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54 Browning Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M4K 1V9


Michael Goldchain



Developed very good interpersonal and

communication skills through instructing
campers at a canoe and kayak school, teaching
piano, and working as a foodrunner.
Established a stellar work ethic, dedication and
commitment through 15 years of piano
Took initiative by teaching myself software to
contribute to group projects in school
Demonstrated strong team skills through
working in restaurants, and playing in symphony
orchestra and various music ensembles

York University BFA (Music/Jazz Piano Performance)

TDSB High School Diploma, Claude Watson School
for the Arts Diploma, 2011

Olive Lower Prize in Jazz Piano awarded to an
outstanding jazz pianist in the music department at York
Claude Watson Senior Arts Letter for significant
contributions to the Claude Watson Arts Program
First Class Hononurs in Grade 9 Royal Conservatory of
Music Examination

Work Experience

Food Runner at Globe Bistro | May August 2013

Continued developing and demonstrating team and interpersonal skills working co-operatively
with others in a front of house setting, as well as helping with restaurant renovations, and setting
up for weddings and parties
Developed proper serving etiquette through interacting with custromers on a regular basis,
bringing food and drinks to tables and serving canaps at events such as weddings and company
Demonstrated the ability to learn quickly through serving constantly changing, six-course blindtasting meals
Dish Washer at Aria Ristorante | July August 2012
Demonstrated strong team skills working co-operatively with a busy kitchen and front of house
Showed leadership and organization skills training a new employee after three weeks of
Improved multitasking and planning skills handling various tasks given to me simultaneously
Dish Washer at Il Fornello | June 2012
Provided an introduction to restaurant workflow and environment where I quickly gained basic
skills such as organization/planning, multitasking and flexibilty.
Volunteer, Runner, Meals-on-Wheels at Woodgreen Community Services | September 2011 Present

Built personal relationships with clients through providing regular solcail contact and checking
on their safety
Developed teamwork skills through working with a driver to plan routes and organize meal
Volunteer, Server/Bus at Out of the Cold | September 2009 January 2010

Improved team skills working with other volunteers to serve meals and set up nightly provisions
for the homeless
Worked on interpersonal and communication skills through interactions with customers and

Staff Instructor at Harbourfront Canoe and Kayak Centre | June 2009 August 2009

Showed organizational and leadership through planning the days events and running the
water activies
Built strong team skills by working co-operatively with collegues to insure the safety and
well-being of campers
Working with campers to provide the bast camp experience helped me improve my
interpersonal skills

Music Producer | 2007 Present

Took initiative to learn various software programs and find clients

Produced instrumental for artist Dante Leon, and composed soundtracks for two short

Independtly reached out to recording artist Dante Leon to produce some of his songs

Showed commitment and constant improvement

Dedicated time to improving and perfecting my music

Showed constistent effort