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Lesson One

The Sense of Touch

Have you ever felt or experienced what you would call Oneness? Perhaps there was a moment of
deep contemplation where you felt connected with everything around you. Or maybe you were deeply in
love, and the walls and separating boundaries that would normally seem so inescapable suddenly
crumbled at your feet. It could have even happened in a moment that would have otherwise felt totally
normal or ordinary. Think back for a moment and see if there is a reference point, something that gives
you the sense of what this course is all about. Now ask yourself this question: Do you want to experience
this, and more, every moment of your life?
This is the reason you were bornto experience Oneness all the time, and to know yourself to be one
with everything around you. And to take it even one step furtheryoure here to experience yourself as
one with whatever concept you hold of God. Thats the goal of this course, not just to learn how to read
the mind of another person, but to consistently experience what the mystics and saints have described
throughout the ages as the culmination of being fully humanthe ability to know that you are one with
everything you perceive.
Let me stop there for just one moment because theres something I want to make sure you dont miss.
What do I mean when I say whatever concept you hold of God? Its obvious that many people have
different ideas and experiences of God, depending upon their personal beliefs or how they were raised
when they were a child. There may even be some of you who are reading this who have no concept or
belief in God at all. The question then becomes, is such a concept necessary to learn what you need to
learn to tap into another persons thoughts, as I did in the video you watched, or to go even further, to
access a much wider range of impressions we sometimes call psychic or paranormal? Ill make it easy on

you and say that as long as you accept that there is something beyond your limited range of experience, or
the things you can experience through normal sensory input, youll be fine. One person may call it God,
another person Allah, while another person may simply refer to it as the Universe. Suffice it to say on
your own you are limited in many ways, but there are ways of transcending those limitations to
experience another realm of possibility.
Heres another way of understanding this concept. Imagine you are a computer with a limited amount
of power and processing speed. Even if you were a very powerful computer you would still be limited in
how much work you are able to do at a given moment. Now imagine that you hook up to the Internet.
Everything suddenly changes because, though the same limitations apply, you have a dramatically
expanded field of opportunity. You now have access to information from millions of other computers
around the world, sharing ideas and programs, pictures and sounds you didnt have available on your
own. You are still who you are, a single computer, but you are also one with the flow of data from every
other computer.

This is what we mean by Oneness.

Now that you have a better idea about what the word means, it may be helpful to jump right in to the
experience. Heres what we hope to accomplish in this first lesson:
You will be able to experience the first level of connection with another person, resulting in the
ability to have them hide an object in your home or wherever else you are, and find it simply by having
the other person focus on the location.
Imagine that for a moment. In the movie you saw online, you witnessed me find a book that was
hidden somewhere in the continental U.S. You may not be able to expand your horizon quite that far, at
least not at first, but I guarantee that if you follow these instructions and keep an open mind, youll be
able to accomplish the same feat. What youre about to learn is that Oneness can be experienced in many
ways and on many levels. Once you have accomplished this beginning level youll be able to expand on
what youve learned, and experience it consistently throughout your life.

Are you ready?

That question may seem like a simple one, but I promise that its much more complex and important
than you can imagine. Realizing that you are ready is of ultimate value. If you read this material and then
say to yourself: Theres no way I can accomplish something like that, then thats exactly what will

happen. But if you begin right now by saying: I AM ready to experience Oneness on profound new
levels, and even accomplish what would have before seemed miraculous, then youll be amazed at the
results. Its all up to you.
Theres one more thing that I want to say about this process and the course that youre reading now.
Learning to find a hidden object simply by having a person concentrate on its location may seem like a
dramatic effect, but its just the tip of the iceberg. In some ways it is nothing more than the bait that hooked
you and convinced you to look a little deeper than you normally would. But if youre willing to suspend
your critical mind and have a little faith, youll be amazed at how far you can go. This first lesson teaches
the first step to finding a hidden object, but what I really hope is that youll find yourself, and your own
hidden power. If you do, the miracles will begin happening all around you, and youll achieve every
dream you can imagine.
That being said, here is the basic effect you can hope to accomplish after reading this lesson:

