Journal for Utopian Observations

By: A. Q. R.

All material written by A. Q. R. (unless otherwise noted) Copyright 2004 – 07 Abridged and revised 2007

Against the Revolution
The American Revolution was an idea seeded by the wealthy merchants who were ultimately caught up in their own selfishness. By that time, Britain had already become the folly of Europe, opening itself up to wide scale revolt by the collapse of the monarchy in exchange for democracy, an unprecedented move, which introduced this fallacy of “representation of the people.” If the monarchy did not represent the people then surely how might a band of snobbish plutocrats? Instead of solving any problems which may have then been a bother, the foolish transition merely caused more disunity and corruption, which of course was thinly painted over by meaningless slogans. All the while such a move succeeded in perpetuating the very worst of the false (puppet) monarchy in the exceeding destruction of the empire through foreign infiltration of peoples and practices, which eventually even eroded the core values of the common religion. All this becomes clear when directly after the revolution ended in victory the American plutocrats indulged themselves in the dirty practice of the stock market which ran up and down Wall Street. There they traded stocks amongst themselves as if they were throwing around pieces in a board game. Nothing was taken seriously by this scum but their own selfish greed which dripped like a poison in their blood. Without democracy seeding the idea of a “new representation” which we may accurately call a “new world order” it would have been impossible for all of the cancers of the modern world to have developed. And only in a sufficiently Christianized world could democracy have been seen as a viable alternative, rather than as something so absurd and so crazy that it was as a tragic illusion devised by the devil. Moreover, the American moguls were predominantly Freemasons whose motto rang “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” To the “founding fathers” this revolt had an even deeper meaning and was not merely a dispute over representation, but of a greater spiritual war—such that this revolution was a revolt against the old order of things, namely, of monarchy (of which its idealism and traditionalism was, and is, embodied in the rightwing). Hence, in order for a new world order of liberalism, humanitarianism, and outright anarchy, which we know today as Communism, to indeed be accepted by the people, it was first necessary to demonize the old order, which is the true reason for all of the ridiculous propaganda against the monarchy. Add to that the French involvement in their aid to the American revolutionaries which left France bankrupt, that being an ideal circumstance in fueling civil unrest to trigger the French Revolution, and we have a long trail of the conspiracy. For the bloody revolution of France, and its motto once again, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” must not be thought of as occurring by happenstance, but as a carefully planned global revolution, an overthrowing of all traditional civilizations in which nations fall like dominoes to the new order of liberalism, socialism, anarchism and communism. It is such that the 1897 text The Protocols of the Elders of Zion seems to be quite accurate if only in its assessment of this longstanding subversion. Indeed, one passage even goes so far as to claim that, “When the King of Israel sets upon his sacred head the crown offered him by Europe he will become patriarch of the world.” We can only look at this today in complete astonishment. And yet we are reminded of Freemasonry and its mish-mash of morality plays, which the world would do well without, and find that

one shouldn’t be so surprised after all. Was it not the anti-hierarchical and anti-traditional Freemason, Albert Pike, who detailed in his Morals and Dogma how Freemasons who essentially hold the Qabalah in highest esteem were responsible for much of the liberal doctrine and socialist movement, including but not limited to the American Revolution, French Revolution, and the Russian Revolution? Pike was also not ashamed to admit that Freemasonry’s goal is none other than that of the Templar’s, which was to build the Temple of Solomon as the ruling centre of the world. Now this could only be a counterfeit of Templarism as Masonry today is nothing more than speculative. And for that reason one must unwaveringly be opposed to the degeneration of this Order and its modern goals.

The Philosophical Death
By: Dietrich The concept of death plays a prominent role in mythology as it reflects the seasonal cycle and natural life. The forces of nature are creative and destructive, each of which compliment the other. The death or destruction of certain natural or cosmic bodies makes way for new life. It is the key of evolution. The shedding of old, dead skin reveals a new, stronger layer. The defeat of the old, false idea submits to the new, truer idea. The weak are torn apart and consumed as prey to the hunter so that the wise and strong may live. Thus the law of the strong assumes dominance over the false and the timid. In the human, the spirit or higher consciousness reigns supreme. Thus does the normal or natural consciousness submit to the higher. And so as the higher or subtle body is actioned by a silent stillness, or a surrendering of one’s consciousness unto the divine matter, so does the mythological death have its significance. For it is not a physical death at all, but a turning into oneself, a purer state. Many occurrences of death in mythology have been misinterpreted to mean a physical act or of something that is not symbolic to a much greater function, which has led to what are wrong theories and beliefs. This talk of a paradise or nightmarish realm one is transported to once their body dies is the most popular of these misinterpretations. And when attention is paid to this false idea all focus is turned away from the spiritual or magical progression while in life. Attention is instead reverted to what one must do while in life in order to gain acceptance into paradise after death. Some new traditions have even turned the original and true idea on its head by demanding that spiritual progression through magick runs counter to proper earthly behavior required to gain acceptance into this paradise. But what kind of paradise is this that would be constructed in order to keep us down? And so this new age talk has become nothing but sheer nonsense. In Introduction to Magic, Evola writes of the magical or immortal body being an analogy to “designate the ‘seats’ that consciousness may assume, according to a possibility which, however, transcends that of the overwhelming majority of human beings. Hence such a doctrine, like all esoteric doctrines, is true only in an initiatic context. To speak of it in relation to ordinary man has no sense at all; for him there are no three, or seven, or nine ‘bodies,’ or however many are fancied by Theosophy, but simply the human state of consciousness, conditioned by its relation with the physical organism that everyone knows.”

The ordinary man, teaches Evola, is a slave to the aggregate forces of “thoughts, actions, passions, creations, bodily functions and organs of human beings. They invisibly permeate and direct most of what is called ordinary life. “This is why he who really wants to live must first die, separating himself from this melee of influences and dependencies, and making his own the principle of a life that is of itself, and, thus, immortal.” The spirit is thus likened to a flame that rises and falls or which flickers up and down. An Egyptian hieroglyph symbolizing the initiatic death is that of an axe being driven through one’s forehead. In Norse lore, Wotan hung himself for nine days on Yggdrasil, which spews forth wisdom, and which roots grow from Asgard, Jotunheim, and Niflheim. Oso, in Introduction to Magic, talks about three dimensions of time. Those being: the physical time, duration or psychic time, and the eternal or cosmic time. He writes, “The corpses of this cosmic struggle are ‘things’ and ‘beings’ that we see with our physical eyes. “All of the objects and forms around us that we are able to perceive with our senses are nothing but arrested sounds, dead sounds, words bewitched into matter. We can indeed reawaken them in our consciousness and even transform them into living words in our inner sound-world through redeeming operations in the inner world, which are called mantras, magical formulas, mystical voices, or enchanting syllables.” In a similar fashion sleep has been called the preparation for death. It may be said that everyone, in some point of their lives, involuntarily come into contact with certain magical phenomena, the first and most common of which is dream. The dream world represents to us the psychic realm, the mind’s eye, suggesting that there is more to this world than the mere physical existence. In this somewhat involuntary occurrence is an element of the will. Many soon learn that these dreams can be controlled by the power of Will, giving the ability to transport oneself to a setting of one’s choosing and to engage in sensations such as falling, flying, or other acts of recognition and action. This form of dreaming closely resembles and in some ways is exactly that of astral travel. In a conscious state our will is just as powerful. If one is sad, he may will his self happy. If one feels a pain in the body he may will it away. This is self-control realized on a much greater plane than simple behaviors. It involves the utilization of one’s will to effect change in the physical. Many tend to underestimate this power and think of the will in more involuntary terms. Yet cases of abnormal feats of willpower include: bursts of superhuman strength; resistance to severe pain; healing of illness—and negative effects, including the stigmata or bursting of blood vessels by severe stress which results in bleeding by way of the sweat; dementia, and out of body or out of mind experiences through hyperactivity or stress; and many abnormal feats due to extraordinary situations such as warfare. Another stage of magical phenomena can be experienced through love and sexual union. Love produces extraordinary sensations, and in a deep enflaming of the passions are produced visions, creative thinking and recognition of great things, even a blackout of consciousness which propels one into an extremely magical realm. The beauty of nature also has a similar effect, as does meditation, while the orgasm produces a sensation of bliss throughout the whole body. Thus does a magical path exist through

emotion and sensation of physical pressures, such as massage, vibration, certain repetitive motions, and postures, the latter as demonstrated by hatha yoga and by stillness and silence.

On Bio-Magnetic Waves
Gamma waves (25-60 Hz) appear to relate to simultaneous processing of information from different brain areas, involving memory, learning abilities, integrated thoughts or information-rich task-processing. Gamma rhythms modulate perception and consciousness which disappear with anesthesia. Synchronous activity at about 40 Hz appears involved in binding sensory inputs into the single, unitary objects we perceive. Beta waves (12-25 Hz) dominate our normal waking state of consciousness when attention is directed towards cognitive tasks and the outside world. Beta is a fast activity, present when we are alert or even anxious, or when engaged in problem solving, judgment, decision making, information processing, mental activity and focus. Alpha waves (7-12 Hz) are present during dreaming and light meditation. As more and more neurons are in tune to this frequency, alpha waves cycle globally across the whole cortex. This induces deep relaxation, but not quite meditation. In alpha, we begin to access the wealth of creativity that lies just below our conscious awareness. Alpha waves aid overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, inner awareness, mind-body integration, and learning. Alpha is also the home of the window frequency known as the SR, which propagates with little attenuation around the planet. When we intentionally generate alpha waves and go into resonance with that Earth frequency, we naturally feel better, refreshed, in tune, and in synch with the environment. Theta waves (4-7 Hz) occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in the deepest states of meditation and thought. In theta, our senses are withdrawn from the external world and focused on the mindscape—internally originating signals. Theta waves are associated with mystery, an elusive and extraordinary realm we can explore. It is that twilight state which we normally only experience fleetingly as we rise from the depths of delta upon waking or drifting off to sleep. In theta, we are in a waking dream; vivid imagery flashes before the mind's eye and we are receptive to information beyond our normal conscious awareness. Theta meditation increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress and awakens intuition and other extrasensory perception skills. Delta waves (0-4 Hz) are the slowest but highest in amplitude. They are generated in dreamless sleep. Delta waves confer a suspension of external existence and provide the most profound feelings of peace. In addition, certain frequencies within the delta range trigger the release of a growth hormone which is beneficial for healing and regeneration. This is why deep restorative sleep is essential to the healing process.

Yggdrasil: the World Tree

The Eddas, whose tales are widely misunderstood as they are widely mistranslated, and which undoubtedly went through many variations and corruptions, do contain a record of the ancient Nordic religion, referred to by the many as Heathenism. This term can be interchanged with that of Tradition or Eternal Wisdom, as we shall clarify here. Thus, these are not myths as in the sense of fantasy but actual folklore, being the tradition of our folk in ancient times that was in practice before the alien spirit of Christianity eradicated the Ways of our Ancestors. It must be noted, however, that Christianity tried its best to destroy all remnants of paganism, root and branch, and thus, no complete and systematic account of the folklore has been transmitted to modern times. To pinpoint any sort of exactness of meaning, or render a totality of the mythology is therefore impossible. The folk-religion survives mainly by magical practices known to us through Initiatic Orders that have remained secret for centuries throughout the world. We contend that this was, and always has been, the core of the religion, and the folklore as simply a basic and creative form of expression. This folklore is therefore to be understood in a specific and symbolic sense and is not open to unlimited interpretation. As such, it is to be understood by the Adept, the Initiate of the Mysteries, who yet carries on the true and authentic Tradition of the Divine and the Ancient, the Gods and the Ancestors. Of such Initiates, the lore tells of the first two humans Ask and Embla, who were created out of two trees, Ash and Elm, and to which were ordained several principles, including the La and Laeti, that of blood and distinction. The primordial man and woman are likened to trees just as the Tree of Life corresponds with the spine. The significance of the tree is, first of all, in the polar shape of its main component which shoots out of the ground suggesting that the roots extend towards the core or center of the earth. Also of concern are the limbs which spring out in the horizontal, suggestive of a cross. Still further, trees play a role in the model of the Divine Art, for they require the elements of air, fire, water, and earth to grow and produce leaves, flowers, and fruits. These same elements are reflected in the spiritual development of man, not merely in the common and material sense but metaphysically according to a special symbolism, just as chemicals and their actions are used as symbols of the Royal Art. Concerning the origins: Gollveig, whose name means Gold Might, was speared by the Gods and thrice burned in the Hall of Hor (High One) from which she was thrice resurrected. Such, just as Ragnarok, is displayed as a war, for it is only to be understood from an initiatic and alchemic standpoint. This war is a war of the self, of the soul, and of the spirit, similar to the annihilation of the self in Buddhist doctrine. Hence, the thrice resurrected Gollveig, who became a Seer, was named Heith or Heid, after which Heathenism derives its name. (The name Heith is taken to mean Shining One and is applied to the Seer.) It is said of the “lost stanza” of the Völuspá that after the war Asgard is rebuilt by a Giant, which clearly after the fall of the Golden Age signifies the succession of Initiates in the work of building their temple, the temple of which is symbolic of the grades of initiation of the spiritual caste. The Giant who labors apparently asks for the sun and moon for his reward as well as that of Freyja for his bride. This here clearly refers to the Alchemical Great Work involving Sol and Luna and the Chemical Marriage. It then follows that Loki was forced to delay the laboring Giant by a trick so that the work was not finished in the time the Gods demanded, thus “breaking the oath” that was

made between the Gods and the Giant. And this is due to the elemental nature of the Giants themselves, which is overcome by the Initiate, in the account of the lore, which was close to six months, that being nearly one-half of a year, a full year corresponding with a full cycle or initiatic chain; hence, that would place the Giant at about midway up the tree. In other words, the Giants refer to the Natural Order whereas the Gods are to the Divine and Immutable. And it is clear that this scene corresponds with the fall, and as significant of the sense of time whereby Asgard is above the Abyss and therefore belonging to the Ideal rather than the Actual, and also to the work of the Initiate, which is done in the psychic time rather than what was before a natural connection with the eternal and divine state. Hence, the physical body is a corpse of the “first war” in which Asgard was destroyed. In the same vein, the Temple proper represents the external universe, thus elemental; however, what is internal to the temple is of a divine nature. Now, the Nine Worlds or Realms are bound together in Yggdrasil, the Ash or World Tree, each representing a specific Order of the Universe. This is, first of all, a metaphysical exposition as to how the universe came into being, and second, an establishing of the initiatic chain and its proper correspondences to the spheres, planets, and elements. These are as follows: Valaskjálf | Center, Point | Swastika Asgard | Pole, Line | Zodiac, Constellations Vanaheim | Surface, Plane | Saturn Abyss | Between Ideal and Actual Lysalfheim | Solid, Matter | Jupiter Svartalfheim | Motion, Time | Mars Jotunheim | Self-Conscious | Sol Muspelheim | Bliss | Venus | Fire Niflheim | Knowledge | Mercury | Water Vindheim | Foundation, Being | Luna | Air Midgard | Material World | Earth | Minerals Of this tree there exist three roots that tie into Asgard, Jotunheim, and Niflheim, thus implying three divisions. At each of the three points are wells; the first, under Asgard, the Well of Urd, being the destined or central force; the second, under the root of Jotunheim lies Mimir’s Well of hidden knowledge; and the third, under Niflheim is Hvergelmir, the bubbling cauldron from which all things sprang, and Nídhögg, the serpent or dragon which gnaws at the root. Yggdrasil is Odin’s steed, particularly because the riding of Sleipnir through the worlds symbolized the spiritual journey. As the Ash tree, being one of the most sacred, which was prone to be struck by lightning, Yggdrasil represented that which connects the realms of existence. Hence, the World Tree, or Tree of Life, on which Odin “hung” himself in order to obtain enlightenment of the runes is symbolic to the initiatic chain, in which the nine worlds refer to grades of spiritual attainments. The fact that the lore points to the runes and songs as Odin’s reward is a sure sign of a later exoteric corruption and degeneration, and that this particular tale comes to us from no earlier than the Silver Age. But the lore has gone through many Christian corruptions, especially where we find forms of spiritual transcendence referred to as evil. There are references to even further degenerations as well, where we find low arts such as runecasting and bewitchments, both of which were unheard of in the traditional period but

were proper more to the Bronze Age when most of the reference points toward the sacred higher order had been lost or disappeared from the surface. We must also mention that, in all likelihood, Yggdrasil corresponded with a constellation, specifically that of Eiwaz as the polar wheel, or more prominently with the swastika. The significance of the pole with the Hyperboreans is well known.

Lowest Triad
Midgard, or Middle Court, represents the Material World and the elemental Earth. In Midgard lies Mannheim, the World of Mortals. Here there is a certain connection to the potential middle kingdom which reigns supreme over all others, and to the primordial center, what is the Terrestrial Paradise, from which man fell just as the meteor from heaven (mineral elements). Similarly, stone as well as salt is widely recognized as a symbol of the body and therefore physical existence. Vindheim, the Realm of Wind, corresponds to the elemental Air. The sons and brothers of Tveggi (Twofold) are said to abide in Vindheim. This land, like all the elemental realms, is associated with the mountains. Twofold may have a direct connection with the twice-born of Hindu Doctrine. Niflheim is the Realm of Mist, representing the elemental Water. It is described as a land of ice, fog, and darkness. It is also the area out of which the frost giants first came, and to which is connected the root Hvergelmir, the roaring cauldron. Muspelheim is the Realm of Fire, representing the elemental Fire. It is said to be a land of desolation and home to Surt and the fire giants. At Ragnarok, Surt kills the “swordless lord” and burns the World Tree. After this the nine worlds are said to sink beneath the sea and a new world arise that will be populated by a new race. The swordless lord is obviously a lord of the sacerdotal caste who is completely negated, hence referring to a time after the fall when the two powers became separate functions of the spiritual authority and temporal power; the above however refers to a time late in the Dark Age whence all spiritual authority has been withdrawn. According to Evola, Muspelheim was the original homeland Hyperborea, which after the fall of the Golden Age became confused with the south. Snorri claims it to be the first world produced, hence, in representation of the primordial fire. (Snorri was, however, largely given over to materialism.) In the creation myth, the heat of Muspelheim causes the ice of Niflheim to melt and topple over forming the substance eitr, which is likened to ether and to a serpent’s venom, particularly that of the Nidhogg serpent which gnaws at the root, thus exuding venom into the bubbling cauldron. The tale continues that from the matter so accumulated by the overlapping of the two planes, this matter which is the poison, sprang Ymir, from whose slain body the world and all living things were produced. It was his blood which caused a great deluge killing nearly all of the giants. Here the word Niflheim might even be compared with the Nephilim, or fallen ones. Similarly, a Greek giant fell to the earth onto a volcanic mountain, who later won the favor of the Gods as their smith. Thus we might do well to compare Muspelheim and Niflheim to that of a volcanic mountain, or alchemically to Mercury and Venus, to which these realms are

attributed. Incidentally, it is Hermes (Mercury) who guides the souls through the underworld. Also, the merging of the fiery and watery principle is common to the hermetico-alchemical tradition. And the serpent, of course, is synonymous with knowledge. Now, there are two other territories which are said to exist in Niflheim. Helheim, Land of the Dead, which is watched over by Hel, the Lady of the Dead, who feeds on the brains and morrow of men, and Nastrond, which means Corpse-Strand. There are said to be several tiers, one which holds “treacherous” men and those who did not die in battle, and another chamber which holds the Gods when they came to witness a certain “festivity.” The significance of this can be confusing, but basically men who broke their oaths and were considered low or disloyal would, first of all, refer to those who lost the way of the divine, hence fallen ones. In the latter cycles the original state must be gained through initiation perceived as a spiritual battle. Secondly, the significance of “corpse-strand” is greatly reflected in the alchemical black work. And so, all mortals must go through here, as they are trapped in the cycle of birth and death. The bridge leading out of the elemental realms is represented by Bifrost which is the Rainbow Bridge that is said to collapse at Ragnarok as the people of Muspel try to cross it. The impassible bridge may only be traversed by the “dead.” This is all paralleled by the four winds, seasons, and Titans of Greek tradition.

Middle Triad
Jotunheim is the Realm of the Giants, specifically the frost and rock giants. For this reason Jotunheim is deeply associated with the mountains, just as the realms of the first triad. Perhaps a better picture of this might be as a double-peaked mountain in the middle of which rests the rising or descending sun. (This double-peaked mountain is also mirrored in the constellation attributed to Hercules.) The Norse Jotun, or Giant, ties in with the root word meaning “to eat,” and thus to craving and instinct, which is likened to the primal craving of creation. This also explains why the material existence of all things was brought about by the frost giant Ymir. For the giants represent elemental natures, or better yet, matter that is able to define itself in terms of actuality and distinction, for it has a past and a present. In the Golden Age before the fall, the Gods and Immortals existed in perfect harmony until the Giants caused disruption and chaos, leading to ultimate destruction. The Giant represents the Son. This is reflected in the Microcosm, as the Magician must build his Temple. We note therefore the Wolf and the Dragon which are inner demons, impure aspects that must be slayed or conquered. To this corresponds the great riddle of the universe. For connected to Jotunheim is the Well of Wisdom which is guarded by Mimir. Svartalfheim is the Land of the Dwarves or Dark Elves. The Dwarves came from Ymir, the Giant, and dwell within the dark places of the earth, such as caves or dark fields. They have names which mean such things as “night, day, north, south, east, west, mighty thief, magic elf, mead wolf,” and so on and so forth. Now, the common theme of sinking or sailing that is carried in the lore as well as the dark caves refer to symbolic aspects of magical operations. Hence, through these operations a Dwarf has the potential to become a Light Elf.

Alfheim, or Home of the Elves, more accurately referred to as Lysalfheim, represents the plane highest that yet remains below the Abyss. The Elves are divided into two groups: Ljøsalfar, the Light Elves, and Dokkalfar, the Dark Elves. (Notice the similarity of Liosalfar and the angel Lucifer.) Now the Dokkalfar are most likely the same as the Svartalfar, or Black Elves, who are Dwarves, and of which we have already covered. But it may also be possible that there was a classification for Initiates who revolted against the true spiritual authority and were thus the equivalent of “black brothers” or outcastes. We can be sure, however, that the Light Elves were noblemen and often associated with a solar symbolism.

Highest Triad
Vanaheim is Home to the Vanir Gods. Heith, who is among the Vanir, is considered Mother of the Heathens. The Vanir represent the hierarchy of the general spiritual caste and the “heroes.” Asgard is the Realm of the Æsir Gods. The Æsir are twelve in number, corresponding with the Zodiac and with the Logos which was forged into the core of world. At Asgard is the Well of Urd, which is guarded by the Norns. Valaskjálf, which houses the Hlidskjálf, or High Seat, is the Abode of Odin, the Emperor or All-Father. The Central Force is represented in the Swastika.

Of Heath and Hearth
The meaning of the term Heathen is first and foremost one of ethnicity, of or belonging to a nation, and thus sedentary. Such is contrasted with the term Hebrew, which means “to pass over” in the sense of a sojourner as opposed to settler. Heathenism would then appear to be applicable to a shift in civilizations from mobile to sedentary, and hence to a slight alteration of the traditional doctrine in accordance with the age. On the other hand, Hebrew must be considered with Hebron, meaning “community, alliance,” which was the residence of king David and the favorite home of Abraham. It is therefore possessing the same meaning of sedentary civilization as that of Heathen. We must then examine the meaning of heath further as an uncultivated land usually on a height. It is significant here that it is of a height rather than of the earth. In fact, the Hebrew term for heathen is goyim, which asserts a rather derogatory tone, referring to anyone who is not Jewish or under Judaic law, for Judaism isn’t an ethnicity as it is an amalgamation of different peoples and secondary traditions mixed into one. Now the term goyim may have some connection with the Hindu guhyam, or cave-dweller. It would then refer to the mountain-caves which were utilized for the sacerdotal art. We see this in every valid tradition of all peoples. Notice also the German berg, “mountain,” the English barrow, “hill, burial mound,” burgh, “town,” and finally bury. Hebrew must then not be considered as to “pass over” in the sense of a traveler, but rather in the sense of the sacrifice and transmission (thus to pass through states of being, a transmigration). Likewise, heathen means tradition, of which its means is transmission.

