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MSB Facultys New Research Tradition

An elected Research Council will be steering this initiative. "We will

SMU launched a "Monthly Lunch Research Conference", a new provide resources and tools for our faculty members in order to detradition for MSB Faculty. The kickoff took place at A2, MSB CAMPUS velop a new research agenda according to their needs, publicaon Wednesday, December 17, 2014.
tion opportunities, and expertise" added Dr. Letaifa.
An Assembly formed of professors will meet every two months to
communicate faculty accomplishments and projects. It will also
collect and exchange feed-back and propositions that can help
the Research Council explore new research areas and identify
more publishing opportunities.

MSB-MedTech Faculty

The initiative was taken by Dr. Soumeya Ben Letaifa, Chair of Research Department at MSB. Its strategic goal is to build and develop
an SMU research community which will ultimately fuel the university's
research plan.
Dr. Ben Letaifa described how this monthly event will help foster
internal collaboration and co-authorship as it presents faculty with
the opportunity to share their research interests and expertise. "The
Research Lunch Conference" will serve as a communication platform where faculty could present their projects to colleagues, staff,
and students.

Dr. Houda Ghozzi| 1st Research Conference Luncheon | Dec 2014

A Full house for EducationUSA

EducationUSA represents a large network of
advising centers across the world that help
international students
comprehensive, and current information
about how to apply to accredited U.S. universities.

them started with their application process:

programs. Visit

1. College Boards
College Boards is a user-friendly search
engine for undergraduate freshmen and
transfer students looking for guidelines on
U.S. colleges and application standards. Visit

The EducationUSA advisor also invited SMU

students to schedule individual meetings
with her following her presentation. "I would
be glad to advise you on how to create
your application list and then help you
narrow it down; I will help you be more
realistic and practical" added Ms. Labidi
with great enthusiasm.

Ms. Mariam Labidi, Regional Advisor dis- <>

cussed the general steps for a typical U.S.
2. Peterson's
college application:
Peterson's offers a wide range of products
and services including test preparation, fiStep 1. Self-assessment exercise
nancial aid searches, career exploration
Step 2. Finding the right programs/schools
Step 3. Narrowing down your application list tools, and professional writing services. It
serves as a useful guide for undergraduate
Step 4. Drafting your essays
and graduate level students. Visit <http://
Step 5. Submitting your full application>

Ms. Labidi advised interested students to

think about their individual interests, needs,
and competences in order to identify the
right schools and programs. In addition, she
strongly recommended students to visit the
following websites as useful tools to get

3. Grad Schools
GradSchools is the world's number one
graduate school directory. It offers free
access to a large comprehensive list of
graduate schools and information on over
67 000 programs, across master's degree
programs, PhD programs, and certificate


Finally, as many U.S. collegesgraduate

schools in particularrequire standardized
testing (e.g. GMAT, GRE, etc.), interested
SMU students are welcome to drop by the
EducationUSA Library at AMIDEAST where
they may use the study area with free
access to books and study guides.

MSB-MedTech Career Fair: A Major Success

SMU launched its 1st MSB-MedTech Career Fair on Friday, December 19, 2014. According to students, partner companies, and the
Tunisian press, the event was a major success.
Career Office Manager and event Organizer, Mr. Seifeddine
Kraiem, also voiced his satisfaction with the event outcome. 11
companies among the top recruiters on both the national and international markets [were] present [that] morning, ready to meet with
our students and eager to start scheduling interviews.

Indeed, this 1st edition of the MSB-MedTech Career Fair was a great
opportunity for students to explore internship proposals as well as for
alumni to seek job offers. In fact, this Career Fair has brought SMU
students eighteen opportunities from six different companies with
potential interviews.

MSB-MedTech CAREER FAIR| Dec 2014

The eleven participating companies all shared the aim of finding

actively engaged students, with advanced Soft Skills, and preferably fluent in two to three languages (English, French, and Arabic).
They were definitely not disappointed.
Company representatives were pleased with the quality of both
MSB and MedTech students. What they were seeking seemed to be
the typical SMU student profile. In addition, many have expressed
their satisfaction with the overall organization of the event.

We are happy to announce that our guests seemed eager to participate in future Career Office events. In the meantime, we wish
our students the best of success on their career journeys!

MSB-MedTech CAREER FAIR|Participating Companies| Dec 2014

SMU Guest Lectures

MedTech Data Analytics Public


Dr. Samir Elhedhli, Chair of the Management

Sciences and Management Engineering
Department at the University of Waterloo,
Canada, gave a remarkable public lecture
on December 17, 2014 at MedTech Auditorium.

Samir Elhedhli, Ph.D.

MSB Refugees in Tunisia Guest Lecture

Ms. Noura Belkhodja, MSB Faculty, hosted a guest lecture for her
UPM L1 Human Rights course on Thursday January 8, 2015.
The guest lecturer, Mr. Nabil Benbekhti, Protection Officer at the
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) gave a
lecture to UPM students on refugees in Tunisia.