The Effect

Take a small object, whatever you choose, and have someone you know hide it anywhere in the
house, building or room. (You may want to start with a smaller area and work youre way up, but youll
soon discover, as I did when I had the whole country to work with, that the size of the area makes very
little difference. Once you attune yourself to another person, finding an object in a large building will be
no more difficult that a single room.) Now have that person stand in front of you and ask them to focus on
the spot where the object is hidden. Ask them to imagine the place as clearly as possible, even feel the
object with their fingers as if they were standing there. The more you get the persons senses involved the
clearer the signal will ultimately become.
You then ask them to open their eyes and take hold your wrist, squeezing with normal pressure.
Explain that they are to simply walk behind or beside you and not say a word. Their only job is to direct
you to the spot in their mind. In other words, they will think thoughts like: To the left . . . stop here . . .
its lower . . . thats it. The more energy they put behind their mental instructions the easier it will be for
you to pick up the signals. You then begin to walk, moving hesitantly at first, but then you feel a very
distinct inner conversation taking place. Within seconds or minutes you realize that you have arrived at
the spot, but now you need to zero in. You move your free hand back and forth until you feel the impulse
to stop. When you are sure you are there, look around and youll probably see the object, or sense it
hidden behind something directly in front of you. You have accomplished the first level.

The Method

Youre going to be amazed at how simple this method is, and how easy it is to accomplish. And yet, it
is really just the first step, the most introductory level of experiencing Oneness. It opens the door,
allowing you to see that there is so much more than you commonly perceive, a whole world beyond the
limitations of the five senses.
In the early 1900s a magician named Alex Hellstrom developed a technique that has intrigued people
ever since. I dont know if he realized the enormous implications of his discovery, but it became the
stepping stone that allows us to enter a new world. The technique became known as Hellstromism, or
muscle reading, and relies on a mentalists ability to read a persons subtle physical reactions to various
events. His theory was that the unconscious mind reveals what the subject is thinking through involuntary
physical reactions, and by interpreting those reactions correctly, the mentalist is able to get a glimpse into
what the other person is thinking.
The important thing that I want to stress, though, is that this is not what Im referring to when I speak
about Oneness. It is a definite step in the right direction, and by experiencing it for yourself youll be able
to take the next and far more important steps. Youll remember that in the movie you watched, I had very
minimal contact with Leslie. In the beginning I had the four subjects I chose at the grocery store hold the
opposite end of a pen, making it much harder to gain cues through the muscles or physical reactions. I
have been performing this technique for many years, since I was a child, and Ive discovered through
constant practice that there is a level of communication that has nothing to do with Hellstromism. In this
place, this state of consciousness, the walls of separation literally fall away and you simply know where
the object is. In the end, however, it has nothing to do with finding a hidden object, but applying this
lesson to the ordinary moments of your life. When you achieve this, then youll understand just how far
youve come.
But before you can experience that more advanced level, youll need to first get a general sense of
how to read a persons involuntary muscular reactions. After a little practice youll be able to accomplish
that with relative ease, and then youll be ready to experience a deeper connection that will be described
in the next several lessons.
The first step is to ask the person to hide whatever object you decide upon. It does not make much
difference what this is, but make sure that once chosen, it doesnt change. There are also a couple of rules
you need to explain to your friend before they leave on their hiding expedition. First of all, they must hide

the object in a place you can actually get to. If they hide it in a locked safe theres little chance youll be
able to succeed since you probably dont have super human powers. The second rule is that the place they
hide it cannot move but must remain stationary. I once asked someone to hide an object but forgot to give
them this instruction, so they hid it in their back pocket. I walked around in circles completely confused
until I realized what I had done. You dont want to repeat this mistake.
Now for the other important rules youll explain to your helper. Most importantly, they must want
you to find it. If their real goal is to trip you up by thinking about one spot when its really hidden in the
other, then youre going to go to the place theyre thinking, not where its actually hidden. Explain that
they need to literally scream the instructions inside their mind in order for you to receive them. The more
focused they are the easier it will be for you to pick up the subtle impulses and find the object. Most of
all, tell them not to say or do anything other than walk beside you. Ask them to hold onto your wrist,
whichever feels more comfortable for you, with average pressure, and give you instructions in their mind.
Youll also want to tell them exactly how to do this. An example of your beginning instructions may go
like this:

Now that youve hidden the object, I want you to close your eyes and imagine the spot as clearly
as you can. Imagine every detail of the object, even reach out in your minds eye and touch it so
you know how it feels. Now I want you to open your eyes and take hold of my wrist. Hold it with
a normal amount of pressure. In a few seconds were going to start walking, and all I want you to
do is to walk next to me and tell me in your mind how to get to the spot. Of course you wont say
anything out loud, just think thoughts like, Go forward . . . to the left . . . you went too far, go
back . . . youre here, stop now. . . . Its also important that you literally scream the thoughts in
your mind, and of course, you have to actually want me to get there. If you try to trick me you
will succeed, but if you follow my instructions well probably walk straight to it.