Unfortunately, tradition observes a gradual and cyclic decline rather than that of a “progressivist” theory. Since we have been for quite some time in the Dark Age, the components of tradition and its essential meaning have been withdrawn, and as a consequence, several corruptions and degenerations have served in its place. This is where we have the wrong sense of the term heathen as an unconverted or uninitiated peoples, literally, the “unwashed.” A man who is and has always been initiated into a tradition cannot be converted, especially if he has already reached a superior spiritual state from the one that he is supposedly being converted into. One cannot go from leading a sacred life to a conversion into that which he already resides; to suggest such is nonsense. Only one who is without a tradition, or part of a tradition that is not valid, an atheist or agnostic, literally an ignorant man, can be converted. As we have shown above, heathen refers to people of a height, meaning those who have been initiated, whether an artist, warrior, or priest. And it is for this reason that the term should not have gained or retained its pejorative character. As far as Heathenism being idolatry insofar as it utilizes images and symbols as supports for devotion and meditation, this alone does not constitute idolatry properly socalled unless the image or phantom itself is worshipped. Since a degeneration cannot be used to judge the doctrine itself, for heresy is not a valid interpretation of orthodox doctrine, we may say then that this was not the case, that the icon was not taken for the Divine. Furthermore, all valid traditions contain a Path of the Ancestors and a Path of the Gods, a lunar and a solar horizon, and this does not constitute idolatry, but rather it would be a heresy if a people sought not to include one of them. It was only in the Dark Age that we see such heresies as anthropomorphism and materialism, which have especially destroyed the mystically devotional Christian religion beyond all hope of repair. It cannot therefore be disputed that Heathenism possessed a valid sacred component. This is seen in what is central to it, which is the hearth, as the furnace in which the sacrifice is performed, according to the abilities of the father of each household. We may trace the sacred rites back to the Hindu Doctrine, which is regarded as the oldest surviving, which was revealed, it is written, by the people of the North who only later came down to India where they converted the native inhabitants; thus Hindu refers to a doctrine and not the Indian people. Now the Agnihotra, or burnt offering, being a sacerdotal art, is an internal sacrifice in which the heart, or center of the being, acts as the hearth, and the victim is the sacrificer. The agnihotra, as a supreme rite, is performed always on a height. The symbolic draining of the blood in which resides the consciousness and psychic component of the being is performed in order to receive the spiritual state, this which was done after the manner of the First Sacrificer. (In the Norse such an one refers to Ymir as in the Hindu it is Yama.) The initiated man is, moreover, on an inner quest to “gather up that which has been scattered” pertaining to the lesser mysteries in order to assemble them that he may thereby reintegrate the primordial state. These are the elements of earth, air, water, and fire, of which the keystone is the Spirit. This is achieved through Yoga, which means “to yoke, to bind” corresponding to degrees of spiritual initiation. These rites are reflected in a familiar theme, which then carry on towards the celestial; for having attained a height the Initiate enters the mountain cave to perform the Great Work, whereupon such success is confirmed by an exiting through the top of the cave. The symbolism clearly corresponds with the Giants, Dwarves, and Elves, for the Dragon (Giant) lives in the

mountain cave, the Dwarves, issuing from the slain Giant, inhabit the interior of mountains (and not the subterranean earth region), and the Elves (or fairies) being winged and full of light are on high. They refer to components and stages of the being familiar to anyone who has performed the initiatory art. One can now rest assured that not only does the eternal religion not need to be “reconstructed”—for never having been lost, only hidden from the profane—but rather it also has absolutely nothing to do with “nature worship,” the “creative expressions of primitive man,” or any of the other nonsensical progressivist theories that profane academics have spewed forth in modern times for the mass consumption of blundering idiots.

The Pyramid and the Pole
The pyramid is a very ancient and traditional symbol which belongs to no one ethnic people. It has been found in Greece before the earliest Egyptian pyramids were built and was known to the ancient Greek Sages. Pyramids were also common to China, America, and even to Italy and Northern Europe. Accordingly, one mustn’t at all be surprised when several pyramids are unearthed in Bosnia as our so-call “specialists” have become, who we might say, have always shown an expertise only in a total ignorance of their own respective fields. In the most traditional and ideal sense, the pyramid marks the middle kingdom of which the surrounding kingdoms are subordinate. A prime example comes to us from ancient Celtic civilization in which Mide, situated in the middle, reigned supreme over the four adjoining kingdoms. Originally, the pyramid was the polar mountain, which again confirms the center or middle and supreme region. Now, when actual pyramids were not used they have been substituted by mountains or mounds, on top of which were often temples and later even castles. In addition to this, it was also quite common to find monoliths or megaliths marking a center. In Bosnia, America, and elsewhere, we find large stone spheres. Doctrine tells us that not only did the Divine beings come down to earth on top of mountains, but that after the Fall and the Deluge, which events apply to the ending of the first and second ages, respectively, Eden was the only place that remained above the water which appeared like a mountaintop or an island in the middle of the ocean. Eden is of course the symbolical center, or Paradise, which is never lost, but rather from time to time becomes hidden. It must also be mentioned that the Hebrew text, that is to say the Hebrew tradition, of which was copied from other peoples, was not in existence as far back as before the Flood. Rather, the Hindu Doctrine is the oldest remaining that survives in a more completed form, and therefore, closest to the original tradition. The pyramid, furthermore, is foremost a polar symbol, as is evident by its shape, which must come as a surprise to those who see in it nothing more than a solar symbol and that strangely, as a mere terrestrial marker. But rather, as it is indeed a polar symbol, it is tied in absolutely with the swastika, which, together have nearly identical meanings.

Insofar as pyramids were of use in the burial of Magi-Kings this could only have signified the spiritual influence emanating from the center of the Principle represented by the nonhuman prototype of man or primordial being, rather than as specialists wrongly claim that of a profane “afterlife” where even more ridiculous, the earthly body is awaiting the return of its soul or animating entity in order to once again roam the earth! This only goes to show there is really no limit to the outright stupidity of people, whether of the east or west, in the modern age! Links:

On Anti-Aryanism
The racial conflict between Whites and non-whites, with the continuous ethnic cleansing of Whites from their native lands, cannot be called anything but a war. Unfortunately, it is a war on many fronts. In the first place, Mestizoes have declared war on America, who are, in their own words, “conquering the American Southwest and ethnically cleansing the area of all nonHispanics.” White flight is one reaction; the collapsing economy another. Even more hideous are the anti-white gangs and terrorists who rape, beat, and murder Whites every single day. Through murder, drugs and theft, these gangs, working closely with the mafias and drug cartels, have built empires within and without the US. If by sheer miracle the criminal is caught, he is given a trial, and if found guilty, sentenced to prison—all paid for by taxpayer dollars. Now we must come to terms with a very hard lesson, for it is our perception of the matter that is flawed. Criminal law is only good for citizens of the country. When you have an illegal alien insurgence that numbers in the millions one cannot treat such a matter as a question of law, but of alien invasion. The US government and businesses, instead of dealing with this issue, are in fact, funding the radical Mestizo organizations that seek to destroy European Americans and their property. The same can be extended to any other ethnic group, especially the blacks who have long since contributed to the major gang and crime epidemic. This is all the more complicated when studies have projected the European population to become a minority in its own homelands within a relatively short time. And to think that there are buffoons who are actually applauding the disappearance of the European race from the face of the planet only makes me think how important a resource such as the and other sites have become in the education of the populace on this issue. For in this decrepit state of the world, just telling the truth is a revolutionary act. One grand example is the use of political correctness to spin an invasion, which terminology is adopted by the people who are affected by this tragedy. It is one thing if a country contains 1 or 2% of a foreign ethnic group. But this 1% has very quickly turned into 10%, and from that to 20%, and then 40%, and so on, until even 60% foreign population is not enough! What was wrongly called “diversity” as to disguise an invasion has quickly become a racial and cultural genocide.

All this has happened, for the people have forgotten the laws of nature and that of dominance. Just like in the wildlife, where only he who can speak the animal’s language is accepted, many in the human dimension have not learned the subtle human language which is required in order for the species to survive. Indeed, all the signals are still there, yet no one seems to be listening. Even the monotheistic religions, which falsely proclaim to be as a guide to humanity, have abandoned the call of their own gods in the form of the natural signs that we experience and observe. They have foolishly condemned these warning signs, for they are false priests who have fallen under the spell of the lunar society. And so the light of their lives will fade as such. And there will be nothing more to illuminate the path but darkness, pitch black darkness as infinitely hollow as the souls of the Black Brothers themselves. And the people will be led to believe that they can cope with the darkness. They will have total faith in the pill, for in the modern society men have grown accustomed to solving all their problems with pills that they swallow up like a seagull gulping his prey upon the shores. But instead of a salvation through pill-in-hand it will be as a corrosive acid that eats away at their bowels, dissolving all from inside out, until everything has become blackened and hollow.

Paid for in Blood: the Nationhood
Perhaps the most dastardly and feared man to ever be captured by historical times; to others, an heroic savior and a ruthless warrior, Adolf Hitler was pummeled into the sordid depression that maniacally compelled his every breath, a rage so deeply driven by the preserves of a dysfunctional world, of lachrymose sin and disunity. Whatever we may think of this morbid soul—of what remotest understanding that scars the mind to contemplate—it should reflect the post hoc will maddened to fight fire with fire to whose stock were the shatterings of communication and the dredges of broken desires that which many of us even today have more than enough experienced. And still the crown is won by the corrupt and insincere flimsy of the “position-holder”—that we must ask ourselves: Is beauty to be only perceived and defined by the beholder? Or is it that there exists an absolute formula to such an happiness? A thousand times men have tried as so has Hitler, men who have been convinced of complete solution, only to have found themselves more mislaid than before. Is it then a question of another’s influence that compels our mistakes and serve us equally our misgivings and our triumphs? In the extremes, the will to live, the thought of losing everything, and death, rise the uncertainties of ethical choice; for the battle weighs on and the mind pommels to triumph or to frail. History now seems but a tattered comic book, wherein Hitler’s primary struggle was so bravely against what he called “the apostolic founders of Social Democracy,” and by this he means Communism, or Marxism, which was created and led by the Jews. He writes in Mein Kampf: The Jewish doctrine of Marxism repudiates the aristocratic principle of Nature and substitutes for it the eternal privilege of force and energy, numerical mass and its dead weight. Thus it denies the individual worth of the human personality, impugns the teaching that nationhood and race have a primary significance, and by doing this it takes away the very foundations of human existence and human

civilization. If the Marxist teaching were to be accepted as the foundation of the life of the universe, it would lead to the disappearance of all order that is conceivable to the human mind. And thus the adoption of such a law would provoke chaos in the structure of the greatest organism that we know, with the result that the inhabitants of this earthly planet would finally disappear. Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago. And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord. […] The thing we designate by the word ‘public opinion’ rests only in the smallest part on experience or knowledge which the individual has acquired by himself, but rather on an idea which is inspired by so-called ‘enlightenment,’ often of a highly persistent and obtrusive type. Just as a man’s denominational orientation is the result of upbringing, and only the religious need as such slumbers in his soul, the political opinion of the masses represents nothing but the final result of an incredibly tenacious and thorough manipulation of their mind and soul. By far the greatest share in their political ‘education,’ which in this case is most aptly designated by the word ‘propaganda,’ falls to the account of the press. It is foremost in performing this ‘work of enlightenment’ and thus represents a sort of school for grown-ups. This instruction, however, is not in the hands of the state, but in the claws of forces which are in part very inferior. In Vienna as a very young man I had the best opportunity to become acquainted with the owners and spiritual manufacturers of this machine for educating the masses. At first I could not help but be amazed at how short a time it took this great evil power within the state to create a certain opinion even where it meant totally falsifying profound desires and views which surely existed among the public. In a few days a ridiculous episode had become a significant state action, while, conversely, at the same time, vital problems fell a prey to public oblivion, or rather were simply filched from the memory and consciousness of the masses. […] One question came to the fore, however: can spiritual ideas be exterminated by the sword? Can ‘philosophies’ be combated by the use of brute force? It is clear that the fifty million who died during the war may answer only to serve as a warning to the present. For it is now which mankind’s most bitter struggle lies before him.

Philosophy teaches that the initial sequence of fascination comes from repulsion. Today’s world must be abundant in fascination. For what dominates the modern world is a repulsion of the sickly corruption of the way things are and the way our people are treated. But on the larger scale it is repulsion against the oppressive force of the new world order. Now anyone with the least bit of experience on matters of achieving a goal opposed to the Conspiracy knows of the hitches and pitfalls that go along side it. As soon as one takes an oath to better the standings of life no sooner does he realize the true meaning of his convictions, that is, how much better it was for him when he remained silent and unseen. Now he has placed himself against an innumerous supply of newly found enemies, scoundrels who take orders from, and are forced by, scoundrels to do whatever is necessary to stop the opposition dead in their tracks. He has entered the game of blackmail, of those who can and will suppress all paths of the “old patriot” that are necessary to his well-standing in life. They will attack you in the business world, in the banks and in the purse. They will without conscience utilize defamation against your character by slander and propaganda. They soon will destroy your friends and family even if this attack leads to their death. They will even go as far as to draw up the scandalous legal bills necessary to strip you from any and all power sources or moderate forums that may benefit your behalf. And if this cannot be done so easily, they will create not in the visible light but by dark alleyways the catastrophes or scandals that by use of diversion or propaganda may lead to this effect. In short, they will isolate their enemies and tear each limb from the body until submission screams for mercy, or in desperation to spare is voiced. You soon find yourself at odds with war and your back against the wall.

Diancecht and the Royal Art
O rise the winds, simmer and fall, Bound, the banks and do withers crawl; Fading in darkness, thine eye on wax, Unwaking ease that burns thereaft. -Diancecht Since the tender age of five, Diancecht has experienced visions of spirits, angels and other beings of many forms appearing in the material world. At first being deathly afraid, he learned to cope and to try to understand the meaning of their presence. He in fact intended to create a fellowship between himself and the spirits, and in so doing, receive knowledge and other powers that may be granted to him. Displaying such an acumen for knowledge it wasn’t long until the young master became more and more skilled in matters of the Royal Art. He learned well how to summon energies of great magnitude. He pushed the bounds of his creative mind and opened many doors that are forever shut in even the eldest and otherwise wittiest of persons. It wasn’t long however until the boy came against his first obstacle. He began to suffer from painful recurring migraines and his behavior became quite withdrawn from society.

These obstacles were no doubt due to the sorry state of the world. The weak and perverted tendencies of the herd-mentality left the world lacking an heroic and healthy dominant form of conduct among men. Indeed, the world was, and is, in utter ruins. Since the young boy was powerless over the Marxist masses he required of himself another way of solving his problem. Thus he descended deep into himself acquiring immense power of his will and opened the gates of his mind until learning how to will away his headaches and to forever keep them away. This obstacle was perhaps even a blessing to the boy, for it further strengthened his abilities beyond any point which he had come previously. He thus learned of the powers to heal thyself. What is more, Diancecht discovered a means of invoking a very strange energy which delivered to him all sorts of ecstasies and pleasures. At age seventeen, Diancecht found his true orbit and was initiated into the Great Sacrificial Rite (of the Royal Order) by a Secret Master who remained unknown to him, save in all but a physical presence. Soon mastering the Operation he went on to attain the Grade of Magus and to become Chancellor of the Order. As so hailed in the words of the Master: “The more advanced hast consciousness ceased.” And its reply: “The earth in its languid wonder shant avert my splendid wrath.”

The Occult War
There are two paths for one to undergo in becoming a King, what was traditionally a God or Magus. The greater manner is by blood in which the king who is born with superior magical qualities must prove himself worthy of the throne. The other path is by development or initiation. In this, the common man breaks free of his chains and through outstanding development is initiated into the royal caste. What must be understood is that magick has its basis in blood. Just as certain genes enable a man to be more adept at speech or memory so do the genes allow for superior magical ability. There is nothing supernatural in this. The DNA can be traced back chemically to its origins in the universe. The compositions of chemicals allow for interaction with other entities by their likeness in the cosmos. And it is because of DNA that magick is at all possible. But given all this, separate and specific structures are not equal to each other. It is not our intent to be equal, but to become superior beings—as is the goal of evolution and the very purpose of life itself.

In this day and age, true kings live under constant threat of attack by the Black Brothers. For what thrust the world into a Dark Age lasting over 2,000 years to present was purely the eradication of the true spiritual component of the primordial tradition. In order to accomplish this, the Black Brotherhood first attacked the sacerdotal and royal castes and replaced them with sad and despotic imposters. It was only the inevitable result of these charlatans to have given royalty a bad reputation by their atrocious actions, which occurred primarily for the reason that they were not true royalty to begin with. And this proves true for the entire two millennia of this age in which even in our present time all the royals are but pathetic imposters. The same can be said largely of the visible sacerdotal caste. Traditionally, it has always been the regal caste that has led the world of man to salvation, by operating from above. For 2,000 years we have been reluctant to do so. For 2,000 years mankind has sunk to its lowest point of incomprehensible degeneracy— that there is, as it seems, nothing left of man to save. We are under no illusion as to what caused this sorry state of today. The modern world which has brought us democracy is a falsehood of epic proportions. Democracy could have only taken hold after the destruction of the Old World by Christianity. The traditional world was a much freer time. It was the introduction of Christian oppression which gave democracy something to free. Nonetheless, it is a false freedom in which rather than the people knowing and living by are forced by law to accept, and which is, day by day, progressively limited. None of this would have been necessary or even desired if Christianity had not been forced upon the Aryan people. Much worse is the fact that for 2,000 years Christianity, which has been imposed upon Europe, has brought nothing but war after war. It is now painfully evident that today over two-thirds of the Aryan population have lost hope and are absolutely against the democratic process. The extremely low voter turnout shows us that they care not for democracy at all. Even worse is the fact that corporate crooks who pay no federal taxes whatsoever and have defrauded the workers out of gargantuan sums of money are given a free pass—a free pass!—while the individual is persecuted for a simple misdemeanor, while an alien invasion is permitted to continue unopposed, while illegal wars are perpetrated all over the globe and are spun by professional liars, wars which incite racial hatred a million-fold, while the new witch hunters persecute anyone who expresses a traditional view. Indeed, it is sheer madness—that we must now proclaim: to hell with democracy!

The Pox of Conservatism
For good or bad, the will to power as ultimate force exists in nature and will forever exist so long as biological and elemental life is present. It is foolish to think that one can escape it or legislate against it. For wisdom demands that power be used rightly. In opposition to this is the fallacy of so-called human rights, how ridiculous this fantasy is! The masses have shown time and time again that they will fall for any thinly-veiled illusion in the name of comfort, fashion, or reason. And how ridiculous it is that their religion fails to warn them against that deceptive power of thought!

The dilemma of the modern world, as it was ever doomed to failure, is due to a lack of teaching a superhuman doctrine. The common folk aspire not, learn not, and become not a superior form of being. They remain utterly themselves. Far from the virtuous wiseman that he selfishly thinks he is or should be; he has not earned the rights that are granted to him by birth. He is not qualified to vote or to form an opinion on political matters. Modern institutions have become worthless… The world is growing so overpopulated as quality is replaced with quantity, to have rather than to be… Artists are not worthy of being known, scientists not able of science, leaders not qualified to lead. What passes for the notable work of today has become a farce, a disgrace—proving once again that Christianity has failed miserably at lifting man to a higher or virtuous state. With this dire pox on the house of man, one must wonder if any redeeming force could emerge. What could possibly materialize from the sickly substance if all of form is unknown? Truly all there is left of the blue and gold and misty green is the modus operandi, the will to power, to lead the best of mankind out of the ashes of today and into the energized world of tradition. For these men a definitive set of means awaits. In order to assemble a true fighting force capable of defeating the degenerative modern world what must be sought is, in effect, a total victory and not a mere compromise. This total victory starts among the counterrevolutionaries own ranks. For on the right, the failed conservative movement must be broken up and replaced by the true traditionalist teachings of which Julius Evola has mastered. The concept of the Hero must be revived, and at this stage of the decrepit modern world, there must begin the makings of a most radicalized form of traditionalism, in the form of Heathen Imperialism, at the ready to combat any form of modern Christian Imperialism. In this, such a movement must glorify a complete ideology, giving no quarter to the opposition. As the tyranny of social democracy has effectively oppressed folkish traditionalism, such a radical movement could only survive by a strong unity of ardent and militant support. If one nationalist is to be persecuted, abducted, tortured, or targeted for speaking so much as a pride in his own race and culture then that patriot must be supported by tens of thousands of patriots who also speak openly his very same sentiments. The despots must face defiance at every turn. This can be achieved so long as the dregs, the degenerates, and infiltrators of the movement are made to take on a supporting role only and as long as defunct and degenerative sub-movements are suppressed. Only a movement with an eminent hierarchy can survive. Much more destructive than the dregs of the movement are the fragile, insincere conservatives that are so commonplace on the right. A dangerous lie still maintains that conservatism is traditionalism. This cannot be further from the truth. By their very actions they have abandoned everything traditional! Adding further insult to the nation, these slime speak emptily about their insincere convictions, so often utilizing meaningless buzzwords such as “traditional values” and “culture.” The democratic republic could not be more anti-traditional, nor Christian values more anti-Aryan! For too long these fanciful-looking sneak-thieves have fooled the public on such matters. Henceforth, in the breaking up of the conservative movement it is necessary to deconstruct its principles, for the sake of negative criticism, that this pox amongst the traditional worldview be cast to the fire once and for all.

At the root of the weakness and servility of the conservative is his religion. To him, there is no higher goal than the Christian dream of universal brotherhood. The conservative is obsessed with the construction of a society based on the Christian doctrine of whichever denomination. How ironic that the only discrimination allowed by the conservative is the discrimination against non-Christians. They oppose all those things that are considered un-Christian, not because of logic or reason, but simply for the fact that the Church declared it so. One’s entire outlook on life, including how to worship and practice religion, is served to one by the Church, such that it is completely accurate to call Christianity a slave-religion. For when these values become more liberalized and in fact turn against the follower the slave is unequipped, both mentally and physically, in dealing with such a destructive force. At best, the followers are as ignorant dupes. Thus writes Evola: “[In] Christianity in general it is evident that what has been universalized, rendered exclusive, and exalted are the way, the truth, and the attitude that pertain only to an inferior human type or to those lower strata of a society for whom the exoteric forms of Tradition have been devised; this [is] precisely one of the characteristic signs of the climate of the Dark Age, or Kali Yuga.” It is because of the concepts of good and evil in modern religious obsession which corrupts the political ideology and which so thoroughly renders conservatism undesirable and even quite troublesome. In this case, Christianity has lost its divine right and degenerated into a mere moralism. Now, as so often happens in a dysfunctional group like conservatism, when someone speaks out about the group or acts out within it, immediately he becomes what is called the “target patient” who is blamed for the group’s problems and labeled silly, meaningless names such as “mentally ill” or “radical” and “extremist.” Yet in reality, the core of the ideology is at fault or the leaders have become incompetent. Either way the rot eats at the very fiber of the movement, and if there was ever any good proposed by conservatism it would never see the light of day by the failures within. Just as democracy, which allows for a military dictatorship through heavy agent infiltration of parties, by the same process, a weak political ideology could also be turned on its head, without the drugged and sheepish masses truly realizing what is happening, until it is too late to do anything about it. Unfortunately, conservatism has become so dreadful that the present-day neoconservatism has taken hold of the movement and transformed it into its arch-nemesis, being a mix of Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist, and Trotskyite communism with a sort of evangelical Zionism. When a movement such as this becomes the thing which it hates then it is time to destroy the beast altogether. No louder a signal could sound to highlight the frailty and outright failure of principle of the conservative movement. In social matters, conservatism also marches out of step. The typical conservative squirms, for example, when seeing the young Rebecca De Mornay or another fine Nordic actress in the nude. Whereas, any real man would admire such amazing beauty, by the conservative negativity towards his own body—as the sexual organ should be perceived no differently than an arm, leg, or mouth—he intractably shows an unruly contempt for women, sex, and the human condition. Are we to trust such a man with political ideology? The only reason for clinging to the conservative view in this case is

the reaction against the modern worship of the female body above everything else. Yet absolute restriction is the worst possible answer. Again, we have a failure of core values. The movement needs to be of the same stock as the great Tesla, Shakespeare, and Bach. Conservatism lacks the vision, having no real heroes beyond the feebleminded, and confusing meekness with heroism, as its fatal flaw. In such meekness, conservatism fails to put up the proper opposition to any of the destructive policies that originate on the left or the right. Conservatism has even lost the war against Political Correctness, a poison which was invented by the Leninist school. Rather, by putting foreign invaders above their own, launching a witch hunt against socalled “racists” in order to rob the people of any sense of pride in their race, ethnicity and culture, what they are saying, in effect, is that the people should worship rampant crime and ultimately their own self-destruction. We are being sold out by a band of cowardly opportunists, those who prattle endlessly about “unity,” and who are more interested in making friends than making policy. The true conservative understands that in return for the enormous gift of modernization, which the Europeans gave to the non-white nations, we received, regrettably, the criminalization of our nations and past colonies. He knows yet dare not speak it! For why? Simply, there is no racial unity to the conservative. Fellow European nations are seen as rivals, as competition, even as potential enemies, rather than as nations of kinsmen, and this is the mindset that must be stamped out. Racial awareness is a natural impulse that stems from the blood and its genetic code. To legislate against it therefore violates nature. But such a persecution against racial preference inflicts an even deeper insult to the spirit. Social Democrats and the conservatives who cooperate with them have brought a great and unbearable shame to our people. It is a life not worth living, to see what has befallen Europe, a world without honor. The ruins of postwar Germany and the humiliation that followed set the stage for the final destruction of the Aryan. That humiliation was suffered when foreigners were let in to rebuild war-torn Germany, which serves as a clear sign that Germany can and never will be Germany again. As history has shown, multiracial nations result in the destruction of culture of the host nation and have triggered vast and horrific wars. Such was the case when unwelcome America westernized Japan by brute force. Now, with no one left to fight for tradition, the folk dies and the empty shell is left to rot in its place. Conservatives could easily defeat the destructive forces against the nation, but they lack entirely the will to do so. By this refusal the conservatives have committed treason and are, under their own religious values (or lack thereof), condemned to hell for eternity. The old rallying cries of conservatism are meaningless by the display of the neocons who put to shame everything the movement stands for. It is because the conservatives are weak, whining little cowards that we condemn them to an eternity in hell. And it is because of the promotion of the very same source of oppression—be it, in Christianity— that we charge them as the worst form of liars and traitors to the Aryan people.

Fates Warning
Evermore, through information networks via the internet and television, we learn just what a sick, disgusting world we live in, and just how degenerate humans have become. In such repulsive times many have lost their purpose to live. After all, what is there to live for? Money? Survival? There always lingers a choice of life or death. The proud traditional warrior who is dishonored rises to avenge his loss or surely chooses death, should he fail. Today, there are just so many degenerates who dishonor the folk that our spirit has died, and we are now the walking dead. An era has ended when no one is willing to fight and die for a cause. And that time is fast approaching. The ugly word “surrender” has long been accepted as nonchalant. Thus, as Iron Maiden put it in the song Fates Warning: “Are we the lucky ones saved for another day, or they the lucky ones who are taken away?” In the end, all we really have is our family and the glorious sun, not to mention, of course, our vices and an endless supply of new toys to play with. Yet, just as nations which in ancient times had a great Aryan regal and priestly caste, nations such as Egypt, Iran, and others, which today are reduced to a fraction of their former glory, of harsh oppressive laws and restrictions, the people must understand that this is the fate of all of Europe should its present irresponsible ruling class remain in dereliction of its duty. How ironic that this is the outcome which through multiracialism the European “visible majority” has invited into their homeland with welcoming arms! Of course, these are the people who largely still believe they came from the Caucasus! It is almost impossible to relate to the modern European. What has the world come to when one refers to their fellow countrymen as merely a skin color? Do we mean nothing more to this rabble? We are not their brothers and sisters, those who share and partake in the same ethnicity and culture, but are merely people of the same color. What pitiful propaganda this is! For if it means nothing to be of the same ethnic identity then it is equally no matter if we should be sold out or cast aside for the businessman’s billions. After all, what is family when there is money to make! We do not expect the communists to understand the unbearable shame that witnessing the destruction of one’s folk and family involves. Communists are without honor; they feel no shame. We appeal to the higher man. But as the song concludes: “The grief and misery for the ones that are left behind; the worst is yet to come; a hell to face mankind.” So let us not be fooled by makeshift illusions and parlor tricks. The charge of “hate” is slander, which, when directed at the nationalist, means that one no longer fears the enemy. The battle-hardened warrior knows that his fear can only be defeated by the power of a will superior to rage. The establishment knows this: Fear is failure; heroism is war, leading unto victory. Which are you: failure or victor?

