Technology Sweep in Department of Posts – Present & Future Vision – Challenges Before the Management and Staff – Role of System

Presentation by S. Samant Member (Technology) Department of Posts
21st November 2009

Computerisation & Networking of Post offices
Present Scenario:
 Computerisation initiated in the VIII Plan, continued in the IX Plan and X plan.  X plan : Supply of Hardware, Networking of the Computerised POs, Administrative & Postal Accounts Offices.  12,604 Post offices computerised as on date  More than 56 Application Software being used for various Operations  Out of which 9 are WAN based  Most Software e.g Sanchay Post & Meghdoot running on LAN (Local Area Network) – Problem of consolidating data and MIS  1318 Pos to be Networked on WAN – 1200 done so far  System Administrators / Managers play an important role in Computerisation process in the Department

Initiatives for computerisation of Postal Operations under XI Plan – I Phase
(2008-09, 09-10)

• EFC for Computerisation and Networking (1st Phase) approved by CCEA being implemented • Rs. 628.66 Crores allocated for 1st Phase of XI Plan for Computerisation & Networking • Computerisation & Networking of all double handed POs (5743) • Upgradation of Hardware in Pos supplied with Computers in IX Plan(1772) • PMU for the project for developing a Comprehensive Technology Plan, strategy for networking all POs, development of Integrated Modular Software etc. • IT Consultancy – M/s Accenture have been engaged after selection found in RFP

1st Phase EFC Approved Proposal
Sl.No. 1 Activity Computerisation and networking of Departmental Post Offices a. Double handed (5143) post offices to be computerised and networked. b. Upgradation of hardware in post offices ( 506 HOs , 1266 SOs Computerised in IX Plan.) 2 3 4 Supply of hardware to Divisional Offices Supply of hardware to Sub Divisional Offices Upgradation and modernization of Postal Account Offices and PA Wing of Directorate. Upgradation and modernization of Software Centre at PTC Mysore PMU for the project and consultancy for developing a comprehensive technology plan and advice on strategy for networking all Pos and integrated modular software (initial phase) 5143 1772 274.97 207.33 Physical Target Financial Target ( in Crores)

306 1916 23

17.40 22.99 7.47

5 6

1 1

10.00 3.50


Consultancy for developing a comprehensive technology plan and advice on strategy for networking all Pos and integrated modular software



Annual Maintenance Contract







Computerisation of post offices has enabled the Department to:
 Improve the quality of services at the counters  Introduction of web based services like iMO, ePost, ePayment, eMO etc.  Value additions like trace and track for speed post and foreign parcels  Improved environment of the post offices  Trained manpower pool

India Post Vision

Increase Market Share

Technology Led

To be a technology led, self reliant, market leader

Improved Service Delivery

Citizen/ Customer Centric Service

New Competencies

India Post Core Values

Human Touch

Socially Responsible


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IT Modernization Project - Mission
CCEA has approved EFC recommendations to Computerise and Network all Post offices including Rural Pos and Computerise all the operations in the Post offices in the next Phase Providing improved customer service in terms of service quality, speed of delivery and reliability Improving operational efficiency in the face of increasing competition from private players Modernizing the department to achieve its short term and long term objectives Increase the revenue of the Department and make it self sufficient

Objectives of the I T Project:
Maximizing revenue from various services and products Providing e-services to the citizens in efficient manner at affordable cost Enhancing customer satisfaction through provision of - needbased products and services, the improvement of service quality, speed of delivery and reliability Ability to promote, provide its services in a user friendly , competitive manner in attractive environment Ability to give compete with the Private Players offering similar services in a modern setting Consolidate current IT Infrastructure, migrate to an efficient, reliable, user friendly IT System

Objectives of the I T Project ( Contd.):
Planning & Setting up All India network which supports planned IT Systems, flexible to support future applications Existing Application study, consolidation & migration if necessary Greater accountability & productivity Employee delight Optimal Resource utilization and leveraging strengths of extensive retail network Introduction of Commercial Accounting System ( Accrual Based Accounting) Highest level of Business and Management efficiencies Acquiring Brand equity of a leading edge service provider

Benefits of Computerisation & Networking of Rural Pos (BOs)
Increase in revenue and reduction of deficit by increasing the rural business Opportunities for increase in revenues, through delivery of Postal services of the Government and Finance Inclusion Increase of access of customers to Postal, Financial & Insurance services. Benefit senior citizens, women and other sections of the society who have only the post office to rely on

Human Resources
Key Considerations 1:

Unique employee ID numbers Career development – Integrated performance and career management Increase the Employee satisfaction level Training structure and evaluation – for IT modernization Link training with performance and skills Identify future organization structure for IP Work on creating a centralized employee database Knowledge management capability


Human Resources
Key Considerations 2:

Technology enabled training for minimum work disruption E-learning capabilities Create platforms for attracting new talent Create workload management capabilities Technology to identify staff requirements Simplify and reduce paperwork