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• RE: Company Intelligence Support Team (COIST) concept- Feedback

1. My unit developed systems to do some sophisticated HUMINT analysis in

The germ of the idea sprung from a CALL Handbook published in 2004 about
Effects Based Operations in Brigades, Battalions, and Companies.

Platoon leaders wrote narrative debriefs that were posted on an AKO-S forum
linked to an AKO-S portal, all C Company internal.
The FSO, updated 4x products based on those debriefs.

1. NETTEMP--A cross between a DOCTEMP and a Network Analysis. This

basically had a box per cell with associated names. Some connnectors drawn to
show association. A one-pager for patrols' pockets.

2. Cell-Analysis--Broke down each cell doctrinally. Objective, Ideology,

Leadership, Organization, External Support, Tactics and Methods (with recent

3. Target Packets--People and places.

4. INFORMANTTEMP--Graphical depiction on a map of names and cell-phone

numbers of sources with a colored bubble indicating reliability.

All these products were stuck on the portal for use by PLs in their preparation and
were briefed as Para. 1A in our weekly OPORD.

All this analysed information allowed me to target each patrol toward an effect,
usually having to do with a personality in our sector.

Our computers were in a COP in the city, and we had some sort of commo truck
that had LOS connectivity. Sometimes it was slow, but it was good enough to
work with.

If I deploy again, I'm going to task-org my FIST as an "Effects Cell" and teams
out by mission from company level.


2. I've seen a few company sized units come through JMRC for their MRE. Each has
created a company S2 out of hide, usually using the FSO to head it and the Fisters to man
it. There is a good MTT that these guys have been to, but I don't know where it originates
from. These elements worked great as they could focus the information from higher to
stuff that the CO and PLTs need to know, basically trimming the fat. However, I've
haven't seen a unit yet where the S2 guys can push their own assesment to higher. Most
are too inexperienced to make the big leap, leaving the Commander to present his read at
the targeting meetings or directly to his green tab leader.

3. (From OEF Co CDR) This is a great concept that has been around for a while insde
LRSD, and was carried foward to the Dismounted Reconnaissance Troops in the Recon
Squadron Squadron in the IBCT. As a former DRT Commander in OEF, it was great to
have a trained soldier gather data and conduct analysis on the terrain and enemy from
Secret rated sites. This intel team was also the critical link to submit intel reports from
my teams. This is a great concept and MUST be implemented to all maneuver companies.