A fearful soldier is a useless soldier. Accordingly, cowardice in battle is a serious and punishable offense. Now, while there might not be a fight on the beaches—as a people don’t usually turn to arms unless all legal and political means have been exhausted— there is, however, an intense political battle over control of the nation and control of the continent. Those too fearful to act in this case are a product of the opposition’s demoralization campaign. It would be nice if there was a convenient and speedy way of dealing with cowardice in the political battle, but there is not. Unfortunately, the nation suffers as a result of the people’s cowardice and dereliction. In politics, as well as in war, action is what counts. And theoretically this is true, whereas the lack of action by the establishment has created a widespread distaste for politics. Still, the future must be won by means not unlike that which Moya Brennan sings so elegantly of: A wall strong in numbers Burns the midnight candle The brave arm in arm Stands before them now Up against the wind Old ways up against the wind

Ten Worst Inventions in History
These are the worst ideas that exist in the world of man, which, like a garden from whence the weeds choked all existing plants to suffocation and starvation, are as to us a sign of a godless and valueless contaminant infecting mankind to utter desolation and ruin. 10. Necktie This article of men’s clothing might not seem so dangerous, but under the proper lens, would find to be somewhat restrictive of the blood flow to the wearer in that all-important passage to the brain. And this becomes very troublesome for those middle to upper class peoples, especially residing in the corporate world. The result has led to some very stupid decisions by these brain-damaged sots and ultimately left mankind with a mismanaged world. Why even the necktie itself has no apparent use whatsoever, other than to fill in that gap between another ghastly invention: the jacket. When everyone is wearing the same thing it is not at all creative to insert a colored or patterned necktie in the small middle-front area that is left over. It is sort of an admission as to how bland and unattractive the suit really is. But rather than admit it outright he is forced to bite his lip and tighten the noose around his neck. All this begins to sink in when we consider what a necktie reminds one of, that being a leash, of course. If only man had the good moral conviction to stand up for himself and declare, “I’m not wearing that chicken-choker”—I would not like to think how many of the world’s disasters could have been prevented. As you are all aware, the chicken is that rare, unusual beast

that can by chance live for weeks, even years, with its head completely chopped off, hence, owing to the phrase, “running around like a headless chicken.” 9. Psychiatry Is this even a real profession? Psychiatry is like insurance, where the subject must “meet approval” so that he can pay outrageous monthly fees in order that when the chance comes he may need even the smallest portion of his money to be paid to him in return for an accident that may or may not have been his own doing. Apart from a few tidbits of psychology, everything that psychiatry is made up of has been proven a fraud. Not only is it completely unnecessary, but also anything useful that can be categorized under psychology can be attained by simple common sense. Now we drug millions and millions of people, including young children, at the demand of the state, to solve non-existing problems in order to turn the folk into unthinking zombies. The lie that mental illness is due to an imbalance of serotonin and not an upsurge of adrenaline triggered by fear is the perfect cover to lobotomize the unsuspecting masses. You see, it had to be that the state could tinker with your cognitive abilities ignoring the emotional center of the brain where the problem source is actually located. Psychiatry is nothing more than state-sponsored mind control on a massive scale. To top off this chicanery is the hero of psychiatry, Sigmund Freud, who is responsible for the mad, perverted, incestuous, drug-induced ravings and thinly-masked Judaism that passes itself off as modern psychology. 8. Junk Food Fast food and other junk foods is another one of those dumb ideas that should have been outlawed if it weren’t mistaken by the idiot masses as a symbol of “freedom.” Apparently, freedom to the modern man is putting a gun to your head every time you sit down to eat. It’s amazing how thinking has changed today, where a three-hundred pound moron with rotten teeth, clogged arteries, a trashed digestive system, and an inferiority complex is considered “living.” 7. Biotechnology With such horrors as genetically modified crops, transhumanism, bioweapons, cloning, and other disasters, which there can be simply no good to come of, one wonders what the future of this exercise in madness will bring. Such an industry can only be the product of unbridled capitalism. Saving humanity—which is what it has come to be called—from the natural causes of their own wrongdoings, is the most ridiculous nonsense that modernity could ever be obsessed with. Prolonging the lives of inferior men who, perhaps don’t even deserve to live a day, much less, longer than their time, is nothing more than the acceptance and rewarding of horribly bad behaviors. 6. Gun Powder There is no question that canons and guns changed history for the worse. With the advent of firearms the warrior was no longer a noble and courageous occupation but of

an idiot’s game that stood two firing squads, one against the other, in the bloody hope of wholesale slaughter. Such a shift opened to a time where the new professional soldier fought and died for even so much as the basest, crudest inkling of a cause, or moreover, no cause whatsoever, as in the case of the mercenary. It was an event rightly termed “war as sport” that in turn led to our modern form of sports, engaged in by men and even women who do not fight but play in the name of “winning” and bragging and “accomplishment.” Televised sporting competitions make up the whole of manly honor of the majority of men today and in their crude behavior, lacking all the characteristics of a man, or at least what used to go by that name. Even more ridiculous is the feminist-led professional women’s sports, which completely eradicates in the participants all womanly features, leaving them to live out their lives as boyish-looking and boyish-acting creatures of another, completely alien sort. 5. Nuclear Reactor, Weapon Nuclear power and nuclear weapons highlight a madness that has come upon the modern world. Mass contamination of land and folk, death of millions by a single bomb, or slowly by disease and genetic mutation, nuclear power represents the ultimate stupidity of the modern human. Like gun powder, it cannot be uninvented. 4. Gas Engine Petrol-burning engines are the worst form of polluters that are completely unnecessary. There are so many alternatives to burning oil which are much more efficient, less costly, and non-emissive that it just boggles the mind how the supposed “superior species on earth” chooses to live in a death-smog instead of salvation. 3. Multiracialism The one-world crowd sells to the public that in order for world peace we have to turn Europe into a multiracial continent. Funny how every other place on earth is rejecting such a foolish idea. Multiracialism never in history brought peace. In fact, the opposite is always true. But of course, this is 1984, where war is peace and peasants and merchants are kings. 2. Democracy Giving rise to parliamentarianism, constitutionalism, humanism and human rights, liberalism, socialism, communism, feminism, and a load of other “-isms,” democracy is the poison of the modern world. Democracy was born out of the destruction of tradition and its elements in the Empire, caste system, and the Emperor-God. In absence of everything traditional, the world no longer supported a higher standard of spiritual life and values, but the people lost their place in society, and the nation was made vulnerable to inferior and destructive poisons such as communism, globalism, and unbridled capitalism. In the latter forged a ridiculous notion that a government’s duty was to compete economically with rival nation-states in order to appear as the superior economic force in the world. What always seemed inevitable to occur in this case was a widening of the gap between rich and poor, with a large part of the lower class turned out on the street and a complete shift of the middle class, which does almost all of the

sacrificing for a mere title of appreciation, down to a lower class, in a total surrender of the majority of their earnings through higher progressive taxes. In the shortest amount of time possible, what began or was purported to begin as a surge ever upward in the standard of living had indeed an opposite effect in which the nation becomes indistinguishable from a Third World communist state. 1. Christianity Christianity (and monotheism) is hands down the worst cancer and the mortal enemy to humanity. The most destructive force ever constructed. Hand in hand with democracy, Christianity tore apart the traditional world, decimated the Empire, eradicated its spiritual component, divided the European peoples, and waged countless wars in the name of peasants’ “beliefs” and materialistic gratification. The foreign religion has spiritually enslaved the Aryan for two-thousand years, forcing him to pay either tribute or condemnation to what an M.I.A. God calls the “Chosen People” and their “Promised Land.” It is not difficult to see how Jewish Supremacists and their barren desert with mud huts and ruined temples does not compare to the lush green Paradise of Europe with its western culture and values. Only an horrendous evil could force the great Aryan people to forget their history, and in the worst case, turn to mock their own ancestry and heritage. The Black Magicians of the Church are that evil in the flesh.

In Revolt Against the Modern World, on describing how the USSR and present-day USA are “two faces of the same coin,” Evola writes, “In the first constitution of the USSR a foreigner was automatically regarded as a member of the Union of the Soviets if he was a proletarian worker, whereas a Russian, if he was not a proletarian worker, was excluded from this union, denaturalized, and regarded as a pariah lacking a juridical personality.” This mentality was adopted by America in its erasing of the southern border and its treatment of “undocumented workers,” including amnesties and the aiding of illegal aliens in placing them even above the citizens themselves. We also see the same technique employed in America as in communist states where the new official religion is work and productivity. Likewise, the Christian Church now regards unlimited immigration as something of a holy sacrament and inalienable right, and preaches the communist “world citizenship” as being the only path to salvation, now being passed off as “world peace.” In reality, such a scheme only benefits the wealthy elite, or oligarchs, because in theory more citizens working under the organization of the state means more power and wealth to the state. This is supported when we consider the primary aim of communism is to strip everything traditional and spiritual from the world that all there is left is a bland white noise of mindless workers. America’s moral standard remains the “super-production of consumerist civilization,” as the sum of life is work, and only the most simplistic view of the world is promoted by the state. Ideology is totally absent even where one is professed, it is more an ideology of non-ideology, for such things as thinking, conviction, and right action might “offend” one. But never is it open-minded and unbiased as it

claims, because such would be in opposition to the collectivism driving the mechanical reverie. And in such a “worker’s paradise,” intellect, if it is pure and true and not perfectly aligned with the state, is regarded as something to be looked upon with suspicion and contempt. But the most cunning part about Americanism is that the statists create just so much diversity and tolerance of opinion as to deny America’s true totalitarian nature. And this helps the people realize how great the American way is, always dictated by the state, and to illustrate clearly to all people of the world that only a sick, immoral, and even evil person would think differently. Just as though it were completely natural but also man’s destiny to become American, so too, the American statist cannot oppose open borders and multiculturalism, which is really a form of “one-worldism” dominated by, and equaled only to, America. Thus, opposing multiculturalism would make America’s stance seem hypocritical and unnatural to push the American Way down the world’s throat. In this sense, the only reason why America opposed Soviet communism or nowadays Chinese or North Korean communism is because it was so unbearable that there be any rival to America in the world, save that it provided an excuse to build up American power at any cost and enforce America’s will throughout the globe. As Evola explains: “The intellectual standardization, conformism, and mandatory normalization that is organized on a grand scale are typically American phenomena, though they happen to coincide with the Soviet ideal of the ‘official view of the state’ that is to be imposed on the collectivity.” In America is the worst perversion of nationalism and radicalism with a stark primitivism that is accepted and even wanted by many of her own citizens. Such may be rightly regarded as a detested American Supremacism and an urge to enforce America’s will on every other people in the world, hence, the “democratic crusade” envisioned by Wilson, Roosevelt, and now Bush. Such a power is propped up by fake opposition who blame “imperialism” as the enemy in a country where there never even existed a monarch, but to dirty and blacken the only suitable cure to a corrupt and degenerate form of government, thus providing a controlled opposition to effectively diffuse any true people’s movement that may become a threat to the oligarchy. For when we examine those who speak this nonsense we see in the same breath their persistent will to push upon their audience how greatly America is needed as a dominant force in the world. Never is American Supremacism the problem but always the solution. Only the specific and often nonexistent detail of technique is blamed, which usually means that the front man is failing to disguise a blatant American domination, or popular opinion is turning against America. Parlor tricks and hissy-fits are tools of choice for Americanists. In the midst of this confusion and indifference, no one comes to the complete realization that global revolutions eventually spin out of control, turning on those who wield them. America, moreover, from the moment of the creation of its democratic government, has been and continues on one long downward spiral, and will inevitably burn itself up when its spirit and will to work (in the American pace) is no longer conscionable, and thus, be discarded by any remaining communist nation as a “broken limb” and rejected by Europe as a terrible scar that it sooner forget and wipe entirely from memory. Just like its coming, no one will realize its passing. There will be no global economic meltdown; rather, America will be unchained, just as one unchains a car from a train that had long caused more trouble than what it was worth. Multiculturalism, communism, globalism,

and one-worldism will all be a thing of the past, just a bad dream or a crazy fad that dropped out of fashion.

America Unchained
When we look at the heart of the problem with democracy what we see is clear: the transition from the traditional monarchy to that of a democracy created a shift of wealth once owned by the regal caste over to an oligarchy, which is no more than 1% of the nation’s populace. This fortune is made up of old and new money, held by the owners of large conglomerates, of energy, transportation, banking, media, and goods, as well as the top artists and performers, the vast majority of which are no good for the world or the people who live here. The problem lies in the fact that these two factions possess very different loyalties. Whereas the regal caste embodies the pride of the entire nation and takes on the duty of securing and making prosperous every people of the nation, the oligarchy’s favor lies entirely in milking more money out of the community, even if what they are doing is destroying the community and the land in the process. Never has such a system been so self-defeating. It was the natural consequence of this transition that all sense of values and spirituality and tradition has eroded and disappeared; in place of which is all the cut-throat swindlers, nonstop consumerists, the collapse of all moderations, and the promotion of sickness and excess. But even this was not enough for the nation destroyers. They had to legitimize their destruction of once common values and tradition and the pureness of the land by forcing upon the public supporting legislation. And this was the final nail in the coffin which signaled the victory of the plutocracy over humanity. Now we are forced ever so often to hear how the oligarchs made the world so prosperous! In their self-absorbed frenzies they cannot see how terrible they have made the world. They are busy only with making themselves wealthier and wealthier, until all of the richness of this world has been soaked up, leaving nothing for the people. No, the prosperity we are witnessing on the whole is entirely credited to modern inventions, transportation and the industrial revolution. Vast amounts of money have made the oligarchs corrupt, for they are not balanced as the regal caste ideally, and in theory, should be. It was tradition that the regality undergo magical initiations to become the perfected human, or Universal Man. All this changed with Christianity, and the people lost touch with tradition, severing society from its metaphysical doctrine and accompanying rites. This tragedy is often referred to as the Great Fall. Evil was unleashed unto the world in the form of unreality, untruths, lies, falsehoods, which represent the same source of destruction. The Black Brothers who wield them are masters of illusion, cut off from the universe and left to rot as the blackened and hollow fiends they are. But traditional literature urges one not to give up hope, for it speaks of a time from whence out of the final destruction of the undead comes a return to the Primordial Age and to a world anew. If this is to be achieved, however, all in support of the forces of generation must band together in a battle to defeat this horrible enemy.

The Natural World Order
Of Dominance and Perfection
There is only one true opposition to the New World Order of modernity and that is the Natural World Order. The world of natural laws has existed since life began on this planet and still exists in man today. It is useless even to fight against it, for it is a physical condition and not a mental construct. The natural instincts of man are encoded in his blood for a very important reason which evolution has not rooted out, even after centuries of “modernity” and “moral civility.” That can only mean one thing, that man’s instinctive nature is still needed. Thus must be concluded that the natural view of the world is the right view and no imaginary god or crackpot philosophy may stand in its way. As can be observed, like clockwork, the male, from the start of boyhood on through the adult years, is constantly vying for dominance, most typically amongst other males of or around his age. The code of “modern civility” looks at this in negative terms as if it was barbaric or even criminal. And yet we observe time and time again young boys playing together, and the playing turns into fighting, and this fighting is often done with a sense of playfulness and amusement, even though there are real injuries and pains being suffered by at least one party in the conflict. This happens in such a manner because it is in every way natural for the male physically and mentally to do so. The behavior is in his blood as it is in the blood of virtually every other creature on earth. Now our objection to this circumstance is not so much the behavior itself but the treatment of the behavior. A boy or a man under a higher authority which pays no mind to the natural reality is supposed to act like he did something very wrong and immoral and therefore must deny the act of fighting to ease his conscience and escape punishment. But this is not the way of the Aryan. The proud Aryan man must stand up and declare that yes indeed he was fighting and very much proud of it, especially if he won dominance in the battle. The way of the Aryan is not to scold our men for purely normal behavior. We must recognize its veracity and build our society around it. In this way, nature may take its course and the people will be led by dominant males and not the cowards and weaklings that we see in charge of everything today. Further into the natural equation we realize that life is full of competition. Women naturally compete for the best mates and filter out the undesirables through a selective process. If we are to extend this further, the collective desire is that only the better half of the males and females should breed. Thus, there are no equal rights or privileges at birth for the average man in the natural world order. There is only the urge for quality and never equality. Everyone must prove their worth by direct action. And when we strive for excellence there must therefore be inferiority. Without such contrast there is nothing but dead weight, nothing to give meaning to one or the other. The essence of this struggle is the only way to teach values to the people and to erect a mechanism of perfectibility that we may thereby gain the ultimate prize—Utopia. Since however there is no equality in nature, there is a very real hierarchy or caste system. The natural world for man is no different. In Pagan times, the old ways observed

several castes; these are in order: the royal caste, priestly caste, militant caste, merchant caste, and peasant caste. Lastly, there is the outcast or pariah. In short order, nature may put every bloodline in its place. The only exceptions are rare; the first: when one may fall from his rank due to some undesired trait which compromises one’s actual ability, and the second, which occurs more frequently, if one from a lower caste proves one’s ability and worth to rise to a higher caste. Now, the modern world, or New World Order does a very poor job of excluding the basic framework of the natural world. For we see that even the civil rights of the equalitymongers were born out of force. The social revolution was one of constant violence, rioting, warring, anarchy, and organized treason. History has witnessed also the brutal Christian revolution which overthrew the Pagan world. In the Burning Times, which was the worst genocide known to man, countless Pagan Aryans were burned alive, tortured, or killed by tyrants declaring Judeo-Christian domination of Europe. These innocent pagans were accused of being werewolves, witches, warlocks, sorcerers, vampires, or simply “not human.” Through this intolerant totalitarianism, irate irrationality, and dastardly brutality the Vatican and its underlings rooted out all of the Aryan folk religions. There were few survivors. Today, it is no big surprise that the Socialists and Christians fight side by side in destroying our lands and peoples; they have been doing so for centuries, which has allotted them time to perfect their evil to a mathematical precision which they carry out with robotic response. Our very clear objection to the force of the socialist revolution is that it was not a natural force. The only way one can overthrow nature is to tie down the proponents of the natural ways and engage them in a battle in this manner. Never would they face their opponents head on in a manly or honest way. And this is not to deny that deception is a part of nature, but the scene was more of one in which over several centuries time the natural mechanisms were slowly torn away as if by a virus, until nature herself had been defiled and the fight was one of unnatural circumstances. As one such example, the introduction of foreign species into an already established environment is a top cause of extinction among native species of plants and animals. The solution here is always to remove the foreign species before it kills off the native species. And this is exactly what the modern world has implemented; only, their solution is to let or force the native species to die off completely from the face of this earth. But everything, moreover, is turned on its head, where inferiority is prized by the people and excellence is rooted out with extreme prejudice. It is to be precise, a degeneration, a devolution of the human species into nothingness. It is because the socialist doctrine is the antithesis of nature and so the opposite of the natural or traditional world order that it proves nature’s true worth. For one by one, all the socialist plans are being struck down as horrible failures. Unfortunately, for a doctrine which is based on the rejection of reality and the invocation of the destruction of everything traditional and natural this bitter realization comes only after the devastation and ruin of whichever institutions it pertains. One must only wonder if it will take the complete and utter destruction of everything on this planet for the people of the world to prove the anti-natural world order wrong. For yet, it is not enough for a false doctrine to

be proven wrong, but that a swift justice is erected in its place. And as history teaches us, that justice can only be taken by force. Thus, in closing, we may say that, Wisdom has given rise to two great truths: 1. Allowing the capture of one’s own mind is unforgivable. 2. Humanity is a lost cause. Finally, we must add that, if the gods had wanted peace they wouldn’t have created carnivores.

On Aryan Folk-Religion
By: Dietrich The most crucial part of any religion is its base. Without a sturdy base anything that is built upon it may collapse and deteriorate. Religion tells us how one should live. So naturally what is at stake here is our life, our family, our nation, and our race. And for this base we have but two choices: belief or science, mental construct or physical reality. A careful examination would declare belief as the enemy of science, for as unproven, it may throw off the entire result. Rules of life, since we are mammals, must be scientific, otherwise they are unproven beliefs. Thus, the first basic difference between Heathenism and Christianity is that the latter refuses to accept the nature of the beast, and so the situation is actually a matter of natural instinct vs. new morality. For Christianity is based on beliefs and Heathenism is based on actions fixed in the spirit and blood of the Aryan. The scientific fact is that behavior is rooted in the blood and all attempts to change this behavior for reasons other than a real natural requirement is what is referred to here as “new morality.” Christianity starts off with a declaration to fight man’s natural instincts, denying his animal and natural roots as mammals. Christians utilize the original sin to produce guilt and condemnation for every natural response that we’ve had for the last millions of years. Hence, our natural instincts become “sins.” This is reinforced by the laws of Moses, being the Ten Commandments, in which every rule more or less represents a rebellion against nature. The forbidden fruit represented natural perfection, since it was a way toward greater strength, intelligence, and superiority. Right away the God of Israel establishes himself as an enemy of man and nature by demanding that we abandon the natural way and turn blindly to him as slaves who live only to do his work. The final construction of this “god” who is only really the devil in disguise is the destruction of mankind. So here we have a continuation of the problem where Christianity refuses to make any distinction between the Judaic teachings of the Old Testament and the modern teachings of the New Testament. The feeling of constant guilt and the urge for salvation from “god” is the essence of Judaism. This denial of the natural reality results in the relinquishing of responsibility of the person and the surrendering of it over to “god” as the

only way to relieve one’s conscience. The resulting person is therefore absent of any natural instinct, or at least, in defiance of such a response. A quick examination of the Ten Commandments through an Aryan perspective would, likewise, prove Christianity to be anti-nature. How ridiculous that, after billions of years of carnivores since the age of dinosaurs, this so-called “god” finally sends his “only son” to change all the laws of nature in favor of the laws of Moses. First off, we are told that the “God of Israel” is the only god and that we must worship him and him only. We are told that his way is the only way, even as it defies the cosmos and billions of years of evolution. In essence, this commandment represents a foreign occupation over the Aryan peoples, and today, the dominance that Israel gained over centuries of bloodshed and genocide of the Aryans has faded and lies waiting to be reclaimed. On the other hand, the Pagan Holy Book resides in our blood; its words are as intense urges that cannot be mistranslated or ignored. Our natural instinct demands that we honor our own Gods and people, and exclude all others. Next, we are told that we must always honor our father and mother, yet if they have become corrupt or weak and unfit to lead then our natural response says otherwise. The true Aryan King doesn’t let anyone stand in his way. We are further told that after billions of years of the cosmos and of nature, carnivores shall not kill. And this is most absurd. What this means to a carnivore is that he shall not eat and therefore not live, nor defend his territory or his vital resources. We are told that violence is wrong and to throw down our swords. We are told to love the enemy and share with strangers. We are told to pray for impossible peace. This flies in the face of all of nature. Such a god can only be an absurd imposter. His message is one that an invader would recite to an occupied people. And this foreign rule has been our ruin! We are seeing all the effects of his errors today. Since we have defied our territorial nature the world has become grossly overpopulated and polluted to near destruction. Our life no longer glorifies struggle but hopes for continuous peace both within oneself and the nation. By this we have condemned excellence and praised laziness and stupidity. We have condemned self-defense and dominance in exchange for a life as caged animals in a zoo where we somehow share in an illusion that we are “free” and “safe.” More foolishness: We are told that we should not practice adultery, yet in many animal societies the dominant alpha male is the one to breed with multiple females to ensure that only the best genes are passed on to the next generation. We are told that we should not lie, yet predators use deception for their own safety and survival against their enemies. We are told that we should not steal, yet if an enemy of the folk is using wealth to harm society then we must not allow such a person to possess it. No, my fellows, we must reject Judeo-Christianity in all its forms and mutations and return to our Aryan ways.

A National Economy
Taxes are obsolete and as far as possible should be abandoned. Instead, the ultrawealthy owners of corporations, referred to as oligarchs, should be stripped of their rights and property, so due to numerous crimes against the State, and all necessary utilities should become nationalized. This model is to coincide, as can only be the case, with a traditional monarchy. As such, every component of modern democracy and the civilian politicians who keep such a faulty system running must be stripped from everyday life and only the new system to remain. Instead of a few ultra-wealthy businessmen to own most of the nation’s capital such moneys will be owned by the State or Monarchy and be used for essential matters of the nation and its communities. Of the utilities to be included under nationalization, these are so suggested: energy, electricity, petroleum, natural gas, medicine, hospital care, landscaping, water filtration, transportation, news media, broadcasting, communication, schools, banks, and defense construction. These utilities and services would run normally, under direct State control, in order to perfect said systems and implementations. Additionally, instead of a private owner collecting all the wealth such income would be gathered by the State. The revenue produced by these services would then go towards all of the nation’s needs in terms of military, government, and general upkeep of the nation and its infrastructures, which normally would require taxes from the people. This system is mutually beneficial in that the people would gain much more income in the absence of taxes and also the State would be able to easily regulate essential services so as to protect the environment and people from harmful practices. As such, quality of life would rise dramatically. The only parties to suffer are of course the oligarchs, who, however, are deemed criminals. For far too long, these vermin have violated the people, the State, the environment and the wildlife. Their imprisonment would bring a much needed justice to the world.

