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National Research Conference

31st JANUARY, 2015
Organized by

SIES College of Management Studies (SIESCOMS)

Navi Mumbai

About the Organization and Institute

South Indian Education Society (SIES) is known as one of the
oldest educational trusts in the city of Mumbai, having been
established in 1932. SIES is a learning organization that adapts
itself to the fast growing dynamic environment, while retaining
the cultural values and ethos. SIES College of Management
Studies (SIESCOMS) at Navi Mumbai is an outfit of SIES and is a
well established and leading B-School in Mumbai and has over
the years achieved a distinct position on a Pan-India basis too.
It is today ranked as one of the top B-Schools in the country.
SIESCOMS is affiliated to University of Mumbai, approved by
AICTE and is involved in teaching, training and promoting
research in the fields of Management and Technology. The
institution offers 5 PG programs in various disciplines. The
institution is committed to deliver global quality in
management and technical education by nurturing a conducive
learning environment for a better tomorrow through
continuous improvement and customization.
About the Conference
Business practices the world over are undergoing
metamorphosis. Increasing globalization but with reducing
influence of WTO, unclear risks emanating from
unprecedented sources, lack of globally accepted norms for
managing businesses, inherent contradictions / diversity
and often resultant contradiction in cultural / religious
ethos across countries are throwing serious challenges to
manage businesses with classically accepted management
theories & norms.
Under the above context, SIES College of Management
Studies(SIESCOMS) announces the National Research
Conference on Contemporary Business Practices of New
Millennium . This conference will be held at the sprawling
campus of SIESCOMS, during the most pleasant season of
the year. This research conference identifies key societal,
business and technology trends and business practices,
assesses how they will shape future business opportunities,

and explores processes and best practices in innovation and

emerging technology management. Adapting to different
business models involves risk; therefore, planning to
examine alternatives before taking action is the need of the
This conference aims at looking at some of the
contemporary business practices in the new millennium and
the management tools and techniques to manage the
businesses in these turbulent times.
The conference will attempt to look at all the traditional
management domains namely, General Management,
Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Technology
management and Operations. It will provide an opportunity
to academicians and corporate to debate and discuss through
research findings the emerging business practices and tools to
manage them.
Indicative Tracks
Contemporary Business Practices in General Management:
Corporate Social Responsibility
Contemporary Practices for Sustainability
Corporate Governance & Business Ethics : New
Quality Practices and Benchmarks for 21st Century
Contemporary Business Practices in Marketing Management:
Innovations and New Product Development
Customer Relationship Management
Social Media Marketing
Green Marketing
Rural Marketing
Neuro Marketing
Marketing Challenges: Bottom of Pyramid Customers
Global Marketing Entry Strategies

Contemporary Business Practices in Human Resource

Talent Management: Acquisition & Retention
Managing Workforce Diversity including Cross-Cultural
Change Management: Post Merger & Acquisition
Innovative Organizational Development Practices
Managing Gen-Y Workforce: Issues & Challenges
Contemporary Business Practices in Financial Management :
Ethical Financial Trading Practices
Capital Markets: New Issues & Challenges
Commodity Markets: Emerging Trends
Financial Risk Management: Way Forward
Financial Engineering: New Trends
Contemporary Business Practices in Technology
Software Project Management Practices
E-Commerce: Latest Trends
E-Learning: Way Forward
New Frontiers in Technology Innovations
Outreach of Technology for Inclusive Growth:


Contemporary Business Practices in Operations

Business Process Reengineering
Lean Manufacturing Practices
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Materials Management
Operation Planning and Control
Inventory Management and Control
Services, Retail, quality in operations Management
Note: The tracks are only indicative and the authors may also
submit papers on other relevant and contemporary topics.

