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Olsjon Baxhija

A comprehensive reading list concerned primarily with equity investment and proper decision
making. Heavily focused on value investing, Buffett and Munger, corporate strategy and
accounting. Moderate consideration given to psychology, persuasion and negotiation. Minor
considerations given to learning methodologies, effective reading, design. The aim is to get a
world-class business education from the comfort of your home and for pennies on the dollar.
Books do not have to be read in any particular order but they are grouped by categories.
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
Predictably Irrational
How To Win Friends
Human Misjudgment by Charlie Munger
design of everyday things
universal principles of design
talent code
talent is overrated
Influence Psychology of Persuasion
Getting More: Stu Diamond
body language
Spy the Lie
What Everybody is Saying

guerilla marketing
crossing the chasm
22 laws of marketing
sales Derek Banas /12
how to sell when nobody is buying
Dalio and Graham
dalio principles
paul graham essays
lessons of history
50th law
get rich felix dennis
personal mba
how to read a book
contagious why things catch on
millionaire fastlane
history of civilization
only 10 ways to get rich
Presenting and Pitching
presenting like jobs
pop create the perfect pitch
singularity is near
seeking wisdom
welch winning
first break all the rules

1. the essays of warren buffett - olson
2. the intelligent investor
3. common stocks and uncommon profits
4. the little book that builds wealth
00. warren buffett invests like a girl
6. a random walk down wall st
7. beating the street
11. how to read a financial report: tracy
12. investment madness: nofsinger
13. one up on wall st
14. select winning stocks using financial statements: richard loth
16. the future for investors: jeremy j siegel
18. the little book that beats the market
19. the neatest little guide to stock market investing
20. beyond greed and fear: hersh shefrin
21. buffett: the making of an american capitalist
00. margin of safety
22. bull's eye investing: john mauldin
23. contrarian investment strategies: david dreman
24. how to pick stocks like warren buffett: tim vick
26. investment fables: aswath damodaran
27. It's earnings that count: hewitt hesierman
28. john neff on investing
29. just one thing: john mauldin
30. lessons from the legends of wall st: nikki ross
31. money masters of our time: john train
32. more than you know: finding financial wisdom in unconventional places
33. mosaic: perspectives on investing
34. poor charlie's almanack
35. the dhandho investor
36. the 5 keys to value investing
37. 5 rules for successful stock investing
38. the focus investor: richard rockwood
40. value investing from graham to buffett: greenwald
41. value investing today: charles h brandes
42. when genius failed: lownestein
43. you can be a stock market genius: greenblatt

44. creative cash flow reporting: mulford

45. expectations investing: mauboussin
46. financial fine print: michelle leder
47. financial shennanigans: schillit
48. financial warnings: comiskey
49. fooled by randomness
50. investment philosophies: aswath damodaran
51. options as a strategic investment
52. quality of earnings: o'glove
53. security analysis: 1940 graham and dodd
54. the aggressive conservative investor
55. misbehavior of markets: hudson and mandelbrot
56. quest for value: g. bennett stewart
57. theory of investment value
58. alice schoreder: snowball
59. financials: fridson
00. accounting for dummies
00. how to read annual reports for dummies
00. financial statements: ittleson
60. competitive strategy: michael e porter
61. competitive advantage: michael e porter
62. great by choice: collins
63. built to last: collins
64. how the mighty fall: collins
65. good to great: collins
66. tribal leadership: logan