No New World
When we look at the transition from the Old World to the New we find that instead of the Monarchs or the State owning a greater part of the nation’s wealth it is the oligarchs or wealthy businessmen who own this capital. Also, the hierarchy has shifted, which instead of a spiritual and royal caste to possess higher authority over the lesser castes we find that those with greater wealth have authority over those of lesser wealth, and also those with degrees and titles over those without, and generally, those of older age over the younger, and in certain cases, women over the men, the popular over the lesser, and so on and so forth. There was never any “equality,” and it is foolish to even try to implement such an erroneous concept. On the other hand, it would be foolish to assume that a monarchy or dictatorship equates to tyranny or totalitarianism. A tyranny only exists when the government grossly

abuses the people or their nation or the environment in which they live. Such abuses are often the product of the authority’s incompetence, for we have shown above just how simple a perfect economy which safeguards the people and the nation can be. Furthermore, this tyranny does not disappear with the use of catchwords like “freedom” and “rights” when these are nothing more than fancy illusions or again wrongheaded concepts that are destructive to the nation. The Republic has had centuries even millennia time and has absolutely failed at producing any real solution to the major problems we face today. Democratic government does not even progress into something better but falls deeper and deeper into the mire, into a complete destruction of the State, the nation, the people, and the environment. It acts as a virus that is slowly eating away at its host, until soon the host dies and nothing will be left. We are today in the late stages of this virus and so locked into a certain and specific outcome. That outcome does not end in delusions like “hope” and “prayer” but in a very real action and inevitable destruction.

The Idea of Wealth
Money wasn’t created out of nothing. Ideally, it is a measure of one’s skill, knowledge, or ability to do work. Capacity for knowledge and certain skills is genetic, and what isn’t purely genetic is traditionally passed on from generation to generation through learning and upbringing. Thus, in theory, inheritance and the traditional caste system makes perfect sense. However, when wealth is disproportionate to knowledge, skill, or ability to do work then we have a problem. This gives the wrong elements too much influence in society, and therefore, society is evermore being brought down to a lower level, as is the case today. In stark contrast, the royal and spiritual castes have, as part of their duties, that of lifting up the nation to a higher state of being and a guarding against of the very same degenerative elements of which we have just spoken. We have therefore a duty to act and to correct the problem. That solution begins in restoring the actual idea and definition behind money and wealth and putting those ideas into practice. We are therefore in a motion to go towards the ideal rather than farther and farther away. Such modern practices as a transfer of wealth on the sole basis of an almost unlimited definition of “suffering” or because of a status of such a person being an immigrant and therefore in need seriously harms the ideal standard and idea behind wealth. For we must not pointlessly reward someone for simply being unable to overcome an obstacle which would be a practice that unthinkingly violates nature, nor should an immigrant be rewarded in a time when we are already well past the overpopulation mark and in serious daily harm due to excessive pollution and under threat from dwindling natural resources. Wealth must not be a weapon that leads to national or individual suicide. What we have in place is an utmost tyranny, a most harmful specter that haunts the world, that if nothing is done to correct the problem we will as an entire species become extinct by our own stubborn refusal to respect nature and her eternal laws.

Clowns of the Democratic Circus

The continued outcry by the business class against so-called “government control” is nothing more than the struggle between the bourgeoisie and governing forces for the basic authoritative rule over a people and nation. This and the struggle between the merchant and the servile caste for the power of rule are typical of a democracy, which to the man of tradition is an anathema. The socialist forces are equally false in character in claiming to oppose wealth when at the very heart of the socialist doctrine is nothing more than the worship of the economy. It is replacing one wrong idea in uncontrolled free enterprise with an equally false idea of a national and even global “populace” under the control of an international body centered around the wealth of the economy. Thus, socialism is merely the usurpation of the merchant caste by the workers and by a force that wishes to unify a large people to rally around destructive tasks, such as the eradication of race, ethnicity, and nation, the impossible equalization of the nations, the global acceptance of social democracy, and other humanist nonsense. Wherever the lower castes have great influence and rule over society is a time and a place void of everything spiritual and traditional.

Modern Medicine Violates Nature
Evolution is brought on by a series of mutations that appear out of the range of what is considered a normal function of the body. That is why modern ideas concerning health and medicine are ridiculously out of touch with reality when such a doctrine seeks to arrogantly enforce a normal standard on everyone. Rather than letting certain mutations develop and allow the person or species to change and adapt or to allow the body to develop its own solutions, modern medicine automatically and unthinkingly casts out the diseased or abnormal person into pariah status and asserts its will over the situation until the condition has been annihilated. Even more absurd is that modern medicine deems certain natural instincts as abnormal and therefore as illnesses that need to be corrected. Science no longer knows what should be and what is. Science will never admit defeat. Now in certain cases, modern medicine is quite valuable, as long as (current) medical doctrine is not elevated to a status of absolute. But in most cases, medicine has become lazy, incoherent, and at worst, incompetent. One cannot go through life worrying about any and every ill that might harm one. Neither should doctors seek to treat every symptom that may arise. For the symptom is often considered as the cause, whereas, the true cause for many illnesses is much more serious, being that we have to consider the atrocious amount of pollutions that we have to live with in the air, soil, water, food, etc., and also the harmful chemicals that are found in many consumer products. It only stands to reason that if you live in filth then you become filth. Therefore, we should not foolishly waste time trying to find a cure for cancer, for example, when the cause of which is due to said pollutants and harmful products.

Only a blundering idiot would try to treat the symptoms or the immediate signs which are the most physical manifestations of the disease when the endless supply of the cause is not only steady but dramatically increasing. Treating such a symptom only helps these idiots to forget about the cause, so that we may never act to resolve the problem of pollution and toxins in our products. No, the causes are being reinvented as we speak, as more and more cell-phones are being produced and marketed even to young children! What more proof do you need that humanity has gone haywire? Scarcely does a man or woman truly deserve the life they are living.

The Natural Order
HIV is a prime example of nature’s order of population control. It humans when starving overpopulated Africans were hunting for incidentally included primates. Africans were the first carriers of the and are therefore more susceptible to the disease. As such, it disease. was transmitted to bush meat, which human form of HIV is a discriminative

If, by contrast, we were to allow Africans to continue reproducing at such high rates when they are already far beyond overpopulation then the consequence would mean the eradication of much, and eventually all, of the wildlife and a near total destruction of the environment, until finally all the food sources have disappeared, and with it the African population would completely starve to death. Under these circumstances, finding a cure for AIDS is absurd. It only shows how shortsighted and anti-nature modern humans have become. They have lost the will to speak the human language. They no longer know nature and truth and have in their absence replaced them with selfish arrogance and a blundering stupidity that is governed by an emotionalist fantasy and a madness to save the world from its rightful destiny.

Industry Gone Mad
Modern man no longer knows the meaning and value of life. It is possible, in this day and age, to keep everyone alive indefinitely, so long as they are hooked up to a life-support system. We may even have the technological skill to replace the old dying organs with sturdy robotic organs, so that a sort of immortality can be achieved. But on the one hand, life must never be defined as a mere “existing.” A life without a higher purpose is a worthless existence. Similarly, we must not place ultimate and absolute value on human life. We are not, nor will we ever be, equally valuable. But it is absolutely absurd to warehouse humans on machines as if death was all of a sudden not the natural order of things! What selfish arrogance modern man displays! But this is the trouble when we value all human life the same, we begin to raise the status of every divers opinion or wrongheaded philosophy above and beyond the true, natural, and spiritual order. So that by placing this wrong value on things what has occurred is actually the opposite, a complete mockery of human life, where no thing is better than any other. Common sense dictates that this should not be. For sooner, rather than later, we will have wrought a world full of meaningless existences watched over by a band of

caretakers whose sole task it is to monitor our machines. We may only hope that our children-to-be are born with a total hatred for this generation so that they may condemn without mercy every single absurd idea that has floated in the heads of the present day idiot.

Nature’s Eternal Language
Much of the wildlife is far more advanced than people make it out to be. Far from savage, animals feel emotion and display conscious thoughts. Animal societies have their own rules, behaviors, and what could be considered cultures and customs. Their ways are based, for the most part, on genetics and therefore natural law. But we have observed that many animals also have their own spirituality, as they perform rituals and some even enter into certain trances to achieve spiritual communion. Of the most common behaviors in the wild is hunting and gathering. This behavior is a cycle of seek, stalk, and strike postures that lend their ways to certain customs. For instance, a typical greeting from one animal to another consists of a series of motions and sometimes calls that determine, first of all, if the stranger is friend or foe, and secondly, to tell of the animal’s intentions. On the first matter, at the point of eye contact or even when their presence is first made known, the one of lesser strength or of lower caste must bow its head or look away, and if the dominant animal lowers its head, the other must drop its head even lower in order to show respect. This behavior lends its custom over to the traditional and ancient world of humans when bowing to royalty or the spiritual caste was in order. This certain behavior states that the animal of lower caste is not challenging the animal of the higher, saying also that the animal goes after smaller prey. It therefore pays a compliment to the greater animal in declaring the one’s position on the pecking order. Thus, animals know hierarchy and discipline, especially between other animals, which of behaviors finds its roots in the family. Once friendly relations have been established, an animal may then state its business if it wishes. For example, he may like to enter a certain territory to look for food or water or supplies. And the other may permit his entrance or deny it by specific postures or by charging the other away. On the other hand, if the lesser animal does not bow or look away it is taken as a challenge of dominance, as is typical of old rivals. This would then trigger the next phase, which is a stalk and strike, resulting in a battle, sometimes even to the death, but mostly until the weaker is discouraged. This is not savagery. It is beautiful and respectful. And according to nature, it is a law that finds its roots in survival and evolution whereupon the strong survive and the hierarchy reaps their benefits over the lesser, as is the way it should be. It would be a shame if animals were forced to go the way of modern humans and deny this natural behavior, at least partially, for it would mean their complete degeneration unto an ever lower form of being and eventual extinction.

We most certainly do find it shameful that man has lost its ability to speak his natural tongue, a practice which he must regain if mankind is to once again flourish in truth and righteousness.

Where God is Dead
And Naught Remains
Throughout the revolution against the Old World when all those traditional ideas were being torn down by savages we saw one by one the final nails being hammered into the coffin of the honorable and true human. Among the major components that were demolished was that of hierarchy, being replaced by an illusory “people” and a bourgeois representation. Thus, democracy was born, which posited that the knowledge or ideas of the common man were as good as or better than that of a legitimate authority on matters such as religion and government and social affairs. In turn, democracy requires everyone to have an opinion on everything and to run around like mad voicing these opinions to their fellows, to the polls, and to their representatives. And if, as so often happens, that the majority fail to speak up, or are not allowed by law to speak up and are therefore too afraid to do so, then their voice and their “rights” are silenced and drowned out by a small band of “loudmouths” and by the wealthy. Hence, we have a world that revolves around economy, emotionalism, and the minority population. And even if the majority did speak up, it would be utter folly to think that they are in any way qualified to have such an opinion on these matters. They believe whoever is the so-called expert of the day and swallow whatever advice is fed them. Modern man is obsessed merely with living a life of “comfort” and “freedom” and “prosperity.” Democracy, being synonymous with “freedom” has led only to the freedom to create the ever-expanding economy. Modern man sees his prosperity only to choke on the thick cloud of smog and pollution which will one day destroy the earth in entirety. It has already begun to ruin much of our modern “comforts.” And so without the proper hierarchy nothing further could have been expected. The freedoms that were granted to man after a series of democratic revolutions allowed man to give in to his basest and most animalistic desires, caring nothing of what consequences this might bring forth. I use the term “animalistic” hesitatingly for that even animal societies observe an hierarchy. Nature herself knows no “freedom,” respects no “bill of rights,” fantasizes not over a “democracy” or the “weak” or the “minority.” Only in the folly of the world where “God is dead” have we seen all timeless traditions overturned. And the consequence we have witnessed has eradicated the position of the upright man, has targeted him for further elimination, until nothing but crazed ape-men shall exist on the surface. This idea, moreover, of the “consent of the governed” is an utter and crafty lie. The people will never come out in favor of one to rule over them. It is always a plea to rule over someone other than themselves. For when a ruling affects them or their lives and prosperity they will immediately oppose it and raise a ruckus. Nevertheless, thinking that the European countries have “liberated” their own people from every imaginary ill, the liberal political forces have turned to liberating and

governing the world upon similar standards, recognizing not that they are dealing with an entirely different people. Such widening differences can only act to suck the life out of those governing forces until there is nothing left, and ending without any of the intended goals being achieved. For we are now dealing with forces that go beyond money and economy, which do not possess in themselves a global panacea. Modernism, in all its fantastic ideas, is not unlike the Christian religion. Christianity exists in the world of belief, which enables it to reject any part of reality that doesn’t serve its purpose. The democratic apostles of modernism insist that the modern world is synonymous with “progress.” And as long as we believe it is so, as long as we buy into their propaganda, then surely it is true. But reality speaks a different tune. Globalism, for example, which is one of the most destructive forces of the modern world, requires merely the basest mind to demolish the shoddy foundations on which it exists. Having a massive influx of foreign products, which can be made just as well if not better domestically, does not make man any better off or more spiritual, nor does it create an healthy competition in the marketplace. The need for cheap labor and extremely low production costs was only produced out of globalism. For by taking away profits from national businesses, opening markets and business ownership to foreigners, and by stripping away the national workforce, this has only resulted in the internal destruction of the national economy. Those moneys that would regularly go to national businesses, hence raising profits that trickle down to the workers, are now pouring out to foreign markets. If globalism in European countries was banned tomorrow there would no longer be the need for businesses to expand to the global market, except in certain minor cases. Foreign products are only necessary when the need for said product is great yet the means to produce it does not exist nationally. Therefore, the nation should always seek out national alternatives to foreign resources, thereby reducing evermore the dependency on foreign products. Using the American model as an example, where foreign autos are set to overtake domestic auto companies, we can clearly see the disorder. Man is no better off having a foreign car over a domestic made one. But this unneeded competition has gutted the auto industry and forced most of the workers out, transporting these jobs instead to foreign companies. So too in situations where parts are made cheaper globally, thus allowing big businesses greater profits, such a destructive practice eradicates the small national businesses and the national manufacturing industry. The many suffer for the greed of a few. But this can all be rectified by simply banning foreign products and foreign labor where possible. All of this proves that in a world where no traditional and authentic hierarchy exists it becomes both necessary and the imperative duty of the individual to doubt all of the ideas, motives, and claims made by the modern establishment.

Towards Unity and Stability

The initial focus of the people today, as far as the social and political arena is concerned, must be that of stability and unity. Such would be needed even if it weren’t in short supply, as we see modern society as anything but stable and united. The problem evident in all of the main political movements, being conservative, socialist, liberal, or communist is that none of them possess any sort of ideology that would act as a front against the many disorders which have become so lodged in today’s society, that for any levelheaded person to consider approving of these so-called movements would be absolute folly. But their levelheadedness ceases when their apathy takes over. For there is an alternative in the Folkish Nationalist Movement, which, although not perfect, does at least attempt to address the concerns of the people from an honest viewpoint. Such provides a stark contrast to the “socialist” who appeals only to the lowest filth of the social spectrum; or to the “workers’ movement” which merely seeks to exploit the worker and is evermore concerned about every potential worker from around the globe rather than the worker who exists in the same nation; or the “liberals” who seek to liberate only the most profane and disgusting practices of the lower ends of society; or the “conservatives” who do not conserve any tradition of the folk, but spend their existence as apologists for the plutocracy. In all of these main but vile movements is economy seen as the central rallying force, because soulless consumerism has become the religion of the masses, and so, at least one of the root causes for the disorder and chaos in the world. The masses are more than ready to take these fancy talkers, or should we say, conmen, at their word than to examine reality as it exists today. In the spirit of the fight rather than the spirit of the solution the opponents of one side or the other shout, “If only we can become the majority.” And when they do the members of this or that party expect things to change for the better only to wait week after week, month after month, year after year, until even decades, centuries may pass without any of the promises for a greater wellbeing should materialize! What will it take for these people to recognize the fraud? The politicians call this con the “middle of the road” whereby all of the public’s attention is diverted to meaningless minor problems in the abstract, such as “healthcare” or “economy” which never see any resolution, so as to keep the public mind occupied. In this sense, leadership is meaningless, as any ideology beyond occupying an office is null and void. Thus, followers of the mainstream cannot see the bigger picture and refuse to look at the world in honest and truthful ways, as is presented to them by the Nationalist movement. Post-WW2, it has been the order of weak-willed leaders of the mainstream that we must feel guilt and self-hatred for everything that is Aryan. We must remain indebted to all who share the leaders’ same weakness, wherever they exist in the world. In truth, we must drive the level of society ever lower. Now to any sane human being, the act that progresses your own suicide is a madness. For when they speak of “progress” this is just what they mean—to become progressively guiltier and self-loathing, and to do everything possible in order to “reconcile” actions that in the first place we never committed, and second, which we should not feel sorry for at all.

Now anyone who dissents to their own suicide is branded a criminal or a Nazi and so persecuted or murdered by democratic tyrants. This, my friends, will never bring us a greater wellbeing, nor will it forge any sort of unity or stability. A legitimate government can never be that which acts against the State itself or its peoples. And therefore, a legitimate government cannot be of the self-loathing variety and so in need of restricting itself or its powers. This is a madness that sees its approval only in the cowardice and blind faith of the people. On the other hand, concerning the Folkish Nationalist Movement, there exist many concerns that need to be addressed if we are to move in any direction other than in a circle. It is obvious first of all that a national unity must run parallel to a unity among the European peoples. And it is in this sense that we must seek a foundation for such a unity. In order to do so we must first outline the problems with much of the current nationalist scene, and that lies directly in their ideology. Firstly, Christianity is not the foundation of Europe. Christianity is the foundation for a disorder, a dysfunction, and so much destruction between European peoples. In understanding of this, there is not one Christian sect or one Christian ideology that may unify us. Even worse, general Christianity is not of the essence to bind the people together, and that which cannot bind, merely loosens and destroys. What then shall be the higher order to European life? How shall we forge a unity and discard our longstanding disorders? In absence of an authentic force such as that all of our present concerns may be addressed, what is left is undoubtedly the mainstream to fill in this void. And so, by refusing the proper action European Nationalists are only aiding their enemies. Without a concrete spiritual foundation we must then look to the political foundations, and that is, much to our discontent, that of democracy. Even ignoring the feebleness and absurdity of democracy we may look to the tactics used by nationalists within the realm of democratic action as that of a contradicting spirit and eventual failure that sees no actual roots in any sort of firm ideology. As such, we often find nationalists espousing the ideas of those who they claim to oppose! They speak of a liberalism, a humanism, and a bourgeois identity that is totally absent of any higher order or meaningful hierarchy. The problem is labeled not as the system itself but as a contamination within the system or its many components. And this is no different than what any of the main parties claim. Now the problem in pointing blame at someone else is that first of all, Liberalism was a European invention. It wasn’t the fault of foreigners, women, or any other illusive elements; it was due to the degeneration of the European man. Now we may agree that foreigners do contribute much to the overall disorder of things, and that women, possessing estrogen, are more compliant than men, and that there are many elements not considered here that also contribute to the downfall of society, but such things would not have any trouble finding their proper place were an appropriate hierarchy to be observed. Accordingly, how sensible can it be to oppose the “values” of foreigners when their behavior finds, at least partially, its roots in the European idea of Liberalism? Was it not due to the European conquest that sought to impart their behaviors on these people, which broke down these boundaries in the first place?

The typical tactic that finds its way into the nationalists’ repertoire is to replace one idea with another of equal value, such that the modernist equality of all peoples, regardless of race, class, or religion is replaced with an equality of all who are biologically similar or whose ideas are similar, disregarding any higher order. It is no wonder then that White Nationalism has degenerated to raising that of pregnancy and upbringing as the highest act a man or woman can do. For simply being biologically of the White race is the central light of the movement. The major problem with this thinking shows itself in the failure of unity in the movement itself, for there can be no union of peoples whose ideas are in stark contrast. Their crude literature speaks of “European values” totally disregarding the obvious fact that there is no one European ideology. (The values that we refer to in our Utopian Doctrine are those of the typical Aryan variety; thus Aryan is used in the sense of an uncorrupted Tradition as opposed to what is commonly European, being Christian and modern.) Admittedly, Europe has never been so united. There exists a long history of religious, ultra-national, and petty squabbles between European countries—that nothing we have seen from either the mainstream or the nationalist parties can reconcile. For this, we must look much further into our ancient past, to the time of a true and authentic Tradition in which the Golden Age was abound. For only being armed with Tradition may we put up the proper front against the modern world; the which is to say, our cause, being Eternal, is beyond mere earthly matters of opinion and reaction. Our cause is that of the Divine Order of things and not in outer frauds or inferior replacements. For that which is truly divine cannot be replaced, as is evidenced by this sickly modern world in all of its ills and failures!

Slave-Gods of the Iron Age
Traditionalism shows that all of the great religions contain more or less the same teachings, this for the sole fact that all of these religions derived from one most ancient Aryan source. This has been proven as of late. All across Europe there have been discoveries made of ancient Aryan civilizations dating back to around 5,000 BC, which contained an highly advanced order of life, complete with temples, longhouses, irrigated farmlands, domestic livestock, and intricate religious artifacts, while remnants of such civilizations go back much further to around 50,000 BC. But history has shown that the greatness of religion is measured only by its level of communicable truths and by its influence and success of leadership. Hence, when examining Christian theology we therefore must make certain a few important facts, beginning with the realization that the Christian Church has lost the key to its mysteries. Secondly, we must be clear that the holy city and the holy people are not in Jerusalem or anywhere else in the Middle East. For the original teaching and the original knowledge indeed comes from ancient Europe. This knowledge however was used against the Aryan people when it was wrongly possessed and wielded by an alien and deracinated force. In the period of early Christianity we find all those signs consistent and proper to the Bronze Age, which through Jesus is unleashed pride, violence, and warfare against the

so-called “Pagan Nations.” The pagan priests are considered mere priests rather than rulers, and Jesus, in many ways, represents the Giant attempting to steal the fire. Moreover, the Christian priests, even when they made up the ruling caste, they were not nor did they consider themselves as sovereigns who were given authority to rule from the divine but rather as mere servants of their Lord Jesus Christ. Therein lies the major inconsistency with Christianity’s claim to Tradition. The Golden Age was the most perfect design for man and earth, which was reigned over by the Gods or angelic beings, or in the Hindu, divyas, literally “divine beings.” But if Jesus was truly a God or a descendant of the Gods his philosophy would match with that of Tradition, and this is clearly not the case. The philosophy of the historical Jesus found in the Gospels is that belonging more to the Dark Age, or Kali Yuga, from which, it may be said, (Jesus) could be seen as an archetypal model for Karl Marx. Christianity, in fact, marked the transition of the world from the Age of Bronze to the Iron Age, which is informed by peasants and slaves, or pashus in Hindu, literally “those in bondage,” being slaves in every sense of the word, especially to their passions. In this case, Christianity is truly a religion of slave-gods. And we see this in the gospels as well, where Jesus opposed the moneylenders who influenced the Third Age, and who at that time were represented in the priests and rulers. A sure sign of the Dark Age, however, was in Christianity’s deep opposition to the Gods, or Divine Beings and their Ancestral Tradition. It was long predicted that in such an age the spiritual caste would be hated and oppressed, and this attitude was not merely limited to Christianity, though being responsible for most of the genocide and destruction of the Old Ways, but also saw its prominence within Judaism and Islam. The most convincing evidence yet is in the extreme earthly and emotional character of Christianity, which could only signify that of a religion proper to the Iron Age. Therefore, the crucifixion of Christ, in the most literal sense, could not symbolize the end of the Dark Age, which has not yet materialized, but that of the ending of the Third Age. Towards the end of the Bronze Age, which was informed by merchants and craftsmen, we find the Roman Empire. Such was a time when money and skilled labor was raised to the highest of praises, being an era of proto-materialism, to which Jesus makes his appearance in opposition to, thus setting off a chain reaction leading up to the Final Revolution. Hence, Jesus was crucified for opposing the materialistic rulers of the Third Age. He turned to the poor and disaffected to get behind him in his struggle of rebellion, seeking to overthrow the Temple, which embodied the merchant-rulers’ dominance over the times. We later find that much work is put into attempting to prove Jesus’ line going all the way back to David, a name which perhaps is supposed to mean something similar to the Hindu divya. Thus the Church would have one believe that Christ is the continuation of a long line of the Divine caste who are survivors of the race of Gods, and that, Joseph being a carpenter, or craftsman, was merely representative of being born out of the Third Age. But it would be absurd to think this for the reason not dissimilar to the Jews’ denial of Christ’s manifestation, in that the Great Rebellion led by Jesus and his disciples did not result in a return to the Golden Age, but rather in the opposite direction, towards the Kali Yuga where death and destruction is its key and where a false and illusive freedom is known by all.

Moreover, this age is characterized by the main bonds (pasha) which have stricken the inferior person (pashu). These are: sympathy, delusion (belief in falsehoods), shame, fear, and a total attachment to all lowly and worldly things. The only means of escaping these bonds is through the purification of the Will and the practicing of a certain initiatic discipline. For salvation can only be attained through this practice, and it was precisely this royal art that was stamped out of society by the Church itself, which later went on to claim that mere earthly rituals and humanistic moralism was the basis for salvation, completely at odds with the Divine Truth. Thus we must conclude that the modern religions are forces of counter-initiation.

