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1. What 5 Information Superhighway?

1.) Or It Could Be Called The Information Superhighway Also Infobahn, Which Refers
To The Terms Of The Communication System Digitaldan Popular Internet Information
Network In 1990 Or Also A Term Coined By Vice President Albert Gore USA When Giving
A Speech January 11, 1994 To Describe The Future Of Computer Access And Communicate
Through A Worldwide Network.

2.) Understanding Others Large-Scale Communication Networks Often Provide A
Variety Of Interactive Services, Such As Text Databases, E-Mail, And Audio Materials And
Video, Accessed Through A Computer, Television, Etc. (Based On The Random House

3.) English Dictionary (Collins English Dictionary) - N
The Concept Of A Worldwide Network Of Computers Capable Of Transferring All
Types Of Digital Information At High Speed.

4.) Dictionary Of Culture (The American Heritage® New Dictionary Of Cultural
A Term That Describes All Infrastrucure, Including Cable, Satellite, And Assorted Hardware,
Which Allows Information To Be Transferred Over Large Distances At High Speed For

5.) Computer Dictionary (The Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing,
Or "Infobahn", "Info Strada") The Name Was Created By Vice President Al Gore In The
Early 1990s For High-Speed Communications Networks Globally Appear Capable Of
Carrying Voice, Data, Video, And Other Services Around The World. This Service Uses A
Satellite, Copper Cable, Fiber Optics, Mobile Telecommunications, And Can Be Accessed
Via The Set-Top Box Or A Suitably Equipped Computer.

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Organizations And Companies That Want To Socialize Services . Particular Knowledge Or Skills In The Wider Community ( Usually Free Of Charge ) . E-Learning Can Also Be Done Informally With Simpler Interactions . E -Learning In Its Broadest Sense Can Include Learning Is Done In Electronic Media ( Internet ) Either Formally Or Informally . Or Standalone Computer . 2001] Elearning Is The Educational System That Uses An Electronic Application To Support Teaching And Learning With The Internet Media . For Example By Means Of Mailing Lists . Learnframe. Programs . . Syllabus . Hartley [ Hartley . Such Learning Is Usually High And The Level Of Interaction Required By The Company To Its Employees Or Distance Learning Administered By The University And The Companies ( Usually Consulting Firm ) Who Is Engaged In The Provision Of E -Learning Services To The Public .Darin E. 2001] Elearning Is A Type Of Learning Which Allows Tersampaikannya Teaching Materials To Students Using The Medium Of The Internet. Subjects And Tests That Have Been Arranged And Prepared On A Schedule Agreed Upon Relevant Parties ( Manager Of E -Learning And Learners Themselves ) . E . Computer Network .Newsletters Or Personal Websites . Intranet Or Other Computer Network Media .Com In Elearning Glossary Of Terms [ Glossary . E -Learning Is Learning By Example Formal Curriculum .

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