Guidelines for Abstract/Full Paper Submission

Submission of abstract on or before: 30th November 2014.
Intimation of acceptance: 2nd December 2014.
Submission of full paper on or before: 6th December 2014.
Guidelines for Abstract Submission
Abstract (not exceeding 300 words) should be sent by email in
the form of a word file to the conference convener at:
Abstract should include a clear indication of the purpose of
research methodology, major results and implications.
Abstracts will be blind reviewed for the purpose of acceptance.
Abstract submission should include in a separate page, names
of author(s), title of the paper, affiliations, their addresses
(postal and email), phone/fax numbers, and 4-5 key words.
Guidelines for Full Paper Submission
Software: MS WORD.
Length: Paper should not exceed 3500 words (including
abstract, reference and appendix),maximum 8 pages, in Times
New Roman font with size 12 and line spacing of 1.5.
Title Page: Article title, author(s) name(s) with affiliation and email, corresponding authors address, telephone number,
mobile number and fax number should be included.
Second Page: The title and an abstract of 300 words, with
maximum 4-5 key words. The second page onward the paper
should be completely anonymous for blind review.
Main Text: Should be more readable, technical details should
be provided in appendix, ideas proposed should preferably be
supported by examples from real life scenarios.
Footnotes: Should be used as sparingly as possible and must
be identified in the text by consecutive numbers placed as
Tables and Figures: Should be numbered consecutively. Tables
should be titled at top and figures captioned below. No table
and figure included in the paper should be left unreferenced in
the text. Referencing should be done as per table number
figure number. Any illustration/photos should be considered as
figure and numbered accordingly.
References: Within the text as the authors name followed by a
comma and year of publication, all in round brackets. At the
end of the paper a reference list in alphabetical order must be
given as follows:

For books: Surname, initials, (year), title, publisher, place of

For journals: surname, initials, (year), journal, volume
(number), pages.
For articles: surname, initials, (year), title, journal/proceedings
name, pages.
Selected papers will be published in the form of a book with
ISBN number. The author should provide the declaration that
the paper submitted by him/her has neither been submitted
for publication nor published elsewhere in any print/electronic
form. If copyrighted materials are used, the author should give
proper references.
Registration Details
Corporate Executives:
Rs 2000/Academicians/ Research Scholars:
Rs 1500/Students:
Rs 1000/*Registration fee includes Conference kit, Lunch & Tea
Conference Convener:
Dr. Durga Surekha
Mobile No.9820043509
Review Committee Cum Organizing Team
Mobile Numbers
Prof. Vilas Chaudhari
Prof. Rajesh Nair
Prof. Neha Chopade
Prof. Lalitha Pradeep
Prof. Deepa Donde
Mumbai is a major economic and cultural hub and one of the
fastest growing major metropolis in India. Mumbai is also
home to many of the well-recognized educational and research
institutions in India. Mumbai's business opportunities, as well
as its potential to offer a higher standard of living, attract
migrants from all over India and, in turn, make the city a
melting pot of many communities and cultures. The climate
during the period of this conference is the coolest month of the
year for Mumbai with mean daily minimum being 16.4 C and
mean daily maximum being 30.6 C. Limited residential
capacity for outstation candidates on payment basis will be

Registration Form
SIES College of Management Studies
National Research Conference

Contemporary Business Practices of New Millennium

Name of the Participant:______________________
Mailing Address: _____________________________________
_________________City: __________Postal Code: _________
Telephone: (O) _____________(M)_______________
Email: __________________________
Whether Presenting Paper (Yes/No) ______ If Yes, Title of the
Paper _________________________________________

Registration Fee* Details: (tick mark whichever is relevant)

Corporate Executives- Rs.2000 /- , Academicians/Research
Scholars- Rs.1500/- and Students Rs. 1000/Cheque/D D No.:_______________ Dated: ____________
for Rs: _________ drawn on (Bank)___________________
Cheque / DD are to be drawn in favor of SIES College of
Management Studies, payable at Mumbai.

Date: _________ Signature of the Participant: ___________

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