The Curse of Historicism
By: Dietrich There are few things as disorganized and filled with erroneous opinions than that of historicism. It is corrupted, especially in these times of European self-hatred, with useless biases, and at times, completely fabricated lies. Any findings or facts that appear in accepted mainstream sources are most likely going to be false. Part of the problem lies with the fact that so much of history can only remain as mere theories. We may start with human evolution which posits the “out of Africa” theory requiring utmost faith for one to believe it that often the many problems with this theory are overlooked. Firstly, we may accept that there were many incremental stages of beings between ape and human before the homo sapiens arrived. However, to imply that these ape men stayed in Africa, or even that they all originated in Africa, would be wrong. Another mistake would be to assume that modern humans evolved from only a handful of primates all the way through their succession to the end. These findings have no basis whatsoever, other than the opinions of a few scientists, which are then pushed upon the masses. At best, this work is lazy and incompetent, if not completely dishonest. We may then look at human history how much this has degenerated over the years. What has absolutely devastated any hopes of knowing well our past is clearly that of Christianity. In so many instances, we find religious bias, where archeologists and scientists attempt to conform or fabricate their findings in support of Christian mythology. And this problem, as pesky as it is, does not compare to the fact that during the Christian occupation of Europe, almost all of our books and temples and keepers of our history were destroyed. Indeed, one of the craziest findings of historians is that the Aryans did not have a written tradition. And this is most absurd. We have created very ancient written alphabets, we have even found ancient writings on caves and stones, yet there seems to be no connection made by these so-called experts that the written alphabets were created for an ancient tradition of writing. To the man of wisdom, there can be no doubt that the ancient Aryans, at least in the royal, spiritual, and warrior castes, kept a written tradition. But for a Christian to admit

that tyrants of his religion were responsible for the most brutal holocaust and ethnic cleansing of his own people would be simply too much for him. He cannot admit that even if he’d like to, because for him to do so would be to admit that Christianity was indeed not the start of European civilization but rather its very destruction and descent into the Dark Age. And so he cannot say that the ancient Aryans were in any way brilliant. He must continue the lie that pre-Christian Aryan civilizations were “savage” while non-Aryan civilizations were somehow the “cradle of humanity.” But the truth is slowly coming to the fore, by battle after bitter battle. For under these self-hating times anything that may prove the greatness of our kind is being kept under lock and key or is blacked out of the history books by a group of liberalized peoples who rule by lies and conceit. And so, to learn the truth of ancient history we must first be truthful with ourselves, and then seek out all available data before assuming a rightful attitude. Analysis of DNA evidence and ancient artifacts as well as that of ancient texts all points toward a dominant Aryan past. Mediterranean and Nordic Aryans were found in ancient Egypt, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America in times much earlier than imagined. They were the royal and spiritual castes and originators of many non-Aryan civilizations and cultures. They were the pyramid and mound builders. They were hailed in ancient books as great and sacred leaders and world-teachers. They were the guiding light of the world. Their downfall was due to a multitude of invasions, revolts, and the mixing of the castes. In their absence the resulting civilizations were almost completely lost, reverting to a superstitious, monotheistic, multicultural society, without a higher and authentic authority, which had many unintended consequences. Certain mainstream movements today are doing everything in their power to prove that Aryans hadn’t settled Europe until much later than what is commonly accepted. Yet, ancient statuettes and other artifacts are being found that point in the opposite direction. Indeed, Aryans were in Europe much earlier than previously known. We have found mythological statues dating back some 30,000 years and writings on cave walls that go back much further. Of course, the politically correct madness of today operates an undeclared set of rules whereby any finding in which ancient Aryans were dominant and brilliant is to be dismissed as “racist nonsense”; and any fabricated finding that puts non-Aryans in territories such as Europe or the Americas before or even after the Aryans demands that such territory “belongs to them”; or which puts non-Aryans as inventors somehow proves their “superiority” over us. We are of course no longer allowed to use the term Aryan to describe the Europeans since the Nazi era. To all this lousy drivel we say, “No more!” Let us practice our true history and end all of this self-hating madness.

The Other Side of Forever
The idea of a God or Supreme Being is found in many traditions that predate Christianity by tens of thousands of years. What is meant by such is foremost that of a God in the

macrocosmic sense, and therefore a Supreme Principle through which the All was manifested. In Christianity, there is a God who does nothing without his many messengers or angels. Of all the religions however, none bears so many conflicting opinions regarding its inner workings as does Christianity. What we can and must agree on here is that the angels are powers of God, and do indeed resemble the Gods of the so-called pagan religions. It therefore is almost senseless to refer to Christianity as a monotheism, although the terms monotheism and polytheism have always been rather sketchy. For it was never about one god or many gods, but about which gods and which philosophies. Nevertheless, according to one source, there are nine orders of angels divided into three sections. These are listed as the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones; the Dominations, Virtues, and Powers; and the Principalities, Archangels, and Angels. The nine orders of angels can perhaps be compared to the nine worlds of Norse tradition, as the seven Archangels may correspond with the seven grades of ancient initiatic orders, such as Mithraism, and even with the seven immortals of Persian tradition, which includes Justice or Truth, Right Order, Obedience, Prosperity, Piety or Wisdom, Health, and Immortality. Next of course to consider are the fallen angels, the meaning of which is not difficult to explain. The rebellion of Lucifer and his angels against God means quite clearly that, in the sense of manifestation, through which the Universal Spirit assumes a series of veils or envelopes, the further such is removed from the center the more inferior the mode of being. And this can be expressed as a revolt or a fall from grace, where consciousness itself is taken for a symbol of Lucifer or the Giant (666 = Titan). And this is why Pelagius has stated that God should charged with the travesty of original sin and not man. The same may be described in perfect accuracy that in order to turn the ideal world into a physical reality there required a compromise to resolve the conflict between the ideal and the actual. In this sense, Lucifer is the “Light Bearer” or those physical materials which are used to put the idea into effect, hence the manifestation of the physical world, and thus, the truest ideal could not be possible under these conditions. That is why it is said the Archangel Michael, who is of Justice and Truth, led the battle against Lucifer and his rogue angels. Thus was Lucifer and his angels and all those angels which remained neutral cast down to the Abyss and forced to descend to the Earth, and the Earth here alluded to is the symbolic form, that is, the material and elemental world. Satan, which means “separated” or “cast forth,” is given reign over one quarter of the world, as regards the naturalistic element. And this tale is similar to the Norse, wherein the Giant attempts to steal the fire of the Gods, light being a mere reflective ray from the pure fire. The numerical significance of one-quarter can also be seen in the Doctrine of the Four Ages where a specific age is designated to the devil or its equivalent. He loses his quarter reign in the intiatic sense and also in the return to a Primordial Age. Thus, God and Lucifer are concepts of the ancient science, which on the cosmic level, describe the principles of creation and destruction, solution and dissolution. One cannot therefore stamp out the Luciferian principle which is one-half of the cosmic law. If there was not death there would be no life, for it is a finite universe which forms life into its many designs.

So this fall is first cosmic which thrusts the cycle into play and which makes the idea a reality. The universe is not perfect, however, and this is shown quite clearly in the human. There exists unease, a need for growth, imperfection in learning… Thus, regaining oneself from the Fall and returning to the primordial state must be undergone in the initiatic sense. Such is the key behind the eternal, the unmoved mover, the timeless, and the sacred. It may be said that we may never know “God’s Will”; for the ideal world never existed. It was only an idea that was present in the mind of the Supreme Being. Therefore, to speak of a “Will of God” in terms of morals is nonsense, for it has nothing to do with the ideal human. It is better that we speak of values, such as courage, honor, and strength, and of great skills and intelligence, with the wisdom to put these to good use. Yet this is merely the foundation upon which the spiritual initiation must commence. And of this quest we seek first of all a Perfect Stillness, in which no thought or urge arises in the mind unless willed by the Initiate. Conversely, there is no scientific basis in the belief that one can escape the laws of the universe, being creation and destruction, and live an immortal or eternal life in heaven by simply following the Ten Commandments, as fraudulently claimed by Christianity. Hence, when Moses attempted to sit in the thirteenth seat at the Round Table as the Universal Ruler he was cast into the Abyss, being unworthy of the title. Moreover, this system of morals was never followed by the early church leaders. It was only meant for the lowest order of Initiates who, once they have learned discipline and have sufficiently progressed, were to live by their own law. Unfortunately, those who were of the higher order of the church were never meant to be of the spiritual or regal caste and so produced great destruction rather than great feats. We must also consider that the sacraments are merely plays which conceal as if symbolically a mystery and practice that is entirely pagan and initiatory. The Eucharist, for example, is a mystery play that, though quite removed from its source, goes back historically to the pagan initiatory tradition in which the apprentice would utilize certain herbal concoctions to aid him in attaining the state of “apparent death,” thus achieving a sort of “communion with the gods.” Now, the Fall in the human sense must first be considered in the creative aspect whereby the human design is imperfect, especially concerning the mind and its seats of consciousness. Therefore, the quest of restoration is just that, to restore the perfectibility to the human brain. We can reflect also how the spine and skull much resemble the shape of the tree, and hence, the cross is likened to the arms outstretched and also resembles the rays shining forth from a spherical light. And so is the coiled serpent wrapped around the cross in the shape of the brain and spinal column. Another symbol is that of the chalice, which is a common form of the Grail, and which shape is reflected in the skull and spinal column. (According to one source, it was also customary in certain initiatory orders to drink from a hollowed-out skull.) All of these things are connected which speak of a special symbolism. A further symbolic comparison is that of Lucifer with the sphere of Venus, as regards the effect of light on Earth, and therefore connects the fallen to that of vegetation, and the animalistic and natural world. Venus is also associated with Death, and has been called

the “Morning Star” for obvious reasons. Also, like the Sun which cyclically rises and falls by the orbit of the Earth so does this principle have its significance. It then follows that man is descended from Lucifer, making him inferior and prone to “evil,” that is, controlled by his lesser natures. Yet these fallen angels who remained neutral or who sided with Lucifer were divine beings, nevertheless uncontrolled, which some say, accounts for the Divine race that ruled over the Golden Age. In the sense that they were “cast down” may also explain the degeneration of man and the regression of the castes. In Buddhism there are twelve seats of consciousness explaining the fall of man from a divine being to an ignorant mortal. One text describes the doctrine of Conditioned Genesis as “profound, hard to perceive, hard to understand, peaceful, elevated, not reducible to discursive thought, subtle, accessible only to the wise.” Accordingly, it could only be fully understood by those who have achieved samadhi. This is why religious doctrine has become confounded to the point of exhaustion by non-Adepts, which today it is almost impossible to find someone who can distinguish between the three main and potential parts of the person. Contemporary thought has transformed the spirit, soul, and body into essentially one substance and one meaning without any differentiation. As we have shown above, the true inner meaning of Christianity was of a much older pre-Christian tradition, and this mystery which attempts to explain the creation of the world and its cycles is supremely spiritual which then reflects the physical. We must never profane the sacred by using it as a weapon with which to destroy the “Pagan Nations” as has the Christian Church, nor should we allow misunderstandings of which to force people into manias and delusions. As it now stands, however, the Christian Bible is a book which mixes sacred truths with absurd falsehoods, and it is for this reason that it is a most dangerous and false book that, in the wrong hands, would only act as a force of destruction. The devil proper really refers to the psycho-physical body which is synonymous to the alchemical earth element. The Great Beast seeks evermore to escape his form and free the spirit from its chains. Only, the problem for many long years with this exoteric tale is that in the wrong hands this spiritual truth was profaned and corrupted, which eventually produced a tragic basis for which millions of Heathens were murdered. To reconcile this situation we must therefore stamp out the false counter-initiatory religions and bring the original doctrine in line once again with the truth. We do this by realizing once and for all that through the proper initiatic rituals one may reintroduce the elements of air (the spiritual breath), water (the waters of dissolution), and fire (the heavenly fire), so that a full and divine consciousness can be once again attained, bringing validity back to the Doctrine of Perfection. It truly cannot be repeated enough that Heaven, which is synonymous with Sol and the Gold of the Philosophers, can only be attained by the living through a specific magical operation. It is this journey through which Hel and the lower waters of the Abyss are traversed which lead eventually to the upper waters. The battle against “Satan” is therefore synonymous with the alchemical work. Everything therefore ties in together in our formula while the false priests and slaves of the black religions know nothing of its mysteries and in their ignorance have simply made up a bunch of nonsense over which millions have senselessly killed each other.

On the Black Brothers
Prisoners of the Mind
Catholicism is centered around a worldview in which man is born completely flawed or “evil.” It rejects man as a master of his destiny, denies the abilities of his senses, experiences, creativity, and mental faculties. There is no place in Catholicism for man. This false doctrine further describes the old Gods as myths and fantasies while claiming that its god is not only true, which is a terrible error, but also that he is the only truth. We are supposed to believe that man does not have the ability to create civilization, that our Gods did not create civilization, and that there is no Central Force in the Universe that is Divine, except for that which is personalized by “Jesus Christ.” This argument can easily be dismissed in pointing out that there existed in this world of ours many spiritual masters long before the supposed time of Jesus, and that these masters founded and practiced a spiritual doctrine that is in every way perfect. We may then refer to the later personalization of these masters as in the Buddha, Odin, Saturn, Zeus, Mithras, etc.; and this which brings up another mystery to be expounded by the Adept. For there was no one Buddha or one Odin or one Saturn any more than there could be a one God or one Jesus. These God-Kings were undoubtedly real and may or may not have been modeled after a specific man. But the Aryan religions, Buddhism included, did not originate with one man or one ethnic group. Exoterically, the God-King and the race of Gods are seen more as archetypal models for the order existent to which this time refers. Also of concern is that the central creative force of the universe is nonhuman. The shift in eras in which the idea of these two things in the God and the Central Force merged could be recognized as the inner mystery behind the Catholic tale of Jesus being the “Son of God” who comes down to the earth. The event of which happened much earlier than was depicted and not exclusive to any one person or regime, it, although, may be argued that the Holy Roman Empire was a major component in sealing such a fate. It may also be mentioned that we may think of mankind as descended from the stars and not from an imaginary and inferior sinner. In the tale of the Garden of Eden, which is a corruption of earlier Aryan teachings, we find Adam and Eve receiving scorn and condemnation from the God of Israel for practicing magick. And it must be noted here that this Adam and Eve are merely representations of the early Aryan spiritual caste who stood as rulers of mankind. They therefore represent the old order which is coming under assault from this Semitic tribe, as we note also that in Judaism is an anti-pagan, anti-magick, and anti-gentile attitude that dominates its entire doctrine. And this reflects the shift in time where monotheistic religion thrust itself onto the world headed by the lower castes, which explains also the tendency in monotheism towards an attitude that is out-and-out anti-hierarchy; first, in opposition to the traditional spiritual doctrine, favoring a call to arms against any and all who oppose some undefined “one-god” or Messiah; next, in opposition to war and violence, favoring instead that of peace and meekness; third, in opposition to money and wealth, favoring a beggar or nomadic lifestyle; and

finally, in opposition to the natural man and the peasant who represents a simple model of biology. From this we can make out the full cycle of thought in which monotheism headed by this Semitic attitude of distaste for everything that has crowned the civilization of man has operated as a mere subversion and overturning of every rightful order that was in every way natural at the time. And so the biblical tale of Genesis depicts the genesis of the monotheistic order which isn’t so much a genesis as it is a completely destructive force that proved to degenerate all that was before it, wherever it seized power. It is in this manner which the Catholic doctrine completely ignores the system of castes which existed for as long as the Old Ways were in prominence, and replaces this system with a foolish idea in which all men are “equal” in their abilities, and in their flesh and blood, and also in their “evilness.” Thus Christianity recognizes no higher caste than that of a measly peasant that is born into evil, falsehood, inferiority, and wretchedness. It is a religion which can only see its origin in the Third or Fourth Age, the latter being a Hellon-Earth, the Kali Yuga, or Dark Age, where Peasant is King. This foolish attitude is revealed also in the term Pagan, which was used to describe the Old Ways by the Christian tyrants, which of course means merely “farmer” or “peasant” signifying the Catholic’s complete rejection of there being any other caste. Much worse, however, is that Catholicism doesn’t even recognize a world of castes at all but only that of a world of “humble servants” and “evil dissenters.” Now these dangerous ideas are all proved false in the reality that the Old Ways, and so civilization itself, was developed not by one originator but by a group of Aryans from the highest spiritual caste. And thus, the Buddha is not so much a name as it is a title of an “Awakened One,” being a man who achieves spiritual mastery. And these men were also of the royal caste, being the only folk to legitimately rule over society, thus receiving their authority directly from the source of Divinity. We may then come to the complete realization that in no way could Jesus Christ be the only truth, but he also isn’t of any truth at all, for he is a spouter of opinion and refuses to show man—any man—the way to spiritual mastery. A spiritual master is so far above and beyond dogma and morals that Jesus, and therefore Christianity, represents the complete opposite of what it claims to be, having nothing to do with Gods, the spiritual caste and teachings, or anything that remotely resembles the Central Force or even the natural world. Indeed, Christianity was created for no other reason than to overthrow the Aryan Civilization, which it did through systematic murder and ruthless oppression of the Aryans themselves. Thence, to thrust the world even further into the Dark Age making the Aryan inferior in every way by banning every science, art, literature, or practice of the Old Ways that made our civilization great. As soon as we have all become worthless fools our total rule by a foreign people would be actualized, making us slaves to foreign powers and to a foreign spirit and teaching. This much has all come to light. Catholicism, as it exists today, requires utmost belief, for it revolves around things which they themselves do not know and to which there is no proof, but it is simply written in their scripture that it is so. From this we come to another problem, and that is, when has the truth ever been a component in Judaism, or for that matter, Catholicism? Hence,

Judeo-Christianity has failed miserably at lifting the world to a higher state. We have no longer walked the earth as upright men but as raving lunatics of absolute hatred for everything that is man, and thus the Dark Age was the ultimate result of Christian doctrine. As to the brainwashing and cultish nature of the religion there can be no doubt. The first invasion of Catholicism into the child’s mind is to give to the child guilt and fear; fear of death, so that he may turn to faith, which is presented as the only means of salvation that cheats death at the price of submission; guilt, so that the child may hate what he is and doubt his natural condition and instincts. Catholicism relies upon and revolves around the blind faith of the people to voluntarily relinquish their responsibility in all events and to hand over this right to the Catholic hierarchy. It is this cult which preaches an absolute hatred of mankind, demanding that only through following the orders of the Vatican may we be redeemed, thereby removing the fear and guilt that was, in the first place, put there by the Catholic order itself. This redemption, coming only after death, is therefore so void of all sense and meaning that the faith put into belief in the practice can only equate to utmost stupidity and cowardice of the individual, so in turn, proving the Catholic doctrine in which man is weak and inferior, correct, at least for the followers. As in the words of Trent Reznor one must ask oneself: Will you bite the hand that feeds you? Will you stay down on your knees?

Of Two Kingdoms
Many of the uninitiated confuse our traditionalism with a desire to remove all technology and urban development. What these people cannot comprehend is that the people of Tradition, being in ancient times, were the purveyors of technology. We created civilizations and all that goes along with it. Therefore it is an error to say that we oppose technology when we are the creators of even the science which produces it. Christianity and other monotheistic religions are those that are typically against technology. And we must not assume that the so-called Enlightenment solved this problem. For the era of enlightenment did not grow from the roots of Tradition and therefore is contaminated with all those thoughts of liberalism, humanism, and Christianity. For the enlightenment establishment looks at science and technology as merely things of a numerical weight without there being any higher order to life. And if this be so ever the case, thence we must ask ourselves, how can this be an "enlightenment" if it places the natural human as the highest being? Is humanism enlightening? Freedom as ruled by the passions? Equality of men? Fraternization and standardization of the basest form of being? Truly the liberal Freemasonic establishers of “the enlightenment” do not know thy self. For how could they then know Enlightenment? Let us examine exactly where this has led to in the modern era.

Today’s conservatives, who truly are of an order which sees nothing of value worth conserving, all seem to back economic expansionism which they call economic growth. Now this fancy term is never discussed insofar as what consequences might we expect on the environment and natural balance of things which are affected by its motions. It is merely laid out before the common man or before the consumer, if you will, in narrow terms as growth of production, growth of capital, and growth of opportunity. In reality, economic expansion is a war between the rural environment and lifestyle and the urban environment and lifestyle. It is correct to call this a culture war. When there is economic growth what this means is that there is more development, and where there is more development it typically means there is expansion of cities into the pristine countryside. Now, first of all, unlimited expansion of urban and suburban environments would result in an eventual elimination of all rural areas, and so in these terms it is a war of annihilation on the rural folk, which of itself would cause a total disaster for the nation. Overpopulation, excessive pollution, lack of agriculture and livestock, destruction of the natural environment, and the complete eradication of wildlife are the more serious problems this poses. Here the child grows into a monster, as expansionism equates to nothing more than eco-terrorism, genocide, and national suicide. Secondly, the values and lifestyles of the urban folk and the rural folk are at total odds with each other. It is clear that the breakdown in values is centered in the urban areas, where all of this liberalism and multiculturalism and living in excess is abundant. On the other hand, those of the rural areas seem to do well in holding onto those values which upright men ought to safeguard. In the middle of these two is the suburban area, which sees a constant struggle in fighting off the disorders of urban life while trying to maintain some sort of a balance. It is therefore obvious that a conservative cannot call himself a conservative and support both economic expansion and good values, nor can one support both economic expansion and the environment. And so the conservative must deny the dangers that are posed on the environment and attack only in the narrowest of parameters those things which pose a threat to his value system. The pieces never seem to fit together in his system. For it is also commonly supported by the capitalist, Christian, conservative, that of population expansionism, opposing such things as abortion and birth control, which succeed in keeping the population levels down. Ridiculously enough, this type of conservative also supports feeding all of the world’s poor and saving everyone from disease, which, of course, goes against nature’s population control system. The policies of both the conservative and the liberal are madness, an utter nonsense, which has no root in sincere logic, reason, or truth. These systems are not means for a solution, but a cause for concern, and a route to immanent disaster and ruin! These folk are not fit to rule, are not masters of their selves, are, rather, ruled by their own manias and passions. That is why only the man of Tradition, only that doctrine of Tradition, holds the key to our civilization. Those who are ruled by their passions, who do not know self, who are not master of self, are not fit to rule a people.

The Buddha makes it explicitly clear that if one has not a total power over a thing then he is therefore not that. Unless a person can wield total power over something, in perfection, and without error or intrusion of disorder then that person is not that. These present rulers of mankind are therefore not themselves, but are prisoners ruled over by their self and its diseases. They are not rulers, but the ruled. A slave to their passions, to their false image, to their truths which haunt them and which they are compelled to deny. Our people are being led today by those typically found among the lower castes, who cannot control their emotion, are ruled by their emotions, are of the basest, most diseased forms of beings, lower than animals, who are dominated by manias. Those of which I have spoken are as an insult to the upright artisans who conduct themselves with dignity. These rulers are not fit to rule insects! Plants are above them! And the elements! Outcasts are these rulers! It is time now to turn this around, to make the world right, to annihilate the wrong. This perfect measure of ability is what alone justifies caste: You are what you are capable of, what you wish to be, and what you have true power over. Caste is not therefore, as the uninitiated seem to think, a matter of economical status or a matter of “work to advance.” Most people simply do not wish to become a spiritual master or ruler or warrior or merchant, nor do they necessarily possess the natural ability to do so, in perfect fashion. We must also consider all those religions which have no Doctrine of Awakening, which have no right order, which have no truth comprehended, to be thus failures; failures to the people, failures to the Gods, failures to the truth, and therefore not genuine, illegitimate, adulterated, inauthentic. [1] The error in transition from the old order unto the monotheistic order was one in which the apostles of the new era could not quite comprehend that such things as guilt, fear, and hope were bad, of no use, or much worse, those tools of destruction of any higher order to life. And so, this new order placed the basest and most degenerate traits at the top, in effect, turning order and civilization on its head. And this was the cause of much error in translation of which miscalculation seems at the root of the monotheistic era and doctrine. As such, all that was built upon these blunders turned out to be equally false and destructive. [2] In complete contrast did Prince Siddhatta attain perfection by conquering his self, by mastering his self, by becoming the Awakened One. And it is in our Operation Obliteration, in our Right to Depart this World where this all begins, where our first death is achieved, the triple order of mastering or conquering thy passions and right conduct, mastering thy consciousness and concentration, and mastering thy spiritual body and illumination, to eventually arrive at the end, the complete destruction, whence one is able to comprehend All Worlds and to dominate them. Only these, thy Spiritual Masters have earned the right to rule mankind. ---

[1] Similarly, all those aspects in modern Buddhism, such as passivity and nonviolence, Buddhism as a religion for the masses, the interpretation of “world as suffering,” or of removing all desire rather than conquering it, and also Buddha as an idol to be worshipped, were aspects added on to Buddhism much later and not a part of the original or authentic doctrine. As such, the earliest texts which make up Pāli Buddhism represent the true doctrine, almost completely at odds with the modern versions which are widely practiced today. [2] There are, of course, other factors. Christianity began as a confounded doctrine because the teachings of the Arya or Spiritual Masters were never meant for the masses. As such, the Arya never went around preaching and converting people. Those early Christians who assembled their religion were not Spiritual Masters and so their doctrine was false from the start. They could not comprehend truth, they have not achieved mastery of self. This, of course, was no matter to them, whose primary aim was to eradicate the leading entities of society, that being the spiritual and royal castes, thereby allowing the Christians and their subversive worldview to rule. We needn't forget the thirteen centuries of genocides against the “Pagans” by Christian tyrants, who busied themselves only on, and whose supposed “divine work” consisted only of, eradicating entirely the Aryan Tradition and culture, what is referred to as the Old Ways.

