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How to prepare for JEE?

Tips and Strategies

As your Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is coming soon, its time for you to gear up the
preparation. Do not let your preparation down by the new JEE pattern and increased
competition. JEE Main is new name for AIEEE and JEE Advance is new name for IITJEE,
rest everything is similar. This article gives you some tips ton how to prepare for JEE no
matter at what level of preparation you are.

Check out Syllabus and Exam Pattern

If you have just started (or thinking to start) your preparations, then knowing the syllabus and
pattern of JEE exam is best way to strategize your preparation. Identify your strong and
weak points, and then plan how you can cover all these in the available time.

Twin Prep: JEE and Boards

The new selection system gives importance to the Class XII board marks as well, hence you
must prepare for both the exams simultaneously. You should practice all NCERT problems,
while brushing up basic JEE concepts. NCERT books cover almost all the topics of JEE
Main exam. Preparing simultaneously for your board exams and JEE will save you a lot of
time and effort.

On Joining Test Series

For better preparation and to know where you stand among other candidates, you can join
any popular test series programme. These tests not only check your level of preparation for
the JEE but also make aware of your command over the subject, strong and weak areas and
answering speed.

Time Management
While dealing with exam pressure, time management plays a crucial role. Plan and divide
the time remaining aptly for the three subjects. You can prepare a chapter-wise and topicwise revision schedule. It is recommended to create short notes, list all formulas and points
to remember. This will help you in quick revision at a later stage.

Correct Methodology
The correct approach for those taking the exam for the first or second time is to stick to
limited preparation resource and not refer to a numerous books and study material available
in the market. The syllabus and paper pattern for JEE Main, JEE Advance and Board Exams
are slightly different. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and prepare accordingly.

Month-wise Planning
Develop month-wise plan and break it into weeks. Initial about three to four months, you can
focus on developing concepts for each chapter separately. March should be Kept for board

exams, except for certain days when you can simultaneously solve previous year papers
papers of AIEEE/JEE Main and IIT-JEE. April and May can be used to revise formulae and
take mock tests.
All three subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics; are equally important, thus you
must devote at least two to three hours to each subject on a daily basis. Its the quality of
time spent on self-study that matters, not quantity.

Important Topics
The syllabi of Class 11 and 12 contribute about 45% and 55% of IIT-JEE question papers,
respectively. While preparing, put more stress on the following topics.
Mathematics: Quadratic equations and expressions, complex numbers, probability, vectors,
matrices in algebra; circle, parabola, hyperbola in coordinate geometry; functions, limits,
continuity and differentiability, application of derivatives, definite integral in calculus.
Physics: Mechanics, fluids, heat and thermodynamics, waves and sound, capacitors and
electrostatics, magnetic, electromagnetic induction, optics and modern physics.
Chemistry: Coordination chemistry and chemical bonding in inorganic chemistry,
electrochemistry, chemical and ionic equilibrium, mole concept in physical chemistry and
organic chemistry.

Practice Will Make You Perfect

Practice as much questions as you can for JEE. Keep in mind the following six tips while
Always start from the basic concepts. Avoid cramming.
Dont look for solutions without attempting to get the right answer.
Study on a regular basis and proper sleep is must.
Keep in touch with like-minded students to get that extra edge.
Problem-solving should be more qualitative than quantitative.
With the right attitude, even an average student can clear it successfully.