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Reg. No. :

Question Paper Code : 53117

Fourth Semester



Electronics and Communication Engineering
(Regulation 2008)

(Common to PTEC 2251 – Electronic Circuits — II for B.E. (Part-Time) Third
Semester Electronics and Communication Engineering - Regulation 2009)
Maximum : 100 Marks


Time : Three hours

Answer ALL questions

PART A — (10 × 2 = 20 Marks)

Justify that negative feedback amplifier increases bandwidth.


State the Nyquist criterion to maintain the stability of negative feedback


A crystal has the following parameters h = 0.5 H, C = 0.05 pF and mounting
capacitance is 2 pF. Calculate its series and parallel resonating frequencies.


In an RC phase shift oscillator, if its frequency of oscillation is 955 Hz and
R1 = R2 = R3 = 680 K Ω , Find the value of capacitors.


Define loaded and unloaded Q.




Why does tuned amplifier require neutralization? Draw the circuit for Narrow
Band Neutralization?


How does a diode act as a comparator?



Identify the feedback amplifier and calculate Aof. (10) (ii) How is a clap oscillator modified from a Colpitts oscillator? (6) Or What is a Wien Bridge? How is it used to work as a oscillator? Support it with necessary derivations. (10) (ii) What is the effect of negative feedback on distortion. Draw a transistorized bootstrap time base generator circuit. hfe = 50.1 K. 10. (1) 12. (a) 4 PART B — (5 × 16 = 80 Marks) 21 8. Rof and Rif. noise. (i) Explain the current series feedback amplifier with a neat diagram.Determine the value of capacitors to be used in an astable multivibrator to provide a train of pulse 2 µ sec wide at a repetition rate of 75 kHz with R1 = R2 = 10 K Ω . (a) Derive the general condition for oscillation for a LC oscillator and derive the frequency of oscillation for a Colpitts oscillator. 21 (b) 4 + 25 V (16) 21 Fig. 9. input and output impedance of a feedback amplifier? (6) Or Transistors in the feedback amplifier shown in Figure (1) are identical and thin parameters are hie = 1. What are the applications of blocking oscillators? 11. hre = hoe = 0. (16) 4 (b) (i) 2 53117 .

(a) Describe the operation of a single tuned amplifier with neat diagram. (a) What is the response of low pass RC circuit for sinusoidal. (8) 21 15. describe the principle of operation of a monostable blocking oscillator with emitter timing. Or (b) (i) What is a stagger tuned amplifier? (2) (ii) What is the effect on bandwidth by cascading single tuned amplifier and double tuned amplifier? (4) (iii) Derive the efficiency of a class C tuned amplifier. (10) Or (i) With neat sketches. (6) 4 (b) 4 21 ——————————— 3 53117 . (10) (ii) Draw and explain any one type of current-time base circuit. 4 14. (16) (a) (i) Explain the UJT oscillator with its working principle and neat diagrams. (8) (ii) How does a Astable circuit act as a free running blocking oscillator? Draw the circuit and explain. pulse square wave and ramp inputs. (16) Or (b) Explain the working principle of a Bistable Multivibrator with neat diagrams and illustrate how Schmitt trigger circuit can be evolved from a Bistable circuit. (16) 21 13. step.