A World of Outcastes
A person who assumes a role in a higher caste while having no actual ability to do so, in performing the functions of that caste, is nothing more than a fraud and an outcaste. A person must have first the potential ability by blood, and second, he must have actually attained mastery of the ability by a specific doctrine and by a specific training. It is the same just as if it were a business manager who possesses those natural qualities of leadership and who is trained in business management and policy and who proves this ability in the field. One of the most pressing problems with our current age and in the past 2,000 years or so was the total reversal of this tradition. Those who were unworthy of higher responsibility were nonetheless at, or raised up to, the higher levels of society. It is no wonder then why there was and is today so much turmoil. We can only think of the overall chaos… Peasants have become mere consumers, unthinking lemmings of the herd-mentality. Lazy, stupid, boring, filthy, and obscene. Consumerism has become a religion. Merchants or businessmen have no ethics, are consumed by greed, and worse, have implemented economic policies that can only lead to the ruin of entire peoples. Warriors fight dishonorably, are hoodwinked into fighting for flimsy or foreign causes, or no cause at all, being the case with mercenaries. War has been reduced to a mere sport with aims of seizing loot or spice. World wars and revolutions, fighting in the name of liberty and justice, have torn apart entire continents.

Religions have become contaminated with so much falsehood, so much corruption, so much moralism, and so much emotionalism. Priests and magicians, initiates of the mysteries no longer know the ways and the truth behind their doctrines. Religion has even been separated from the structures of science and politics, leaving all three as deficient mass, of dead weight, without valid influence. Kings or rulers are utter frauds, are spectacles and figureheads who lead their nation to ruin and disgrace, who utterly destroy their people in the name of false mental constructs which they praise as lofty ideas. They obsess over wealth and vanity, at any cost. The world is a disaster! All of this clearly demonstrates to one that equality is an utter lie, and with much more emphasis, that, those who are unable to perform higher duties must be cast down to their proper place or cast out as pariahs. A higher caste cannot be assumed by a revolution or by systematic murder of the higher guard which would allow the lower being to take their place. This, which was done by the Christian tyrants and once again by the socialist revolutionaries, represents a widespread fraud that has only ended in the catastrophe that rejects caste, hollows out all sense and meaning of the caste system, and sees it instead as a mere birthright and economical position that grants authority without any test of skill or knowledge or as we say, “trial by fire,” which confirms the rightful attainment of that grade. Similarly, those of higher abilities must not be kept down but raised up to their proper task and height. Also what we have illustrated is that the Catholic hierarchy, acting through the Vatican, cannot be thought of as a real and legitimate hierarchy. Even in the monarchical Christian era the kings acted not in the name of their own power or of the people, but in the name of their lord Jesus Christ. They were therefore ruled by an imaginary god rather than given authority to rule from the Divine. They were driven by demonic forces in Christianity, which clearly makes them slaves, or of the slave-class, far below even peasants. Thus, at the top of this “hierarchy” was a mere scripture, written in part by Judaists and another, by inaccurate testimonies of a man-god who was an amalgamation of different religions and rulers. The fact that Christian doctrine does not allow, at least officially, for any further Prophets or God-Kings seals the fate of Christianity as having no true hierarchy, and to be exact, places the religion in complete opposition to hierarchy itself. And it is the behavior, not the mere image or position, which, more than anything, demonstrates one’s true caste. That behavior can be found wherefore this fake Christian “hierarchy” is used simply as a tool with which to destroy the people and bring them to the Dark Age. It can further be found where the reformation or Protestant movement completely negates any authority whatsoever, offering in turn to work from a position that assumes personal responsibility based on one’s own interpretation of the same false doctrine in the scriptures themselves. It is therefore only in the casting out of this scripture, this demon against Tradition, that we may reclaim the rightful order, thereby putting up a true front against the enemies of man.

On the Christian Contagion
Involution the Cure
The problem with certain myths is that, after going through many variations before the final written and approved version, many things get added on to the original tale which may seem totally foreign. Thus, one cannot treat myth as history. For, in fact, when it seems the tales are speaking very straightforward that is when they’re most illusive. In the Christian sense we find the myth of the messiah, which is the hierophant (thus freed from the “demonic” or elemental natures). “Waiting for the messiah” is indeed a phrase that implies a meditative act in which under the right conditions one may achieve connection with the divine. A most important key to this effect is that the twelve tribes of Israel correspond with the twelve signs of the zodiac, thus having an astrological and metaphysical significance rather than a profane literal meaning. Added to this basic myth however is the struggle between Jesus and the Pharisees, and we must consider the time to which this myth refers as a degenerate age. Nevertheless, history has known numerous accounts of struggles between castes for control of the regality, which cuts across all regions and ethnicities. The decadent or degenerate peoples are always accused of being enemies of the gods and compared to demonic forces as would be the case for those who’ve fallen. In this view there may be a faint historical component. However, Jesus, like Zarathustra and Hermes, designated a certain spiritual influence over the time and people rather than being merely the name of a single individual. As this concerns Judaism, which was always a degenerate religion in such a way as it was a doctrine of subservience to the gods rather than a domination, or a becoming of them, Jesus would therefore represent to the Jewish people a truer source of religion, yet one that still caters to the Jewish tradition. The people of Israel would have been turned on to other traditions from European sages who visited Jerusalem, and it is obvious that religious secrets could be conveyed to one without undergoing a proper initiation. That is, one may realize the truth without actually having partaken in the rituals, yet simply knowing the truth is not enlightenment. It would not have been difficult to improve upon the Jewish law, for it was almost completely stripped of any divine component. Thus, we can sympathize with the words of Jesus who said to the priests, “You are of your father the devil.” But in the metaphysical sense as well, all humans, as opposed to Gods, are born of the devil, which is to say, the demonic, elemental natures rather than that which characterizes a mere moral standing. This is evident in the Greek Titans (corresponding with Satan and the fallen angels) who including Iepetus fathered humankind, and in the Norse Giants of the same elemental natures which play identical roles. Thus, all humans, due to the fall and the flood, are born of the devil, and may only escape the chains of the demonic by attaining the ultimate spiritual transcendence through traditional Heathen initiation. This is what Jesus meant when he said that his kingdom was not of this earth, because he speaks of a spiritual transcendence (magical, eternal) rather than that of the material world (moral, psycho-biological). The literal exoteric is therefore in complete opposition with the metaphysical esoteric if read in the wrong manner. Similarly, in ages of degeneration we find priests of lower rank assuming higher degrees who are unworthy of those titles and who have not undergone or attained the proper

initiations. We then must consider how the Romans fit into this myth, and that can be answered first and foremost by the fact that many of the mystics who visited Jerusalem came from Greece and Rome. Stopping short of other strange superimpositions that compose of the Christian myth, such as the cult of Caesar, we must acknowledge that only in the relationship of many other religions does one find a solid and reoccurring truth. And that is the concrete truth which the radical traditionalist school teaches against the stream of the profane. As regards this subject, simply being able to be in control of one’s self is not the ultimate goal of religion. As it is said, “a pauper can do that.” The esoteric view of the crucifixion therefore is a play on the initiatic death, and the entering into a divine state of consciousness, which is achieved through the higher degrees of initiation. Jesus, in this sense, refers to a “power” or “entity” of the high priest or king. Yet it is obvious that since the myth refers to a degenerate age, it is perhaps nothing more than a play which speaks of practices that were done much earlier in history and by an entirely different people. For although degenerate populations had a law, they lacked the keys to the mysteries. It would then be wise to consider, however, that the Roman noblemen were probably confirmed by this ultimate initiation, yet which soon fell out of practice. For the goal of Christianity has always been seen by Heathens as the hiding away of the esoteric secrets into an almost total darkness and severely reducing the number of high degree initiates if not extinguishing this practice altogether. Nevertheless, we can see how the Romans fit into this myth. It is clear, therefore, that the religious sentimental devotion, especially characterized through priestly mediation of the divine, corresponds with an utmost degeneration of a tradition. And as for this subsequent attitude of superstition and propaganda much can be said, not the least of which is how much better off the world will be without this second or third rate spirituality which has long lost its legitimacy. In the magical tradition, we are taught that in the ordinary person one’s female, sentimental nature subjects the male, intellectual nature. Thus, many people are naturally prone to influence through sentimentality. Now there are many theories in the field of psychology why this is including the citing of vast amount of nervous tissues in the human body and the attachment created by the long term of nurturing by the parents. We may even consider the differences in male and female roles, along with the “mother instinct.” But simply grasping at theories does not change the nature of a person. One gains an active control over the instinct and the passions through initiatory discipline. In the magical tradition, it is often stated that the same centers where the forces of spiritual liberation are seated also house those that may enslave one. And so it depends on the person which action may take place, that is, whether the yin or the yang is dominant in the person. Since the sentimental rather than the intellectual is dominant in most people it would be rather easy for one to devise a propaganda to which one sentimentally clings after which it becomes extremely difficult to separate that person from the source. It is usually only until that person is struck by a force of greater strength, which usually comes in the form of a trauma or life changing event, or when simply old age or another destructive force creeps in whereby the original sentimental force and bond is greatly weakened and dissipates into thin air, no longer having any effect on the person.

Considering all this, we can clearly see how imperative it is to protect our youth from propaganda, falsehoods, deceit, superstitions, etc., and how even greater the importance is to achieve a proper spiritual discipline, casting out the demon of the profane, literal, and pseudo-exoteric.

Profanations in the Dark Age
In the Dark Age the people are broken up into two recognizable yet general categories, that being those of Tradition and those of anti-Tradition. Those of the latter are forces of destruction who are programmed to “go with the flow,” and thus are collaborators, slaves, or cowards, who cannot see things clearly, who are imbalanced, and whose ideas are false and artificial constructs. This is so for their minds are diseased, contaminated with inferiorities, manias, and viruses, and whereas anything that is produced by them can only end in failure, subversion and ruin of the true order. The brave men and women who revolt, who rebel against this false order, who put up a valid front, and who follow the ways of our Ancestors are those of Tradition. Those, however, who do not fully comprehend the forces of destruction are ineffective in putting up a front against them and therefore can only work as partial collaborators. Those who are ignorant of reality must come out of their delusion and get with the true order, for ignorance is of the manias of the mind. One clear obstacle to the truth, as we have said so many of times before, is that of Christianity. If we were to compare Christianity to Buddhism, for example, we would find that the first section of Buddhism deals with the rooting out of manias, fears, and falsehoods to achieve right conduct and perfect concentration. This is in stark contrast with Christianity which first aims to give to one fear, guilt, and hope, including all sorts of manias and fantasies, that it is clear that this religion has failed from the start, is a force of destruction, is harmful to mankind, and must therefore be abolished, eradicated, etc. There has been, moreover, for many centuries now a source of disinformation and propaganda against the Aryan folk produced by ignorant Christians that finds its way into all areas of society. This drivel claims that the ancient Aryans worshipped the sun or nature. Whereas man is supposed to be a superior being in the event of his worship of an inferior or lower design we may see how this would cause much laughter and ridicule towards our fine and honorable Ancestors. But this propaganda is being devised by those who are completely on the outside of our Tradition, and for those who remain uninitiated to speak ill of our ways truly reflects on their ignorance more than anything else. For ancient man did not worship nature. That is a modern concept. Our Ancestors admired nature, they observed nature, and they treated it as reality. Such is completely alien to the man of today who is sheltered and of a rudimentary state of mind that he completely disrespects the environment as something that is totally beneath him and of no concern to him. What we find utterly ridiculous is this ignorant man of the Cult of God in Flatbread telling us how savage we are.

Nature is, rather, a source of great beauty, a vibrant source of life, and a source of great hardship that needs to be overcome. Nature’s herbs bear their flowers for all to enjoy, yet possess no suitable defense against insects and vermin who are bound to trample all over them. In similar fashion, the ascetic of a heightened awareness must remain vigilant of those who may wish him harm or who are firmly based in the anti-Tradition camp. Special mention is made of an intimate relationship between lovers where one who is not of Tradition may harm one who is. For our love is beyond the love of the self. And yet, the actions of those who remain in darkness may serve only as subversive forces until that person is brought up into a proper ascesis. Therefore, one cannot place any value on such a relationship in regards to a certain hope that it may produce something more than what it actually is. As such, the purity of the blood of the Utopian Race must be guarded at all costs. There is no devolution of our Race or our master principles, there can only be expulsion from our paradise of those who choose to become pariahs by frequently allowing oneself to become contaminated with inferiorities and lowered or ruled by degenerative traits. This is not to be confused with a moralistic teaching. It represents the mastery of self in opposition to the slave of self. There are, furthermore, two forms of love that are quite contradictory to each other insofar as there is a true love and a false love. One is the traditional love, which is the love of oneself or irradiant love, and the other is that love of, or for, others insofar as a certain meddling takes place, which is the common form of love practiced by the monotheists. In the first form which sees its prominence in Aryan Traditions such as Pāli Buddhism, one seeks to change oneself, and in the other form, common to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, one seeks to change others. Even in places where the majority of people place little importance on monotheistic religious expression such as is common to many European nations, the people are found to express this religion in other ways, in the absurd view of charity for charity’s sake, and in the worship of false concepts such as equality, particularly between men and women, which is merely a front designed to deny nature and the natural woman, whose role is that of motherhood, to turn away from this in order to seek material pleasures. And these two absurdities are linked by the socialist paradigm in which high progressive taxes are snatched out of the people’s hands and delivered to unworthy people in non-white nations out of the pretext of “aid” and “charity” so that now the women of the family are forced to work to survive. This massive theft and destruction of the traditional family is spun by the catchword of “equality” and yet birthing and nurturing a child is a job worthy of any woman. Indeed, woman is in every way physically and mentally built for the task, as honorable and beautiful as it is. So whereas the socialists pretend to be liberators of womankind they are really the enemy of woman and of mankind. Sadly, in today’s modern world, many humans, if left to themselves for an extended period of time, would probably commit suicide at the sight of utter disgust at their self. Rather than changing their ego-consciousness through a chosen spiritual doctrine they seek instead to cover it up and fail miserably in the doing. And so they end up as miserable beings who believe that changing or helping others will make them feel better. Yet this can only result in the spreading of their faulty ego upon the people they succeed in changing. This behavior, moreover, is one of avoidance rather than resolution. Others believe that material wealth or the company of others may then resolve their conflict, again unsuccessfully, as it really doesn’t alter the self in any meaningful way.

Nonetheless, it is true that we seek to change the world, and not just from the top down, but we are at the summit looking down and understand that change doesn’t come from a mere signature on a member list or an entertaining ceremony to be consumed by the public. Change is made from within by those who are of the ability and will to do so. It is true as well that mankind may not see its true potential to evolve until either the majority or the design of the world is on the right path, which is synonymous with the Utopian Tradition.

The Way of the Aryan
Within every living being exists a central fire that we may characterize as Primordial. Such a force, which might best be expressed as the Spirit, is manifest yet not manifest, the unmoved mover, forming thus as a consequence the basis of all existence. This First Matter, or Universal Magnetic Agent, passes itself on to the spirit of man, which in the normal waking state lies hidden and dormant. As Aryans, our Tradition was founded upon the discovery of this great force in a most unusual and liberating way. For the nonmanifest was made manifest by its opposite, who or what is referred to by many names, including: adversary, the giant who stole the fire, the light-bearer, the awakening of the warrior spirit, and so on and so forth. Within this chaotic mixture of creation-destruction, solution-dissolution is therefore a craving that sees no end. In the center is the pure spirit, bursting outwards, the further to the outermost edges the more useless the matter and the greater the illusion. The Aryan, the Holy Race of the Free, seeks evermore the pure, the attainment of which crushes the impure in its path and subordinates the lesser. The harnessing of this power by the divine and royal castes, which during the Golden Age made no distinction amongst themselves, as they were one and the same, provided civilization with the legitimate center and ruling authority, for that the kings of the self and the spiritual world must also possess hierarchy over men of the material world. Eliphas Levi, in Transcendental Magic, writes the following: “Magic was formerly called the Sacerdotal Art and the Royal Art, because initiation gave empire over souls to the sage and the capacity for ruling wills.” The main theme of the mythological tradition is hence a reflection of this fact, where the Gods represent transcendent states of consciousness that were to be attained by the Initiate. In accordance with the Aryan Tradition, which sets itself apart from other races, is the rightful emphasis on domination. Ours is a goal of dominance over the gods rather than that of a passivity, subjection, and servitude unto them. The spiritual world, writes Evola in The Path of Enlightenment in the Mithraic Mysteries, is “an ensemble of unrestrained, abyssal forces existing in a state which is free, terrible and blissful at the same time. These forces are thought to be caught in an interplay of tensions, compared to which, anything which human beings call ‘struggle’ is only a pale and cadaverous reflex. Each one of these entities continues to exist and to retain its individuality in the same proportion in which it has the ability to withstand and resist other entities which, in turn, are trying to attract and to assimilate it. This is a world existing in a free state, not governed by any providential plan, nor subject to any teleological and aprioristic ordering law to which the various forces are simply supposed to conform. The only real a priori are these very forces. All the laws and systems are nothing more than the by-products of

the organization of these forces, and nothing more than the signs of a wider power which has succeeded in sweeping away, assuming and unifying other powers underneath it, thus decreasing the primordial chaos of the various struggling forces.” Elsewhere, in Introduction to Magic, it is written: “According to an initiatic axiom, ‘You must not seek power; it is power that must seek you.’ In our tradition, power is feminine and seeks a center.” Thus our work is in creating the right conditions to attract this power in order to dominate it by the solar attitude. The Operation, which is hermeticoalchemical by nature, is threefold, designated by three colors: black, white, and red, the which symbolize the kingdom (of art, priesthood, and regality). The First, or Black Work is that of Death, in which the Initiate separates the soul from the body. And many priests prescribe certain preparatory work leading up to the First Operation which has a rather hypnotic effect, such as fixing the eyes to a pendulum of sorts or anointing the forehead with light and acquiring a deep breathing pattern. The Black Work proper is the descent of the being (or consciousness thereof) into the heart or center until all of the consciousness has been extracted from the mind. The first operation being most crucial that if all the Blood has not been drained into the Cup all that will have resulted is merely an earthly or dæmonic rite and therefore a deviation, which if done knowingly is black magick. But done properly, it is the secret to “transcendent love” which is found in the lore and which often records pain and pleasure or death and love as two manifestations of the same source with but a thin line dividing them. The pleasures of the body or profane love are just a pale reflection of the ultimate pleasure which is so potent as to be the utmost of agony and ecstasy within the same sphere. But for this to be reached two other conditions must first be introduced. Once the Black Work of Dissolution has been accomplished we may then proceed with the White Work, which is a Rebirth or Resurrection or Regeneration within the spiritual dimension. In this phase, the soul is lifted up as if aflight, that with the proper purification, being the rejection of the impure psyche or psychological aspects of the person and the acceptance of the Perfect Stillness, one may receive the Divine Light which is a reflection of the Pure Fire. Thus is attained the primordial state wherein resides the Immortals on the Path of the Ancestors. If one passes through this sphere in quest of higher states, through the second death, and with an increase of the Fire by the vertical height, what then may be reached is the Path of the Gods. Thus is the final union and completion of the work which in alchemy is signified by the color red for the purity of the fire and the Gold of the Philosophers.

The Three Worlds
Classically, we might state that the there are Three Planes of Existence that are typified by three stages of Alchemy: the Black, representing the natural and elemental order, the White, or chamber of the divine mixed with the human, and the Gold or Red, being the realm of pure spirit and order of the uttermost divine. Hence, we have Man, Demigod, and God, respectively; also: the Earth, Atmosphere, and Heaven. The three worlds may be further explained as derivative from the continuous process of purification and transformation of the Initiate beginning with the phase of diminishing darkness to the subsequent progressive ignification. This threefold operation has also a

sevenfold variation corresponding with the seven holy planets as well as a twelvefold with the signs of the zodiac. But in all cases there are three major phases which can be marked by three spheres: Earth, Luna, and Sol. Now, the first phase corresponds with Hades, Hel, or Niflheim, of which the serpent or dragon is its master. In the planetary system, it is called the Saturn of Earth. Satan refers to the dæmonic, not as in evil, but as earthly, natural, and as that which is the origin of consciousness, thus assuming all those qualities that are part of the human psyche. Ultimately, what defines the Black is the desire for power and superiority, which because of recognizing its faults, wishes to absorb the Light. In certain traditions the dæmonic corresponds with the Titans and the Giants since they are the originators of the cycle of the ancestors. In Egyptian, it is Set, the adversary of Horus. Set derives its name from the root meaning “to separate; to cast forth” which, in the first sense is alike unto Atlas who is charged with keeping heaven and earth separate, and in the second case is to separate the soul from the body, thus referring to the “double.” This separation is the “first death” referring to the Black Work, which of states still contains the impure psyche, only in its more potent form, and hence, closer to the source of consciousness, which may be more accurately termed pre-consciousness. Since the great mystery of the universe is defined by its ultimate composition, which is a union of opposites, it always seeks to become something better, stronger, fiercer, and superior than what it was last. This is reflected in the sign of growth, in feeding, in sexual union, and in ultimate transformation. Thus we have a world in constant change, propelled by motion and time. And this is the true essence of the warrior spirit, of the “rebellion,” and of desire and temptation in its simplest form. If we stopped at this stage, or any deviation thereof, which would trap the Initiate in the void, then we would have a practice corresponding to no greater than the Black. For neither annihilation nor the potent psyche is the ultimate object of our art; and it is only when one confuses it for the supreme goal that we have a true deviation. For the double indicates a duality in which is still contained the “I.” Still, one can see how this first action is attributed to Satan as the soul must be dissolved by separating its two parts, so that they may pass through the purifying fire and be recombined in an incorruptible body. The Black refers to the earthly self or “Corrupted Soul” whereas the White is to the transformed Spirit or “Resurrection Body,” for the actual point of separation marks the crossroads that may lead either back down to the lower plane or upwards towards the Æther. Thus in the Black rests Hel and the elemental natures, in the White, the Giants and Elves, and in the Gold or Red, are the Æsir and Vanir. One must not think, however, that the practices attributed to the Black are inherently wrong, but is as Hermes once wrote: There cannot be salvation without Regeneration. Further into The Divine Pymander we find his wise instruction to man: Whither are you carried, O Men, drunken with drinking up the strong Wine of Ignorance? which seeing you cannot bear: Why do you not vomit it up again? Stand, and be sober, and look up again with the eyes of your heart; and if you cannot all do so, yet do as many as you can. For the malice of Ignorance surroundeth all the Earth, and corrupteth the Soul, shut up in the Body not suffering it to arrive at the Havens of Salvation.

Now, the White, or Silver is Power and Light, and therefore, being feminine, it is in need of a center, which it finds in the masculine, solar Fire. Whence the White is coupled with the Red, which acts as its fuel thereof, the result is solar and regal in its purest form. For just as the first transmutation was from body to spirit, which properly marks the white or silver phase, the next step is to give this spirit a new body. The Red then is merely an increase of the Fire, in which the work has come full circle, signifying a return to Earth in the incorruptible spiritual body. It is this same fire or thunderbolt which struck the Titans or Giants, who then descended to the Earth. As such, this phase would characterize that of utmost Knowledge in the completed union, the Immutable Principle of pure metaphysics, or the Supreme Identity.

On Spiritual Abuse
All manias and psychoses stem mainly from the abuse of the spiritual force that exists in some form in every human being. The first and most common form of spiritual abuse affecting most people is neglect of the spirit. Second to this, and perhaps even more troublesome, is the sentimental devotion towards an illusion or falsehood. In the first case where neglect is clearly a factor we can see how atheism, that is, the absence of spirituality, applies. It is extremely evident that most people today, though they may consider themselves to be partaking in a religious experience in name, are living nothing more than a profane, material existence. As the most common form, this category also has the widest of degrees, the parameters of which are clearly defined. They range from the ordinary robotic personality, or masks, which they are called, to a hollow and meaningless sense of belonging to an invalid spiritual order, whereby the person requiring mediation to participate in the divine receives only a false consecration, which therefore had no effect whatsoever. Traditionally, a person, even of noble birth, who has not gone through the proper initiation, or “second birth,” was considered a peasant. Neglect of the rites by the priestly or royal castes was also a major travesty which could cause one to lose his rank in caste. And if enough of the higher caste did the same and neglected the rites, the state of the world and society would degenerate as well. Another destructive behavior possible of causing a loss of rank was attachment, which fits more closely to our second case, being sentimentality. Attachment to a mere material existence was just as bad as devotional worship to an idol. If a priest could no longer dominate the spiritual world, or much worse, dominate his own self, then he fell from his rank. As far as the people are concerned, those who devote themselves through sentimentality to a false deity, whether it be a false king or ruler, or a false or invalid religion, which is the case in the modern age, are subject to fall prey to manias. For devotion to lies, falsehoods, and illusions is the definition of mania proper. Now, related to the first two forms are perversions, manias, or traumas that may be experienced by a child going through puberty. In this case, the spiritual force is coming through as the body changes hormonally. Thus where there is no balancing effect due to a person’s will being weakened most commonly from a slight trauma lessening one’s ability to adapt there raises the potential for all sorts of negative occurrences and

perversions of the self, as if a certain force acted rather vampiric and parasitic on the host. A fourth case may be recognized which is closely related to the third, though not restricted to pubertal years, but exists in the modern age where there is an almost total absence of true and valid spirituality and where almost total degeneration of the masses is everywhere evident. Under these circumstances, the utter shock of seeing human beings behave as stupid apes is enough to cause a severe trauma to the person. How much more devastating is it to a differentiated man who by the nature of his blood possesses a superior potential spiritual ability yet is coming under a constant assault from all the filth, corruption, and deviances of the modern age? Or who possesses that great potential yet requires merely a supportive structure and a minimal guidance to set him firmly on the right path? If such guidance comes too late or not at all then it is clearly possible that the modern day vampiric forces would have weakened the man beyond the point of no return, giving way to all sorts of diseases of the soul. Only a time such as this would require a “saving grace” through which one’s sins could be “forgiven.” Yet it is a fool’s knot, for the same hierarchal position required for mediation of the erasing of one’s sins could also provide society with a valid spiritual center, if that position was held by a legitimate spiritual order, that is, one belonging to the traditional world. And so the fault here lies with the destroyers of tradition, those guilty of supporting and continuing the same religious orders responsible for the genocide and deicide of the Traditional Aryan Heathens. It is commonly known that practice of the ancient heathen rites erases one’s sins, or that which may be recognized as such. But the traditional state or nation goes beyond a mere moral law. As we read in Plato’s Crito, the state is as the father of the people, and to seek to destroy that state would be as if one sought to destroy his own parents. Indeed, this is what most people today fail to understand. The traditional spiritual caste created all sciences, arts, languages, laws, and technologies. They were therefore the teachers of the people; they gave knowledge to the people and brought them up as would a parent their child. Therefore the traditional spiritual and royal caste created the people, by making them into civilized intelligent beings. Everything man had he owed to them. And this was all embodied in the state, and in the traditional priest-king. Today, all of this has been profaned, the realization of which cannot help but to cause a madness among upright men and women. For that which modern societies call “evil” is that which was born from the world’s greatest “thinkers.” Consequently, we must consider the contrasts between traditional and modern attitudes towards professions. For this we must look at how when there was no longer any spiritual benefit in doing work, or when work was no longer dominated by an action but rather by a need, such as which it became just a hollow, meaningless, repetitious, and impersonal act, from which was gained only a material reward without any sense of duty other than following orders, then we can safely say that such a concept of work has become slavery, or rather a totally degenerated form of life. For slavery is for those who can do no more and who can experience nothing higher than work for work’s sake, and from which nothing is attained except the act itself, from start to finish. It is no doubt a tragic result mainly attributed to the merchant caste in accordance with the Third and Fourth Ages that business and work was reduced to a pleasure of mere material reward, that is, the employers no longer saw in their field of business a higher and loyal relationship with their employees and the communities through which their

products or services were welcomed, consumed, and distributed. In the first case, the employers no longer gave any real sense of pride and accomplishment to their employees through the positions and type of work which they fulfilled. And in the second, neither the employers nor the employees could any longer offer as a result the true measure of their potential, which translates also into something which is of a real benefit to the community and the nation and only of real benefit. It became instead a world of business through which only material gratification and material profit was expected and cherished. That is to say, one no longer cared about the quality and usefulness of the product or the service but rather how much more the profit could be increased at the expense of quality and usefulness. And so also it became less of a concern of the employer to the worker whether he might find pride and satisfaction in his job but instead whether the employer might get more work out of the employee as well as more productivity and at less cost of labor. Now we see that at the forefront of the degeneration of every advanced civilization is a collapse of loyalty and confidence. So here too it figured in that from this breakdown everything degenerated at an ever increasing rate to which nothing became a concern anymore, as evidenced in the waste generated, the destruction of the environment, even the destruction of entire communities or peoples for the sake of material gain, and in the long term, the devastation of entire nations, and the people themselves, who have been sold down the river by greedy and soulless businessmen. Indeed, the “culture of corruption” pervades every inch of modern society, that even the highest branches of government, religion, and the institutions of the arts and education are controlled by it. There is therefore little a differentiated man can do in this world but ride it out. Thus resisting a total mental breakdown in this world of ruins and rubble is a form of success. One thing is certain; we cannot blame the man of tradition for withdrawing from this sick form of existence that threatens to surround his life from all sides. For there is only one thing that is destined for this degenerate modern world and that is to collapse further until it destroys itself completely, taking everyone and everything down with it.

