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Symantec Data Center Security: Server &

Server Advanced
Maximum Protection for Virtual and Physical Servers
Data Sheet: Data Protection and Security Management
Solution Descrip
Symantec Data Center Security: Server & Server Advanced represent new Symantec

Key capabilities include:

offerings providing security for servers in the data center.

Virtual Data Center Strategies

Symantec Data Center Securit

y: Ser
ver delivers agentless malware protection for

Agentless malware protection,

VMware infrastructures via a security virtual appliance, and enables security

powered by Symantec

policy orchestration and automated workflows for the software-defined data

Insight, for virtual servers in

center (SDDC).

VMware infrastructures,

Symantec Data Center Securit

y: Ser
ver Adv
anced extends Symantec Data Center

Automated provisioning of

Security: Server by incorporating technologies previously known as Critical System

security virtual appliances to

Protection. Server Advanced provides granular, policy-based controls via a low

hosts, and orchestration of

impact in-guest agent to monitor and protect heterogeneous physical and virtual

security policies across the

server environments.

software defined data center

Automated security workflows
across collaborative
ecosystem of VMware Partners
Server Prevention Strategies

Application-centric security
view of S
ymantec Data Center Securit
y: Ser
ver & Ser
ver Adv

model: Transition from policyby-technology approach to

To secure physical and virtual servers, IT professionals have relied on traditional

simplify server hardening

protection technologies such as antivirus. While these remain essential layers of

Protected application white

defense and hygiene, todays threat landscape warrants augmenting with real-time

listing: Pre-built application

and proactive security to provide sufficient protection for servers to address greater

profiles enhance strict default

confidentiality, integrity, and availability requirements of each system. Without a way

deny controls

to optimize security for each unique serverWeb, file, application, or

Sandboxing and Process

databaseorganizations will continue to expose data centers to risk.

Access Control: Apply

e securit
securityy responsive to SDDC architectures

additional controls over a

Virtual data centers are highly elastic and the associated virtual machines are

running process to protect

constantly in motion. To make sure that security controls function properly in this

against new classes of threats

environment, Data Center Security: Server & Server Advanced leverage VMware NSX
platform extensibility with Service Composer integration to provide malware protections from the fabric of the infrastructure,
i.e. a single-instance security virtual appliance per host, which enforces security policy specific for each guest virtual server. As
that virtual machine moves across hosts, its security policy follows automatically.

Data Sheet: Data Protection and Security Management

Symantec Data Center Security: Server & Server Advanced
Stop zzero-da
ero-dayy exploits and tar
geted attacks agains
againstt ser
Servers are frequently targeted by cybercriminals during the incursion, discovery, and
capture phases of a data breach. The techniques used against servers today range

Server Prevention Strategies

Targeted prevention policies:

from sophisticated penetration techniques to unintentional configuration mistakes by

One-click prevention policy

Admins. Data Center Security: Server Advanced allows organizations to harden

that can be applied in a

servers, sandbox applications, mitigate patching and vulnerability exploits, in addition

breach scenario, or as a way to

to controlling malicious insider abuse and system mis-configurations. By hardening

move from monitoring to

the data center, customers can stop further penetration and prevent the loss of

Host firewall: Control inbound

sensitive information.

and outbound network traffic

Mitigate patching ffor

or new and le
gacyy operating sys
Applying software patches to new and legacy operating systems improves security
postures, but also causes system downtime. In addition, paying for extended support
for end of life operating systems can be costly and unsustainable. With Data Center
Security: Server Advanced, the maintenance costs associated with legacy system
support can be reduced, and systems can be protected between patch cycles. By
hardening the applications and operating systems of new and legacy systems,
customers can maximum security of data centers and maximize system availability.

to and from servers

File and system tamper
prevention: Lock down
configuration, settings, and
Application and device
control: Lock down
configuration settings, file

Gain real-time visibilit

visibilityy into IT compliance po

systems, and use of removable

To comply with external regulations such as PCI Data Security Standard 3.0 (PCI DSS)


and others, organizations must routinely monitor their environment for policy

Compensating HIPS controls:

violations and implement compensating controls. In a single solution, Data Center

Restrict application and

Security: Server Advanced enables customers to perform real-time monitoring,

operating system behavior

consolidate event logs for reporting and analysis, while preventing further policy

using policy-based least

violations with granular policy-based controls thereby demonstrating compliance with

privilege access control

a centralized solution.

Server Detection Strategies

Provide comprehensive pro

tection ffor
or VMware en

Real-time file integrity

In a virtual environment, applications and operating systems are subject to the same

monitoring: Identify changes

cyber-attacks that are present in a physical environment. Additionally, risk at the

to files in real-time including

hypervisor and management server level warrants protection and monitoring. When

who made the change and

considering security in virtual environments it is important to select a technology that

what change occurred

will defend against external threats and insider risk across the virtual fabric without

Configuration monitoring:

compromising performance. Data Center Security: Server is optimized to protect and

Identify policy violations and

monitor VMware vSphere 5.x. Leveraging out-of-the box policies based on the latest

suspicious activity in real-time

vSphere hardening guidelines customers are able to completely protect their

environment at the management server, hypervisor, and guest.

Data Sheet: Data Protection and Security Management

Symantec Data Center Security: Server & Server Advanced
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