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Other Activities and Important Dates





Sun 25th Jan

Training Evening
How to lead a Bible Study

7.30pm 2 Firs Lane, N21 2HU

Sun 22nd Mar

Church Prayer Meeting

7.30pm 2 Firs Lane, N21 2HU

Spring Jazz Caf

You are invited to a
Spring Jazz Caf Evening with
Live Music and Food
with a talk
Jesus: swear word or Saviour
by Phil Chadder
Chaplain at Brixton Prison
Friday 6th March
8.00pm to 10.30pm (doors open at 7.30pm)
For tickets (5) contact:
Phone07850 559052
Gents DrinksMondays 2nd February and 2nd March at 9.30pm at the Jolly
Farmers. Speak to Adrian Bailey for more details.

English Language Support Club

This ministry will continue again this Spring. Immediately after the service
most weeks, from 12noon to 1.00pm, we will be running the Club to help
those for whom English is not their first language. For more information
please speak to Lisa Jenner, Sarah Arnold or Rachel Downie..
5-a-side football youth football for Years 10-13every term-time
Tuesday evening 7-8pm in Highlands School Sports Hall.

To know Christ and to share Christ

Spring 2015
Welcome to Grace Church Highlands!
And the LORD said to Samuel, See, I am about to do something
that will make the ears of those who hear of it tingle. (1 Samuel 3v11)
We pray this in order that you might live a life worthy of the Lord and may
please him in every way; bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the
knowledge of God. (Colossians 1v10)
As we begin 2015 and celebrate our 8th birthday it is good to ask the Lord to
do His work in us and through us in ways that will make the ears of those who
hear of it tingle. At the same time to be praying the Apostle Pauls prayer to
the Colossians, that we would bear fruit in every good work, growing in the
knowledge of God.
We look forward in eager expectation to a number of key events in the life of
Grace Church Highlands as we seek to know Christ and to share Christ and in
Our Church Weekend Away at Latimer Place from 6th to 8th February.
Please pray that this would be a fruitful time for us as a church.
The Spring Jazz Caf on 6th March with Phil Chadder, Chaplain at Brixton
Prison speaking on Jesusswear word or Saviour.
Our Guest Service on Sunday 8th March. Please pray that many guests
and visitors will accept our invitations to come.
It is a great pleasure and privilege to welcome newcomers into the church
family so that you can make Grace Church your spiritual home. Most of the key
Spring events are described here.
I would love to hear from you.
Yours in Christ
Revd Andy Wadsworth
2 Firs Lane, N21 2HU
020 8350 6946

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Branch Groups

4th January

Fruitfulness and New Beginnings

Andy Wadsworth

11th January *

Grace Church Highlands 8th Birthday

celebration and church family lunch

Archdeacon Luke

18th January

Promises for Gods people

Jeff Hammer

25th January

Responding to the Kingdom

Andy Wadsworth

1st February

Remaining in the Vine

Tom Simpson

8th February

No Service at Highlands School

15th February

Walking in the Spirit

Andy Wadsworth

22nd February
All-Age *

Healing for the Nations

Andy Wadsworth

1st March

Annual MeetingPlanting for harvest

(1 Corinthians 3v1-9 & James 5v7-8)

Andy Wadsworth

(Isaiah 5v1-7 & 27v1-6)

(Matthew 21v33-44 & 7v15-23)

(John 15v1-17)


(Galatians 5v13-16)

(Revelation 22v1-5)

Invitations of Jesus

(Midweek Small Groups meeting in homes)

Daytime Group
Denise Roberts or AW

at 38 The Chine
020 8360 2354

Meets Mondays
10.30am to 12 noon

Daytime Womens Group

Katie Wadsworth and
Sarah Stockton

at 2 Firs Lane,
020 8350 6946
020 8360 6393

Meets Tuesdays

Evening Group
Paul Mason

at 93 Old Park Ridings,

020 8360 8527

Meets Tuesdays

Evening Group
Ross Simmonds and
Stephanie Sullivan

at 9 Vicars Moor Lane,

07818 623024
020 8441 1901

Meets Wednesdays

Evening Group
Adrian and Anne Bailey

at 3 Brayton Gardens,
020 8363 0829

Meets Wednesdays

Evening Group
Chris and Abi Stead

at 13 Farm Lane, Oak Hill Meets Thursdays

07974 895 751
8.00pm to 9.30pm

Week beginning Monday Fruitfulness on the Frontline

12th Jan

The Big Picture

19th Jan

Modelling Godly Character

26th Jan

Making Good Work

2nd Feb

Ministering Grace and Love

9th Feb

Moulding Culture

8th March


15th March

Come to me

Andy Wadsworth

22nd March *

Listen to my voice and follow me

Andy Wadsworth

16th Feb

No meetings in Half-Term

29th March
Palm Sunday

Whoever loses his life for me will find it

Tom Simpson

23rd Feb

Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice

2nd March

Optional meetingsSpring Jazz Cafe on Friday

2nd April

Maundy Thursday evening service

Andy Wadsworth

9th March

Messenger of the Gospel

3rd April

Good Friday All-Age Service

Jeff Hammer

16th March

The Journey On

5th April *

Easter SundayAll-Age

Andy Wadsworth

23rd March

Socials and then break for Easter

(Matthew 11v25-30)
(John 10v27-28)

(Matthew 16v21-28)

* service with Holy Communion

For more details please visit