Still Breathing
Song by: Diancecht Now you taught me I was wrong, I didn’t need your suffering. I’m gonna go where I belong, Any way I’ve found. I will leave this world to sickness; Oh, it’s just another day. Who’s insane in the hands of pleasure, Living tired ways? In one hand are my frustrations; The other turns to dust. Way I see it you can’t hurt me; Words don’t mean that much. I’m still waiting, I’m still breathing; I’m still moving on.

Either way the sun will rise; I will know I’ve won.

On Ancient Astrology
Ancient Astrology was not merely the system of horoscopes and star charts that we see today, but was rather a complex system of magick, nearly identical to the hermeticoalchemical system, which eventually came to connect the divine and the natural branches of the Sacred Science. The signs, which might be described as gateways, represented stages of the alchemical Great Work. One such version is listed as follows: Aries the Ram | Calcination Taurus the Bull | Congelation Gemini the Twins | Fixation Cancer the Crab | Dissolution Leo the Lion | Digestion Virgo the Virgin | Distillation Libra the Balance | Sublimation Scorpio the Scorpion | Separation Sagittarius the Archer | Ceration Capricorn the Goat | Fermentation Aquarius the Water-Carrier | Multiplication Pisces the Fishes | Projection Added to this is a wealth of other correspondences that the ancients used including gemstones, herbs, metals, planets, tools, moral values, letters of the alphabet, even tribes. Some of the most common symbols were animals, as we might see depicted in folklore, and it is obvious that ancient astrology had attributed different animals to the signs than the modern version, even as each ethnic people had their own set of attributes. Some time later, we come across the Tarot, which had its own designations. But the ultimate symbols were, of course, the Gods. One such attribution of the Greeks went in this order, as follows: Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo, Hermes, Zeus, Demeter, Hephaestus, Ares, Artemis, Hestia, Hera, Poseidon. In this sense the zodiac could be seen as an ancient Tree of Life, from which sprang many variations. The other constellations also have their significance and could be traced to their rightful correspondences within many magical systems, if one wished.

Time in the Perennial Philosophy
The ancient conception of time was different from ours in ways that it was perceived not as a mere linear phenomenon, but as cyclical and part of a higher reality. Additionally, there were many divisions of time, such as ordinary time, psychic time, and eternal time, each with their own distinct definitions. In this sense, people living simultaneously could experience different times, as one, for instance, might be above the times, or beyond the times. There was also a different time designated to Gods, and an Adept could be of many times through sacred rites. We must understand that this is not mere fantasy, but

very real indeed, since the rituals of the noble Adepts enabled them to be of future times, of past times, and of spanning great distances within the same time, all which stayed with them in the actual world and time for as long as those forces lingered. What we actually refer to as time is nothing more than that which consists of a center around which certain entities or spheres rotate. Or we might define such as the span in which it takes something to traverse a distance. In both of these conditions, time is relative to the greatness of the orbit, to the speed and distance of the projectile, and to the ability of the thing in question to traverse multiple distances as it were simultaneously. Therefore we can see that when the ancients spoke of the ages in terms of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years, or of the gods and god-men as living for long periods of time and even for eternity, they were speaking of another sense of time other than that which we associate with normal time. Certainly, it wouldn’t make sense to speak of a man living for hundreds or thousands of years or of an age lasting half a million years. But in the proper sense and definition we can distinguish its meaning, as such belonging to a cyclic symbolism. In one ancient text it is written that death began in the time corresponding with the Third Age, signifying that man was no longer immortal, that is, the eternal spirit no longer manifested itself to its fullest potential in the human; it withdrew itself. Thus men were no longer born with superior spiritual abilities and our concept of normality passed from, at one point, beings instilled with a higher consciousness realized with minimal or no transformation whatsoever, hence naturally divine or divine by nature, to beings who lacked a higher consciousness, and where the spiritual genius was attainable only by a relatively small number of people and almost always through intensive initiatory transformation. We can therefore conclude that the idea of death, like all ideas of the time, took on a higher meaning well beyond a mere individual loss of a person, but rather, signified a degeneration of the species, a death of the integral component of the being, which could only be revived if one returned to that stage before the fall, be it the cause of death. This must be taken into consideration when examining the Four Ages of Perennial Philosophy, which might not be so clear cut as the astrological ages or so conceptual as the ages designated by modern history. Nevertheless, there can be no mistaking that we have been in the Iron Age for quite some time, and that the Sages of old were astonishingly accurate in their descriptions of all the signs and attitudes of the ages themselves. One can find the images of the Dark Age in the Celtic Colloquy of the Two Sages, in which we read: “Every one will pass out of his (proper) state through pride and arrogance, so that neither rank nor age, nor honor, nor dignity, nor art, nor instruction will be served.” Upon losing the caste system, we find the tyranny of the slaves through democracy, where “every king will be a pauper.” In societies such as these, “Everyone will hurt his neighbor: so that every brother will betray another.” And: “Everyone will turn his art into false teaching and false intelligence, to seek to surpass his teacher.” Perhaps most condemning of this age: “The proud man will sell his honor and his soul for the price of one scruple.” As further: “Modesty will be cast off: folks will be contemned: lords will be destroyed: ranks will be despised: the sacred will be degraded: languages will be forgotten: priests will not be produced.” And finally, “Righteousness will be removed:

false judgments will be manifested by the usurpers of the final world: fruits, after appearing, will be burnt up by a flood of outlanders and rabble.” Similarly, in the Hindu Puranas, it is written: In Kali Yuga men will develop hatred for each other even over a few coins. Giving up friendly relations, they will be ready to lose their own lives and kill even their own relatives. Men will no longer protect their elderly parents, their children or their respectable wives. Thoroughly degraded, they will care only to satisfy their own bellies and genitals. O King, in the Age of Kali, people’s intelligence will be diverted by atheism, and they will almost never offer sacrifice to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the supreme spiritual master of the universe. Although the great personalities who control the three worlds all bow down to the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord, the petty and miserable human beings of this age will not do so. Terrified, about to die, a man collapses on his bed. Although his voice is faltering and he is hardly conscious of what he is saying, if he utters the holy name of the Supreme Lord he can be freed from the reaction of his furtive work and achieve the supreme destination. But still people in the Age of Kali will not worship the Supreme Lord. Further: All kings occupying the earth in the Kali Yuga will be wanting in tranquility, strong in anger, taking pleasure at all times in lying and dishonesty, inflicting death on women, children, and cows, prone to take the paltry possessions of others, with character that is mostly tamas, rising to power and soon falling. They will be short-lived, ambitious, of little virtue, and greedy. People will follow the customs of others and be adulterated with them; peculiar, undisciplined barbarians will be vigorously supported by rulers. Because they go on living with perversion, they will be ruined. And Dharma becomes very weak in the Kali Yuga, and people commit sin in mind, speech, and actions… Quarrels, plague, fatal diseases, famines, drought, and calamities appear. Testimonies and proofs have no certainty. There is no criterion left when the Kali Yuga settles down. People become poorer in vigor and luster. They are wicked, full of anger, sinful, false, and avaricious. Bad ambitions, bad education, bad dealings, and bad earnings excite fear. The whole batch becomes greedy and untruthful. Many sudras will become kings, and many heretics will be seen. Finally, ending in the loss of all value: Earth will be valued only for her mineral treasures. Money alone will confer nobility. Power will be the sole definition of virtue. Pleasure will be the only reason for marriage. Lust will be the only reason for womanhood. Falsehood will win out in disputes. Being dry of water will be the only definition of land. Praise worthiness will be measured by accumulated wealth. Impropriety will be considered good conduct, and only feebleness will be the reason for

unemployment. Boldness and arrogance will be equivalent to scholarship. Only those without wealth will show honesty. Just a bath will amount to purification, and charity will be the only virtue. Abduction will be marriage. Simply to be well dressed will signify propriety. And any hard-to-reach water will be deemed a pilgrimage site. The pretense of greatness will be the proof of it, and powerful men with many severe faults will rule over all the castes on earth. Howsoever horrible this all may seem, and indeed it is, the end of a cycle must correspond with a starting over, as such: Clouds will be full of lightning, homes will be devoid of piety, and all human beings will have become like asses. At that time, the Supreme Personality of Godhead will appear on the earth. Acting with the power of pure spiritual goodness, He will rescue eternal religion. We thus conclude with a passage from the Tao Teh Ching: In the Age of Gold, the people were not conscious of their rulers; in the Age of Silver, they loved them, with songs; in the Age of Brass, they feared them; in the Age of Iron, they despised them. As the rulers lost confidence, so also did the people lose confidence in them. How hesitating did they seem, the Lords of the Age of Gold, speaking with deliberation, aware of the weight of their word! Thus they accomplished all things with success; and the people deemed their well-being to be the natural course of events.

Philosophy of the Self
The first rule of the Philosopher is to “know thyself,” for only then can one know truth. This is most certain, when taken into consideration that a disordered mind retains nothing worthy of actual knowledge, such as would produce wise actions or realizations, whereas an ordered mind, that is, the assimilation of right information into a systematic division within centers of the brain, which are capable of being referenced almost immediately at will, does so transform the individual beyond the mere animal species, chaotic and unaware of anything beyond the moment in time, into a being capable of controlling actions with perfect skill and retention. Through such a process all of one’s lesser instincts or distracting urges become silenced, as do all of the tainted sources of information accumulated by the memory become cleansed. Just as one’s incomplete understanding becomes complete as the gaps are filled in, so too are the powers of contemplation strengthened in both the physical sense and the mental sense; the empty spaces which were left by the purging of the impure conscious senses, for instance, that which we might term blissful ignorance, are filled with a greater capacity for power, the aptitude for knowledge. In this higher state, upon contemplation or concentration of a thought, one may actually sense and feel, in the first place, an energy tingling or surging or moving about or flickering around in certain areas of the physical brain, and in the second place, a mental

pathway to, and an awareness or impression of, the anticipated idea in question. That is to say, one would not merely think of a thing but leading up to and upon doing so, actually experience it and visualize it within as well. This is quite different from mere linear memory that when triggered responds in an almost pre-programmed emotional signal common to the ordinary consciousness of modern man. Now, we must consider that in order to truly know one’s self it is then proper to understand the basic maxim which is to “love thyself.” For it is just as important to love inwardly as it is outwardly, mentally as it is physically, for we are not just the product of thoughts and senses but possess a physical body and physical makeup. That is to say our identity—through our genes, including personality, gender, family line, ethnicity, race, and species—is something imperative for us to safeguard. For if we hold an unreal perception of ourselves we will forever be lost in a sea of betrayal, dishonesty, and chaotic ignorance which sees itself impotent in the face of any true thought, cowering in the face of every bold action. But since we must hold this pride, or let us say honor, within ourselves, we must therefore take great care to be absolutely certain that what we hold fast to is the truth and is the highest potential of our being. And if we cannot ourselves reach that highest plateau then it becomes necessary to get behind those who can. All too often, and it has become typical of this age to do so, we find men and women alike who have a great sense of pride in themselves but who are corrupt, unworthy of such adoration, always missing the mark of good values, and only pretending on the surface to be “pure” and “wholesome” and “wise” without ever realizing the essence of what it is these words and characteristics really mean. And so pride in their sense is a holding on to their lowest natures, onto outright delusions, and onto subhuman or animalistic perversions, be it lies, malice, violence and arrogant aggression as a measure of truth and righteousness, egoism and materialistic defiance as proof of learning, and so forth. It is here where the masks of personality really show who or what kind of person lies behind the disguise. So it is not a surface pride or those traits which potentially lie on the surface and are inflated unrealistically that one must come to know and love; such would betray the very essence of honor. And in every healthy society the dishonorable must be taught the hard lesson of “tough love”; for dishonorable behavior, where one is overcome by his lowest natures, is a sign of utmost degeneration that reflects badly on the entire family, and in terms of larger quantities, on the entire ethnicity and race, and therefore must not be tolerated by those who are above them. In contrast, those who tolerate the false and egotistical person are almost always as false and egotistical as the other.

The Mystery of the Ages
There are rightly distinguished two divisions in the magical tradition, the natural and the divine, the realization of which must be considered essential to our teachings as it is applied to such aspects as the mystery of the ages and of the creation. Since the fall of mankind was caused in its truest sense by the pure spirit being lowered to the lesser physical animating entity, thereby causing one’s being to degenerate, especially through cycles, the orbit of man can be recognized as circling around the center or pole of the immortal Atlas. Next to him is Prometheus who is chained to the rock, thus symbolizing the spirit chained to the body. This is related to the magnetic pole

of the earth and to the sun around which the planets orbit. And so in a very actual sense the ultimate goal of man has been that of escaping the bonds of the natural human condition, that is to say, freeing the soul from its chains, and “burning up the world of ghosts,” which are nothing more than aspects of the inner psyche. In this sense, the journey through the natural division is part of the long process towards the divine, a continuous transformation that takes place in the spiritual dimension, whereby man eventually crosses the Abyss, burning up his impure self, and becomes a Master of the Temple, entering the realm of the Gods. Examined closer, the natural world is nothing more than the product of actions ordered by forces in the divine realm, thus establishing a very real hierarchy, which seems much more scientific than a moralizing monotheism. Of many traditions we find tales of a garden and a primordial being. The garden, representing that which sprung from the seeds of the earth (earth being that symbol of the natural division), bears a fruit for the primordial beings, the golden apples which are of course in reference to the spiritual state held by beings in the Golden Age. Translated from the metaphysical, the divine beings gave birth to physical beings, in whose spirit forms a hierarchy over the psycho-biological constituents. Their degeneration was evident in a drifting away from the spiritual center of their being, the degree of which was measured by the level of aberration from this center. A typical expression to this effect as recorded in certain myths is that males of the divine laid down with the women of men. This is said to have led to the flood. And here it must be remembered that the literal genders are not so much implied as are the occult traits of each, for the feminine principle is that of nature and the virile that of the divine, from which we gather the familiar impression. In the same manner, concerning the Great Flood, we find that such is metaphysically characterized by consciousness, more specifically, the normal waking state, which acts to veil man from the higher states. In this way it has as much to do with the more physical and historical aspect as it does the spiritual. For the human brain, overall, is not ideally equipped to handle the highest state of consciousness without a certain struggle. Thus the “violence” and “decadent pleasure” that led to the downward cycle is as much explained by the general experience of higher states as it is in the normal and historical aspect. But to be purely accurate, all shifts in cycles were due to unworthy initiates who in ever greater numbers failed to overcome the totality of their own human conditions. For it depends largely on the person whether, during a magical operation, he may reach the higher plane or remain in the lower astral. And just as the lower plane is the true meaning behind hel, if enough initiates failed to attain the higher plane of existence it would surely imply a degeneration. The idea of the flood can also be likened, though in a different sense of time, to the melting of Niflheim caused by the heat of Muspelheim, after which the world was produced, and all of which was brought about by the Giants themselves. In this symbolism we find a Giant and a salt-block, the latter which has the same value as the rock expressed in other myths. We also find a theme of the masculine fiery component acting on the feminine watery element. According to the Greek tradition, the flood was ordered by the Gods to put out the fire which in the hands of the human got out of control and threatened to consume everything. These myths are rather dramatic, perhaps overly so, but we can make out the focal point.

Mythological symbolism is set up in such a way that when describing one thing in particular what may be derived from it are several different meanings depending on the specific correspondence. This form of communication is very much related to the human mind, especially in terms of dreams, visions, sensations, poetry, and philosophical elucidations. Thus the same symbol or tale could refer to: (a.) the universe and its creation as seen through metaphysics; (b.) the sacred art as experienced by the Initiate; (c.) the history of the Aryans or of mankind; and (d.) the makeup of man and the soul, including its values. All of this must be considered when examining metahistory as recorded in myth and legend, from which we find the spiritual truth mixed in with the historical fragments. One must also keep in mind that our ancient history has gone through many variations due to certain confusions, which were produced by major shifts in civilizations. As a consequence for many it has become much easier to simply preserve a moral and exoteric tale, but to a wholly unsatisfactory result, for it comes at the price of the greater truth which is sacrificed, wherefore tradition takes on a completely new meaning at odds with its origins. Thankfully, both the minor confusions and the differentiation between the spiritual and historical can be picked out by the trained eye. Henceforth, from these myths we find the primordial homeland of the Divine race first in the North and then in the West, which corresponds with the Arctic and the Atlantic regions, respectively. This race is sometimes referred to as “red” and other times as “white”; similarly, the primordial island or Land of the Gods is referred to by these two colors. In the uttermost spiritual sense, the red and white correspond with the most sacred of symbols familiar to the noble Adept, and as such, the Island of the Gods, which is capable of being reached only through a specific magical operation, is tied into this symbolism thusly. We also find, however, a rather physical and historical meaning. It is recorded that the original seat of the Divine race was in the Arctic and the Far North, which was at one time a lush tropical paradise. This civilization was devastated by a drastic shift in climates, more specifically, a long intense winter or ice age, of which we know to be the present climate of the Arctic. This climate change was caused by a shift in the axis and orbit of the Earth. From this point, however, we recognize two great migrations which thus forms a second period, or Atlantic age to the West. Similarly, this civilization was devastated by a great flood, which by that time had already degenerated, due to a mixing of peoples from the North and South. We then find a third age different from the Civilization of the Father and the Civilization of the Mother, and that is pertaining to the Son, and a fourth to the Daughter. To review, the Father represented the virile, polar, and solar king of the Primordial Age, the ending of which was symbolized in the death of the king, which in the second age was ritualized. The Mother then refers to the aspect of generation and the feminine as supreme goddess proper to the lunar or Silver Age. We find this typically of the Neolithic period. With the ending of this age we find the principle of death in the higher sense as it was in a world in which the symbol of supreme generation was no longer. As regards the Son there is an element of regaining the primordial state by avenging the death of the Father. Thus do we find somewhere between the third and fourth ages an

Age of Heroes. But as we focus more on the fourth age there is a state that is inescapably bound up with an almost complete loss of identity and as a consequence a loss of spirit, for the traditional unmarried Daughter assumes the trait of the Father. This results in the problem thusly: for without a true Father component (which died with the end of the first age), and without a true Son to which the Daughter might be married and thereby be raised up in a higher sense, there is then little that this age can bring forth in the greater scheme of things. And that has been true in the overall character of the modern world. For the Son is dead and the Daughter remains helpless and alone. As we see here the advent of Christianity corresponds with the death of the Son and the ending of the third age. With the death of the Daughter therefore brings a new cycle.

Sunset Dreams
As it is, we are more than reluctant to help the modern Europeans for several reasons which can be explained primarily by the general attitudes consistent with the contemporary age. Overall, they do not want to be helped nor do they understand why they need to be. It is simply in the nature of the degenerated human, save that it would be as if one were to teach dogs how to act like humans or peasants noblemen. It simply cannot be done. A secondary reason largely connected to the former lies in the obvious fact that man has betrayed his own to the senseless religion(s) of the daughter and to the altars of soulless science. One cannot pry the addicts of imbecility away from wrong paths, nor is it the nature of the Aryan to do so. Once they have been advised of the right path it is up to them which direction to choose. Intelligence, good values, right actions—these are for the individual to actualize, which unfortunately depends mostly on the nature of the person. Therefore, in order to truly help them it would first be necessary to remake them which we cannot do. Perhaps in the near future this direful situation may change. But we cannot pretend to save someone who has neither the mental capacity nor the will to be saved. Moreover, it would be foolish for us to even try to save those who are virtually of the same degenerate stock of monotheists as those who murdered our ancestors. For our efforts would only receive the same ultimate betrayal. Better to let them smash their own heads. And it is evident in their constant appeal to only the basest instincts of their fellow man that they are driven by the same lower forces, thereby to be perceived as drunkards of ignorance, wherefore requires the utmost intervention, which in such a massive scale would prove to be impossible. More likely that after such a daunting process the majority would fall back into their same old wrong attitudes. So we cannot teach them excellence, nor successfully intervene against their ignorance, nor pull the strings of the multitude of puppets, which in the latter case would not in the least be desirable. When we look at the men of today we can find no reason that would compel us to save them; for they do not deserve to be saved. We care for the Utopian and no one else. The men of today are absent of all values, the chief of which are courage and honor. As Evola records of a society in which the warrior’s code is respected, any reprehensible, low, or criminal deed is (to be) thought of not as a transgression of an abstract, “social”

law, but rather as a betrayal, an act of disloyalty, and a disgrace: there are no “guilty” people, but rather “traitors,” or people without honor. They wish to believe rather that by an event that awaits even the simplest insect by nature, and that is to say, by death, they may subsequently be raised up to perfection and become as essentially equal to us. To all these fools who wish to be saved by death we say go right ahead. And to all those who are in want of implementing foolish, destructive, and traitorous ideas, we say again, go right ahead. See firsthand the chaos it brings. For they will smash their own heads and stir up the increased hatred of the people, so that, before this age is through all the vehement race traitors will be once and for all banished to places like Africa, what is essentially to them their homeland, by the enraged people themselves. And Europe itself will either unite against the invading hordes or die in its own disloyalty and stupidity, only to be eradicated from all existence.

Utopian Virtues
It is our view that life in the form of the flesh is as a punishment or a prison, and therefore, it is our task to overcome our conditions and to improve upon our existence. In order to do so we must follow a certain code or system of values, so that we may not become degenerate and shirk off our duties. For the human to us is simply not good enough. We must go beyond the human into the realm and physique of the Utopian. One mustn’t think that by this we mean to give mention to the man of morality. There is a world of difference between morals and virtues. The moral dilemma busies itself on overseeing everything that man can and cannot do. Its focus is on politeness and right or wrong deduced through a means of opinion, especially that of the vox populi, and therefore through personal feelings and weaknesses. Morals are therefore not true. There is a simple distinction to be made here where morals tend to slavishly treat everyone as equals, but are rather meaningless rituals in themselves. Hence, opening the door for a lady is considered polite, but perhaps the lady doesn’t want the door opened for her and perhaps one doesn’t wish to worry himself on continuous performance of this silly ritual. It is meaningless in the sense that the simple gesture didn’t make either man or lady any better as regards to intelligence, emotional balance, or any solid trait, nor is it an accurate measure of either the man’s conduct or the woman’s status. A further example of morals would be to abstain from negative thoughts about someone or something; yet another is to abstain from eating meat. In the first case, if one doesn’t pass judgment on another then he risks being taken advantage of and of subjecting oneself to harm. Besides, those who claim to always be polite are the worst hypocrites imaginable or they tend to keep a lot of anger and negative emotions inside of them until it erupts. In the second case, abstaining from meat so as to not commit violence against animals is ridiculously absurd and ignores the primal law of nature. Moreover, those who do not eat any meat are usually weak and frail, thus requiring supplements, and so this moral leads to the destruction of the human. Worse yet is that those who vow to never commit violence fail to realize that society presents a danger to them.

