tagalong a Filipino language dialect

Kimley-Horn is looking for a business development Environmental Practice Leader to work in our San Diego office. The candidate will market proposals to key clients in their respective area of expertise, make presentations, write the scope of work, establish budgets, and manage the deliverables and execution of work. They will also manage the client contact as well as the quality and integrity of the work performed. The successful candidate will be given a great deal of autonomy to lead, direct, and grow his/her business. For immediate consideration, please submit your resume to First Asian Weekly Newspaper in Southern California & San Diego’s Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino New eeo/aae m/f/d/v Fax (619) 474-0373 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 •

Asian Journal

PROGRAMMER ANALYST SANDAG, the planning agency for the San Diego area, is seeking a Programmer Analyst with a broad range of programming expertise to support data management, software development, and program integration efforts, and provide support for desktop and Web-enabled applications and systems. Qualifications include a degree in computer science, IT, or a related field, and recent professional-level experience providing programming support services. SANDAG offers a comprehensive salary and benefits package. Visit for information and application instructions. Call (619) 699-1900 or e-mail to request an application package. Closes: Friday, April 25, 2008. EOE.

For more information please contact Robert Pearson at 1888-811-8851 or by E-mail:
( please state on which position you would like more information or would apply for it ).

Kimley-Horn is looking for First Asian Weekly Newspaper in Southern to join us Diego’s Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino Ne energetic individuals California & San 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA for and become an integral part of 91950 • Tel. (619) 474-0588 • Fax (619) 474-0373 our San Diego office. We are Commission Ordinance CO-08-01- An Ordinance of the San Diego Association of Governments Acting as the seeking top level candidates with Regional Transportation Commission Amending Section 10 of the attachment to the TransNet Extension Ordinance CO-04-01, entitled “TRANSNET EXTENSION ENVIRONMENTAL MITIGATION PROGRAM (EMP) the proven skills, knowledge and PRINCIPLES.” The proposed ordinance would amend Ordinance CO 04-01 (San Diego Transportation Improvement Program Ordinance and Expenditure Plan)necessary 10 of the attachment entitled “TRANSNET creative processes by revising Section to EXTENSION ENVIRONMENTAL MITIGATION PROGRAM (EMP) PRINCIPLES” to extend the timeframe assist us in conceptualization, necessary to allow a regional funding ballot measure to be considered by the voters no later than six years after passage of the TransNet Extension to meet implementation implementing habitat conservation development, and the long-term requirements for plans in the San Diego region. Commission Ordinance CO-08-01 will be read for the first time on April 25, 2008, of design solutions for our clients at 9:00 AM in the SANDAG Board Room, located at 401 B Street, Suite 700, San Diego, CA 92101. Commission Ordinance CO-08-01 will be read for the second time and proposed for adoption on May 23, 2008, at 9:00 AM current and future needs. in the SANDAG Board Room, located at 401 B Street, Suite 700, San Diego, CA 92101. Candidates should have a B.S. or M.S. degree in Civil Engineering or

Asian Journal

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April 11 - 17, 2008


Pick - Up Price $60 - Luzon


$40 $45
Metro Manila Only
CHAMPION CARGO PHILS. Contact Person: Chris S.V.T.I. Bldg. No. 2251 Chino Roces Ave. Makati City, Philippines Tel: 815-1143 Fax: 815-1151 CORPORATE OFFICE 9523 Jamacha Blvd. Spring Valley, CA 91977 Tel. (619) 475 6757 LOS ANGELES OFFICE 15558 Arrow Highway Tel: (626) 962-5843 WEST COVINA Rhea’s Minimart Jeff Buenaseda (626) 964-8867 ANGIE’S VIDEO & MUSIC MART 2720 Plaza Blvd. Ste. G, National City, CA 91950 Tel: (619) 4759117 GENERAL TAX Owner: Lou Bautista Tel: (760) 604-7777 (619) 649-0070 BERT LARA Chula Vista Area Tel: (619) 606-2990 (619) 934-0426 OGHIE & ZEN (San Diego Area) Tel: (619) 583-5144 (619) 549-6516 POSTAL ANNEX Cora Stanley Moreno Valley Area 12831 Moreno Beach Dr. Suite #107 Moreno Valley CA 92555 VALERIO’S BAKERY, TEMECULA AREA Yolly Macasadya Tel: (909) 695-4991 28290 Oldtown Front St. Temecula, CA 92593 RIVERSIDE & ORANGE COUNTY Glen Framo Tel: (626) 786-8253

Metro Manila Only Simply Drop - Off Your Boxes IN Our Main Office At: 9523 Jamacha Blvd. Spring Valley CA 91977 Tel: (619) 475-6757


$65 - Visayas $70 - Mindanao

Kahit saang sulok ng Pilipinas Champion Cargo and KABALIKAT

For pick-up or more info, please call TONY CAOILE at

We’ve made a company commitment to customer service and satisfaction, please call me with any questions or concerns. Your Satisfaction is our first priority

$55 $50
Mindanao Visayas

MISSION ASIAN MARKET AND FOOD TO GO Liz/Leo 3320 Mission Ave., Ste. L Tel: (760) 722-8024 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA OFFICE Emmanuel Maniti 2601 Barrington Ct. Hayward CA 94545 Tel: (510) 538-5984 Fax: (510) 315-0586 Email: BOBBY BOBADILLA National City (619) 477-6672 POSTAL ANNEX Edgar & Dori Harris 825 College Blvd. Ste #102 Oceanside, CA 92057 Tel: (760) 414-1090 YUMA, AZ SONIA ECITTY Tel: (928) 627-5883

Maraming Salamat po sa inyong patuloy na pagtangkilik sa Champion Cargo.


FMC License and Bonded

Subukan nang maibigan. Champion talaga!
Prices are subject to change without prior notice

*Cannot be used with any other promotion

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