Music To Help Open The Chakras

I have experimented with different kinds of music/songs to see what helps with opening the chakras as I had some problems myself opening them up. These particular songs may not work for everybody . If not, then at least they could give you an idea of how high or low the range you need to work . In general, the lower the chakra, the lower the sound. The higher the chakra, the higher the sound. In some cases, males will find they need chakra sounds a bit lower than females but this is not true with all males. A good, free, legal place to find these songs and any other songs you like is If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. If you cannot find a song, email me. I would also like to warn you of songs that are ultra-deep frequency. They trigger areas of the brain that causes intense fear and sometimes paranoia. This ties nicely into the base chakra's job of survival and instincts. Also if it causes a bunch of paranoia, it means that the crown chakra is overactivating. This is good if it is temporary to help open the crown but not good if more than temporary. If you are brave, go to , then go to ear/brain toys, find ghostroom, right click save target as and download it. It is only 27 seconds long so put it on repeat to create infrasonic pulses. For maximum effect, listen to it in a dark room at night. To avoid any confusion, the songs will be listed with the band name first, a : then song name - affected chakra. I will post more songs as I find them. Dont be afraid to experiment yourself with your own music. I'd love to hear your results with your experimentation as well as using these songs Band: I dont remember the name but go to and listen to Necromantic Summoning - Base Chakra. It's beautiful David J : Enochian Angel of the 7th Aethyr - Base and Crown Chakra ....It's kinda creepy Faith and the Muse: Cerrunos - All Chakras but helps most with the lower chakras. It also vibrates God energy it is very beneficial for males but benefits females too. Faith and the Muse: Cantus - All Chakras. It is like the song Cerrunos only it is a Goddess Chant and vibrates Goddess Energy so it is especially beneficial for females but benefits males too. ( I have special plans for the songs Cerrunos and Cantus, stay tuned!!) Midnight Syndicate: Twilight - Base Chakra Midnight Syndicate: Darkness Descends - Base Chakra, Sometimes Sacral Chakras Cradle of Filth: Rise of the Pentagram - Sacral Chakra and for some, the Solar Plexus Arcana: Chant of the Awakening - All Chakras Arcana: Winds of the Lost Soul - Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Base Arcana: Wings of Gabriel - Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart. Some people may have luck with it with the Throat or Base Chakras. Arcana: The Ascending of a New Dawn - From Heart down to Sacral Chakra. Some people may be able to use it for the Base Chakra. Arcana: God of the Winds - Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat Chakras. Enya: Tempus Vernum- Solar Plexus Enya: The Celts - Primarily the Solar Plexus chakras, but may be used for the sacral or heart. It does have something very powerful in it called the Bard's Rhyme. Enya: Angels - From the Throat to Crown Chakra. Some people may find it helpful for

the Heart Chakra as well. Manowar - Master of the Wind - Throat, sometimes Heart or Third Eye Chakras. Hail Enlil! Dead Can Dance - Emmeleia - Throat Chakra Angel Tears - Throat Chakra, and sometimes the Third Eye Angel Tears - D'Marot Malach - Throat to Crown Chakra. It is a beautiful, sweet comfort song that can also totally clear the mind of thoughts. Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells Pt 1 - Throat to Crown Chakra Neuropop(look on website to find): 3 minute Journey Into Your Mind - Sometimes the Throat but mainly the Third Eye, Crown, and 8th Chakras. Maybe the 9th Chakra. Here are some songs I am not quite sure what they do. I feel weird energies when I listen to them. I would appreciate if someone out there experimented with them and let me know their results: Arcana: Love Eternal , Gothica: The Land Under The Waves, Christopher Young : 1987Hellraiser Resurrection, Therion: Invocation of Namaah

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