Youre ready to begin. Take one step forward, then stop. You may feel the person step forward very
naturally, a possible sign that you are heading in the right direction. If you feel them resist your
movement, it may be an indication that the object is hidden in the opposite direction. Pick which direction
you want to walk and begin. Do not go too slow because your partner will be less likely to give you
strong signals. Its best to move fast and even a little jerky. The natural tendency will be for your friend to
pull or push you in the right direction. Once again, this will be subtle, but it will be there if you
concentrate, and best of all, they wont know that theyre doing it.
Keep walking until you feel the impulse to stop or change directions. This impulse may come in

several different ways: You may feel an actual physical sensation, a pull or a tug that tells you where to
go, or you may even sense something deeper, a knowing that has nothing to do with the other persons
physical responses. If you do sense this, then youre way ahead of the game. It means that youre already
beginning to feel the deeper levels of the effect. For most this wont happen right away, so continue to be
open to the impulses that come to you through the persons hand or direction of their body.
I usually find that given the right subject, I can walk to the object without any hesitation, almost as if
they are telling me in actual words how to get there. The method you saw on the movie with Leslie is not
one I can repeat with just any person. It takes someone who has a very high degree of skill projecting
their thoughts for me to find the object without any physical contact, but it can be done consistently once
youve opened yourself to these lessons. If you practice and attune yourself to these lessons, youll also
find that this is easier than you think.
There will come a point in which you know youve arrived at the spot. How will you know? Youll
know youre there because your subject wont let you walk away. Literally. As long as they are focused
and really want you to find it, theyll literally pull you back to the spot if you try to walk away from it. Of
course they wont realize that theyre doing this since the muscular reactions are so subtle, but you will
feel it. Once youre confident that youre in the right spot, now its time to zero in.
Ask your friend to guide your hand to the actual spot where the object is hidden. Youll begin by
putting your hand near the floor and telling them to tell you, in their mind, to stop when its at the right
height. You may need to go back and forth a bit, but like before youll feel a definite feeling of stop when
youre there. Now that you have the right height, move your hand from left to right asking them to do tell
it where to stop as they did before. Wait for the feeling even if you have to go back several times. If thats
the case, ask your friend to really concentrate and scream the instructions into your brain. If youre able to
find the height and the level, you should be able to see it right in front of you, or youll know what you
have to move to get to it. Perhaps theres a box of cereal in the way, which tells you that the object is
hidden directly behind the box. Trust yourself. You can really do this. If you believe that this is easy it
will be, and your friend will be completely amazed when you reach forward and remove the object they
Now that youve learned the basic technique for the first level, its time to practice. You may discover
that youre a natural, and find the hidden object with very little effort. You may, on the other hand, have a
very different experience and find youre walking in circles. Dont give up. As I said before, this is
something almost anyone can do, and once done, youll have crossed the first threshold.
After more practice youll be ready to move to the next levelfinding the object with minimal
physical contact. This is the point where youll find your intuition begins to take over, and your

experience will be very different than it was in the first level. Until now you have relied almost entirely
on the subtle physical reactions of your partner. This is a good trick, but its only a trick. Our main goal
isnt to impress your friends, but to open your consciousness to a new level of communication, one that is
uncommon yet very natural. Once this door has been opened you wont ever let it close again.
Here is the question you need to ask yourself at this point: Do you intend to go all the way and realize
on a very deep level that you are One with every person and situation in your life? If you are, then keep
going. This first step was only an introduction, a first step that gives the slightest hint of whats possible.
In the next lesson youll discover that theres a whole language beneath the common speech that fills
most of your day. In fact, you are always communicating in this unseen, often unconscious manner, even
more than you do with words. The next step is to become aware of this language, then learn how to
converse with it. When you do, youll discover that a whole new world opens before your eyes.

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