With that I think we’ve discussed morals enough to distinguish them from what we shall now focus on, being values, which work towards making the human complete, consisting of truth, idea, and the urge towards a higher law. These are the principal virtues of the Utopian: Veneration of the Sacred, Adherence to Order, Hierarchy, and Empire, and the principle of Duty and of the Eternal, Ideal, and Absolute. Also, Courage and Honor are the chief values of the individual. Prudence is next, which is synonymous with care and forethought, the exercise of discretion, foresight, and good judgment, and so in direct relation with dignity and respect. It is the first sign of true discipline. Prudence is strengthened first with Temperance and then with Fortitude and Righteousness. Temperance is self-control and will power. True power, force, and authority come not from violence and maliciousness, which are the spasms of the rotten and flawed beast, but rather from the resolve and determination of the person. It is the charm and charisma of noble personalities, the sense of responsibility, and the stillness, calmness, and serenity of an ordered mind. Fortitude is courage, valor, strength, and swiftness, the confidence in everything one does. In this is the loyalty to one’s folk, dedication to one’s goals, the love and devotion for one’s mate, the vigor and stamina of the hero, and the sheer determination and perseverance of any true aspiration. Righteousness upholds honor, truth, and wisdom, the integrity of one’s being to serve a higher purpose and be free. It is the wisdom of the ages and the completion of the circle. From these building blocks we form the path of truth, creativity, and the sacredness of the soul, upon which we may tread unto the royal palace of Utopia.

False Arts & Forbidden Practices
In the Utopian view, it is considered wrong conduct to perform what we may refer to here as a low art, the worst of which includes fortunetelling by: (a) lot casting (b) palmistry (c) tarot reading (d) material signs or omens (e) numerology (f) language codes (g) kabalistic codes (h) other superstitions. Another form of low art is to perform a divination or magical operation by: (a) bloodletting or cutting (b) poisoning (c) inhalation of toxic substances (d) asphyxiation by strangulation (e) other means of self-torment. It is of equal wrong to use divination for menial purposes, as for instance, to predict the weather, the outcome of a game, the yield of a crop, or the luck or love-life of a person. Even more of a mockery to our Gods, however, are the so-called psychics and fortunetellers who are available for hire, and who claim to speak to the spirits of dead relatives in order to console the living. Theirs is a doctrine of falsehood unparalleled to anything the world has known. What is traditionally an imprint in the Astral Light, the

channeling of the memory of the past, present, or future, which is done by the Seer, is by these psychics-for-hire turned into a false theology of spirits “crossing over” from the dead to a “heaven” where they will live forever retaining all of their personalities; such is dishonest, ridiculous, and cowardly. Worse yet, it is a betrayal and utter mockery of the true priesthood. Finally, it is perhaps the lowest of arts to practice a false doctrine of salvation through one of the following: (a) faith (b) devotion to deity (c) morality (d) reading of scripture (e) profane love (f) profane ceremonial ritualism. In a traditional world, those who practice low arts would be, at the very least, looked down upon and even banished by the honorable judges.

Spell-Casting is somewhat of a low art that can be easily abused, especially if overdone, but we do find some benefit in this practice, which can be used in the ceremonial sense, especially to enhance feelings between lovers, or as a means for an inner language, or towards another end where transcendence is the goal. Where the practitioner has gone wrong, however, is when the ritual becomes involved with superstition and voodoo-like tendencies, or as a means of “bewitchment” of an unsuspecting victim, or to cause upon someone a hex or curse, or to attract love or money. This form of ritualistic behavior is simply immature. When a true mage bewitches or curses someone he or she does not need to act in ceremony but rather upon the actual thing or person by his or her nature alone.

Demonic Possession
Demonic possession occurs when a demon or spirit assumes control over the consciousness of the sorcerer. In all legitimate magical circles this is considered to be of the worst insults and humiliations on a person’s character; for there is little difference between a psychosis and losing control of a spirit. Thus, it is most important to us that we each take an oath to guard against, under any circumstance, a demon gaining control over our mind or spirit, that is to say, against demonic possession, which is a low practice typical of savages, especially by practitioners of voodoo. In these latter practices we find the odd behavior of psychopathic episodes, convulsions, false intelligence, and devotion thereof, as well as all sorts of perversions imaginable. Demonic possession is typical of the doctrines of all monotheistic religions and degenerated shells of more ancient paths, of which we find submission to a god or spiritual force rather than control and dominion of the divine. In the sense of woman, who finds her center in the masculine lover, we cannot regard this as being the same or even similar to demonic possession, for the woman is joined to the male force which then participates in the divine by the controlling force of the male over the spiritual.

In solitary magick, the women of Utopia, and of all valid traditions, control the spirits through the same force and properties of the magical will. Hence, it is just as possible for women to practice magick as it is men, and vice versa.

Other False Practices
What passes for life and culture today is insulting to our ancestral heritage, and hence, requires a real cleansing and a radical change in present attitudes. Forbidden practices, which are usually done by degenerate and savage populations, have become widespread, signifying a great and dire need for a purge. It is in this vein that upon return to the traditional world all false arts will be banned; among which are: offerings of meal or drink to the “gods,” the blessing of food and drink, human and animal sacrifice (in the literal rather than symbolic sense), tattooing, body piercing and mutilation, circumcision, monotheistic prayer, voodoo, daily horoscopes, ghost tales derived from superstition, earthen burial rites, reincarnation, spiritism, and all false theologies of monotheisms, commercial psychics, and the Buddhist reformations (as opposed to the Pāli canon and Zen). Also on this list are all federal, secular, and monotheistic holidays and days or months of remembrance. The foolish act of turning holidays into debacles and ridiculous activities, such as by portrayals of Santa Claus, tree decorating, Easter egg hunts, “trick-ortreating,” parades, and the entire commercialization and almost mandatory character of gift-giving is utter nonsense and reveals only a soulless culture which worships mammon and profane “activities.” Similarly, the celebration of birthdays, as if just being born was something of a sacred character, a great achievement, and an out of the ordinary occurrence is ridiculous and self-centered, something that was unheard of in the traditional world.

Of Empire and Nation
Ethno-nationalism can only really exist as a transitional movement, which upon assuming power might just as easily result in a negative and destructive culmination rather than a positive and transformative one. Essentially, the nation-state taken to its ultimate conclusion, and so therefore ultra-nationalism, is already a subversion of the traditional idea, especially in terms of territory and empire. But it is the extreme collectivist nature as the backbone of nationalism which is poisonous and fatal. It is unsurprising to us that we find the “nationalist revolution” wherein an age which holds the prominence of the religion of the daughter, where personality becomes increasingly lost to the “collective,” and where “work” and “rationalism” are praised as among the highest of principles, not to mention the ever-increasing need for “progress.” Clearly and so dominant in such a doctrine is the fallacy that once “collectivized” the people of the nation may now resume to exalt themselves through the worship of “national achievements” including a presumed superiority of architecture, technology, medicine, science, art, and craftsmanship, much of which accounts for modernist hysteria and useless garbage. But rather, such a doctrine fails to see a distinction amongst a people or a hierarchy of castes. It completely rejects the higher order and replaces it with a philosophy of invention as sacred, thus proving itself to be a mere bourgeois movement,

which at times is openly hostile to the sanctity of the rite. Moreover, they see those qualities of excellence which produced everything great, from the traditional priesthood to advanced civilizations, as something that, as a rule of science, anyone generally of the same race or nationality can replicate, completely disregarding once again any distinction within the populace. While there exists an organic character to a people, it doesn’t manifest itself in the abstract measure of intelligence as “scientifically calculated” by the narrow IQ test, of which we find a lot of useless knowledge in support of a highly mechanical and pointless society that only values production upon production until a super-production and until the (consumerist) need has gone even well beyond the masses to conclude its purpose as worthless as it began. Much worse where intelligence of this nature has only gone towards devious needs which have proven to lead to uncanny destruction, even of an entire world. Thus intelligence doesn’t necessarily possess wisdom. Truly the bourgeois world of mercantilism and industrialization and the proletariat’s servantilism has grown into a monster which seeks to enslave every power and character of all times ancient or contemporary in order to further investment for more production. And this goes toward the fact that the merchant only knows his caste, for the production becomes a means in itself, as moneys are not amassed and put forward for creating anything superior in the sacred sense. Nothing thus has transcended a people or transformed them into something substantially better beyond the decadence of materialism and comfort and entertainment, but wherefore charity has become the only virtue and the religion of the daughter the only accepted faith. On the contrary, it is most likely that if an authentic religious tradition manifested itself in a large and open scale in today’s world, complete with splendorous temples and outer medias, the people as collective would very quickly move to censor, ban, and ultimately destroy by persecution all of its adherents as soon as the people saw the religion as a threat to the collective rule over the social order and their way of life. And so would there be the makings of a “civil war.” All of these modern forces which act as a poison to one’s true traditional and organic character, as expressed in culture and in one one’s caste, erase the meaning and potential of the ethnic organism in those who such forces are present, as if by demonic possession. The thoroughly Christianized European no longer displays the traits once proper to that race. The modernized and essentially Christianized “Pagan” doesn’t live up to the potential and standard for someone of that type. And so what use is the blood if the spirit which orders or oversees the natural state is thoroughly alien and degenerate? But the spirit which drives the contemporary man is nothing more than a subjugation of the spirit by the body and by the lowest common denominator. It is not a force which leads but which is led by such things as “outrage,” “opinion,” “feelings,” and base instincts. Modern nationalism maintains only to conserve the degenerated shells of tradition without actually realizing what makes up the inner core and foundation of such a tradition. And so rather than claiming to be folkish, modern day nationalism is just the opposite, where proof of this lies in the adoption of modern, alien philosophies and religions fostered as “Western.” We cannot therefore conclude that populist ethno-nationalism is good for our people or that it will renew the true spirit of our folk. On the contrary, this collectivist, democratized, ethnic, and even ultra, nationalist movement is completely at odds with our folkish Imperial Nationalism, save that we may rightly be called “supra-nationalists.” The

democratic-populist nationalists are therefore nothing more than petty-nationalists who are in service of the very same orders of modernist decadence that we oppose. In this way, perhaps Christianity is synonymous with petty-nationalism, since Christ represented the revolution from below, that is, from the lower castes, and where the history of Christianity shows this to be the case also. Thus was the tale of Crucifixion born from the Greek myth, where at the burning mountain Mosychlus, Prometheus stole the heavenly fire and was taken away among the Caucasus Mountains and nailed alive to a rock by Hephaestus, where every day an eagle sent by Zeus gnawed on his regenerated liver. All metaphysical aspects aside, rebels from the lower castes were commonly compared to the Titans, and especially to Typhon, whom Helios slays. It is thus clear that the only true way to pull ourselves up out of the Dark Age is through the solar, traditional monarchy of divine right rather than through the governments of the bourgeoisie and the proletariats.

Democratic Nationalist Claim as “Savior”
Catastrophic climate changes have occurred before in history, as we are all aware, the most notable of these being the fall of man corresponding with the end of the Golden Age, but this will be the first time where the cause of which was completely and utterly due to an unruly human decadence, the likes of which the world has never before seen. If scientific predictions are correct, and we have no reason to doubt at least the basic premise, as evidenced by the warming of the planet, the melting of the glaciers, and extreme weather events, then the world will be thrown into absolute turmoil. The modernist way of life will in the shortest amount of time possible become extinct, giving way to a life centered around the warrior and the survivalist. Disease, famine, starvation, mass extinction, anarchy, and warfare, brought on by severe weather conditions and mass migrations will be by and large the commonplace. We are of the opinion that it is indeed too late to stop what has already begun, and that it quite possibly may be on par with the next “Ragnarok.” Certain nationalists who are so caught up in the democratic ideals of the modern day believe that they can actually, if not reduce or stop the destruction, then make preparations for a continuance of civilization and protection of their way of life. But these people who still cloak themselves in modernism are fools. The bourgeois democratic way of life is the very source for the decadence and depravity which has led to such a global catastrophe! They seek to protect the very tyrants and tyrannies who and which are the forces of destruction themselves rather than pay heed to Kalki. For hundreds of years they have pushed for an equalization unto the lowest order of mankind, and indeed, such a climate change will produce just that. There is now no more complaining. The empty forces of today will soon smash their own heads, leading the masses into the pyre. They have “sold their souls to the devil” and now it has come time to pay up.

Of Revolution and Counterrevolution

In consideration of the above, nationalism is merely a mask of the revolution, whereas the traditional state requires a radical counterrevolution. The revolution acts as a virus eating away at “controls” whereby order gives way first to liberalism and the republic and then to socialism and radical conflict. The nationalisms of the past one-hundred years have all resulted in catastrophic events, major wars, or as breaches of order that paved the way for worse forms of government. For in this sense, the people have rightly been suspicious of nationalism but wrong in supporting socialism and liberal conservatism, which it is obvious, are not “safe” alternatives. The solution to this problem is in the obvious elements which petty-nationalism lacks, that is to say, first and foremost, in a super-national Sacred Alliance of Divine Monarchs. Unfortunately, the bulk of nationalists are from the working class and fail to grasp these higher principles of a true and authentic tradition, or they have betrayed them for what they wish to believe is the “road to success” in populism, the “will of the people,” and “realpolitik.” Odd that what many of these parties call “success” is getting elected councilors to a handful of small towns. And even these gains are due almost wholly to public reactions against increased violence and rioting by foreigners, not to the acceptance of any higher principles, which these parties evidently lack. It is a total wasted effort and misuse of funds whereby incompetent nationalist leaders become quite well off. And whereas spreading the word through pamphlets and media can be considered somewhat positive, the result is only as good as the quality of the word or message that is being spread, which deficiencies we have already discussed. And if this be so then why should any of us waste our time on a continuous action that is essentially meaningless? It is on them to convince us to come into their camp, and as it is, with their idea placed against tradition and the imperium, absolutely and without a doubt, never will convince us. On the other hand, from what was essentially our idea as far back as 2001 and again in 2004, of a volunteer militia to assist in patrolling the border actualized, though in a seriously modified form, by the Minutemen and various other groups, in the shortest amount of time possible, they have achieved a greater success than any new political party, in humiliating the American government which has grown absolutely decadent, and in awakening much of the public to the fact of the uselessness of this federal regime. The secret of their success is direct and bold action. But our idea goes much further. In twenty years or so, political parties and governmental legislations aren’t going to matter insofar as nationalism is concerned. It will be an entirely different world, one that is thrown into anarchy and chaos. The only thing that will matter is survival and the defense of a group’s honor and existence through welldisciplined and well-trained militarism. For our wisdom contends that whoever controls the streets by direct action has always achieved the most power in modern nations. An alliance of groups or individuals, of militant workers, bankers, lawyers, policemen, businessmen, business owners, doctors, scientists, farmers, entertainers, and so forth, who are all committed to a specific doctrine and agenda, is far more powerful than any meaningless poll or legislative bill. Why? Because you cannot enslave an unwilling populace and force them to act against their will—certainly not if they control a large part of the heart of the economic, essential, and mechanical functioning of the nation. But it is no small task in getting a people to step in line overcoming all of the egoism, arrogance, and basic desire for totalitarianism from below towards destructive and detested ideas, such as Christian fundamentalism and materialism. Much less would an

adamantly divisive people morph into a productive super-national force. We may use Britain as an example, whose many nationalist parties which even in the time of Mosley were void of anything spiritual, are now so arrogant and depraved as to utterly dehumanize the Irish, almost as if it were their favorite pastime. How destructive these parties are? If they ever achieved power the Irish would be doomed to suffer persecution by the British once again! One would think the five million Irishmen who Britain starved to death were persecution enough? Or have they no shame? Truly this shows that our greatest enemies are from within, not from “nonwhites” but from our own “racial comrades.” Apparently, petty-nationalism doesn’t respect the national existence of bordering nation-states and never really did. In petty-nationalism the problem is its own foolish and false doctrine and the spiritless incompetence of its bulk of adherents.

Midnight Inside the Ring of Fire
By: Caitlin The best time for a nightly ceremonial rite is between midnight and 3:00 a.m. It was around two when we set out for the open field with torches in our hands and clad in black robes. As we walked in line up to the circle the small torches we carried so carefully in front of us so that the light flickered just below our line of sight carried a flame no larger than that of a large candle. These we used to light larger torches which were upon long rods set in holes around a great circle. They gave off a moderate flame so as to not diminish the effect of darkness, but enough to illuminate the circle, in the middle of which sat another torch, this one close to the ground and of moderately low heat. Moreover, it was set upon a cross so as to mimic a familiar Utopian symbol of the cross upon which rests the glyph of the sun or the eye. The ceremony began with a string of incantations, after which we all danced martially in a circle. This being accomplished we called forth a dæmon and commanded him under our wills. I was not prepared for what was to happen next. For at this point a large shape or cloud of smoke formed in the sky far above us off to the horizon. This figure moved rapidly into the form of a spirit which gave off an eerie reddish-orange glow, perhaps illumined by the reflection of the moon. As I stared up upon this glowing entity I felt a strange sensation as if I was linked to this spirit which was now feeding me a knowledgeable energy. Even stranger was my realization that this linkup ran both ways. I cannot even begin to tell you my thoughts of this process, nor am I sure at this point if they were my own. But I can say that as a direct consequence of these events a certain door of my mind was opened as if a great spatial expansion occurred, and that I felt a great calm matched by an even greater energy of a martial characteristic yet at the same time quite blissful. I now realize that the key to this rite is in the action of domination over the spirit and the total rejection of subservience to one.

A considerable moment must have passed when the entity appeared to mutate and whither away into nothingness. Still I longed for more, but was soon distracted. Shortly after the closing ceremony when the torches were put to dark, a group of bats could be seen flying around the circle overhead. We watched them until the sunlight began to peak up breaking the hold of darkness. That morning held one of the most beautiful sunrises brilliantly illuminating a series of peculiar cloud formations.

On the Spirit Made Flesh
The Book of Genesis, which treats the Great Work upon the Tree of Life as “blasphemous,” can be seen as a prime source of the counter-religious forces which are at war with the true Adepts. This attitude that was taken was in fact due to inferior scribes. Let me explain. The operation leads to an experience in the spiritual domain of a potent energy which is distinctly martial or wrathful. The scribes of Genesis understanding this much placed their own amateurish interpretation upon this act in the mental sense which amounts to the psychobabble of the operation being a “blasphemy against god” because it invoked a state of power and “fury.” Well, this turned out to be a very harmful illusion that was in complete error. For one, the sensation of rage is not against the person, much less is it an “anger by god directed at man.” It is simply a raw power. A person’s inability to handle this power, and hence, his “fall,” should not be standardized on everyone alike, but merely implies the inferiority or failure of the mystics and scribes who turned against the Eternal Religion. Furthermore, it is indeed true that the operation places one above the laws of nature, or which is to say, above the natural state endowed to the average human, and therefore one might consider it as an action that “defies nature” or the natural condition. But that is all. And it would not be the law of a valid religion to entrap man inside the inferior realm of nature; rather this is a sure sign of a hoax and a fraud. There is a further corruption or misunderstanding. For Adam, whose name means “red earth,” is the heart and core of the being made flesh (red refers to the heart and the earth to the body). Here we have the spiritual being made flesh through the trickery of the devil. The devil is clearly the psycho-physical aspect. Thus the act of original sin was the actual creation of man, or of the spirit animating the body. It is furthermore true that because of the flesh man has the potential to become greater than the gods so owing to the dual nature of spirit and flesh as opposed to merely spirit. But it is something that must be rediscovered. And in this sense, the fall of man is symbolized by the act of childbirth, which was traditionally done in ancient Egypt by the woman standing in a crouched position. Once the spirit is reintegrated and brought back to its original state through the initiatory art then the body is no longer seen as an “enemy” or something of a negative characteristic but has become rather a purified temple and part of a perfectly functioning whole.

Here requires wisdom, for the initiatic knowledge is attained through the same procedure that man was created. Just as the immortal soul was born into a mortal body, so must the initiate go back to that state of the origins where he may then bring the immortal nature in line with his mortal one. Immortality and the Eternity thus being achieved the being partakes in all of the pleasures of both worlds, of mortal men and immortal gods. There is therefore no longer a fall from immortality, but rather the glorification. For it is written, the divine came down to earth so that they may rise again. And thus is the work achieved, yea thus is the work achieved!

On the Quadripartite
Concerning the regression of the castes from where the world once was to what it is now, Evola (in Revolt Against the Modern World) describes the nature of the person which eventually devolves into something that is subhuman. Thus we witness “a person who can no longer endure the tension of the spirit (first caste), and eventually not even the tension of the will as a free force that animates the body (warrior caste), and who thus gives in to the subpersonal forces of the organic system, and all of a sudden reacts almost magnetically under the impulse of another life that replaces his own.” In this last stage, the ideas and passions of the serfs and merchants whose influences rule the modern age soon escape their control and act as if they had acquired a life all their own. And so the people become enslaved to their inferior ideas and passions even to the point when those ideas are no longer generated from within their own “self.” But is as if the ideas and emotions have turned on the people from which they were first propelled and they now seek to destroy their “creators” as if through a demonic possession. Such may be explored further as is presented in art and spirituality which first started out as symbolic and sacred, “related to the possibilities of predicting future events and magic (first caste), to the predominance of epic art and poems (caste of the warriors); [which] was followed by a shift to a romantic, conventional, sentimentalist, erotic, and psychological art that is produced for the consumption of the bourgeois class, until finally, new “social” or “socially involved” forms began to emerge that advocate an art for the use and consumption of the masses.” So too did everything of value lose its meaning to the lowest condition. This includes the concept of war, which at its highest manifestation, and perhaps its only justified cause, is that of the sacred war where the gods or divine beings triumph over the “elemental natures.” For indeed we have more than witnessed the result when the lesser forms of life and “living” overthrow the higher. There can be no doubt that the purest and highest civilization is that of the Age of the Gods, in which everyone is “enlightened.” Because of the great magnitude of this civilization it would be very hard for me to say that there is anything which is “analogous” to it. Nevertheless, we might include the Age of the Heroes as an acceptable substitute. The major distinction between the two is that during a Golden Age, the divine spiritual caste rules and the caste of the warriors serve under them as defenders of the Divine Law. On the other hand, a Silver Age properly sees a warrior aristocracy which subordinates the priestly caste. Thus, the former belongs to a contemplative path, and

the latter predominantly to a path of action. This terminology is somewhat confused in contemporary thinking. For what we mean by this, first and foremost, is that one achieves spiritual enlightenment through either contemplative or active means. The path of contemplation is synonymous with high magick or an ascesis and the path of action with heroism. Moreover, we must regard initiation and enlightenment in the traditional sense, or as a “transmission” of the “magnetic current,” which commonly manifests only once the energies of the physical body have been exhausted or extinguished or transformed into spiritual energy. What is intolerable, however, is in the degenerated stages of the Age of the Warriors, where we find the prominence of a sentimental-devotional religion, which in its peak, is a sure sign of an Age of Merchants and a collapse of the knightly ideal. The loyalty of the people becomes withdrawn, since man cannot serve two masters. When the Divine Law and the Hierarchy are no longer respected then mankind has lost its center and therefore inevitably becomes drawn to “gold” and eventually to “work,” which are the lowest and purely physical materials of the first age. Consequently, gold and work form the basis for the perversion of all values. We may place an even higher meaning on these two paths once the “war of the spirit” is considered. For the lesser spiritual war is a physical action which transforms the mental self, and which is supposed to lead into the greater and rather contemplative spiritual war. Here the higher spiritual state is attained through a direct action or struggle which takes place entirely within the mind, such as to be “action by non-action.” This, however, is contrasted by a spiritual master who has already won not only the spiritual battle but also the greater part of the war and has therefore attained “glory” and wisdom. This being who is essentially a god can create any spiritual state in the specific by merely wishing or thinking or willing it into existence. Here there is no more “struggle” but perfect “order.” He is the All-Knower, the All-Powerful, the Perfect Being. When the earth is ruled by these divine beings it is Golden in the truest sense. But when we no longer witness a plenitude of gods then we must look to those noble ones who serve an analogous function and who attain the spiritual state through the “struggle.” Such was the fall that after the collapse of the Age of Gods we witnessed a flood corresponding to a “humidity” or a “wetness” and thus, a lunar period. This stage produced the need for the spiritual war in order to regain the state of the origin. And when the Silver Age degenerated into another “flood,” hence, a sentimental-devotional substitution for the true and eternal faith, then time gave way to an Age of the Dead, followed by another brief Age of Heroes, and then to a Darkness which covered all the earth. And it is in this supreme darkness that we are today whereupon the multitude remain asleep for the length of their meaningless lives. Might one’s task be therefore to awaken them? Here we would do well to quote Plato’s Republic: Citizens, we shall say to them in our tale, you are brothers, yet God has framed you differently. Some of you have the power of command, and in the composition of these he has mingled gold, wherefore also they have the greatest honor; others he has made of silver, to be auxiliaries; others again who are to be husbandmen and craftsmen he has composed of brass and iron; and the species will generally be preserved in the children. But as all are of the same original

stock, a golden parent will sometimes have a silver son, or a silver parent a golden son. And God proclaims as a first principle to the rulers, and above all else, that there is nothing which they should so anxiously guard, or of which they are to be such good guardians, as of the purity of the race. They should observe what elements mingle in their offspring; for if the son of a golden or silver parent has an admixture of brass and iron, then nature orders a transposition of ranks, and the eye of the ruler must not be pitiful toward the child because he has to descend in the scale and become a husbandman or artisan, just as there may be sons of artisans who having an admixture of gold or silver in them are raised to honor, and become guardians or auxiliaries. For an oracle says that when a man of brass or iron guards the State, it will be destroyed. Such is the tale; is there any possibility of making our citizens believe in it? Not in the present generation, he replied; there is no way of accomplishing this; but their sons may be made to believe in the tale, and their sons' sons, and posterity after them. I see the difficulty, I replied; yet the fostering of such a belief will make them care more for the city and for one another. Enough, however, of the fiction, which may now fly abroad upon the wings of rumor, while we arm our earth-born heroes, and lead them forth under the command of their rulers. Let them look round and select a spot whence they can best suppress insurrection, if any prove refractory within, and also defend themselves against enemies, who, like wolves, may come down on the fold from without; there let them encamp, and when they have encamped, let them sacrifice to the proper gods and prepare their dwellings.

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