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1. The above notice means a place to .

A. take a rest
B. take a nap
C. urinate
D. sleep

Passengers only through this gate

2. We usually find the notice in
A. apartment
B. pavement
C. hospital
D. airport

3. The sign above means .

A. drive carefully
B. stop driving
C. keep going
D. fix it


4. The notice above means that it is ... for the escalator users to use rubber footwears.
A. safe

B. dangeraous
C. harmless
D. secure

Congratulations on your success on the
exams, my son. May you always bring home
such good results. We are very proud of
Love you always

5. The writer of the grreting card is .

A. Radyans teachers
B. Radyans parents
C. Radyans brothers
D. Raddyans friends
6. The sender sends the card to
A. congratulate him on his final competition
B. encourage him to win the competition
C. congratulate him on passing the exam
D. encourage him to face the exam

Ever since Mom and Dad heard about
your fantastic National Science Olympiad
we cant stop

7. The word fantastic in the text has the same meaning as ...
A. supernatural
B. unbelieveble

C. hazardous
D. unsafe

You are cordially invited to

Kinantis sweet 17th birthday party
at Maniza Resto (Kembang Hotel)
on Sunday, March 9, 2012, from 07.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.
(for our class VII A&B only)
Dinner, live music and dancing, wont be fun without you.
Hope you can make it and dont be late.
Kindly RSVP by March 2, 2012 to Shafira, the class leader of VII.A
(081393313 974)
Free neat-well dressed (not vulgar)

8. Kinanti held the party in the .

A. morning
B. afternoon
C. evening
D. night
9. You are cordially invited to. The underlined word means .
A. warmly
B. consciously
C. disrespectfully
D. unconditionally
10. The purpose of the text above is to ..
A. welcome new student.
B. introduce Kinanti to her friends.
C. invite VII A and B students to party.
D. explain about the party in the Kinantis house.

Dear: Dita
Its your time to shine!
Congratulation on your wonderful achievement of getting gold medal
for Physics subject at the National Science Olympiad 2012.
To be the winner is not easy but you could do it. Good Job!
From your friends,
Hanif and Nisda

11. According to Hanif and Nisda, it is to be a champion.

A. easy
B. difficult
C. embarrassed
D. uncomfortable
12. Hanif and Nisda sent the greeting card to .
A. help Dita
B. light Dita
C. eliminate Dita
D. congratulate Dita
13. you could do it.. The underlined word refers to .


physics subject
maths subject
be the winner

To: All 7th grade students
The Grissa English course with AMECC will begin on December 2012.
It will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 4.15 5.45 p.m. in our
For further information, please contact your English teacher.
Mrs Laila
14. There will be meetings in a week.



15. The announcement is made to

A. inform about english course
B. invite the students parents
C. welcome new students
D. help students
16. at 4.15 5.45 p.m. in our lab. The word our refers to
A. the students
B. the teachers
C. the students and their parents
D. the students and their teachers

To : Dimas (chair person 7G)

From : Mr Ari
Please forward to others. Due to the long holiday, all
students have to complete their writing assignment.
Submit it by September 9th.
Thank you

17. The sudents have to submit their assigmnent . September 9.

A. before
B. after
C. at
D. by
18. The students have to complete the assignment because of .
A. a long vacation
B. a long journey
C. a short vacation
D. a short journey
19. The message is given to .
A. only Dimas
B. chairperson 7G
C. students of 7G
D. Mr Ari

Pencil, books, ruler, eraser and

sharpener 25% off.
The best products in the factory price.
Order online today. Free shiping
20. The above advertisement is about .
A. meuble
B. stationaries
C. home appliances
D. electronic devices
21. We can order pencil and book by .
A. internet
B. phone
C. line
D. cell

Life is too short and love is too

long but diamonds are forever.
Get your perfect rings, earings, necklace,
and diamonds here.
Martapura Jewelry
Osamaliki 24, Salatiga

22. We can buy items in the Martapura Jewelry

A. three
B. four
C. five
D. six
23. but diamonds are forever the synonym of the underlined word is
A. shortly
B. temporary
C. momentary
D. eternally