Spring 2010 Faculty Professional Development

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Building Sustainable Local and World Community Through Excellence in Student Success

Spring Faculty Professional Development Thursday, January 14, 2010
5:45-6:45 p.m. Reception El Paso Hall (Reception will close promptly at 6:45 p.m.)

7–8 p.m.

Faculty Professional Development Workshop Sessions

8:05-9:30 p.m.

Discipline Sessions

The vision of Richland College is to be the best place we can be to learn, teach, and build sustainable local and world community.

Faculty Professional Development Workshop Sessions
Go to www.richlandcollege.edu/faculty2010 to register for the workshop of your choice.

Academic Alert Accessing the ACCESS Center All about Student Learning Outcomes, QEP, and SACS Balancing the Task of Challenging & Supporting Students via Fink’s Taxonomy for Significant Learning Classroom Response System Connecting Students to Academic Success Creating Global Citizens Demonstration of Teaching Techniques to Teach Social Impact of Technology Designing an Engaging Online Environment for Student Success Digital Natives/Digital Immigrants...REALLY? Ecampus On-campus (for On-campus instructors) Effective Teaching Strategies for a Learn Lab Classroom Emergency Procedures & Preparedness Enhancing Your Technology ToolkitB027 ESOL Is Online???!! Exploring the Educational Resources and World Community Available in Second Life’s Virtual World

Room Number
B147 B022 B111 D158

D143 D163 B107 E070 D220 D212 B158 WH201 B145 M140 T252

Faculty Professional Development Sessions Session
FAST Team: Improving Your Online or Blended Course How to Create Personalized Teaching “Infomercials” from the Convenience of Your Office Lecture Capture via Tegrity System Overview of eCampus Version 9 Professional Development Opportunities at Richland College Service Learning with a Smile Student Concern Process Classroom Response System Connecting Students to Academic Success Creating Global Citizens Student Engagement and Achieving the Dream Student Media: The Oxygen That Sustains Democracy Teaching & Learning Blog The Radically New Student: Beyond the Millennial stereotype Understanding Richland’s Performance Excellence Model Using Problem-based Learning to Integrate Sustainability and Increase Engagement What Are They Thinking?: Strategies for Assessing Student Engagement

Room Number
T229 D146

E089 D216 D151 D154 D155 D143 D163 B107 WH107 B137 D159 D150 B018 T222 D224

See Breakout Session Locations Below

Discipline Breakout Sessions

Academic Enrichment

Learning Community Groups –B145

School of Engineering, Business & Technology

Developmental Math - M125 Travel Exposition & Meeting Management – N132

Accounting – D260 Management/Marketing – B156 Business – D256 Microsoft, Oracle, CISCO, UNIX & Wireless – D105 BOSS (Business Office Systems Support) – B027 Real Estate – B228 Forensics – D111 Computer Science – D174 Engineering Technology/ Semiconductor Manufacturing/ Engineering – WH153** Multimedia – T252 International Business – D140 Economics – B111

School of Humanities, Fine & Performing Arts

Art – F175 Drama & Dance – F151 History – F176 Music – F170 Philosophy & Religion – D146 Humanities – F281 Photography – WH295** Speech – WH123** Cultural Studies – C110

School Of Mathematics, Science & Health Professions

Continuing Education
All CE Programs – T220

School of Ethnic Studies, Social Science & Physical Education
All in WH159** Anthropology Sociology Geography Physical Education Government Psychology

Math – M235 Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Geology, Nutrition, Physics – Conference Room, ground floor SH* Pharmacy Technology, Medication Aide – S167** Medical Assisting, Medical Office Technology, Transcription, Coding, Phlebotomy, HUC – WH171**

School of Teacher Preparation
Educational Personnel – D220

School of World Languages, Cultures & Communications

School of Human & Academic Development

Developmental Reading – WH201** Journalism – E014 Developmental Writing – M145 Human Development – C249

English – D174 AECI/ESOL Learning Communities – D143 ESOL Writing/Grammar – D158 ESOL Listening and Speaking – B137 ESOL Reading – D154 International Languages – B107

*SH - New Leed Science Building (Sabine Hall) **WH - Wichita Hall (formerly Sabine Hall)

Adjunct Faculty College Center & Evening/Weekend Support Services
The mission of the A.C.C.E.S.S. center is to provide information, direction and support to all adjunct faculty members to maximize student learning and success.

THE ACCESS CENTER TEAM Audra Barrett Interim Exec. Dean, of ACCESS & Distance Learning Roy Bond Dean, Adjunct Teaching and Learning Andy Tubbs Dean, ACCESS Operations Diane Graifemberg Administrative Assistant Jody Cunningham Administrative Assistant Joanie McAdams Division Secretary Alicia Cooper Department Assistant Kenya Gabriel Department Assistant

Special Thanks to Derrick Logozzo, William Anthony, Larry Ballard, Chelsey Schriner, Angelika Jansen, and Cullen Boyd Richland College expresses its appreciation to the hundreds of faculty members who have made and will continue to make integral and vital contributions to Richland’s mission of:

Teaching, Learning, Community Building.

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