The talk was mainly focused on the current situation of these refuGuest Lecturer, Dr. Samir Elhedhli holds a
gees within Tunisian borders, the role of the UNHCR in dealing with
B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering
their issues and the challenges faced by the agency with regards to
from Bilkent University, Turkey as well as a
these issues.
Ph.D. in Management from McGill University,
Canada. He was president of the Canadian
Operational Research Society in 2011.

His work has appeared in top journals such as Management Science, Mathematical Programming, Manufacturing and Service
Operations Management, INFORMS Journal on Computing, Operations Research Letters, European Journal of Operational Research,
Computers and Operations Research, and Journal of Global Optimization among others.

The talk was primarily focused on the new and emerging Data Analytics and how their direct impact on decision making processes
and operations research.
An application in the domain of data classification was then discussed in detail. It concerned the decision making process used by
Experts at the Canadian Innovation Centre to classify early stage
venture proposals based on potential commercial success. A conjunctive decision framework was used, modelled, and solved.

MSB Debate Club at the Regional Youth Forum

Congratulations to our MSB Debate Club!MSB Debate Club participated in the Regional Youth Forum 2014 from December 22, to December, 27 2014.
The tournament was organized by the International Debate Education
Association (IDEA) MENA. RYF is a debate and policy brief tournament
with both English and Arabic language tracks. MSB Debate Club was
selected for the English track late October to represent Tunisia.
The competition gathered participants coming from 8 MENA countries
Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and
Iraq) to rethink the future of their countries. Issues related to security,
environment, economic stability, youth
empowerment and
education were brought up and creative ideas were exchanged.
MSB Debate Club also qualified to the debate finals against the Lebanese
American University, and ended up in second place.
Throughout the tournament, our students had the chance to meet and
interact with people from different backgrounds, exchange ideas, and
discuss controversial topics.
It was a life-changing experience for the MSB Debate Club team. We
will surely miss, and never forget the friends we made.
Way to go guys; keep it up, MSB is very proud of you!
For more information, follow the MSB Debate Club Facebook Page.

M2 Project: "Understanding the Tunisian Vote"

Don't miss M2 Marketing Students's project presentations on Thursday,
January 8, 2015 at 01:30 PM in A2, MSB LAC II CAMPUS. Jury will be
composed of Dr. Mehdi Zahaf, Associate Professor and Director of Academic Affairs, and 2 representatives from 3C and ISIE.
These projects are part the M2 Marketing Speciaplization Course:
Quantitative and Qualitative Methods taught by Dr. Zahaf.

This event is going to take place during the Human Rights course with
L1 students.
This event is going to take place during the Human Rights course with
L1 students.

Fatma Farah (L1), Nesrine Ben Brahim (L2), Emna Souissi (L2), Wael Chettaoui (L1),
Youssef Mahirbi (L1)| RYF 2014

MSB GOOGLE Community in Action

Become Google's Next
Student Ambassador

Did you miss the Google Student Ambassador's Confer- GDG 2014 Meeting held
ence? L3 student and MSB's at SMU
2014 GSA, Nadia Souissi, gave
a remarkable presentation on Did you miss the Google Stuthe GSA Program last Tuesday, dent Ambassador's ConferDecem ber
2 0 1 4 . ence? L3 student and MSB's
2014 GSA, Nadia Souissi, gave
Do you share Google's passion a remarkable presentation on
for IT and Innovation? Don't the GSA Program last
miss the chance to enhance
your leadership skills, interact
with Googlers from across the
globe, and become eligible to
participate in Google events,
training programs, and local
internships. Apply for GSA
Visit the following link to keep
track of application deadlines:

M2 Marketing Students| Project Presentations| Dec 2014

Congratulations MBM Graduates !

MBM class of 2014 graduation ceremony, December 26, 2014. We
wish our class the best of luck on their professional journey!

MBM Graduating Class of 2014| UTICA| Dec 2014

Mark your Calendars

New English Courses

MBM Part-Time Open

Faculty & Staff Changes

MSB Receives a Trophy from A.E.S.A.T

Dr. Mehdi Zahaf was appointed Director

Ms. Nawel Arfaoui left Admissions to join
of Academic Affairs
the Exam & Registar Department as
Dr. Soumaya Ben Letaifa recently joined Assistant Officer

MSB received a thank you trophy from LAssociation de

Africains en Tunisie (A.E.S.A.T) on
Saturday, Dec
African student integration day.

MSB faculty and was appointed Chair

Ms. Noura Gargani left Admissions to
of Research Department
join the Community Communication
Mrs. Patricia Ceresani recently joined Department as Senior Officer

A full house of African and Tunisian students shared a m

of festivities along with guests, sponsors, and African a
was sponsored by many associations such as Another F
and Maison des Droits et des Migrations, to name a few.

SMU as Director of LCI

Mr. Isaac Bolger was appointed Chair
of Student Affairs

Her Excellency, Dean of the African Ambassadors welc

and took this opportunity to congratulate MSB on its hig
well as to thank the MSB Family for their continuous sup
African youth in Tunisia.

The MSB Family is proud and honored to have taken pa

express our gratitude to the African community in Tunisia